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  • That Nasareth was nemned. And tha_ they ba_the fo_ren ha_m. Til here That Bethleeam is nemned. And lo_ke we_ that ilke word. That is nu_ wroht on erthe. That Drihten God us hafeth wroht. And awned. — “eME texts - Ormulum homily”,
  • Anglo-Saxon Gospels Hatton M***cript 38, Bodleian Library, Matthew 1 hyo nemneð hys name emmanuel. þæt ys gereht on ure þeode god mid ús. Mat 1:24 Þa aras ioseph of swefne. & dyde swa drihtnes ængel him bebead & he on-feng hys mæcchen. — “Look Higher ! 200 Bibles Online: Anglo-Saxon Gospels Hatton”,
  • Constructing a chronology of the early Anglo-Saxon period is highly complex, and the limitations of our source material place restrictions on just on þa stowe þe is nemned Cymenesora, & þær ofslogon monige Wealas. — “Timeline of Anglo-Saxon settlement in Britain - Wikipedia”,
  • The large towns continued to exist the way they had prior to the Roman withdrawal. mid iii scipum, on þa stowe þe is nemned Cymenes ora, & þær ofslogon monige Wealas, & sume on fleame bedrifon on þone wudu þe is. — “cnet Internet Coin Project - Hoards, The Patching Hoard”,
  • Words that start with NE : Words starting in NE nemned. neocon. neoned. nepers. nepeta. nephew. nepits. nerals. nereid. nereis. nerine. nerite. nerkas. neroli. nerols. nerval. nerved. nerver. nerves. nesher. nesses. nested. nester. nestle. — “Word ne meaning. Word ne definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • "508 Her Cerdic 7 Cynric ofslogon aenne brettisccyning, pam was nama Nataleod, 7 .v. pusendu wera mid him. AEfter was paet lond nemned Natanleaga op Cerdicesford." "508. This year Cerdic and Cynric slew a British king, whose name was. — “The Mystery Of The Battle Of Netley Marsh - Info Barrel”,
  • Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads. Volume 6 of 8 from 1860 edition - online book yere, to, 276, this year. yestreen, yesterday. yett, gate. y-herde, heard. y-knawe,. — “The English And Scottish Ballads - vol 6 of 8 - online”,
  • Also, at around the same time, English is used for the language: the translation of Bede at one point {Book Ill, Chapter 19) talks about a monastery nemned on Englisc ('called in English') Cneoferisburh, and A!fred quite often uses the name in this way. — “how did England get the name England ?”,
  • 13 Ða æfter feawum dagum eall his þing gegaderode se gingra sunu ond ferde wræclice on 19 Nu ic ne eom wierðe þæt ic beo þin sunu nemned; do me swa anne of þinum hyrlingum. — “The Parable of the Prodigal Son in OE & ME”,
  • 4, 23; S. 594, 39. Ðæs fæder wæs Wóden nemned, 1, 15; S. 483, 30: Blickl. Homl. 81, 1. On ðæ-acute;m bócum ðe nemned is Actus Apostolorum, 133, 11 : 137, 31. Ðæt wæs swíðe heálíc nama ðæt Sanctus Johannes engel wæs nemned, 167, 32. Ðam is tó naman nemned Drihten Dominus nomen est ei, Ps. — “Bosworth/Toller, page b0714”,
  • Her Cerdic 7 Cynric ofslogon ænne brettisccyning, þam was nama Natanleod, 7 .v. þusendu wera mid him. Æfter was þæt lond nemned Natanleaga oþ Cerdicesford. Amañ e lazhas Cerdic ha Cynric ur roue brezhon, Natanleod e anv, ha V mil a dud gantañ. — “Emgann Natanleag - Wikipedia”,
  • fete water atte, þe whiche hathe ben mony a yere leten to ferme, and take away fro þe comyns by diuers holders nemned heretofore, and now is by Thomas atte wode, landlorde, on þat oon part. Item we fynd a grete defaute of dong and water and. — “London Documents 1411-1423”,
  • 6(six) letter words and starting with ne: neafes,neaffe,nealed,neanic,neaped,nearby,neared,nearer,nearly,neaten,neater,neatly,nebbed,nebbuk,nebeck,nebeks,nebels,nebish,nebris,nebula,nebule,nebuly,necked,necker,nectar,needed,needer,needle,need nemned. — “6(six) letter words and starting with ne”,
  • Aelle and the South Saxons expansion based on Sus*** place names. Aelle came to Britain and his three sons Cymen Wlencing and Cyssa, with three ships, landing at a place which is named Cymensora. — “477AD Aelle the South Saxons expansion based on Sus*** place”,
  • Date: Thu, 4 Feb 93 11:02:53 ESTGenitive THAT(')S and WHOSE (4 screens) and thaes Wihta faeder waes Woden nemned." This, according to the OED, could mean "They were sons of Wihtgyls; _his_ father [lit. — “LINGUIST List 4.82: That's history, Lexical text ***ysis”,
  • Orome [and Tulkas] wǽron gingran on Ealfæderes geþohtum acende ǽr þǽre worolde gescepennisse þonne óþre fífe, [and] Orome wearð Iafannan geboren, séo þe wyrð æfter nemned, ac he nis Aules sunu. — Rúmil, fragment from The Annals of Valinor, partially translated (by Ælfwine?) to Old English. To the top. — “Amanye Tenceli: The Sarati - Phonetic Form”,
  • Vortigern in several ancient sources Her cuom Ælle on Bretenlond 7 his .iii. suna, Cymen 7 Wlencing 7 Cissa, mid .iii. scipum on þa stowe þe is nemned Cymenesora, 7 þær ofslogon monige Wealas 7 sume on fleame bedrifon on þone wudu þe is genemned Andredesleage. 482. — “Vortigern in the Sources”,
  • Is seo stow gyt æteawed gu þara deofulgilda, noht feor east from Eoforwicceastre begeondan Deorwentan þære ea, ond gen to dæge is nemned Godmundingaham, þær se biscop þurh þæs soðan Godes inbryrdnesse towearp & fordyde þa wigbed, þe he seolfa ær gehalgode. — “Engl401 | Texts | Bede's Account of the Conversion of King Edwin”,
  • The Anglo-Saxon chronicle for the year 477 states: Her cuom Ælle on Bretenlond & his .iii. suna, Cymen & Wlencing & Cissa, mid .iii. scipum on þa stowe þe is nemned Cymenesora, & þær ofslogon monige Wealas & sume on fleame bedrifon on þone wudu þe is genemned Andredesleage. — “Sus***”,
  • Definition of Nemn with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. to name [v NEMNED, NEMPT, NEMNING, NEMNS] - See also: name. — “Nemn: Definition with Nemn Pictures and Photos”,

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