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  • History of the Nonproliferation and National Security Department. The Nonproliferation & National Security (NNS) Department began in the Technical Support Organization, established by the Atomic Energy Commission at Brookhaven National Laboratory in 1968. — “Brookhaven National Laboratory Nonproliferation and National”,
  • There are two ways in which this problem has been addressed: non-proliferation and disarmament. The central international mechanism for non-proliferation and disarmament is the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). — “Model UN and Citizenship: United Nations Association- UK”, una-
  • Earnest international efforts to promote nuclear non-proliferation began soon after World War II, when the Truman Administration Since the mid-1970s, the primary focus of non-proliferation efforts has been to maintain, and even increase, international. — “Nuclear proliferation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • But the nonproliferation regime faces new challenges: insufficient protections against the theft or sale of Many experts agree that some type of nonproliferation regime reform is necessary, particularly since certain states have interpreted the NPT as allowing them to acquire nuclear technologies. — “Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation: Non-Proliferation”,
  • Home > About Us > Our Programs > Nonproliferation. Nonproliferation. One of the gravest threats the United States and the international community face is the possibility that terrorists or rogue nations will acquire nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction (WMD). — “Nonproliferation | National Nuclear Security Administration”,
  • Combating the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by training nonproliferation specialists and disseminating timely information and ***ysis. — “Center for Nonproliferation Studies”,
  • Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty International agreement intended to prevent the spread of nuclear technology. — “Nuclear Non-Proliferati...: West's Encyclopedia of American”,
  • The confrontation with Iraq has highlighted the IAEA, part of the Nuclear Nonproliferation regime developed to control the spread of nuclear technology. This essay reviews the history, policies, and current issues of this regime as an. — “Nuclear Nonproliferation”,
  • Information on the Non-proliferation Sanctions program - Office of Foreign Assets Control 68 FR 28314-03 - Bureau of Nonproliferation; Imposition of Nonproliferation Measures on an Entity in China,. — “U.S. Treasury - Sanctions Program Summaries - WMD”,
  • Definition of nonproliferation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of nonproliferation. Pronunciation of nonproliferation. Definition of the word nonproliferation. Origin of the word nonproliferation. — “nonproliferation - Definition of nonproliferation at”,
  • Acronym Finder: NP stands for Nonproliferation G-8 aims for stronger nuke nonproliferation, condemning North, Iran L'AQUILA, Italy - Leaders of the Group of Eight countries agreed Wednesday in Italy to beef up the nuclear nonproliferation regime, condemned North Korea for its nuclear and. — “NP - Nonproliferation”,
  • The document falling into seven parts elaborates China's efforts in formulating a whole set of non-proliferation policies and putting in place a fairly complete legal framework on non-proliferation and export control. The full text of the document follows: Foreword. I. — “White Paper on China's Non-Proliferation Policy Published”,
  • The Foreign Policy Initiative and the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center presents Challenge and Response: Nonproliferation Policy in the 112th Congress -- Thursday, October 28, 2010 -- Washington, DC. — “Challenge and Response: Nonproliferation Policy in the”,
  • Is the Obama administration retreating from its nuclear non-proliferation promise? The Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC), a project of the Institute for International Studies (IIS), is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational organization founded in 1994 to promote a better. — “The Nonproliferation Policy Education Center | NPEC”,
  • TREATY ON THE NON-PROLIFERATION OF NUCLEAR. WEAPONS (NPT) Opened for signature: 1 July Inventory of International Nonproliferation Organizations and Regimes. — “TREATY ON THE NON-PROLIFERATION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS (NPT)”,
  • Daisy Alliance is a peace organization seeking nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. The Alliance is dedicated to the eradication of all weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), whether nuclear, chemical, or biological. — “WMD Nuclear nonproliferation disarmament”,
  • A team of leading nonproliferation experts offers a blueprint for rethinking the international nonproliferation regime. It distinguishes between nuclear-weapon states that have signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), those that are not party to the NPT. — “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace”,
  • Special Advisor for Nonproliferation and Arms Control Robert Einhorn will visit Seoul and Secretary Clinton at the Review Conference of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. — “Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN)”,
  • Pronunciation of nonproliferation. Translations of nonproliferation. nonproliferation synonyms, nonproliferation antonyms. Information about nonproliferation nonproliferation - the prevention of something increasing or spreading (especially the prevention of an increase in the number of. — “nonproliferation - definition of nonproliferation by the Free”,

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  • “The Fletcher School, Graduate School of International Affairs, Tufts University, Graduate School of International Relations Fletcher Forum Special Edition on WMD Non-Proliferation Now Available”
    — The Fletcher School - News and Media,

  • “Time for a Nonproliferation Posture Review? Feb 22, 2010. By Micah J. be wise to consider adding something else to the mix: a nonproliferation posture review”
    — Time for a Nonproliferation Posture Review? | Center for,

  • “NEI Nuclear Notes: News and commentary on the commercial nuclear energy industry In the interim, stop by Nuclear Fuel Cycle, a blog on nonproliferation issues published by a group of graduate students in intelligence at”
    — NEI Nuclear Notes: Nonproliferation Blog,

  • “[Home] [Blog] [How Russia's nuclear fuel delivery to Iran benefits nonproliferation] power plant in Iran on December 16, Russia scored a critical victory for the nuclear nonproliferation regime”
    — How Russia's nuclear fuel delivery to Iran benefits,

  • “Yet another nonproliferation blog: mostly. Skip to content. Home. About. Monthly Archives: In addition to the nonproliferation related materials I have also”
    — Proliferating Thoughts " Blog archives,

  • “A renewed sense of commitment to both non-proliferation and disarmament is urgently needed. The Forum commends the initiative of the Japanese Government in calling it into being and sustaining its work”
    — MOFA: Facing Nuclear Dangers: An Action Plan for the 21st Century,

  • “Add Blog. Add Event. Add Resource. Non-Proliferation Blog. News in Brief Nonproliferation and disarmament is in the spotlight with the signing”
    — Non-Proliferation Blog | Connect U.S. Fund,

  • “As discussed in an earlier blog, the Agreement will have to sit States uranium enrichment Venezuela. Ads © 2010 FAS Strategic Security Blog All Rights”
    nonproliferation " FAS Strategic Security Blog,

  • “In the years since, such as in a recent piece for his website, New Paradigms Forum, titled Disarmament Versus Nonproliferation?, he's written about how nonproliferation doesn't necessarily follow in the wake of disarmament. For those who are”
    — Foreign Policy In Focus | Focal Points Blog,

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