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  • Find out the latest news, stage reports, race scores and expert ***ysis from the Bike Jam All Early Efforts Were Neutralised By The Stronger Squads.. : The world centre of cycling. — “Bike Jam: All Early Efforts Were Neutralised By The Stronger”,
  • Ideals can be neutralised by power. Mo Mowlam's illness freed her from constraint, says Jonathan Bartley. UNTIL three months before Labour's landslide win, Mo Mowlam's hopes for her political career had been similar to many others within her party. — “Church Times - Ideals can be neutralised by power”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective neutralised has one meaning: Meaning #1 : made neutral in. — “neutralised: Information from ”,
  • Crude Palm Oil, Neutralised Palm Oil, NBD Palm Oil, RBD Palm Oil, Neutralised Palm Oil, Neutralised, Bleached And Deodorised Olein, Crude Olein, Neutralised Olein, Neutralised And Bleached Olein, Neutralised. — “Manufacturer of soap, sludge oil, slicers, slab cutter listing”,
  • How the LTTE neutralised Karuna. By V.S. Sambandan. COLOMBO, APRIL 16. A mix of psychological operations, planned military manoeuvres, elimination of political rivals and the timing of the launch of the offensive were instrumental in the Liberation. — “The Hindu : International : How the LTTE neutralised Karuna”,
  • Definition of neutralised in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of neutralised. Pronunciation of neutralised. Translations of neutralised. neutralised synonyms, neutralised antonyms. Information about neutralised in the free online English. — “neutralised - definition of neutralised by the Free Online”,
  • Neutralised definition, to make neutral; cause to undergo neutralization. See more. — “Neutralised | Define Neutralised at ”,
  • . — “”,
  • Caustic spill neutralised CORROSIVE chemicals that leaked from a derailed train last week became harmless when mixed with sea water. — “Caustic spill neutralised Tasmania News - The Mercury - The”, .au
  • February 16: MI-24 helicopters neutralised LTTE camps in the south of Puthukkudiyiruppu in the Mullaitivu District. February 14: Kfir Jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force neutralised a Sea suicide boat location in the north of Mullaitivu lagoon. — “Aerial Attacks by the SLAF on LTTE targets, 2009”,
  • Crude Palm Kernel Stearin, Neutralised and Bleached Palm Kernel Stearin, Neutralised Palm Oils. — “Oil & Gas | Unitata Berhad | Malaysia Manufacturers”, .my
  • CYLINDERS CONTAINING HYDROGEN CYANIDE (HCN) HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY CHEMICALLY NEUTRALISED South Dublin County Council has successfully chemically neutralised seven cylinders containing agricultural fumigant (Hydrogen Cyanide/HCN) that were stored at pest control company Rentokil. — “CYLINDERS CONTAINING HYDROGEN CYANIDE (HCN) HAVE BEEN”,
  • Neutralised to O'Connel Street, via, Conyngham Road, Nth.Quays, O'Connell Bridge. Neutralised to Malahide Road Roundabout on N1, via, Parnell Sq. — “An Post Rás - 2005”,
  • Counter-flow drivers neutralised by inventors. Counter-flow drivers neutralised by inventors. By Lars C / Published on Fri, 2007-06-15 14:58 " It's not even very difficult", says Lars Christensen, founder and director of the Inventor's Consortium PL Brake. — “Counter-flow drivers neutralised by inventors | Leonardo ENERGY”, leonardo-
  • Neutralised : adj : made neutral in some respect; deprived of distinctive characteristics [syn: neutralized] WinnieBrennan: I have been walking a tightrope today - phew think I have just Neutralised the situation. — “Neutralised - Define Neutralised at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Your friend has suggested you might be interested in this blog post: VOTES NEUTRALISED Monday, September 29, 2008 ââ"¬Å"Hi, I'm Al Gore, and I used to be the next president of the United States." That's Al's standard intro at his lectures about. — “VOTES NEUTRALISED | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog”, .au
