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  • Neatened definition, to make neat: See more. — “Neatened | Define Neatened at ”,
  • [edit] Verb. neatened. Simple past tense and past participle of neaten. /wiki/neatened" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “neatened - Wiktionary”,
  • There are so many theories and stories surrounding the origins and start-up of "The Honeymooners" that I want to set the record straight. own right, Joe Cates, helped me get rid of the druggist's coat and neatened me up in my underdressed clothes - a dress shirt and tuxedo jacket, in. — “Russell: Hear it here: I said it first - StamfordAdvocate”,
  • 9 Reviews of Red Persimmon Nails and Spa "Had my brows threaded here because Of the 'shop burbank' promo that offered threading for only $4. My brows were very well done, the young lady was meticulous and neatened afterwards with scissors and. — “Red Persimmon Nails and Spa - Burbank - Burbank, CA”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Neatened - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • English: Polished/Neatened version of the original Artwork, there is also a hidden layer containing editable text. {Information |Description={{en|1=Polished/Neatened version of the original Artwork, there is also a hidden layer containing. — “File:41 ALU Recycling Code.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Here's a neatened up version of a score from a while back. Here's a neatened up version of a score from a while back. Parts are now available. — “Sibelius Music - Find, share and publish music scores”,
  • For any pre-1800s costume, it is perfectly fine if you leave edges un-neatened, unless the fabric has a strong tendency to fray. view: Fabric edges had to be neatened at least with whipping stitches, but preferably. — “Period Sewing Techniques”,
  • English Translation for neatened - German-English Dictionary. — “ | neatened | English Dictionary”,
  • Definition of neatened in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of neatened. Pronunciation of neatened. Translations of neatened. neatened synonyms, neatened antonyms. Information about neatened in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “neatened - definition of neatened by the Free Online”,
  • When selling your home, holding an open house can be a valuable marketing effort. Give it a thorough critical assessment, writing down all the items that could be improved or neatened up. — “An Open House is A Sound Marketing Strategy”, best-phoenix-real-
  • REMEMBRANCE DAY this year has prompted thousands of people to visit the battlefields of northern France. This being a year ending in an eight, it for many - as if history can be neatened into bundles of years as the chaotic battlefield burials have been tidied up and the ranks of the fallen. — “Ninety years on, the lessons of war remembered - Editorial”, .au
  • Max's Dog Wash and Snack Shack. (includes nail trim, ear cleaning, paw pads, sanitary area, feathers neatened, *** glands expressed if requested). — “Max's Dog Wash”,
  • i took my classic interior, neatened it up, gave it a new steering wheel( sp8y) i took my classic interior, neatened it up, gave it a new steering. — “Haydens "sport' interior american driving side by hayden”,
  • Definition of neatened with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files. — “Definition of neatened”,
  • hand drawn then neatened up with adobe illustrator. — “Image of dog from Crestock Stock Photos”,
  • It's time for spring cleaning at town cemeteries, and officials are trying to be more sensitive this year in asking plot owners to clear flowers and ornamentation off the gravesites. Somers asks, nicely, that gravesites be neatened. — “Journal Inquirer - Somers asks, nicely, that gravesites be”,
  • By neatened, do you mean cleaned or do you mean get the wrinkles out? You clean carpets by vacuuming, spotcleaning with carpet cleaner or shampoo or steamclean them. You get the wrinkles out by stretching carpet. Silk PJ's, socks jeans. — “How are the following fabrics neatened? Carpet Denim Jeans”,
  • Jacket line is neatened and made safe at the bottom by an adjustable groin strap; and a Jacket line is neatened and made safe at the bottom by an adjustable groin strap; and a. — “Epees - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • I converted some of the standard VBS scripts in AutoIT format and put them together in an AU library. Haven't neatened up the names of the functi. — “Active Directory Scripts - AutoIt Forums”,
  • This level was changed slightly, neatened up. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT In this level, I neatened up the chips. level 11: Nathaniel's Spiral. You might be wondering why this level is so much bigger than. — “Jacques comments”,
  • Today's sheer curtains are light, filmy lengths of patterned or plain fabrics that let sunlight filter into a room creating an airy feel. If you have chosen a fabric of the correct width, with trimmed or neatened selvedge edges, just stitch the lower hems and add a heading tape. — “Tips to Make Sheer Curtains - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,

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  • Crack the Shutters - Simon Baxter Snow Patrol cover, neatened up from the previous video I uploaded. Shows the journey on the way to the recording studio where I performed the song. Not so subtle reference to the "Open Your Eyes" video.
