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  • Correctional Officers Jobs and Job Outlook, Applies to: Guards, prison; Court officers; Bailiffs; Prison guards; Officers, correctional; Marshals; Jailers; Detention officers. — “Correctional Officers Jobs and Job Outlook”,
  • commissioned officer n. An officer who holds a commission and ranks as a second lieutenant or above in the U.S. — “commissioned officer: Definition from ”,
  • Capt. Abdullah's web site for Bangladesh Merchant Marine Officers: List of Bangladesh Mariners, Latest news about Bangladesh Mariners, Whereabout of Bagladesh Mariners. — “Bangladesh Mariners”,
  • Officer ranks in the United States military consist of commissioned officers and warrant officers. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps officers are called company grade officers in the pay grades of O-1 to O-3, field grade officers in pay grades O-4. — “Department of Defense Rank Insignias - Officers Rank”,
  • Encyclopedia article about officers. Information about officers in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “officers definition of officers in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Officers have no law enforcement responsibilities outside of the institution where they work. These officers often work in a cellblock alone, or with another officer, among the 50 to 100 inmates who reside there. — “Correctional Officers”,
  • Representing all officers of the seven U.S. uniformed services. — “Reserve Officers Association (ROA)”,
  • If you have graduated college or plan to graduate soon, the Air Guard gives you the perfect opportunity to become a leader as an Officer. Intelligence Officer – Use the most advanced technologies and start a career in. — “Officers”,
  • The Navy List of Retired Officers, together with the Emergency List, 1944 (July), 1949 Gradation List of Officers of the Australian Military Forces, 1945. — “persons_british”,
  • 10 Executive Officer. Capt Petrina Hanson # Lead Solo. Maj Rick Goodman Solo. Capt Aaron Jelinek #12 Public Affairs Officer. Capt Jason McCree. — “Officers”,
  • Learn about Warrant Officers on . Find info and videos including: Warrant Officer Vs. Commissioned Officer, What Is a Warrant Officer?, Warrant Officer Duties and much more. — “Warrant Officers - ”,
  • Chief Executive Officer. Donald E. Stone, Jr., PE. Chief Financial Officer. Mark H. Reiner Chief Information Officer. Henry J. Tyler. PSA-Dewberry Inc. President. — “Officers”,
  • Learn about GM corporate staff officers and senior leadership. Read bios of General Motors corporate leadership and staff officers. Review profiles of General Motors executive officers including the GM chairman and chief executive officer, and. — “GM | General Motors: Investors: Corporate Governance: Senior”,
  • Definition of officers in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of officers. Pronunciation of officers. Translations of officers. officers synonyms, officers antonyms. Information about officers in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “officers - definition of officers by the Free Online”,
  • Mark 6:21 Then a convenient day came, that Herod on his birthday made a supper for his nobles, the high officers, and the chief men of Galilee. He was sitting with the officers, and warming himself in the light of the fire. — “Bible Concordance: Officers”,
  • An officer is a member of an armed force or in some cases uniformed service who holds a position of authority. Commissioned officers are typically the only persons, in a military environment, able to act as the commanding officer (according to the most technical definition of the word) of a military. — “Officer (armed forces) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Historically the employment of the word " officer " to denote a person holding a military or naval command as representative of the state, and not as deriving his authority from his own powers or privileges, marks an entire change in the character of the armed forces of civilized nations. — “Officers - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • Information, news, updates, history, tributes to fallen and present law officers, online nominations for the Memorial and online search of the Memorial for names and photos of fallen law officers. Includes online catalogue of mementos and online. — “National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund: NLEOMF Homepage”,
  • Officers - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Officers”,
  • People who hate officers because they couldn't go to college. Correctional officers are responsible for the custody, care and supervision of offenders in a prison or correctional institution. — “Urban Dictionary: officers”,
  • Reports on Warrant Officers of All Services. DoD Report on WOMA - The Army was requested by the Defense Department to chair a special ad hoc committee to research and prepare the requested report for the Congress. The committee initiated deliberations on 22 September 1989. — “Warrant Officer Programs of Other Services”,

