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  • Open source travel guide to Ontario, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more. Free and reliable advice written by Wikitravellers from around the globe. — “Ontario travel guide - Wikitravel”,
  • Ontario. A lake between Ontario province and New York State. A province in eastern Canada that has Toronto as its capital. A city Lake between Ontario province and New York State. Chinese: Mandarin: 安大略 cmn(cmn) (Āndàlüè). — “Ontario - Wiktionary”,
  • Most of Ontario's borders with the United States are natural, starting at the Lake of the Southern Ontario is further sub-divided into four regions; Southwestern Ontario (parts of which were formerly referred to as Western Ontario), Golden Horseshoe, Central Ontario (although not actually the. — “Ontario”,
  • Online Today Internet Services. — “Online Today”,
  • ONT is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Motorists waiting for arriving passengers can avoid making a series of loops past the terminals and around airport roadways by waiting in a 100-space Cell Phone Waiting Lot, free of charge, located at 1940 E. Moore Way. For directions. — “LAWA - LA/Ontario”,
  • Definition of Ont. in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Ont.. Pronunciation of Ont.. Translations of Ont.. Ont. synonyms, Ont. antonyms. Information about Ont. in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Ont. - definition of Ont. by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Ontario ( ) ( Abbr. ON or Ont. ) A province of east-central Canada. It joined the confederation in 1867 ON or Ont.) A province of east-central Canada. It joined the confederation in 1867. First visited by French explorers in the early 1600s, it passed to the British in 1763 and became part of. — “Ontario: Definition from ”,
  • Ontario tourism and travel information such as accommodation, festivals, transport, maps, activities and attractions in Ontario, Canada - Lonely Planet. — “Ontario Travel Information and Travel Guide - Canada - Lonely”,
  • Ontario definition, a province in S Canada, bordering on the Great Lakes. Lake, a lake between the NE United States and S Canada, between new york and Ontario province: the smallest of the Great Lakes. — “Ontario | Define Ontario at ”,
  • City of Ontario California Official Web Site Ontario Residents can save on prescription drugs with our new Prescription Discount Card. — “City of Ontario”, ci.ontario.ca.us
  • Ontario City Hall is located at 444 S.W. 4th Street, Ontario, OR 97914. Lions Park located across from St. Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario and Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. — “City of Ontario, Oregon”,
  • Ontario, Oregon detailed profile Races in Ontario detailed stats: ancestries, foreign born residents, place of birth. Dec. 2009 cost of living index in Ontario: 88.2 (less than. — “Ontario, Oregon (OR 97914) profile: population, maps, real”, city-
  • Ontario is Canada's most populous, richest and second-largest province; it stretches from Middle Island in Lake Erie in the south (41° 40' N lat), Canada's southernmost point, to the Manitoba-Ontario border on Hudson. — “Ontario - The Canadian Encyclopedia”,
  • The province is named after Lake Ontario, which is thought to have been derived from Southern Ontario is further sub-divided into four regions; Central Ontario (although not actually the province's geographic centre), Eastern Ontario, Golden Horseshoe and Southwestern Ontario (parts of which. — “Ontario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find Ontario, California hotels and motels -- reserve online for your next trip. — “Ontario, California CA - Motels, Hotels, Inns, Lodging”,
  • The official website of the Government of the Province of Ontario, Canada. Le site Web autorisé du gouvernement de l'Ontario, Canada. — “Government of Ontario, Canada / Gouvernement de l'Ontario, Canada”, ontario.ca
  • Official Ontario tourism site features online and downloadable information on touring, cruising, fishing, outdoor adventure, cities, and events in the province. — “Ontario Canada - More to Discover”,
  • Official site provides departments, elected officials, services, economic development details, employment opportunities, and related links. The County of Ontario is located 8 miles from Rochester in the heart of upstate New York. — “Ontario County”, co.ontario.ny.us
  • Check Ontario Airport (ONT) airport delay status, ONT flight arrivals and ONT flight departures with FlightView's ONT flight tracker and ONT airport tracker tools. — “FlightView (ONT) Ontario Flight Tracker & Airport Delays”,
  • Interactive guide to Ontario with a full-screen map, videos and photos. Information on Ontario sights, flights, hotels and more. — “Ontario Travel Guide - Ontario Interactive Map - iGuide”, iguide.travel

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  • air crash investigation Snowbound (Air Ontario Flight 1363) part 2 Durign harsh winter conditions in Dryden, Ontario, a passenger plane crashes into trees 962 metres beyond the end of the runway moments after takeoff. Three years later, this scenario repeats itself with the identical aircraft model on a USAir flight, as it plunges into Flushing Bay upon takeoff from LaGuardia Airport. Poor safety practices, a design flaw with the wings of the Fokker F28, and ineffective de-icing mechanisms lead to ice buildup on the wings of the aircraft in each incident, causing both aircraft to crash.
