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  • olfactory adj. Of, relating to, or contributing to the sense of smell. [Latin olfactōrius , used to sniff at, from olfactus , past participle of. — “olfactory: Definition from ”,
  • 1) Dr. Carlos Lima and colleagues (Lisbon, Portugal and other countries) implant whole olfactory tissue obtained from the patient (i.e., no immunological rejection) back into the injury site (click on illustration) (J Spinal Cord Med 29(3), 2006). — “OLFACTORY”, sci-
  • This complex connection suggests that the process goes beyond the expression of olfactory neurons, and also contributes to the design and development of the fruit fly's greater nervous Olfactory bulb size may change as sense of smell changes. — “Learn more about olfactory | e! Science News”,
  • A tutorial on the sense of smell, What's NEW in smell, including a guide to the olfactory system, the anatomy and physiology of smell, notes on smell research, key facts relating to smell, information relating to smell and the perception of. — “SMELL”,
  • Definition of olfactory in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of olfactory. Pronunciation of olfactory. Translations of olfactory. olfactory synonyms, olfactory antonyms. Information about olfactory in the free online English dictionary and. — “olfactory - definition of olfactory by the Free Online”,
  • The bloodhound, for example, has 76 times the surface area of nasal epithelium as humans and four billion olfactory receptor cells relative to a human's 30 million (Chudler 2007). But people do seem to have the greatest emotional response to smell. — “Olfaction - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Olfactory epithelium. You don't need to be Editor-In-Chief to add or edit content to WikiDoc. You can begin to add to or edit text on this WikiDoc page by clicking on the edit button at the top of this page. Next enter or edit the information that you would like to appear here. — “Olfactory epithelium - wikidoc”,
  • List of 21 disease causes of Olfactory dysfunction, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Olfactory dysfunction. — “Olfactory dysfunction - ”,
  • However, little is known if odor-elicited activity in the primary olfactory pathway is modulated before transmission to the olfactory bulb. These connexins are heterogeneously distributed within the olfactory epithelium in regional and partially overlapping patterns. — “BioMed Central | Full text | Gap junctions in olfactory”,
  • Olfactory – trigeminal interactions Odorants as stimuli in the trigeminal system Most odorants also activate the trigeminal system [1-4] which results in a close relationship between the olfactory and the trigeminal systems. The two systems. — “olfactory - trigeminal interactions”,
  • Olfactory perception or Olfaction (also known as olfactics or smell) refers to the sense of smell. This sense is mediated by specialized sensory cells of the nasal cavity of vertebrates, and, by ***ogy, sensory cells of the antennae of. — “Olfactory perception - Psychology Wiki”,
  • olfactory organ [edit] Related terms. olfactometer. olfactible. olfaction [edit] Translations. concerning the sense of smell. Czech: Retrieved from "http:///wiki/olfactory" Categories: Word of the day archive | Latin derivations | English. — “olfactory - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of olfactory in the Medical Dictionary. olfactory explanation. Information about olfactory in Free online English dictionary. What is olfactory? Meaning of olfactory medical term. What does olfactory mean?. — “olfactory - definition of olfactory in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • The olfactory bulb in vertebrates lies at the very front of the brain, and is responsible for processing The bulb has two parts, the 'main olfactory bulb'' and the 'accessory olfactory bulb''. Nerve fibres from the vomeronasal organ (Jacobson's organ), a chemosensitive organ at the base of the. — “Olfactory bulb - encyclopedia article - Citizendium”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Next Word in the Dictionary: olfactory bulb. — “Olfactory - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The olfactory bulb is a structure of the vertebrate forebrain involved in olfaction, the perception of odors. The olfactory bulb is supported and protected by the cribriform plate which in mammals, separates it from the olfactory epithelium, and which is. — “Olfactory Bulb - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • Olfactory definition, of or pertaining to the sense of smell: See more. — “Olfactory | Define Olfactory at ”,
  • Students learn how to investigate the olfactory system and then find out how to plan and carry out their own experiments. The olfactory system is often described as the most "primitive". — “Neuroscience for Kids - Chemical Senses”, faculty.washington.edu
  • The olfactory nerve is actually a collection of sensory nerve rootlets that extend down These specialized sensory receptive parts of the olfactory nerve are then located in the olfactory mucosa of the upper parts of the nasal cavity. — “Olfactory”, meddean.luc.edu
  • OLFACTORY SYSTEM, in anatomy. The olfactory system consists of the outer nose, which projects from the face, and the nasal cavities, contained in the skull, which support the olfactory mucous membrane for the perception of smell in their upper parts, and act as respiratory passages below. — “Olfactory System - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • For air-breathing animals, the main olfactory system detects volatile chemicals, and the accessory olfactory system detects fluid-phase chemicals.[1] For water-dwelling organisms, e.g., fish or crustaceans, the chemicals are present in the surrounding aqueous medium. — “Olfaction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Reconstructions for the Olfactory Projection Fibers of the DIADEM Challenge Automatic reconstruction for the Olfactory Projection Fibers dataset of the DIADEM challenge. The resulting tree is overlaid on the maximum intensity projection. For additional details, please refer to cvlab.epfl.ch
  • ATOM - Aromatherapy Transportable Olfactory Machine Blogged at:
  • inkblot_2: Making the Aromatic Edible The making of inkblot_2, an aromatic edible by Gayil Nalls. Inkblot_2 is the second work in the olfactory inkblot series of interactive experiential works that encourage exploration of olfactory perception and the psychophysical response to natural smells.
