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  • Notices Search. Features. Features. Our articles this month have a bent toward algebra and number theory, with a bit of logic and physics thrown in. The piece on topical bias has something to say to all of us. The subjects range from the very. — “Notices of the American Mathematical Society”,
  • In addition, notices are used by the International Criminal Tribunals and the International Criminal Court to seek persons wanted for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. The seven types of notices and their objectives are: Red Notice. — “Notices”,
  • Important Notices. About the Department. Strategic Plan. Budget and Finance. Department Important Notices. Get e-mail updates when this information changes. Notices Required by. — “DHS | Important Notices”,
  • HUD news. Homes. Resources. Communities. Working with HUD. Tools. Notices, Rules and Regulations. Did You Know? PIH Notices. PIH notices provide guidance, extensions, instructions, clarifications, announcements and other policy information. Guidance and Regulations. Guidance and Case Law. — “Notices, Rules and Regulations - Public and Indain Housing - HUD”,
  • RN may terminate this Agreement and any services at any time upon notice to you, provided that you will be entitled to receive the FunPass subscription services for any period for which you have already paid, or a pro-rata refund at RN's sole discretion. — “Notices | GameHouse”,
  • Notice is the legal concept in which a party is made aware of a legal process affecting their rights, obligations or duties. At common law, notice is the fundamental principle in service of process. — “Notice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The notice you receive covers a very specific issue about your account or tax return. Generally, the IRS will send a notice if it believes you owe additional tax, are due a larger refund, if there is a question about your tax return or a need for additional information. — “Understanding Your IRS Notice or Letter”,
  • Notices. Information Quality. Welcome to the National Park Service (NPS) website section for information quality. This section is intended to meet the requirements of Section 515 of the Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act for. — “Notices”,
  • Meetings, Notices and Agendas Abstract: Some of the Meetings, Notices and Agendas on this web site are in Adobe Acrobat· format. The software to view and print Adobe Acrobat documents is available free from Adobe. Link to Adobe's website. — “SOTS: Meetings, Notices and Agendas”,
  • USCIS Introduces First-Ever Fee Waiver Form USCIS Celebrates Military Family Appreciation Renew or Replace My Green Card. Remove Conditions on My Green Card. — “USCIS Home Page”,
  • its parent or affiliated companies, nor any other party involved in creating, producing, or delivering the Site is liable for any direct, Advertisement. Presented by Oberon Media. About us. Support. Notices. Oberon Media Privacy. — “I-play Games”,
  • View South Florida public notices as well as court decisions, verdicts, settlements, probate, foreclosures, seizures & forfeiture. — “Daily Business Review | Search Public Notices”,
  • The most reliable source for Las Vegas news, breaking news, video and information on Las Vegas and Nevada's largest newspaper Notice Of Completion Of Work Notice Is Hereby Given That The Clark Cou. — “Las Vegas Legal Notices - ”,
  • About Eviction Notices. An eviction notice effectively ends a renter's stay in a house or apartment. Although it is every tenant's worst nightmare to see one, an eviction notice doesn't always mean an immediate move. In. — “About Eviction Notices | ”,
  • 2010 listing of Regulatory, Election, Trade Reporting and Information Notices. FINRA publishes Notices to provide firms with timely information on a variety of issues. — “FINRA - 2010 Notices”,
  • Notice: No Further Updates. Apr. 14 Mon. 2008. An Announcement about 15 Second Movie Presentation. Jul. 12 Thu. 2007. Super Smash Bros. Brawl Home > Notices. — “Smash Bros. DOJO!!”,
  • Definition of notices in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is notices? Meaning of notices as a legal term. What does notices mean in law?. — “notices legal definition of notices. notices synonyms by the”, legal-
  • This site includes areas that will give information that is intended to help consumers find legal assistance, learn about the law and the legal system in California, or work better with an attorney. — “Notices”,
  • Class action notices and settlement administration for class claims, product and automobile recalls and financial notices. — “ - Class Action Administration Homepage”,
  • Notices. The Bureau of Reclamation is part of the U. S. Department of the Interior and therefore adhere's to DOI Web Standards and all Federal regulations related tothe development and maintenance of Web Pages. This information can be found at: — “Bureau of Reclamation: Notices”,
  • Early Termination Notices under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act. Any person filing an HSR form may request that the waiting period be terminated before the statutory period expires. The Early Termination Notices are listed in "reverse chronological" order, latest notice first. — “FTC Bureau of Competition - Hart-Scott-Rodino”,
