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  • To all participants of the Noosphere Forum, we highly recommend this book for presenting a truthful and eye-opening ***ysis of the present moment of our world crisis, as well as a positive and practical vision for people to follow after 2012. — “THE NOOSPHERE COLLECTIVE - CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION - 2012 - ASCENSION”,
  • noosphere (plural noospheres) a theoretical stage of evolutionary development, associated with consciousness, the mind, and personal relationships (often with reference to the writings of Teilhard de Chardin) 1980: I used to have a pretty clear idea of God. — “noosphere - Wiktionary”,
  • Designed to explore whether the construct of interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective measurement. noosphere status. — “Global Consciousness Project”,
  • This website aims to become a think-tank for people who want to implement the Noosphere, i.e. to reflect creatively about a better future for humanity by gathering insight into its profound mechanisms. Their scientific tool is the integration. — “Noosphere Website Home”,
  • Noosphere From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The noosphere can be seen as the "sphere of human thought" being derived from the Greek 'nous' mea. — “Urban Dictionary: noosphere”,
  • Noosphere Financial Crisis. With the recent slide into global crisis, noosphere-ites may be wondering, how to survive a worldwide financial crisis? or, you may wonder in retrospect, what is a timeline of the global financial disaster which just happened?. — “noodlins in the noosphere”,
  • The biosphere-noosphere transition marks the point when the consciousness of the planet goes from the cosmic unconscious to the cosmic conscious. This is a specific geological-evolutionary event-point that coincides with the prophetic cycle: 1987-2013. — “Biosphere-Noosphere Transition”,
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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of NOOSPHERE : the sphere of human consciousness and mental activity especially in regard to its influence on the biosphere and in relation to evolution. — “Noosphere - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • is a space on the web for people to curate knowledge collaboratively. It's a workbench for gathering our thoughts, alone or together. It is for ontologizing, collecting data, expressing opinions, surveying, collaborative filtering and decision-making. — “ | Collective + Global + Intelligence”,
  • Overview of Teilhard de Chardin of the activities that social humans are doing to connect and interact with each other, and to promote knowledge and communication inevitably are part of this emerging 'layer of mind', this noosphere. — “Teilhard de Chardin and Noosphere”,
  • CDs of Orb Gettarr and friends, mp3 samples of CD tracks, 99-cent single song downloads, secure purchase online. — “Noosphere Music- Your Source For Ambient, Progressive”,
  • Noosphere's AOL Music web site, featuring Noosphere news, Noosphere music videos, Noosphere pictures, Noosphere tour dates and more. — “Noosphere - AOL Music”,
  • The mission of the First Noosphere World Forum is to provide a virtual planetary round table to: Dialogue and share information, educate, create collaborative partnerships, network, and mutually plan for significant events that will further the. — “Noosphere Forum | Facebook”,
  • Noosphere Group Members: Eberhard Schulz , Niels Paschen Similar Artists: Saskia Laroo , Karibuni , Shiva Chandra , Nesa Genres: Electronica. — “Noosphere: Information from ”,
  • If you have questions, please contact the Noosphere Lights administrators by filling out the form below: Started by Shamsuddin Jim Norton in Web Presence Noosphere Light Award Dec. 30, 2007. — “Noosphere Lights - Serving Light Workers across the planet”,
  • The noosphere can be seen as the "sphere of knowledge of human thought" being derived from the Greek νους ("nous") meaning "mind" in the style of "atmosphere" and "biosphere". In the original. — “Noosphere - Psychology Wiki”,
  • English. Russian. scientific, practical, art, and. literature. journal. Was viewed 427 times. — “Noosphere”, e-
  • Watch videos & listen to Noosphere: Vector, Pepsis Wasp & more, plus 1 picture. Noosphere the name of two groups. One is a psychedelic trance act, the other is a rock band. Noosphere the rock band is the result of five experienced. — “Noosphere – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats”,
  • Noosphere") addresses the above fundamental problem by developing a purpose-built home Noosphere provides a solution for an Integrated Telecare Network to give people the. — “Welcome”,
  • In the original theory of Vernadsky, the noosphere is the third in a succession of phases In contrast to the conceptions of the Gaia theorists, or the promoters of cyberspace, Vernadsky's noosphere emerges at the point where humankind, through the mastery of nuclear processes, begins to create. — “Noosphere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Noosphere and community part 1 Star child Calia Fenn speaks about the new 5th dimension shift and Noosphere.
  • Welcome to the Noosphere Zooming in towards Earth from beyond the Milkyway Galaxy. The footage is from the intro to the movie "Contact" (the footage has been reversed) and the music is by Sigur Rós, track one off the Hlemmur soundtrack album
  • Noosphere - Pepsis Wasp More psytrance Enjoy