  • Burr Johnson Band -- Peekskill Music Festival "Olfactory" w/ drum solo... Burr Johnson: Axon guitar synth -- Takashi Otsuka: bass -- Tad McCully: drums
  • Olfactory Sensory Neurons in Microwells [Folch Lab]
  • Olfactory Thriller pt. 1 Directed by Jimmy Nguyen Fred (Jimmy Nguyen) visits his favorite local taqueria on his lunch break. While enjoying his meal, dark forces conspire to bring across his path a mysterious man (Eric Rasmussen) with an olfactory clairvoyance. Something about Freds scent provokes this mysterious man and what ensues is Freds struggle to escape from the man whose powerful sense of smell and determination rivals that of the Hounds of Hell.
  • Coffee Testing: Olfactory Skills To familiarize cuppers with 36 common aromatic scents often found in coffee.
  • Subfrontal Olfactory Meningioma Endoscopic Transnasal Removal
  • Dance your PhD 2010: Mechanisms of lateral inhibition between olfactory bulb glomeruli Inhaled odor molecules bind to receptors located on olfactory sensory neurons in the nasal cavity. The signal from odor receptors is transmitted along the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb. The surface of the olfactory bulb is covered with spherical structures called glomeruli, each composed of a bundle of neuronal processes surrounded by cell bodies. Each glomerulus receives input from only one subtype of odor receptor, and each odor activates a unique set of receptors and therefore a unique pattern of glomeruli. I use electrophysiological recordings from rat olfactory bulb slices to examine the functional connections between cells. We hypothesize that an activated glomerulus can inhibit the activation of nearby glomeruli through short axon cells, which connect groups of ten to twenty glomeruli. Lateral inhibition through short axon cells could increase the contrast between similar odors with nearly identical glomerular activation patterns, making it easier for animals to differentiate highly similar odors. In the dance, I have simplified the system so that each odor sniffed by the dog activates one glomerulus. Each segment starts with the dog inhaling the odor, which is then represented in dance form as a ball that is caught by an odor receptor. The receptor neuron then becomes activated and the odor signal travels along the olfactory nerve to the olfactory bulb where it tags the appropriate glomerulus to activate it. The dancers in each circle represent the ...
  • Olfactory Illusions and other insanity Link to interview with Avery Gilbert: Listen in the player. Also, add the word "osmic" to your vocabulary. Osmic perception describes the olfactory process, the same way haptics refer to tactile sensation. Holy ***! I can actually teach somebody something!
  • Prayer Confusion Diverts Flight to Philly Authorities say a misunderstanding about a Jewish prayer ritual led to the diversion of a US Airways flight to Philadelphia. (Jan. 21)
  • Olfactory ***es Wherein Gaeri Summer shares some very personal information. What are yours? UPDATE: I don't know why the audio is so off in this video. It seems fine on my computer. And I can't be bothered to work around yet another YouTube bug.
  • !!!Olfactory System!!! !!!Olfactory System!!! Crazy Chris puts his nose to the test & shows you how to fool your nose using olfactory fatigue! "olfactory system" "olfactory nerve" "olfactory receptors" "olfactory bulb" "olfactory brain" "science experiments" "cool science experiments" "science fair prodjects"...
  • Burr Johnson Band -- "Olfactory" LIVE Tad McCully: drums (burr johnson-guit., takashi otsuka-bass)
  • The Usefulness of Adult Olfactory Stem Cells in Spinal Cord Injury and Brain Injury Presented by Jean Peduzzi-Nelson (Wayne State) at the Notre Dame Inaugural Workshop on Adult and Alternative Forms of Stem Cell Research: Public Lectures, 2011: law.nd.edu Stem Cell Initiative: adultstemcell.nd.edu
  • Olfactory Sensation Psychology Project Arranged by Travis Gidley 10/11/09. Research by Cassie, Laura, and Travis.
  • How to taste wine and understanding the olfactory system presents a detailed animation on how to taste wine like a professional and understanding the mechanism behind it.