  • Business opportunities. Procurement notices. Contract awards. Procurement plan. Vendors To view by post date, including past notices, please choose a date range:. — “UNDP | Procurement Notices”, procurement-

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  • Lps: Notice Me Part 4 {Now You Notice Me?} Mckayla shows up at school with her new look. Everyone finally notices her, and so does Brandon. But will Mckayla notice HIM after EVERYTHING he has done to her, being a bully to her and calling her mean things? And will Brandon FINALLY recognize that he has been a terrible pet to her and wants to take it all back. Meanwhile Brandon's best friend Drake has none Mckayla for a while now and was never mean to her, he was actually the only friend that wasn't mean or rude to her. What will Brandon do when he finds out tat his best friend is being SO nice with Mckayla? ✿ MY BLOG: ✿TWITTER ✿ MY WEBSITE: ✿FORMSPRING ALL EPISODES OF LPS NOTICE ME: Sound Effects: Royalty-free music by Kevin MacLeod () Titles: Harlequin, Sneaky Adeventure, Sneaky Snitch, At Rest, Wallpaper, Atlantean Twilight All music is licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" Copyright AllyLpsTv & Rainbow Skies Productions
  • Zayn Malik singing You Belong With Me Zayn singing his own version of Taylor Swifts You Belong With Me. He is amazing, I love his glasses! lol.
  • Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga - : 07/30/12 Mami prays for Mama's wellbeing and she also prays for Aakash, Angana and Kanak. Just then Angana and Aakash enter mama's house. Mami tells them about Mama's strange behaviour. Aakash senses something wrong and he reminds about Pratap's warning of harming Kanak. Kanak asks for 100 rupees from Vikas as she doesn't have money for bus ticket. Vikas refuses to pay blaming her for not fulfilling his bedroom needs. Kanak feels disgusted. Vikas throws 500 rupees note and leaves. Aakash calls up Kanak and asks her how everything at her end is. Aakash senses her tension but Kanak lies to Aakash that everything is fine at her end. Angana tells Kanak that their challenge is going good. Kanak couldn't hold on she cuts the phone and weeps. Mami asks Angana about challenge but she covers up. Just then Mama enters dancing and notices Angana-Aakash. Mama takes Aakash aside to talk. Aakash-Angana comes home. They notice that there is darkness in their room and switchboard is not working. Aakash takes up torch and notices things are messed up in their room. Both are shocked to see everything broken. Angana seethes with anger; Aakash asks Pannu, he tells her it was a girl who asked him for an iron rod. Angana screams for Pratap and Menka. ..
  • Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga - : 05/17/12 Chandana drags Angana in temple and gives her advice and leads her to shopping. Aakash opens his heart to Kanak and discuss about Angana's behavior. Kanak asks him till when he is going to stay in Raichandhouse. Akash answers her that he will stay there untill he pays off single penny that he owes. Sunder wears Hawaiin clothes to convince Jharna. Aakash notices Sunder and smiles harmlessly. Jharna gets angry and says she will see what Angana makes him dress during their honeymoon. Aakash is taken aback after hearing about honeymoon plan. Jharna insults Aakash and rushes up to her bedroom. Aakash finds Angana packing with Chandana suggesting her about how to win husband's heart. Angana isn't too excited, but due to Chandana's charged up behaviour, it seems to Akash as if Angana is also equally excited. Aakash takes Chandana in a wrong sense. Chandana notices Aakash and leaves the room giggling. Aakash is angry; he puts his clothes in her bag out of frustration. Aakash acts roughly, this shocks Angana and she breaks down crying inconsolably and runs out of the room. Kalyani gives Aakash's information to her secretary so that she can get Aakash's passport done just then Angana comes to Kalyani and starts crying and tells her that she doesn't want to go anywhere. Jharna enters and tries to create more tension for Kalyani. Angana tries to tell Kalyani that she isn't well but Kalyani is angry she shouts Aakash's name loudly. Everybody gathers. Kalyani asks Akash for answer ...
  • Sanjog Se Bani Sangini - Episode 13 Rudra returns home after meeting Gauri, and is in a good mood. He decides to forget his past and think about his future instead. Pihu notices Rudra in a good mood and tries to grab his attention, but Rudra fails to notice her and walks way leaving her fuming with anger. Gauri informs Sunehri that she has found a new friend, Rudra. She also reveals how Rudra had been betrayed by his love. Pihu gives Rudra blank calls to tease him; Rudra in a fit of rage breaks the phone. Pihu is happy to see him sad again. Gauri meets Rudra in the Lord Shiva temple and prays to God to help Rudra find his love again. Jhumroo sees Gauri along with Rudra in a temple. He reveals to her that Rudra is the one who had destroyed her shop.
