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  • An introduction to orgone energy technology based on the orgone energy generator, theories, uses, the new Orgone Generators. — “World Leader in orgone energy technology”,
  • Orgone Los Angeles Funk / Soul / Afro-beat http:// Los Angeles based band Orgone is many souls with a cosmic connection, a natural creative. — “Orgone - Official Artist Page on iLike - free music, pictures”,
  • Myspace profile for ORGONE. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. — “ORGONE on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • As all known effects of Orgone are seen in the functioning of a Joe cell, it is reasonable to assume that the reader should have a good working knowledge of Orgone energy. Additionally, as the cell obeys all know Orgone laws and as the cell's. — “WHAT IS ORGONE?”, educate-
  • Orgone Crystals | Orgonite creations and gifting supplies. — “Home - Orgone Crystals”,
  • Listen to Orgone: Funky Nassau, Sophisticated Honky & more, plus 75 pictures. There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Los Angeles based band Orgone is many souls with a cosmic connection, a natural creative force and musicians who. — “Orgone – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures”,
  • orgone n. A universal life force hypothesized by Wilhelm Reich, supposed to emanate from all organic material that purportedly can be captured with. — “orgone: Definition from ”,
  • Wilhelm Reich developed a metal-lined device named the Orgone Accumulator, believing that the box trapped orgone energy that he could harness in groundbreaking approaches towards psychiatry, medicine, the social sciences, biology and weather research. Orgone Energy. — “Orgone Energy - Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Accumulator”,
  • The best place for orgone pyramids, cloudbusters, chembusters, orgone zappers, orgone jewelry, research, experiments, coils, orgone pendants and orgone energy. Our pyramids are made with gold, silver,Platinum Matrix Cellphone Shield, amethyst and. — “Orgone Energy :: Orgone pyramids, cloudbuster, chembuster”,
  • Orgone energy is a term coined by physician and psycho***yst Wilhelm Reich for the " Reich claimed that orgone energy was a "life energy" which filled all space, was blue in. — “”,
  • : Orgone: MP3 Downloads Killion Vaults by Orgone $7.99. 4. Orgone by Orgone $8.91. 5. Bacano by Orgone $8.99. MP3 Songs and Extras. Showing 1-50 of 129 Items. To view this content, download Flash player (version or higher) Song. — “: Orgone: MP3 Downloads”,
  • Buy orgone, Everything Else items on eBay. Find great deals on Collectibles, Home Garden items and get what you want now!. — “orgone items - Get great deals on Everything Else”,
  • This is the official website of Orgone, the Los Angeles- based Funk band. We got Tour Dates, mp3 store, cd's & vinyl for sale, photos, videos, bio, links and contact information. Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list!. — “ORGONE SPACE”,
  • A place to share orgone energy information, research, articles, discussion, and other topics in Orgonomy. Orgonomy is a science created and developed by Wilhelm Reich. — “Public Orgonomy Research Exchange (PORE)”,
  • Orgonise Africa offers widest choice of orgone products, orgonite based healing tools, orgone zappers and related items. — “Orgonise Africa - premium website for Orgonite and Orgone Zappers”, orgone-
  • Orgone, it forms the basic building blocks for the entire universe, both organic and non-organic.When you watch the sky, I'm sure you've seen the little black and white speckles - most people assume they're the 'floaters' you get in front of your. — “Orgone”,
  • Radionics machines and others including Orgone accumulator, learn how to build them online. Psionic machines to increase psychic powers and life force generators to increase human energy, downloadable ebook. — “Build Radionics Machines, Orgone accumulator, Psionic machines”,
  • Nonprofit science research & educational foundation, building upon the work & findings of the late natural scientist, Wilhelm Reich. — “Orgone Biophysical Research Lab”,
  • Orgone energy was Wilhelm Reich's term for an omnipresent, "life positive" energy he claimed to have discovered in 1939. Orgone is attracted, but then immediately re-radiated, by metallic substances. — “Orgone energy - SkepticWiki”,
  • Orgone blasters. Fight back against aliens,UFOs, the New World Order, and the Illuminati!. — “Orgone Blasters - Sherry Shriner”,
  • This biophysical theory eventually developed into the concept of orgone (a word coined from the same root as "organism" and "orgasm"): which Reich saw as a massless, omnipresent substance, similar to luminiferous aether, but more closely associated with vital, living energy than inert matter. — “Orgone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • You can wave these in the area to saturate your area immediately with a blast of Orgone Energy and Power! Orgone Water Blasting! Burn and Destroy Aliens and the coming Giants with Orgone charged. — “The Watcher Files: UFOs, Aliens, Reptilians, Secret”,

