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  • Indexes newspapers, radio and TV stations, magazines and other news outlets by geographical location, type, and popularity. — “NewsLink”,
  • World's largest listing of newspapers on the web Please EMAIL US if you know of any new online newspapers or those on our lists where the address has changed. — “Online ”,
  • Annotated list of Nigerian newspapers, magazines and news sites. Also Nigeria news headlines. Weekly business newspaper, which operates from Ikeja in Lagos state. — “Nigerian Newspapers and News Sites”, world-
  • California Newspapers, listed by city in California. At Mondo Newspapers, covering 15,000 newspapers around the world. — “California Newspapers, listed by city in California at”,
  • Links are provided to a variety of Florida newspapers, some of which offer full text of current articles and archives, some of which offer only tables of contents. As this site continues to be developed and updated, please let us know of any online newspapers we have overlooked. — “Florida Newspapers”,
  • Breaking news on weather, sports, world, science, financial, technology, travel, national, economy, and entertainment news provided by . provides video, sudoku, RSS feeds, crossword puzzles, audio, photo galleries, and Newspaper. — “News, Travel, Weather, Entertainment, Sports, Technology”,
  • ipl2: Information You Can Trust features a searchable, subject-categorized directory of authoritative websites; links to online texts, newspapers, and magazines; and the Ask an ipl2 Librarian online reference service. — “Newspapers & Magazines”,
  • Big News on Newspapers. Includes blogs, news, and community conversations about Newspapers Even though I'm an online guy, newspapers have always held a fascination for me. — “Newspapers : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News”,
  • Find all SC newspapers and magazines in this helpful guide from SCIWAY, South Carolina's Front Door. — “SC Newspapers and Magazines - Plus South Carolina Journalism Jobs”,
  • Directory of United States Newspapers. United States Newspapers. Links to over 3,300 United States Newspapers. Alabama. Alaska. Arizona. Arkansas. California. Colorado. — “United States Newspapers”, 50
  • Links to newspapers and TV stations in Texas. Looking for something? Start here!. — “Texas Newspapers - Texas Newspaper List”,
  • Local news, opinion, gossip, sports, and more. will invite members of the public to their wedding by holding a lucky draw for tickets, The Sun newspaper reported yesterday. — “New York Post”,
  • Latest NZ news, world news, sport, weather forecasts, travel, entertainment, business, science, environment, politics and newspapers. Visit — “ - Latest New Zealand News & World News, Sports”,
  • Newspapers are read everyday online and in print. During the Renaissance period, merchants wrote their informative newsletters and circulated them to each other merchants in the area. The handwritten newsletters contained all of the information. — “Newspapers”,
  • A newspaper is a regularly scheduled publication containing news, information, and advertising, usually printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper such as newsprint. By 2007 there were 6580 daily newspapers in the world selling 395 million copies a day. — “Newspaper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • offers current issues of newspapers in the original form from all over the world. Now you can read digital replicas of newspapers on your tablet PC or desktop computer. — “ - Newspapers From Around the World”,
  • Links to local, state-wide, university, business, religious, nation-wide, trade journals, and industry newspapers. — “”,
  • Links to U.S. and worldwide newspapers. [ Search Net ] [ Facts Subject Index ] [ Facts Encyclopedia ] [ Newspapers USA/World ] [ Report Broken Links ]. — “: Newspapers”,
  • Find newspapers worldwide by region or browse the most popular newspapers or newspapers of a specific type, such as college papers, tabloids, alternative weeklies, and more. — “Newspapers in the Yahoo! Directory”,
  • Find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on Washington, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, education, real estate, cars & more. Newspaper. — “The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia”,
  • Includes a collection of Indian newspapers in Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, and more. We provide free online newspapers links to all Indian language newspapers without downloading their fonts including all regional newspapers of India in languages like Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam,. — “Indiapress”,
  • Read online newspapers and magazines from all over the world. Keep in touch with current affairs, finance, real estate, banking, business trends, shopping, sport, entertainment, holidays, festivals, events of all kind and all those issues. — “Newspapers”,
  • newspaper n. A publication, usually issued daily or weekly, containing current news, editorials, feature articles, and usually advertising. — “newspaper: Definition from ”,

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  • Newspaper Headlines from The Simpsons A collection of newspaper headlines from The Simpsons.
