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  • Containing Philosophy in general, Metaphysicks or Ontology, Dynamilogy or a Discourse of Power, Religio ontology (plural ontologies) (uncountable, philosophy) The branch of metaphysics that addresses the nature or essential characteristics of being and of things that exist; the study of being. — “ontology - Wiktionary”,
  • For the concept in information science, see Ontology (information science). Not to be confused with the medical concepts of Oncology and Odontology. Ontology (from the Greek ὄν, genitive ὄντος: "of being" (neuter participle of εἶναι: "to. — “Ontology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Translations of ontology. ontology synonyms, ontology antonyms. Information about ontology in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. ontology - (computer science) a rigorous and exhaustive organization of some knowledge domain that is usually hierarchical and contains all the. — “ontology - definition of ontology by the Free Online”,
  • 1 Why develop an ontology? In recent years the development of ontologies—explicit formal specifications of the terms in the domain and relations among them (Gruber 1993)—has been moving from the realm of Artificial-Intelligence laboratories to the desktops of domain experts. — “What is an ontology and why we need it”, protege.stanford.edu
  • Ontology from a philosophical perspective: its history in connection with metaphysics and logic, pages on Ontologists with abstracts, bibliographies. — “Ontology. Its Theory and History from a Philosophical Perspective”, ontology.co
  • Ontology is a major branch of philosophy and a central part of metaphysics that studies questions of being or existence. The term "ontology" is, however, a modern coinage by Jacob Lorhard (Lorhardus) (1591. — “Ontology - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • In this section I will give a general introduction to the the Jena2 ontology API. I also won't be explaining the OWL or RDFS ontology languages in much detail in this document. — “The Jena Ontology API”,
  • The purpose of this article is to describe and explain an ontology and how, as a type of We will explain how ontology-based information structures facilitate the transfer of. — “Ontology”, e-
  • The term "Ontology" has been introduced to the information sciences and research researchers adopted the term "Ontology" mainly to describe what they though would be. — “Ontology”,
  • The Air Traffic Services (aviation) Ontology, part of a larger knowledge management program by the FAA. The BRICO Ontology - combines WordNet, Roget's Thesaurus, and the top-level of the Cyc ontology (MIT Media Lab). — “KBS/Ontology Projects Worldwide”, cs.utexas.edu
  • The development of the ontology server falls within the DOGMA research framework, for further information please click the link. At the moment, we are still experimenting with the base model, and an early (and incomplete) version of ontology server is being implemented. — “Ontology Server research”, starlab.vub.ac.be
  • Ontology Systems is radically simplifying the way in which service providers (ISPs, CSPs and MSPs) manage and understand their operational systems. Ontology's OSS/CAD is at the forefront of applying ontologies and semantics to deliver a. — “Ontology Systems unifies BSS/OSS systems for Convergent Fixed”,
  • ontology4.us:2010-11-19: Welcome to Ontology4 This website deals with ontologies and systems for the creation of ontologies. Ontology4 by itself is such as system. It enhances traditional ontology systems by a number of new concepts like. — “Ontology 4 Next Generation Ontology System”, ontology4.us
  • Ontology definition, the branch of metaphysics that studies the nature of existence or being as such. See more. — “Ontology | Define Ontology at ”,
  • Music Ontology Wiki. Examples, datasets, working drafts. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This copyright applies to the Music Ontology Specification and accompanying documentation and does not apply to Music Ontology data formats, ontology terms, or technology. — “Music Ontology Specification”,
  • updated definition of Ontology for Computer Science by Tom Gruber, with historical background and theoretical grounding. — “Ontology (Computer Science) - definition in Encyclopedia of”,
  • Ontology' is often used by philosophers as a synonym of. metaphysics' (a label meaning literally: what comes after the Physics'), a term used by early students of Aristotle. to refer to what Aristotle himself called first philosophy'. Sometimes ontology' is used in a broader sense, to refer. — “Ontology”, ontology.buffalo.edu