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  • Orgone Experiences & Observations & Working with Orgonite ... orgone energy orgonite wilhelm reich force etheric chemtrails reptilian 2012 crystal ascension illumination chakra enlightenment chemtrails reptilian nwo illuminati pineal
  • Hawkwind - Orgone Accumulator Hawkwind - Orgone Accumulator Please Comment and Rate Thanks for watching
  • Mobius Coil, Crystal Orgone Orgonite Mobius Coil How to Wrap a Crystal For more information on orgonite and orgone energy see my forum at Get orgonite devices at http
  • Orgone Energy Water Charger Orgone Energy Water Charger. This was an early version of the water chargers. Geoff explains how to make one. We can send a pre assembled charger sealed with Resin so none of the ingredients escape during shipping and you can charge your own water. In the very near future we will release very exciting charged water to the public at a very low cost that is charged with a new incredible charger. It will benefit humans and some animals a great deal which will be explained in upcoming video's Magnetite from Wikipedia page: Properties Magnetite is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on Earth.[4] Naturally magnetized pieces of magnetite, called lodestone, will attract small pieces of iron, and this was how ancient man first discovered the property of magnetism. Lodestone was used as an early form of magnetic compass. Magnetite typically carries the dominant magnetic signature in rocks, and so it has been a critical tool in paleomagnetism, a science important in discovering and understanding plate tectonics and as historic data for magnetohydrodynamics and other scientific fields. The relationships between magnetite and other iron-rich oxide minerals such as ilmenite, hematite, and ulvospinel have been much studied, as the complicated reactions between these minerals and oxygen influence how and when magnetite preserves records of the Earth's magnetic field. Magnetite has been very important in understanding the conditions under which rocks form and evolve ...
  • Sophisticated Honkey ORGONE live @ the nectar lounge, seattle - apr '08
  • Orgone - Hambone Download track (CDQ): Password: sn1tch
  • Color Therapy Orgone/Iris Your Prescription is in! Shifting color pulses affect the orgone iris stream.
  • Orgone Devices: How & Why Disclaimer: I'm not here to prove or deny anything. Such childish ways seems more for most politicians and their followers. I am an example, nothing more or less. So no matter how you feel about me or my work I continue evolving. Although I welcome all to join me. Especially if you would like to be an orgone engineer. Either way, it all works out in the wash. What is orgone? It has many names, like chi, ki and Life Force energy. Discovered by a great man named Wilhelm Reich decades ago, the US government attempted to destroy all knowledge of Reich and his orgone research, but the US gov. failed. What does orgone do? A properly constructed orgone device can help balance all life and things within it's operating field. Balance, being various positive effects concerning health and more. What are the effects from it? All ground/water/air pollution can be balance by being near orgone devices. Negative people and other beings either run from orgone or they can be more balance, their choice always. Since my researching orgone a so called "above the law" organization has attempted to stop me in various ways. By being more oneness one can do anything, even from harms way, and I experience this wonderful balance, which my orgone devices can help promote as well.
  • It's What You Do - ORGONE - Live in Seattle I filmed this show at Nectar Lounge in Seattle, WA. My demo is at To follow my work, become a fan on Facebook at http ORGONE can be found at
  • Orgone Energy My Orgone Energy Generators are available to buy at my website above. Here are some of my orgone energy pieces I have made. Humans are in a major crisis. Orgone energy has recently been allowed to appear in this earth matrix to help us out of this mess. The earth's crystals and gems are opening themselves to work with humans again. They want to help all of us. So many new energies are flowing to the earth at this time. There is a push more then ever to limit human beings power. But there are energies also coming now which can help us overcome all of these lower vibrational agendas. The door is open. Let us all allow ourselves to heal instead falling into this trap of physical, spiritual and psychic control. You are a free being, let no one ever let you think otherwise.