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  • Maricopa County Sheriff's employee takes documents from defense attorney A detention officer with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is caught on tape swiping a document from a defense attorney's files behind her back. Officer Adam Stoddard then hands the document to Deputy Francisco Campillo to make photocopies. This is the original video, as obtained by freelance journalist Nick Martin. Visit his site at .
  • One Officer Killed, Another Wounded in Miami Authorities say a Miami-Dade police officer was killed and another was wounded in a shooting. A suspect was also shot. The two officers were working with a US Marshals Service fugitive task force. (Jan. 20)
  • 2 Police Officers Fail To Arrest Man And Tazer Him But He Gets Away ! 2 Officers fail to arrest a man after they harass him !
  • Police officers fired Internal Security Minister George Saitoti says three police officers who shot dead 3 suspected thugs on Langata road will be sacked and prosecuted for murder. Saitoti says the officers who had been trailing the suspected thugs shot the suspects in cold blood instead of arresting and interrogating them. KTN's Eric Njoka reports.
  • THE OFFICER'S ROLE (Front Lines Vignettes) Officers needed to be of strong moral fibre and serve as examples to their troops. This film outlines the officers' responsibilities and the structure of Canadian forces in the First World War.
  • From a Correctional Officers point of view-"Hard Time"Part 3
  • Arresting Officers - Disorderly Conduct "Disorderly Conduct" by Arresting Officers from their Patriotic Voice album. Awesome Oi!
  • Crooked Officer Geto Boys Music Video
  • Ross Noble - New Zealand Customs Officers From Ross Noble's Fizzy Logic DVD. Recorded live at Canberra Theatre during his 06/07 Tour.
  • Navy I'm on a boat The original version of this was taken down, but this is much too good to let die... After all, "I'm on a boat mutha-***a!" Brought to you by
  • Officer Safety Training I created this for an officer safety class I had given. It starts out with police radio traffic with officers attempting to serve a warrant. Well it all goes south and shots are fired. Then the slide show begins with Amazing Grace on bagpipes being played in the background. The Slide show show pictures from police officers funerals. Very moving. (The officer is not injured in this event. The suspect shot himself but I edited the audio to make an impression on the students.)
  • USAF officers train to become Combat Rescue Officers Air Force officers endure grueling training at Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane in their quest to become Combat Rescue Officers.
  • Calipatria State Prison-inmate violence against Correctional Officers
  • Dashboard Camera Video Of Police Officer's Shooting Released This video was taken from a dashboard camera on the cruiser of police officer Bruce McKay, who was killed. It shows shots being fired by the suspect who was killed by a passerby.
  • Final Inspection - Police Officer Tribute My 11 year old made this for her dad, but wanted to share with all police officers. Thanks for protecting us. (Music: Requiem for a Dream. We made the tribute video, but own no rights to contents.)
  • West Side Story-Officer Krupke The Jets mock the kinds of excuses authorities use to rationalize the existence of hooligums like themselves.Sondheim's lyrics are so witty, and Russ Tamblyn is wonderful as Riff---I am not anti-social, I am only anti-work! So enjoy!
  • From a Correctional Officers point of view-"Hard Time"Part 1
  • Kentucky Conservation Officers Part 2 Law Enforcement Special Part 2 - Wildlife conservation efforts.
  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Many police officers are asking the question: if prohibition didn't work for alcohol, why are we in denial about it working for other things? LEAP is a major initiative now, and gaining steam. Check out for more. Filmed and narrated by Mike Gray Produced by Common Sense for Drug Policy
  • OCTOA - Orange County Traffic Officers Association Annual Motor Rodeo 2009 The Annual OCTOA Police and Motorcycle Training Competition was held on October 7, 2009 in Huntington Beach, California. Money raised from this event will go to OC injured motor officers and to the Oakland POA Memorial Fund. Visit for more information. Over 400 officers from 56 agencies participated in the motor rodeo event with only one officer taking the Top Gun title for the year. This year's winner was Deputy Brian Cline of the Riverside Sheriff Department's Temecula office.
  • The Departed - Dignam (Mark Wahlberg) Briefs The Officers Dignam (played by Mark Wahlberg) briefs the officers (or as he calls them, the girls).
  • Pilot vs Intelligence Officer Why would you want to date a pilot, when there are Intelligence Officers about?
  • From a Correctional Officers point of view-"Hard Time"Part 2
  • Deputy shot and killed, Officer wounded at mobile home park. ENON, Ohio — A sheriff's deputy investigating a report of gunfire at a trailer park was shot dead Saturday, and the shooting suspect was killed after a furious standoff with police, authorities said. A police officer was wounded. The slain deputy was married and was the mother of two children, Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly said. He didn't release the names of the deputy or the suspect killed in the standoff in Enon Beach, about 50 miles west of Columbus. The deputy was shot as she tried to photograph a footprint in the mobile-home park, Kelly said. "Our deputy never had the opportunity to return fire or take cover," he said at a press conference. Police officers were trying to retrieve the deputy's body when the suspect fired on them from inside a trailer, and a German Township officer was wounded in a large exchange of gunfire, Kelly said. There were "many, many, many" shots fired by the suspect and police, he said. It appears that it was gunfire from Clark County deputies that killed the suspect, said Kelly, who has been sheriff for 24 years. He said he had hired the slain deputy and had known her since the police academy. He called her "just a good person, an outstanding deputy," and said she was the first officer he's lost. "This," Kelly said, "is the worst day of my entire law enforcement career." RIP Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Suzanne Hopper and heal quickly German Township Officer Jeremy Blum.
