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  • i am the outbreathing of the ground. 10.2.08. van. it is difficult to watch. him spit and under the gaze of boys and girls who were. in diapers when he made his 40th revolution. — “i am the outbreathing of the ground”,
  • just drop me a small e-mail at [email protected] stating what exactly happened and i'll take care of the rest. if you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]“ø How to Cure Catathrenia? Easy 3-Steps Treatments to Beat”,
  • Fauske offers Reactivity Management Software (RMS) a Windows-based program allowing users to quickly and easily design safety systems to accommodate abormal runaway chemical reactions and determine the necessary relief vent sizing requirements. Inbreathing/outbreathing. — “RMS - Reactivity Management Software - Fauske & Associates”,
  • What I learned from the senior engineer was to account for the outbreathing and which seems reasonable. For a given tank, as the sun rises and starts None of this has any impact on the API 2000 outbreathing requirements that would be used for overpressure protection design. — “API (American Petroleum Institute) Code Issues - Vapor”, eng-
  • It's not just how you do them. They both give different tones that the other can't give. For examples of inbreathing (inhale growling) check out Whitechapel, or Job for a Cowboy. Outbreathing growling sounds like either Emmure/Acacia Strain or. — “What is the difference between inhale growls and exhale growls?”,
  • She also indicates that the "outbreathing" of Brahmâ (the cosmic divinity), as described in Hindu philosophy, refers not to a physical increase In other words, outbreathing and inbreathing can refer to the unfoldment of the One (the spiritual summit of a world-system) into the many (the. — “World Mysteries - Articles by David Pratt”, world-
  • ENARDO provides industries using storage tanks with pressure/vacuum relief valves, thief and gauage hatches, flame arrestors, and emergency vents. by maintaining pressure in storage tanks while allowing for thermal inbreathing and outbreathing, as well as normal filling and draining operations. — “ENARDO: Market Applications: Storage Tanks”,
  • As the inbreathing and the outbreathing of God is for the integration of cosmic cycles, for the sending-forth 13. When you have mastered the inbreathing, holding, outbreathing, and holding in this fashion and the accompanying visualization. — “Wielkie Biale Braterstwo w historii i kulturze narodu polskiego”,
  • We perceive all energy or life is dual in its nature, an outbreathing or going forward from its source and an inbreathing or contracting or return. If each atom flew off on its own tangent caused by the outbreathing from the inner cause of its being, it would be lost in the. — “THE GENIUS OF THE COLLECTIVE MASSES — Sarah F. Gordon”,
  • As many of you know, in our meditation work we have begun to focus on the outbreathing cycle of the razor-edged loop. This generated a very gradual shift in our focus to give equal effort to the evocative or outbreathing aspect of the loop. — “Three Linked Festivals of Fall”,
  • "The Outbreathing of the Compassionate." Long Description: "The Merciful Outbreathing." Divine Mercy considered as manifesting principle and thus as the quasi-maternal power of God. Example(s): Source(s): Introduction to Sufi Doctrine (by Titus Burckhardt) Notes & References:. — “Definition of "Nafas ar-Rahman" - The Dictionary of Spiritual”,
  • Reviews of The Cycle of the Year (Trans from Ger) - Steiner Rudolf This is begun with a description of how the festival year evolved over long ages from the Earth's cycle of inbreathing and outbreathing. — “Book Review - The Cycle of the Year (Trans from Ger)”,
  • Select appropriate equations to calculate outbreathing (pressure relief) and inbreathing (vacuum) requirements for your application. ie six different equations shown depending on pump in / out flow rates GPM or BPH and Product Flash Pt / Boiling Pt. — “Press/Vac Vent Calculations”,