  • Ontario SP5: "Big Blade Mojo" by Nutnfancy Mojo indeed. This big 10" bladed Ontario Spec Plus Model 5 (SP) shows great promise for your wilderness and defensive needs. Forget CQB, this is a "FQB" (Faraway Quarter Battle") knife; long enough for some stand off capability and high levels of intimidation (and capability!). The long blade with its longer moment arm can produce high velocity cuts. But the SP5 will have equal or better prowess in the woods as a survival blade. It's 1/4" thick epoxy-coated, well-shaped Bowie style clip blade is made of flat ground (love that) 1095 steel and looks to be a good chopper, splitter, and all-around cutting tool. ). The 1095 steel will have to be cared for to prevent rust in high moisture climes but should offer good edge holding and toughness. Its Kraton polymer (called Gnvory®) handle is adequately long, not overly sticky, and will be comfortable during impact-inducing strikes. A deep bottom finger quillon should prevent forward hand slippage. The flat grind should baton well through wood well. The big blade is carried in another Cordura-leather design that seems tough and durable but lacks quick attachment capability (std for this price point). If all this sounds like a lot of knife it is but the amazing part is you can get the Ontario SP5, at least NOW, for under $50. This is the advantage of an overseas-produced knife that is the product of good quality control. The SP5 would be a suitable deployment blade for soldiers, adventurous civilians, or any Good Guy needing the ...
  • Les Stroud-Winter in Ontario 3/5 shop.lesstroud.ca In 2001 Stroud produced two one-hour specials for the science news show @discovery.ca. These segments follow the same format as Survivorman with Stroud filming his own survival in the wilderness. They were originally broadcast as daily segments over the course of one week but were repackaged as two one-hour specials titled Stranded.[2] The popularity of these pilots spawned the show Survivorman. Stroud teamed up with producer Dave Brady to produce 10 episodes of the show which began airing in 2004.[2]
  • No Use For A Name - Ontario From their newest album - The Feel Good Record Of The Year
  • air crash investigation Snowbound (Air Ontario Flight 1363) part 1 Durign harsh winter conditions in Dryden, Ontario, a passenger plane crashes into trees 962 metres beyond the end of the runway moments after takeoff. Three years later, this scenario repeats itself with the identical aircraft model on a USAir flight, as it plunges into Flushing Bay upon takeoff from LaGuardia Airport. Poor safety practices, a design flaw with the wings of the Fokker F28, and ineffective de-icing mechanisms lead to ice buildup on the wings of the aircraft in each incident, causing both aircraft to crash.
  • Bon Cop Bad Cop -- Ontario/Quebec film clip from Bon Cop Bad Cop
  • Pathfinder Mods to the Ontario Machete and Sheath The Pathfinder School http
  • Exploring Windsor, Ontario: Waterfront with Great View of Detroit & Sculpture Garden After a good nights sleep at Argyle Manor B&B in Windsor I woke up early on October 17, 2008 to interview my hosts, Dr. Paul and Kerri Thomas. I found out that Dr. Paul Thomas is a retired university professor in human kinetics and a renowned expert in ergonomics. Both he and his wife have been involved in competitive sports for many years and Dr. Thomas still coaches basketball at a local private high school and his children are actively involved in high level sports. Breakfast was fabulous and included a fruit salad, freshly baked muffins made from self-rising flour and ice cream (the flavour was double-churned strawberry) as well as a garbage bag omelette (omelette ingredients that are placed in a clear plastic bag and boiled in hot water). I had a couple of hours before my planned border crossing to Detroit, so I took a walk in the surrounding Walkerville area, a historic neighbourhood that was developed by Hiram Walker, the distillery owner of Canadian Club Whiskey fame. The distillery began operations in 1856 and Walkerville was originally a housing development for workers at his distillery. It also featured a number of upscale mansions for managers at Hiram Walker. The workers townhouses were built from 1858 onwards and are still in great shape today. My stroll in the neighbourhood continued to Willistead Manor, the original mansion of the Walker family that today is a city park. The mansion was built between 1904 and 1906 and was designed by renowned Detroit ...