  • Pac-Sam A game of mine created with GameMaker 6.1. 1 Player has 3 levels 2 Player has 4 levels It can only be played if you download it over MSN at the moment, if anyone knows how to put games like mine on a website, please private message me or comment, thanks. EDIT:Player 2 coin bug nearly sorted out, level 4 on 2 Player is now possible to complete and ive neatened up the level layout. EDIT:1 Player now has 6 levels and so does 2 Player
  • Bedini single coil, north pole motor This is the "neatened-up" version of the Bedini motor. I got the thing running with 3 ceramic magnets on an old hard drive platter (I would assume that data recovery is out of the question). I was going to expand this further to include voltmeters on the run and charge batteries (why does free energy look like batteries?) but I've done enough testing with this setup to convince myself that there's no free usable energy in this system. So it's going on the shelf in the living room...
  • The Only Hope For Me Is You - Jemi Mini Story - Ep.5 Joe: (he opened his locker, throwing his books into it lazily, not bothered) Demi: (she pushed him out of her way and neatened his locker) No wonder your always moaning about losing your things, your locker is a mess Joe: And that's how I like it (goes to change it back to how it was) Demi: (gives him a look) Joe: (sighs) Fine (shuts it) With Sterling and the others... Sterling: I can't stand it, look at them, she's changing him. Cody: I know, we need to do something Sterling: (looks over at him; smirks) You thinking what I'm thinking. Cody: That you need a haircut? Sterling: No (puts his hand on his head) I was thinking one of us ask Demi on a fake date, then - (whispers something to him) Cody: You're doing it. Sterling: Fine. Be right back (walks towards Demi) Joe: 2 months Demi: I'm proud of you, not smoking for two months (smiles at him.) Joe: (looks to his side; sees Sterling standing there) What do you want? Sterling: I'm not here to talk to you, I' hear to talk to Demi. Demi: (shocked) Me?!?! (points to herself) Sterling: (fakes a smile) Yeah. Do you want to go on a date tomorrow (a/n its Thursday) Demi: Err... (she didn't know what to say, she didn't like Sterling, he was good looking, yeah, but she didn't know him, and didn't really like him after what Joe told her. She didn't like to admit it, but it was Joe who she liked, but why would Joe like her back? Really?) Sure. Joe: (He felt as if he'd been stabbed, he didn't want Demi going out with Sterling.) Sterling ...
  • Jamie Grind - Footwork After making a solid first impression with his Infrasonics debut, Leeds-based Jamie Grind reduces Chicago footwork to a shimmering flicker of neatened swing rhythms on Fortified Audio. The lead track deploys many of the same elements as your average footwork cut but arranged for House'd-up UK 'floors. Linking with Hackman the pair sketch out a skittering Broken-Beat raver on 'Saw The Light' while 'Without You' runs with percolating 808s, tidy rhodes stabs and sweet garage vibes, saving the killer 2-step blush of 'Now You Know' for dessert. fans of everyone from Hyetal to Andy Stott should give this some attention! Recommended.
