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  • Nonattachment of. Federal Tax Lien. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service whether a certificate of nonattachment. should be issued. Not providing the re- quested. — “Certificate of Nonattachment of”,
  • THE ATTITUDE OF TAOISM and the Buddhist concept of nonattachment and the basic principle of cognitive therapy can be reduced to a single technique that creates calm, Giving up an attachment to an idea is known by Buddhists and Taoists as nonattachment. — “Feel more calm, contentment, and peace of mind”,
  • Practicing Nonattachment Parenting asks us to rise to some of the most difficult challenges this world has to offer, and one of its greatest paradoxes arises. — “Allowing Our Children To Be | Find Me A Cure”,
  • This week in class we are considering the topic "Love and Nonattachment." With love there is no painful reaction; love brings only a reaction of To attain this nonattachment is almost a life-work; but as soon as we have reached this point we have attained the goal of love and become free. — “Paul Cheek / Rushing Water Yoga in Camas, WA: Love and”,
  • Dec 11th 2010, Saturday: Yoga of Nonattachment -Increase your Net Worth-i-ness. February 19th for Teachers: Yoga as a Business. Starting a yoga business, or have one and question if it is ever possible to make a living as a yoga teacher? Chosing to create a company or not which is best for. — “Welcome Page”,
  • nonattachment. Attachment Means Boundaries, Beloveds. Heavenletter #3085 Published on: May 6, 2009. To become unattached does not mean to give all your worldly goods away. What you have to give away is your attachment to worldly goods. Attachment is an idea. — “nonattachment | Heavenletters”,
  • A challenge to work on everyday acceptance What Jesus preached and modeled again and again was nonattachment through radical acceptance. If someone slaps you in the face, turn the other cheek. — “What Works: Can You Turn the Other Cheek? - Busted Halo”,
  • 2. The Second Mindfulness Training: Nonattachment from Views We shall learn and practice nonattachment from views in order to be open to others' insights and experiences. — “The Four*** Mindfulness Trainings”,
  • Osho on nonattachment with psychic powers - It is very difficult to be nonattached in the world, but it is even more difficult to be nonattached when the spiritual world. — “Osho on nonattachment with psychic powers Patanjali on”,
  • Yet, you also write that the Buddhist concept of "nonattachment" is often misunderstood by Westerners who tend to assume that "nonattachment" Nonattachment means an inner detachment that is far from indifference or complacency. — “lama surya das : ask surya”,
  • 8. The positive aspect of nonattachment is primarily its contribution to the development of integration and b. Nonattachment means living with commitment to the path without. — “Microsoft Word - Test Questions on Journal 5-1 Attachment”, wellness-
  • The crippling sense of attachment and fear can be handled by practicing Buddhist principles of compassion and nonattachment. to practice nonattachment. It becomes important to perceive "nonattachment" in a proper. — “Letting go the fear out of marriage | Bliss & Growth”,
  • Nonattachment means giving up control of situations and people and accepting what happens as for the best. Mastering nonattachment takes practice and is often viewed more clearly through hindsight. — “Making the Most Of a Bad Interview”,
  • There seems to be few teachings on the subject, except that letting go and practicing nonattachment are supposed to be good things to do. But letting go--nonattachment--relieves the constant, painful irritation. — “Lama Surya Das on Letting Go, Letting Be- ”,
  • An example of this is the apparent conflict between the two goals of 1) nonattachment and 2) following your dreams. — “rachelctb's Post | Shift In Action”,
  • Persons wishing to obtain a certificate of nonattachment should be furnished a copy of Publication 1024, How to Prepare an Application for a Certificate of Nonattachment of Federal Tax Lien. Applications are referred directly to the Advisory Group Manager for review. — “Internal Revenue Manual - 5.12.3 Certificates Relating to”,
  • What is required is a state called nonattachment. Attachment has a deeper spiritual meaning. It represents an attempt to reach Unity by merging with another soul. Although it may not be completely conscious, at some level you realize that you. — “ - Nonattachment - convergence of knowledge”,
  •  "Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don't search for the answers, which could not be given to you. — “as I live a few more questions: Nine Virtues: Detachment”,
  • The Christmas shopping season allows newswriter Jennifer Bagwell to meditate upon the glaring differences between Western materialism and the Buddhist principle of nonattachment. — “Metro Times - On Buddha and burglary”,