  • Jhansi Ki Rani - Episode 241 - 23-07-2010 The new maid unveils her face but Laxmibai fails to notice it. Another maid comes just then to inform Laxmibai that Gangadhar has invited her for a game of sword fighting. Sakhubai, Lacho and Jankibai discuss how their pawn would soon poison the tip of the sword that Laxmibai would use in the fight against Gangadhar. Meanwhile, Laxmibai notices footmarks of mud in her room. She immediately reports it to Gangadhar who summons the guards as well as Raghunath. Interestingly, Raghunath too had washed his feet earlier because they were soiled in mud. When Sunder comes in, Laxmibai notices that her feet too are soiled. Laxmibai and Gangadhar begin their sword fight. However, Sunder interrupts and says that an ascetic at the palace door was willing to accept donations only from the queen, or she would curse both Laxmibai and Gangadhar. Laxmibai rushes to the palace gate and asks the ascetic what she wants. The ascetic demands the royal sword that Gangadhar had gifted her. She suggests that Laxmibai first purify the sword in milk before giving it away. However, Laxmibai is horrified to see the milk turn black after the sword is immersed in it. Sunder says that the sword must have been laced with poison. Laxmibai is shocked and realises that the ascetic's request had deeper implications. She sends her guards to fetch the ascetic. Stereo Audio
  • Ek Lapata Ladki - Episode 496 Inspector Abhijeet dives and all but couldn't see her when he comes back, he calls for help but he notices that people did not notice her and people feel that he was the one about to be drowned.. The first thrilling investigative series on Indian Television, is today one of the most popular shows on Sony Entertainment Television. Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, CID has captivated viewers over the last eleven years and continues to keep audiences glued to their television sets with its thrilling plots and excitement. Also interwoven in its fast paced plots are the personal challenges that the CID team faces with non-stop adventure, tremendous pressure and risk, all in the name of duty. The series consists of hard-core police procedural stories dealing with investigation, detection and suspense. The protagonists of the serial are an elite group of police officers belonging to the Crime Investigation Department of the police force, led by ACP Pradyuman [played by the dynamic Shivaji Satam]. While the stories are plausible, there is an emphasis on dramatic plotting and technical complexities faced by the police. At every stage, the plot throws up intriguing twists and turns keeping the officers on the move as they track criminals, led by the smallest of clues.
  • Pavitra Rishta - Episode 744 - 21-03-2012 At the hospital, Arjun gets apprehensive when he notices an inspector heading in his direction. The inspector informs Arjun and Purnima that he received a call from the hospital authorities regarding the accident. The inspector asks Purnima details about the accident. When Arjun tries to give his justification, the inspector stops him to answer on Purnima's behalf. Purnima tells the inspector that the accident occurred due to her carelessness. She states that she does not want to take any action against Arjun. Arjun later drops Purnima to her house and returns back to the hospital. Concerned about Purnima, Purvi rushes to the hospital. Purvi meets Arjun near the hospital and learns that Purnima was safe and that he had dropped her home. Purvi thanks Arjun for dropping Purnima. Purvi notices that Arjun was limping. She learns that Arjun sprained his leg during the accident. Purvi puts her arm around Arjun's shoulders and supports him to walk. Archana requests Manav to show her Ovi and Tejaswini's picture. At first Manav refuses, but later shows the picture to Archana. Archana begins to cry when she sees the picture on Manav's phone. She gets emotional when she sees that Tej was her daughter, Tejaswini. Manav notices Archana in tears and asks her why she changed her priorities in life. He states that for the first time he believes that Archana was concerned about her daughter. Manjusha gets apprehensive when she learns about Purnima's accident. Purnima informs Manjusha that ...
  • SHAPES (Song for Kids ♫) Zach and Reggie notices that shapes are literally everywhere! A fun educational song teaching children how to see shapes in everything that is around them. Facebook : On iTunes : Support More Videos : * * * Music, Puppets, Voices, and Art by Billy Reid More to come! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for weekly hits of PANCAKE MANOR! English and Japanese Closed Captioning now available. * * * Shapes are everywhere you look Everywhere you look there are shapes Shapes are found in everything Everything is made up of shapes Come on! Let's find shapes! I see a circle, I see a square I see a triangle over there Come on kids, let's draw shapes in the air SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE! FASTER! YEAH!