  • Orgone - Who Knows Who Funky tune from album Killion Floor (2007).
  • Orgonite. How to make your own orgone devices. Orgonite is a powerful material for dealing with any disturbed energy. It can switch off cell towers in terms of harmful radiation and it can often transform the lives of those in its presence. It is also cheap and easy to make. Here's how to make two devices - a modified "Holy Hand Grenade" or Negater and a "Tower Buster".
  • Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy http Over many years Dr. Wilhelm Reich's work and findings on the orgone energy, or life-energy, have been subjected to careful scientific scrutiny and evaluation, being verified and confirmed in their major aspects, even while his malicious critics continue to ignore or distort this record of accomplishment and discovery. This video gives a short introduction, and provides reference books and websites by which the interested viewer can obtain facts and accurate information. Comments are active, but sorry I won't approve of typical skeptic-comments, or other words which are questionably unclear, off-target, or distort or make ridicule of Reich. There's plenty of that already on internet, and those websites never allow honest facts about Reich and orgonomy to emerge.
  • How to Make an Orgonite Orgone Cloud Buster 2 Instructional on making a Croft Style Orgonite Cloudbuster. For more information on orgonite and orgone energy see my forum at Get Orgonite devices at http
  • Bun B Austin, TX with Orgone Aug.22,2008 - You're Everything Bun B Live in concert backed by the band Orgone performing "You're Everything." A Magical performance!
  • Orgone Monster Pipe Blaster_0001.wmv HOW TO CLEAN CHEMTRAILS, AIR, WATER, REPEL human, angelic, and even insect pests. (it seems to have WORKED on insects) This really is a time of war. "Woe to the earth and to the sea" All photos 1/13/2010. ORGONE even works into other dimensions making it "a weapon of war" (no not the random C-17 fly by) according to Sherry Shriner from whom I got the instructions - and "You'll sleep like a baby" with Orgone. On this day, there was a large hole in the atmosphere about 10 miles across like the eye of a hurricane with a crisp clean atmosphere and deep blue sky. Just above the Pipe Blaster there was one cloud, a Sylph formation with 2 rainbows in it. The man in the picture pointing was a salesman, he asked "what's that copper pipe in the bucket?" "Orgone, it effects the atmosphere". I told him I saw some 3 dozen rainbows in the sky in one weeks time because of it with no rain. He laughed till I showed him the pictures, he said "photo shopped", so I took him out in the back yard, sure enough, there was a rainbow colored Sylph in the sky, that's him pointing to it in astonishment so I spent the rest of the afternoon writing directions on how to make a "Monster Pipe Blaster" for his home in Lake Elsinore. (See ) The owner of this website claims you should use only her recipe "Many of the cloudbusters and Orgone pucks are ineffective or even evil, or negative Orgone as opposed to positive". If you are not getting effects like I am, try one of these and let me ...
  • Lightstones Orgone Orgone devices and jewelry, colourful and energizing
  • BLOOD & ORGONE With Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy, blood, vampirism, fear, pleasure and mystery...what more could one want in a five minute film? Transformation?
  • jupiter 2 orgone field generator An orgone field generator experiment. Cascading densities of orgonite, as well as the torus shape, significantly increase the energy output of this device. The addition of an MP3 player, instead of a frequency generator, opens the door to a universe of sound structures from Buddhist chants to whale songs and everything in between. Simply put, this device kicks ass.