  • Home of the Theosophical Society in America As a principle, altruism expresses the true root meaning of the words theos and Brahma—the motion of expansion from within outwardly, which is also associated with the outbreathing of the Great Breath. — “True Theosophical Service | The Theosophical Society in America”,
  • The Hebrew Letter Hey. In the Talmud (Menachot 29b) it is said that the "breath of His mouth" refers to the sound of the letter Hey - the outbreathing of Spirit. — “The Letter Hey”, hebrew4
  • A Textbook of Theosophy by C W Leadbeater now copyright expired and in the public domain is offered as a Free Online ebook replaced by an upward tendency; the outbreathing has ceased and the indrawing has begun. — “A Textbook of Theosophy by C W Leadbeater : Free Online ebook”, new-age-
  • Established Website $400 per month - Second In Google - Product To Sell is being sold at Flippa. Buy and sell establisheds just like $400 per month - Second In Google - Product To Sell. - Established Website for Sale: $400 per month - Second In Google - Product To Sell. — “ - Established Website for Sale: $400 per”,
  • The doctrine of free will (so-called libertarian freedom or the concept that man is autonomous) is pernicious--subtly pernicious. But if this had been the case, could we rightly say that Scripture is the product of God's outbreathing?. — “How the Doctrine of Free Will Destroys”,
  • Thus, a protecting system providing inbreathing or outbreathing gas is provided to maintain a constant pressure in the tank. This amount shall be added into outbreathing rate. ii) If products stored temperature. — “Chemical & Process Technology: Tank Normal Venting Rate”,
  • The appearance and disappearance of the Universe are pictured as an outbreathing and inbreathing of the Great Breath, which is eternal, and which, being Motion, is one of the three aspects of the Absolute - Abstract Space and Duration being the. — “Alexander Pope Quotes: The appearance and disappearance of”, quotes-
  • Vapor Valve, Air Actuated w/ Parts List (68 KB) 4" Air Operated Alum Vapor Valve (100 KB) System Vent w/ Parts List (69 KB) Outbreathing Vapor System Vent w/ Parts List (63 KB). — “Betts Industries, Inc. - manlids, discharge valves, pressure”,

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  • Big Country - 'Loserville' live 25.5.98 At the Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, 25.5.1998. Early draft with extra verse not included on studio version as well as other slight lyric changes. A big thanks to skapaul69 for some of these amazing pics :-) especially the Japanese tour photos and the Pink Pop shots of Stuart in the black singlet. Thanks, Paul. :-)) This version's lyrics below ; Its a monument valley of concrete The plain where the styrofoam roams She hits the trail past the charity store To the cavern of the mobile phones She wades ankle deep across wino creek To the rail where the stagecoach waits And there should be one in a day or so If it isn't running late Cause she lives on a reservation With a baby called 'shut up and wait' And the missionary school by the alehouse Is teaching him how to hate In loserville, loserville Its 15 miles outside of luck They live on beer and pills It's loserville, loserville A couple of lifetimes out of hope It's out there over the hill Yeah So she takes him over to grandmas Cause her brother gets home tonight All day hes been out hunting They're gonna do the thing with the pipe Cause her man is a long time missing He got lost in the firewater fight Sometimes she hears him when the dawn is out Breathing at the door in the night And there's a war party out every weekend Looking for scouts downtown You don't go out in the dark no more Cos the wild dogs drag you down In loserville, loserville Its 15 miles outside of luck You live on beer and pills In loserville, loserville A couple ...
  • Relaxation and Meditation: Take 5 Minutes Now to Save 5 Years Later - Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor, gives you a great 5-minute tip here to help you take 5 minutes out to just just be still and relax. In our hectic hustle bustle rat race world we forget that life balance and rejuvenation depend on time out for rest and relaxation.
