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  • They are formed in large numbers by mitosis early in fetal life from Once the primordial germ cells have gotten to the ovary, they develop into oogonia. — “Oogonium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In the mammal, all oogonial dicisions and transformation into oocytes is completed either before or shortly after birth. Incomplete cytokinesis of the terminal oogonial divisions results in a cluster of 16 cells interconnected by cytoplasmic bridges (Fig. 3.6). — “Oogenesis”, nte-serveur.univ-lyon1.fr
  • Stated differently, the onset of oogonial meiosis and oogonial atresia is now superimposed on oogonial mitosis. follicular atresia, rather than oogonial atresia, and begins around. — “In Vitro Maturation Of Oocytes A Review Article”,
  • Oogonial stalks straight or frequently bent, curved and coiled once or many times; 12–291 (–853) µm long, sometimes branched. Oogonial production was affected by temperature. Under the three regimes, all cultures developed oogonia but mature oospores were. — “A new species of Brevilegnia (Saprolegniales, Straminipila”,
  • Suppliers and Exporters of Botanical Class Work Material for Phaeophyceae Brown Algae, Dictyota Veg, Dictyota antheridial, Dictyota oogonial, Dictyota tertrasporic, Ectocarpus plurilocular, Ectocarpus unilocular, Ectocarpus mixed stage, Fucus. — “Botanical Class Work Material for Phaeophyceae Brown Algae”, multilab.biz
  • Single division of oogonial mother cell forms swollen oogonium subtended by a supporting (suffultory) cell. Fertilization follows passage of sperm cell through pore or slit-like opening in oogonial cell wall. — “Oedogonium Link ex Hirn, 1900 :: Algaebase”,
  • Both the coconut pathogen and P. katsurae have similar morphological characteristic but the coconut pathogen has larger sporangia, less oogonial protuberances and longer, tapered, or funnel-shaped oogonial bases. This Ivory Coast Phytophthora has oogonial protuberances like the coconut pathogen in. — “Phytophthora katsurae”, extento.hawaii.edu
  • The germline-development model derives from the assumption that oogonial proliferation in the embryonic stage starts with a founding cells at t = 0 The dotted line shown during the embryonic stage emphasizes that oogonial cell counts from this period are inaccessible to reliable determination. — “Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling | Full text | On”,
  • Definition of oogonial in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of oogonial. Pronunciation of oogonial. Translations of oogonial. oogonial synonyms, oogonial antonyms. Information about oogonial in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “oogonial - definition of oogonial by the Free Online”,
  • (1971) that in the earliest stage of formation the oogonial initials of at least one Differentiation of the oogonial cytoplasm into oospheres has been investigated. — “CHAPTER 15. Ultrastructure: the ***ual Reproductive System”, people.uncw.edu
  • Clusters of what appeared to be oogonial and sporogonial stages were present deep within the epithelium (Fig. However, the size of the oocysts, the location of the oocysts in the stomach, and the presence of oogonial and sporogonial stages deep within the epithelium are consistent with C. molnari. — “Molecular and Biological Characterization of a”,
  • Results: The germline-development model derives from the assumption that oogonial FGC population size (a), as well as the rates of oogonial division and loss to apoptosis. — “Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling”,
  • solidified wall material at the end of the oogonial branch could become softened present before the oogonial initials are evident, according to Weston (1918). — “138 CHAPTER 9. Morphogenesis: The ***ual Apparatus”, ilumina-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Oogonial - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • oogonium n. , pl. , -nia , or -niums . A cell that arises from a primordial germ cell and differentiates into an oocyte in the ovary [OO- + New Latin gonium, cell (from Greek gonos, seed; see gono-).] oogonial o'o·go'ni·al (-nē-əl) adj. English. English Deutsch Español Français. — “oogonium: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of oogonial in the Medical Dictionary. oogonial explanation. Information about oogonial in Free online English dictionary. What is oogonial? Meaning of oogonial medical term. What does oogonial mean?. — “oogonial - definition of oogonial in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • oogonial cells. In each cluster the cells are joined by intercellular bridges, filled fragment of a cluster of oogonial cells. O – oogonial cells, F – fusomal material, the rims of an intercellular bridge (arrows). — “Structure of the Ovary and the Differentiation of Follicular”,
  • 3-4. Coded cage tags. 7-1. Oogonial metaphase of the mouse. 7-2. Spermatogonial metaphase Idiogram prepared from an oogonial metaphase. 7-4. Idiogram prepared from an. — “MGI - Biology of the Laboratory Mouse”,
  • oogonial (comparative more oogonial, superlative most oogonial) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/oogonial" Categories: English words suffixed with -al | English. — “oogonial - Wiktionary”,
  • Oolite definition, a limestone composed of minute rounded concretions resembling fish roe, in some places altered to ironstone by replacement with iron oxide. See more. oogonial. — “Oolite | Define Oolite at ”,
  • Clusters of what appeared to be oogonial and sporogonial stages were present deep within the epithelium (Fig. The wide zones of epithelium invaded by oogonial and sporogonial stages appeared necrotic, with abundant cell debris and. — “Una Ryan 2004 3761”,
  • From this point on, the oogonial endowment is subject to three simultaneous ongoing processes: mitosis, meiosis, and atresia (degeneration) temporary protection from oogonial atresia, thereby allowing the. — “Human Reproduction, Lectures: Ovarian Life Cycle”, library.med.utah.edu
  • Science question: What is oogenesis? Answer Oogenesis or rarely oögenesis is the creation of an ovum (egg cell). In mammals, oogenesis occurs in the ovarian follicle of the ovary. Oogonial transformation. — “ - What is oogenesis”,
  • Encyclopedia , Medical Terms , oogonial ,thai health news , articles and shopping. — “Health News ,Beauty , articles , Shop >> Encyclopedia”,
  • Oogonial Stem Cells. It has long been thought that mammalian females possess a non-renewing population of germ Oogonial stem cells, despite controversy about their existence in adults, are thought to. — “Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences | Stem Cell Research”, njms.umdnj.edu

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  • “Directed away from the stem of a plant; pertaining to the lower surface of a leaf. fungi: Having an antheridium through which the oogonial initial grows”
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