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  • Received a CTCP NIGGERNIGGERNIGGER from amoeba (to #somethingawful) never hesitate when niggering but it might blackfire. Home / Latest / Browse / Random >0. — “QDB: Quote #41555”,
  • Definition of Byrnie with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. lrcs, aporocactus, attracts, chromoblastomycosis, doxophylline, fatty_acid_binding_proteins, howard_carter, scepter, niggering,. — “Byrnie: Definition with Byrnie Pictures and Photos”,
  • Gay guys really are thinner, study says On Niggering the Word 'Faggot' Latest matches for: fitness. Brazilian muscular guy showing off. Gwyneth Paltrow works out. Latest matches for: obesity. — “Gay guys really are thinner, study says”, poe-
  • I took her bike and her shoes. I gave her a good niggering when I took her bike and shoes. Niggering. buy niggering mugs, tshirts and magnets. Having *** with a pretty girl and then in the morning stealing her clothes. OMG! Joe,are you. — “Urban Dictionary: niggering”,
  • 1:37 Add to Added to queue I'm niggering nigger and muslim and rozeboosje732 views 7:04 Add to Added to queue The kinds of niggers who oppose variablast103 views. — “YouTube - Debating variablast - Niggering Nigger”,
  • variablast does "niggering" even exist in the dictionary? Ummm, why Niggering is taking a slur or an insult and changing its meaning so that it no longer. — “GOOD: Internet Censorship”,
  • Yall niggas niggering in a nigga nigga - January 7, 2010 added by Pants | Images 25 Comments - "Yall niggas niggering in a nigga nigga" - Comments Feed. — “Yall niggas niggering in a nigga nigga | My[confined]Space”,
  • The Mainstream Media's Niggering of Cynthia McKinney: The Rude Pundit wasn't going to write about the incident where Representative Cynthia McKinney sauntered past security at the Capitol, didn't answer calls for her to stop, and then struck a DC cop who touched her arm to stop her. — “The Rude Pundit”,
  • NIGGERING AROUND "Good morning, Marse Henry-How am the little chile?" Said Rastus Johnson And that's the way a nigger Comes niggering around. With money in his pockets. And clothes. — “Negro Melodies Plantation Pieces, Camp Meeting Songs and Poems &c”,
  • English Gipsies and Their Language, by Charles G. Leland [1874], full text etext at sacred- A common English Gipsy word for writing is "niggering. — “English Gipsies and Their Language: Chapter VIII. Indications”, sacred-
  • First thing I want to say is that I started this article and wrote the paragraph about some people claiming Border Morris was related to minstrel shows and "niggering" in general. Let me be clear, I think this view is nonsense. Niggering" was a term used in Hereford and Worcestershire in the 19th. — “Talk:Border Morris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Brakeu: REPLACING WITH 'NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERING ON A NIGGER WITH A SIDE OF NIGGER-FRIES' Brakeu at 03:56, 18 March 2008. Jericho at 02:53, 16 March 2008. Brakeu at 02:33, 16 March 2008. Brakeu at 11:22, 11 March 2008. — “User:Brakeu - Revision history”,
  • Mister Nigger speaks on the etymology and the 'niggering' of the word 'faggot.' On Niggering the Word 'Faggot'. — “On Niggering the Word 'Faggot'”,
  • Tags: drug war drugwar niggering nword fixing policy healing minds. Most policy makers are unaware that they are niggers. They do not take us into account when they juggle communities (full of unaware niggers) and lobbyists into that balance. — “Disparities videos”,
  • And so it has begun, the continued niggering of America, but this time by those who MAY And the only niggering' being done is by people like yourself. — “Michelle Obama on The View: It's Fist Bump Time”,
  • geomeblast,Niggering nword,streaming live video,chat with fans and friends,twitter chat,facebook chat,social networking,celebrities,entertainers,game,mobile,android,iphone,broadcast,broadcasting,stickam shuffle,tv,show,go live. — “geomeblast Live Stream - Stickam Profile Streaming Video”,
  • Below the Fold: Out-niggering and Our First "Black President" will forgive me this, like the expertise of a Southern politician in out-niggering, to use Wallace's infelicitous phrase. — “3quarksdaily”, 3
  • Niggering - Define Niggering at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Niggering. Look it up now!. — “Niggering | Define Niggering at ”,
  • JOHNNY niggering DEPP. Mr. Depp's one of the best actors in the world I have ever seen. Imagine HE was Edward Scissorhands, HE was Sweeney Todd, and HE was Ichabod Craine, yet HE was Captain Jack Sparrow, yet HE played the role flawlessly, no. — “Johnny Depp or Wentworth Miller ?”,
  • Ghosts and ***. Live Videos. Paranormal Niggering. Go to Video Home $49.95. This video has been deleted. Comments. Related Videos. COJONES. 126 Views. Metro 2033. By [Ld]0v3rkill. este juego esta yeno de cosas que confunden. Metro 2033. — “Paranormal Niggering - Xfire Video”,