  • Rishton Ke Bhawar Mein Uljhi - Niyati - : 11/21/11 Sonali is sitting in the hall and weaving flowers for Kanha ji....suddenly a bouquet of roses lands at her feet,....Sonali looks surprised and very tensed....she gets flashes of Vikram.... that he use to give her roses and he had also called sometimes back.....Suddenly she notices a shadow at the door.... Sonali very tensed build up and she notices footsteps.... and slowly we tilt up and reveal eyes then slowly his face.... and Sonali realises that its Vikram.....
  • Blue Gender - Eclosion Marlene notices that Yuji's behavior is getting stranger and stranger. On the battlefield he is a force to be reckoned with, but he has an unhealthy obsession with destroying the Blue. Has Yuji turned into something that he once despised -- a cold-blooded killer?
  • Swapnanchya Palikadle - 14th May 2012 Yashwant gets furious on Anvita. Anvita notices Vaidehi's bangle in Prabhakar's hand. An anonymous person sends a bangle to Vaidehi and she gets frightened on seeing it. Manasi tries to console Vaidehi. Vaidehi gives the bangle to Manasi and asks her to keep it in her wardrobe. Anvita informs the family members that she went to see the status of Swapnil murder case. Aajee gets furious on Anvita. Later, Anvita is astonished to see the same bangle in Vaidehi's hand.
  • The Legal Side of Blogging - DMCA Takedown Notices Arizona attorney Ruth Carter explains what the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is and how DMCA takedown notices work Check out her book The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to get Sued, Fired, Arrested, or Killed at /author/ruthcarter Disclaimer: This video does not constitute legal advice. Watching this video does not create an attorney-client relationship with any viewer. If you need personalized legal advice, hire an attorney.
  • Pavitra Rishta - Episode 736 - 08-03-2012 After the party ends, Purvi asks Archana to leave with Manav as Vinay wanted to talk to her. She tells Archana that Vinay would drop her home. Besotted with Purvi, Vinay gifts a pair of earrings. He states that he wanted her to wear the earrings. On their way back home, Manav notices Archana drinking water repeatedly. He believes that Archana did not eat food at the party and so he stops his car next to a roadside eatery. Manav tells Archana that he knows that she was hungry and hence has ordered for pav-bhaji for her. Tej is excited to see the number of gifts Purvi has received. In excitement, Tej decides to open Purvi's gifts. Purvi asks Tej to open every gift very carefully. Purvi gets excited when she notices Manav's name on the wrapper of the gift. Manav gifted Purvi a Punjabi suit. Tej feels bad as she had once again lost an opportunity to meet Purvi's father. Purvi tells Tej that the gift is precious to her since Manav gave it. Tej looks at the Punjabi suit and states that her father too has similar choice in purchasing clothes. In the middle of the night, Arjun recollects his and Manav's conversation. Manav had mentioned to Arjun that he was happy to see him at her party. He had also said that he was happy that Arjun cared about other people's feelings and was socializing as well. Arjun has absolutely no clue why he was feeling restless. To keep his mind off from getting distracted, Arjun decides to work. He gets restless when he fails to find a certain file. With ...
  • Bodhu Kon Alo Laaglo Chokhe - 26th September 2012 Alo becomes happy as Sourav informs her about Icche's recovery. Sougata asks Sourav to be cautious while discussing about their personal matters inside the house. Sourav takes Alo to a restaurant to discuss about their problems. In the restaurant, she learns about Anshuman's death in an accident after watching the news and faints. While discussing about Suhani with her mother-in-law, Debjani notices Jayanta peeking into the room.
  • Tujh Sang Preet Lagayee Sajna - : 06/26/12 Kinjal notices Gunjan rubbing her eyes.... She asks aloud who have put kajal in her eyes.... Sonali murmurs, I have and starts to look... Kinjal stops her angrily... Sonali is shocked.... Seeing Kinjal's attitude everyone looks at her... Kinjal composes herself and sweetly yet sarcastically tells Sonali that before doing anything you should have check with me... as Gunjan has allergy of Kajal... Charu out of concern say a mother can only understand her child well... Sonali is pained... Kinjal asks Narrotam if he needs anything but he denies, at the same time he sees Sonali coming and asks for a tea... Kinjal is shocked and tells Narrotam why you denied when I asked you... Narrotam sweetly tells Kinjal that he only likes Sonali's tea, this makes Kinjal all the more jealous.... She goes back to her room... Kinjal is frustrated already and on the top of it her daughter says she is going to Sonali to play with her... Kinjal wonders why everyone talks about Sonali in this house she shall soon make everyone realize who is the eldest bahu...