  • Rubber Sessions (1) Doll Doll face is just lounging around, its one of those easy days, stretching out, breathing in her own fetid air, reading through her lifeless eyes, when she notices the time and realises she must start her toilet
  • Putting a hamster to sleep-end YEY!!!! You can do it too!!! ^______^ Tuck your hamster close to you. Your in and out breathing motion soothes your hamster. GAMBATTE!!!!! music: Dangerous Love (Kinzli) ^_^
  • Learning Buddhist Hymns - Breathing In Breathing Out Learning to sing the Buddhist hymn song "Breathing In Breathing Out". Breathing In, Breathing Out -- Lyrics by Plum Village Breathing in, Breathing Out Breathing in, Breathing Out I am blooming as a flower I am fresh as the dew I am solid as a mountain I am firm as the earth I am free Breathing in, Breathing Out Breathing in, Breathing Out I am blooming as a flower I am fresh as the dew I am solid as a mountain I am firm as the earth I am free Breathing in, Breathing Out Breathing in, Breathing Out I am water reflecting What is real, what is true And I feel there is space Deep inside of me I am free, I am free, I am free. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 4 in 8 out breathing execise. :-) An animated video on a simple breathing exercise.
  • an Island, a beach, somewhere we can't reach... somewhere i can be away from every living thing somewhere i can speak my mind and not be told another opinion cus i know, im right about you. Somewhere, somewhere, out there, in the world in the world a place, a place, out there, in the world in the world is a better place for you and me, a better place with things to see, a better place where we breath so high so high, in the sky with the birds and the trees, we can be so high in the sky with the birds and the bees. Watch the stars appear, watch the sea get near, watch the trees go green See the things unseen breathing out breathing in, feel my heart beating, quickly quickly, it is speaking breathing out breathing in, feel my heart beating, quickly quickly, it is speaking to you dont be scared, youre the only one it opens up to dont be frightened, youre the only one it opens up to a different language to the voice that you hear, a second person seems to appear youre alive inside yourself so youre never alone somewhere we can be away from every living thing somewhere we can say the things we wish but this place doesnt exist. somewhere i can be away from every living thing somewhere i can speak my mind and not be told another opinion cus i know, im right about you.
  • Breathing In, Breathing Out A Buddhist Hymn sung during an English Dharma Study Group Camp. Breathing In, Breathing Out Music & Lyrics by: Plum Village Performed by: Bodhicitta Group =========================== Breathing in, breathing out, Breathing in, breathing out, I am blooming as a flower, I am fresh as the dew. I am solid as a mountain, I am firm as the earth, I am free. Breathing in, breathing out, Breathing in, breathing out, I am water reflecting, What is real, what is true. And I feel there is space, Deep inside of me, I am free, I am free, I am free.
  • delain - on the other side Will you wait? I'm on the other side, the other side Will you wait? I'm on the other side It's too late to tell you what I'm about But god, I'm proud A giant in the sky A light flooded horizon a silent peaceful cry And the sun that is rising Warms me up Warms me up Wears me out Will you wait? I'm on the other side, the other side Will you wait? I'm on the other side It's too late to tell you what I'm about But god, I'm proud A different kind of quiet A different kind of warning You've said your last goodbyes And left your daughters mourning Breathing in Breathing out Breathing out Will you wait? I'm on the other side, the other side Will you wait? I'm on the other side It's too late to tell you what I'm about But god, I'm proud God. I'm proud... Will you wait? I'm on the other side, the other side Will you wait? I'm on the other side It's too late to tell you what I'm about But god, I'm proud But god. I'm proud...
  • {Anita Goa} Moon Salutations Anita Goa takes you through the Moon Salutations the way she learned them from Peter Rizzo of BhavaYoga. The movements are swift, but as you learn the sequence move in your own pace while linking each pose together with the breath. ( Thanks to my friends in 17A for letting me use their terrace!!) Please leave a comment, a question or a suggestion. Subscribe for more FREE videos on everything that will help increase your happiness :-) For more information on Anita Goa: Facebook: Anita Goa TV Twitter: @anitagoa
  • The Meaning, Purpose And Practice Of Mindfulness Mindfulness means to be now and here and perceive with clarity what is happening in your mind and body. It is to consciously observe your breathing, body sensations, actions, thoughts and feelings in the present moment with detachment and pure attention It is a down to earth, universally verifiable practice rooted in the perceptual reality and within the easy reach of ordinary human experience. Both Buddhists and non Buddhists can apply the principles of mindfulness practice in their daily experiences to gain a better understanding of themselves, their feelings and emotions, problems, relationships, actions and reactions. Mindfulness is a down to earth practice rooted in the reality of your life and your actions. With mindfulness you learn See Know and Understand Through mindfulness, by observing ourselves we experience the Four Noble Truths personally & gain insight (vipasana) into our own suffering. Through perfect mindfulness we begin to see the impermanence of things and our own existence. This insight leads to perfection on the Eightfold Path culminating in Nirvana or liberation. The Buddha suggested that mindfulness should be practiced for the following reasons: 1. For the purification of the being 2. For overcoming sorrow and lamentation 3. For the destruction of suffering and grief 4. For reaching the perfect path 5. For the attaiment of Nirvana The Buddha himself suggested the framework to practice mindfulness in two sutras namely Anapanasati and Satipatthana ...
