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  • Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the. — “Login | Facebook”,
  • eNotes is an educational resource for teachers and students with literature study guides, lesson plans, literary criticism, and more. — “”,
  • Write notes and access them anywhere. — “Yahoo! Notepad”,
  • Check out the notes, discussion boards, and the presidential term summaries. Also be sure to check out the Wiki where you can upload notes for other school If you have any notes, vocabulary terms, quizzes, etc. from past. — “ :: US History Notes, Guides, Practice Tests”,
  • The latest stats, facts, news and notes on Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder. — “Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City Thunder - News - NBA - Yahoo! Sports”,
  • These are the three pillars on which Ed Notes is founded – providing information on current ed issues, organizing activities around fighting for public education in NYC and beyond and exposing the motives behind the education deformers. We are part of a tiny band of resisters. — “Education-: An independent point of view on issues”, education-
  • Notes are the "atoms" of much Western music: discretizations of musical phenomena that The term "note" can be used in both generic and specific senses: one might say either "the piece 'Happy Birthday to You' begins with two notes having the same pitch," or "the piece begins with two repetitions. — “Note - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Official Site of Bill Gates. Stay up to date on where Bill is at, What Bill is Learning and what is on his mind. — “The Official Site of Bill Gates - The Gates Notes”,
  • Download Audible audiobooks featuring Vango Notes audio books. Also including best sellers, new releases and customer picks. Sign up for Audible audiobooks and download Vango Notes audio books to your iPod or MP3 player today. — “Vango Notes | Search Results | Audible Audiobooks | ”,
  • note n. A brief record, especially one written down to aid the memory: took notes in class. A brief informal letter. — “note: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article) from”,
  • Here you find AP US History outlines, notes, vocabulary terms, topic notes, practice quizzes, court cases, political parties, political timelines and biographies. Many of these resources correspond to the American Pageant textbook. — “AP US History - Notes, Outlines, Vocabulary and Quizzes”, course-
  • Teachers - Create Notes for homework and class information and post them on the web in seconds using this free community service. Parents and Students - view notes from your teachers by entering your School ZIP Code:. — “Schoolnotes”,
  • Get homework help from CliffsNotes literature notes and study guides, covering literature, Shakespeare, biology, chemistry, math, calculus, history, and much more. — “CliffsNotes”,
  • This is your starting place for technical information about Lotus software. You'll find articles, sample code, tutorials, tools, and more. — “”,
  • Offers student written study guides for a variety of subjects, forums, and more. XxMeleaxX has found one very fun-sounding loophole in the "friends don't knock friends to the ground" rule. — “”,
  • Ally Demand Notes. — “Ally Demand Notes, Ally Financial”,
  • Free BookNotes / Study Guides / Chapter Summaries Online / Download Notes Cliff Notes™, Cliffs Notes™, Cliffnotes™, Cliffsnotes™ are registered properties of the John Wiley Publishing Company. — “”,

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  • Song Composed just on 3 notes/Raga... by Ilayaraja This song is one among the few masterpieces of Ilayaraja. The song is composed by 3 notes SA-RE-GA in carnatic & C,D,E in western. See how catchy the tune is...marvelous! Also see his orchestration.
  • Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - The Love I Lost 1973 stereo Lyrics I can remember planning Building my whole world around you And I can remember hoping That you and I could make it on through But something went wrong We loved each other We just couldn't get along Take a good look at me I'm in misery, can't you see The love I lost (the love, the love I lost) Was a sweet love (it was a sweet love) The love I lost (the love, the love I lost) Was complete love (it was complete love) The love I lost (the love I lost) I will never (never) no no never (Never) love again ooh I can't remember nothing, no no But the good times we used to share I'm so sad and lonely Without you my life is so dead I'm sorry to say You go your way and I'll go my way It hurts deep inside The day we said goodbye, but (CHORUS:) The love I lost (the love, the love I lost) Was a sweet love (it was a sweet love) The love I lost (the love, the love I lost) Was complete love (it was complete love) The love I lost ooh ooh I will never (never) no no never (Never) love again (I'll never love again) I will never (never) no no never (Never) love again ooh ooh ooh ooh I will never (never) no no never (Never) love again The love, the love I lost, ooh The love, the love I lost (CHORUS)
  • Yellow Sticky Notes Yellow Sticky Notes merchandise available at in Canadian and US prices depending on your region! DVD's available at
  • World Science Festival 2009: Notes & Neurons, Part 1 of 10 "Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus" Is our response to music hard-wired or culturally determined? Is the reaction to rhythm and melody universal or influenced by environment? Join host John Schaefer, scientist Daniel Levitin and musical artist Bobby McFerrin for live performances and cross cultural demonstrations to illustrate musics note-worthy interaction with the brain and our emotions. This segment features an impressive display of improvisational harmony from Bobby McFerrin. This event took place on June 12, 2009 in the Gerald Lynch Theater at the City University of New York. This is the first of ten segments. Please visit us at !