  • Logic and Ontology. First published Mon Oct 4, 2004; substantive revision Wed Oct 13, 2004 Both logic and ontology are diverse fields within philosophy, and partly because of this there is not one single philosophical. — “Logic and Ontology (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)”, plato.stanford.edu
  • In the context of knowledge sharing, I use the term ontology to mean a specification of a conceptualization. This definition is consistent with the usage of ontology as set-of-concept-definitions, but more general. — “What is an Ontology?”, www-ksl.stanford.edu
  • Large ontologies often use a mixture of definitional methods: formal axioms and The ontology presented on this web site is based on the book. — “Ontology”,
  • ontology n. The branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being. ontologist ontol ' ogist. — “ontology: Definition from ”,
  • 4 Ontology languages. 5 See also: As core glossary. A foundation ontology is a core glossary in whose terms everything else must be described, like the 2000 words of English required by Longman's dictionary to define the 4000 most common English idioms. — “Ontology (computer science) - Definition”,

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  • Response to npage85 and TheoreticalBull*** on Evolution/Ontology - Part 1 Video response to: Part 2: Scott (TheoreticalBull***) - npage85 - Massive amount of evidence for whale evolution:
  • Solving OGC URNs at the MMI Ontology Registry Presentation given by Luis Bermudez at the OGC TC Meeting, MIT, Cambridge, Boston, June 24, 2009
  • Ontology of Consciousness 1 of 3 Ontology of Consciousness Part 1 of 3 by David Bruce Hughes "This is an old PowerPoint presentation I did for the now-defunct eMystics site. All this material is now at http It is a good intro to ontology and consciousness. Most of the information in the last two slides is obsolete, but the rest is still quite good. This will become part of our Esoteric Teaching University of Higher Knowledge courses."
  • 1.5 What Is Ontology? Joel Kimmel describes the definition of Ontology and the role assessments play in determining one's being in the world.
  • Ontology of Consciousness 3 of 3 Ontology of Consciousness Part 3 of 3 by David Bruce Hughes "This is an old PowerPoint presentation I did for the now-defunct eMystics site. All this material is now at http It is a good intro to ontology and consciousness. Most of the information in the last two slides is obsolete, but the rest is still quite good. This will become part of our Esoteric Teaching University of Higher Knowledge courses."
  • The Ontology of (side)walks. Isn't your bum tired of sitting? "The energetic connection with the surroundings was immense; an incredible exchange on all levels was constantly taking place. It is within the context of this immenseness that our words, our rationality, our technical pragmatics seem so narrow, so very small. Far from being primitive, these were people enjoying and interested in preserving immenseness. This is no idealism. A concrete experience in nature can demonstrate the incredible power of the outdoors. One may engage in an intense, strenuous experience with others for a few hours (a night hike or some such) and then afterwards meander about in total silence, gesturing at most, exploring movement, smells, and impulses. This will give a taste of how rich it all is. This is what we have lost in our narrow obsessiveness with technicality. What Zen practitioners strive for a lifetime for, our ancestors had by birthright. Sure, they didnt know how to make a waterwheel or how to harness electricity; they didnt want to: they had better things to do! It is even remotely conceivable that they did know of these things, in potential form at least, but saw them as trivial to the process of life." -John Landau: Wildflowers: A Bouquet of Theses (1998) Birds chirp.
  • Dr. Hortense Spillers - Toward an ontology: Black women and the republic As part of the panel discussion "What does it mean to be a black woman who reads books for a living in the 21st century?", Dr. Hortense Spillers gives her talk titled "Toward an ontology: Black women and the republic". Presented at the Black Women in the Ivory Tower Conference on March 5th, 2009 in Trayes Hall at Rutgers University.
  • Begin with Ontology, Please This is a response to a recent comment that epistemology comes before ontology, to which I poetically disagree. I thank Electronic Phone for the following link webcast.berkeley.edu
  • The Meaning of Ontology (Heidegger & Sartre) see & I thank Electronic Phone for the following link webcast.berkeley.edu
  • Ontology A brief description of the Cheng Hsin Ontology work.