  • WAGER MADNESS #1 YU NO PLAY BLACK OPS? I haven't done a lot of solid gameplays lately. That's because I'm playing competition playlist/Starcraft 2/editing a montage/packing to move out/breathing. So here's something quite fresh! Technically, I would name this 'Live Commentary' but I forgot to record my microphone. Wager matches! Trust me, they get better as we go down the line. Gun game isn't my best, but I have quite a friendly rivalry with Woofless :D Pookie Raptor Mr. Woofless McLaffyTaffy Dr.FreezeBurn
  • Guided Meditation: Let it All Go Anne Ornish: Let's lighten our load of everyday stress. Sit comfortably, evenly aligned in your seat, and tall in your spine. Let your arms rest naturally down along the sides of your body, palms are open to the front of you. Breathing-in, feel yourself clench all of your stress and tension into tighter and tighter fists, suspend the breath in as you shrug your shoulders up towards your ears. Then, slowly...as you release the tension as your release the breath, release your shoulders, soften and re-open your fists. Finally, shake your hands out from the wrists, feeling the tension ease and unwind from your being. Repeat this two times: Breathing-in, clenching and consolidating all stress into your fists—and then, with a swooshing out-breath, soften and re-open your fists, and shake it all out. Breathing-in, shrug your shoulders upwards—and then, with a sweeping out-breath, roll the shoulders back and down, and shake it all out -- feel yourself looser, lighter and letting it all go.
  • Steven passes out Steven u crazy
  • Chicago Love Episode 1: Part 3 Rated R Minutes later the two laid together bare bodies, still deep into another make out session. "Condoms are in the nightstand." Selena spat out breathing heavily. Justin leaned over to the nightstand and pulled one out and placing it on himself. He positioned himself perfectly and slowly entered Selena. The two moaned, Selena probably enjoying it more. When Justin felt Selena was used to it he picked up pace. "Faster." She demanded. Justin thrusting his up to and away from her. Sliding himself in and out of her opening. Selena enjoying every minute of it. Justin stopped his pace and kissed on her neck, sucking her chest and rubbing her breast roughly. Selena, moaning, bucked her hips up signaling him to continue what he was doing before. Justin picked up her signal and then again pushed him into her. Selena moaning wildly as Justin went faster. Her moans getting him even more wilder. Selena rolled herself ontop of Justin and sucked and bit a little on his neck as she was straddled on him. Riding him slowly. "Damn baby..." Justin breathed out. Selena pushed her lips against his again and slid her tongue Into his mouth. Selena did everything in her power to please Justin and most of it all worked. He seemed to enjoy every moment he had in that bed with her. "Don't stop." He commanded as Selena began to slow down on riding him. She picked up her pace quickly and Justin held her hips, guiding her. Justin had reached his climax faster than Selena did and Selena didn't mind that ...