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  • The politics of niggering the n-word. This is my channel. My name is Mister Nigger. I am niggering the racist hateful n-word. That process brings about ignorance in others, but I will not succumb to that ignorance. I will nigger the n-word here. At politicrafty.
  • Niggering The Dictionary re: "To nigger someone. The act of cheating or treating unjustly."
  • Niggering is a word who knew?
  • Niggering This is how u niga tape.... sorry if we offend any1
  • Nigger cannot go marklar or smurf. I don't imagine all y'all really have the gall to pretend that smurf has lost its original definition, but the point holds. The risk of "going marklar" is the risk of a word losing its definition entirely. Becoming not just a meme but a shallow one. Whether we should worry about it or not, I curse the internet for creating in me a desire to utter such nonsense as the following sentence. Nigger can not and will not go marklar. 1. As a term for humans it is inseparable from our niggerity. We cannot escape this nigger nature of ours, try as we might. Truly it is inhumane to pretend to be separate from niggers. 2. A strong contingent of beetle-bellies have strong objections and reservations about nigger-as-human! With shackles such as these this word can never fly high enough to leave the atmosphere. We will have its company here on Earth long after it has morphed in protean fashion. 3. Language is more valuable and secure than "marklar" or "smurf" suggests!!!! To pretend otherwise is an insult to niggerity and an insult to the work of such greats as Chomsky and Pinker. No linguist really believes that a word can be useful and prevalent and relied upon without some definition upon which people will ideate or cogitate with regards to. As a postscript: roboniggs is just a picture of a robot with the word nigger on it. Same as a baby-niggs or baseballnig. This level of etymoniggerology truly is frivolous, but it is simply better for the world than lolcats and it is more ...
  • I don't think we need to nigger ***. It is just my opinion, but something about how great people are at times and how strong women can be (and usually are) makes me think that *** need not be niggered. Other than mass incarceration and health insurance what complaints do women have? Couple of bad experiences with stinky men... Well we've all had those! But maybe I shouldn't speak too soon, I'm leaving myself a lot of wiggle room here. Should we nigger *** or not? Niggeritarianism is the genderless feminism we've all wished for, you know...
  • Nigger is a verb. Nigger, as a noun, has an archaic sense that is tied to race and abuse. It is high time to leave that behind. Nigger, as a verb, has an archaic meaning as well: to steal. This was related by Gothatfunk lately, on an alternative channel. I think we may set a standard for these definitions at this time. It is an honor and a privilege to present the modern proper definitions for this word. Nigger (N): A human being. Nigger (V): To amicably heal cultural wounds and to disarm a taboo. We have been niggering for months. Please join me as we move further into these concepts.
  • Will niggering the n-word help us end the drug war? Most policy makers are unaware that they are niggers. They do not take us into account when they juggle communities (full of unaware niggers) and lobbyists into that balance that allows for them to feed the prison industrial complex to their greatest advantage. Is niggering the n-word a magic pill? NO! But can the message be delivered in a way that assigns thoughtfulness to the heartless? Hopefully. If everyone niggered their n-word I suspect we would have no drug war. Politicians could be confronted with this message, especially in light of the racial disparities in jails, and it could be to the benefit of niggers everywhere.
  • Niggering with BlackFork2 Round 4 part 3 I got it all out today. I want to have so much more fun with this in the future. Afraid that the video is so long and it takes so much time to respond that I have to speed things up artificially and I get sick of the process. Angry. Help me avoid that by being proud of niggerity. The solemn tragicomic strength of niggerdom is not an aspect of us to mourn! Find your potential and give me something fun next time!
  • Resistant lesbians couple chooses *** over niggering. I screwed this one up but it led directly to the barbershop interview and I liked that. These two were also very cool. One was a Dr. Laura fan!!!! Knowing Dr. L is homophobic!!! Shoulda explored that and secured a ProudNiggeristWin, but I didn't.
  • Watching A Nigger Nigger Nigger Guide to the Title: First nigger = Human Second nigger = to improve a word Third nigger = the racist n-word Sing along with me now!: Human - to improve a word - the racist n-word! Human improving the racist n-word! A human improving the word that means human! ... yeah. That was a stupid song to sing. Why did you sing along? btw variablast.... what's with this? - it's on MsPurefiction's "In support of Variablast...kinda.": "variablast 7 hours ago siriusmined or seriousmined or something hasn't commented and probably feels no shame on the matter. These people don't care. I'm just a nigger to them. Or something far less. These ideas are not crazy. They are worthwhile, and weighing the pros and cons has nothing to do with me. I wish more of you would actually think about niggering so that I could stop being discussed so much." A- "I'm just a nigger to them." -HEM?! You're just a human? Or you're just a black worth-nothing to them, a human being not worth ***? You sure you've niggered the n-word in your own mind?
