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  • Be a compassionate shopper. Our guide lists non-animal testing companies and products, plus companies to boycott. — “Cruelty Free Shopping Guide: animal testing: companies and”,
  • is a website dedicated to advancing non-animal methods of toxicity testing through online discussion and information exchange. and policy issues related to non-animal methods of toxicity testing. — “ Home Page”,
  • Banner's non-animal technology also appeals to a wide range of consumers who are seeking non-animal alternatives for health, dietary, religious, or animal-rights reasons. The non-animal technology fills an expanding demand in the marketplace, which is being driven by an increasing number of. — “”,
  • This is because cats cannot produce certain nutrients which are essential to their health and so have to obtain them from their cat food. Nutrients such as Taurine are normally plentiful in meat but less so in non-animal sources. high concentrations of these nutrients found in non- animal sources. — “Vegetarian Cat Food - Cat Nutrition Will It keep Your Cat Healthy”, our-happy-
  • Animal experimentation is generally less efficient and reliable than many nonanimal methods, which include: 5. Other Nonanimal Methods. Between the mid-1950s and mid-1980s, the. — “Non-animal methodologies”,
  • Benefits of Non-Animal-Testing. This is an interesting article on the benefits of using non-animal tests in cosmetic/medical research — I always like to read this stuff to see if I'll learn anything I can add to my animal testing alternatives knowledge. — “Benefits of Non-Animal-Testing | Living Cruelty Free”,
  • Provides information about the research policies of various charities, including lists of health charities that fund animal experiments. prevention or cure of many diseases is relevant and progressive nonanimal research methods, such as in vitro cell and tissue cultures, microfluidic. — “”,
  • research without animals, scientific limitations of animal models, nonanimal methods, epidemiology (human population studies), studies on patients, autopsies and biopsies, post-marketing surveillance, other nonanimal methods. — “Humane Charity Seal / a Physicians Committee for Responsible”,
  • Non-animal tests are generally faster and less expensive than the animal tests they replace and improve upon. While effective non-animal test methods become more and more numerous, animal-based. — “Alternatives: Testing Without Torture | ”,
  • The B.C. (British Columbia) Foundation for Non-Animal Research: dedicated to the support and promotion of alternative methods to the use of animals in scientific reasearch. Founded by Evelyn M. Martin. — “BC Foundation for Non-Animal Research”,
  • skip intro. — “Hurel”,
  • Ready-to-use, normal, human cell-derived, fully differentiated, 3-D, organotypic in vitro TISSUE equivalents with unsurpassed, guaranteed long-term reproducibility. Used in non-animal test methods. — “MatTek in Vitro 3-D Human TISSUE Equivalents - Non-Animal”,
  • Restylane® is the first and only cosmetic filler made of non-animal-based hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane® is a crystal clear gel called NASHAT, or Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid. — “BOTOX® Cosmetic Information Website: Expert Advice New York”,
  • Reciprocal links to non-animal related websites. — “Non-Animal Related Websites”,
  • Upon submittal of entry, display hall (non-animal) exhibitor Non-animal (Display Hall) exhibitors must present their entry. tag stub, to clerk or. — “OPEN CLASS NON-ANIMAL”,
  • nonanimal (not comparable) That does not derive from an animal. That does not involve nonanimal (plural nonanimals) That which is not an animal. Retrieved. — “nonanimal - Wiktionary”,
  • Non-Animal Capsules. Capsugel offers a variety of non-animal two-piece capsules to satisfy vegetarian and cultural needs: Vcaps®, Vcaps® Plus and NPcaps® capsules. Home | Vegetarian Market | Non-Animal Capsules | Partnership Values | Contact Us | Terms of Use. — “Vegetarian Choices”,
  • Official site for Regenasure Glucosamine offering news, FAQs, and purchasing information to consumers interested in a non-shellfish and non-animal derived glucosamine produced from a vegetable source. Created by Cargill Acidulants. — “Regenasure Glucosamine”,
  • Pullulan Capsule - NPcaps® capsules are an all-natural, two-piece non-animal capsule suitable for addressing a variety of cultural and dietary requirements, including those of vegetarians, diabetics and patients with restricted diets. — “Pullulan Capsule - Capsugel”,
  • How to Use Noxzema. Noxzema is a cream that comes in a blue jar. It is mainly used on faces, but can be used on other parts of the skin that become sunburned. Noxzema is known for the ingredients camphor, eucalyptus Is Noxzema non-animal tested?. — “How to Use Noxzema | ”,
  • The DHT funds and promotes non-animal. medical research across the UK Would pay for twenty test tubes for a non-animal research project to replace animal experiments. — “DHT - Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research - UK's leading non”,
  • a requirement for the use of nonanimal test methods where available; to ensure that animals and people are protected by requiring and funding nonanimal methods, and to take ICCVAM out of the picture. After contacting your representative,. — “Toxic Chemicals Safety Act, H.R. 5820: Urge Congress to Avoid”,

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  • Plant Power Should people cut out meat completely or just eat less? Michael Dimock, president of Roots of Change, states that the human diet requires protein -- of the 2% of Americans that classify as vegetarians, most still eat some meat on the occasion -- thus eating less would be a better solution than eating none at all. On an ethical level, Jonathan Bloom, author of American Wasteland, suggests that if you do eat meat, eat it efficiently while AG Kawamura mentions algae as another non-animal protein source. AG Kawamura, Former Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture Jonathan Bloom, Author, American Wasteland Michael Dimock, President, Roots of Change www.climate-
  • Proteins -- Debunking Myths & Are Vegans Healthier? Balanced Health Proteins & debunking myths about animal or non-animal protein sources; are vegans more healthy than meat eaters? Organic sources for proteins for healthy diets.