  • Definition of neutralised in the Medical Dictionary. neutralised explanation. Information about neutralised in Free online English dictionary. What is neutralised? Meaning of neutralised medical term. What does neutralised mean?. — “neutralised - definition of neutralised in the Medical”, medical-
  • 12.8cm^3 Of Potassium Hydroxide Solution Is Neutralised By 25cm^3 Of Nitric Acid, Concentration 0.22 mol l^-1. Calculate the concentration of the potassium hydroxide solution. Please show all the steps to help me understand :D Thank You :P. — “12.8cm^3 Of Potassium Hydroxide Solution Is Neutralised By”,
  • A tutuorial on indicators suitable for high school students 50mL of 0.2mol L-1 NaOH neutralised 20mL of sulfuric acid. Determine the concentration of the acid. Write the balanced chemical. — “Chemistry Tutorial : Acid-base Titration Calculations”, .au
  • Bandits did a professional job in the $12M heist at R. Sookraj and Sons store on Regent Street over the holiday weekend, snipping phone wires so that an alarm Store alarm neutralised in $12M Sookraj heist. — “Store alarm neutralised in $12M Sookraj heist - Stabroek News”,
  • * Greek worries hurt euro, political uncertainty hits pound * Yen shorts neutralised before weekend on yuan view * Yen gains, Aussie dollar falls as risk positions closed By Kaori Kaneko TOKYO,. — “FOREX-Yen up, Aussie and euro fall as risk trades closed”,
  • [edit] Verb. neutralised. Simple past tense and past participle of Retrieved from "http:///wiki/neutralised" Categories: English simple past forms | English past participles. — “neutralised - Wiktionary”,
  • The Team Sky leader has taken a tumble in the neutralised zone in Epernay, a blow to his pride more than his body. — “Tour de France 2010: Bradley Wiggins falls at start of fifth”,
  • Researchers have successfully immunised mice against the H5N1 strain of bird flu. They are using human antibodies taken from survivors of the deadly virus. — “Bird flu neutralised: Health24: Flu/Influenza: News”,

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  • Dadhichi Explains Vedic Astrological Remedies In this series Dadhichi uses example horoscopes to explain how different planets can be strengthened or neutralised for maximum effect in your life. This is based on Vedic astrological principles.
  • What IF!! What if we lived in a world where the Military and Corporate regimes were neutralised
  • Tour of Cyprus - Day 2 - Neutralised section
  • Threshold - The Art of Reason Band: Threshold Song: The Art of Reason Album: Subsurface Lyrics: can you give me a reason why you shone for a season then you turned to deceiving (i don't believe that it's right) you pretend you can hear us but you won't come near us now it's all got serious (i don't believe that it's right) we thought you'd do your best for future generations but all you left was a mounting debt (i don't believe that it's right) we thought your peace could flow like water through the nations but you shut down the fountainhead (i don't believe that it's right) can you give an account now as the truth's coming out now it's the end of the countdown (i don't believe that it's right) now we've lost all our patience with your forced liquidation of our land of our nation (i don't believe that it's right) we thought you'd right the wrongs that others brought upon us but you sold off our right to choose (i don't believe that it's right) we thought you'd fight for us but you just fought among us and you sold off your servitude (i don't believe that it's right) no more tries and no more chances no more lies to pass as answers no more smiles and false relations no more world indoctrination sorry for being angry sorry for being numb sorry for all the dreaming i really should have done i thought that i was blameless i thought that i was safe i thought that a happy ending would happen anyway i can't believe we never noticed i can't believe it took so long for us to turn around the future by standing ...
