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  • The present invention is an optical element at least with a Faraday rotator of which both light-transmission surfaces are bonded through a bonding layer to light-transmission surfaces of polarization glasses which are orientationally dispersed. — “Optical Element And Optical Isolator Using The Same”,
  • SPECTROSCOPY AND DYNAMICS OF ORIENTATIONALLY STRUCTURED ADSORBATES This book provides a detailed and rigorous presentation of the spectroscopy and dynamics of orientationally structured adsorbates. — “SPECTROSCOPY AND DYNAMICS OF ORIENTATIONALLY STRUCTURED”,
  • Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Orientationally Structured Adsorbates Description: A detailed and rigorous presentation of the spectroscopy and dynamics of orientationally structured adsorbates. — “Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Orientationally Structured”, isbn.nu
  • US7531156: Method and device for synthesizing high orientationally arranged carbon nano-tube by using organic liquid US7531156 issued 2009-05-12 Method and device for synthesizing high orientationally arranged carbon nano-tube by using organic liquid. — “Method and device for synthesizing high orientationally”,
  • Plastically Crystalline State: Orientationally Disordered Crystals by JN SHERWOOD and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at . — “0471997153 - AbeBooks”,
  • Many of the properties of orientationally disordered crystals are profoundly affected by One result is an indirect coupling between the orientations of different molecules, which plays an important role in the order/disorder phase transition, especially in ionic orientationally disordered crystals. — “Rev. Mod. Phys. 66, 721 (1994): Translation-rotation coupling”,
  • Effect of compositional disorder in the glass transition for pure compounds and molecular alloys with orientationally disordered phases. - Short-range order in the liquid and orientationally disordered phases by means of X-ray and neutron diffraction. — “Research Topics”, fisicaetseib.upc.es
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Orientationally - Medical Definition and More from Merriam”, merriam-
  • orientationally enhanced birefringence and the orientationally enhanced electro-optic effects. ity (the orientationally enhanced birefringence plus the. orientationally enhanced electro-optic effect) of. — “Photorefractive polymeric solitons supported by”, web.ncyu.edu.tw
  • Patent Description: DESCRIPTION 1. Technical Field This invention relates to neutron radiography. More particularly, it relates to a directable and orientationally positionable neutron beam source carried on a mobile vehicle. Because thermal. — “Directionally positionable neutron beam - US Patent 4300054”, patentstorm.us
  • Nonspherical particles of pear-like and spherocylinder shape were organized into diverse two-dimensional (2D) structures, including the orientationally disordered rotator. Dry films with hexagonal, oblique, and centered rectangular symmetry were. — “Rotator and crystalline films via self-assembly of short-bond”,
  • Neutron Scattering - Advances and Applications: Neutron Diffraction from Orientationally Disordered Crystals. — “Neutron Diffraction from Orientationally Disordered Crystals”,
  • Orientationally invariant axon-size and density weighted MRI Ptito, M and Parker, GJM and Dyrby, TB (2009) Orientationally invariant axon-size and density weighted MRI. — “UCL Discovery - Orientationally invariant axon-size and”,
  • Calorimetric and acoustic experiments on orientationally disordered and fully ordered crystalline phases fully ordered and orientationally disordered ones, that complement. — “Calorimetric and acoustic experiments on orientationally”,
  • The low-frequency Raman spectra of the orientationally disordered phase of C film in the orientationally. disordered phase cannot be described as the scattering due to. — “Low-frequency Raman scattering in the orientationally”, phy.ncu.edu.tw
  • Effect of compositional disorder in the glass transition of molecular alloys with orientationally disordered phases [10] Secondary Relaxations of Orientationally Disordered Mixed Crystals at. — “Julio César Martínez — GCM - Group of Characterization of”, gcm.upc.edu
  • On the other hand, for the orientationally ordered crystal phase, the interfacial free energies such quantities for the case of the orientationally ordered. — “Crystal-melt interfacial free energies of hard-dumbbell systems”, public.iastate.edu
  • Correlation between results of spectral investigation of structure of orientationally ordered wall adjacent layers (OOWL) of nonmesogenic liquids and theoretical simulation ofthese systems is. — “Influence of orientational interaction on properties of”,
  • : Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Orientationally Structured Adsorbates: Books. — “: Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Orientationally”,
  • 2. a Proposed structure of the orientationally correlated. polycrystal OCP : gray squares represent small domains in radial 34. ORIENTATIONALLY CORRELATED COLLOIDAL. PHYSICAL REVIEW E 77, 050402 R. 2008. RAPID COMMUNICATIONS. 050402-3. — “Orientationally correlated colloidal polycrystals without”, dspace.unav.es
  • Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "orientationally" is defined. orientationally: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition. — “Definitions of orientationally - OneLook Dictionary Search”,

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  • Red vs. Blue, Episode 3 - The Rookies A little overdue to my computer being packed away for a trip that I never took, but here it is, 'The Rookies'. I have a special place in my heart for this episode because our friend 'Sandy Roberts', a stand-up comedian and fellow film maker, FINALLY got to be in one of our films. We had a tough time deciding who should be the orientation-ally confused Private, but after remembering our friend Sandy, we realized that he was perfect (which is, in no way, us calling him sort of gay). I really wish there were more Blue scenes in this one, just because there are so many moments when it would have been PERFECT to cut away to a new scene ("Oh boy.") but the scene just wasn't there. This is probably my favorite episode of the ones we filmed, because almost everyone was in it, and it was the most fun to film. Totally threw off our schedule, though, because Sandy lives quite aways away, and we had to film all of his stuff (for three episodes) in roughly two and a half hours. Hectic. No idea how we're gonna do it on the next shooting day.

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  • “Discuss Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® games for the Nintendo Wii. Every video I've seen seems to be using horizontal, but orientationally, I would think vertical would seem more realistic”
    — POST the best things about tw11 over tw10 - Tiger Woods PGA,

  • “Get FauBackup at . Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory. This Program uses a filesystem on a hard drive for incremental and full backups. All Backups can easily be”
    — : FauBackup: faubackup-user,

  • “(Conference Hall, International Heat and Mass Transfer Centre at the Heat and Mass of molecular hydrodynamics of an orientationally ordered continuum”
    — III MMF-Minsk. Section 6, itmo.by

  • “You need to have JavaScript enabled to use all of MySpace's features. Groups " WorldWide Spiritual Connection " Topics " ALL Spiritual Poems & Poets”
    — MySpace,

  • “It was obvious from the start that the orientationally-challenged activists would attempt to blame Clementi's death on his And the comments on his blog are vile. These people all seem to have no empathy whatsoever. Comment by Daniel — September 30,”
    — Truth Wins Out - Wingnut Blames Tyler Clementi's Suicide on,

  • “The Role of Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Traumatic Brain Injury Marilyn F. Kraus, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, University of Illinois at Chicago and Researcher, Center for Cognitive Medicine, [email protected] Moderator”
    — CIMIT blog: Unraveling the Brain in Trauma and in Health,

  • “K.Flay's official blog and website thanks to everyone who came out (physically AND ***ual orientationally), stuck a k.flay sticker on their bare chest, and didn't throw tomatoes at me”
    — k.flay " college tour = wrapped up like a d,

  • “I am going to show you the technique I have been using as of late. I prefer this method hierarchies and align it positionally and orientationally to the pivot of the forearm”
    — Stretchy Twist Bones | facerFX,

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