  • Senmuth - Noosphere Rain Eclipse - 2007 All albums are released in high quality, absolutely free from the main website: (Although, you'll have to create a free membership, Or look for the rapidshare links posted around the internet...) Senmuth is a Russian multi-instrumentalist who makes uncompromising and experimental music with guitars, ethnic instruments and electronics. He often collaborates with other musicians and is a member of the Russian bands Tenochtitlan, Nenasty and Anima. Senmuth's musical style has its origins in doom metal, industrial and ethnic music, but his newer albums are calmer and more progressive and experimental. His compositions are musical journeys to distant lands and ancient cultures. Senmuth is an amazingly productive and inspired musician, making about ten albums per year.
  • Noosphere - Pepsis Wasp Artist: Noosphere Release: Radiated Label$: Twisted Records Year: 1999 Genre: Oldschool Psy/Goa
  • Noosphere and Transpersonal Interconnection Philosopher, systemics researcher, pianist Ervin László on the noosphere according to Teilhard de Chardin and Vernadsky, and oneness at a transpersonal level which would be provided by a 5th physical field. From a talk with philosopher, Kabbalist, bio-cyberneticist Rav Michael Laitman, 12.2002. Thesynthetelepa channel autoplaying playlist walks through underdocumented phenomena and effects of non-conventional information transfer to and from the mind, touching conceptual frameworks, research, technologies, techniques and applications.
  • Noosphere - Vector
  • Civilization into Noosphere This outer transformation (civilization into noosphere) has an inner correlate, which is the passage from ego into soul. Instead of blaming "the system," maybe we need to change our minds.
  • "NooSphere" by Jea9 & Mr Om "NooSphere" a Aya Circus production with Jea9 , Mr Om , Matt Ostila and Rob Neil a unique sound and visual performance...
  • The World Noosphere Forum 2009 - Belgrade Message from Belgrade for the NOOSPHERE FORUM CHILE, SANTIAGO 2009 "I am not preaching the end of world! I am preaching the start of love!"
  • Noosphere The World is a Double Haunting
  • NOOSPHERE 2012 EARTH SHIFT WORLD SOUL ASCENSION GRAAL "On the path to planetary ascension" Boris Petrovic, "Graal" reflects a journey through culture, religion and science interacting as materializing symbols. It stands as a decryption of the horizon between physical and spritual existence towards final unity of physics and metaphysics. the seed of cosmic voyage and consciousness expansion of mankind. Depicted with inventions of NIKOLA TESLA, revealing the deepest secrets of the legacy of this extra-terrestrial spirit. It's essence is in physical evidence of the harmony of existence, creation of the almighty. Holy Grail as a placenta of all-expanding time-spiral and the birth in spirit of new mankind on planet Earth, an event written about in all world religions and scriptures from the beginning of words, as blood of the collective being, as the food of human spirit. It is a road, beginning with initiation of consciousness through travelling to a Black Hole, the neverending road to pre-beginning, the end of past and present. It's task is collapse of 3-dimensional existence, opening the door to Heavenly Jerusalem, through the knowledge and use of blood-flow of the Solar system, magnetic fields of planets and the solar wind. Phenomenon of Ascension, explained as contraction of space and time of microcosmos, made by the human hand with the guidance of higher agents, made through will of mankind towards opening the holographic memory of creation, using gravitational disturbances in Earth's orbit, and for the glory of the ...
  • TEDxPSU - Richard Doyle - Scaling the Noösphere Richard Doyle earned his Ph.D. in rhetoric at University of California, Berkeley. He was the Mellon Post Doctoral Fellow in History and Social Science of the Life Sciences at MIT in 1993. A professor of rhetoric at Penn State, Doyle holds appointments in English, Science Technology & Society and the College of Information Sciences and Technology. He was a visiting associate professor in the Department of Rhetoric at UC Berkeley in 2003. Doyle teaches courses in the history and rhetoric of emerging technosciences — sustainability, space colonization, biotechnology, nanotechnology, psychedelic science, information technologies, biometrics — and the cultural and literary contexts from which they sprout. Doyle has published two books: "On Beyond Living: Rhetorical Transformations of the Life Sciences" (Stanford, 1997) and "Wetwares: Experiments in PostVital Living" (Minnesota, 2003) — in a trilogy about emerging transhuman knowledges. These knowledges and practices, linked to molecular biology, artificial life, nanotechnology, psychedelic, and information technologies render the experiential distinctions between living systems and machines frequently dubious and often indiscernible. This excited and confused rhetorical membrane between humans and an informational universe nonetheless broadcasts a clear message: Humans, in co-evolution with the technical matrices transforming the planet, find themselves in an evolutionary ecology that is as urgent as it is experimental ...
  • The GCP, the Noosphere, and a Noo-Constitution A description of the Global Consciousness Project, focusing on the scientific experiment. A brief, suggestive discussion of the implications: Evidence for a Noosphere and support for a Noo-Constitution.
  • Noosphere, Timespace and Memory 5.2.1 Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 5, Book of the Timespace by José Argüelles and Stephanie South Permit the publication of "COSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLES" Dear....... I am writing today confirm that we, the Foundation for the Law of Time, authorize your usage of the Cosmic History Chronicles on . All we ask is that you please give proper credit to the authors, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and Stephanie South/Red Queen - as well as the website We thank you for sharing this most important information with the world. Sincerely, Jacob Wyatt Operations Manager --------------------- Foundation for the Law of Time "Envisioning the Earth as a Work of Art!" In lak'ech Cosmic aminations by SENTIENTMIND /sentientmind