  • RCD Mallorca - FC Barcelona 0-1 highlights 27/03/10 Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave Barca a priceless win in Mallorca with a 63rd minute strike that takes them back to the top of the league for 24 hours at least. The team put in a workmanlike performance and got their just rewards with Ibras goal. Mallorca came into the game boasting 12 wins from 13 at home and this game stood out in the fixture list as a tough one for Barca. In the end, Guardiolas team played a focussed game, with Messi starting on the bench, dominating possession and surviving a couple of close calls from Mallorca in the first half to run out worthy winners and take what could turn out to be three very valuable points. Early fright It was made clear to Barca almost from the start just how dangerous this Mallorca team have become in their own backyard. On 2 minutes Aduriz fired in a shot that bounced back off the post to Castro whose effort was stopped by Victor Valdes. After that early fright though, Barca took control of the game and pushed their hosts back deep into their own half, thereby cutting off the supply lines to their speedy forwards. Dominance Now they were controlling possession, Barca began to look for a goal themselves and Pedro had a goal disallowed for off side before Milito forced the Mallorca keeper Aouate into a good save with a strong header. The Barca attack was looking lively and mobile and Ibra saw a couple of chances neutralised by Aouate, whilst Jeffren, a surprise starter tonight, had a chance on 27 minutes, but his shot veered crazily ...
  • Chris Droney at Custy's on 2nd February, 2011 Chris Droney is an amazing person and such a positive presence to be around - all this as well as being a legendary musician(and set dancer of renown) at the age of 86. We had made numerous attempts to video Chris in Custy's or at his home,Bell Harbour, in the heart of the Burren in north Co. Clare but up until now, fate neutralised our best attempts. Our patience paid off and these two video pieces are gems and display to all the qualities that make Chris Droney a living(but unassumingly easy) legend.
  • Coalhouse fort /alanheath /alanheath2 /alanheath3 Coalhouse Fort is a late nine***th century artillery position guarding the River Thames designed by General Gordon, later of Khartoum fame. There was a fort on this site dating to the six***th century although nothing survives. The fort was rebuilt in the 1874. The fort is located on low lying land in a curve of the river Thames at East Tilbury and was positioned there to form a "triangle of fire" between Coalhouse Fort on the Es*** bank of the river and Cliffe Fort and Shornmead Fort on the Kent bank. During World War Two, rooms in Coalhouse Fort were equipped with instruments used to monitor the magnetic field of ships as they left the docks at Tilbury. This monitoring was to confirm the effectiveness of the individual vessel's degaussing equipment. Degaussing is a process whereby the naturally occurring magnetic field of a steel hulled ship could be neutralised by fitting electrical cables around the hull and passing an electric current through them. The neutralisation of the magnetic field was used as a countermeasure against magnetic mines which are triggered by the magnetic field of a ship's hull passing over them. The monitoring station was staffed by Wrens (Women's Royal Naval Service) working with civilian technicians. Cables were laid on the river bed and as ships passed over them, the magnetic field could be measured and (if necessary) adjustments made to the ...
  • xRPG Neutralised Preview! *Read Description* /imanRPG Subscribe To Him He Lost Over 3600+ Subs! Its Will be A Big Help if You Upload It To Your Channel Two! Uploaded By zR Vibeee!
  • Dutch Skip Another Flight 253, And Go With The FBI Portland "Somalia Christmas Terror Plot" The same international intel agencies involved in the staged Flight 253 Christmas hoax investigation are now using Somalia as "the base" for their false flag terror agenda. Dutch police say 12 Somali men have been arrested in Rotterdam on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities. Officers raided a telephone shop, four homes in Rotterdam and two rooms in a motel in Gilze-Rijen in the south of the Netherlands. The men aged from 19 to 48 were picked up by the anti-terrorism squad (DSI) on Friday evening. Six of them live in Rotterdam, five are of no fixed abode and one man lives in Denmark. Intelligence information The police investigation and subsequent arrests were the result of information issued by the Dutch intelligence agency (AIVD) on Friday afternoon. The National Counter-terrorism Coordinator (NCTb) Erik Akerboom was kept informed of developments. Recent statements by the NCTb have suggested the level of alert for terrorist attack in the Netherlands might be raised. A spokeswoman says the latest arrests have neutralised the threat and that the present 'limited' level of alert will remain in force. Taliban may be targeting the Netherlands The leaders of both the Pakistani and Afghan branches of the Taliban have recently warned that the Netherlands could be the target of an attack. The threat has also been made in other countries and on the English-language Jihadist web magazine, Inspire. Mr Akerboom says that "the Jihardists view the Netherlands as a ...
