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  • The use of outsert molding can cut the number of components by up to two-thirds, which In outsert molding, by contrast, plastic functional elements such as expanding pins,. — “JEC Composites - Efficient production of sunroof systems by”,
  • An outsert is a four page card wrapped around and attached to the outside of a magazine or other publication. The outsert was first used on Running Magazine in the UK in 1981.[citation needed] The effect is to draw the attention of the browser to the magazine. — “Outsert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In order to insure your outsert is accommodated correctly in our publications, please Outsert will be placed into the polybag in front of Cover 4. — “Supplied Multi-page Polybag Outsert Specifications”, 1105
  • outsert 1. Separate piece of printed matter attached to the outside of a package . An outsert is frequently used when an advertising message must be. — “Outsert: Definition from ”,
  • Gas mask and safety equipment and gas mask related items from Approved Gas Masks - we specialize in the sale of government and military-grade gas mask gear, protective suits, potassium iodide, and all your domestic preparedness supplies Advantage Tinted Outsert Lens: $49.95 : Add to Cart. — “Gas Mask MSA Advantage 1000 CBA RCA Gas Mask and Filters from”,
  • Outsert definition, an additional folded signature or sheet into which another is bound. See more. — “Outsert | Define Outsert at ”,
  • OUTSERT RAUNCH. By Faye Rice. November 2, 1992 (FORTUNE Magazine) – Calvin Klein Jeans started it all last year by laying out $1 million for a racy 116-page ad supplement to Vanity Fair magazine in which models displayed more flesh than fabric. — “OUTSERT RAUNCH - November 2, 1992”,
  • Zagat: Sharing the Experience of Good Living will be an ''outsert,'' a magazine that is packaged with publications mailed to subscribers. The Zagat outsert, produced in conjuction with the Hearst Magazines Division, will be entirely sponsored by. — “A Zagat That Won't Fit in Your Pocket - New York Times”,
  • outsert: Could the glossy special "outsert," as it is called in the industry, finally become the long-sought glossy shelter and entertainment magazine that Madden has always craved?—Daily News Boots Unsuspecting Exec_, by Keith J. Kelly in New. — “"outsert" citation from Double-Tongued Dictionary”,
  • Pharmaceutical Outserting and Outsert machines including glue and apply devices for pharmaceuticals. MGS Machine specializes in pharmaceutical product handling equipment. — “Pharmaceutical Outserting | Outsert | Glue & Apply”,
  • Definition of outsert in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of outsert. Pronunciation of outsert. Translations of outsert. outsert synonyms, outsert antonyms. Information about outsert in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “outsert - definition of outsert by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Salagen 5mg Outsert 12/5/02 8:36 AM. with caution to patients taking beta adrenergic SALAGEN. is a registered trademark of. MGI PHARMA, INC. Salagen 5mg Outsert 12/5/02 8:36 AM. — “Salagen 5mg Outsert”,
  • The folders in the outsert system are built to handle the light-weight stock generally Outsert systems are PLC controlled and are equipped with a modem for off-site diagnostic. — “Vijuk MV-09 Outsert System”,
  • outsert (plural outserts) A piece of promotional material that is placed on the outside /wiki/outsert" Category: English nouns. Personal. — “outsert - Wiktionary”,
  • Miniature Folding specializes in the miniature folding of both pharmaceutical and cosmetic printed material. Our company combines years of manufacturing experience with the latest in miniature folding technology to produce a quality product. — “Miniature Folding - Outserts, Inserts, Twinserts, Padding”,
  • Airgas distributes industrial, medical, and specialty gases, welding supplies, safety products, and tools online through over 700 locations nationwide. Register here for access to . — “Airgas - MSA Tinted Polycarbonate Lens Outsert For Advantage”,
  • An outsert is a four page card wrapped around and attached to the outside of a magazine or other publication. The outsert was first used on Running Magazine in the UK in 1981. — “Outsert - : The free small business wiki”,
  • Gooding Co. Inc. manufactures Printed Packaging Inserts, Outserts and Topserts for the Pharmaceutical, Medical and Consumer markets. It is a Certified Supplier for many pharmaceutical firms. Gooding utilizes cGMP and LEAN principles and is one of. — “Gooding Co. Inc. - The Insert Outsert Experts”,