  • Ella Fitzgerald : One note Samba (scat singing) 1969 June 22, 1969 jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald with accompaniment by Ed Thigpen on drums, Frank de la Rosa on bass, and Tommy Flanagan on piano.
  • Simple Sweet Notes (204): Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way Minute Recipe: Beet, Stilton, Apple and Nut Salad. Jacques cuts the cooking time of a whole chicken in half with a pair of shears and a few cuts of his knife in this flavorful Roasted Split Chicken with a Mustard Crust. Fluffy Mashed Potatoes make the perfect side dish. Pizza is made quicker and easier when you use a ready made base, and Jacques personalizes it with an unusual twist when he crisps Lavash to make Smoked Salmon Pizza garnished with capers, onion and cilantro. He concludes with a no-frills Greek Yogurt, Walnuts and Honey arguably one of his fastest desserts.
  • I Miss You - Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes - [ LYRICS ] I MISS YOU (Kenneth Gamble / Leon Huff) Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes Ooh...ooh... (Oh, I) Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... (Oh, I) (I miss you, baby) (Oh...) (Oh, I) Oh, I (Oh, I) (Miss you) I miss you, baby (Miss you) (Miss you, miss you) I swear I do (Miss you) Mmm, hmm Every since you went away I ain't been doing nothing but (Thinking, thinking) (2x) With my head in my hands (Thinking) You been away from so long and I just don't think I can carry on so I start (Drinking, drinking) (2x) Each and every night (Drinking) (Ah...ah...ah...) Trying to drown all my loneliness away I don't forget a day Fall down on my knees wishing for your return And oh, how I hurt 'Cause I (Oh, I) Oh, I (Oh, I) (Miss you) I miss you, baby (Miss you) (Miss you, miss you) Oh, Lord (Miss you) You can look at my eyes and see That a great big man like me has been (Crying, crying) (2x) Crying my heart and soul out to you, baby (Crying) Sitting in my lonely room Filled with nothing but gloom and I feel like (Dying, dying) (2x) Hey, y'all help me (Dying) (Ah...ah...ah...) 'Cause ever since the day you left I don't know what to do with myself Oh...I wish for your return And oh, how I hurt 'Cause I (Oh, I) Oh, I (Oh, I) (Miss you) I miss you, baby (Miss you) (Miss you, miss you) I miss you, baby (Miss you), oh...I (Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...) Oh, I I miss you, baby (Miss you, miss you) (2x) I swear I do (Miss you) Oh, I (2x) (Oh, I) Oh, I (Oh, I) (Miss you, miss you) I miss ...
  • Harold Melvin & The Blue Note. ft Teddy Pendergrass- I Miss You Live 1973 musci video
  • Amazing Grace History/"Amazing Grace" By Wintley Phipps Wintley himself called me december of 2009 to pray with me over the phone and thanked me for helping touching lives through posting this video. It meant so much to me and i'd like to thank him. THANK YOU MR. PHIPPS. GOD HAS USED YOU. IT WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED AND ITS NICE TO KNOW THAT YOU TRULY ARE A KIND, GODLY MAN. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MINISTRY. THIS IS MY MOST VIEWED VIDEO!! PERIOD!! YAY!! :) NOTE TO ALL VIEWERS: many of you have missunderstood what he said. He did NOT say an african american wrote the words to amazing grace. He never argued that John Newton was not an englishmen, so stop pointing it out! He just said that John Newton was a slave trader and he was. Most of you are so concentrated on black and white, you are missing the point of the whole video!! He is trying to send out a message that God intended for all of us to be united. Weather you agree with the details or not, the message he is trying to send is a good one. So lighten up and take the hint!! When I posted this video, I had absolutely no idea how popular it would become. Anyone who thinks my intention is to "misinform" or to show any disregard to any race or culture obviously knows nothing about me. This is a great video, and I love wintley phipps and so I decided to share. I did not expect it to be so huge!! Of course we all agree that John Newton was in fact a slave trader. Thats the whole point. GRACE. That God can change the hardest of hearts within time if they'll listen. All the other stuff ...