  • Atrocity Solution - Watch The World Burn The lyrics, thanks to EvilL33 Watching the planet fall into a million pieces can make your mind so numb and no one even seems to blink All the people running scared turmoil and oppression will bring yourself to tears It's a fear that no one likes to face There's no time left to stop, and repent Can't stop the burning of flesh once the fire has been lit We've been pissing gasoline On the world for so long One spark and were all gone I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready to watch the world burn I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready to watch the world burn So wake up, wake up and watch the fall Till our own greed consumes us all Were all to blame so don't you choke on your last breath How I dreamt of a beautiful demise no sympathy for these peoples cries The human race is laid to waste There's no time left to say your last good byes Cos it's too ***ing late, there's no doubt We're too deep in this grave to ever dig our way out Breathing, *** and mud dorwning in our own filth We poured the concrete that fills our lungs I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready to watch the world burn I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready to watch the world burn
  • Sugar Rush - Another Original Song PLEASEPLEASE READ! I'm starting to loose my voice a little bit so sorry that my voice is raspier than usual! I wrote this song right before summer ended but it's not about a certain boy. Enjoy! REMEMBER 100 SUBSCRIBERS BEFORE THE END OF SEPTEMBER! (: Looking out, breathing in. Baby you're my summer thrill. Oh, my head begins to spin But look at us we're standing still. June, July, and August wasn't meant to last forever We'll make it count when we're together. We'll stargaze until we're dreaming. We're so close you can feel my warm heart beating. Butterflies in my stomach Flutter, fly, Can't say goodbye tonight. Baby, you're my sugar rush. Cloudless sky, settle wind, The heat is slowly rising. To the lake, we're jumping in. My leap it feels like flying! Squint my eyes, hold my breath, Swim a little deeper We'll make it count, you're a keeper. We'll dance till we're exhausted. We'll laugh so hard people say "I think they lost it". Memories in my heart Always there even if we're far apart. Baby, your my sugar rush. The only day of summer that i dread Is when it comes to an end, I'll remember... Looking out, breathing in, Cloudless sky, settle wind, Baby, you're my sugar rush.
  • Airwave Rank 1, also check out BREATHING by Airwave. If you like trance and have facebook, join the Trance Nation group at
  • Original - Somebody Else - Peony KOLLABORATION ACOUSTIC 4!!!! August 27th!!!! COME on OUT!!!! Here be the lyrics: you want exactly what i want ...or so you say you need exactly what i need ...or so you tell me but see, i gotta go cuz i already know that you want somethin more from me inhale the air it's coercing me to share it's pressing the bounds of fun and free you wanna hold me wanna call me your own you wanna pin me down then leave me all alone get me down on my knees saying please, baby please, please baby please so i'll find Somebody Else some other way voices they outline our values restrain in vain, uh oh challenge the game and they'll beat and break your name, yeah blockade it in shame but my demeanor aint rare it aint cheap, its debonair inside and out, breathing to thrive so if you want me and you leave my light alive and neither of us asks for a fee ee ee the sparks they'll fly as we crumble apart pieces of me will die reborn a work of art you'll be down on your knees saying please, baby please and i'll find Somebody Else some other day
  • The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Ep.09 Atomic Tom - "You Always Get What You Want" The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Soundtrack Episode 09 - "Katerina" Atomic Tom - "You Always Get What You Want" Moment: Jeremy invites Bonnie to play pool, but they're interrupted by newcomer Luka who asks for directions. Lyrics: You don't have to say i know what you wanted you don't have to stay i know what's keeping you here and tonight's the night we make the same mistakes and you give and you get and go on your way now breathing heavily time is running out breathing desperately till your bleeding heart gives out you put up a front and get knocked down every time you run it follows you around it's what you wanted it's what you wanted now it's what you wanted it's what you wanted now you always get what you want you always get what you wanted baby it drives me crazy you always get what you want see the empty streets then tell me numbers don't lie feel the burning heat that's summer saying goodbye you put up a front and get knocked down every time you run it follows you around it's what you wanted it's what you wanted now it's what you needed it's what you wanted now you always get what you want you always get what you wanted baby it drives me crazy you always get what you want you always get what you want you always get what you wanted baby so don't say maybe cause it drives me crazy you always get what you want
  • Knocking Someone Out We were bored in dance class, so we learned how to make someone unconscious without hurting them!