  • COINTELPRO 101 introduction to COunter INTELligence PROgrams from their inception to the tactics used today, featuring footage of agent provocateurs being singled out and neutralised in Canada and at the G20 and more, thanx to hijackednation & orangeandbanana for priceless editing and footage... ...anotherVHFtransmission...
  • Fallout Frenzy EP25 The Ant Menace Is Neutralised The continuing adventures of Evile's Fallout 3 Playthrough
  • CA Sulabh Lohia Speaking on Various Income Tax Planning Tools on Zee Business There are various tax planning tools available, in the Income Tax Act, 1961 of India, to save taxes or reduce tax liability. For same, one need to understand and plan his expenses, investments etc in such way that tax liability is reduced or neutralised. This video explains on that what are those tools - Sulabh Lohia (Chartered Accountant)
  • Coalition pledges company tax cuts Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has neutralised claims that businesses would shoulder the burden of his paid parental leave scheme by promising a cut to company tax.
  • В.Путин.Выступление на встрече.31.08.06 Address at Meeting with Personnel of Russian Federal Agencies Special Forces Units August 31, 2006 The Kremlin, Moscow Выступление на встрече с сотрудниками подразделений специального назначения федеральных органов Российской Федерации 31 августа 2006 года Москва, Кремль PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN: Dear friends, comrade officers and generals, Today is a special day for you, an important day, and I am pleased to welcome here to the Kremlins St George Hall, the hall of Russian military glory, the best members of the special forces units. We know that these units carry out the most difficult missions concerned with protecting the security of our country and our citizens. People do not end up in the special forces by chance or through connections: life itself and the harsh selection it imposes mean that only the best of the best can join these ranks. The military history of legendary units such as Alfa, Vimpel and Vityaz have filled many heroic and sometimes dramatic pages. Today I offer particular words of gratitude to the special forces veterans, to all those who, at the risk of their own lives, performed their international duty in Afghanistan, saved people in conflict zones, lost their lives while protecting women and children. The self-sacrifice of your comrades is a lasting example for todays generation of special forces fighters. Today, the special forces are at the crest of the fight against those attempt to undermine the foundations of our constitutional order and the ...
  • Dark Winter When maverick agent Nick Stone is despatched to Malaysia by the CIA to assassinate a shadowy biochemist, he expects his mission to be a straightforward part of the fight against Osama Bin Laden's network of terror. But there are complications - not least the attractive woman who he is working alongside. Target neutralised, Stone returns to the USA and a maelstrom of personal problems. Kelly, the four***-year-old orphan to whom he is joint guardian, cannot escape the ghosts of her traumatic past; she has a prescription drug habit that's spiralling out of control, and Stone knows he is the only one who can help her. He takes her to recuperate in England, but the terrible consequences of what happened in Penang are never far behind. Before very long, the conspiracy he has uncovered unravels to reveal a doomsday threat against the populations of New York, London and Berlin. And Stone finds himself facing the ultimate trade-off: the life of someone he loves, against those of millions he doesn't even know..
  • Plans To Reclassify Cannabis Obscure Real Debate Plans To Reclassify Cannabis Obscure Real Debate The government's new review of cannabis classification will not help the situation, writes Steve Rolles The debate around cannabis is once again in the spotlight. The government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) last week started a review of cannabis classification, the third such review in six years. Cannabis was downgraded from a class B drug, that can result in a five year prison sentence, to class C, which has a maximum two year sentence. Superficially Gordon Brown called for the review because of emerging evidence of cannabis health risks and the increasing prevalence of the more potent and risky "skunk" cannabis. But the political context cannot be ignored. This first re-review of the classification of cannabis in 2005 was announced publicly by Charles Clarke just two months before a general election -- traditionally when the main parties showcase how "tough" they are on law and order issues. The Tories were making political capital by deploying cliches about the government "sending out the wrong message" and being "soft on drugs". Regulation They had proclaimed their support for a move back to class B. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats were taking flak for their "soft" drugs policy -- which calls for legalisation and regulation of cannabis in the longer term -- from both of the other main parties. Clarke's call for an ACMD review effectively neutralised political attacks -- and conveniently kicked the ...
