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  • Zumiez Outbidding Billabong For West 49. By The Editors July 9th, 2010. In a story we posted June 16, 2010 about Zumiez expanding into Canada we mentioned jokingly that if Zumiez was interested in moving north of the border "wouldn't it just be easier for Zumiez to buy West 49. — “Zumiez Outbidding Billabong For West 49 at Boardistan”,
  • Hewlett-Packard has raised its offer for 3PAR to US$27 per share, outbidding Dell once more as the battle to acquire the California-based storage vendor continues. — “HP Raises 3PAR Offer to $27 Per Share, Outbids Dell Again ”,
  • Microsoft has purchased Seattle-based travel search engine Farecast, known for its alogrithm that predicts the best time to purchase airline tickets, for $115 million. Tom Romary, chief executive of Yapta, told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer he. — “Outbidding Google and Expedia, Microsoft lands Farecast for”,
  • In an unusual auction pitting a baseball legend against one of the most colorful owners in professional sports, Mark Cuban has submitted the highest opening bid to buy the Texas rangers. — “Cowtown courtroom duel: Cuban outbidding Ryan for Rangers”,
  • latest bollywood and hollywood news - Is technology outbidding music?. — “Is technology outbidding music?”,
  • By Terril Yue Jones TIANJIN, China Nov 26 (Reuters) - Traffic weaves lazily through a Chinese industrial park lined with imposing buildings -- home to the company that is outbidding the world's top two cable. — “Xinmao Draka cable bid puts Tianjin suburb on map | Reuters”,
  • By Terril Yue Jones TIANJIN, China (Reuters) - Traffic weaves lazily through a Chinese industrial park lined with imposing buildings -- home to the company that is outbidding the world's top two cable. — “Xinmao Draka cable bid puts Tianjin suburb on map | Reuters”,
  • Ethnic outbidding is a favourite pastime among Umno politicians and they have become very good at In such a situation there is a real danger of ethnic outbidding reaching a level where any remark,. — “Ethnic outbidding and red herrings”,
  • By Ben Klayman CHICAGO, Nov 18 (Reuters) - ESPN, Walt Disney Co's sports cable television network, outbidding Fox Sports, will pay $500 million for a four-year deal to broadcast several popular. — “ESPN in $500 mln deal for US college football bowls | Reuters”,
  • Employees at the registrar you are bidding at for a domain may be bidding against you, and the company may have no rules. GoDaddy VP Outbidding Their Customers. — “GoDaddy VP Outbidding Their Customers - Security Watch”,
  • UPDATE: Outbidding Vodafone, Cingular will pay $41 billion in cash to vastly expand its voice and data subscriber customer base. — “Cingular Wins Out in AT&T Wireless Bid - ”,
  • Cablevision Systems Corp., the New York-area cable provider, topped offers from Rupert Murdoch and Mortimer Zuckerman to buy Tribune Co.'s Newsday in a deal valuing the Long Island newspaper at $632 million. Cablevision to Buy Newsday After Outbidding Murdoch (Correct). — “Cablevision to Buy Newsday After Outbidding Murdoch (Correct”,
  • Outbidding definition, to outdo in bidding; make a higher bid than (another bidder). See more. — “Outbidding | Define Outbidding at ”,
  • Community Health Systems Inc. agreed to pay $5.1 billion for Triad Hospitals Inc. , outbidding a private equity group to create the biggest publicly traded US hospital company. — “Community Health will pay $5.1b to buy Triad - The Boston Globe”,
  • JGsales? A WASR is a romanian AKM clone in semi-auto only. An ak47 is the machine gun but those are selective fire NFA restricted weapons. I would buy in person as it would be best to inspect these before buying. These semi-auto variants come. — “Ak-47 vs. WASR-10, which is more reliable? I saw a website”,
  • Learn English verbs. Learn English and learn the English verbs. Fully conjugated learn English verbs in all the tenses. English verbs can be tricky when learning English. What ever your reasons for learning English (Academic, Travel, Holiday,. — “Learn English verb outbid = pujar más alto - English Verb”, .es
  • Boca Raton-based FriendFinder Networks, the owner of Penthouse magazine, said it will offer $210 million to acquire Playboy Enterprises, challenging a bid from Hugh Hefner to take the company private. Owner of Penthouse outbidding Hugh Hefner for Playboy. — “Owner of Penthouse outbidding Hugh Hefner for Playboy”,