  • "Marvelous Mt. Kanlaon" Savekanlaon's photos around Bacolod, Philippines A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Bacolod, Philippines by TravelPod blogger Savekanlaon titled "Marvelous Mt. Kanlaon". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Savekanlaon's travel blog entry: "Every Negrense grows up in the shadow of Mount Kanlaon. The Volcano, one of the most active in the Philippines, the highest peak in the Visayas region, is also a mountain holy to us. To the ancient Visayans, not only to Negrenses but also to the inhabitants of the neighboring islands of Cebu and Panay, Kanlaon was the home of Laon (Ancient One), the Supreme Creator Goddess. Sorjanos, as we call local shamans, congregate in secret forest areas on special occassions in order to commune with the spirits of nature, renew their powers, and gather substances for their healing art. Folklore also has it that a number of non-human, non-animal beings live in the mountain, adding to the mountain's mystique. There are mountains and mountains to climb in the Philippines but among the "must-climb" mountains, following in the heels of the country's famous mountains - Mt. Apo (the highest peak in the Philippines), Mt. Mayon (our perfect cone volcano), and one or two others that are well known technical climbs, is our Mt. Kanlaon. Nowhere is Kanlaon an easy trek up so to reach the crater is no mean accomplishment. But what makes the mountain special to mountaineers is that unlike the mostly barren slopes of Mt. Mayon, Mt. Pulag, etc., Mt. Kanlaon is covered with more than 9000 ...
  • Demo against Wickham Laboratories, September 12th 2009 National demo against Wickham Laboratories who continue to use hundreds of animals to test botox, despite there being a non-animal alternative test available. For information on vivisection in general, visit www.vivisection-
  • "A Little bit about being a Vegan" by Kevin P. Harloff *Leave on and read the annotations for this post: they are important for this video! **Remember to eat well-balanced meals from the whole spectrum of colors of veggies, fruits, nuts, legumes, soy products, wheat and whole grains, and other non-animal sources if you are a Vegan or Vegetarian, as well as take a good mulitvitamin. Diet and nutrition take research, time, and energy. ***Again I am not a Doctor, a Registered Dietitian, nor a Licensed Nutritionist, I do not have the accredition to be a food mentor--I am just an individual explaining my experience with Veganism, my diet, and exercise. Definition of Vegan: "[T]he word "veganism" denotes a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude — as far as is possible and practical — all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." (from the Vegan Society--I don't know who this society is, but this is what wikipedia gave me.) My definition of Vegan: Someone who does not exploit, kill, harm, eat, or use animals for their own life or personal gain--one who does not eat any animal products including meat, eggs, poulty, fish, diary, honey (if you have a question about this one--google honeybees and understand why honeybees are so ...
  • Ailesbury Clinics introduce Macrolane The Award winning Irish Aesthetic Clinics introduce Macrolane an innovative product currently indicated for volume restoration and shaping of the breast. Macrolane can also be used in calves and buttocks and even out discrepancies in the skin surface, for example those caused by liposuction. Macrolane is an injectable treatment based on Q-Med's patented technology, NASHA™, for the production of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid.
