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  • African Images in Juvenile Literature: Commentaries in Neocolonialist Fiction. Co-authored by Yulisa Amadu Maddy and Donnarae MacCann have successfully accomplished their mission of condemning stereotypes in neocolonialist fiction and painstakingly and cleverly providing an alternative viewpoint. — “Image and Idea Int”,
  • This article is about Neocolonialist political and economic critiques. For Neocolonial architecture, see Colonial Revival In lieu of direct military-political control, neocolonialist powers are said to employ financial, and trade policies to dominate. — “Neocolonialism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • neocolonialism n. A policy whereby a major power uses economic and political means to perpetuate or extend its influence over underdeveloped nations In lieu of direct military-political control, neocolonialist powers are said to employ financial, and trade policies to dominate less powerful countries. — “neocolonialism: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of neocolonialist from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of neocolonialist. Pronunciation of neocolonialist. Definition of the word neocolonialist. Origin of the word neocolonialist. — “neocolonialist - Definition of neocolonialist at”,
  • Blix's Neocolonialist Blather. Charles Johnson. Tue Jun 6, 2006 at 2:42 pm PDT • Views: 16. Hans Blix says it's the "contemptuous tone" and "neocolonialist attitude" of the United States that causes terrorism: Former weapons inspector decries U.S. tone against Iran. — “Little Green Footballs - Blix's Neocolonialist Blather”,
  • Offshore not neocolonialist. Mutual advantages and regard distinguish louboutin shoes China's presence in Africa from Western colonialists and profiteers Chinese language people today and most Africans will by christian louboutin shoes no indicates settle for that China is neocolonialist. — “Offshore not neocolonialist | ”,
  • This article is about Neocolonialist political and economic critiques. In lieu of direct military-political control, neocolonialist powers are said to employ financial, and trade policies to dominate. — “Neocolonialism - Reference”,
  • Encyclopedia article about neocolonialist. Information about neocolonialist in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “neocolonialist definition of neocolonialist in the Free”, encyclopedia2
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Neocolonialist - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Nicaragua: manufactured consent and the neocolonialist Left. by Toni Solo. Feinting Left on certain themes and issues while in practice siding with the Right has long been a tactic of progressive or liberal people in the intellectual managerial classes that dominate information and debate. — “Nicaragua: the neocolonialist Left | Scoop News”,
  • Definition of neocolonialist in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of neocolonialist. Pronunciation of neocolonialist. Translations of neocolonialist. neocolonialist synonyms, neocolonialist antonyms. Information about neocolonialist in the free. — “neocolonialist - definition of neocolonialist by the Free”,
  • Kenya – Neocolonialist Model of. Stability in Africa Explodes. by Gerry oppositionist came to replicate the former neocolonialist strongmen. — “Kenya - Neocolonialist Model of Stablity in Africa Explodes”,
  • Chinese people and most Africans will never accept that China is neocolonialist. They think it absurd. Why then are some Western media so anxious to put the neocolonialist label on China?. — “China not neocolonialist”,
  • Chinese people and most Africans will never accept that China is neocolonialist. Why then are some Western media so anxious to put the neocolonialist label on China?. — “China not neocolonialist - CHINA-WIRE”, china-
  • The neocolonialist operation envisages replacing apartheid rule by the granting of a few "liberal" political rights to narrow layers of the indigenous population. A neocolonialist and liberal wing can, it is obvious, conclude that. — “The Progress and Problems of the African Revolution--1965”,