  • Bulgarian PM Boiko Borisov : "I neutralised the hell plan of Georgi Parvanov"
  • PR v0.95 Fools Road - British Infantry Forest Skirmish PRTA Server. Squaded up with gazzthompson again and operating the LMG for the squad for most of the round. Assaulting Militia held hills with other squads in close support, leading to an eventual cap out. 0:00 Assaulting Hill 146, breaking through a Militia ambush 4:55 Having taken the hill, beating off Militia counter attack and taking mortar fire 09:28 Assaulting Hill 165 13:23 Clearing 165 of enemy once neutralised 16:53 Beating off a counter-attack whilst other squads assault fortress
  • Many Things Can Be Calculated Or Neutralised By Our Scientists Nowadays !!! Many Things Can Be Estimated By Our Scientist Nowadays !!! If you understand how to calculate smartly, you can succeed faster for sure. Don't simply run and do everything blindly and not soberly. We must know how to differentiate the black and white through legislative rules clearly. Dont simply run and do something unviable until we can not rescue ourselves at all finally. We can not deny the facts of " One World One Dream " principle.... We are not Supermen, neither we can do everything ourselves, as such we need to rely on others smartly and leisurely.
  • Wilkin and Sons Tiptree 'Acid' spillage Fifty one people needed treatment after breathing in toxic gas from a chemical spillage at a jam factory in Es***. Crews were called to Wilkin and Sons, in Tiptree, in the early afternoon after reports of an acid spill, Es*** Fire and Rescue Service said. A spokesman added: "Twelve people were taken to Colchester General Hospital and 39 were treated by ambulance crews at the scene." All 163 staff were evacuated from the factory following the spill. Trained staff at the factory immediately neutralised the spillage and firefighters were called in by the ambulance service to assist in dealing with the chemical spillage. "Four firefighters entered the building in gas-tight chemical suits to ensure the area was safe and they ventilated it," the fire service spokesman added. "Sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid mixed together and that created chlorine gas." Copyright BBC
  • Neutralised Trailer | By Faderr IFadeCinemas Very Own Faderr brings you the trailer to his montage. Editor: /lbpholic Player: /FaderrHD Like, Comment, Subscribe :D
  • Blitzkrieg II (mod ZH) Tutorial 03 - Suppression Tutorial Video for the Blitzkrieg II mod for Zero Hour This video shows an advanced tactic - suppressing enemy static defences using smoke shells from light artillery. Since AT guns cannot move once they are dug in, these and other static defences can be totally neutralised by smoke shells. This allows mobile units to totally bypass them. SMG infantry are used to clear enemy troops garrisoned in the buildings overlooking the street which allows for the light German units to press forward and seize the Eiffel Tower! Sacre Bleu!
  • Pompeii: The Temple of Isis Pompeii's Temple of Isis was a sensation when it was discovered, due to its remarkable wall-paintings. Close to the theatre, and heavily restored after the earthquake of AD 62, it was one of the few 'public' buildings found reasonably intact (most of the others were still being repaired). Sadly, all its paintings and statues are now in the Archaeological Museum at Naples so it presents a rather neutralised image today. The person responsible for the rebuilding was Numerius Popidius Ampliatus who paid for it in his son's name - his son was only six but was rewarded for this gesture by being placed on the town council. From this it has been assumed Ampliatus was a freedman, a status that excluded him from public office, and also that the temple was owned by the town council. Isis had been worshipped in this part of Italy since at least the beginning of the first century BC. The building is prescribed material for the UK's OCR examination board's A-level in Classical Civilisation (paper CC6 - Cities of Roman Italy).