  • Juvederm lip injections - Lip enhancement - Lip treatment by Los angeles dermatologist Dr Umar Go to: for more on Dr Umar's skin and cosmetic surgery services For treatment of Laugh lines, facial lines, thin lips facial hollows Dr Umar uses Juvederm. In this video Dr Umar uses Juvederm to restore the natural fullness of the lips. Dr. Umar uses Juvederm to plump up your skin to smooth away facial wrinkles and lines. Juvederm is a safe, FDA-approved dermal filler made of non-animal hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that already exists in the human body. Juvederm is biodegradable and fully bio-compatible with human hyaluronic acid. Other hyaluronic acid fillers used by Dr Umar includes restylane, perlane etc Dr S***i Umar and his staff at FineTouch Dermatology Inc are committed to revealing to you and the world the beauty that shines within you. By not leaving you with that surgical look D Umar and his staff utilize the most up to date minimally invasive techniques to give you results with which you can face the world with new confidence. Common conditions treated include Acne, wrinkles, age and sun spots, enlarged pores, birth marks moles, fat collections, excessive facial and body hair, facial and leg veins etc. Common techniques offered include, the Fraxel family of lasers, V-Beam, Hair removal lasers, Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, fat transfer, liposuction, facelifts, eye lid surgery (Blepharoplasties), leg vein laser treatments, sclerotherapy, photodynamic acne treatment Sonopeel, and specially selected ...
  • Andrew Bird - Anonanimal (Live Auditorium Roma - 19/10/2010) HD I see a sea anemone The enemy See a sea anemone And that'll be the end of me. While the vicious fish was caught unawares in the tenderest of tendrils Underneath her tender gills I will become this animal Perfectly adapted to the music halls I will become this animal Anomalous appendages A non-animal Hold on just a second Don't tell me this one you know I know this one I know this song I know this one I love this song Hold on just a second Don't tell me this one you know i know this one I know this song I know this one I love this song I know this one Underneath the stalactites The troglobites lost their sight Uh oh The seemingly innocuous plecostomus though posthumus They talk to us They talk too much See a sea anemone The enemy See a sea anemone That'll be the end of me Vicious fish was caught unawares In the tend'rest tendrils Underneath her tender gills and I will become this animal Perfectly adapted to a music hall I will become this animal Anomalous appendages A non-animal
  • Soy Allergies and Soy Alternatives - Health with Dr. John Westerdahl, # 9 If you have soy allergies you can find many other sources of protein like all beans, kidney beans, white beans, pinto beans and more. Wheat Gluten is also a resource for non-animal protein.
  • HydroTec Test First recorded video of Paul Ciesiun, President of HydroTec shooting his new and highly anticipated paintballs. Check out the marks and the water test. More video to come in the next weeks! /
  • Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti live at Espaço M, 25th June of 2010, part 4, "Round and Round" In English... / Em Inglês... Ariel Pink (born Ariel Marcus Rosenberg June 24, 1978) is a Los Angeles-based experimental / pop musician Pink has a cult following and endorsements from more famous artists such as fellow Paw Tracks founder group Animal Collective After years of recording in relative seclusion in the mountains of Los Angeles, Ariel Pink (the first non-Animal Collective member on the Paw Tracks list) made his official Paw Tracks debut with Doldrums recording at home with a guitar bass keyboard and 8-track (the drum sounds were created with the mouth) Ariel Pink blends Lite FM and warped lo-fi pop into something beautiful and sometimes confusing, some may find their personal yet detached approach is highly addictive, while others may be immediately suspended from obvious lo-fi production och song drum tracks Summer 2003 Pink passed a CD-R on the New York-based band Animal Collective after being introduced by mutual friend Jimi Hey (of All Night Radio and Beachwood Sparks) in one of their shows did not know that Pink Animal Collective had recently started his own record label Paw Tracks and several weeks later they contacted him expressing an interest in releasing his music Rosa became the first musician on the label except the members of Animal Collective Next year, the label reissued The Doldrums an album that was originally recorded in 1999 since the Paw Tracks (now owned jointly by Carpark Records) has released two other re ...
  • Restylane on Colorado&Co. Eradicate deep creases in your skin and have younger looking lips using this injectable, the only injectable dermal filler containing NASHA, Non-Animal, Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid. This biodegradable gel is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The result is instantaneous and produces a long-lasting, natural enhancement, gentle and safe to your skin. Restylane is a totally non-animal product eliminating the possibility of allergic reaction. When totally absorbed, it turns into water and carbon dioxide and disappears from your body without a trace. To date, more than a million Restylane treatments have been successfully administered in more than 60 countries worldwide. The result is instantaneous and no pre-treatment skin test is needed and Restylane can be used safely in combination with several other cosmetic procedures including Botox®, dermabrasion and chemical peels. A topical anesthetic cream can be applied to the area to be treated and in some cases, your physician will recommend a local anesthetic injection. Immediately following treatment, you can expect a slight redness, swelling, tenderness and sometimes an itching sensation in the treated area. One of the great advantages of Restylane is that it is long lasting, but not permanent, a complement to your constantly changing face. Beauty is best maintained by reevaluating the need for further treatment from time to time.