  • Nigger math. Dollsnatch, premed2, thelaughingout, oojamaflipper, ilikenuman and ***oonation have many things in common. One is that they all oppose niggering though they probably haven't a clue why. Their explanations will spiral in towards some character flaw and never hit anything of substance. I clip nigger-related videos like that of RubbleofEmpires so that I can have the best database of information for niggerists of the future on the web. We will have vast stores of knowledge to draw on and our opponents will have bumpkis. We win these arguments, and I've never met an n-wordpologist worth his salt. All I've met are sidekicks and jokers. You find me one and I will explain niggerism to him and destroy all and every part of his approach. No pro-racist-nworder can match my steel, and none have shown a portion of character or value.
  • Proof that you are a nigger. This is proof that we share a niggerhood. Let us celebrate it.
  • Nigger Nigger. This nursery rhyme discusses uni-directional events. Something done cannot be undone. The niggering of the n-word is precisely such an event.
  • I'm fine being "the nigger guy" - SP review. - the Court comments on irony early in the document. A cruel irony they practice indeed! Cartman exemplifies the idea that attitudes are what need to change, a concept I support. Niggeritarianism is the advocacy for the victims of attitudes that have not yet changed. It is the solution to any number of political problems, as you care for niggers and stand up as a member of the minority class. So, since I am a nigger, I surely am "the nigger guy" as well. We'll return to the discussion of the littler person arguing about words soon enough. Trey and Matt Stone would ***ing love Niggerism and Niggeritarianism if we could spend an hour together. Guarantee it.
  • 3. AMERICA, PLEASE! (stop niggering me to death) pI America, Please! is a CD of 26 poems and one sci-fi short story by Las Vegas writer, Chip Mosher. The title track, America, Please! (stop niggering me to death), has been both praised and vilified by critics for its audacity. Everything else speaks for itself. Enjoy.
  • The discussion over niggering is akin to the a/theist debate. I see many similarities, myself. But I'm a bit of a veteran. So I don't fight so hard no more. ;-)
  • To Mr. Nigger: Beautiful Slave Have Fun With Racism!: I was talking with Orygyn about this a little bit back in regard to TF as well: variablast: From MsPurefiction: ( ) The new channel: Posting it as a response to:
  • Re: Mr Nigger and The Temple of Doom Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Nigger rock opera: The South-Paw's Song: I'll put the lyrics in the comments. Confederates! I'm just a South-Paw, Hard and Raw. Inbred, raised, then fed cole-slaw. Partially re-Constructed broken jaw. Holds together my chaw fill'd maw. Back home, bein' nigger's 'gainst the law. So, my feelings are conflicted. Before I'm convicted. Of liking a nigger. Consider how he looks and is. Loathsome, vile... fetching? I love him so, but should be retching. My noggin's made for vice and leching It hurts now: forced into stretching! I'm south of paw, my fish is craw. I can't believe he'd break that law.
  • Urban Dictionary definition Niggering. This is my submission on this. I submit items to them and don't hear back. Why should that surprise us? It takes concerted effort. This IS artificial in the sense that we are working at it. Niggering slurs is an effortful process. But it IS natural in that the motivation to do so and our beliefs about the matter arose through natural processes. Processes of empathy and good sense.
  • The moral imperative to nigger. Niggering carries with it a moral weight unavailable to other verbally instigated philosophical endeavors. Niggering is one of the best online behaviors. LolNiggers are pictures of babies that points out that babies are niggers. LolNiggers are a bare minimum for online participation. Niggering does a culture good.
  • On niggering the word "faggot." It'll be just about the hardest journey you take, if you choose to try. First off: homophobia is deeper than racism. Religion feeds homophobia and religion only really overlaps with racism through creationism and parochialism. Second off, you've got less of a deep culture to draw on, gay pride and being "out of the closet" is a more recent development than Black Power or Afro-American pride. Still, you'd be doing us all a great service and striking a deep blow against homophobic bigotry, in my opinion. The public opinion would change slowly and you'd have to fight the AFT with all you have. These two interesting places have ethnic groups I might discuss in the next PTOE: FBA, DHMC, be patient. Also, I will answer your questions and do a tat video soon. Cheers
  • Niggering faggot will get you laid. I can't guarantee it, I just predict it. Niggering faggot probably won't make the word mean human. Not clear where the word would end up, if it ever does get niggered.