  • Re: Ontological Paradox Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Satellite Image Retrieval Based On Ontology Merging Satellite Image Retrieval Based On Ontology Merging Imed Riadh Farah1, 2, Wassim Messaoudi1,2, Karim saheb ettabâa1, 2 and Basel Solaiman2 1Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique Arabisée et Documentique Intégrée (RIAD.I), Ecole Nationale des Sciences de lInformatique. Campus Universitaire de Manouba, 2010 Manouba, Tunis, Tunisie 2ENST-Bretagne, laboratoire ITI Technopôle Brest Iroise CS 83818, 29238 Brest Cedex France Abstract With the rapid development of remote sensing platform and sensor technique, the amount of satellite images has frequently increased. In order to ***yze, manage and retrieve spatial information, several techniques are used to improve the quality of retrieval systems and to perform semantic in the retrieval process. In this paper, we propose an ontology-based approach for semantic retrieving of satellite images, describing the semantic content image and managing uncertain information. The proposed system is composed of three modules: ontological modeling of scene, ontological models merging and semantic retrieval. The first module, describes the semantic image content by an ontological model based on sensor model, scene model and spatial relations model. The second module develops a reliable ontological model of the satellite scene for merging incompletes models and managing uncertain information and conflict situations. The third module retrieves similar satellite images basing on their ontological models retrieves similar satellites images based ...
  • Transcendental Ontology The Esoteric Teaching is open-source spirituality. What does this mean? The source code and algorithms of proprietary software are kept secret so that the developer can derive maximum financial gain from its exploitation. Open-source software projects like Linux and Firefox publish their source code so that other developers can learn from, improve and validate their functions. Here, the objective is not maximum profit, but maximum usefulness and benefit to the public good. Similarly, the Esoteric Teaching is also software software for your mind. The Esoteric Teaching is an ontology that tremendously expands and enriches the meaning of existence. When you enhance your ontology with the Esoteric Teaching, suddenly a great many things that formerly seemed random or senseless, seem orderly and make sense. A great many experiences that you previously missed now become available to your consciousness. The ontological knowledge of the Esoteric Teaching expands your consciousness, in every meaning of the term. The Esoteric Teaching is the science of consciousness, because it gives the background information one needs to experience oneself as a spiritual entity. Everyone has spiritual experiences all the time; but without a spiritual ontology, you miss them, because they will be meaningless. By giving meaning to spiritual experiences, the Esoteric Teaching helps you register them and bring them into consciousness in an orderly way. The original source code of ...
  • AllegroGraph SPARQL for Diverse Ontologies There are two well known technical issues when reasoning with ontologies that contain hundreds of thousands of classes/subclasses and where change happens frequently. The first problem, materializing type information, takes far too much time. In some triple stores, materialization takes almost as long as loading the data. Once an ontology changes, the entire materialization process has to start over. The second problem, optimizing a SPARQL engine for a reasoning triple store, is more challenging than just using SPARQL as a retrieval language. In a non-reasoning SPARQL engine, optimizing is relatively straightforward, applying the right hash and sort joins once given the statistics of the database when it reorders appropriately. However, when SPARQL is used on top of a reasoner, suddenly additional considerations are required. In practice, you only know the statistics of each clause after you have done the reasoning. This video discusses a new solution that mitigates or nearly solves both problems. We will discuss some indexing techniques that do not require materialization and we will cover how an ordinary backtracking technique can be very fast with the right reordering.