  • We found 6 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word neocolonialist: the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "neocolonialist" is defined. — “Definitions of neocolonialist - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • rosietint: " NEOCOLONIALISM = BROCCOLI " Did they mention Fellini's? OMG FELLINI'S IS AWESOME. It's a small pizza chain here in Atlanta. Also, Neocolonialist Broccoli = great band name. — “A Southern-Fried Hot Mess”,
  • Tie-ups with developing world leave children with neocolonialist' views, research shows. — “How overseas links mean well, but... - News - TES Connect”,
  • "The Masked Neocolonialist." "Most of my colleagues remained under house arrest while Pamela (the other uninfected mzungu) and I traveled north to see some mountain gorillas. In Muhanga, a sound truck cruised the streets announcing that Americans had brought disease, and to keep away from us. — “Althouse: "The Masked Neocolonialist."”,
  • neocolonialist (comparative more neocolonialist, superlative most neocolonialist) Of neocolonialist (plural neocolonialists) A neocolonial person. — “neocolonialist - Wiktionary”,
  • These critics allege that both nations and corporations have aimed to control other nations through indirect means; that in lieu of direct military-political control, neocolonialist powers employ economic, financial and trade policies to dominate less powerful countries. — “Neocolonialism - Wikinfo”,
  • Neocolonialist definition, the policy of a strong nation in seeking political and economic hegemony over an independent nation or extended geographical area without ne See more. — “Neocolonialist | Define Neocolonialist at ”,
  • President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has expelled international humanitarian aid groups from Sudan after the ICC issued a warrant for his arrest over alleged war crimes. Al-Bashir Dubs ICC Move as Neocolonialist Conspiracy. Many in the international community hail the ICC's warrant for al-Bashir's. — “President al-Bashir Expels Aid Groups from Sudan: Charges”,

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  • Prof. Molefi Asante on Libya & Cote D'Ivoire Professor explains the brazen neo-colonialist thrust into Africa by the now-broken former-empires to seize African resources Radiovision is hosted by Bernard White, fired and banned program director from WBAI-FM in NYC. Dr. Asante is Professor, Department of African American Studies at Temple University. Considered by his peers to be one of the most distinguished contemporary scholars.
  • Raw Peru: on a Dollar a Day This is the plight of the poor: extractive economies loading up resources to ship them out while leaving behind the people that live on one dollar or less per day to do the work. This is neocolonialist slavery, but in regular terms it is only capitalism looking for another dollar. What to do about injustice and inequality has to be the core for Copenhagen
  • Bloody Oil - Drum Em Out On Monday the 21st June 2010 In protest over The World National Oil Companies Congress protester marched from London's Tate Modern to the Grange St Paul's Hotel where In the middle of the death and destruction sown by oil companies all over the world, the industry's "greatest minds" gathered together to celebrate and plan more carnage. A people's court was held outside the conference venue, where, in co-ordination with ADIEYIEMANFO Movement of Positive Action Networks who are fighting oil exploitation in Ghana, they put the oil executives on trial for: Wholesale wanton destruction by pollution, leaks, and flaring, of land and sea, fish and fowl, human lives and livelihoods, present and future - Waging wars for oil - Changing the climate to create an uninhabitable planet. And as oil runs out, pursuing ever more costly and dangerous deposits from the depths of the ocean or from tar sands, instead of developing clean, sustainable forms of energy. The organizers for this event in Ghana say: "Oil drilling is being violently forced upon us in West Afrika with huge blood spilling. Our only defence is grassroots community self-empowerment . . . . Let us therefore all rise up to the solidarity beat of our unifying peoples' power across borders and drum out the plundering criminals! . . . Neocolonialist and imperialist States and vampire capitalist transnational corporations must never be trusted with control over dangerous fossil fuels such as Oil." The protest even handed out a ...