  • Swapnanchya Palikadle - 12th June 2012 Samar agrees to help Vaidehi. Meanwhile, Anvita notices Samar and Vaidehi together. Later, Vaidehi is in a dilemma as Anvita demands a gold necklace from her. Vasundhara sees a gold necklace with Vaidehi. Anvita lies to Vasundhara that Vaidehi has gifted the necklace to her. Vasundhara's lawyer suspects Vaidehi and asks her to undergo a DNA test.
  • Aval 05/07/12 In temple, Shalini offers prayers to god for Jayanthi's recovery. Nandha comes to the temple in search of his friend, Shalini notices him and tries to speak with him. But he avoids Shalini and leaves the place; shalini follows him and offers him the holy ash. Nandha is irritated. Karpagam notices Amala in deep thought so she enquires about her disinterest in meeting her mother. Amala denies it and starts to meet her mother. Prabhaker informs Jayanthi that Amala's blood group matches her and wants to ask her. But Jayanthi refuses it. Meantime doctor informs Prabhaker about the critical situation of Jayanthi and asks him to arrange for a kidney immediately. Col Swaminathan advertises the need of kidney. Reacting to this advert, Manibharathy calls the number mentioned in the advert and mentions his willingness to donate a kidney. Jayanthi picks the phone and thanks the caller for his kindness. Col Swaminathan arrives and wants to know the name of the caller, so he calls back and is shocked to know that the caller was Manibharathy.
  • Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga - : 10/26/12 Mausi is doing make up just then she notices a skeleton figure and runs out screaming. Everybody makes fun of Mausi. Nani tells Mama to go and check. Mami and Mama go and check but they find nothing. Mausi creates havoc. Angana secretly comes out smiling with a skeleton suit in her hand. Sunder brings Jharna to a clinic. She notices a pregnant woman and asks her about how it feels when a woman is pregnant. The woman tells her that husbands pamper a lot when their wives are pregnant. Jharna decides to fake pregnancy to sunder. Angana consoles Mausi and tells her that she has high fever. Angna tells her to sleep for a while. Mausi is scared to sleep in the room as she saw ghost in that room. Anagan forces her to sleep. Chandana arrives in the office cabin and takes out the film magazines, videogames cd's and she keeps a Ganesh idol on the table. A secretary comes and helps Chandana to introduce her to whole office. Chandana notices office people are not working instead they are doing time pass. Chadana announces that she is the new boss also she announces the new rules. She tells them that they will start the day with prayers. Heeru gives crying Pari to Pratap. Kalyani comes to check. Pratap pretends to be a caring father in front of Kalyani. Aakash shares his concern about the black magic and Mausi's ghost incident with Angana. Angana gets conscious. Aakash asks her if she is hiding anything. Angna reassures him that she cannot hide anything from him. Aakash tells her that ...
  • Swapnanchya Palikadle - 2nd May 2012 While having breakfast Yashwant notices that Manasi is tensed. Manasi gets Swapnil's call but she disconnects it. Later, she calls back and requests Swapnil not to torture her. Anvita notices Manasi and asks her the reason of her tension. Later, Swapnil applies color on Manasi's face. MLA Prabhakar visits the Patkar family to thank them for voting in his favor.
  • Kiss Me Like You've Never Been Loved ~ Tomoe x Nanami Watch in HD Wooh! Another video completed! This time it got better :D Storyline (Warning Confusion ahead!): Tomoe notices Nanami and Nanami notices Tomoe. As you can with Mizuki touching Nanami, Tomoe gets jealous but thats the past when he first notices he loved her. The part where Tomoe had long hair, Nanami notices him but thats just a memory where it goes to the present where Tomoe looks at Nanami shocking her. Now fast foward and she hugs Tomoe and then back to the past where she just kisses him randomly no feelings at all. Tomoe notices something about Nanami. Nanami realizes she loves Tomoe. [Spoiler Alert! Episode 13]. But things get in the way and Nanami looks sad and Tomoe sensed something. It looks like it's all a joke but wait! At 1:40 it was just Tomoe's imagination thats why he stopped and explained the imagination/future to Nanami. Plot twist! Lol! Any requests? Comment below and I will make sure I will do your request :] Info: anime: Kamisama Hajimema***a couple/characters: tomoe and nanami song: Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran program: sony vegas pro 11 editing type: raw
  • Cat Barks Like Dog Until He Notices A Camera - funny cat video!