  • The control of these modes is achieved by practice (abhyasa) and nonattachment (vairagya) Nonattachment is the consciousness of being free from desires for worldly things either experienced or heard about. — “Yoga Sutras - Patanjali - Hatha Yoga - Haryana Online - India”, haryana-
  • Now, in reality, the central principle in Buddhism is nonattachment and I'll tell you a story. There was one monk who started talking about the principle of nonattachment and he was mentioning that we should not be attached to our cars because. — “Marvin Olasky Discusses Hinduism & Other Religions Next Door”,
  • ( c) to delete the provision prohibiting the secretary of the state from removing from the files the notice of lien to which a certificate of release or nonattachment relates; P.A. 01-132 amended Subsec. ( a) to replace reference to Sec. 42a-9-403(1) with Sec. 42a-9-516(a), amended Subsec. — “CHAPTER 847 LIENS”,

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  • Matthew 5:4 - Those who Mourn As we discussed in Matthew 5:3, the Bible gives seven ways to enter Heaven. Each way can be associated with a beatitude. Non-attachment is the root of mourning. The one who mourns fasts relative to that which is outside, for he is nourished within (John 4:32, 34, Tao Te Ching 20). Death ushers in Life. Yin is the source of Yang. Thus, the sage dwells in the house of mourning -- because "the one who seeks to save his life will lose it, but the one who loses his life for the sake of his soul will gain it" (Matthew 10:39, 16:25).
  • 1088 The Third State of Yoga (Part 8 of 13 Yoga Vasishta Epilogue) The first state is becoming an enlightenment practitioner. Our essential nature is stumbled upon ('satori'). In the second state, vichara, self-enquiry is practised. Secondary practises are described in the text. Techniques to deal with the wayward nature of the mind are practised but the prime practice is realising the nature of your own attention. The third stage is non-attachment and immersion in the scriptural teachings. Wisdom teachings are the best support for the practice of self-realisation. Dispassion. Vairagya. The luxury of high beds. Realisation can bring about a major shake-up in one's lifestyle. Robert Pirsig's enquiry led him to a breakdown and a lobotomy. Some conceptual understanding of what is happening in realisation can help the mind from reacting violently. Right perception is not attained by good behaviour! It is helpful though if you can avoid getting into trouble! Superior and ordinary non-attachment. True non-attachment is realisation of being neither the doer nor the experiencer. This is ordinary non-attachment. Superior non-attachment is establishment in non-attachment. The external world is no longer emotionally invested in. The third stage is freedom from attachment to our notions. Text: Yoga Vasistha Book 2, December 29 Video Index ***
  • 061 - The Law of Non-Attachment - 105 Universal Laws of Third Dimension Living. .Read original posting or Download audio/video files here feedback- love, light, learn, live. jsm. . All creation is governed by law. The principles that operate in the outer universe, discoverable by scientists, are called natural laws. But there are subtler laws that rule the hidden spiritual planes and the inner realm of consciousness. Contained within these laws (or conditions) is the true nature of matter. Knowledge of these laws has an effect upon the mental urges. Mind is the builder. Stay in full mindfulness of the application of Universal Law as related to self and to others, and know that in love all life is given, in love all things move. In giving one attains. In giving one acquires. In giving, love becomes the fulfillment of desire, guided and directed in the ways that bring the more perfect knowledge of self as related to the universal, all powerful, all guiding, all divine influence in life. Love IS life. When we go back, merge with the God Source, in some infinitesimal but profound way, we expand the Mind of God. Our God and higher self always points the best and most perfect way and it is ours to listen and choose or reject what we hear. God does not blame, but patiently tries again to show the perfect way, the loving way. All of creation pushes forth. We are ever becoming. Identity ever remains! The Universal Laws and Conditions of Third Dimension Living. All Rights Reserved, Authors Details Unknown. Original text from www.spiritual ...
  • Marla & Marissa 'Be' music video Music video for Marla & Marissa's cover of the Neil Diamond classic 'Be'. The song is from his album Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. The star of the clip is our dear friend Will Elrick who recently achieved black belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is performing 'Sil Nim Tao' the first form of Wing Chun. Wing Chun is the only martial art to have been created by a woman and is based on the principles of simplicity, efficiency, non-attachment and letting go. The arrangement and piano are by Mike Garson. The song was engineered and mixed by Dave Rideau.