  • Shatila / Sabra & Neocolonialism The Neocolonialist and there allies the christen Zionist will never cover the truth for long
  • Inside Australia's neo-colonialist parliament as 'asylum seekers' effectively dictate foreign policy On the Australian ABC Insiders .....the impasse over the "asylum seekers" stuck in Indonesia and Kevin Rudd's loss of control over the situation.... as Australia's foreign policy is dictated by the ever-changing tide of fragile relations with neighboring Indonesia as well as the continuing appearance of refugees/asylum seekers'/illegal migrants on unsafe wooden boats in the Timor Sea/Indian Ocean between Indonesia + Australia..... but more yet to come when the UNHCR finally steps in..... *
  • Happy 2010! | Anti-imperialism | Labour Aristocracy | Say yes to Guns! | Native Resistance Two important books to read to follow: Settlers: The Myth of the White Proletarian by J. Sakai Pacifism as Pathology: Notes on an American Pseudopraxis by Ward Churchill Also check out some of my past reflections if you like: Canada votes against UN declaration on aboriginal rights Western "Socialists" who attack China as neocolonialist Guns, Violence, Dawson college, Jane Creba, etc. Maoist agrees with a Gay Conservative
  • HINDRAF & HRP: Ethnic cleansing of Bukit Jalil esatate HRP and Hindraf full force to stop ethnic cleansing of Bukit Jalil esatate homes temple, cemetary and Tamil school by neo colonialist UMNO. Kuala Lumpur 4/0/08/2010. Since 6.30 this morning HRP and Hindraf supporters started gathering at the Ladang Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur to put up a peaceful resistance to stop the "ethnic cleansing" of the Bukit Jalil estate workers homes, their Hindu temples, Hindu crematary and their Tamil school build by the British colonialist over 200 years ago. And now after 53 years of independence the same is now to be "ethinically cleansed" by the neo coloialist, racial and religious supremacist and extremist UMNO. P. Uthayakumar, S. Thiagarajan and S. Tinakaran arrived at about 8.30 am and were warmly greeted by the ex-plantation workers of Bukit Jalil estate Music was played with the trademark Hindraf song Tholvi Nilai yena nivaithal. About 30 Hindraf and HRP supporters in their traditional orange shirts and the residents of Ladang Bukit Jalil sang along with full of emotions. Captain Bala of Bukit Jalil estate then started with the anti UMNO slogans and "Satu Malaysia Dua Sistem" chanting. A group of Bukit Jalil residents then started chanting Hindraf and which was responded with Valga which still remains magical and sent vibrations till to day since the 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally. Also heard were slogans of "Polis Kejam" DBKL kejam, "Jangan nyaya masyarakat India, satu Malaysia and the response "dua sistem", "UMNO" and the response ...
  • French military advisor threatens African journalist in Lome, Togo: neo-colonialist arrogance Togolese journalist Didier Ledoux was covering an opposition rally in Togo's capital Lome .....he took a photo of a French military officer (identity withheld) who demanded that the journalist delete the photograph, but Ledoux refused. The video shows the French officer threatening Ledoux with severe consequences if the photo is not immediately deleted. Ledoux tryies to reason with the officer, saying that he is simply doing his job. Jostling the journalist, the French officer retorts, "I don't care if you're a journalist, delete that photo right away..... Do you know who I am? I am the councillor to the General Staff of the Army. Do you want me to call the RCGP (Commando unit of the Togolese Presidential Guard)?" Ledoux is a journalist with the Togolese newspaper La Liberté. The newspaper reported on Wednesday that the journalist was only allowed to leave the rally after he deleted the officer's picture..... In an article recounting the incident, the daily argues, "It's odd that a French officer, trained in France, a country of human rights, threatens call on the presidential guard to settle a misunderstanding about a journalist simply doing his job." A spokesman for the French Ministry of Defence told FRANCE24 that it did not support the French officer's behaviour, stating "Freedom of the press is, for us, a fundamental value." However, the military refused to confirm if any action was being taken against the officer in question. The story has been splashed across the ...
  • Chief magistrate Ian Gray's jolly Victorian views of punishment + imprisonment in 21st century OZ Melbourne's quaint 'heart of darkness' proponent of pathetic prescriptive legalism, Victoria's Chief Magistrate Ian Gray getting off about rehabilitation as an option on top of tougher sentences for violent offenders - delights in propounding his white Anglo Victorian-era mentality + the glories of Australian white neo-colonialist settler society's ludicrously hypocritical moral righteousness/pompousness re "creative sentencing" + ever more expensive Supermax jails/imprisonment of dysfunctional "offenders", blah blah..... Monash University's prominent alumni - AAP General News (Australia) 03-06-2001: Attorney-General Rob Hulls announced the appointment of Mr Gray, a former Northern Territory chief magistrate, after an Australia-wide search..... His appointment follows last year's highly publicised resignation of Michael Adams, QC, who left after an embarrassingly early retirement..... "Complaints of ***ual harassment, drinking and smoking on the job and demeaning his colleagues were expected to be dropped against Victoria's chief magistrate Michael Adams QC following his resignation..... Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls had taken legal advice on how to deal with the complaints, but today he said the concerns, put by Mr Adams' fellow magistrates, were expected to go no further...." Shadow attorney-general Robert Clark, said he was concerned many judges and magistrates in Victoria were being appointed "from a very narrow base ...