  • "3 AM In Newport" - Original Acoustic Song Brothers Ben and Sam Bradshaw of A Cue Stick playing their original song 3 AM in Neport. Find us and talk to us on facebook: Post and share (: We Thank you Lyrics: Pack your bags dear Cause I'm headed for the coast Because the coast's clear-ly where I'm meant to go So just take one last lingering longing look And Turn the Lights out Cause it's plenty lit out there For all the nights out breathing California air So I'm going whether you come or not But as the sun first hits the east coast I'll just be getting home Carolina You and I we had our days But now that I'm a bit more perceptive I can say That the road less traveled won't lead you to LA But as the sun first hits the east coast I'll just be getting home And as the rain beats down on Newport I'll know I'm better off I'm better off on my own Pack your bags dear We're not done we're Just starting to shine Turn the lights out It's always bright out Under brand new skies But as the sun first hits the east coast I'll just be getting home And as the rain beats down on Newport I'll know I'm better off I'm better off on my own
  • walking on air Walking On Air - Martin Seibel Walking on Air I feel the air touching my skin -I lay myself down the grass - I'm breathing out, breathing in - To get myself back for a while See the clouds passing by - Blue sky everywhere - I'm breathing out, breathing in - Right now feel free Wind is stroking my face - I feel like walking on air - I close my eyes, I hear the wind - Right now I am free
  • Diana Krall - I've Grown Accustomed To His Face Live in Rio Lyrics. Songwriters: Lerner, Alan Jay; Loewe, Frederick; I've grown accustomed to his face He almost makes the day begin I've grown accustomed to the tune He whistles night and noon His smiles, his frowns, his ups, his downs Are second nature to me now Like breathing out and breathing in I was serenely independent and content before we met Surely I could always be that way again and yet I've grown accustomed to his looks, accustomed to his voice Accustomed to his face I've grown accustomed to his face He almost makes the day begin I've gotten used to hear him say Good morning everyday His joys, his woes, his highs, his lows Are second nature to me now Like breathing out, breathing in I'm very glad he's a man and so easy to forget Rather like a habit one can always break and yet I've grown accustomed to the trace of something in the air Accustomed to his face
  • Smile - Catrien Maxwell (Original Song) Re-Upload from 11/09 Lyrics: I live and I lie Clench my fists so I won't cry I live, but it's been years since I died And I tried to speak And I tried to be honest But nothing changes I just feel idiotic And more vulnerable Than I ever wanted to be So I'll smile And pretend I am happy I'll smile My soul cries, but I'll be laughing I'll smile And I know you'll believe me Problem solved, I am good, I am fine Smile It's easy pretending To be better, to be changing I know just how to fake it I am bright and alive now I am healthy and free now You can cancel the doctor's appointments And I tried to be brave But now I choose the easy way Put on a good face And say that now I love myself Believe me, I'm not hurting The way I was before Let me lay it all out Breathing doesn't hurt anymore I don't wanna leave anymore There is so much to explore You don't have to care anymore I don't need help anymore I'm alive and it's never felt better
  • The Zoo by Keir and Kyle A song i wrote. I see 'The Zoo' as this strange world we live in. Heres that clowns page- Capo 5 Am, G, Em, Am Chorus The big mans getting drunk upstairs, he's been living like this for too many years, who would've thought, who would've known that the guy with all the answers would start searching inside the bottle. Verse1 Drink it down down down cos its good for ya, don't fall down down down down cos we ain't finnished with ya. (x2) No way out, breathing through the glass. (x2) Chorus Verse2 Will someone give the man something better to do before the rest of us follo, no straying in the Zoo. (x2) enveloped and intoxicated his visions kinda blurred, crowded rooms and noisy animals never free from the heard. (x2) Middle 8 No way out, breathing through the... Chorus The Zoo (c)
  • SUPER SNORING KO Hella deep in a snoring sleep
  • How to breathe while working out! Are we always supposed to breathe out on exertion?