  • SayGo youth notices 7th January 2013 Happy new year guys
  • Unforgettable Mistake (episode 4) READ THIS::: ---»» This week's nail art: PLEASE watch and VOTE on "Bradway - The Best Performances": Epi: Of course the seat is not taken! (like some of you said) Tyler was about to introduce Melanie, but she already had met Bia and started conversation, specially teasing them. Then Alexis gets in the conversation and quickly makes Melanie sit beside her so Tyler can be with Bia xD A little later Bia and Tyler are by the water laughing and talking (awww) as Alexis and Melanie watch them talking about how to put them together. Melanie assures her that Tyler is the perfect guy for her sister; then Alexis notices in a guy staring at Melanie and tells her; but Melanie's excitment fades when she sees is just Brad. She gets annoyed and moody but Alexis notices that there's something more and teases her, until Tyler and Bia come back. Tyler notices Brad and calls him over, presenting him to Bia and Alexis. But he's sill moody from what happened between him and Melanie and goes for a swim as Melanie rolls her eyes; then Tyler invites Bia for an ice cream and they leave again, as Alexis sighs, saying "Young love..." xD Along, Tyler finally asks her about their date, but Bia gets nervous only saying that she still doesn't know him well. He doesn't get mad and smiles saying he will ask her again, later tonight! xD On the towel, Melanie asks Alexis to put sunscreen on her back, but right then she sees Brad coming, so she brings up an excuse and leaves ...
  • Pavitra Rishta - Episode 692 - 06-01-2012 DK's business associates praise Arjun on his business skills. In order to make Arjun feel jealous, Ovi starts flirting with another man at the party. Ovi's plan backfires when the man tries to get intimate with her. Arjun notices the scenario and goes to Ovi's rescue. Ovi gets elated when Arjun states that she was his fianc e. Tejaswini notices Arjun and the man fighting and attacks the man for misbehaving with Ovi. DK gets elated when Arjun tells him that he was ready to marry Ovi. Tejaswini tells Ovi that she will go to any extent to keep her safe and happy. Without wasting time, DK announces in front of the gathering that Arjun and Ovi had decided to marry. Manav, Savita and Damodar get elated to hear the good news. Arjun's happiness is short-lived when Mr. Agarwal phones him and urgently asks him to come to India as the employees had gone on strike. Archana gets apprehensive when Purvi mentions that the new owner of the company was coming to India to solve their grievances. Archana believes Manav was coming to India again. She hopes that Manav may bring Ovi and Tejaswini along with him to India and allow her to meet them. Archana notices the wind chimes, which Manav had gifted her. She recalls the conversation wherein Manav told her that she would feel relieved every time she touches the wind chimes.
  • IGN News - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scenes Exposed According to some casting obtained call notices, the scenes being shot are apparent to fans. Also, Jamie Foxx revealed some new details on his role as Max Dillion, aka Electro, in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, particularly in regards to the character's new costume.
  • Geet Hui Sabse Parayi - Geet Hui Sabse Parayi - Episode 325 Tej and Maan's confrontation Tej calls an inspector home to throw Maan out. Lucky approaches Maan and praises his personality. He assures to support him throughout. The inspector arrives and threatens to throw Maan out of the house but leaves the house once he realizes how influential Maan is. Tej is angry as he feels helpless before Maan. Maan admires Geet when he sees her doing the household chores. Maan notices Geet angry with him. Geet refuses to talk to Maan as she is angry with him for creating a ruckus at home. Maan invites his clients home to discuss a project. Tej confronts Maan and they end up in an heated argument as Tej is worried about Nandini's marriage breaking because of the current situations at home.