  • Rseenal - I Ammm Produced By Perrilous ... Tune exposing the hidden agenda NEW WORLD the neoconservatives, neocolonialist and their secret societies.. Illuminati
  • More young Australians jailed - the result of failing Anglo settler society's punishment mentality! More young Australians being jailed + for longer. Those without families are not being released. So much for the glories of Australian white neo-colonialist settler society's ludicrously hypocritical moral righteousness/pompousness re "creative sentencing" + ever more expensive Supermax jails/imprisonment of dysfunctional "offenders".....
  • Libya is not Egypt and all rebellions are not Revolutions! ★☭ KGB OFFICIAL REPORTS (INTERNATIONAL&IMPARTIAL) PARTISAN WORLD NEWS ★☭ Hands off Libya, Hands off Africa! Revolutionaries must be vigilant observers and mindful of the components of revolution versus reform or simple rebellion. We must also never be quick to take sides or forget our history and the role and objectives of Imperialism over the interest of the Masses of the People. What we have seen in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya today is a reflection of the continued development of the class struggle in Africa. President Kwame Nkrumah provided a rich and comprehensive ***ysis in his book 'Class Struggle in Africa' to lay our political foundation for understanding what has and is happening today. He correctly stated that the proletariat in Africa although relatively small will be the base for building a socialist revolution. He also correctly stated that although america and europe are the most industrialized in the world, their working class is the most embourgeoised thus the most socially and politically backward. Why would the west and europe be so interested in the rebellions occurring in North Africa and the Middle East today? Could it be the oil and geo political imperialist interests for continued global domination especially to protect the imperialist strongest ally zionist israel? That is exactly the intent of the imperialist powers in supporting these rebellions amongst the growing educated and working class population in Africa and the Middle East. The global ...
  • Imperialist neo-Colonialist War in Afghanistan must stop now! This is a liberal view of wasteful neo-colonialist war against Taliban guerillas in Afghanistan that destroyed many lives of young American warriors and left American schools without counselors. Californian legislators, such prostitutes of narcomafia, illegaslly legalized harmful narcotic marijuana which is strictly prohibited by Controlled Substances Act 1974 as Schedule I harmful substance. Marijuana smokers used to suffer short memory losses, decline in visual perception, and psychosis so desirable for homopaths. President Obama cut taxes for wealthy individuals ( as prodigious loopholes ) that earn under 250 thousand dollars, though this right wing tax-cutting measure did not create any jobs at all. Unemployment is about 10% nationwide and should be undercut by government hiring firms to employ more people, like it was done by Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration during Great Depression times. I urge President Obama raise taxes 40% against those wealthy individuals who did not hire any workers and invested their wealth abroad. This represssive measure of economical social justice might improve hiring process in the realm of unemployed and business opportunities. Recent deaths of a group of western Doctors without Borders in remote Afghan mountains is another example of imperialist slaughter. Those slain by Taliban guerillas' doctors didn't have any armed guards to protect them. Moreover, they were lured to be killed by their mischievous Pentagon sponsors.
  • Media Freedom & double-standards of the West Terrorists: Human Rights or Double Standards? Written by Terry Lacey Thursday, 28 May 2009 The US-based group Human Rights Watch (HRW) Asia Director, Brad Adams, says that "The people trapped in the SWAT conflict zone face a humanitarian catastrophe unless the Pakistani military immediately lifts a curfew." About 200000 people are trapped but an astounding 2.3 million people are now affected by military operations only 120 kilometers from Islamabad, according to news reports. Western eyes are still turned on Sri Lanka where the Sri Lankan government has pursued a campaign to militarily defeat the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE). Here also the same Brad Adams and HRW pressed for NGO and press access to camps for displaced persons and detention centers. Some 280000 Tamils were displaced with 20000 emerging from a small enclave during the final battle according to UN spokesman Gordon Weiss. But following Western-backed calls in the UN and elsewhere for independent investigations into possible war crimes , many non-aligned countries including Indonesia, Pakistan, India, China, Cuba, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, with strong support from Indonesia, have supported Sri Lanka and accused the West of double standards in the way it has treated Sri Lanka as compared to Palestine and Afghanistan. Indonesia made it clear, whilst lamenting the death of civilians, that as a sovereign country Sri Lanka had the right to take military action against an insurgency. Many years ...