  • This Note's For You (Video) © 2006 WMG This Note's For You (Video)
  • Christina Aguilera High Notes Pt. I Christina Aguilera High Notes part I... Her amazing 4 octaves range, her charisma, her beauty etc made her one of the most succesful singers in the world, no matter how much controversy she had cause, when she opens her mouth nothing else matters... What makes CHRISTINA the best ??? She always sings live , she always hit those notes , SHE NEVER lip-synch... No one like her... Before you ask , the few seconds on the song with the pic ( actually is the official BACK TO BASICS cover )is CANDY MAN from BACK TO BASICS!
  • Christina Aguilera high notes/best voice 2 Impressive live performances of the best singer of this generation. I do not own this songs...its just a fan video commpilation to support her.
  • Notes Funny scene in Phantom of the Opera where the managers receive some notes from the phantom. Hehe...the phantom plays with dolls...hehe.
  • Suicide Notes Suicide Notes by Disagree
  • SUPER DUPER NOTE 2010!!! Why wouldn't you join the team that has the cutest most pdp'en baby in the whole world? Make a vieo response to THIS video singing a note for as long as you can. The 10 longest super notes on our team will get a free shirt! SuperNote2010 Details: Rules and Standings:
  • Pachelbel Canon in D Original Instruments Soundtrack at please help support our ensemble! Johann Pachelbel's beautiful interweaving of melody & harmony--one of the great works of music! Performed on original instruments by Voices of Music. Featuring Katherine Kyme, Carla Moore & Cynthia Freivogel, baroque violin; Tanya Tomkins, baroque cello, Hanneke van Proosdij, baroque organ; David Tayler, theorbo. About the performance: the canon is played using not only the instruments but also the bowing techniques from the time of Pachelbel. As you can see from the video, especially if you look at the high definition version, the string instruments are not only baroque, but they are in baroque setup: this means that the strings, fingerboard, bridge and other parts of the violin appear just as they did in Pachelbel's time. No metal hardware such as chinrests, clamps or fine tuners are used on the violins, allowing the violins to vibrate freely. A good example of baroque bowing can be seen in the extended passage of repeated notes: the musicians play these notes on one bow—the shorter & lighter baroque bow—to created a gliding effect. The players also hold the bow very differently which affects the balance and touch. Both the style and the amount of vibrato are based on baroque treatises which describe the methods for playing, bowing & articulation in the late 17th century. The narrow, shimmering vibrato blends with the baroque organ. The organ used is made entirely of wood, based on German baroque instruments ...
  • Bernard "Pretty" Purdie: Ghostnotes Bernard "Pretty" Purdie "splains" to you ghostnotes and 16th Notes. Bernard Purdie is the most recorded drummer in the world.
  • TMNT S01E14 Notes from Underground, Part Two (1/2) Here is S01E14 "Notes from the Underground, Part Two" (first part). If you like TMNT, please subscribe to me! :D Check out my first account: DOWNLOAD IN HQ: PLEASE VISIT THIS FORUM: www.tmnt- ~~~ I wish it belonged to me, but TMNT belongs to it's rightful owners. ~~~
  • HOW TO PLAY HARMONICA - Lesson 1 - SINGLE NOTES - Bajan Piedpiper MUSIC 101 It has been said "a harmonica is the world's greatest musical instrument." Played with pizzazz it sure sounds sweet! There is one thing I can surely promise you ~ if you will view this video, study and visit the links given in these notes, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS... if you will be patient and persistent and refrain from becoming frustrated... you will succeed in learning to play harmonica! It does not matter what skill it is, ALL SKILLS require PRACTICE ... just take it one step at a time and you will succeed. Ok! One of the first things you notice when you try to play a harmonica is that you'll play more than one note at the same time, this is because the holes are small and close together... Even though you will sometimes use chords formed by playing more than one note at a time, your first task is to play a clean, clear single note ... this is necessary to properly play the melody of a song or riff. So ... to get good clear single notes is your first 'assignment.' Here is the technique: 1) Wet your lips with your tongue so the harp can move easily from hole to hole. 2) Move the harp and not your head! 3) Purse (pucker) your lips as when whistling or drinking through a straw. Cover the holes on the harmonica with your lips except the one hole you want to play. Your pucker should be about the size of a pencil eraser. 4) Place the harp well into your lips ... do not have it out on the front. 5) Inhale, exhale gently on the hole... BREATHING FROM YOUR ABDOMEN ...