  • ARREOLA vs ADAMEK (Press Conference Ontario, California 2/19/2010 720p HD Pictures) TWITTER: bit.ly FACEBOOK BOXING COMMUNITY: on.fb.me RING OF FIRE press conference HD pictures brought to you by GOOSSEN TUTOR The Boxing Master & Bluemercury (The Sanctioning Body) Also by polish news editor, check out his ^^facebook As Johnny Cash's 'ring of fire' filled the meeting room, and while photogrphers from Ring Magazine set up their equipment. While Dan Goossen greeted eveyone, ran up and down the room with his son Craig to make sure evey last detail was correct. Me, and my younger brother stood in awe. Max Kellerman, Libertador Andrade, and a host of many recognizable faces began to surround us. Then at 1:00 pm the music stopped, and the flashes started, both men were introduced, and both walked to the stage gleaming with confidence knowing who they both were. Both athleats were in very rare form, Adamek sat serious, and stern while a slimed down Christobal Arreola looked at the press as if he were waiting to be questioned about his weight. Dan Goossen gave us a quick run down of the card then both men had a chance to speak. Adamek "I fight Chris for the fans, they don't want to see a boring fight of punch, and hold...THEY WANT TO SEE A WAR!" Arreola first thanked Tiger Woods for comng clean then said "I love to fight, I love to punch, and get punched. There is going to be alot of action in this fight." Here are the pictures from the presser, all pictures taken by The Boxing Master, and edited by me.
  • London Ontario Snow Storm We got a little snow on December 8th... Enjoy! Video by Cameron Tree Man: Tom
  • HMS Ontario Shipwreck Video of the HMS Ontario sunk in 1780 in lake Ontario. The ship was found by Dan Scoville and Jim Kennard in June 2008. Read more:
  • Ontario White-Out Leaves Motorists Stranded Overnight in 5 Feet of Snow They have termed this massive snowfall 'Lake Effect Snow'. I call it directional! Canada and The Great Lakes area suffer huge amounts of snowfall. - Motorists stranded on motorways for 24 hours in sub-zero temperatures. 'The distribution of snowfall in the Great Lakes region resulting from lake-effect snowfall is dependent upon several factors: the position of the storm tracks, the degree and variations in lake water temperatures, the extent of ice coverage, prevailing wind directions and the frequency of strong wind speeds. Topographic contrasts to the lee of each of the Great Lakes also affect the intensity and spatial distribution of lake effect snowfall. Lake effect snowfall contributes between 30% and 50% of the annual winter snowfall on the eastern and southern shores of the Great Lakes'. - Snow Report: Ontario - The Weather Network CNN - Twitter - DIGG - Fark - Buzz -Delicious - Google - Stumbleupon - - CNN-ireporter - SKY-News Latest News - Breaking News - International News - - "Hot Topics" -
  • Ontario its Pioneers The Pioneers of Ontario when they settled Canada as seen through the eyes of the Native Peoples of Canada Shot on location Westfield Heritage Village Rocton Ontario Canada
  • Bigfoot Sasquatch Ontario Sightings Sasquatch Ontario sightings up north have become more common in the past few years. Is there a Bigfoot that will be captured in Canada's North. Snelgrove Lake has some very interesting findings. Ontario Bigfoot - Sasquatch Sightings - Snelgrove Canada For More Facts and Videos visit us @ www.fortfrances.tv
  • Toronto - Capital of Province of Ontario, Canada Toronto is both the political capital of Ontario, and the commercial capital of the province, as well as being the largest city in Canada. It is to Canada what New York is to the United States, with a population of nearly 4 million people. Designated by the United Nations as "one of the world's most multicultural cities," Toronto is a place where you can travel around the world without ever leaving town.
