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  • A small crowd gathered in the rain last week in front of Buenos Aires Casa Rosada (Pink House), heard President Ramirez announce that Argentina had broken diplomatic relations with Germany and Nevertheless, they may well have outbluffed the Argentines. — “ARGENTINA: Forced Break - TIME”,
  • Words that start with OU : Words starting in OU outbluffed. outbluffing. outbluffs. outblush. outblushed. outblushes. outblushing. outbluster. outblustered. outblustering. outblusters. outboard. outboards. outboast. outboasted. outboasting. outboasts. outbought. outbound. outbounds. outbox. outboxed. outboxes. — “Word ou meaning. Word ou definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • Where is the United States Senate when we need it? President Bush has outfoxed them, outbluffed them and thwarted their efforts. His favorite ploy, implemented by his hard core supporters in the. — “Time for Congress to engage battle | ”,
  • Bruce Campbell WAVs from Xena (Autolycus) outblufd.zip - Autolycus "Oh I hate when I'm outbluffed." (49k) prsnspce.zip - Autolycus "There's a concept called personal space. — “Official Bruce Campbell Sound Library - Xena”,
  • John P. Clum lived a long life, beyond 80 years, long enough to bury all his old friends, even Wyatt Earp, up to May 2, 1932. The war chief thought long about using the rifle he held; but he knew he was outbluffed and surrendered. — “Tombstone, Arizona - John P. Clum”, jcs-
  • Pejman Yousefzadeh's response to 'Should the media have access to the coffins of fallen service men and women? What should be done with Roland Burris? Should the Constitution require elecions to fill Senate vacancies? Senate Democrats, who were outbluffed, out-demagogued and utterly. — “Pejman Yousefzadeh's response to 'Should the media have”,
  • Find rhyming words online with the FREE WriteExpress Rhyming Dictionary outbluffed. puffed. rebuffed. roughed. ruffed. scuffed. sloughed. snuffed. soughed. stuffed. tuft. Dictionary lookup for sloughed. Thesaurus lookup for sloughed. — “sloughed”,
  • fuse.tv ADELAIDE has had us bluffed - twice. First, in an act which outbluffed the Crows, coach Neil Craig and his ambitious men declared themselves over. — “Fuse.tv - Craig's vision makes for bright future - See”, fuse.tv
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. outbluffed. — “Merriam-Webster Online”, merriam-
  • Outplayed and outbluffed. Political and social commentary by John Silveira from Issue #67. — “Outplayed and outbluffed by John Silveira Issue #67”,
  • Jane Hamsher's post yesterday, I Want to Play Poker with Harry Reid, was picked up at the Huffington Post and linked to from all over. Reid was outbluffed by Lieberman, then he was outbluffed by McConnell on seating Franken, and now he'll be outbluffed by the guy appointed by the. — “The Netroots vs. Harry Reid - ”,
  • copyright by & . — “”,
  • PHYSICS AND FOOTBALL WERE HIS FORTES He shrewdly outbluffed Cowboy executive Gil Brandt by threatening to sign with Portland of the World Football League. — “Blaine Nye was always a standout student - 11.19.90 - SI Vault”,
  • Nine JFK assassination theories -- Making sense of the roles the Cuban commies, military-industrial complex, and more played in the plot WHY: JFK outbluffed Russkies in the Cuban Missile Crisis, and was about to abandon Cold War militarism to attack Soviets where they were weakest: the economic front. — “Out, Damned Plot | Movies | ”,
  • Foreign Correspondent, by Eric Margolis But that didn't stop CDU/CSU leader Angela Merkel from declaring victory. Not to be outbluffed, SPD leader Gerhard Schroeder also declared victory and announce he would stay on as Chancellor. But both parties were too weak to form a new government. — “Eric Margolis — FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT”,
  • Read The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley online or in you email. I had outbluffed her. Had I? If I had expected her to betray disappointment--and I had--I was disappointed. Abruptly, as if the game had wearied her. — “The Door Through Space, Marion Zimmer Bradley - Section 8 of”,
  • Webdesign Webprogramming portofolio, our client websites. — “Portofolio of created websites by IOP”,
  • Moulitsas writes: "So Reid was outbluffed by Lieberman, then he was outbluffed by [Senate Min. Leader Mitch] McConnell on seating [Al] Franken, and now he'll be outbluffed by the guy appointed by the crooked governor. Moulitsas: "Reid was outbluffed by Lieberman, then he was outbluffed by McConnell on. — “1/8: The Trouble With Harry - The Hotline's Blogometer”,
  • Elves - Men - Hobbits - Dwarves - Istari - Valar - Maiar. The world of J.R.R. Tolkien is owned by Tolkien Enterprises and/or New Merry gets outbluffed. More fluff; Posted in response to Karri's 'April Fool's' Challenge. — “Stories of Arda - Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Archive”,
  • Danny Green has ensured his World Boxing Council interim super middleweight title defence would be on home turf. - The Sydney Morning Herald "A surfer from Scarborough has outsmarted and outmanoeuvred and outbluffed one of the top promoters in boxing," a jubilant Green said from Los Angeles. — “Green secures Perth world title bout - Breaking News - http”, .au