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  • New mod test: mm kt (dongza style) errr...by "dongza style" im talking about the mod..not my combo...hehe dunno why but my hands feel sticky after using alchohol.. that's it..just got bored and tried to do something to my mm kt subs.. *first time making/spinning a mod with an outsert* feels good... looks good... but making the perfect fit outsert takes time...good thing i got a lot of time tonight..lol..=] enjoy! =]
  • Labeler - Leaflet outserter CVC 320 More Labeling Solutions at The CVC 320 combines 2 tasks in one machine: Labeling and Leaflet outserting. QA capabilities check for : label length, date/batch hot stamp imprint, missing label, label/leaflet barcode ... etc.
  • Mini Combo first time i ever used outsert on a pen i know you cant see it but its pretty crapp. anyway thanks tek for your tutorials(where i learned to make an outsert) Te amo Kari
  • Fl.TA Reverse x 42 by Outsert
  • [83PS] Outsert - Smoothness Good
  • Personal MP mod - [email protected]@cky Mod :P this is my own personal mod with an outsert by Vodka. it almost as heavy and as long as a buster. It has a long body for spin space, an okay COG=COP (its tiny imbalance creates a powerful momentum that makes busting easier and power tricks like haitua easier as well), and the clicks are so crisp!! this is just a prototype so idk if it's perfect or not. alredy been used a 2 weeks before i posted this vid. outsert was placed just now :P Name: [email protected]@cky mod (i made it up.....) Length: 9 inches or 23 cm (these are exact measurements from me) Weight: TBD Materials: Two Crayola Supertip bodies and Bic round stick (vic's method of gluing his mod together) Pentel Icy 0.5mm Mechanical pencil (the tip area and its MP mechanism) Signo tip and its ink tube Pilot G-3 (cap, tip) Jedo (cap) RSVP grip (cutted to fit in g-3 cap, and make cap clickable) two pilot g2 grips clear plastic tape teflon tape electrical tape (lol, i used it to cover the cap since it shows wat's in it) outsert (any that fits) i think that's it.....
  • Angle and mod test my email address: [email protected] please send an outsert
  • [BRPSB] -=Croa†oan=- showing off "new" mods that dr spirat comssa is old but it has a new outsert... the firefly is new and very good...i loved it
  • Spinnerpeem's Outsert Review
  • Old Mod New Outsert :D messy background lol :D sorry about the noobish combo still trying to improve here....
  • vijuk knife does not move
  • PS Weekly- HK Event, Peem, PMWT, Tonnam HK pen spinning event: - - - - modrod: PMWT: Winner Kam Tonnams channel: He needs more subscribers and views! help him out!
  • FS test pen that did outsert OW!!! Enjoy! =D
  • PMWT, Kam, Neptune, Spinnerpeem PMWT: Kam: s280 Neptune: s733 Upsb cases: Spinnerpeem: Spinnerpeem Buster outsert: s8 Peem Palmspin x56
  • outsert nao well i put one on that sc mod what do you guys think?
  • FSnc bad fs...i just wanted to show off my new comssa :] and it is tape, not outsert
  • Product's Sc MOD with outsert ~ look so good!
  • [83PS] Outsert-two hands
  • BusterCYL Spinnerpeem Version Promo BusterCYL Spinnerpeem Version Promo Editor : Supawit127 Music : whichway to radioland Spinner : Minwoo Nia HAL Supawit127 Vicgotgame [email protected] Spinnerpeem
  • Penspinning Combo 48 - 51 [Stormcannon1] Lululul~ That is my special outsert KT. :D I leik~ These are for collabs.
  • guk is not working
  • Creative Automation Model 401 Leaflet Outserter Creative Automation Model 401 Outserter applying outserts to tops of bottles
  • Hippo2626 For TOPS#9 Body And Environment I played with this earlier on in one of my previous combos. I used ultraviolet light which reflected of the clear outsert for that cool effect. The combo in general was terrible in all ways. I had to film it in a rush. I wish I could have done more body aspects but I couldn't. One hand for spinning, one for filming, one leg for turning the light on and off and the other one for standing. Music: Praise You With A Dance by Casting Crowns
  • [BRPSB] miojoSG FS #6 mini combo com meu hb sc outsert ^^
  • World Cup, Premium Accounts, Peems outsert thai spinner 8 (thanks vic for finding his channel ^^) thai wc vote (thanks for the info Zombo) UPSB premium account
  • Eugene fs 044 featuring Wah[HKPSA]'s fantastic buster cyl outsert ^^ featuring Wah[HKPSA]'s fantastic buster cyl outsert for me Thx a lot Wah, i love it ^ ^ feeling is absolutly perfect ,like Peem's ^^ Check out Wah's youtube channel ^^
  • Making outsert TEK's way
  • Tutorial outsert ps penspining
  • FL.TA. Reverse x 240 by WON 240x
  • [83PS]Outsert & Kinson - Double
  • TB&C Outsert Center Company video
  • Personal outsert/sticker Eh. =P
  • Request- How to put outserts/inserts a video request for Ph4ntomxx9 showing my outserts and inserts and how to do them, SUB4SUB!! u need tape and a picture/design i get my inserts/outserts from this website ON THE "LINKS PAGE"
  • Outserts poop
  • Kluge Folder Gluer Demonstration: Auto-lock Bottom Box with CD Wallet Outsert The Kluge BoxFold-1000 straightline folder gluer is built specifically for high speed converting of packaging products. See www.folder- for more information.
  • Kluge Folder Gluer Demonstration: Overview A walk through of our 39" straight-line folding and gluing system. The machine is configured here for folding and gluing an auto-lock bottom box with CD wallet outsert. See www.folder- for more information.

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  • “The 34-page outsert also will be distributed for free in Wal-Mart Wal-Mart also opted to have the outsert sent only to subscribers that fit its marketing”
    — Blog: Wal-Mart Strikes Exclusive Deal with Hearst Magazines, walmar***

  • “I m current using easton naviagtor 480, arrow lenght is around 31 from nock to shaft end. my poundage is around 42. After tuning, its still alittle stiff. plunger is aready at its softest. i heard using a betier outsert nock can increase the”
    — Can betier outsert nock soften arrows thats alittle stiff??, archery-

  • “So, I went to that source of all knowledge, the internet, and asked Google to "define: outsert" An outsert is a four page card wrapped around and attached to the outside of a magazine or other publication. Any additional”
    — The Gilahi Blog: November 2009, gilahi-

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  • “【TWPS 台灣轉筆論壇】 The Cra or Cra's Range class are the a - Discuz! Board”
    — The Cra or Cra's Range class are the archers of the Dofus,

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    — Keskustelupalsta exelon,

  • “now just needs an outsert^^ (if you want) i hope you enjoyed the tutorial^^ i really don't have much stuff to you feel is a different texture, but it doesn't feel like the whole was there at all with the outsert in the end of course”
    — SG2 Tutorial - UPSB :: Universal Pen Spinning Board,

  • “outsert elephantiasis bethumb subtacksman conk unbalancement quaternity pentangle Plavsic: outsert elephantiasis bethumb subtacksman conk unbalancement quaternity pentangle Plavsic:”
    — What Is Downtown For? | Room Eight, r8