  • US ARMY OFFICERS COMMERCIAL A brand new US Army Officers career commercial showing you what it takes of becomeing and beign an officer in the United Staates Army. brought to you only be the USArmyMediaCenter Team
  • Ex-cop Barry Cooper stings local officers KVUE news 5/10/10 Support Barry by purchasing his videos at .
  • Deputy, gunman killed, police officer wounded in standoff at trailer park in Enon, Ohio MAD RIVER TWP. — A Clark County deputy sheriff was shot to death, a German Twp. police officer wounded and the gunman killed at Enon Beach early New Year's Day. Suzanne Waughtel Hopper, 40, was killed after she responded to a report of shots fired into one of the trailers at Enon Beach around 11:30 am Saturday, said Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly. Hopper, a married mother of two, died at the scene, said Kelly. German Twp. Patrolman Jeremy Blum was wounded in a gunfight with the shooter as police moved in to pull Hopper out and disarm the gunman. Blum was flown to Miami Valley Hospital with gunshot wounds to his arm and shoulder, officials say. Hospital officials listed his condition as fair late Saturday. The gunman, whose name isn't being released pending notification of relatives, was killed in the gunfight. A neighbor of the gunman called authorities at 11:25 am to report that a shot had been fired into their trailer, said Kelly. Hopper was outside the gunman's trailer when the man emerged with a shotgun, said Kelly. "He fired one shotgun blast, fatally wounding the deputy," he said. Officers from at least five local agencies and at least three SWAT teams converged on Enon Beach and surrounded the area before the shooter fired on officers, beginning the brief gunfight. Nearby Interstate 70 was shut down eastbound and westbound for nearly an hour because of the incident. Hopper joined the sheriff's office in 1999, Kelly said. Neighbor Angelina Inman, 34, said she's ...
  • ISPR Martyred Army Officers Profiles
  • Two LAPD Officers shot by Mexican Gang Members in Watts Two LAPD South East 77th Division patrol officers were shot while approaching an armed Gang Member on 107th and Anzac near Wilminton in Watts.
  • Russian police officer's message to Vladimir Putin (English subtitles) Video message of police major Alexey Dymovskiy, senior detective from Novorossiysk, Russia, working in drug trafficking investigation (English subtitles)
  • Canadian Armed Forces Infantry Officer Training - Mechanized Infantry Officer Developmental Phase II serial 0702 company level raid in Sus***,NB - Charlie don't surf.
  • Mariah Carey - Hero - Peace Officer's Memorial Service, 1996 Mariah at her peak, singing her greatest song.
  • Don't Talk to Cops, Part 2 An experienced police officer tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.
  • Stevenage vs Newcastle FAC 4th round '98 montage Thanks to Sky Three's 'Football Years', you can see a montage of the events that took place upto and including the match at Broadhall Way and the subsequent replay. Comment provided by Paul Fairclough amongst others.
  • Officers (PC Game) Line the tanks and prepare for battle. ABOUT THE GAME Officers faces World War II real-time strategy gamers with warfare on a previously unseen scale. Formidable battles are possible, with more than 1500 units fighting simultaneously across up to 10 square miles of battlefield. You command the US combat units; your aim is to smash the Germans' western front. In multiplayer mode, you can also command Russian or German troops. Historical battles such as Operations Overlord, Millennium and Cobra will put your tactical abilities to the test, as you have skillfully to combine infantry, tank, artillery and air troops. Speed and power will only lead to victory if you extend your troops' supply lines and capture enemy emplacements and depots. Strategically beneficial high-ground and the varied landscape can be used to your advantage. Thanks to an advanced map editor, you can recreate other historical battles or design your own. Features Historically correct battles, beginning with the Normandy landings Infantry can barricade and entrench in houses, trenches etc. Up to 1500 units simultaneously in one sector Multiplayer mode for up to 8 players involving Allied, German and Russian troops More than 70 different unit types (Infantry, light vehicles, tanks, artillery, air troops, navy) Map Editor to design scenarios and missions in either single or multiplayer mode Elaborate winter and summer scenarios Surroundings completely destructible Sophisticated resource management Taking of ...
  • Officers Resign Over Bikini ***ual Harassment Follow us on Twitter: Read Ana's blog at: Check Out TYT Interviews Watch more at
  • Raw Video: Officer Foils 2nd Robbery Police say an officer, who went to an Ohio pharmacy to pick up security video of another robbery hours earlier, stopped a second robbery. The incident at a Walgreens in Dayton was caught on surveillance tape. (Dec. 17)
  • Speech - Narcotics Officer Switches Sides Ex-narcotics officer, Barry Cooper, speaks at a NORML rally filmed by ABC's 20/20. Check out for more!
  • The Bill - Officers And Gentlemen The Bill - Officers And Gentlemen The Bill Collection 5 Disc 3 Season 6 1990. DC Jim Carver and Ch. Insp. Conway face an embarrassing situation when a thief confesses to a crime that Jim has already cleared up... and Carver's having problems with the ladies too. PC Turnham talks to a pavement artist before he is called to a music shop and a shoplifter. He was told by Sgt. Peters to help WPCs Datta and Ford at a pub but Insp. Frazer gives him a lecture about Women's Lib and tells him not to go. A dog handler helps calm the situation. The landlord is not happy about WPCs dealing with drunken disturbances and neither is Ch. Supt. Brownlow.
  • Ross Noble - Dubai Customs Officers From Ross Noble's Fizzy Logic DVD. Recorded live at Canberra Theatre during his 06/07 Tour.