  • Soy Proetin Diet - Shakes and Bars Protein comes in the form of meat, soy products, cheese and dairy products. However, most of these are in the form of animal proteins, which add greatly to the bad cholesterol in our bodies. Therefore we need to look for high quality proteins, in our diet, from non-animal sources. That is vegetable proteins, in the form of soy protein shakes and bars an easy way to consume more protein as part of a healthy diet.
  • ANTI ABUSEMENT! So! I don't own this! Gummythegreyhound909 does and she told me to copy it to STOP animal abuse So yeah! This one is to you Gummy! You inspire me and I will continue fighting for non- animal abuse! Here is what Gummy typed in her description! ANTI ABUSE WARNING! BLOOD AND SOME PICTURES THAT AREN'T GOOD FOR PEOPLE WITH A EASY STOMACH! Well These pictures made me cry! ALL my thank you's go out to these people THE ARCHE NOAH CHANIA CRETE (I don't know if I spelled that right) They saved that dog with the chopped neck! He survived thanks to them! SPCA! The helped sell abused animals to good homes HAPPY PAWS HEAVEN! Giving tips to people of how to care for a abused animal and much much more! A VOICE FOR THE INNOCENT - Posting posts about how to find a abused animal a good home! And much more! JOIN US IN THE ANTI-ABUSEMENT! darknessdragonwolf, Lemonthedoe, Sowrdwolf90, Shadetail0000, kisskisscat90, and I are a working process.. (since we are RL friends) We upload videos to spread anti-abuse and stuff like that LEND A HAND TO THOSE IN NEED! I OWN NOTHING!
  • ELF synthetic Studio Brushes and "Mineral Brushes": Review and Show and Tell I'll be showing you my most recent brush purchase, which is the ELF (eyes lips face) Studio Brushes and "Mineral" brushes, which are all synthetic and suitable for vegans/vegetarians or anyone who prefers to purchase non-animal hair makeup brushes
  • Animal Crossing City Folk-Naughty or Nice Day Yet another European holiday that took place on Dec. 6. We played around and told the Mayor how nice we have been and he gave us the (very lame) Stuffed Stocking. Subscribe for more!! Thanks!!! PS- we used Wii Speak, so you might here some not so nice non Animal Crossing things, so sorry about that, mom didnt know it was recording.
  • Restylane lip Injections Tracey Bell Liverpool Here is one of our patients having lip filler (Restylane Lipp) treatment on her upper lip which is performed by Tracey BellDermal Fillers are an excellent treatment option for: Lip enhancement Volume augmentation of the lips Shaping facial contours (such as cheeks and chin correcting) Smile lines (correcting thin, superficial lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead). Lips are an important part of our lives. They frame your smile, are used to kiss the ones you love, and are the key to whistling happy tunes. Some people are satisfied with the look of their lips while others want to make their lips fuller. Due to age and other factors, many people have lost volume in their lips, leaving them aged and wrinkled. Lip augmentation can enhance or restore a fuller shape to your lips and help you get fuller, more luscious lips. Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Augmentation? There are many reasons why a person would want to undergo lip enhancement. This includes: Achieving a more sensuous look Providing more balance to facial features Restoring lost volume and shape Increasing self-confidence in their appearance Be sure to discuss your own reasons with the cosmetic surgeon during your consultation visit. Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Augmentation? There are many reasons why a person would want to undergo lip enhancement. This includes: Achieving a more sensuous look Providing more balance to facial features Restoring lost volume and shape Increasing self-confidence in their ...