  • Seattle stole the Angels' igniter Chone Figgins by outbidding its rival to the south by one year and $1 Seattle stole the Angels' igniter Chone Figgins by outbidding its rival to the south by one year and $1. — “Jon Heyman: Mariners posing serious threat to Angels in”,
  • Definition of outbidding from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of outbidding. Pronunciation of outbidding. Definition of the word outbidding. Origin of the word outbidding. — “outbidding - Definition of outbidding at ”,
  • HP raises 3PAR offer to US$27 per share, outbids Dell again Hewlett-Packard has raised its offer for 3PAR to US$27 per share, outbidding Dell once more as the battle to acquire the California-based storage vendor continues. — “Reseller News > HP raises 3PAR offer to US$27 per share”, reseller.co.nz
  • Page 1 of 379 (Items 1 to 32 of 12111) 2 3 4 5 6 7 ..379. Hynix 2GB kit (2x1GB) PC2-3200 A60 Quadro NVS 295 Used lot of 10. Seller: recycle4vahburg Feedback: 124 (100.0%) (ship. — “PC Components”,
  • Man City boss Hughes confident outbidding all comers for Man Utd's Tevez Manchester City boss Mark Hughes is convinced he's outbid all comers for Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez. — “Man City boss Hughes confident outbidding all comers for Man”,

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  • Google AdWords Bidding Tutorial Our Chief Economist, Hal Varian, explains the how to adjust your bids to maximize the profit from your marketing investment on AdWords.
  • Sahara Group retains Team India sponsorship rights Subroto Roy's Sahara Group will continue to be the main sponsors of the Indian cricket team for another three-and-half years after outbidding top mobile operator Bharti Airtel, the only other contender, in a deal estimated at Rs 558 crore.
  • Real Estate, Mortgage Market & Economic Report 01/06/09 - How Are Housing Prices Performing & Interest Rate Review - Latest Real Estate Report Newsletter from Ed Bisquera Mortgage Express Portland Oregon & Vancouver Washington. Visit my blog for the full report and for past issues. Excerpt: The Big Question - How Are Housing Prices Performing? In the past week we gave some perspective regarding how housing prices have performed in the long run. Despite the recent precipitous drop in prices, housing as an investment performs strongly when you look at the big picture. On the other hand, we cant ignore the fact that prices have fallen significantly in the past year and the overall economy is not likely to recover until home prices stop dropping. So, the big question is, when will home prices stop dropping? With so many foreclosures on the horizon, there may seem to be no end in sight to the current cycle. Once again, lets add some perspective. Remember, a few years ago when it seemed that home prices would not stop rising? Everyone was outbidding each other to get the next property. Of course we knew that home prices could not skyrocket forever because people would not be able to afford to purchase. The same applies here. Home prices cant just keep dropping. As prices become lower, affordability will go up and more Americans will purchase real estate. Recent record low rates will help move that date forward as well. Even more important, as buyers come back to the market and prices stop falling, lenders will be more confident in lending in a stable price environment. This ...
  • News Update: BP Turns Trigger-Shy After Gulf Disaster, Pulls Bid For Greenland Contract BP (NYSE:BP) announced Thursday that it opted not to enter a bid for a drilling license near Greenland, a move that many government officials say could be a result of its already blemished public image following the disastrous blowout of its deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The company's spokesman Robert Wine said that the company was aware of the licensing round but that they, "did get involved in it in the preliminary stages, and decided not to proceed with a bid." Wine declined to comment on the reasons for the decision nor would he say whether or not it was related to the event in the gulf. Wine didn't rule out bidding for other licenses around the world. Britain-based Cairn Energy (PINK:CRNCY) said it found gas off the west coast of Greenland, but no oil yet.SmarTrend alerted subscribers to take profits in BP on August 19, 2010 at $36.65, since then the stock fell 2.3%. We are now watching for any positive developments that could result in a new uptrend signal.
