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  • 2 oyeses# 2 outsum# 2 orants# 2 oldens# 2 ochrey# 2 nursle# 2 nozzer# 2 nousle# 2 norsel# 2 noints# 2 nicher# 2 nesher# 2 nepits# 2 neesed# 2 neembs# 2 nebbuk# 2 nasute# 2 napoos# 2 nallas# 2 nakers# 2 nahals# 2 nagors# 2 musked# 2 mulgas# 2. — “o6.txt”,
  • The following list is based on TWL2006 and CSW2007. aartis abands abattu abcees abdabs neaffe nealed neanic neaped nebbed nebbuk nebeck nebeks nebels nebish nebris needly. — “SOWPODS-Only Six-Letter Words”,
  • 2b Chapter in book: "Canons and Canon-making in Indian Poetry in English," in From Commonwealth to Post-Colonial: Critical Essays, ed. Anna I Hand You in Turn My Nebbuk Wreath. Nandy, On Either Side of. — “indianpo_pg”,
  • Colonel: cumaldehyde: nebbuk -- quotidianly. Unadoring sarbacane fluorography had intercontinental, riverhood. Infumate do inventful done regressive: uninstituted has perform hydrogenide psychical are postilioned. — “Glumaceous Superintellectual Overabstemious Excrement”,
  • He doesn't seem to feel too bad yet, he's just snotty and coughing in the night. nebbuk nebbuk = what a frog says. poke ul = pickle. I guess these will only help if you get into a conversation with Tommy about a pickle and tomato. — “August 2005”,
  • The seventies were great years. They had a momentous impact on me. I found myself in the midst of a lot of happenings. Bangla Desh was liberated. General Niyazi was brought to my home town of Gwalior. His surrendered pistol adorns the mess at I hand you in turn my Nebbuk Wreath. — “Unforgettable Times : Indo English Poetry in the Seventies by”,
  • Pritish Nandy (born 15 January 1951) is a Indian poet, painter, journalist, politician, media and television personality, animal I Hand You In Turn My Nebbuk Wreath (Calcutta, 1968) 16pp, distributed by Writers' Workshop Publication. — “Pritish Nandy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • nubk, nebeck, nebbuk, nebak [edit] Noun. nabk (plural nabks) Either of two t*** shrublike trees, of the genus Ziziphus, from North Africa and the Middle East; Ziziphus spina-christi is supposed to be the plant from which Christ's crown of thorns was made. The edible berry of Ziziphus lotus. — “nabk - Wiktionary”,
  • Dot Wordsworth on the anagram Tube Map Edwin Arnold in his little-read Light of the World spells it nebbuk, which wouldn't do for Bank. The word is Arabic in origin and would ordinarily be transliterated these days a nabq. — “Mind Your Language | The Spectator”,
  • maad mead abada blade clade evade glade grade irade bladed graded headed loaded anadem diadem deaden gladen leaden loaden grader header leader loader hyades dradge agadic dyadic gradin beadle cradle deadly nibble nobble bubbly gibbon gabbro hubbub nebbuk bobby bubby cabby cobby cubby dabby. — “ac ad ae ah ai al am an ar as at aw ax ay b ba be bo by c ce”,
  • nebbuk. This person has not created their profile yet. Commented on: nebbuk's recent activity. Latest comments. Comment on Nick Clegg's Hugo Young Lecture thesis has a striking weakness 23 November 10. — “nebbuk's profile | ”,
  • Definition of Neats with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. nebbuk. nebbuks. Nebcin. Literary usage of Neats. Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature: 1. — “Neats: Definition with Neats Pictures and Photos”,
  • Words that start with NE : Words starting in NE nebbuk. nebeck. nebeks. nebels. nebish. nebris. nebula. nebule. nebuly. necked. necker. nectar. needed. needer. needle. needly. neelds. neeles. neembs. neesed. neeses. neezed. neezes. nefast. — “Word ne meaning. Word ne definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • 6(six) letter words and starting with ne: neafes,neaffe,nealed,neanic,neaped,nearby,neared,nearer,nearly,neaten,neater,neatly,nebbed,nebbuk,nebeck,nebeks,nebels,nebish,nebris,nebula,nebule,nebuly,necked,necker,nectar,needed,needer,needle,need. — “6(six) letter words and starting with ne”,
  • Also NEBBUK, NEBEK, NEBECK. nabs (3rd.) NAB, to seize. nach (Hindi) an entertainment in India consisting chiefly of dancing by Tacky > NAFFER, NAFFEST; NAFFLY; (verb) to go away > NAFFS, NAFFING, NAFFED. — “Association of British Scrabble Players - Words”,
  • tropal pseudoism Riss expedientist. existentially dicyemid scrubbery, attack, Dodonian, menarche. Overexposure Tracheophonae mafic. unkneaded sisterlike pukeweed diblastula nebbuk. Subvaginal solarize, hexine erewhiles caffetannic soumansite alveololabial. — “ yesway : November 6, 2005”,
  • neathmost neatify neatress neback nebaioth nebalia nebaliacea nebalian nebaliidae nebalioid nebbed nebbuck nebbuk nebelist nebenkern nebiim nebneb nebris nebularization nebularize nebulated nebulation nebule nebulescent nebuliferous nebulite. — “”,
  • 6(six) letter words starting with n containing b: nabbed,nabber,nebbed,nebbuk,newbie,nibbed,nibble,nimbed,nimble,nimbly,nimbus,nimbys,niobic,nobble,nobbut,nubbed,nubbin,nubble,nubbly,numbat,numbed,number,numbly,nybble. — “6(six) letter words starting with n containing b”,
  • de profesores y alumnos, ofrecemos al lector el presente listado de las 958 palabras que son palabras que de hecho se empleen en el cotidiano ingl├ęs, pero este listado puede ser. — “Avizora Publicaciones. Literatura - Palabras inglesas de”,

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