  • Histology of Olfactory Epithelium This is an ***ysis of the histology of the olfactory epithelium from the nose of a mammal (not sure which animal). The audio isn't very good because it was quiet at the time, you might have to turn your speakers right up to hear what he's on about :)
  • Migrating GFP-Centrin 2 olfactory bulb neuroblast Migrating neuron. In a matrigel/collagen gel. Arrow indicates GFP+ centrosome.
  • How the Body Works : The Olfactory Membrane The Olfactory Membrane The olfactory membrane is a thick yellow-brown structure, about one inch square, located in the upper part of each nasal cavity. It consists of about one hundred million smell receptor cells, which are surrounded by supporting cells. The smell receptor cells have an olfactory vesicle bearing cilia, which project into the mucus that covers the smell membrane. Chemicals in the air react with the cilia and stimulate the receptor cells. The smell information is passed by the receptor cell axons, which leave the membrane as the first cranial nerve, and which relay with mitral cell axons to the olfactory cortex. The supporting sustentacular cells contain a pigment that colors the membrane yellow. The membrane also contains Bowman's glands, which secrete mucus. Their function is to keep the membrane moist so that chemicals can dissolve and stimulate the cilia.
  • Olfactory Meditation Instruction continued.mov Olfactory Meditation Instruction continued is a continuation of Alchemy in Sacred Place. Also covers the Light Body and the Elixir of Life. Third Eye Movement is started here.
  • Social olfaction in marine mammals: olfactory sampling procedure This video shows the collection of scent from an Australian sea lion pup. Scent was collected immediately before an experimental trial using a cotton flannelette swab. The swab was rubbed on the head of the pup to collect saliva, nasal mucous, lachrymal fluid and general skin/fur secretions. This research was published in the journal Biology Letters in the paper: Social olfaction in marine mammals: wild female Australian sea lions can identify their pup's scent by Benjamin J Pitcher, Dr Robert Geoffrey Harcourt, Dr Benoist Schaal and Dr Isabelle Charrier. The doi link for the article is
  • Olfactory signal transformation How are incoming olfactory signals transformed into projection outputs in the olfactory bulb? Watch and listen as Jie Tan and Minmin Luo take you on a personally guided tour of their study of the representation of odors in the olfactory bulb and how they are shaped by intrabulbar circuits.
  • Renee ***erham Characterization of an Olfactory Subsystem My project, reflected in the different chapters of our dance, looks from the level of olfactory behavior in a mouse down to the cellular and protein level of a small subset of cells. These cells have unique projections and respond to a small set of ligands. The olfactory epithelium has beautiful anatomy and I only wish we had the dancing skills to do it justice.
  • Olfactory T maze Testing Apparatus
  • Sr Power Electronics Engineer and Olfactory Aficionado!! Senior Design Engineer! Power Electronics! Growth Potential! Are you looking for a high quality of life with a low price tag? Then you are looking in the right place! We are a manufacturer of industrial electric motors, controls, and drives that power products and were looking for a technically strong performer to join our dynamic, close-knit team! As a Senior Design Engineer: - You will be involved in hardware design from product - You will interface regularly with internal functional areas and participate in field support after product completion - You should have a strong understanding of simulations and be highly ***ytical - You should possess a BSEE (Masters degree preferred) This is an excellent opportunity to join an expanding organization and further your career! *** Comprehensive relocation available ***
  • Olfactory Thriller pt. 2 Directed by Jimmy Nguyen.mpg Fred (Jimmy Nguyen) visits his favorite local taqueria on his lunch break. While enjoying his meal, dark forces conspire to bring across his path a mysterious man (Eric Rasmussen) with an olfactory clairvoyance. Something about Freds scent provokes this mysterious man and what ensues is Freds struggle to escape from the man whose powerful sense of smell and determination rivals that of the Hounds of Hell.
  • Olfactory Memories This is a short video art piece I did for school. The assignment was 'self as subject'. I attempted to find my oldest memories from my early childhood. I find those memories are most accessible by smell. I wanted to simulate the memories I experience from specific smells. In this short I address the smells of fresh cut grass and asphalt.
  • Burr Johnson Band -- "Olfactory" LIVE @ Hopper House '08 tad McCully: drums (w/ b johnson-guit. takashi otsuka-bass)
  • Electrophysiological Measurements from a Moth Olfactory System Watch video protocols on JoVE - . Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is a scientific journal publishing video articles on biological experiments filmed at leading research institutions. JoVE is the first video journal indexed in PubMed. To see more of this protocol go to Electrophysiological Measurements from a Moth Olfactory System This video protocol was filmed at the University of California-Davis. Insect olfactory systems provide unique opportunities for recording odorant-induced responses in the forms of electroantennograms (EAG) and single sensillum recordings (SSR), which are summed responses from all odorant receptor neurons (ORNs) located on the antenna and from those housed in individual sensilla, respectively. These approaches have been exploited for getting a better understanding of insect chemical communication. The identified stimuli can then be used as either attractants or repellents in management strategies for insect pests.