  • Noosphere - Live at the Tweeter Noosphere @ the Tweeter Center.
  • HRONOYA, NOOSPHERE, ASCENSION, 2012, SINGULARITY, OMEGA POINT, TESLA, MAGNETOSPHERE, SOLAR WIND ...The Earth's magnetic field acts as a cocoon for the spirit-matter transfer of the Anima Mundi. The Earts north and south magnetic poles are dual manifestations of the brain of Anima Mundi. The Earth as a collective being is open to the Solar wind with it's magnetic eye. The Solar wind is the blood of the Solar system collective being, and is the fuel to the functioning of Anima Mundi. The Earths magnetosphere magnetic reconnection and it's perpetual inversion acts as a receiver of this soul-matter transfer. All embodied souls have passed through the gates of the heart of the Anima Mundi Earths magnetic reconnection. Harmonic oscillation of the magnetic reconnection is the essence of Earths movement (macrocosmos) and spin (microcosmos)...
  • Re: Noosphere or Narcissism?
  • Brodie Ellis, Noosphere 2008 Brodie Ellis, Noosphere 2008 @ ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art)
  • Noosphere Prime A five minute walkthrough of the sim Noosphere Prime and its alien dystopian theme. The home of the Builder Tribe in Second Life.
  • The Noosphere: Digital Thought NOTE: You will need speakers with good bass response to hear the soundtrack and there is little action in the first 90 seconds. Recorded performance + experience. Audio Visual Movie with Arduino-controlled LED indicator of acrylic and stainless steel. Concept and realization by Eric Grossman, James Thompson and Michael Turri. This film was part of our Utopia assignment created for ART 360 Masters Thesis at the Stanford Design Program. In our utopia, man is united through a seamless, instantaneous connection to the entirety of human knowledge contained in "the cloud" which ultimately gives rise to a sentient global brain known as "the noosphere." Special thanks to our narrator/male actor, Gregory Kress and female actor, Christin Staubo. Screenplay: Hello and thank you for coming. If you will all please be seated, we can get underway. We have gathered you all together today because we have an extraordinary announcement. As a reminder, please hold all your questions until the brief Q&A that will conclude today's session. On April 14, 2011, during routine monitoring of network activity in "The Cloud," Artificial Intelligence researchers at Stanford University discovered mysterious digital artifacts with no known origin. A source close to the team described the phenomenon as, "digital thought." On May 1, 2011 A transdisciplinary team of AI researchers from around the globe had spent more than two weeks documenting the activity of what is now being called "The Noosphere" the ...
  • Noosphere - Mohaan in Space. Ward Lane, Hamilton, New Zealand - 2009. Early version of Mohaan in Space. Ward Lane Gig - 2009, with Interconnector, and Skeletor.
  • The Noosphere, Internet and Global Community: Dr. Ewert H. Cousins Featuring the late Dr. Ewert H. Cousins who was President of the American Teilhard Association for thirty years. Cousins, who served as Advisor to the United Nations on issues related to global spirituality and also the Vatican Interreligious Dialogue Council, wrote extensively about our emerging global community, and specifically the noosphere, or "global mind." Teilhard was a Paleontologist, Philosopher and also Jesuit Priest who was concerned about the fate of humanity. He wrote many books including The Phenomenon of Man and The Future of Man—some believe his writings in the 1940's foresaw the coming of the internet. Listen to Cousins reflect on the significance of Teilhard's work and also the world wide web. Created by Some Day Fire Productions http
  • Noosphere - 'Falling Down' live 3 cam shoot.
  • Obscura - Noosphere in Vienna Obscura playing "Noosphere" in Vienna on the 12. august 2009
  • Noosphere Probe Alien landing pad engendered in the electromagnetic field surrounding gaia - as an outgrowth of the human soul on its cosmic trajectory across outer space.
  • Noosphere - Vector I was stunned by not finding this legendary psychedelic song on tube so i had to hook u up with it... enjoy!
  • Obscura - Noospheres This song just throws a curve ball at you. Trippy at points. Death/Cynic like at some points. Artist: Obscura Title: Noospheres Album: Cosmogenesis Lyrics: I pass beyond time and life on measureless wings Yet still am one with born and unborn things I have wrapped the wide world in my wider self And time and space my spirits seeing are I am the god and demon, ghost and elf I am the wind`s speech and the blazing star All nature is the nursling of my care (death metal) I am its struggle and the eternal rest The worlds joy thrilling runs through me, I bear The sorrow of millions in my lonely breast I have learned A close identity Yet am by nothing bound That I become All culture is like this, the unfettered mind (death metal) The boundless spirit is more imagination To achieve great things, we must be self confined Mastery is revealed in limitation Carrying in me The universes call I mount to my Imperishable home
  • Noosphere Heavy Industries mini-cannon A computerized, self-aiming miniature artillery gun with precise guidance, deadly munitions, and the ability to work in batteries. Soon to be released for public purchase on Second Life.