  • @lmartinjohnsonp [The art of non attachment Day 3 of 100...] @lmartinjohnsonp [The art of non attachment Day 3 of 100 Days to a NEW ME] posted August 5th 2009 at 2:53pm from TwitVid -
  • Sifu Mark Stewart International Jeet Kune Do (李小龍截拳道) Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is the martial art created by Bruce Lee (Li Jun Fan/Siou Lung). JKD or Way of the Intercepting Fist may be classified as a form of modern martial art. Although Jeet Kune Do is primarily inspired from Chinese gung fu, Western fencing and boxing it is more accurately, Bruce Lee's martial art. Lee felt that a real fight was unpredictable and that most classical styles emphasized dead patterns instead of live and spontaneous training. Lee also came to the conclusion the MA was Universal and that "unless there is a being with more than two arms and two legs, that there is only one style of fighting, the human style". So, Lee conceptualized martial art as a whole and embarked upon a scientific course. Not one that blended styles but one that was born of the idea of non-style, geometry and physics. One as he described as "simple, direct and non-classical". At the same time that Lee was creating his martial art he was also very much into philosophy. One source of philosophy was Zen. One of the primary tenants of Zen is detachment or more clearly, non-attachment. The tenant of non-attachment can be a paradox for most. However for Bruce Lee it was the perfect vehicle of understanding (enlightenment) that he needed to create his Jeet Kune Do. While non-attachment is a mental state, non-engagement is its physical counterpart. In the sense of fighting attachment or engagement imputes struggle. So with non-engagement through the use of physical science, our goal is ...
  • I Feel Good Chris shares about how he is feeling peaceful as he records this video, and how he's learning to not depend on external events to feel good.Get 3 Free Mins or 10 Mins for $1.99 ~ Psychic Readings at Compare Major Psychic & Tarot Reader Sites at http This channel is sponsored by ethical reading sites which offer live online psychic readings, tarot readers and astrology. To see Chris's written works (pen name, Mystic Life) on spiritual and personal growth, visit Follow on Twitter "Like" on Facebook: PLEASE HELP THIS CHANNEL OUT By Remembering To... SUBSCRIBE!!! Comment! Share! Rate! TAGS: peace peaceful peacefulness feeling good spirit spiritual spirituality personal growth the mind thoughts nonattachment non-attachment non attachment buddhist buddhism
  • Zenless Zen (Negating the Negation) When we talk about non-attachment to all ideas and concepts, we should always include non-attachment to the concept of negationism itself. Zen, Dao, and similar words are used as a path to letting go of the mind's confusion. Negationism, like Zen, is simply a term of convenience. The ego, which is our concept of self, desires only to expand its sense of existence to include all things within itself. Spiritual teachings are often welcomed by the ego, because they offer it an opportunity to identify itself with grandiose concepts such as infinity, God, etc. In order to negate this final desperate attempt by the mind to attach its own concepts to reality, we must negate the concept of negationism itself. Our Zen must become non-zen, our Buddhism non-buddhism, and our Dao non-dao. Only by taking this final step can we free ourselves. However, you may wonder, what self is freed when the concept of self is negated? The answer is the non-conceptual self. But do not become attached to the words, "non-conceptual self." It is only a term of convenience, pointing directly to our ineffable ordinary experience. When all concepts are negated, what remains is the non-conceptual. This is all there really is, but the mind has confused itself with thoughts, ideas, and beliefs about it... Negationism is simply a way to stop chasing our tails mentally and make room for direct, wordless experience.
  • Non-attachment, energetic changes and a vision Part 2
  • Sankara Saranam Discusses Non-attachment - Part 2 Informal talk on non-attachment given by acclaimed author Sankara Saranam.
  • David Hawkins - Non-Attachment Versus Detachment David Hawkins explaining the difference between detachment and non-attachment
  • Renunciation & Non-Attachment: Spirituality & Enlightenment http (blog) Acharya Shree Yogeesh answers the question Does one have to leave their family, friends, and belongings behind to practice the principle of non-attachment? Non-Possession? *tags* spirituality, spiritual growth, enlightenment, spiritualizm, spiritualized, non-attachment, patanjali, non-possession, spiritual insight, spiritual teachings
  • True non-attachment and the freedom to choose Srimati describes how meditation helps us see things as they really are and opens up choices and opportunities we would normally be blind to. She also explains what true 'non-attachment' means.