  • X610 - Far Cry 3 - 036 - Oh Now I Get It Jason Brody, two outposts behind him left in smoldering ruin for his Rakyat allies to rebuild, claims yet a third. Successes though these may be, his attempts to go undetected have failed thus far, and he has grown frustrated. He finds a pirate, mortally wounded, lying bloody, but still barely alive if only for a while longer, on the ground. Jason kneels beside the pirate and grabs in both hands his enemy's shirt collar. He pulls at it, and demands of the pirate, "Hey! Howcome you noticed me?!" Confused, the pirate raises an eyebrow. "...What?" "I was trying to take this place undetected! Why did you notice me?!" "...You killed my friends and shot a gun at me?" "So?!" Jason grits his teeth. "I don't get what you're asking." The pirate coughs up some blood. "Look, I'm going to make this REAL ***ing clear to you, pirate. I was trying to take this place away from you." "Uh huh." The pirate is following along thus far. "And I WANTED to do it WITHOUT BEING DETECTED." "Okay, yeah...?" The pirate's still on track. "So WHY did you detect me?! You didn't set off any alarms!" Now the pirate's a bit lost. "...Do you think we don't notice you just because the alarm's off?" "WHAT A SILLY QUESTION RARWRFSFGH" Jason comments. After a moment, the pirate questions Jason's comment. "Okay, is it? A silly question? I'm legitimately confused. Because our ability to notice things killing us, especially when flaming arrows, assault rifles, barking dogs, and grenades are involved, has nothing ...
  • Episode 21 - 15-05-2012 Jwala Thakur and the other Thakurs along with their Thakurains arrive to watch the raai dance. Gulabiya notices Saroj sitting among the Thakurains. Saroj gets irritated when Gulabiya greets Jwala Thakur. Chanda asks Sugni to dress up quickly for the stage show. She fears that they may lose audience if Sugni does not arrive in time for her performance. Meanwhile, Amrita and Kuhu arrive at the fair. Kuhu runs into Jwala Thakur's son Digvijay and romantically looks at him. Saroj gets irritated to see the sight and scolds Digvijay. She orders Digvijay to stay away from Kuhu as she was Vikram Singh's sister. She fears that the enmity between Vikram Singh and Jwala Thakur may ignite because of them. Digvijay mockingly states that that he was merely having fun and was not interested in Kuhu. Gulabiya gets apprehensive when she notices Hukum and Lagariya conversing with Digvijay, Haldi Singh and Saroj. Saroj enquires with Hukum and Lagariya where she' was. Hukum replies that she' was present at the fair. He assures them that until she' performs their task, they would not leave from the fair. Gulabiya believes that they were talking about Sugni. She fears Digvijay and the others would force Sugni in to something untoward. She decides to find Sugni and leave from the fair. Rathu gets irritated when Sugni keeps asking him to check the arrangements. Champa enquires with Sugni why she was getting apprehensive. Sugni replies that she fears that something bad was going to happen. The ...
  • Episode 265 - 22-11-2010 Abha gets worried for Pratibha. Veer notices a woman who has covered her face exiting from the back door. When Sanskar gains consciousness, Abha and Karan ask him what exactly happened. Yashodhara hurriedly bribes the nurse. Before Sanskar can speak up, the nurse asks Abha and Karan to wait outside. Veer later realizes that the woman he saw could be Yashodhara. He informs Abha and Karan about this. Abha decides to check with Sanskar. Meanwhile, disguised as a doctor, Yashodhara injects Sanskar with a harmful medicine. Sanskar, who is not fully conscious, reveals to Yashodhara about Pratibha's whereabouts. Abha collides with Yashodhara. Abha follows her and finds that the woman is actually Yashodhara. Abha drags her but she manages to flee. Sanskar reveals to Abha about Pratibhas whereabouts. Stereo Audio
  • Ishti Kutum - 30th June 2012 Krishanu wishes to visit Polashboni to meet Baha. Meanwhile, Archi and Baha attend the puja rituals in the village. They spend a good time with the villagers at the temple. Prakash becomes annoyed recalling the truth about Archi and Baha. Krishanu reaches the temple and takes photos of the villagers. He is astonished to see Archi among the villagers and notices sindoor on Baha's forehead. He takes a photo of Archi with Baha. Archi notices Krishanu and indirectly warns him.
  • Two Weeks "Four siblings rush home to say a last goodbye to their very sick mother. When she hangs on, they find themselves trapped together-for two weeks. Through laughter and tears, they come to terms with the tragedies we all must face, and rediscover the joy we find in each other. What happens to a family when the one person who holds it together can't hold on anymore? Two-time Academy Award winners, Sally Field and Ben Chaplin, head a terrific acting ensemble in this bittersweet comedy."
  • SuperMrjoker83 Notices Pimples On Perryisthebest20 Then He Gets Them As Well I do not own The Amazing World of Gumball. It belongs to Cartoon Network.