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  • Food Inc. - Documentary Forget buckets of blood. Nothing says horror like one of those tubs of artificially buttered, nonorganic popcorn at the concession stand. That, at least, is one of the unappetizing lessons to draw from one of the scariest movies of the year, "Food, Inc.," an informative, often infuriating activist documentary about the big business of feeding or, more to the political point, force-feeding, Americans all the junk that multinational corporate money can buy. You'll shudder, shake and just possibly lose your genetically modified lunch. Divided into chapters dedicated to points along the commercial food chain — from farm to fork, to borrow a loaded agribusiness phrase — the movie is nothing if not ambitious. "There are no seasons in the American supermarket," the unidentified voice intones in the opening scene, as the camera sweeps the aisles of one such brightly lighted, heavily stocked if nutritionally impoverished emporium. From there the director Robert Kenner jumps all over the food map, from industrial feedlots where millions of cruelly crammed cattle mill about in their own waste until slaughter, to the chains where millions of consumers gobble down industrially produced meat and an occasional serving of E. coli bacteria. The voice in the opening belongs to the ethical epicurean and locavore champion Michael Pollan, author of "In Defense of Food" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma," as well as a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine. (Somewhat confusingly, the ...

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  • “s I found over at Weasel Manor, but good entries can also be found at Dr. The last time Kenny and Eric met, Eric outbluffed Kenny. That first experience of a blog showed me how powerful the medium was at giving individuals voices and helping them form communities around”
    — หน้าหลัก: โมเมนตัม1,

  • “I was able to bluff with some success on the turn, but I felt like I was getting outplayed and outbluffed, probably because he could put me on hands more reliably than I could put him on. What strategies have you guys found to be Poker Forum God. Group: Members. Posts: 10,676. Joined: December 4th,”
    — i desperately need heads-up help - FCP Poker Forum,

  • “I got off to an early bluffing lead, but in the end Melchur outbluffed me. Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest. Board”
    — Running Mania • View topic - On the Road to Rune,

  • “If this duckegg wishes to encourage employment. 1/ Take away the red tape it costs a last year but the Tories spooked and outbluffed him, he could have won that, just, but”
    — Return to Website, pub27

  • “This entry is an attempt, with some video's captured on my phone, to describe how tried to pass it but were outbluffed by the oncoming traffic (I was”
    — David Edwards' Blog " On the road in India,

  • “ is the leading resource for game developers, featuring daily news updates, over 1500 featured articles and tutorials, and the most active game development forums anywhere!”
    — Object Oriented Poker - AI Poker Bot Challenge! - ,

  • “Post 17769 - Betting forum with free betting tips, forums for English, Scottish and world football betting, horse racing tips and tipster prizes”
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  • “Sandra (to Rupert): "Loose lips sink ships." And just like that, Rupert is gone and we are down to one remaining hero left in the game. Colby. Like the cow Jeff I love you and your blog, but let's talk about Russell. A major part of winning Survivor is making people like you even as you vote them out”
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  • “ to look like negotiating geniuses that outbluffed Boras, and all their fans will suck all threads in the Baseball Players forum " Related Topix Forums: Sports, Major League”
    — Yankees should swoop in and sign Teixeira - Topix,

  • “So Reid was outbluffed by Lieberman, then he was outbluffed by McConnell on seating not to have the Clipmarks logo and link in this blog post, select "Don't include" here”
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