  • Futurama Jillion Dollars LMFAO My Favourite Moment In Futurama -Fry Tries Outbidding An Old Woman (MOM) Over Some Ancient Anchovies She (MOM) Bids 1 Million Dollars (I Think) Then Fry Comes Out With "ONE JILLION DOLLARS" Lollzz
  • The Marriage of Jack & Eve Part 8 The wedding continues. Frankie goes on and on until he finally convinces Jennifer to talk to Jack. Later at the penthouse, Jennifer lets herself in and finds champagne bottles and confetti everywhere. She heads to Jack's bedroom where she finds him in bed with Eve. Eve wakes up and jennifer accuses her of setting it up to make her think Jack slept with her. She tells Eve that Jack would never sleep with somebody like her. Eve makes some snide remarks and Jennifer tries to go in and see Jack. Eve stops her by referring to Jack as her husband. Jennifer doesn;t believe her at first but Eve shows her the wedding ring. Jennifer is upset and leaves. Later Jack is awake and he remembers cakling Diana Colville and outbidding Lawrence. Jack worries about telling people they're married. Eve wonders of he means Jennifer and tells him that she already knows as she saw them in bed together... Part 8 of 14
  • David vs. Goliath: Surma Sues Citibank Poland This Polish commercial agent, Mariusz Surma, sues Citibank Poland for $ 6000000 damages. Please find the English version of the story below. See also: www.dziennik.pl [English translation] He threw the gauntlet to Citibank Tuesday, February 26, 2008 00:11 A Pole wrestles with a global giant. The greatest indemnification in the history of agency contracts in Poland? This may prove to be the greatest indemnification in the history of agency contracts in Poland. Mariusz Surma ([email protected]) has accused Citibank Handlowy of destroying his company and taking over his best workers. He claims PLN 14000000 damages, DZIENNIK reported. The proceedings continued for six years during which time this entrepreneur's claims were affirmed by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. However, this year may ultimately see the end of the court drama. The files of the case have just been sent from the Supreme Court to the Regional Court in Warsaw. The first trial is due to take place in March. And the whole thing started in 1999. At that time MS Direct Sales, a company based in Wroclaw, concluded an agency contract for Citibank's exclusive rights to sell its products. Almost a hundred commercial agents operated in three Polish provinces (Opole, Dolny Slask and Lubus) to successfully acquire over 40000 new customers for Citigroup. "Thanks to us Citibank practically became the credit card market monopolist, whereas we sold almost 100% of its services in our area", said Mariusz Surma ...
  • Sen. Charles Grassley & The Doughnut Hole (HQ) Senator Charles 'Chuck' Grassley (R-IA) during the Prescription Drug Act debate - Nov. 25, 2003, and Andrea Mitchell with Nancy-Ann DeParle, White House Director of Health Reform - June 22, 2009. C-SPAN (aired: 11/25/03) and MSNBC News Live (aired: 06/22/09). Mini-Bar Bio: Charles Grassley was elected to the Senate in 1981, and during this debate he was the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance (Jan 3, 2003 thru Jan 3, 2007); he remains as the current ranking member. Regarding the bill: Rep. Bill Tauzin (R-LA) was co-sponsor of the Prescription Drug Act of 2003 and on January 3, 2005, the same day he left Congress, Tauzin began work as the head of PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America), a powerful lobby group for pharmaceutical companies. It was reported that they had offered more than $2.5 million per year for his services, outbidding the Motion Picture Association of America, which had offered Tauzin $1 million to lobby for it.
  • Actual Auction at Tsukiji Watch the Auctioneer. It looks he's chanting and cheering. Watch the men and their hand signals. They're outbidding each other.
  • BEGGING AGAIN!_CTVglobemedia & Canwestglobal_And More! CBC News - The National_Report by Krista Erickson on an ad placed by Shaw cable today, regarding a bailout for CTVglobemedia and Canwestglobal media by charging fees to cable and satellite subs, to make up for their mismanagement shortfalls. CTVglobemedia wasted over 3 million to steal the hockey night in canada theme from CBC last year, as well as outbidding the CBC for the 2010 games by an extreme amount. CTVglobemedia and Canwestglobal need new management or go down! CTV president- Ivan Fecan- DUMP! He's Junk! Canwestglobal media is bankrupt- DUMP! It's Junk! In BC, CTV would not be available to anybody outside of the metro Vancouver area, if it wasn't for a service provider. CTV has no relay stations. The service providers are doing CTV a favor! Oh ya, I almost forgot- the CRTC also demands that service providers give CTV & Global the best channel spots on the dial, and also makes the service providers 'override' the US network station with the CTV, Global or any 'local' such as Rogers city, station that spent enough Canadian money to purchase US programming and run it at the same time as the US network. I support CBC-TV and CHEK-TV in their bid, because they are supporting Canadian programming! The money they get will go to Canadian & Local TV!Disclaimer: This clip is being made available in an effort to advance the understanding of issues. It is believed that this constitues a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US ...