  • Animal Experimentation - Opinions of Those For and Those Against - Part 1 For the first time ever at UCLA during World Laboratory Animal Week which is an annual event designed to expose the plight of animals used for testing and research there were organized rallies of proponents for and against animal testing. Many believe the time has come for dramatic change. With a wide and growing array of non-animal research methods rendering vivisection increasingly obsolete, animal experiments conducted today could be eliminated with the full-scale implementation of non-animal methods - without risk to human health. However, the research, drug and chemical industries - entrenched in animal research for legal, economic and political reasons - perpetuate the myth that animal experimentation is necessary. Speakers in this video in order of appearance are: Michael Budkie - Executive Director of Stop Animal Experimentation Now - Dr. Elliot Katz - President of In Defense of Animals - http Unknown Pro-Science Speaker Dr. Armaiti May Kathy Guillermo - Director of Laboratory Investigations Dept. of PETA - Dr. J. David Jentsch, Ph.d - UCLA Faculty Tom Holder - http Dr. Rich McClellan - President of the California Chapter of the League of Humane Voters -
  • Animal Cruelty & Testing is WRONG Choose vegetarianism. Choose non-animal tested products.
  • Diminish the Signs of Facial Aging with Soft Tissue Fillers Soft tissue fillers are designed to "fill in" facial indentations made by fine lines and wrinkles. They can also add fullness to the lips and cheeks. The treatment smoothes the skin and gives you a more youthful appearance. Hyaluronic acid (Restylane) is a natural substance found in living organisms. It is produced in a laboratory and injected into fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to increase fullness in the lips. In 2004, 882469 hyaluronic acid injections were performed in the US The treatment lasts from several months to a year. Calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse) is a newer soft tissue filler. It's a synthetic version of a natural substance found in bone and teeth. Last year, 69439 procedures were done in the US The treatment is more expensive than collagen or hyaluronic acid, but lasts much longer. Results with calcium hydroxylapatite last for two years or more. Juvederm is a "next generation" smooth gel, non-animal dermal filler offering a natural look and feel, and long-lasting results for up to six months or longer. Why does Juvederm last longer? Because it's the only dermal filler currently available with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid and a special formulation process. This process creates a smooth gel that flows easily into the skin, creating smooth, natural looks. Informational video on this cosmeticprocedure. Presented by Asher Milgrom of American Medical Aesthetics http Corporate Headquarters: 2302 Martin Street, Suite ...
  • Redbak SPI (Soy Protein Isolate) REDBAK SPI (Soy Protein Isolate) is the perfect solution for people who require a non-animal, dairy & lactose free protein to supplement their diet. REDBAK SPI is made from (Solae) SUPROTM brand NON Genetically Modified Soy. SUPROTM Soy Protein is a high quality plant-based protein that is equal in quality to meat, milk and eggs. REDBAK SPI is naturally high in critical cluster amino acids BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids), 2g L-Glutamine, 1g Taurine and arginine per serve. These aminos help spare muscle and assist with muscle recovery, especially in conjunction with a low-carb diet or when calories are restricted. Now with 2000mg L-Glutamine and 1000mg Taurine per serve for more energy and better recovery. REDBAK SPI is ideal for vegetarians, vegans, the lactose and dairy intolerant or anyone who wishes to take advantage of the health benefits of plant derived protein. REDBAK SPI uses the natural flavouring agent MagnaSweetTM, a natural extract from licorice root, to give it a natural sweetness and enhance its taste.
  • Talkin Bout Tofu, Baby (Healthy Helpings TV: Ep 7) PART 1 Interested in healthy eating? Tofu is an ingredient that a lot of people are scared of which is a shame because it's a great source of non-animal protein. This week on Healthy Helpings TV, host Michelle Koen demystifies tofu, explaining the different kinds and how they can be used. Visit for the full recipe.
  • Non Animal Tested Skin Care & Make-up My thoughts on buying non-animal tested skin care and makeup. Luckily most of mine are fine to use but bye-bye to Lancome. List of companies that are cruelty free can be found at
  • Restylane DESCRIPTION: Restylane is a gel made up of non-animal hyaluronic acid that closely resembles your body's natural hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally present in the human skin, with the important ability to attract and bind to water molecules to help maintain volume. Restylane restores the volume of the face, improves skin elasticity and smoothness. It revitalizes the skin and creates softness. It should be administered by a medical doctor or a trained health care professional. RESTYLANE injections are used to treat facial wrinkles, folds and lip augmentations.RESTYLANE is an injection medication. RESTYLANE is a crystal-clear, biodegradable NASHA (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid) gel, which is injected into the dermis in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The result is instantaneous, producing a long-lasting, natural enhancement, gentle and safe to the skin.
  • .::Disney/Non-Animal::. I try, I really do. This will never match to some of those AMAZING videos out there, but my effects pack trial was almost up and I HAD to put another video up. I only have certain parts from Disney moviesso thats why there is no Ariel/Eric and Esmerelda/Phoebus. Canon Couples! Gotta Love 'em. Animal by Neon Trees Clips from: The Little Mermaid Tarzan Hercules Aladdin The Hunchback of Notre Dame The Road to El Dorado Pocahontas ....I forget the other ones in here!!