  • Frozen Synapse Hostages Hostile neutralised!
  • Komatyzed @ Riverside Festival - Neutralised Komatyzed with Simon from Middenhelm on Guitar playing Neutralised at Riverside Festival 2009
  • Thai Boxing Asad 3rd Fight Asad " The Lion " Khan 3rd interclub fight at K star. Opponent was reputed to be a talented wild kid but was met by our own formiddable relentless ASAD who neutralised his attack kept him on the back foot and performed galantly. thanks to Raf Hussain British Champ elite K star instructor at his corner. Enjoy
  • Goreville Autopsy - Exploration 51 # - Space Explore Video Winner! When a crew member is spotted unconscious, possibly dead, security manager and engineer Corey,, and Abciscowpee, respectively, investigate the issue and bring it to Exploration 51's starcruiser. Thorough investigation occurs in this thrilling mystery, who knows what secrets it could behold? This video was made for the Space Explore/Habbowood competition conducted in July 2009. Recording for this video took place on July 26th and July 27th, 2009. With the competition, there were many other contributions the space explore team had to construct, including a command centre; a maze and various on-topic games. I'd like to thank the actors in this short scene - Luri, playing a medical officer YourMajesty, playing a neutralised crew member Heinro, filling in for Abciscowpee on a similar account called "Aboiscowpee", playing an engineer Westlakehigh, putting the script together and playing an important role known as a science officer. I, DJkid, play the captain in this scene, and I am more of a supporting actor to WestlakeHigh/Luri. And, Luke requested this: HEINRO
  • tag 2 1 5 1 Chechnya terrorist action Russia neutralised by CW 0 40 sec
  • Jimmy De-Neutralised The BRB (Big Red Button) seeks an ultimate duel to determine the most powerful being in the entire universe.
  • Dawn Raid on Landor Road I woke up on Saturday the 26th with massive banging going on outside. The local crack den was being neutralised by the man.
  • Guild Wars Necro- Before I Forget My Character Neutralised Soul Dancing to before forget have fun!
  • Polarity consciousness - 7th & 8th dimensions I am already polarised positive but I find the idea of growing into oneself as polarised negative fascinating. You say that there is help for those beings in service solely to self, but how is that if the helpers are also polarised service to self? Also I see that self serving beings can grow only to the seventh dimension before switching or neutralising polarity does that mean that polarity is neutralised at the eighth dimension? This question, asked by a member of "The Gold Ring" is responded to by the Nine, through Magenta Pixie. Artwork "cosmic eye" Ilene Astrahan. Music "Beauty Shot" and "Ballad in the Jungle" Freeplay music LCC Edited by Magenta Pixie
  • Calorimetry By chemical reactions a positive or negative heat effect occurs as a result of the molecular processes. This enthalpy of reaction (neutralisation, hydration, ...) can be measured with a calorimeter. When a strong acid is neutralised with a strong base in dilute solution, the same amount of heat is always released. If the reaction takes place under isobaric conditions, this heat is known as the enthalpy of neutralisation. The chemical reaction which generates this heat is the reaction of protons and hydroxyl ions to form undissociated water. It therefore correlates to the enthalpy of formation of water from these ions.