  • Religion, Nature, and Noosphere how our religion (or the unprovable framework we adopt in order to gain some kind of undetstanding of the world) influences the way we treat our environment. how the electronic noosphere may just be a crutch for the angelic world soul. (or maybe angels are are electric...)
  • We Are One: The Noosphere and The Gaian Mind Illuminati-on Mars pyramids, underground bases, jumproom, Total Recall, Minority Report, X-Men / Cerebro, Rifts in Time Forbidden Planet, psychic conduit, LSD trips, zero-time, 2012 dimensional shift, Edgar Cayce readings, Chandlers Wobble, pole shift, Library of Atlantis / Hall of Records, California earthquakes Create your own reality, 2012 not cataclysmic, Russian physics, Dr. Sergey Smelyakov / Auric Time Scale, Mayan Calendar, spiral imploding into 2012 changing consciousness, Ascended abilities, spiritual growth elysha, spiritual teacher, self realized teacher, awakening, enlightenment teacher, spirituality, enlightened teacher, nirvana, authentic enlightenment teachers, self realization, meditation, consciousness, reality, freedom, being, satsang, amness, self, oneness, love, happiness, lovebliss, heaven, truth, reincarnation, liberation, karma, zen, unconditional love, light, non-thinking, present moment, awareness, life, heart, mystic, advaita, non duality, lightmind, rebirth, existentialism, taoism, darshan, now, contentment, buddha, buddhism, ramana maharshi, tolle, nisargadata maharaj, adyashanti, dharma, beauty, harmony, immensity, everything, wonder, it, isness, clarity, bliss, nowhere, exquisiteness, infinity, forever, religiousness, ecstasy, siddhi, trueness, absoluteness, yoga, fulfilment, richness, wholeness, emptiness, nothing, sage, self help, motivation, who you are, who am i, illusion, spiritual meditation, self healing, new age, spiritual guidance ...
  • NOOSPHERE TRANCE MEDITATION COSMIC ASCENSION 2012 CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION http "Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a powerful geological force. Humanity's mind and work face the problem of reconstructing the biosphere in the interests of a freely thinking mankind as a single entity. The new state of the biosphere that we are approaching without noticing it is the Noosphere." Vladimir Vernadsky, The Biosphere The word "Noosphere" was coined in ***ogy with the "geosphere", the world or layer of dead matter, and the "biosphere", the world or layer of living matter. Beyond and superimposed on these spheres lies another dimensional sphere, the "noosphere", from Greek "noos, nous" = "mind", and "sphaira" = "globe", a figurative envelope of conceptual thought, or reflective impulses produced by the human intellect. I's presence is strongly felt and its influence is all-pervading. The concept was first formulated by Vladimir Verdansky and elaborated by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. "Pushed one against the other by the growth of their number and by the proliferation of their connections,approached one to the other by the reawakening of a common force and by the feeling of a common anxiety,the future human kind will form nothing but an unified consciousness".(Teillhard De Chardin) The unification of humanity on a world scale coincides with the emergence of a Noosphere, the world of thought, the global consciousness. Willingly or unwillingly, all our desires and needs converge to the same final goal, the Omega point.
  • Bop - Noosphere "Alphacut"
  • [HD] Pure Psychedelic Trip: Noosphere - Carpe Noctem - Rendered Visuals pure goatrance. In my opinion one of the greatest songs of all time.
  • Welcome to the Noosphere Draft 2a Welcome to earth (geosphere, biosphere, noosphere)
  • Noosphere or Narcissism? Is YouTube a joke or the savior?
  • Noosphere - Vector (Ectima rmx)
  • whose sphere is noosphere? In this video I quote from a GREAT book by Monica Sjoo who exposes the real deal behind the so-called 'New Age' belief systems. Which isn't cool when you look close I read a passage from the book which features about the Jesuit 'New Age'ers fave spokesman, Teilhard de Chardin
  • Noosphere - Noosleap Noosphere are - Niels Paschen & Eberhard Wolfgang Schulz from Germany ..
  • NOOSPHERE ASCENSION 2012 SINGULARITY LAW OF TIME MAYAN CALENDAR First Noosphere World Forum Envisioning Earth as Work of Art Mission Statement and Declaration of Intent 1. Mission Statement. The mission of the First Noosphere World Forum is to provide a virtual planetary round table to: Dialogue and share information, educate, create collaborative partnerships, network, and mutually plan for significant events that will further the understanding of the noosphere and its meaning for all humanity prior to the WorldShift, 21 December 2012. 2. Declaration of Intent: Philosophy, Principles and Program of the Forum Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a powerful geological force. Humanitys mind and work face the problem of reconstructing the biosphere in the interests of a freely thinking mankind as a single entity. The new state of the biosphere that we are approaching without noticing it is the Noosphere. Vladimir Vernadsky, The Biosphere Today many voices are speaking about the state of affairs of our planet. The consensus is that we are in a crisis: Climate change, environmental degradation, economic collapse, social disorder, war and the potential for mass destruction. It is a crisis because no one really seems to have a solution, much less does it seem that anyone understands the whole situation and can communicate clearly how and why it got to be this way. One important factor rarely discussed is that the mega crisis is actually the function of an evolutionary shift - we are about to enter a new geological ...
  • NOOSPHERE - Still Ill! [released 2001 by Spirit Zone Recordings]