  • Bodhranii TV - Edition 1 - Non-Animal Bodhrans Cat Lake introduces the first edition of our VBlog here on Bodhranii TV. A series of videos that aims to help you get the most out of your Bodhran or simply learn more about them. In future editions we hope to include reviews on new products as well as advice on how to look after your drum. If you would like to suggest a topic for our next video please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. We're also open to suggestion on what to call our VBlog? One option was 'Happy Tipping' but tell us what you think! A New Forest Digital Production for Bodhranii TV. Credits: Cat Lake, Presenter & Producer Nathan Amos, Filming (DSLR)
  • Animal Testing & Vivisection 33 facts to consider. 1) Less than 2% of human illnesses (1.16%) are ever seen in animals. Over 98% never affect animals. 2) According to the former scientific executive of Huntingdon Life Sciences, animal tests and human results agree "5%-25% of the time." 3) Among the hundreds of techniques available instead of animal experiments, cell culture toxicology methods give accuracy rates of 80-85% 4) 92% of drugs passed by animal tests immediately fail when first tried on humans because they're useless, dangerous or both. 5) The two most common illnesses in the Western world are lung cancer from smoking and heart disease. Neither can be reproduced in lab animals. 6) A 2004 survey of doctors in the UK showed that 83% wanted a independent scientific evaluation of whether animal experiments had relevance to human patients. Less than 1 in 4 (21%) had more confidence in animal tests than in non-animal methods. 7) Rats are 37% effective in identifying what causes cancer to humans -- less use than guessing. The experimenters said: "we would have been better off to have tossed a coin." 8) Rodents are the animals almost always used in cancer research. They never get carcinomas, the human form of cancer, which affects membranes (eg lung cancer). Their sarcomas affect bone and connective tissue: the two are completely different. 9) The results from animal tests are routinely altered radically by diet, light, noise, temperature, lab staff and bedding. Bedding differences caused cancer ...
  • Andrew Bird - Anonanimal Andrew Birds, Anonanimal Lyrics: I see a sea anemone The enemy See a sea anemone And that'll be the end of me. While the vicious fish was caught unawares in the tenderest of tendrils Underneath her tender gills I will become this animal Perfectly adapted to the music halls I will become this animal Anomalous appendages A non-animal Hold on just a second Don't tell me this one you know I know this one I know this song I know this one I love this song Hold on just a second Don't tell me this one you know i know this one I know this song I know this one I love this song I know this one [ Andrew Bird Lyrics are found on ] Underneath the stalactites The troglobites lost their sight Uh oh The seemingly innocuous plecostomus though posthumus They talk to us They talk too much See a sea anemone The enemy See a sea anemone That'll be the end of me Vicious fish was caught unawares In the tend'rest tendrils Underneath her tender gills and I will become this animal Perfectly adapted to a music hall I will become this animal Anomalous appendages A non-animal
  • Revanesse - Hyaluronic Acid Gel - For Facial Restoration Revanesse® is a new biodegradable non-animal based clear Hyaluronic acid gel. Revanesse® is best used to fill superficial imperfections in the dermis, such as fine lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, perioral lines, small nasolabial folds, and glabeller lines. Revanesse® will break down naturally in your body after about 6 months without leaving any harmful by-products.
  • FACE Conference 2005 Matridur Filler Lecture to the FACE Conference London in 2005 by Dr. Patrick Treacy Ailesbury Clinic Dublin (+3531 2692255) about the dermal fillers Matridur and Matridex. Matridur is a mixture of non-animal stabilised hyaluronic acid 25mg/ml and cross-linked hyaluronic acid 25mg/ml. Matridex contains cross linked hyaluronic acid and dextranomers (dextran molecules). These form microparticles with a positively charged surface and a diameter of approx 80-120 microns. Such microparticles have been used in surgical applications where healing needs to be as fast as possible and where regeneration and bulking of soft tissue is required, for example in the treatment of incontinence (to regenerate, bulk and repair the delicate urethra).