  • Stomp - newspapers from dvd
  • The Future of Newspapers, part 1 The Rocky Mountain News is supposed to celebrate its 150th Anniversary this spring, but according to some reports the paper may not even survive the month. This week on Independent Thinking, Jon Caldara goes one-on-one with Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple to discuss the future of Denver's daily newspapers.
  • Simple Newspaper Pots My daughter and I make Newspaper pots for our seedlings. Check it out and don't forget to join my messageboard at: /messageboard Distributed by Tubemogul.
  • Newspapers suck! I really, really hate newspaper!!!!!!
  • Grow Your Own Newspaper Tree Check out this and other cool science experiments at Newspapers are made from trees and trees grow... so it only makes sense that you should be able to grow a newspaper tree. Roll several sheets of newspaper into a tube, make some tears in the tube and BAM! A tall tree grows from the tube. A magical, recycled Christmas tree without all of the hassle and dropped needles. About Steve Spangler Science... Steve Spangler is a celebrity teacher, science toy designer, speaker, author and an Emmy award-winning television personality. Spangler is probably best known for his Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment that went viral in 2005 and prompted more than 1000 related YouTube videos. Spangler is the founder of , a Denver-based company specializing in the creation of science toys, classroom science demonstrations, teacher resources and home for Spangler's popular science experiment archive and video collection. Spangler is a frequent guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where he takes classroom science experiments to the extreme. Check out his pool filled with 2500 boxes of cornstarch! Cool Science Toys - Sign up for the Experiment of the Week - http Watch Spangler's Science Videos - Attend a Spangler Hands-on Science Workshop for Teachers - Visit Spangler's YouTube Channel - Join the conversation on Steve Spangler's blog ...
  • The royal family, miniskirts, newspapers and benefits A smorgasbord of topics. Assorted background Civil list and Prince Charles Incapacity Benefit Miniskirt ban Independent i
  • How to Create Seed-Starting Pots From Newspapers Instead of buying expensive peat pots to plant your seeds in, make these spiffy planting pots by rolling recycled newspaper around a glass or jar. The finished pots are sturdy and will break down quickly once they've been planted in the soil.
  • The Carbon Footprint of Making and Distributing Newspapers Yes, i know this video is pathetic.
  • Newspapers - Old School Old School Newspapers
  • Saving Newspapers: The Musical This is a redux of #79. The music is the same, but I enlisted the lip-dub and acting chops of my friends down at the East Bay Express, the local alt-weekly here in the East Bay. Yay!
  • Newspapers The decline of the newspaper?? Ransom notes, papier-mâché and slacker gift wrapping will never be the same!
  • Saanich Newspaper Carrier Grabbed SAANICH - About all that's stirring on McColl Place Thursday afternoon is a watchful deer. But at 5:30am, in the dark, the secluded upscale cul-de-sac was filled with police trying to comfort a 29-year old mother of three. Police say the woman and her husband were delivering newspapers at opposite ends of the cul-de-sac. She was leaving a home, walking down the driveway, when a man appeared out of the black and grabbed her. The man allegedly tried to pull her close to him, and she tried to strike him with a flashlight. Police say he tried to approach her again, then ran off. To make matters worse, police say the couple's three young children were only metres away in their vehicle. Saanich Police quickly responded after the husband called 911, along with a police dog from Victoria Police, but they weren't able to locate the man. The man is described as Caucasian, about 5'8 tall, and skinny, with large protruding veins visible on his hands. He's said to have been wearing a black raincoat and the woman told police he had a very bad body odour. When we told people who live on McColl Place what happened, they were shocked. "It's very disturbing, I'm going to be really watchful" says one woman. Police aren't sure why the man allegedly grabbed the newspaper carrier, but aren't ruling out an attempted ***ual assault, robbery, or someone suffering from mental health issues. People in the area are asked to call Saanich Police if they see anyone suspicious, whether they match the ...