  • Burning Man and The Art of Non-Attachment (Hug Nation 01.25.11) Following the Burning Man ticket frustration, I was reminded of some of the powerful lessons of Surrender that the Playa has given me. I tell a story of "The Fall of Xara" from Burning Man 2000 & speak to the ticket sales frustrations, too. **NOTE: I AM NOT AN OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE OF BURNING MAN. I am merely a Participant with a passion for the event, people, and principles of Burning Man.** - John Halcyon Styn Mentioned in the video: , Byron Katie, Jacob Glass, A Course IN Miracles,
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  • Bhaja govindam adi shankara click more info for translation Adi Shankaracharya's Bhaja Govindam Seek Govinda, Seek Govinda, Seek Govinda, O Fool! When the appointed times comes (death), grammar rules surely will not save you. 2 O Fool! Give up the thirst to possess wealth. Create in your mind, devoid of passions, thoughts of the Reality. With whatever you get, entertain your mind, be content. 3 Seeing the full bosom of young maidens and their navel, do not fall a prey to maddening delusion. This is but a modification of flesh and fat. Think well thus in your mind again and again. 4 The water drop playing on a lotus petal has an extremely uncertain existence; so also is life ever unstable. Understand, the very world is consumed by disease and conceit, and is riddled with pangs. 5 As long as there is the ability to earn and save, so long are all your dependants attached to you. Later on, when you come tolive with an old, infirm body, no one at home cares to speak even a word with you!! 6 As long as there dwells breath in the body, so long they enquire of your welfare at home. Once the breath leaves, the body decays, even the wife fears that very same body. 7 So long as one is in one's boyhood, one is attached to play, so long as one is in youth, one is attached to one's own young woman; so long as one is in old age, one is attached to anxiety, yet no one, alas to the Supreme Brahman, is ever seen attached. 8 Who is your wife? Who is your son? Supremely wonderful indeed is this samsara. Of whom are you? From where have you come? O ...
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  • The Truth of Non-Attachment A description of what non-attachment is and is not.
  • 0384 Section 5, Chapters 69,70 Yoga Vasishta Do what is appropriate without attachment. Conditioning happens when the attention comes into contact with something and gets attached to it. Dispassion is the loosening of the attention. Once the attention attends to its own nature our limited conditioning becomes apparent and the attachment which arises through contact diminishes. Non-attachment does not mean callous indifference. It's about not emotionally investing in our notions. We can be involved without being attached. This is part of spiritual practice. Avoid attachment to 'spiritual' notions as well, for example Heaven or a good rebirth. Do not be attached to anything internal or external. Yogic meditation practices are also included in this admonition. The attention should not rest anywhere except in itself. 'Inner' reality is no more real than 'outer' reality. We do not rest in either. The mind takes refuge in nothing except it's own essential nature. Text: Yoga Vasistha Book 1, October 17 Video Index ***
  • M4H050052 I Action and Non attachment
  • Non Attachment and Self-Realization Recorded at Center for Spiritual Awareness Asheville, a Kriya Yoga, Meditation, and Holistic Living Learning Center. www.csa-.
  • Sankara Saranam Discusses Non-attachment - Part 1 Informal talk on non-attachment given by acclaimed author Sankara Saranam.
  • ATTACHMENT vs NON-ATTACHMENT The Truth According to Master Puppetji
  • Kaleo Rantz - Achieving Non-Attachment Recorded on September 26, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • 0637 The 7 States of Yoga (Section 6.1, Chapter 126 (continued) Yoga Vasishta) The second state of yoga - enquiry (vichara). Contact with spiritual teachings and a weakening of selfish behaviour - vanity, jealousy, delusion, greed. Enquiry might not be practised here in the deepest sense of the word. It's meaning here is basically to do with study and contemplation. It's an ethical practice similar perhaps to the Buddha's eightfold path. The third state of yoga - asamsanga, non-attachment or freedom. This description of the seven states here has been transposed into traditional understanding of ethical practice. The truth does not depend on good behaviour. A good person can be completely attached to things or ideas. Perhaps 'bad' people might find it easier to practice non-attachment! The truth does not discriminate on the basis of behaviour. Spiritual truth is not dependent on moral behaviour. The first stage of yoga arises by "accidental coincidence". When stumbled upon it needs to be properly appreciated and nurtured. The second state is enquiry, and the third state is freedom. Text: Yoga Vasistha Book 2, April 17 Video Index ***
  • Pray or Meditate: Mindfulness Teaches Non-Attachment & Impermanence The practice of mindfulness filters into your daily life. One of the many benefits it provides is teaching us non-attachment and impermanence. This especially helps us during challenging times.