  • Scully : The World Show Interview : Irma and Carla-Maria Khanjian - part 1 of 2 Scully: The World Show - Entrepreneurs / The Dobson Series. Episode description: By fascinating coincidence, we enter 2011 with an entrepreneurial tale again based on a storybook buyout for one Swiss franc. This time, a dynamic duo of sisterhood entrepreneurship, Irma and Carla Maria Khanjian, decided to take the plunge when a Geneva biology genius overextended himself financially while building his dream laboratory in the shadow of Mont Blanc. These Armenian over achievers to the land of chocolate and clocks, decided that they could do better, and convinced the 14 elite shareholders to leave the failing enterprise in their care. Out of this impending disaster, they spun success: BeFutur Suisse started marketing La Peau, a revolutionary anti-aging skin care cream. Irma and Carla Maria hawked their antioxidant creams everywhere, from Swiss pharmacies to the exclusive plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Today La Peau is a "must-try" for working girls, glamorous actresses alike and you & I. Part 2
  • Juvederm lips...tracey bell What are fillers used to treat? This depends somewhat on the filler, but the broad answer is lines and wrinkles. They can also be used to plump and define lips and fill hollow areas on the face. Here are some of the areas where they work best: lines from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial fold) lines from the mouth to the chin (melomental fold) lines above the upper lip frown lines (best combined with Botox Cosmetic) in the lips for volume and definition to restore volume to cheekbones or cheeks in some situations, under the eyes to fill out the backs of the hands and make veins look less prominent What are Restylane and Juvederm? Restylane (Medicis) and Juvederm (Allergan) are sterile gels consisting of non-animal, cross-linked, hyaluronic acid (HA) and are made in a laboratory. HA is a natural sugar found in skin. They contain no human or animal DNA and have the best safety profile of all the fillers currently on the market. These products are FDA approved for use in the nasolabial fold and are used "off-label" in other areas. Juvederm causes less puffiness for the first few days after a treatment. In my opinion, it is also slightly smoother. Here's a full Juvederm 3 lip filler treatment performed by Tracey Bell in our Liverpool clinic. Website: Facebook: Twitter: #TraceyBell
  • Lush Cosmetics- There's a funny smell around here! THANK YOU to the 86000 people who signed our voting cards against animal testing as part of the campaign to stop the use of animals in the ... all » EU's REACH chemical testing legislation. In October we sent all the cards to the relevant MEPs, along with a letter and a little bag of chocolate-covered raisins with a Lush tag reading "45000000 animals are sh**ting themselves over REACH". We thought this would help our campaign to stand-out from the rest, and it worked! Dozens of MEPs wrote back to us, thanking us for taking the time to write and saying that they would vote for REACH legislation only use safe and effective non-animal tests, rather than old-fashioned and misleading animal tests. Despite the positive response, we felt that we needed to do more, so we decided to make our presence felt and smelt at the European Parliament in Strasbourg when MEPs voted on REACH in December... by dumping 2 tonnes of manure outside! REACH has now been passed by the EU and will become law in June 2007. We will keep campaigning to make sure that animals are not used in REACH and continue not to buy any ingredients from anyone who tests on animals for any reason.
  • Perlane NYC - (212)-644-9494 - NYC Perlane (212)-644-9494 Perlane® is an injectable cosmetic dermal filler that has been used to soften wrinkles and facial folds of patients across the world. It is also a popular filler for lip augmentation, facial depressions, and facial scarring. What is Perlane®? Perlane® is made from non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) gel. This means that Perlane® contains no animal products. Since hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the skin and other tissue, there is no need for a skin test when using Perlane® filler. The hyaluronic acid in Perlane® supplements the body's natural supply, which becomes depleted with age. Perlane® is biodegradable so its effects are not permanent. The results of a Perlane® filler treatment tend to last six months to a year. This is much longer than the typical results of collagen injections, which may only last three to six months. Unlike BOTOX® Cosmetic, Perlane® does not make you numb. Perlane® can be used in conjunction with BOTOX® Cosmetic, which neutralizes the muscles that create wrinkles, but Perlane® simply reduces the visibility of wrinkles and folds. What Areas of the Face Can Be Treated with Perlane®? The hyaluronic acid in Perlane® can be used to improve the contour of facial skin and to reduce wrinkles, folds, scars, and other facial skin depressions. Common uses for Perlane® filler include Wrinkle correction Diminishing worry lines, smile lines, crow's feet, marionette lines at ...