  • Comedy Show Jay Hind! Episode 4 : Newspapers This episode is dedicated to the nuisance called Newspapers. From page 3 celebs to massage parlours to all things insane that you read about on the pages of Newspapers - including national news - Sumeet delivers a knockout hilarious ***tail :) plus interview with broadminded couple
  • The Mitchell Archives - Historic Newspapers The Mitchell Archives specializes in the sale and preservation of original historic newspapers spanning four centuries. Its archives contains 20000 extremely rare and one-of-a-kind issues. Historic newspapers, both past and present, are a mirror of our civilization's rich history. They maintain an invaluable record of the people and events that shaped our nation and the world. The key battles of the American Revolution and the Civil War, fierce pirates like Blackbeard, the travels of Lewis and Clark, speeches of Henry Clay and Frederick Douglass, gunfights of the Wild West and even the sinking of the Titanic are all captured in the pages of American and European newspapers. For more information, please visit .
  • 8 Eco-Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts With Newspaper This video shows 8 easy and eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts with newspaper. Produced by Eco-Artware.
  • Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy Upset Coach Gundy is upset after the win over Texas Tech. The only comments after the game are about what was in a newspaper about one of his quaterbacks.
  • Listening Post - US newspaper industry - 19 Sep 08 - Part 2 The Listening Post's Robin Armstrong reports on the ailing US newspaper industry. This is a chronic affliction - both advertising revenue and readership are shrinking, and newspapers across the country are performing something of a disappearing act. Moreover, US newspapers have seen their share value drop more than any other sector in the media industry, papers are haemorrhaging staff. They are faced with a choice: either migrate to the internet, or die. The Listening Post goes to California, home of one of America's oldest and best-known titles, the San Francisco Chronicle, to see if the US newspaper industry is about to publish its own obituary. In Newsbytes, we look at a cartoon saga in South Africa; an inflammatory DVD about Islamic extremism; media coverage of the forthcoming Belarusian parliamentary elections; a tightening of the grip on the media in China and Russian PM, Vladimir Putin, who is said to be fuming that an exclusive interview with CNN was heavily edited. Closing our show with this week's Video of the Week is a quirky viral showing North Korea's Dear Leader Kim Jong Il as an animated video game character. Created by a German entertainment show, the video puts Jong Il through a Super Mario-like sequence, complete with hostile enemy countries and nuclear bombs. Watch it at:
  • Michael Moore Says Capitalism Killed Newspaper Industry At the Toronto Film Festival, filmmaker Michael Moore excoriated newspapers for seeking profits and for "slitting their own throats"
  • Stop the Presses: How to Save Newspapers by Ted Rall Episode 26 in a series of short animated political cartoons by award-winning syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall and David Essman
  • The End Of An Era? Andy Rooney's passion for newspapers began when he was just 12 years-old, as a paperboy in Albany, NY But as we progress further into the 21st century, he worries they might soon become extinct.
  • How Long Can Newspapers Keep Printing? - J. William Grimes Complete video at: Media executive J. William Grimes predicts that if newspaper ad revenues fail to match readership levels, daily newspapers will cease to be printed. He argues that the business model is unsustainable because "5% of our time is spent reading newspapers, newspapers are getting 15% of ad revenue." ----- Traditional Media's Future in an Increasingly Digital World of Unlimited, Ubiquitous Content Newspaper, magazine and broadcast media continue to lose audience and revenues to new forms of content that sprout up daily in digital forms. With a 45-year career in the media industry, Grimes will highlight important industry trends, examine changing business models, and talk about social, environmental and economic impacts of the changing media landscape. J. William Grimes is a widely known media professional who has been President/ CEO of four major media companies, including Univision Multimedia Inc, Zenith Media, and ESPN (19811988) where he was the recipient of the USA Today Sports Executive of the Year and the Gallagher Report's Television Executive of the Year. He is also a former Senior Vice President of CBS. He taught a graduate Media Economics course in the Media Studies and Film Department at The New School in New York and was coordinator of the department's graduate Media Management Program. He earned his BA from West Virginia University and studied Law at St John's University.