  • I. Action and Non-attachment
  • Non-attachment in Fitness Non-attachment as applied to fitness and wellness.
  • Non Attachment In order to become realized must we give up all attachments
  • 0702 The Immortal Self (Section 6.2, Chapter 28 (continued) Yoga Vasishta) Our deepest beliefs about the way things are, are no more than notions or conventions. The notions we hold give a certain tone to our reality. These notions replace our deepest intuitions about how things really are. For example, consider looking in the mirror. We don't really believe that that changing figure is us. We subscribe to notions of birth, ageing and death. They can be dismissed. We operate in different modes. We dismiss our infinite mode which is not subject to time or space. Acknowledge it. Dwell in it. Relate to conventional understanding when necessary but don't let it replace our true understanding. Consider the sunrise and sunset. We can accommodate the scientific understanding with our own contrasting experience. Movement in consciousness. This is a concept or notion. It is cognition which is infinitely creative. This is the characteristic of a human being. Non-attachment, vasana, conditioning, freedom, self-effort, self-enquiry. Text: Yoga Vasistha Book 2, May 18 Video Index ***
  • LIVE - In a Strange Space — Heart Donut — Unplugging or Nonattachment 2011-04-21 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan Day 5 Dog ♥ Text Companion - Intro: I'm in a strange space, as I come to you in this video. The video toy I used to make it helps to share this. As I've been quietly downloading and uploading some files, I've been just sitting here, peacefully - not pulled to think or to do this or that. Just sitting quietly. How much time in your life do you do that? How do you do that, some might say. Well, it depends on what you're unplugged and plugged into. What draws your attention? What distracts? How tightly plugged into the Matrix are you? Do you know? Why, or why not? I'm still in a very quiet space, inside. There's not much static or noise of any kind. Nice and quiet. Still feels a bit strange. The new thing I'm tuning into this day is communion or communication with beings on higher frequencies - angelics or maybe Guides. I feel their presence, not physically, but by their energy - by what they say or communicate to me. It just has the feel of me and 'Not me.' Tricky to explain. I'm just aware that they're there as I'm being shown things - things are explained, sort of. Not like talking - but it is communication, anyway. What are they sharing? What level do they come from? That's less important to me than just being aware of what's going on. I get the sense this goes on all the time - I just haven't been aware. It has a certain feel of familiarity to it, so that though it feels strange, it's also familiar. Odd... Distributed ...
  • Matthew 5:9 - The Peacemakers As we discussed in Matthew 5:3, the Bible gives seven ways to enter Heaven. Each way can be associated with a beatitude. Forgiveness is the root of being a peacemaker. WHAT LEADS TO PEACE? yielding, love, wisdom, steadfastness, righteousness, truth, faith, spiritual discipline, the manifest WHAT DOES PEACE LEAD TO? a consciousness in which there is no fear, in which there is joy WHAT DOES NOT BRING PEACE? what is wicked, evil, rebellious, crooked; that which deviates from the path of non-attachment HOW TO HELP OTHERS IN THEIR JOURNEY TO PEACE? (1) Life is the Doer, thus trust Life to be the slayer of the ego; death is a gift, for from YIN comes YANG. (2) Our contribution is not through doing, but through example. There is nothing to correct. There is simply and always the planting of the mystical tree. Everything else happens without our help.
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  • Buddhist monks chanting in pali (Sankalpa) I got these videos , well I cant translate it in English if any one can then please help me out in translating it. With metta, Harsha.
