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  • A series of ophiobolins were isolated from a fungal extract based on their nematocidal activity. Ophiobolin M and ***ogues, noncompetitive inhibitors of ivermectin binding with nematocidal activity. — “Ophiobolin M and ***ogues, noncompetitive inhibitors of”,
  • Detailed discussion of the mode of action of avermectins and target site identification has been described in Nematocidal Drugs, Animals and Nematocidal Drugs, Man. The following compilation concentrates on the ectoparasiticidal activities of the macrocyclic lactones. — “Blocker of Chloride Channels / Ectoparasiticides”, rmatik.uni-
  • A nematocidal composition containing as an active ingredient(s) therein sesame plant nematocidal ingredients of at least one or more of the following. — “Sesame nematocidal composition (US4442092)”,
  • Definition of nematocidal in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of nematocidal. Pronunciation of nematocidal. Translations of nematocidal. nematocidal synonyms, nematocidal antonyms. Information about nematocidal in the free online English. — “nematocidal - definition of nematocidal by the Free Online”,
  • nematocidal (comparative more nematocidal, superlative most nematocidal) This page was last modified on 27 September 2010, at 16:08. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See. — “nematocidal - Wiktionary”,
  • Patent Abstract: The present invention is directed to a method for producing a new nematocidal composition particularly useful against plant parasitic nematodes and also a process to prevent damage resulting from nematode infestation. The method. — “Method for producing a nematocidal composition by heat”,
  • Nematocidal thiocyanatins from a southern Australian marine sponge Oceanapia sp. Nematocidal thiocyanatins from a southern Australian marine sponge Oceanapia sp. — “Nematocidal thiocyanatins from a southern Australian marine”,
  • I am looking for information regarding nematocidal effects of and seed sources for the following species: but I don't have any data to indicate nematocidal effects. We are experimenting with Sesbania sesban and S. bipinosa for sowing rates and other. — “Mulch-L mailing list correspondence/ Nematocidal green manure”,
  • nematocidal definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “nematocidal - Definition”,
  • 1. A metabolite of the fungus Myrothecium verrucaria which has nematocidal activity. 4. The nematocidal composition of Claim 3 wherein the fungus is isolate ATCC No. 46474. — “(WO/1990/003734) NEMATOCIDAL PREPARATIONS”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Nematocidal - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Known by several names in the world, the tree was first cultivated in The root exudate of marigold (Tagetes) is also found to have nematicidal action. — “Nematicide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of nematocidal in the Medical Dictionary. nematocidal explanation. Information about nematocidal in Free online English dictionary. What is nematocidal? Meaning of nematocidal medical term. What does nematocidal mean?. — “nematocidal - definition of nematocidal in the Medical”, medical-
  • A pesticide composition that includes a metabolite from a fungus selected from homeocarpic basidiomycetes and homeocarpic ascomycetes is produced. In one embodiment, the fungus from which the metaboli the observed nematocidal activity increased substantially from a 1:100 dilution to a 1:800 dilution. — “Reducing nematode infestation with fungi treated oil having”,
  • Nematocidal definition, a substance or preparation used for killing nematodes parasitic to plants. See more. — “Nematocidal | Define Nematocidal at ”,
  • To develop parasiticides, the nematocidal activity of 22 picrotoxane terpenoids, Picrodendrin P displayed the most potent nematocidal activity with a minimum lethal concentration (MLC) value of 4.4×10^ M. The nematocidal activity of picrodendrin P was 9-fold more potent than that of. — “CiNii Article - Nematocidal Activity of Picrodendrins against”,
  • Ivermectin is a widely used anthelmintic drug whose nematocidal mechanism is incompletely understood. chloride channel mediates fast inhibitory glutamatergic neuromuscular transmission; and (ii) a nematocidal property of ivermectin derives from its activity as an agonist of glutamate. — “avr-15 encodes a chloride channel subunit that mediates”,
  • study evaluated the effect of Tsukamurella paurometabola C 924, a bacterium with nematocidal action isolated from soil, nor over its phenotypic nematocidal characters. On the other hand, the bacterium stimulated AM. — “Effects of the bacterial-fungal interaction between”,
  • Marigold plant - like Min Qty 500 Seed Packets, Marigold 'Crackerjack' Seeds, Snowdrift Marigold 40 Seeds - White - Blooms all Summer, Worlds Largest Marigold 100 Seeds/Seed, Organic Pinwheel Marigold - 100 Seeds - Heirloom, Organic Nematocidal. — “Marigold Plant - Shop ”,
  • Insecticidal and Nematocidal Reagents home " Chemicals " Insecticidal and Nematocidal Reagents. Insecticidal and Nematocidal Reagents. Anabasine hydrochloride. Catalog. — “Insecticidal and Nematocidal Reagents”,

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  • “A gardening blog by bbkewalrams. Recent blog posts: COPY-PASTE (Pest). natural pest control. Mode of action: insecticidal, repellent, antifeedant acaricidal, growth inhibiting nematocidal, fungicidal, anti-viral”
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  • “Examples of combinations, and of pest deterrent and nematocidal qualities. Online Photo Filer. Quick Blog. Quick Shopping Cart® Traffic Blazer®”
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  • “The premiere social and professional networking site for the LGBT community. is the first site to bring gay, lesbian, bi***ual and transgendered professional organizations, social groups”
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  • “Active ingredient is 22.2% fenbendazole, an FDA-approved wormer for dogs. Fenbendazole Provides exceptional safety and nematocidal efficacy. For use on dogs. click here to learn”
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  • “Welcome to the River Oaks RV Park & Campground interactive web forum and discussion board! 35638 Posts in 33888 Topics by 878 It has dissipated shown to swab nematocidal in some recipients that are edematous to histologic therapies”
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  • “Only the blog author may view the comment. Top of page " Previous entry HOME Next entry " by FC2 BLOG. Friend request form. Want to be friends with this user. Powered by FC2 Blog”
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  • “I do not promote its use for others on this forum. I am currently using because I have a long standing, Avermectins are a class of macrocyclic lactones with insecticidal and nematocidal activity”
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  • “Medical Forum / Diseases and Disorders / Hepatitis / August 2007 My Blog. My Photo Gallery. My Profile. My Homepage. Start New Thread. Enable EMail Alerts. Rate”
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  • “L'immagine qui a lato rappresenta la copertina della versione americana di Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, titolo che alla fine di Ottobre segner Anche tu puoi creare un blog gratis su Libero Blog”
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