  • newspapers are outdated we now use the Newsday app
  • Michael Moore: Greed Killed the Newspapers Complete video at: Documentarian Michael Moore argues that media executives have 'killed' newspapers by laying off beat reporters, dumbing down news coverage and endorsing "anti-education" Republican political candidates. "They've slit their own throats," claims Moore. "They've eliminated the very people they need to read their paper." ----- Who are we and why do we behave the way that we do? Writer, director and producer Michael Moore has been trying to answer that question his entire filmmaking career. His latest film, Capitalism: A Love Story, investigates the powerful forces behind the calamitous predicament in which countless Americans are finding themselves: losing their homes, jobs and savings to foot the bill for past spending. What is the price that America - and the rest of the world - pays for its love of capitalism? From Middle America to the halls of power in Washington to the global financial epicenter in Manhattan, Moore takes filmgoers into uncharted territory as he tries to get to the heart of the matter. - Commonwealth Club of California Michael Moore is an Academy Award-winning American filmmaker, author and liberal political commentator. He is the director and producer of Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Sicko, three of the top five highest-grossing documentaries of all time. In September 2008, he released his first free movie on the Internet, Slacker Uprising, documenting his personal crusade to encourage more Americans to vote in ...
  • Minority Report E-Newspaper Really cool technology that is being developed today. Check out the following link for a cool feature about a prototype in development from a company called Bonnier.
  • 1981 primitive Internet report on KRON Long before anyone had heard of the Internet, early home computer users could read their morning newspapers online ... sort of. Steve Newman's 1981 story was broadcast on KRON San Francisco.
  • What Newspapers Does Sarah Palin Read? Watch more at
  • Boo Hoo For Newspapers Newspapers are mouthpieces for scumbags, and that's progress.
  • How to Make a Newspaper Christmas Tree How to Make a Newspaper Xmas Tree, for the financially challenged
  • Future of Newspapers Prof. James B. Stewart, Steve Swartz, president of Hearst Newspapers, and Norman Pearlstine, chief content officer Bloomberg, LP discuss journalism trends and the future of print media.
  • Should the Government Bail Out Newspapers? Complete video at: Phil Bronstein, editor at large for the San Francisco Chronicle, and Lowell Bergman, producer / correspondent for the PBS series Frontline, debate the value of public versus private funding of newspapers. Bronstein says, "Government is the most powerful institution we cover and I really don't particularly want them even thinking that they can tell us what to do." ----- As traditional media passes into the great beyond, how will the landscape change? Experts weigh in. Newspapers are dying and everything is about to change in the world of journalism. But don't mistake the decline of newspapers with the decline of journalism. The power is shifting and consumer's appetite for news has become insatiable. Who's going to be making money and how? Industry experts discuss what to expect next in the changing world of journalism. - Commonwealth Club Phil Bronstein specializes in investigative projects and foreign correspondence. In 1986, he was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his work in the Philippines, and he went on to cover conflicts in other parts of Southeast Asia, El Salvador, Peru, and the Middle East. Bronstein was named executive editor of the San Francisco Examiner in 1991, having previously served as managing editor for news. When the Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle merged in November 2000, he was named Senior Vice President and Executive Editor of the paper and became Executive Vice President and Editor of the Chronicle in March 2003 ...
  • iPad Newspaper Reader (PressReader) This fantastic App for the iPad lets you read the full version of a Newspaper. There's are 1000's to choose from around the globe, and they can be delivered daily to your iPad .. just the paperboy used to do .. except straight to your device instead of the front lawn!
  • OLYMPIAKOS-PAO 4-0 GOALS and newspapers olympiakos crashed poor panathinaikos 4-0
  • Jack Dee Local Newspapers Live at the Apollo
  • CNN: The Newspaper Industry in Decline CNN's Don Lemon talked to David Sirota and Leonard Pitts about the decline of the newspaper industry in the United States.
  • Cheap starter pot made from newspaper. Make your own starter pots for free.
  • Jacek Utko: Can design save the newspaper? Jacek Utko is a little-known newspaper designer whose redesigns not only win awards, but increase circulation by up to 100%. Can good design save the newspaper? It just might. Also see this exclusive interview with Jacek Utko on the TED Blog TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, and "Lost" producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Watch the Top 10 TEDTalks on , at
  • The Secret Policeman's Ball Russell Brand VS The Sun Newspaper
  • Sarah Palin Can't Name a Newspaper She Reads
  • RENEWS (HOW TO MAKE NEWSPAPER BAG): GLUE VERSION a simple action that could reduce the bad impact of two major waste problems: newspaper waste and plastic bag waste. An easy guide to convert old newspaper into creative paper bag with 7 simple steps. This scheme is not only greatly helps reducing plastic bags usage, it also prolonging old newspapers life cycle both physical and contents.

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