  • Iran 'mass-producing anti-ship missiles' - 7 February 2011 Iran is mass-producing a ballistic missile which can travel at more than three times the speed of sound and hit targets on the high seas, a top commander said on Monday. Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari, who heads the elite military force, the Revolutionary Guards, said the missile had a range of 300 kilometres (185 miles). He said the missile was "undetectable and can't be neutralised by enemies," without specifying the name. "It has very high precision in destroying targets," Jafari added. Textsource/read more:
  • HITLER'S WAR By June 23rd 1940, Hitler's dream of mastery in Europe had come true as he triumphantly took Paris after only ten months at war, and then launched his ultimate plan for an Eastern front. Opposed the twin forces of the invincible Russian soldier, the German army froze and starved outside Moscow. Encouraged by Japan's entry into the war, Hitler's hopes lay in a speedy spring offensive, but weakened elsewhere by the disastrous Battle of the Atlantic, defeats in North Africa, the British bombing offensive, and certain war with the US, his 6th Army was crushed and forced to retreat from the Red unshaken, Hitler bows to the need to re-arm, and in 1943 German teeth are clenched as the struggle begins to re-establish supremacy by any means. This DVD narrates Hitler's early war, using much newly discovered footage including colour material shot by Eva Braun at the Berghof. It is 1943 and Germany's triumph is turning into disaster. With 4 armies lost at Stalingrad, the Afrika Korps defeated and submarines neutralised by radar, Germany's morale waivers. By 1944 much ground is lost, and the fight is against time as Hitler faces losing the Ukraine, crippling air-raids on Berlin, and an acute shortage of troops. Not even the last desperate deployment of the terrifying flying bombs can turn the tide. With the 1944 allied invasion, the defeat of Rommel's troops, the relentless Soviet military machine, and the French winter counter-offensive leading to the deepened. Hitler was ill ...
  • Hypocrisy - Living to Die [Lyrics in Description] I challenge you to listen to this song without having an orgasm. Trust me, it's not possible. If you found this looking for 2Pac, you've found something one million billion times better. © 2006 Nuclear Blast Records GmbH Buy this album/song: Lyrics: A cacoon binds my skin. It wants to keep me alive. I am the great messiah Of the falling paradise. Destroyed by my own creations I cannot cope with life. The truth you think You know so well It's just a big lie. You live to fear You lay yourself to rest. Programmed to crawl It's just a battle in hell. We are the prayer Can I break the spell. We are the signs That caged in the dirt We are the plague Spreading through the world. We are the disease -- The virus eating away. We are no one. We're just living to die. We're just a lie We're just a fake. Can't wait 'till I'm finally dead. Erase my numbers to know To never return again. Computerised We're all neutralised In a world that's controlled By machines. You live to hate 'TilL someone press delete The things we do It's just a battle in hell We are the dirt Can I break these chains We are the signs That caged in the dirt We are the plague Spreading through the world. We are the disease -- The virus eating away. We are no one. We're just living to die [ Living To Die Lyrics on ]
  • Giro d'Italia 2010 Amsterdam The neutralised peloton of stage 3 of the 2010 Giro d'Italia passing by the VU in Amsterdam.
  • Boy, 3, Stabbed In Vancouver Hostage Crisis A man took a kid hostage with a knife at 6pm last night. The incident happened at the Ray Cam Community Center on Hastings at Campbell in Vancouver. A dramatic stand off last 7 hours and came to an end when the ERT neutralised the hostage taker. The kid is recovering from a cut to the face and the 24 year old man is facing numerous charges.
  • R2D2 Interactive Robot responding in a queer manner to Star Trek questions Video showing the R2D2 Astromech Interactive Droid (robot) responding in a rather queer manner to some Star Trek questions; his final response to a question was to go on patrol -- and the only way the robot could be neutralised after this was via his power switch. More info. on my web page about it at
  • Yoga for Kids - Yogas lion roar unleashes calm kids School holidays are not usually a time associated with a zen state of being — but at a peaceful yoga and art retreat tucked away in the Perth Hills, children are discovering that beauty can be found in a moment of silence. At the Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre school holiday camp in Bedfordale, attendees aged 5 to 12 learn the principles of yoga through art, games, deep breathing, meditation, poems and traditional poses in a stunning natural setting they are encouraged to explore. Most importantly, the classes are fun kids master the snake pose with a hiss, roar during the lion pose and arch and stretch their backs with a loud yowl for the cat pose. A yoga teacher for 15 years, instructor Mandy BeckerKnox became interested in yoga for children after practicing with her first child. She said vinyasa hatha —flowing yoga — was not only great for keeping children fit and healthy, but the meditation aspect helped them to relax, concentrate and sleep better and neutralised their negative behaviour. She said regular yoga practice could also have a profound effect on conditions including ADHD, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Some children have surplus energy and yoga is a perfect way to channel that energy, she said. It actually helps to calm them its tangible, you can see them relax as they do the practices.