  • What is God? What is the ontology of the "god" believers talk about? I've yet to see any believer present a positive, coherent ontology for "god." Links to the videos in Eightfootmanchild's excellent series on this: My series following up on this video:
  • Introduction to Biomedical Ontologies #2: Anatomy of an Ontology Annotation, part 1 Even if you know something about biomedical ontologies, you might have wondered where the ontology "annotations" (that is, the assignments of ontology terms to genes, proteins, QTLs, animal strains, and so forth) come from. How are terms assigned to data objects? What are the assignments based on? And is there a way to tell just by looking at an annotation what kind of evidence it's based on? This video is the first of a pair of companion tutorials that answer these questions. Part 1 gives a general overview of how ontology annotations are assigned to data objects and how you can tell what kind of data there is to justify a particular assignment. Part 2 will delve into more detail about the variety of specific information you can find in an ontology annotation.
  • VGM - Kichikuou Rance (Ontology) Track: Ontology Game: Kichikuou Rance Year: 1996 Composer: Shade
  • Ontology of Consciousness This is an old PowerPoint presentation I did for the now-defunct eMystics site. All this material is now at http It is a good intro to ontology and consciousness. Most of the information in the last two slides is obsolete, but the rest is still quite good. This will become part of our Esoteric Teaching University of Higher Knowledge courses.
  • Introduction to Biomedical Ontologies #1: What is an Ontology? While reading an article or looking at a website, have you ever seen the term ontology and wondered what that meant? Do you hear people talking about using ontologies and ask yourself what the hubbub is about? This video is designed to help answer those questions. Here is a beginners look at what an ontology is and why ontologies are an important tool in the scientists toolbox.
  • New Right - Jonathan Bowden - Heidegger & Death's Ontology 1 6th New Right Meeting, London, England. Jonathan Bowden speaks on 'Martin Heidegger & Death's Ontology'.
  • Berit Brogaard: Making Sense of Ontological Commitment Part 2 Making Sense of Ontological Commitment Berit Brogaard (Missouri/ANU) Abstract: According to Quine, a sentence S commits us to Fs just in case there must be Fs in order for S to be true. I argue that this and related criteria of ontological commitment are inadequate, as they trivialize the notion of ontological commitment. I then offer a different criterion of ontological commitment in terms of what we are rationally required to believe. This alternative criterion is in line with characterizations of ontological commitment offered by Quine in central works. If, however, this alternative criterion is correct, then a rather surprising consequence follows: ontological commitment is not a relation between a sentence and an object or a class of objects but is rather a relation between an intentional act and a hyperintension. The paper that grew out of this talk can be read at
  • Tr3 Ontology Viewer Prototype This is prototype of a Tr3 Ontology viewer. The application that the ontology is representing is a tablet controlled visual music synth called Sky.
  • How to create an OWL ontology using the OMG UML Profile for OWL with the TwoUse Toolkit In this video we show how to create a simple OWL ontology using the OMG UML Profile for OWL with the TwoUse Toolkit.
  • Generating and Querying Semantic Metadata and Ontologies Google Tech Talks June 21, 2007 ABSTRACT Semantic technologies aim at providing machine interpretable descriptions of information and services. Ontologies and related metadata provide the technological backbone for these semantic technologies that gain more and more relevance also in commercial settings, for example for information integration, search and retrieval. The talk will discuss various recent developments in the area of ontology and metadata management. As a starting point we present Semantic Mediawiki - an extension of the well-established Mediawiki platform that runs Wikipedia - for the large-scale collaborative generation of semantic metadata. We also show how simple semantic...
  • Re: logic and ontology Martin Buber
  • Ontology of Consciousness 2 of 3 Ontology of Consciousness Part 2 of 3 by David Bruce Hughes "This is an old PowerPoint presentation I did for the now-defunct eMystics site. All this material is now at http It is a good intro to ontology and consciousness. Most of the information in the last two slides is obsolete, but the rest is still quite good. This will become part of our Esoteric Teaching University of Higher Knowledge courses."