  • Jeffrey Lewis Bugs and Flowers A lyrical lesson in mortality and non-attachment from Jeffrey's latest album on Rough Trade Records "Em Are I". Guitar accompaniment by brother Jack Lewis. 5/20/09 Bowery Ballroom New York CD Release Bugs & flowers Out in the forest Out past the stone wall Built by old farmers Or older guys I saw a railway With tracks all rusted Wild flowers blooming Up through the ties I set out walking Just cross-tie walking Out on the cross-ties Where I could step Sometimes I missed one Sometimes there was none Sometimes the flowers Had eaten it The sun was burning The flies were churning The trees were turning Inside the sky The tracks were rotten Some trash forgotten Sometimes a bottle with ash inside I've been a walker A sidewalk talker Out on the sidewalks Where I could stay Someday my body Will look real shoddy Wherever flowers have eaten it Voracious flowers Voracious hours Voracious people Voracious slime Words like voracious Just sound like nonsense After you say them about five times These flowers blooming They are not human These flies and insects Are really weird Their backs are shiny Their souls are tiny And by the zillions They've disappeared So if there's life after It's packed with insects It's filled with flowers No room for us When they kick the bucket They just say chuck it They come and go like Infinite dust The human race's Beautiful faces Changing places Reform and bust When we kick the bucket Let's just say chuck it We'll come and go like Infinite dust
  • Lower Your Expectations ___________________________________ BlogTV show this Saturday (10/16) check twitter for time. _________________________________ Find me on Twitter: ___________________________________ More YouTube Channels that involve my Beardly face: ___________________________________ The Beard of Power has a Facebook: ___________________________________ Intro is a clip from Adrian Holovaty
  • Interview with John Schumacher: Living with Non-Attachment In this interview John gives his advice on living in the present with non-attachment.
  • Non-attachment, energetic changes, a vision Part 1
  • 'Mouna' the Path of Silence to Sub-tle-ty. " 'Mouna' or silence plays a very important part in helping us to find within ourselves the ability to withdraw the mind from the sensory experiences. The mind is constantly extrovert, so much so that most of the time it gives us very little opportunity to really see what is going on in the inner mind. The mind can only truly evolve when it is separated from the senses, when we can practice the system of pratyahara. We need to find a way through which our mind can disconnect from the ordinary sensory input, so that we can become more introverted and actually see what is going on inside. 'Mouna' or the path of Silence taught to us by ancient sages of India gives us the ability to be a witness to what is going on in our mind, which brings about a feeling of non-attachment. We become less attached to what is happening around us and the feeling actually deepens, it is just that the attachment is not there. Then we are able to see and understand things in our own mind and in the minds of other people a lot more clearly. We are able to solve most of our problems and not offload them onto other people. We develop that ability through non-attachment, with wareness that develops through mouna and pratyahara. Because the mind is separated from the senses and there is no essential input to disturb our understanding of what is going on in the deeper levels, we are in a much better position.There are three major components of meditation. The first is developing awareness, the second ...
  • Understanding the ***es - Part 4 This vid shows how the second observer's perspective helps one to deconstruct the ego. This is an important philosophical step, which leads one to non-attachment. That women typically don't act like the ego is an illusion, is exactly why wise misogyny is a branch of non-attachment.
  • 0880 Section 6.2, Chapter 125 (continued) Yoga Vasistha The nature of the jivanmukta, the liberated individual. How can you tell? You can't! The liberated person continues with their life. Some exotic examples are given. Justifying behaviour in terms of spiritual understanding is dubious. Behave in accordance with the mode you are operating in. Remain in equanimity. This does not mean passivity or inaction. Lord Shiva and his attachment to his consort. The teaching of non-attachment does not mean be aloof. Most of us operate within a social network. The difference is not investing anything in that network. A great performer performs from inner stillness. Lord Vishnu. The liberated beings perform their natural functions. This might even mean fighting wars. Traditional societies are more rigid in this respect. Nowadays, we have more choices. The life path is no longer clear. What should you do with your life? When operating in the realm of ignorance it is impossible not to act in accordance with ignorance. We mark out space in terms of distance. We map out the infinite consciousness in terms of the world-appearance. Text: Yoga Vasistha Book 2, August 26 Video Index ***
  • 5-5-2009 (2 of 2) Lost Coin Class Daniel Doen Silberberg Sensei expands on his prior talk on compassion and attachment. He discusses the real world, how non-attachment is being a realist, and how non-attachment is complete attachment.

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  • “1 comment | blog | share | read more | 1129 reads. The Make-Wrongs who gravitate towards the practice of nonattachment do so for absolutely the wrong”
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  • “The reason we invoke nonattachment may have less to do with a desire to be enlightened Nonattachment to outcome means that you are not attaching to feeling any feeling forever”
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  • “And the significant impact that this blog, this thing, has had on my life, the amazing assortment of people that I have gotten to perfect example of how you can look at yourself through a blog, and see things that you never realized before. Maybe I'm bolder”
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