  • A French military school for Africa The National School for military training has opened its doors in Brazzaville and will welcome students from 16 African countries. Funded by France to the tune of 578000 euros, it's one of the largest such projects undertaken with the co-operation of the French military in the world.Duration: 01:04
  • The destruction of England predicted 60 years ago The English govt. must stop its neocolonialist globalist agenda.
  • Arnhem expedition 1948 - primitive white tribes stumble upon Native Australian First Nation culture Interview + story of the 1948 American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land, Australia..... disturbing traditional graves, stealing human bones + skulls..... but white Anglo settler society remains spiritually, emotionally + culturally primitive despite its discoveries..... because of its own preciously conceited supremacist neo-colonialist entrenched viewpoint, uhh..... In 1948 the Australian journalist and travel writer Colin Simpson went on an extraordinary excursion into Arnhem Land to record many of the people and places around the Oenpelli region..... .au (+ click on "transcript") In 1948 Charles P Mountford led the American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land ('the Expedition'). One of the largest and most comprehensive scientific expeditions ever undertaken in Australia, the party spent eight months in the field with camps at Umbakumba (Groote Eylandt), Yirrkala and Oenpelli. The 17 party members came from organisations across Australia and the United States and covered a range of disciplines in the fields of medicine, nutrition, ethnology and natural history..... Barks, Birds and Billabongs: legacy of the 1948 American-Australian scientific expedition to Arnhem Land - The American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land is often described as the 'last of the big expeditions'. Despite the hype (and there was plenty of that), exploration at least in the terrestrial sense was not its ...
  • Sudan Dismisses Warrant By ICC Sudan has dismissed the arrest warrant issued by the international criminal court against its leader Omar el-Bashir. The Sudanese government says its a neo- colonialist move to destabilise it. And just hours after the ICC issued the warrant, Sudan expelled 10 foreign aid agencies.
  • Chat affame - a tour de force of cinema verite Not since "Algiers"...a riveting examination of the cruelty wrought by the imperialist neo-colonialist apartheid state.
  • Mindtrappa Video 3
  • Climate-change conceit - John Bolton vs Kevin Rudd - Neocon worm turns on Aussie PM over Copenhagen Prominent US neocon, John Bolton, says Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd is more interested in regulating the economy than reducing emissions..... Kevin Rudd has pledged allegiance to the near-theological belief that climate change is 'the greatest long-term threat to us all'. He has, moreover, single-handedly transformed Hillary Clinton's 'vast right-wing conspiracy' into a climate change demon, warning darkly that his opponents are 'alive in every major country, including Australia, constitute a powerful global force for inaction, and . . . are particularly entrenched in a range of conservative parties around the world'. The Prime Minister concludes it is 'time to remove any polite veneer from this debate'. Speaking for his own conduct, he at least got the last point right. In fact, those arguing most vociferously that climate change requires greater government regulation of the economy, higher taxation, and more 'global governance' are precisely the people who argued for these policies before global warming was even a theory. Climate change has thus become the banner under which these statists argue for precisely the same positions they argued for without any evidence of climate change. Indeed, they would likely argue for exactly the same policies even if we were confronted with global cooling (the scientific fad of the Sixties and Seventies) rather than its opposite...... The chief negotiator for China and the small African nations at Copenhagen has ...