  • Orgone - Funky Nassau
  • How to Make an Orgonite Orgone Towerbuster How to construct an Orgonite Towerbuster For more information on orgonite and orgone energy see my forum at Get Orgonite devices at http
  • Bob Brookmeyer SHBB 1995 "Orgone" Part2 This is a recording of Bob Brookmeyer conducting the Big Band of the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival in Germany in 1995. This band later became his "New Art Orchestra". Line up (as far as i can identify): Trumpets Thorsten Benkenstein Sebastian Strempel Torsten Maass Jörg Engels Ralf Hesse Trombones Uli Plettendorff Ansgar Striepens ? Ed Partyka (basstb) Saxes Marko Lackner ? (alto) Paul Heller Nils van Haften? (Tenor) Markus Bartelt (Baritone) Rhythm John Hollenbeck (drums) Ingmar Heller (Bass) ? (piano) Jürgen Grimm (keys)
  • Very Powerful Orgone Orbs Orgonite Charged During Curing Quick Facts About Orgonite: * Works continuously. * Turns negative energy into positive energy. * Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, ends drought. * Helps plants grow better, repel pests & require less water. * Mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation. * Disarms and repels predatory forms of life. * Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods. * Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares. * Helps awaken your innate psychic senses. Properties One ingredient from wikipedia: Magnetite is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on Earth.[4] Naturally magnetized pieces of magnetite, called lodestone, will attract small pieces of iron, and this was how ancient man first discovered the property of magnetism. Lodestone was used as an early form of magnetic compass. Magnetite typically carries the dominant magnetic signature in rocks, and so it has been a critical tool in paleomagnetism, a science important in discovering and understanding plate tectonics and as historic data for magnetohydrodynamics and other scientific fields. The relationships between magnetite and other iron-rich oxide minerals such as ilmenite, hematite, and ulvospinel have been much studied, as the complicated reactions between these minerals and oxygen influence how and when magnetite preserves records of the Earth's magnetic field. Magnetite has been very important in understanding the
  • ORGONE ENERGY PART 1 BROTHER Q Talks about Orgone energy and Orgone devices. Blogtalk radio The Remix
  • Orgone field generator experiment #1 A simple experiment using an orgone field generator on unsuspecting test subjects
  • Orgone - Cali Fever (2010)
  • Prisoners of Orgone In May 2009, Georg Ritschl and three others were arrested in Mozambique, suspected of being terrorists who were throwing corrosive substances into the Cahora Bassa dam. In fact, their mission was a peaceful one - to 'gift' the lake with orgonite, a substance said to give off positive energy and reverse the harmful mind- and weather-manipulating effects of cellphone towers. This is Georg's story.
  • Aint No Use - ORGONE - Live in Seattle I filmed this show live at Nectar Lounge in Seattle. My demo reel is at To follow my work, become a fan on Facebook at http ORGONE can be found at
  • The Truth About Orgone EXPOSED.... Brazilian Port Collapses Into the Negro River! New blast at Mount Merapi as Indonesia's deadly volcano erupts again Tons More is happening all over the world and no one is reporting it! Remember in the movie 2012 (if you haven't seen it yet you probably should).... In the movie, 60% of our modern society in the world had already been destroyed before the political leaders and the media bothered to begin warning the people. But this is not a movie, and the signs of major earth changes are already showing, real changes are occurring right NOW!...and I'm not waiting for them to warn me, my family and friends...we need to warn each other, AND THEN, initiate effective solutions to are findings. And this is where Orgone comes in... Most of the Worlds Orgone Warriors have already awakened and have been successfully bringing about TRUE balance to Nature and Life all around them...but there are still others that are reading this, Right Now that are still asleep...AWAKEN NOW! Every-one Should Have Their Orgone On Deck and Ready NOW! If not and you don't know what do, the directions and info are posted in my links on my Main Channel (and have been for some time now). The Either Energy of Orgone will balance the Earths Energy Ley Lines and help with the Earth Changing Shifts that are Occurring Right now! Everything is changing from the Political, Financial, and Social worlds, right down to our very Geo-Eco-System! The Earth is Slowly Straightening up ...
  • The Orgone Connection For more information visit A free chapter from Dragons and Rings explaining Reich's discovery of what he called 'bions' and their possible link to energy manifestations like UFOs and various other paranormal anomalies. Featuring the music of Nick Ashron, sung by Samantha McLaren from Soul Path with film and post production by Steve Mitchell.