  • His kids would have been nigger free! Just Sunflowers till you watch to the end, please. I feel like I've just been run over by the tractors. Another victory for violent censorship. I guess that he thought that his kids might never have known of the archaic n-word until this stranger came along and started asking questions about it. But, they did know the word. And it isn't ok to strike a man and take his camera over such matters. Who will look like the king of the mountain though as I leave town? Anyway, you all were right about the Interviews with children. One of them told and now the gossipers have created a hostile environment where I don't really want to live. I was punched in the back of the head by an angry father who then proceeded to steal my camera (which has footage of his crime on it). The neighborhood has a lot of very good polite non-felons though, and i did like living here. I have an interview with that one gentleman you've seen twice about evolution I could still upload. So that I don't have to explain it in the comments: The Family Guy clip is relevant because the man who assaulted me could have been so happy with perfect nigger-free kids had only I never come along and ruined them. I don't really see any other arguments, aside for unrestricted fear, that could justify his attack. I took down the videos and will reupload the interview with the religious educator separate from any children later. All of you who did predict violence are vindicated. For those of you that wanted a more ...
  • VB thanks the inet for its professionalism over niggering. Thanks to all those who really TRIED. It was nice to see people bend and twist to attempt to understand something tough. Now the inet really does understand that all online are niggers.
  • SysyphusRedeemed on niggering: Tim Wise Tim Wise says "history is unfair, so let's keep our language unfair" and SR mostly is in line with that. I've already posted on Tim.
  • Interview 41 Good niggering. Niggering nigger with strangers is invigorating.
  • Can we nigger retard? I think that this question illuminates what it'd be like to truly attempt to remove all slurs from a language. It'd mean a number of words and a number of quests all running in unison and each one invalidating the next. Our tools are these: *1* Education. 2. Suffocate the term. 3. Glut the market. Each method will have differing challenges ahead depending on the landscape of the language and culture. Sometimes a culture ought to be split and treated with each method in an emergency intervention. All of this is way ahead of ourselves. At the end I get a bit solipsistic over the fear of being singled-out. I only want to be singular if I am allowed to trail-blaze and show others the way. At other times I would prefer to blend.
  • Some Thoughts on Method - Niggering Nigger In reference to: and:
  • Niggering Slave Slave = Human. You think to be human is to be enslaved? You some sort of control freak?
  • Taking Niggering Seriously. Right now many don't. They are wrong to fail in this regard.
  • Mr Nigger and The Temple of Doom Originlly titled "OH, EFF OFF!" , then titled "A civil response to someone who deserves it". Response to:
  • Niggering and Anti-Statism
  • Niggering more and more words. I don't believe niggering cracker is doable anymore, certainly not right now. Just leave these ones alone most of the time. What if "cracker" was just any *** that is out to crack you? In jail I met a black cracker. He cracked heads. He literally ***yzed my ass and told me to move about to make sure I hadn't smuggled a knife or gun into the jail by sticking it in my butt between my illegal attempt to buy a candy bar and my time behind bars. So, cracker could get niggered to that. I don't know. Redskin could damned well mean bookworm. I like the thought and there are some good Native American authors that could weigh in on the idea, but ultimately it is a linguistic decision to be made by the ReadSkins. Urhm, honkey could mean responsible driver someday. I honk to help people understand things better. Just some ideas.
  • The kinds of niggers who oppose niggering. And those who support it. Mostly these groups can be broken down by emotions, but sometimes there are groups that have vested interests in resisting the niggering of this particular term.
  • My apology is genuine. I must still nigger nigger. I wish I could stop niggering nigger, but I need to. The receipt of the apology was so poor by inchristalone that I was going to do blackface, but I just can't put my heart into it with a dirty nasty filthy n-word out there still. I HATE NWORDS. I hate them so much. I do love niggers a great deal though so may I just please nigger nigger and have the apology be real? Pretty please with chocolate cherry chews on top?
  • I'm niggering nigger and muslim and towelhead. If you don't know who variablast is and what he is trying to achieve, you might want to check out his channel BEFORE watching this video and jumping to all the wrong conclusions. Check out his video about the verb "to nigger" and his many videos about the noun "nigger". Even though I'm not sure how effective variablast is going to be in what he's trying to achieve, I applaud him for trying and I support him for his intentions. And while this video may be tongue in cheek, it's not intended sarcastically or anything like that, and anybody seeing it that way is barking up the wrong tree. Racism is stupid. The sooner we see the back of it, the better. Peace, niggers.
  • Niggering is serious business. If we are going to trail-blaze this path we cannot be gamins. Let's do it once and for all.
  • To Svankmajer on niggering blueberry pie. Hey man. It just doesn't make sense to me, to nigger words that aren't negative or in need of healing at all. And i need to continue. Condolences.