  • Re: Aphasia, Ontology, and Beetles, Oh My! Video Cam Direct Upload Re:
  • Introduction to Ontological Coaching Introduction to Ontological Coaching
  • Dimensions of Ontology The other day we spoke about the three levels or phases of realization in the Esoteric Teaching Bhagavan, or the impersonal effulgence of God; Paramatma, or the indwelling Supersoul, Witness and Friend in the heart; and Bhagavan, or the Supreme Personality of Godhead. vadanti tat tattva-vidas tattvam yaj jnanam advayam brahmeti paramatmeti bhagavan iti sabdyate Learned transcendentalists who know the Absolute Truth call this non-dual substance Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan. [Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.11] All three levels of realization are simply different views of the same non-dual transcendental object, namely the Supreme Personality of Godhead; but only the Bhagavan-realized devotees see Him as He is. Others have only partial realization depending on their consciousness. Remember from our discussion of ontology that the quality of our ontology determines our consciousness. An ontology, in this sense, is a large collection of stories, facts and observations about how the world works. Everyone has an ontology, but our ontology can be of greater or lesser quality, depending on the sources of information we use to compile our stories about the world. So now we can understand that the quality of our ontology determines how we experience God. A person with a materialistic ontology sees God as death; or at best, as a supplier of material benefits. This is zero-dimensional view of God, and we can compare it to a point. A person with Brahman realization sees ...
  • Gorilla Ontology REVOLUTION IN THE REVOLUTION IN THE REVOLUTION By Gary Snyder (the poet of Deep Ecology) The country surrounds the city The back country surrounds the country "From the masses to the masses" the most Revolutionary consciousness is to be found Among the most ruthlessly exploited classes: Animals, trees, water, air, grasses We must pass through the stage of the "Dictatorship of the Unconscious" before we can Hope for the withering-away of the states And finally arrive at true Communionism === If the capitalists and imperialists are the exploiters, the masses are the workers. and the party is the communist. If civilization is the exploiter, the masses is nature. and the party is the poets. If the abstract rational intellect is the exploiter, the masses is the unconscious. and the party is the yogins. & POWER comes out of the seed-syllables of mantras. PS Josh (Beardedyoungman), I added the books for you.
  • Ontology A few minutes with philosophy. Basically: existence is a spectralmalistic property. uhh...yeah. Kindof out there, but it makes sense to me *** This video is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike. (Applies only to original content created by me.) *** Previous Video: Hayao Miyazaki Primer - Next Video: Friends and Family -
  • Ontology Nick Lyons - alto sax Lorenzo Sanguedolce - tenor sax Adam Caine - guitar Adam Lane - bass John Wagner - drums A performance of Connie Crothers's tune, "Ontology." Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY. More info: www.caine.tv
  • Picksburgh! - Ontology Connie Crothers' masterpiece as played by Niklas Fite, guitar; Andy Fite, guitar; Kenji Rabson, bass; and Sebastian Voegler, drums. Live at Tellus in Stockholm, Feb. 13, 2010.
  • "Ontology, Scale, and Time: Inferring the Origins of Andean Religion and its Practice" Watch video of the annual Howard Harrod Lecture and the Center for the Study of Religion and Culture Spring Lecture with Distinguished Professor of Anthropology Tom D. Dillehay. The April 20 lecture, titled "Ontology, Scale, and Time: Inferring the Origins of Andean Religion and its Practice," addresses the question of how the origins of religious and ideological practices in ancient civilizations without writing systems are studied and inferred. The empirical and ontological bases of inferred religious and ritual practices are discussed primarily for the Andean region and related to death and funerals, political organization, and kinship geographies. Dr. Dillehay also considers the different scales of empirical and temporal evidence required to approach this topic. Tom D. Dillehay is Distinguished Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Vanderbilt and Professor Extraordinaire and Honorary Doctorate at the Universidad Austral de Chile.
  • The Primacy of Ontology also cf:
  • Ontology -Piano Version- Sengoku Rance's Ontlogy -Piano Version- Ripped from Nico Nico Douga
  • Twine Version 2.0 Ontology Editor Preview Captured by RadarNetworks
  • Introduction to Biomedical Ontologies #3: Anatomy of an Ontology Annotation, part 2 Are you missing the added value that you could be getting from ontology annotations? You know what ontologies are—maybe you've even used them on occasion. But if the only part of an ontology annotation that you take into account is the term itself, you could be skipping over valuable information that the other components of annotations supply. This video will give you insight into what that "valuable information" is and how to interpret what you see when you examine ontology annotations.