  • How to make an Orgonite Orgone HHG How to construct an orgonite HHG.For more information on orgonite and orgone energy see my forum at Get Orgonite devices at http
  • Panacea's Orgone Meter Test For background on this technology please refer to this page: www.panacea- This test is a great MODERN independent validation of the work of Wilhelm Reich, James Demeo and Trevor Constable. All are friends to humanity and must be supported. Panacea used the orgone meter to validate the spider unit's ability to translate the life force energy. We will be doing more tests with this meter and producing an Orgone course on the Panacea University site. For news on this course please subscribe (Free) to our FREE newsletter. www.panacea-
  • - One By One We can beat extreme poverty, starvation, AIDS. But we need your help, one more letter, one more voice. We can save lives, we can start to make poverty history, one, by one, by one.
  • Message to Global Government Chemtrail vs Orgone I do not know who made this video but who ever did owns! here is the directions he says in the video to make orgone Ingredients: Clear Quartz Crystals - 1-2 inch are best so you can place one inside the coil, and I put smaller ones around it as well. The more crystals the more power. If you have smaller crystals put 2 inside the coil and one on each side of it. Metal Shavings - shredded aluminum and copper or shredded titanium and copper. About 2/3 aluminum or titanium to 1/3 copper. I add pennies at the top for an extra copper power boost. Using pre-1983 pennies are best. You can get creative here. You can get metal shavings from metal shops that sell them, or you can use bb's, or cut up steel and copper scrubbies from Walmart or the Dollar Store. The kind you clean pots and pans with etc..they're easy to find. Cut them up in 1/2 inch pieces. Copper Wire - you can get small roll packs of copper wire at the hardware store. About 18 gauge or smaller. I use 14 gauge. Cut off about 6 inches and wrap it around two fingers clockwise and make it coil. Then slide it off and set it into the center of your pan or cup. Resin - I use auto bondo fiberglass resin. It's easy to find at anyplace that sells auto parts. Even Walmart has it. You can buy a quart or a gallon. It comes with a small tube of hardner. It's easiest to mix the entire thing at one time then try to guess proper amounts of the resin/hardner to use. You can get 12 muffin pan OB's out of a quart. Don't mix the resin ...
  • Orgone pendants Orgone By Ken Adachi Editor educate- The combination of organic material (cured fiberglass resin-a hydrocarbon compound) and metal chips provides a matrix which has the capacity to attract and capture orgone energy as Wilhelm Reich's research demonstrated in the 1930's/40's and discussed in Reich's book, The Cancer Biopathy. Adding a crystal intensifies that process and allows you the opportunity to 'program' the crystal with your mind (and intentions) to direct that energy towards a specific task or goal. A developer of Radionic devices found that combining fiberglass resin with metal particles produced the orgone attractive-repulsive effect described by Wilhelm Reich and he dubbed this mixture "orgonite". I prefer to use the term "metal/resin matrix" to define the material more concisely. Carol Croft noticed that the human aura expanded when in close proximity to the metal/resin matrix and this led to the idea of adding this matrix to a Hulda Clark type zapper circuit which was termed the Terminator. I found that replacing the copper penny electrodes in the original Terminator with pure silver discs would produce much less irritation and reddening of the skin. I call my spin-off variation The Mini Silver Terminator.
  • Orgone and Wilhelm Reich Clips and Audio of Wilhelm Reich
  • Orgone Blasters Effects CLOUDBUSTER PART All photos 1/08/2010 in the 3rd to last picture there is a UFO, a crisp black dot with appendages. ....What is Orgone? It's a miraculous energy that surrounds earth seen as a blue glow from space. Quartz crystals are the most abundant precious gem in the soil, and also in heaven. (see desription of New Jeruselem etc.) The Ark of the Covenant had lot's of precious stones as do the cities in heaven described in the bible. The crystals in the earths soil are under pressure, surrounded by metalic elements and by putting these stones in epoxy resin which pressurizes them, and adding metal shavings to the resin you get the similar effect - Orgone. A coil is used, and Sherry insists the coil must wrap clockwise going up from the earth, NOT clockwise down towards it. (counter clockwise will produce negative, dead orgone which is bad) Orgone is said to be in Bible prophecy, it is illustrated by "a horse rider with a bow and no arrows" who is riding now, having no arrows means he has an "unconventional weapon". Orgone types vary, Sherries orgone is said to be "a weapon of war with a myriad of miraculous benefits" that I have been observing. It solves our unique set of current problems, (war) it makes you calm and collected, smooths human relations, purifies the atmosphere and water, helps plants grow, eliminates pests, and most important "is detrimental to fallen angelic activity", or any kind of pests, angel, human, right down to insects (which I was able to absolutely confirm) It ...