  • Ontario RTAK II knife: "Woods Warrior" by Nutnfancy Big, bad, and heavy. But it sure works good. That's the excellent Ontario RTAK II knife. It has an easily classifiabable POU as a larger survival blade with of course secondard uses as an emergency defensive tool as well. At this point in TNP, the RTAK II has already proven itself as a capable warrior, even in frigid snowy conditions (video). For an amazingly low price (subject to change!), the Ontario RTAK II supplies its user with a long, full-tang 3/16" thick 1095 blade, a well-shaped olive colored Micarta handle, excellent gray crinkle blade finish, and an almost satisfactory nylon sheath with a plastic insert. The blade so far has shown incredible resilence in heavy duty woods tasks and would be an excellent heavier-blade choice for serious wilderness craft. It holds an edge well and demonstrated flex capabilities in tough wood splitting. Downsides of the RTAK II are scarce but might include a hefty 29.5 ounce weight, an overly loose sheath insert from the factory, and the handle could be more radiused. Ontario definitely should fit a tighter fitting plastic insert. However, as shown, it is an easy task to rectify the this loose fit by extracting, heating, compressing, and then re-gluing the sheath insert (shown). And the weight in it's POU is actually an advantage as it gives the RTAK substantial hacking, splitting, and reach capabilities which help minimize calorie burn and wilderness work load. For a factory blade, the RTAK II is an impressive and high value ...
  • G20 Exposes Ontario 'Martial Law' Paul Cavalluzzo: Ontario Public Works Act removes probable cause & right to free and peaceful assembly. Allows a decision by Cabinet to invoke near martial law.
  • ILG Travels to Ontario Science Centre
  • Gay Community in Toronto - Ontario, Canada Toronto, Ontario is known for its vibrant social scene and nightlife -- including an exciting gay community. Tour the bars, lounges, restaurants and pubs in this Canadian city. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit www.canada.travel Join us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada In Canada's capital city of Ottawa, most tourists find themselves at Parliament Hill and the several blocks that radiate from there, since many of the city's museums, shops and points of interest are located within that radius. Near the Parliament is Byward Market, which dates back to the 1840s, offering farmer markets and craft stores that you can explore along some pedestrian-only streets.
  • Angry Ontario Snowmobiler - Enraged madman swears like a fiend at his broken down hunk-of-trash snowmobile!
  • 184 Ontario ,Ca Street Racer's BUSTED 74 Towed 10-27-2008 Drag-Net This is the Video you didn't see on the News !!! 184 arrested, 74 cars impounded. There are several cars that will be destroyed December 2008 video to follow OCCURRED DATE & TIME: September 28, 2008 0045 AM INCIDENT: STREET RACERS CAUGHT AGAIN IN HUGE BUST! 184 people arrested (including 47 juveniles) and 74 cars impounded LOCATION: 5200 E. AIRPORT DRIVE , ONTARIO The San Bernardino County Drag-Net Regional Task Force was out again Saturday night and into Sunday morning targeting illegal street racing in the City of Ontario . A group of about 75 vehicles and an estimated 185 people were detained on Airport Drive west of Etiwanda Ave. At approximately 00:45AM. A task force of officers from twelve different Police Departments ( Ontario , San Bernardino Sheriffs Department, Fontana , Upland , Chino , Montclair , Riverside PD, Azusa , Irwindale, Baldwin Park , West Covina and CHP-SIU) broke up the large gathering of illegal street racers. Three adults were arrested for racing, along with the flagger who was starting the races. All of the racers cars were impounded for thirty days. One hundred eighty four (184) people were issue dc itations for being spectators at an illegal street race. Forty seven (47) of the 187 were juveniles who were also cited for being in violation of curfew (under 18yrs and out without parent or legal guardian after 10:00 PM). Everyone found on Airport Drive was arrested and transported to the Ontario Police Department where they were booked and issued ...
  • Royal Ontario Museum Time-Lapse Observe one of the most challenging construction projects in North America, the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. The sequence documents development from May 2003 to November 2007 through a series of still images captured daily at 1 pm during construction and at 10-minute intervals throughout opening week.
  • Ontario sucks by the Arrogant Worms if you hate the song don't comment you Retards
  • Sean Malto qualifies first at Street League Ontario! Sean Malto qualifies first at Street League Ontario!