  • ontology key management model theoretical this slide-show describes a new methode for companies to ontology dimension
  • Re: The Primacy of Ontology response to professoranton
  • Ontological Determinism or Quantum Dualism 1/3 The USA has been used as an adjunct for the NWO system, a bulldog, a vehicle for neocolonialism. In this regard a clever agenda of ruining the reputation of the nation-state concept of the US in the minds of the people, the world over, has been cultivated. As we see the preconditions for WW3 being engineered around us, as we avoid the peril of a centralized world government created by a culture of global corporatism and race to the bottom - we must hold our ground and lock horns with the wreck of fate, we must be equal to our times. We must realize the only race we can win is one we create for ourselves, a race to the top for everyone and a free humanity. As we dismantle the NWO system culturally the world over we must forge new friendships and stabilize a cellular world through technical advancement as a species. We must come to view the fate of every person as our own fate. The only way forward for us now is straight through the enemy lines, we must fall, ideologically speaking, into a sort of wedge formation and charge the enemy ranks. Toward a free humanity my friends, another world is possible. Ontological Determinism Your Dreams live in the house I built Before my birth the roof-beam raised High on sense, ere thou be self-killed Beheld the dawn, confused and dazed. The ancient game within Id mastered how to win A pro at unknown sin: Lord of a crystal palace - razed. In times forgotten I laid bare The route of conquest to the brave Set forth the mean with measured ...
  • Basic Question of Philosophy: Ontology, Epistemology, Ideology, Axiology & Social Change -- Rey Ty Fundamental Question of Philosophy: Ontology, Epistemology Gnoseology Gnosiology Paradigm, Ideology, Axiology, Education and Social Change Rey Ty historical dialectical dialectics materialism Karl Marx Fredrich Engels Lenin Mao Zedong Tse Tung Paulo Freire ontology epistemology theory of knowledge paradigm perspective perspectives social being consciousness transformation change axiology ideology matter Hegel critical theory, Matter, Consciousness Marxism

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  • “Paul Haley, no doubt somewhat bemused that his old company (still using his name) is now under the Oracle banner, presented his proposal for the development of”
    — Business Rules Forum 2008: Upper Ontology for Events,

  • “Interdisciplinary Ontology Forum in Japan. Last-modified: 2008-10-06 (Mon) 07:02:49 (775d) Interdisciplinary Ontology Forum in Japan † (Nov 29-30, Keio”
    — Interdisciplinary Ontology Forum in Japan - Interdiciplinary, abelard.flet.keio.ac.jp

  • “blog. social. information architecture & PhD research in Toronto. view my cv. Quinn DuPont studies textual communication in cross-over disciplines such as metaphysics, tagged epistemology, espionage, information architecture, ontology, topology in Web, information theory, philosophy. This work is”
    — blog - textual metanoia,

  • “We are introducing an updated, and more efficient, architecture to develop open source ontologies such as The Bibliographic Ontology. properties to annotate the BIBO classes and properties to help us to edit and comment on the ontology”
    — The Next Bibliographic Ontology: OWL at Frederick Giasson's,

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  • “hakia Unveils Commercial Ontology Jul.27, 2009 in FeedNews hakia is unveiling their new hakia blog to explain. [ ] hakia Unveils Commercial Ontology Says:”
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  • “For more on his ontology you can check out his blog. Comments (0) . 24. August Semantic Web, Collaboration. Hak Lae has launched his SCOT ontology and his int.ere.st”
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  • “Ontology has its origin in philosophy, and since then it has played a vital role inthe realm of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Linguistics and Logic. But recent”
    Ontology Design for Information Systems - SYSLAB, syslab.dsv.su.se

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