  • The Orgone Healer Energy manipulation music; Eki A"ttar -Paul Pena Franz Anton Mesmer called it animal magnetism; Charles von Reichenbach called it odyle. To Henri Bergson it was the elan vital, the "vital force;" while to Hans Driesch it was t Properties of Orgone -Energy Orgone energy, the creative force in nature, is not a form of electromagnetism nor of matter but is fundamental to both. It is the specific life energy, but life is only one particular manifestation of it. Our knowledge about it is partial and fragmentary in major respects, and is no doubt in some measure erroneous. Nevertheless, a clear and consistent picture of what orgone energy is and how it functions arises from Reich's work. The following ten properties of orgone energy were deduced by Reich. 1. It is mass free. Orgone energy itself has no inertia or weight; ie, it is mass free. This is one of the reasons it is difficult to measure using conventional techniques. Mass is, however, intimately dependent on the characteristics of the mass-free orgone energy field with which all matter is surrounded. Measurements of weight or inertia reflect the characteristics of this field as well as of the object contained in it. 2. It is present everywhere. Orgone energy fills all space. It is present in differing degrees or concentrations (or "charges") but is nowhere absent. It is present in vacua, whether within the atmosphere or in outer space. It is in this respect like the ether of pre-20th century physics. 3. It is the medium ...
  • orgone vapor jet August 16, 2008. A basic vapor jet augmented by a specifically designed orgone succor punch. The intention is to see if this process can increase gas mileage.
  • ORGONE ACCUMULATOR Hawkwind - (Wilhelm Reich Tribute)
  • How to Make an Orgonite Orgone CloudBuster 1 Instructions on making a Croft style CloudBuster For more information on orgonite and orgone energy see my forum at Get Orgonite devices at http

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  • “Orgone devices, cones, pyramids, jewelry, pendants and more. We also have an orgone experimentation blog. All orgone devices are handmade with care”
    — Uboslav's Orgone Devices and Orgone Energy Experimentation,

  • “iLike is a leading social music service that provides the most popular music app across social networks. With over 50 million users, iLike helps you share music recommendations, playlists, and get personalized concert alerts”
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  • “The white Magic, chi energy flow in our body. Energy flow in our home. Enhance orgone flow with Lightstones chi flow enhancers,unique handmade orgone devices and jewelry”
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  • “blog. Orgone.TV. Fri, 12/22/2006 - 4:57pm — Sensei. Welcome to Orgone.TV. You are invited to This will be a very effective way of communicating orgone related information”
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  • “Also I get a lot in your blog really thanks very much i will come daily. Reply. admin says: November 10, 2010 at 12:08 am. Orgone experiment with Einstein. Reich discussed orgone accumulators with Albert Einstein in 1941. On December 30, 1940,”
    — Dr. Wilhelm Reich ",

  • “Orgone chembusters are an answer to break up the chemtrails in the Orgone creates wormholes that allow for a quantum miracle to take place”
    Orgone Energy Products,

  • “Remove electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress with Orgone Energy and Schumann resonance products. Imagine your boss or staff being protected while they are at work by a Schumann & Orgone Energy Generator they got for Christmas?”
    — Orgonium Blog, Orgone Energy Blog, Schumann Resonance Blogg,

  • “Orgone Forum Index. • Spiritual Counseling • Mind Power • Numerology 8 • Dreams Dictionary • Regression Therapist. • Post your related message now. us. • Home • Forum • Blog • Photos • Directory • Article Library • Connection orgone forum • orgone forums • orgone forum • forum orgone • reiki”
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