  • How to Read Piano Notes on the Grand Staff Free Beginners Piano Lessons - (Piano Theory Lesson 11) To watch the full piano tutorial go to www.piano-play- This piano lesson is a natural continuation of the previous piano lessons in Piano Play It where I teach to read and play piano notes on the Treble staff ( www.piano-play- ) and on the the Bass staff ( www.piano-play- ) In this piano lesson we'll learn to read piano notes both in the right hand and the left with the help of the grand staff. Other Free beginners piano lesson and wonderful piano tutorial are available on www.piano-play- for free. Don't miss the chance of a life time to learn piano with a different aproach! Hope you enjoyed this piano lesson... I'll see ya in the next one David from www.piano-play-
  • NOTES - Natural Orifice Transgastric Endoscopic Surgery NOTES - Natural Orifice Transgastric Endoscopic Surgery Procedure performed at Tulane Medical Center - Urology Clinic.
  • Notes from a War on Terror: Vanguard Vanguard correspondent Mariana van Zeller travels to Sri Lanka to see how the Tamil Tigers, one of the world's most lethal and influential terrorist organizations, were finally defeated. Watch Vanguard on Current TV Mondays at 9pm/8c. VIEW more Vanguard & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here...
  • Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 9 - Frazil Ice Summertime visitors to Yosemite National Park miss many of the unique events of winter and early spring. Frazil ice flows are dramatic natural events that occur in the waterfalls of Yosemite Valley during March and April.
  • BC-152 • The Note Circle (Guitar Lesson) This isStage 5, Lesson 2 of Justin's Beginner Guitar Course. This video explains sharps and flats and tones and semitones. Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Justin's Beginners Guitar Method is all free - and all the notes, tabs, neck diagrams and other helpful stuff is all found on the web site. The videos are all embedded in the pages, so using the web site makes it a lot easier to use the course. Hope you like it! Full support at the web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a great forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all totally free, no bull. No sample lessons, no memberships. Just tons of great lessons :) .
  • DEADLINE post-it stop motion Making sitck'n note stop motion SECOND EPISODE right now, Please go visit: Here is THE MAKING OF : This is my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design. Where my idea comes from is that every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline. I manipulating the post-it notes to do pixel-like stop motion and there are some interactions between real actor and post-its. Directed by Bang-yao Liu Music by Röyksopp () Sound design by Ian Vargo, Shaun Burdick Actor Chun-yao Huang ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Just want to say thank you to every one The responses are really beyond my expectation... Especially thank to my teacher and my friends who help me a lot. Thank to Ashton Kutcher...that was unbelievable for me!!! Appreciate you like it !! : ) --------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT: [email protected]
  • Ovation TV | Jason Mraz Outtakes, Notes from the Road NOTES FROM THE ROAD is an Ovation TV original music series featuring some of the hottest bands and artists touring the US Each episode is shot on location at Bonefish Grill restaurants across the country and features live performances and interviews with the musical acts. Along with stories of the tour, the artists give us a behind the scenes look at life on the road and their creative process in writing and recording. Featured artists in season one include The Bravery, 3 Doors Down, and Vanessa Carlton. Jason Mraz performs live at Bonefish Grill Denver, Colorado. OVATION TV, ART LIKE NEVER BEFORE. TV LIKE NOTHING ELSE
  • Notes On A Scandal - Trailer Out in select theaters 12/25/06. One Woman's Mistake is Another's Opportunity. Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett
  • Cate Blanchett Judi Dench, Notes on a Scandal, Intense Scene The pivotal scene of the film, 'Notes on a Scandal', when Sheba Hart (Blanchett) confronts Barbara Covett (Dench). These are two of the best actors working today, and this scene is the ultimate example of their talent. They were both nominated for this movie at the 2007 Oscars.
  • Tumeni Notes Steve Morse & Dave Larue live in New York - This one has some volume so you can hear it!
  • Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 12 - Glaciers Yosemite National Park is famous for its spectacular glacially carved landscape. Although glaciers have come and gone many times in the past, there are still two active glaciers near Yosemite's highest peaks.