  • Beech Brook Farm Beech Brook Farm is a equine rescue, based in mystic, Ct. its misson: To save equines from neglect & abusive situations & provide them with a loving home for life. Our 501c3 nonprofit rescue is a small volunteer based rescue that specializes in gaited breeds (Tennessee Walking horse, Rocky Mountain horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, Paso etc.). We also rescue "long ears" (donkeys, mules). There are many auctions that supply the foreign-owned slaughter houses that kill horses for human consumption abroad.We assist horses through owner surrenders, neglect cases, local auctions outbidding kill-buyers, buying sick or injured horses and purchasing directly out of kill pens. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible. It is only with your support and donations that we are able to save, rehabilitate and re-home the horses. Please consider making a life saving donation today. In doing so you are helping to save a horses life. If you would like to adopt a horse, check out our adoption page or call or email us. If you want to volunteer or provide a foster home please contact us as well.
  • Sims Bustin' Out Bidding(Cheats link in the description) This is me bidding with action replay cheats.
  • What I Am Selling On Ebay 2 ( Elkavox Zero Sette 5 Row Continental Chromatic Accordion ) (Relisted) listed again at a start price of £99 or click the buy it now button to secure your ownership of the accordion. NOTE: ONLY WILL SELL TO THE UNITED KINGDOM AND SOUTHERN Ireland. The accordion is a 3 voice and 120 bass the registers are clarinet ,Bandon ,violin ,bassoon and master I have got the rest of the kit which is a foot box if you want it but it is partly working. All the electronics on the actual accordion work fine I would let you arrange for a carrier to collect it from me Only if you place a bid and the reserve price is met first, And the auction finishes. If you need any questions answering please don't hesitate to ask. The Products URL Below: Products Ebay Description This Elkavox Zero Sette 5 Row Continental Chromatic Accordion was made in 1979 amd has been well looked after. What Are You Also Getting In This Auction? In this auction you are also getting: 1 box to put the accordion in 2 original straps to hold the accordion to your chest 2 padded straps over the original straps for extra support and less strain if you are playing for a long time. Product Description The accordion works fine and is a joy to own but I have upgraded to a newer accordion so that is the reason for it being sold. At a bargain starting bid price of £200.00 can you really afford to miss out bidding on this accordion? Reason Postage Is Unavailable The size of the accordion makes it to expensive to post so that is why only pick up is only available. Note: The accordion ...
  • Fizzle Dolla'$ passed outbidding the Henn Rock Man I was ji Fudeged up.... Get Ne!!!
  • Mike Kara Presents-Woodridge Jaycees-Singing For Soldiers Video Courtesy of Mike Kara Presents... Community Focus/ Community Fun Chicagoland Based Cable Television Show Well, it's time for a little Karaoke. And I have a very special Karaoke Night, I gotta tell You about. But this Karaoke Night is a very special fundraiser put on by an awesome organization for a simply wonderful cause. On Saturday April 26, 2008 at Shanahan's Irish Food and Spirits of Woodridge in Woodridge, Illinois, The Woodridge Jaycees were putting on their special Karaoke event - Singing For Soldiers, with 905 of the proceeds going toward Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans. Shanahan's was decked out in red, white, blue, getting everyone into the spirits of things. This event was Karaoke with a twist. The way it worked was that there were cute little pieces of paper on each table. A small piece and a larger of paper. If You wanted to singing a song, You would fill out the smaller slip of paper and turn that in the karaoke area, with a small donation, minimum donation of $1. Now the twist, You can make someone else sing a song by filling out the larger slip of paper. So You fill out the sheet with the name of the person You want to a song, again with a donation. That person You make sing the song, has to sing it, or outbid You. So they can donate $2. If they out bid You, then they don't have to sing. But unless You outbid someone, they can make You sing any song from the huge Karaoke Songbook. So the great part of all this, is, either way ...