  • North Channel, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada The McBean Channel and Oak Bay fresh water cruising from Little Current, Manitoulin Island
  • Les Stroud-Winter in Ontario 1/5 shop.lesstroud.ca In 2001 Stroud produced two one-hour specials for the science news show @discovery.ca. These segments follow the same format as Survivorman with Stroud filming his own survival in the wilderness. They were originally broadcast as daily segments over the course of one week but were repackaged as two one-hour specials titled Stranded(Summer, Winter).[2] The popularity of these pilots spawned the show Survivorman. Stroud teamed up with producer Dave Brady to produce 10 episodes of the show which began airing in 2004.[2]
  • Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada At the outflow of Lake Erie into Lake Ontario and a 90 minute drive from Toronto, the natural wonder of Niagara Falls is one of the most famous places on earth, and about half of it lies in Canada. With its thunderous curtain of cascading waters that you can see from beside, on top or even from underneath, the incredible uniqueness and panoramic beauty of Niagara Falls are two of the main reasons why most visitors hop aboard the Maid of the Mist boat to ride right up close to the action.
  • Wong Fu On Tour - Episode 20 - Western Ontario, Tour is over In December 2006, one week after their east coast tour, Wesley Chan and Philip Wang continued onto Canada to tour 7 schools across the country screening their movie "A Moment with You". This is their tour. Ted Fu couldn't go along because his family was visiting. Episode 20 - Western Ontario, and the End of the tour! Music by Jason Harwell - "Afterfall" For more videos and shorts: Subscribe to http
  • Welcome to Ontario, Canada "Welcome to Ontario" (c) 1995 Ontario, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation You would be surprised knowing the story of this particular video clip. First time I saw it many years ago (around 1996) in Russia when multimedia stuff on PCs like video was rare. At that time I lived in Russia and was just dreaming about going abroad to study or work. Since that time I kept the video burnt on one of my CDs as an example of how professional video has to be done. 10 years later, I "found" that video on the old CD and uploaded it to Youtube. The difference this time was - I am a Сanadian citizen enjoying living in Canada. The video clip, sponsored by Ontario province government and created in Canada, made its way from Canada to Russia in 1996, then it flew back to Canada in 2001 and 10 years later (in 2006) was uploaded to Youtube so you all can see it. Isn't it amazing? I consider this video clip as symbolic pride of the country where we can live freely and secure, pride of achieving our goals when we are really passionate about them. This is a great example of how our "vision" makes dreams come true... ;)
  • TSN Top 10 Battle of Ontario Moments Follow me on Twitter for live updates on the latest news, and also when I post a new Video! TSN counts down the Top Ten Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators Moments. Otherwise known as the Battle of Ontario Video Courtesy: tsn.ca
  • Ontario SPCA Remarkable Rehabilitation Program: Lucky dog Lucky, a seven month old lab-cross, was surrendered to the Ontario SPCA on November 19, 2007. Lucky was diagnosed with three cervical (neck) fractures and spinal trauma. He was also malnourished, dehydrated and suffered from bed sores. An animal cruelty investigation is ongoing and charges are currently pending against a Scarborough resident. Lucky's initial prognosis was very guarded and he was sent to Guelph University for immediate, specialized care. He was placed in a half-body cast to promote healing, reduce swelling and to prevent further injury. Lucky's progress was slow, but his survivor's spirit assured veterinarians and the Ontario SPCA's staff that he was committed to his recovery. Lucky was transferred to the 404 Veterinary Hospital for specialized rehabilitation. Under their care, Lucky's recovery excelled. Lucky has benefited from a multi-faceted physiotherapy program, including specialized exercises and hydrotherapy. Contact the Ontario SPCA Provincial Office to help fund Lucky's remarkable rehabilitation. 1 888 ONT-SPCA (688-7722) • www.ontariospca.ca • [email protected] Charitable Business Number 88969 1044 RR0002
  • DuraCoat Project: Ontario RAT 1 folding knife Refinishing the Ontario RAT 1 folding tactical knife in "Coyote Brown" color of DuraCoat. DuraCoat is an epoxy based, hard finish from Lauer Weaponry in Wisconsin (shown in other TNP vids as well). Featured in the TNP video "Stabbing Protocol" earlier, this particular RAT 1 folder (partially serrated version) has seen some rough use. But with the proper preparation (discussed, shown) and after the DuraCoat application (details shown), this little knife cleaned up nicely and looks factory new, except better. An improvement to the jimping on the knife was also made. DuraCoat would be a great way to give old knives or guns a new lease on life! Now that's a tactical folder.