  • Channeling From Sirius - The White Mule Tablet [1] The Seven Immortals Of The Sirian High Council greet you who wish to remember our love as one galactic family warmly. We will now begin transmitting to you the sacred tablet of the white mule through the medium Azuria Starsong. Through this wisdom, which is eternally known, and only momentarily forgotten, you will dwell within the sacred knowing which will guide you through the Ascension as it has always been carried out for timeless aeons. The sacred tablets of awakening have been given to societies all over the planet at certain intervals in your planetary development. We the 7 are here to deliver them to you now at this very important time in the development of your Planetary Logos. You are, who are eternally swept up by the great inbreathing and outbreathing of the Lord of the Universe, always have access to the timeless Gnosis of the Cosmos within your own heart of hearts. But we are seeing that the confusion has been introduced into your circles and channelings from a reptilian force both within and outside of your planet. It is with this medium then, Azuria Starsong, that we have presented these sacred teachings to you at this present moment, for her affinity to our causes in previous incarnations, as well as in this incarnation. Thank you and please accept our humble obeisances, you are deeply held within our Hearts. The 7 Immortals elysha, spiritual teacher, self realized teacher, awakening, enlightenment teacher, spirituality, enlightened teacher, nirvana ...
  • Hands In & Out Breathing exercise Yoga master Mohanty teaches how to do Hands In & Out Breathing.
  • MAN FEEDS DOGS TO HIS SNAKE!!! (1/28/10) READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT! So, this vid has gotten a lot of negative attention of people wanting to see dogs eaten by a big snake.. The title is a joke, if you watch till the end of the vid you'll see that. This is my pet Albino Burmese Python, Alice eating a rabbit. Let me know what you think. Remember to rate, comment and SUBSCRIBE!
  • Always BREATHE OUT while you EXHALE!!! Join Super7 to learn all of the secret solutions to Strength, Stamina, Stretching, & Sustenance. And, yes, I do know that breathing out = exhaling.
  • Chill Out Music - N°1 - "Eô" , by Direct To Dreams this music availed on : - Amazon : www.amazon.fr - emusic : - Composer : Direct To Dreams ; Song : "Eô" ; Direct To Dreams Website : www.direct2
  • Music Meditation from Rick and Ron Quisling Meditation is an important tool to help ourselves have a greater sense of self, and a simple way to become more content and more stable. Most folks are depressed, too sick , or don't have enough tone or knowledge to effectively exercise. Quick fix exercise usually ends up feeling worse due to abuse of the level of physical condition. Often posture adjustment and torso expansion is all one needs to adjust breathing awareness. The stable breathing techniques don't manipulate the in and out breathing. The rib bending diaphragmatic exercise create a rest period between each breath to expand the awareness of space and power of the diaphragm. The diaphragm, the largest muscle in the body, is the window into one's body, mind, and spirit. Check out YouTube "Rib Bending, Star Trek Shaping Exercise, The Hollywood Look". A knowledge of himself or herself allows one " To boldly go where no man has gone Before". The string meditation music has its origins from the mountains of Norway and the Hardanger Violin. Blending the natural sounds of crickets, drums, glockenspiel, strings, and rain forest woods (treated with type of Stradivarius varnish) produces an ionic sound unique to ones ears. This new age music of Enya and others have given us a music to relax, settle our nerves, and open our hearts again. To Begin, sit upright in a chair remaining as quiet as possible. Eyes open, gaze slightly lowered, rest your attention on the breath produced by the "A,E,I,O,U and Y" positions. Let your ...