  • Wave Hands In Clouds ★☭ KGB OFFICIAL REPORTS (INTERNATIONAL&IMPARTIAL) PARTISAN WORLD NEWS ★☭ Looking out for western business and investor rights: why the West approves military interventions to topple one Arab government and prop up another By Stephen Gowans In a previous article I pointed to three factors to explain the West's decision to intervene militarily in Libya to prevent the government there from putting down an armed rebellion while it tacitly approves the Gulf Cooperation Council's military intervention in Bahrain to put down a peaceful rebellion there. The double-standard, I argued, reflects dramatic differences between Libya and Bahrain in their relationship with the United States and its dominant investor and corporate class. Bahrain is the home of the US Fifth Fleet, has long-standing warm relations with Washington, and strongly caters to western corporate and investor interests. Since the Khalifa regime supports US corporate profit-making and military interests, and a new regime might not do the same to the same degree, Washington is prepared to allow Saudi and other GCC troops and tanks to assist Bahraini authorities in violently quelling a peaceful rebellion. Libya, I pointed out, doesn't provide bases for the US or other western militaries, hasn't had long-standing warm relations with Washington, and isn't particularly accommodating of western corporate and investor interests. From a neo-colonialist standpoint, western powers could do better in Libya. Some readers ...
  • المثليين واخلاصهم لاوطانهم OutGames Montreal 2006 Helem Keynote Video Address Plenary Session: Focus on Africa and the Arab World Rasha Moumneh, July 27, 2006 My name is Rasha Moumneh, and I will be speaking on behalf of the Lebanese LGBT rights organization, Helem. Before we begin, I would first like to thank the conference organizers for allowing me this opportunity to address you, as my trip to Montreal was recently cancelled due to the air, land and sea blockade imposed on Lebanon by the State of Israel. As we speak, over 300 civilians have died in Lebanon, and by conservative estimates, 600000 are internally displaced as a direct result of Israels criminal destruction of their homes. As of July 12th, the date when Israeli aggressions began, Helems LGBT center has stopped all LGBT-related work and donated its space, its resources, and its volunteers to humanitarian relief efforts in order to assist a section of the estimated 60000 refugees in Beirut. I will not dwell on the destruction and devastation wrought upon the entire country by the Israeli military. That, you can read and hear about elsewhere. Instead, today I would like to draw attention to the political rhetoric in which this war, and others in the Middle East, are being couched, and its ramifications on the burgeoning LGBT rights movements in the region. Perhaps one of the primary and most difficult of Helems struggles has been proving the legitimacy of its cause without falling prey to accusations of being agents of Western ...

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  • “Zimbabwe gem auction stirs fears more blood diamonds' will filter back onto world market Mugabe defends land reforms, blames neocolonialist enemies' for economic collapse”
    — Business News " Zimbabwe,

  • “Africanist Movement Under Attack Sierra Leone (Hear LIVE reports and discussion Sunday 11:00 and 16:00 U.S Eastern Time) Chernoh Alpha M Bah Slanderous news media has appeared government linked newspaper and campaign rumors has”
    — Sierra Leone Movement Under Attack! - Living In Black,

  • “But there was no question, Feingold said, that the concept had "a neocolonialist feel to it. AFRICOM may have "a neocolonialist feel to it." However the patnerships that can be”
    — AFRICOM's Rough Start | Center for Strategic and,

  • “Saddleback Church is sponsoring a Civil Forum on "reconciliation" featuring Miroslav Volf, the Yale theologian who just appeared Commenting at the Crosstalk Blog is not a right, it is a privilege. Crosstalk Blog staff reserves the right”
    — Rick Warren Sponsors Forum with Emergent Heretic- The,

  • “The Cornerstone Group : An award-winning real estate development team that creates unique and diverse multifamily housing and mixed-use developments. some commenters welcoming the investment as a new Green Revolution, and other labeling them as neocolonialist exploitation in development's clothing”
    — Landgrab " The Cornerstone Group,

  • “Because of neocolonialist exploitation and plunder by imperialists, national industries Track this topic · Email this topic · Print this topic · Subscribe to this forum”
    — The inevitability of the collapse of imperialism - Asia,

  • “Blog Details. Sudan President: Case Against Me – Neocolonialism. Sudan President Omar Al Court emanates from the neocolonialist agenda of the "arrogant" Western countries, headed”
    — The MEMRI Blog - Full Blog Entry,

  • “Meles, the novice ethnic neocolonialist arm is verbalizing and executing what master colonialists were doing Forum Join in now and post, be part of the most popular Ethiopian website. online since 1994 One of the first Ethiopian sites. The first Ethiopian Blog site”
    — Ethiopia- Earn liberty or die begging,

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