  • Muscle Building Nutrition - Part 1 B I'm going to break down the elements that make up a good muscle building meal. First off you need to consume a high protein intake. The general rule of 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight daily is a good place to start. I know there is a lot of controversy over protein intake, but the bottom line is I've never met a single person yet who was big and muscular who did not consume a high protein diet. Every single one of your meals needs to have a good source of protein. You should space your protein intake out equally over 6 small meals per day. You don't have to be 100% spot on with this, but try your best to space your protein intake out so that you provide your body with a continuous supply of amino acids to help support muscle growth. This is how you would calculate out how much protein you should strive to eat for each meal. First you need to consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight daily. So for example if you weigh 175 lbs. then you should be eating at least 175 grams of protein per day. 175 grams of protein divided up over the course of 6 meals works out to approx. 30 grams of protein per meal. The best sources of protein are lean animal proteins such as Skinless Chicken Skinless Turkey Lean cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb, etc. All kinds of Fish Eggs & Egg whites Dairy products like milk & cottage cheese These foods are complete proteins because they contain all of the essential amino acids needed for muscle growth. Many ...
  • Restylane® Restylane® is a crystal-clear, biodegradable NASHA (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid) gel, which is FDA approved for injection into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. Since this is made from safe natural occurring non-animal material, there is minimal risk of an allergy.
  • Evil Rampaging Monkey in Florida! This monkey has avoided capture for well over a year and even tranquilizer darts won't stop him/her! I am obviously being heavily sarcastic in the video. The monkey is of no threat to humans unless non-animal control type person goes against the primate. Then someone's face might get ripped off. And it won't be the monkey's. Article: Remember Mark from Wed? If more of you comment his vid telling him I sent you, he might be in a video with me soon! :D Pun of the Day: Stalk meh!
  • Body Basics showreel EN In 1994 a new cosmetic brand Body Basics appears on the Czech market. We bring wonderfully scented products with high content of natural ingredients. We rely on traditional procedures and all our products are non-animal tested. While developing new products we focus on certified formulas and unique natural sources combined with the latest trends in dermatology. In Body Basics we know that the secret to beautiful skin is hidden in a complete and perfect care. www.body-
  • ***y, full lips with Restylane lip augmentation injections Luxe Med Spa offers a variety of dermal fillers for your lip augmentation needs. In this video, Restylane is being used. Restylane is a long-lasting and crystal-clear gel for filling out lips, facial wrinkles and facial folds. Thanks to the stabilization process the hyaluronic acid in Restylane is almost identical to that naturally found in the body and only very slightly modified (0.5 - 1%). Restylane is therefore completely biologically degradable - the body's metabolism of hyaluronic acid corresponds to 200 syringes of Restylane per day. The product is also naturally integrated into the tissue, thus allowing important nutritive agents to pass freely through the implant and cells to pass between fragments of the gel. Details: Restylane smoothes wrinkles and enhances lips instantly If you would like to get rid of wrinkles and folds or if you want to improve the image of your lips, there is a new answer to your needs. Restylane is an innovation based on non-animal hyaluronic acid, manufactured by a unique method in Sweden. The treatment is performed by injecting Restylane into the skin or lip, and because no pretest is needed it takes less than 30 minutes. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and therefore dissolves naturally with time. Procedure: Restylane is injected into the dermis and provides volume where the concentration of the body's own hyaluronic acid has decreased. One treatment session takes about 30 minutes. The results can be seen immediately and no ...
  • Starvation and poverty : act to end this Childhood taken every 3 seconds. Fair Use Act - re: Images. Non-Animal Alternatives to "Food for Life Global" - Sustainable Harvest International - The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation Do not support foundations which send animals to Africa or other nations for poverty relief. This practice only creates more poverty and starvation and land destruction eventually. It is also immoral. Please support the above programs. Speak out to end this shameful starvation and poverty in a world of surplus. Only support Fair Trade companies. Write to your political representatives. Go vegan. It's better for you, for the planet, and, most importantly, it's the morally right thing to do. Join our abolitionist vegan page http
  • Covergirl Review! COVERGIRL DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS. from P&G themself: As for animal testing, P&G Beauty & Grooming's position is clear: We do not test our products on animals, nor do we ask suppliers to test them on our behalf. We do not test ingredients on animals, except in very rare cases when necessary to meet government-mandates or safety obligations. We are committed to continuing our leadership in research to develop non-animal alternative methods which will ultimately result in the elimination of animal testing. We apply these principles all around the globe, in every region and every country where we operate. Seriously, LEAVE ME ALONE about it. I'm NOT Peta. I'm NOT lying to any of you. I can't spend my life trying to figure out EVERY fact about animal testing. Thank you to those who researched things before cussing me out in a comment or message. And thank you to those who are so supportive.
  • Brush for vegetarians, non-animal products Finest watercolor brushes will be very suitable for Chinese painting, I understand this from my experience

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