  • Twins Born at 29 weeks Twins were born 11wks and 3 days early due to my incompetent cervix. Holdens was born first weighing in only 3lbs.2oz and Laniya weighed in at 2lbs 11oz. They were in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) for 6wks. They were born on April 26th 2010 and their actual due date was July 8th. They came out breathing on their own and their was no need for assistance. They stayed there to learn to feed and to gain weight. They currently weigh over 10lbs a piece, at almost 4months and are doing very well and beating all the odds. I was told to have a late term abortion at 22wks but I did not give up on them, they didn't give up on each other and they did not give up on me! Healthy and happy..."Twin Love" (Cartoon Picture taken from a google search)
  • try to watch this with out breathing or laughing jwhipple6's webcam video July 01, 2010, 12:00 AM
  • I challenge you to Pig Squeal with mouth closed and with out breathing I CHALLENGE YOU
  • Waveform and spectrogram of a purring domestic cat Waveform and spectrogram ***ysis of the purring domestic cat Misha. Egressive (outbreathing) and ingressive (inbreathing) phases (out-in-out-in-out-in). To be compared with the purring cheetah Caine, recorded at the Dell Cheetah Centre, Parys, South Africa in December 2009 (links below). More information, scientific papers and sound files of other purring felids can be found at Robert Eklund's homepage (), and at Robert Eklund's other sites http and . Excerpt from recording session at Waveform and spectrogram of purring cheetah at:
  • Cool Remote Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch These are some cool apps that you can use to control games and applications on you Mac and PC. These apps include: 1.) Air Mouse Pro ($2.99) 2.) Zooz Control Lite (FREE, buy Pro version for $1.99) 3.) Remote by Apple (FREE) Thank you Breathing Underwater for letting me use your music for the video!!! Check out Breathing Underwater's music here: Check out my site! Follow me on Twitter! http

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  • “ forum/topic .C_ID=358#358. http:///forum/topic .ID=4387#4387. http:///forum During pranayama, the head would gently move forward when inbreathing, and backward outbreathing. And similar to manigama's experience, I'd breath in fully, hold on a few second. and”
    — AYP Support Forums - Yawn,

  • “A new cosmology successfully explains the accelerating expansion of the universe without dark energy; but only if the universe has no beginning and no end. The Physics arXiv Blog produces daily coverage of the best new ideas from an online forum called the Physics arXiv on which scientists post early”
    — Big Bang Abandoned in New Model of the Universe - Technology,

  • “I have on my computer an excerpt from Cyrano de Bergerac. I don't know which edition it comes from, or who translated it. It's one of my all”
    — Translations Of "Cyrano" - Objectivism Online Forum,

  • “You need to have JavaScript enabled to use all of MySpace's features. Click here for help enabling it. Groups " Full Moon However, the high point of the 2009 outbreathing cycle, the embodiment cycle or the Three Linked Festivals of”
    — MySpace,

  • “From MIT. Information on Emerging Technologies & impact on business & society The Physics arXiv Blog produces daily coverage of the best new ideas from an online forum called the Physics arXiv on which scientists post early”
    — Technology Review India: Blogs: arXiv blog: Big Bang, technologyreview.in

  • “Jiva is sometimes used similarly to prana, but strictly prana means outbreathing and jiva means life per se. Welcome to CosZ Shack New Age Message Board Forum, a place especially designed for New Age Discussion”
    — Prana - Theosophy - Religious Belief - CosZ Shack New Age,

  • “After long aeons the outbreathing, evolutionary influence slackens, and the universe a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the”
    — Theosophy Forum -> William Q Judge (1851-1896), theosophy-

  • “Low pressure storage tanks have to breathe' in and out. Tank failure due to blocked venting could be prevented by new standards and management precautions. 28300 has been released which includes methods to calculate inbreathing and outbreathing requirements, which are different to API 2000 methods”
    — Tank venting standards | SHEQ Africa,

  • “The Forum dedicated to Arunachala and Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi > Ancient texts > the five types of breathings, in breathing, outbreathing etc”
    — Sri Sankara Vijayam - 103, arunachala-

  • “Inbreathing and outbreathing. Duality and unity at its finest. Next thing is the version. E-mail a link to this thread. Jump to forum : (Delete all cookies set by this site)”
    — Viewing a thread,

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