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  • “DVC officersKolkata, Dec 30 : The officers' forum of power producer Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) Wednesday alleged that a "vilification exercise" was on against the company. "It has been observed for quite some time that”
    — DVC officers' forum alleges vilification campaign | TopNews,

  • “The officers forum of power producer Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) Wednesday alleged that a vilification exercise was on against the company. It has been observed for quite some time that various vilification exercises are being carried out”
    — DVC officers' forum alleges vilification campaign,

  • “This two-year invitational Forum engages 50 Chief Academic Officers (CAOs) from different sectors to participate in a national dialogue on broadening and deepening internationalization on their campuses”
    — ACE | Internationalization CAO Forum: Description,

  • “It is a forum for discussing issues relating to Indian Railways & IRPS Officers”
    — IRPS Officers' Forum,

  • “The Student Forum officers are elected by the GSD student body each December. monthly meetings with the Dean, Student Forum officers, and the general student body, as”
    — GSD - Student Forum,

  • “and Corporate Officers Forum to be held at the beautiful Harrison. Hot Springs Resort from October 13-15, 2010. The changing role of the clerk will be available at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort at a special Forum rate starting at $99”

  • “Emerging Tools and Frameworks for Effective Policy Development, Implementation and Evaluation in a Changing Environment Get More Information and Register Your Interest for "The National Policy Officers' Forum 2010" Here:”
    — The National Policy Officers' Forum 2010 | conferences legal, .au

  • “The following elected officers are spearheading the SA Forum's efforts in 2009. Peter is a board member of the SA Forum and OpenSAF Foundation, as well as a member of”
    — Service Availability Forum - SA Forum Officers,

  • “The aim of this section is to provide an update on the LSA Midwifery Officers' (LSAMO) Forum UK activity during the 2008/09 year. The purpose of the Forum is to. enable the LSAMOs to work collaboratively with other stakeholders to ensure that”
    — Local Supervising Authority Midwifery Officer Forum UK,

  • “2010-11 Officers. Chairman: Koichi Tagawa, Sony. Koichi Tagawa is the General Manager of Chairman from the start of the Forum in 2004 until becoming Chairman”
    — NFC Forum : NFC Forum Officers, nfc-