  • Episode 32 - 30-05-2012 Sugni interrupts and states that they were a few men who do not take advantage of a woman. She explains further by giving Vikram Singh's example. She tells her family that Vikram Singh was unlike other Thakurs. Lagariya gets irritated on hearing Sugni's statement. She hopes that other men follow Vikram Singh's traits and be generous and nice. In order to placate Amrita's anger, Aditya decides to apologize to her. However seeing her busy, he starts walking away. Amrita stops Aditya and states that he came to meet her as he wanted to apologize to her. She states that he must do the needful. Laxmi develops severe abdominal pain. Sugni notices Laxmi crying out in pain. She immediately calls out to Kathari. Kathari gets apprehensive as neither Hukum nor Gulabiya was at home. Tinkle gets scared on seeing Laxmi's condition. Laxmi asks Kathari to give her water. Kathari gets apprehensive as they did not have water in the pot. Sugni volunteers to go and get water. The pundit refuses to allow Amrita in the temple as she was dressed in western attire. Amrita argues with the pundit. Aditya tells the pundit that Amrita was his guest and does not know the temple rules. He smartly handles the situation by covering Amrita's head with a scarf. Sugni notices stream of water flowing from a pipe. She realizes that the water was coming from Shiva temple. She immediately fills the pot. Few villagers notice a pot full of water in Sugni's hands. They follow Sugni and warn her not to take the ...
  • Notice to all plus sized cosplayers! Now, be it noted, that I am a plus size cosplayer. I'm not saying don't cosplay, I'm saying don't cosplay someone that has a costume you wouldn't wear in public. I am sick and tired of these plus sized cosplayers walking about saying boohoo! They called me fat! It's because, hello! Your in a sailor suit that sticks to your fat rolls and your ass is hanging out of your wayyyy too short skirt. On that note, why are all plus sized cosplayers sailor scouts?! Its wayyy too common in fat people to wear sailor moon uniforms, WHY!?!?!!?!?!? Side note: I have not deleted anyone's comments. I approve of the discussion of the differing opinions, also, this video is HOW OLD?! I generally forget about it until I get notices about the comments and even then, I am too busy to log on and respond. Much less go through the hassle of deleting them.
  • Shelby notices camera
  • Uravugal Thodarkathai 04/18/12 Shanthi and periamma are preparing snacks for Karthik and his friends, Nandhini and Lakshmi also joins them. Shanthi appreciates Karthik for bringing his friends home. Archana sprays the Holi colors on Raghul and the celebrations begins. Archana's grandma advices everyone to wear holi dresses. Karthik's friends mix some powder in drink and give it to Karthik. During the celebrations, husbands offer kunkum to their wife's and wife's do the same for their husbands. Archana feels about Karthik and she places some kunkum to Karthik's photo and wishes him. Karthik seems very happy and enjoys the holi celebrations. Karthik's family is surprised to see him like this. So the elders decide to celebrate holi. Relatives arrive at Archana's home and she thinks about Karthik. Nandhini notices that Karthik is very happy and she has a vision of Mohan too celebrating Holi. Shanthi and periamma notice that Karthik is missing and ask his friends. In Archana's home, everyone is celebrating holi and some relatives enquire Archana for not celebrating. Archana pines for Karthik and suddenly Karthik arrives there and sprays color on her. Archana is stunned.
  • Black Jack TV - Full Episode 11 (Official & HQ with subtitles) Pinoko notices that Largo has fetched a pearl. She shows Black Jack, which surprises him, and he heads out to the shore. Pinoko and Largo follow, and they come across a bay filled with shining pearls.
  • Aval 03/20/12 Shalini takes care of Raghavan in the hospital, which is noticed by Dr Kamala and appreciated. Amala notices that Magesh and Shantha are worrying. Amala searches for clues in Magesh's home. Magesh notices this and enquires Mmala. But she hides the truth. Amala meets his mother and informs that Shalini is truly missing. Jayanthi refuses to believe it and asks her daughter to follow the activities of Magesh. Raghavan's manager comes to the hospital & Raghavan asks Shalini to get tea for him. She leaves the room, meanwhile Dhansekaran comes to that hospital.
  • Pavitra Rishta - Episode 181 - 05-02-2010 Archana cries in deep pain. Savita notices this and comes out to help her. Though Savita pities Archana but does not show her concern openly to her. Savita gives medicines to Archana and Manav gets touched on seeing Savita caring for Archana. Manav nurses Archana very well. Stereo Audio

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