  • Wanni Operation - Sri Lanka War Situation Report 22/05/2008 Sri Lanka army soldiers engaged in counter terror operations in the Islands's terror gripped North yesterday continued their onslaught at the terror defences in the Jaffna and Wanni theatres of operations. In the Jaffna theatre, troops attacked terror bunkers on the Muhamalai front and claimed to have neutralised few of them. However, no confirmation on terror casualties has so far been obtained in any of these attacks. Separately, a sniper deployed on the Nagarkovil front reported to have shot down one LTTE cadre detected approx 250m ahead of own defence line last morning. In Wanni theatre, all three battlefronts, ie Vavuniya, Mannar and Welioya were fully engaged in daylong clashes with the terrorists.
  • Diggers defeat Taliban attack In their heaviest fighting to date, Australian soldiers with the Reconstruction Task Force (RTF) in Afghanistan have successfully repelled a prolonged attack by approximately 50 Taliban extremists. RTF Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Harry Jarvie, praised the skill and determination of his soldiers. "Over the last few months Australian soldiers have been regularly tested by Taliban extremists. In every case they have performed magnificently." The failed attack was one of a number of decisive defeats suffered by the Taliban in Oruzgan Province and the neighbouring Helmand Province during the past week. The attack came as the RTF was conducting a reconnaissance mission for the construction of Afghan National Police outposts about eight kilometres north of Tarin Kowt. Taliban extremists fired automatic weapons and Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) at the Australian patrol from the cover of an orchard. The patrol immediately returned fire and then engaged in an intense confrontation with the Taliban during the next four hours. Infantry Platoon Commander Lieutenant Glenn Neilson said the Taliban had established strong firing positions and were reinforced with more fighters as the attack progressed. "We were engaged with some very accurate fire from a range of about 300m and there were a lot of bullets coming our way. Making use of all the weapons at our disposal, including the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) and Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle (IMV), we ...

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  • “Statins + Fast food = neutralised heart risk. By Andrew Onariase. 13 Fast food outlets could provide statin drugs free of charge so that customers can”
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  • “radsport- - Radsport in Süddeutschland - Amateur- und Profiradsport He had to be neutralised for the rest of the evening, but hopefully he will be back on Friday. Even more sever it was for Stefan Steinweg, clashing with Christian Grasmann and Leif Lampater”
    — Sixdays Dortmund: Aldag/Zabel nach erster Nacht in Führung, radsport-

  • “Forum Home. What Women Want. Where is the promised change for women, asks Hameeda Hossain Will these deterrent measures be neutralised if student cadres are given impunity on”
    — Forum,

  • “Home Working productivity neutralised by surge in wanking downtime says report Started 6 months ago by ronseal. Latest reply from Ostsee. Current”
    — NewBiscuit : Home Working productivity neutralised by surge,

  • “Care home manager jailed, Rachel Baker investigated & burgers neutralised Social Care Experts Blog. Subscribe to this blog's feed. Powered by Movable Type Enterprise”
    — Care home manager jailed, Rachel Baker investigated & burgers,

  • “September 24th, 2010 admin Leave a comment Go to comments. Press Release: Cousin Island Special Reserve, Carbon Neutral. Cousin not Seychelles" we wanted our eco-visitors to come to Cousin conscience free, knowing their carbon footprint has been neutralised”
    — WIOMSA Blog " Cousin Island Special Reserve, Carbon Neutral,

  • “I click on a grey cloud and the colour balances is instantly neutralised. The Image Quality Professor's Blog. Phase One Homepage. . Tags”
    — 2010 September " The Image Quality Professor's Blog,

  • “Email Greg Hengler | All Posts By Blogger "We are headed in the right Any many of us will not rest until you are neutralised and then put out of office”
    — Obama: I Will Not Rest Until Everyone Has A Job, A Good Wage,

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