  • DCS A-10C Warthog Producer Note 2 - Start Up The second producer note for DCS: A-10C Warthog. This note focuses on the start up procedure of the A-10C attack jet. Notes Please note that this note is based on Alpha code and far from complete. We feel it better to release such videos now based on pre-release code than wait until the game is about done. Video was recorded at 30 FPS at 1280x720 using internal AVI tool. No post-processing was used. Sorry, mouse cursor could not be recorded. High Dynamic Range (HDR) can be enabled/disabled by users. While the start up procedure is works for me, I'm sure users will find a flow that works better for them. This note takes place at a work-in-progress version of the new Nevada (Nellis AFB) terrain. We wanted to give you a little preview of this new terrain even though it is incomplete. No noise map yet and some issues with close range shadows.
  • Goodbye, Sticky Notes; Hello, Reqall David Pogue reviews Reqall, a personal reminder service that collects your every utterance and idea and holds them for posterity. Related article:
  • Transvaginal Sigmoidectomy by NOTES NOTES surgery transvaginal radical sigmoidectomy is a feasible and encologically safe by NOTES (Natural Orific Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery)
  • peter broderick - with the notes in my ears Peter Broderick's "with the notes in my ears" Originally heard this on Grey's Anatomy and loved it =]
  • Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 13 - Rangers' Club While Yosemite National Park is known for its towering cliffs and giant waterfalls, the National Park Service also protects significant cultural resources. The Rangers' Club is one of five buildings in Yosemite that is a National Historic Landmark.
  • Death Note the movie the rasmus - lucifer's angel spoiler!!! LUCIFER ANGEL Behind those eyes lies the truth and grief... Behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy... The flawless skin hides the secrets within Silent forces that secretly ignite your sins [Chorus:] Fly away, fly away From the torch of blame They hunt you Lucifer's Angels Never lived, you never died Your life has been denied They call you Lucifer's Angel Beyond these clouds you can hide all your tears Beyond this world you'll be safe from their wicked fears And in their hearts they fear your demands You know their minds won't accept you, they'll never understand [Chorus] Fly away, fly away From the torch of blame They hunt you Lucifer's Angels Never lived, you never died Your life has been denied They call you Lucifer's Angel On your own I know you can make it Truth or bone. I know you can shake it Survive alone I know you can take it [Chorus] Fly away, fly away From the torch of blame They hunt you Lucifer's Angels Never lived, you never died Your life has been denied They call you Lucifer's Angel Fly away, fly away Run away, run away Hide away, hide away Lucifer's Angel [x3]
  • Learn the notes on the guitar fretboard. Part 1 of 3 This is my method to learn the names and note location on the guitar for my students. I send my students here before we start so I know they have this skill underway. I hope it helps you.
  • How to Take Notes in School - High school and college aren't easy for most people to fly through. Here are some tips sent in by regular community member Snakeyes. He is a college student, and wants to share his tips for study and information retention.
  • The Phantom Of The Opera - Notes / Prima Donna Notes / Prima Donna From Phantom Of The Opera 2004 Please, take a look at Carlotta's face at 5:35 / 5:36, it's awesome.
  • Charice performs "Note to God" Watch Charice perform her first single, "Note to God." Download the song-- iTunes: :
  • Yosemite Nature Notes - Episode 11 - Big Trees Most of Yosemite National Park is blanketed with vast forests, and with abundant precipitation and warm temperatures, these mountains are home to the largest trees in the world.
  • Alex Winston - Choice Notes New single by Alex Winston from HeavyRoc Music! "Choice Notes" is now available for purchase on iTunes here: "Choice Notes" is available on limited edition 7" vinyl here: Or on itunes: Download the Basement Covers EP here for free: Also featured in the recent Hyundai European tv commercial Produced by The Knocks

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  • “Media Gallery. Music Notes Blog. New shipment. statistics database Legal musings on the verdict. BACK. July 01, 2009. The record companies achieved”
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  • “Modern and eco friendly baby products, baby registry, furniture, strollers and much more. Modern baby cribs, organic baby bedding for your modern baby's lifestyle. new product feed notes blog feed”
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  • “November 10, 2010 By Efficient Notes Blog Team. Sometimes there's just some information we need to get rid of. October 30, 2010 By Efficient Notes Blog Team. The world in which we live today is one that changes very rapidly. That means that we must keep”
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  • “Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Campus Notes. Campus Notes is the blog of The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS). Founded in 1993, the mission of The Cardinal Newman Society is to”
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