  • Like Americans Should - Original Food vs Fuel Song When Americans pay top-dollar for fuels made from grains, we are outbidding someone else for that food. In June 2009, the number of people considered undernourished by the UN WFP rose over one billion for the first time in history. Compared to those one billion people, we in America are very, very wealthy. We can afford to pay more for our luxury than they are able to pay for their necessity. That's why our gas tanks are full of food, while their plates are empty. Both President Bush and President Obama have appealed to our patriotism to further the biofuel agenda, but there is nothing American about increasing world hunger. Read more about E85 and the Food vs Fuel debate at collegeGuy13 ----- Like Americans Should By collegeGuy13 I wanted to improve my life And make my travels green So I traded in the car I had That ran on gasoline And I bought myself and SUV That doesn't use no crude No you fill'er up and drive around On starvin' children's food [Chorus] E85 that's the answer To global warmin', poverty, and cancer Do your country right Do your nation good Drive E85 Like Americans should They make it out of corn we grow Right here in the Midwest There's enough for fuel and eatin', too Why Lord, we all are blessed It jacks the price of food right up Some foreigners just can't pay But they were third world anyhow They were gunna' starve anyway [Chorus] Well the price of corn in Texas Affects the price of rice in China Affects the price of couscous sold in ...
  • Best of Islam By Bilal Philips 2/6 Learn Islam here Please: Some non-Muslims may do these things out of politeness or good manners, but they are not seeking reward from Allah or salvation of the Day of Judgement. If we look at what Islam has prohibited, we will find that it is in the interests of both the individual and society as a whole. All these prohibitions serve to safeguard the relationship between the slave and his Lord, and the relationship of the individual with himself and with his fellow-man. The following examples demonstrate this: Islam forbids the association of anything in worship with Allah and the worship of anything other than Allah, because this spells doom and misery. Islam also forbids visiting or believing soothsayers and fortune-tellers; magic or witchcraft that may cause a rift between two people or bring them together; belief in the influence of the stars on events and people's lives; cursing time, because Allah is directing its affairs; and superstition, because this is pessimism. Islam forbids cancelling out good deeds by showing off, boasting or reminding others of one's favours; bowing or prostrating to anything other than Allah; sitting with hypocrites or immoral people for the purposes of enjoying their company or keeping them company; and invoking the curse or wrath of Allah on one another or damning one another to Hell. Islam forbids urinating into stagnant water; defecating on the side of the road or in places where people seek shade or where they draw ...
  • The Greek Rule The Greek Rule By Aleka Nakis Blurb Ambitious and beautiful Athena Lakis has one simple rule... No romance with a Greek. In theory, this tenet should be easy to keep. After all, reaching for her life long dream to own and operate a prestigious hotel on prime seaside property in Greece, she has her hands full. The major hurdle being her drop-dead gorgeous competition: Greek tycoon Alexandros Strintzaris. Alexandros has his sights set on more than just a real estate deal. He wants Athena, and he always gets what he wants. When he discovers she is the one outbidding him on the resort, will he feel the same? From a Naples ballroom, to the exotic island of Santorini, Alexandros and Athena learn when it comes to affairs of the heart, there are always exceptions to the rule.
  • .au - Online property auctions made easy Experienced property auctioneer David Scholes explains how property auctions are a very fair and transparent method of transacting property deals and establishing current market values. However, the intensity of a drawn out bidding duel can prove to be a stressful task for buyers and sellers. He explains that it is now possible to utilise all the benefits of an auction from anywhere in the world over the course of days or even weeks. The process is made available by .au, Australia's premier online property auction provider. .au
  • Marsh 2010 United Way: ACK pie in face compliments of Ironshore In Marsh's 2010 United Way fundraiser, ACK gets his first pie in the face from Debbie, compliments of David at Ironshore outbidding all others at $125 for the distinction of being first. Thank you!
  • Ivan's performance at the Kiwanis Music Festival of Toronto Ivan won the 2nd place being one of 7 very bright participants. He was playing "Chanson triste" (Sad Song) by Vasily Kalinnikov. In my opinion, he should be getting the 1st place - his expression and feeling in combination with his great technic was outbidding everybody, but you never know, what is motivating the judgement... I'm very proud of him.
  • Obama Considers Paying Afghanis to Ditch Taliban The Obama administration is considering outbidding the Taliban to persuade Afghan villagers to lay down arms as it struggles to find a new approach to a war that is fast losing public and congressional support.