  • Snoring Man Snoring Train Man
  • DesigN in Olfactory SySteM Also see the links please: http
  • How the Body Works : The Olfactory Pathway The Olfactory Pathway Air inhaled through the nose passes over the olfactory membranes, where chemicals that are in the air stimulate the numerous olfactory receptor cells. The smell information passes from the receptor-cell neurons to the bulbs and tracts of the first cranial nerve, which pass into the frontal lobes of the brain. Each tract divides into medial and lateral striae, which pass the information to the olfactory cortex, where smell is perceived.
  • Alchemy in Sacred Place and the Olfactory Meditation.mov Alchemy in Sacred Place and the Olfactory Meditation is instruction. Find out what this has to do with the Elixir of Life and Soma. How to circulate and amplify energy to light body levels. This is a continuation of other instructional videos in this series. Understanding and practicing instructions on earlier videos is necessary to learn and practice properly. Enjoy.
  • Noah23- Olfactory Memorial (Chopped & Screwed) FREE DL: The original version was produced by zoen and taken from the Noah23 album Rock Paper Scissors www.noah23
  • Olfactory Bulb Team Video Olfactory Bulb's video for NETSYS 2009
  • Olfactory groove meningioma Dr. Malis performing the resection of a olfactory groove meningioma through a bifrontal craniotomy approach. neurosurgery.ucla.edu
  • Olfactory Dog Space The sensory world occupied by dogs must be entirely different from the one that we walk around in. A dog's primary sense is that of smell, not sight, and smell has an ontology which makes the olfactory world completely other.
  • Social olfaction in marine mammals: olfactory choice test This video shows an experiment in which a female Australian sea lion is presented with two model pups, one impregnated with her own pup's scent and the other with a non-filial pup's scent. The female sniffs both models before picking up the model impregnated with her pup's scent. This research was published in the journal Biology Letters in the paper: Social olfaction in marine mammals: wild female Australian sea lions can identify their pup's scent by Benjamin J Pitcher, Dr Robert Geoffrey Harcourt, Dr Benoist Schaal and Dr Isabelle Charrier. The doi link for the article is
  • Noah23- Olfactory Memorial I'm the baby.... this song is from the album Rock Paper Scissors
  • Major League II Right Guard Commercial Rick "The Wild Thing" Vaughn tries (and tries again) to get the tagline for a Right Guard advertisement right.
  • Orbit Spectral Density in Olfactory Signal Processing The Wolfram Demonstrations Project contains thousands of free interactive visualizations, with new entries added daily. Spiking frequency of neurons in the mammalian olfactory epithelium is modulated by the concentrations of basic odorant molecules. A mix of several millimols of basic odorants, such as isoamyl acetate, limonene, or camphor, dispersed in Megaliters of air... Contributed by: Andy G. Lozowski

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  • “Forum. Blog. Videos. Pictures. Buy Steroids. Steroid Books. Bodybuilding. 13/01/2011 9:54 am. Welcome to - BLOG. Friday 23, Oct 2009. Steroids with Gingko Biloba shows promising results in treating post viral olfactory loss with post viral olfactory loss, olfactory function was significantly”
    — Anabolic Steroids Blog - iSteroids . com " post viral,

  • “Olfactory Rescue Service. Oud Blog. September 19, 2008 at 5:35 pm (Incense, Ross) Check out the photos in the Oud Blog on the left This Oud Blog reminded me of how amazing oils can be, so I actually just let my stick of”
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  • “We recently came across an intriguing blog about "things olfactive and gustatory," and being the incense purveyors we are, we thought to bring it to your attention. "The back story regarding a raw material or finished product is often rich with”
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  • “Post viral olfactory dysfunction patients can benefit from Chinese June 8, 2010 | Posted in Steroids Blog. TCA or Traditional Chinese acupuncture that”
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  • “ODOTECH provides support to its clients in odor management and odor monitoring (Electronic nose and real time odor modelling) (olfactory epithelium)”
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  • “Tags: AD, Alzheimer's, amyloid, olfactory, plaques, smell. Posted February 3, 2010 by Karen Merzenich under Blog Search. About Posit Science. Posit Science's corporate blog is the place where our employees share their thoughts about Posit”
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  • “There is a clear parallel between music and perfumery, between olfactory and musical melodies, and we shall use this likeness in order to understand better the "why" and the "how" of olfactory education. Only an olfactory education can provide them with the knowledge necessary to apply”
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  • “The Packaging Diva's Blog. Tag Archive 'olfactory packaging' Jul 01 2010. Packaging Hot They give those olfactory glands a workout. Packages sporting "fragrances" such as”
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