  • Ontario "Ey Shuno"
  • Team Fake Tree 2009 Moose Hunt Pending Ontario Archery Record This bull was called in by Konrad (while he shot video), the bull came in on a rope over the period of about 30 minutes despite the fact that the other bull was roaring like a lion trying to get his attention. It was a double lung pass through shot at 5 yards by Dale with a Reflex Grizzly compound, Deadnuts Hunter sights and Trophy Taker rest using GoldTip 5575 shafts and Muzzy 100 gr. 4 blade broadheads. The bull ran about 20 yards where we thought he would go down, but decided to try and run us over first. Then he ran out to the skidder road (15 yards off) and laided down to expire. That's when the other bull cam out and started to fight the dead bull, couldn't believe it. Check out for news, pictures and more hunts...
  • The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Industry Video There are more greenhouses in Southwestern Ontario than anywhere else in North America, supplying fresh vegetables across Canada and to the United States.
  • Chopping Down a Tree with Ontario Marine Raider knife Its always more efficient to use your Sawvivor or Sven backpacking saw to fall a dead tree up in the backcountry. Remember we find our driest, best firewood inside such vertically standing dead wood. But it needs to be felled and processed with your saw and your blade of course. But sometimes you may be without such a saw, having only your chosen survival knife with you. If its a blade like the affordable, high-value Ontario SP10 Marine Raider knife then youre in good hands. Furthermore cutting down standing dead wood remains a good test of the chopping capability of a given knife. Here, after hiking in with Allie, we chop down a smaller tree with the SP10. Its an impressive survival blade and delivers on my initial impression (see my table top review of the SP10).
  • Ontario Gen II SP-46: "Surviving Compactly" by Nutnfancy In the realm of sub-15 oz quality non-stainless steel survival blades that cost less than $75, there are few players. This is a specific and frequently needed POU for me: a lighter weight blade with big capabilities in chopping, skinning, and wood splitting. I do prefer large survival blades when the propensity of use for such is HIGH. But usually it is not, especially when day hiking or backpacking as we often do in high elevations. Enter the outstanding Ontario Spec-Plus Gen II SP-46. Thankfully the Spec-Plus line was not discontinued but expanded and improved. At 14.6 oz total carry weight, the SP-46 was/is light enough to come along on some big TNP adventures. Though SAWC is a big concern on these outings, I still want a capable blade that can tackle big jobs and minimize work as much as possible. In testing the SP-46, it performed fire preparation tasks, including heavy duty hammering through logs, admirably (cold weather performance not tested yet, surprises always possible). The full flat grind is a huge attraction for me as is the 5.6" leaf shaped Dirk blade: I love it. It is distal tapered, has great sweep and belly, and a strong tip. Its .1875" thickness strikes a good balance of weight, strength, and splitting ability. The FFG spits and chops with excellence, given its weight limitations (heavier blades will always chop and split better). The black powder coating seems to wear well. Designer Dan Maragni showed incredible attention to detail in the creation of ...
  • Ontario Travel: Discoveries in and around Peterborough After my brief introduction to Peterborough over the July long weekend I decided to head back there to explore this travel region in greater detail. I have always liked the Kawartha Region, with its beautiful lakes and rolling hills, and equally importantly, I always appreciate its easy reachability and proximity to Toronto. So on August 4, 2010 I set off on a 3-day adventure to explore more of this popular vacation region. I arrived mid-morning at my home for the next 2 days: the Golden Pathways Bed and Breakfast where dynamic owner Cora Whittington welcomed me like an old friend. We had already met earlier in July of this year. But there was no time to linger: I needed to head out to the Peterborough Farmers Market which is held every Wednesday and Saturday morning. I had a chance to chat with many farmers and merchants, and Inna Trotchine from A Taste of Russia gave me a free taste of some of her delicious pierogies. Her apple dumplings also looked mouth-watering. But I had to save a little bit of room for lunch, so I headed up to Hunter Street which offers an array of eclectic restaurants and street cafes. I settled in at Karma's Café whose chic décor actually was created as part of the television show "Restaurant Makeover". After a tasty lunch I strolled down to the Peterborough Marina where I boarded the Liftlock Cruise sightseeing boat. For the next two hours I hung out with Captain Graham Kent, who entertains the crowd with his informative and humorous commentary ...
  • Flook Live In Cornwall, Ontario Presented by Doc and Elaine at Celtic Cultures.

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