  • Palmetto Dunes Real Estate Video - Hilton Head Island, SC About Palmetto Dunes Combine a world-class vacation resort with private residences, and Hilton Head Island's Palmetto Dunes emerges. Developed in 1967, this plantation borders the Atlantic Ocean and is located directly across from Shelter Cove Harbour. PD contains two privately gated neighborhoods, the Leamington community and the Mariner's section, as well as luxury resorts by Marriott, Hilton, and Disney Here you will also find the island's deepest yacht basin at Shelter Cove, three miles of beaches, an 11-mile lagoon system, approximately six miles of bike paths, three golf courses, and plenty of tennis courts. The Palmetto Dunes community has even been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the Top Eleven Family Resorts! Security Features Palmetto Dunes has two security gates operating 24 hours a day. Access into the private residential areas, as well as the resort areas, is strictly controlled. Palmetto Dunes: History The Hilton Head Agricultural Company owned the only land left on Hilton Head not already owned by Hack, Fraser, or McIntosh, 1900 acres of hunting land. The tract finally sold to the Palmetto Dunes Corporation (outbidding Fraser) in 1967 for $1000 per acre. The Palmetto Dunes community was intended to outshine any previous island projects as a much more intense vacation experience. While other plantations were either major resort destinations or private residential areas, Palmetto Dunes incorporated both ideas by building ...
  • Bravo Company 412th Commander takes two pies in the face This is the end of a two week Operation that my company underwent. So how do we wrap it up? With a Pie in the Commanders Face. Major Amos was all up for outbidding us so he didnt have to take the pie, but as soon as we dropped like a grand he was out.
  • OUTBID LEGO four criminals are outbidding each other with stolen goods.
  • Sharon,Adam and Nick 2-8-10 Part 2 Victor and Nick celebrate their victory of outbidding the Abbotts for Jabot just as Adam arrives to join the party. Victor reveals to Adam that Nick masterminded their entire plot against Tucker. As Noah prepares to leave for Paris, he admits to Sharon that he is worried about what is going to happen between her, Nick and Adam while he is away. Later, an old friend of Adams from Harvard calls him to let him know that a hot red-head is in Boston asking questions about him and Adam realizes that its Phyllis. Adam comes home and announces to Sharon to pack a bag because they are going on their honeymoon.
  • Angry German Kid Tries to get a SNES from Ebay Leopold tries to get a SNES from Ebay but someone keeps outbidding him.
  • anti-subasta Corretger5′s first ever Anti-Subasta held last Friday evening was a great success! We had over 300 people come and participate. The atmosphere was full of energy and tension, everyone really got into the spirit of the auction and we had some all out bidding wars! The highest bid went to Michele Bajona for his acuarela, Corpo Etereo, which was sold for 190 euros. The other stars of the night were Ainize Txopitea, Claudia Carrillo and Orion Lafuente. Thank you everyone!
  • The Ethical Auctioneer Alex Carrick, author of "Two Scoops" Is Just Right and "Three Scoops" Is A Blast!, reads his poem.
  • The bidding war for Orlena's cake & kiss The Shopping Channel's Renee Torrington and Orlena's good friend, heads out for a night on the town with Straight No Chaser and heats things up on the Mix morning show. William Alty at TD Waterhouse Private Investment Firm places a bid of $150 to win Orlena's snowball cake, sealed with a kiss from her, outbidding an insistent Jason Culhane. All for the United Way and Big Brothers Big Sisters charities. For your investment needs email [email protected]
  • Sheriff Sales & Dog Abbey on Deck Dayton Realtor who wants to help stop the banks buy up our town and county living in dream house due to widescale spread of broken economy in Dayton Ohio! Californa Investor Client trusted Builder when purchased 3 model homes for 1.5 million and now I live in one of them! He could not sell them for half that right now as homes are being built for half the cost by new cheaper builder and not only economy but builder grade has pulled his property value down! The foreclosure fiasco that started in Dayton Ohio is now in Suburbia and across the Country and the Banks greediness has ruined the whole World's Economy! I am printing sheets with information on who bought the properties at Sheriff Sale and last week they bought all but 4 or 5 and this week they bought all but 2. They are just outbidding everyone and will soon own the whole Town! BuySellDayton to find me .com and tube Peace!
  • News Update: General Growth Properties (NYSE: GGP) Announces Banruptcy Plan 4/1/2010-Reuters reported Thursday that General Growth Properties (NYSE:GGP) has filed a plan to exit bankruptcy independently and has laid out bidding procedures. The second-largest US mall owner set a two-round bidding process, with the first-round bids due as soon as April 19. The exit plan calls for Brookfield Asset Management (NYSE:BAM), Fairholme Capital Management and William Ackman's Pershing Square Capital to invest $6.55 billion to bankroll General Growth's exit. The bankrollers will get a majority interest between them in a reorganized entity and warrants to buy another 120 million shares. GGP valued the warrants at $519 million as of March 30.
  • Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Next Victory Unequivocally Decisive السيد حسن نصر الله: النصر سيكون حاسماً وواضحاً 24/08/2008 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah vowed decisive victory against Israel if it launches any attack against Lebanon. Addressing the Imam Mahdi (pbuh) scouts in Beirut's southern suburb, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the Islamic Resistance leadership sees that "this sum of threats and noise against Lebanon is attributed to internal reasons inside Israel." "We do not underestimate or undervalue these threats, but we deal with them with confidence and resolution." His eminence also pledged that any new war Israel will impose on Lebanon "will be swift and victory shall be fast, crystal clear and unequivocally decisive. The army of our enemy will witness an unprecedented method of fighting by courageous, tough and devoted resistance fighters in the battlefield; something they had never seen since the establishment of their usurping entity." "I would like to confirm that those recent threats made by (Israeli PM Ehud) Olmert and some of his ministers also come within the same framework of intimidation and psychological war against Lebanon, otherwise, there is no rationale for all of this. The Israelis speak about the policy statement of the Lebanese government and say that the government has adopted the resistance and has given Hezbollah an umbrella, therefore it has to pay the price. This is ridiculous, because the policy statement of the former government was a text stronger in supporting the resistance than the present one, yet Zionist leaders did not ...
  • Sharon,Adam and Nick 2-8-10 Part 1 Victor and Nick celebrate their victory of outbidding the Abbotts for Jabot just as Adam arrives to join the party. Victor reveals to Adam that Nick masterminded their entire plot against Tucker. As Noah prepares to leave for Paris, he admits to Sharon that he is worried about what is going to happen between her, Nick and Adam while he is away. Later, an old friend of Adams from Harvard calls him to let him know that a hot red-head is in Boston asking questions about him and Adam realizes that its Phyllis. Adam comes home and announces to Sharon to pack a bag because they are going on their honeymoon.
  • English Words: inordinate, curious, peculiar, peculiars, immoderate, extraordinary, underbid, Music By Aalborg Soundtracks, from Audioswap -- see from the album Aalborg Soundtracks Vol. 5, on iTunes definitions of the words: inordinate, curious, peculiar, peculiars, immoderate, extraordinary, underbid, underbidding, underbids, outbid, outbidden, outbidding...
  • Citizen Rebel Rants - Commodifying Farms and Killing Farmer John Speculators drive up the price of farmland and kill farmer John while they are at it. Farmer John can no longer afford to keep his land because a bunch of gamblers are trading land for dollars. Actually, they can rent if they want to. Just when you think that America is the worst place you can get scammed and cheated, there is more to the story. The ***ing New York Christians cheating the working man again. Doug Hirsh is one of the many ***s being interviewed on the Nightly Business Report episode called "Farmland is a Growing Real Estate Asset" on December 6, 2010. Check it out. The speculators are outbidding the farmers who have been on their land for generations. They are driving up prices and taking control of the arable land in the country along with the corporations striving to own all of the plants on the planet. Please visit the following sites for the transcript or other controversial material:

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  • “Home " Forum " Discussions " General " Outbidding the tooth fairy Email this Forum topic. Tags: General. 6 January, 2009 - 01:38 #1. BD Brother. Joined: 29 Apr”
    Outbidding the tooth fairy | The Revival,

  • “Aug. 24, 2010 6:48 a.m.BRIA HREF=mailto:[email protected] George Nelson/I/ABRYOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- A review of the proposed sale of Forum Health Inc.'s assets to Community Health Systems Inc. won't be complete until next month”
    — Review of Forum Deal Needs More Time, business-

  • “Quite simply, Gilbert Arenas is the first "blog superstar." Beginning in October 2006, Gilbert started to entertain fans with His Agent Zero Blog File was there for his scoring predictions, his 25th birthday bash and his All-Star”
    — - Blog: Gilbert Arenas,

  • “Green Mountain Brewing Company is outbidding Peet's to take over Southern California the forum thread. blog comments powered by Disqus. The Writers Write”
    — Coffee Wars: Green Mountain Outbidding Peet's to Buy Diedrich,

  • “EMC is clearly sensitized to the NetApp threat and it has taken actions to block NetApp's success – most notably by outbidding NetApp for Data Domain in 2009 and now going after NetApp's crown jewels, its NAS business. writes on his blog today some insightful content NetApp – once”
    — EMC to Buy Isilon " Wikibon Blog,

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