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  • “I was talkin with my dad earlier, and he told me about this time whent he foreman at his work came up to his friend Gord, and said, "Do you know umm, ahh, you wouldn't know," then he walked away. To this day, my dad still says that now and then”
    — Friendly Cliches | The Cult,

  • “ Beta Website - Read more about the progress in our coder's blog or our designer's blog. is obvious with the "up,down,up,down"niggering you only show even cards and not uneven”
    — Mathcard - TEK9 Networks,

  • “ the bay for a while now (been niggering instead) conditions have been pretty ordinary on the bay for a while now (been niggering instead) conditions have been pretty ordinary on”
    — Sportsfish Australia - Botany bay 19/9/05, .au

  • “I am new to the Subaru WRX, It seems to me that there are many weak points and issues. We all know the good points about our car. Not trying dis the”
    — List your Problems with your WRX - Rexnet Subaru Forums, .au

  • “Tags: forum fodder, Religion. 2 comments. Yall niggas niggering in a nigga nigga - January January 6, 2010 added by tiki god | Images. Tweet. MCS+ to rate - Tags: forum fodder, Humor”
    — forum fodder | My[confined]Space,

  • “Digital Rants The car seems unscathed although there could be some niggering mechanical problems. With the mechanical problem, I wonder if it's because flooding (i.e. dirty water) got into the stations storage tank somehow”
    — Digital Rants,

  • “I write this blog today because, well, when I was a student so long ago, my history Two white men niggering. an American son. They are America's shame Read”
    — Ramona Hyman's Blog,

  • “[Archive] to skirn Teon I wouldnt be surprised of he got banned for niggering or beanering, but for this? Bleh. jabari. 09-09-2008, 02:29 PM. classic. http:///watch?v=4Vnqx6_u-c4. sry skirn but thread says "to skirn" ! Josy”
    — to skirn [Archive] - L2Blah - L2Guru, l2