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  • “World Forum of Spiritual Culture - 2010 http:///watch?v=LD9JWTAqyJs&feature=related Main sections of the forum: http://www.astanaforum”
    — World Forum of Spiritual Culture:"Towards Eternal peace,

  • “Scientific Evidence for the Existence of a True Noosphere: Foundation public recognition of the noosphere will support a concerted effort to relearn how”
    — Scientific Evidence for the Existence of a True Noosphere,

  • “We are here to share ideas, resources, and web consulting to further the cause of world peace and harmony through Genuine Love for our Neighbors wherever they live. We invite all who will to join Us. What We Offer: http://”
    — Discussion Forum - Noosphere Lights,

  • “Catholic Catholica news and discussion forum. A vigorous discussion on Catholic spirituality, theology and faith for adults seeking to deepen their understanding and whose needs are not being met by the formal institution”
    — Catholica Forum - The Noosphere really matters, .au

  • “Some readers may also be familiar with the notion of "noosphere," the name given by the great Jesuit philosopher Pierre Teilhard Gaia's main problem is the lack of mutual understanding and mutual agreement in the noosphere about how to proceed with those problems”
    — Quotes About noosphere Find Your Favorite Quote on the Gaiam Blog,

  • “"The Noosphere will become a way of knowing as a way of being, completely integrating Noosphere downlink in human resonance systems. The way of Noosphere Spiritual Ecology is the only way to resolu by noosphereforum in Speeches, culture, and”
    — Boris Petrovic - Full text of the address to the World Forum,

  • “Noosphere - Aqua”
    Noosphere - Aqua,

  • “By noosphere. FÓRUM MUNDIAL DE CULTURA ESPIRITUAL - NA CIDADE DE We - the participants of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture from 70 world states - have”
    — noosphere's blog | ,

  • “This blog serves as a communication tool for the visitors and contributors of the site. Ik had even tijd over om Noosphere te bezoeken en zag dat je een Blog gemaakt had”
    — The Blog, noosphere-

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