  • Frithy and Adrian 01-05-2010 (unfinished) Jamie (ME) on guitar and synth, Adrian neatened up stuff and made the drum beat cus he is a legend at using Cubase to help me record :)
  • ★DJ Toony Ft. Benjaman Howey - Utopia Strings || HD || This Is A Track Created And Remixed By Me And Benjaman Howey. This Is The First Version And We Apologize For The Distortion and slight quality issues. The Original Track Is By Imapct & Nomad And Is Called, Utopia. The Track Was Released In 2009 By Nu Energy Label. ★★★★★★★★★★ The tracks in the mix are not of my own and i am not claiming any ownership of any tracks included. All tracks are property of their respected Artists and Record labels. The track has been remixed by myself with the guitarist Benjaman Howey. The track is owned by the respected label Nu Energy. ★★★★★★★★★★ The Remix Features Benjaman Howey On Guitar Whilst I Daniel Toon Put The Track Together And Neatened The Whole Thing Up, Please Comment And Tell Us What You Think. The Track Will Be Uploaded In Due Course To My Youtube Channel, Along With Further Of My Remixs. My Mixes Have Been So Far Successful With Over 1800 Worldwide Views In The Past Few Months. Please Comment :)
  • Intro Okay so I got it neatened out in the end. With a big thank you help from: So yeah credit to Himari. C: Anyways this is the intended intro I wish to use. Opinions would be nice. All legal copyrights go to Squaresoft for the Final Fantasy X-2 Footage and to The Offspring for the song Gonna go far kid.
  • Love's God is a Boy Love's God is a boy, written by the Renaissance composer Robert Jones (1583-1633), arranged by DW Solomons for alto and guitar. Performed by Duncan Saunderson (countertenor) and DW Solomons (guitar) in 1991. (NB the slight variations in words were due to my poor handwriting!) The neatened-up score (with the original words!) can be obtained here: Duncan Saunderson performs with, and conducts, the singing group Liedertafel: Illustrated by various images of Cupid, including, at the end of each verse The statue of "Eros bound" (Eros Bendato) by Igor Mitoraj (with Elena del Valle Reboul within)
  • begin3 :self-portait being quite happy with the rough sketches i went to sit in peace in different places to do sort of neatened versions of them to see how i wanted to manipulate the faces and contort them more as well as shading....
  • Multiplayer (test 2) This is basically the first video again but trimmed and neatened up a bit. The timings' a bit tighter and I've cut off the beginning of the next scene so that it's just the boot up screens. It's very similar to the previous video but is relevent because the audio track of this video will be used in the next video. (Samples used: Xbox, Gamecube, Playstation 2, Dreamcast - European release, Dreamcast - USA release)
  • Walk around back of hale loko Our departure from hale Loko was sad but it was all neatened up and ready for the rest
  • MiniChat Preview 2 The 2nd preview of minichat! This time we have working registration and have a leave room function, plus it is neatened up a tad bit!
  • Brent applying his own zombie make up I drew the outline of the bone and he colored it in. I just neatened up a few edges before making this video.
  • Texture In-Game Test 2 This texture test was successful! After some help from Arkage with his texture knowledge, I got a Juggernog in game! It need to be neatened and made to look much nicer. This should be an encouragement for anyone on the NZ:P team :D
  • SMW2+3 The Essence Star - Intro *SMW2+3: The Essence Star* By Golden Yoshi/Steven -README- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Introduction II. Patching Instructions III. Timeline IV. Checklist V. Change History VI. Credits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Introduction SMW2+3: The Essence Star is a hack of the game Super Mario World. It is also the sequel to my Yoshi's Island hack, SMW2+2, released earlier this year. Although this hack connects to the storyline in SMW2+2, it is not necessarily required to play the previous hack to understand this one. This hack contains plenty of recap of the events in the first hack, so you won't be left in the dark if you haven't played the previous installment. This hack, compared to others of this game, is more heavy on storyline, and overall, has a bigger RPG feel to it. The gameplay itself still consists mostly of platformer elements, however, there are areas which contain RPG elements as well, such as cutscenes and minigames. If anything, this hack could be comprable to Super Paper Mario for its mixture of classic platformer and RPG elements. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. Patching Instructions Using a patching program (I recommend LunarIPS, which can be found here: patch the enclosed IPS ...
  • How to Draw Johnny Test and Dukey How to draw Johnny Test 11 year old Johnny Test can live any kid's dream thanks to his two genius older sisters. All he has to to is take part in their experiments! Here we have a dynamic mid shot of Johnny and Dukey doing a Hi5. I've begun this drawing with guidelines in a light grey pencil. Starting with Johnny, I did a circle for his head and curves for where his eyes nose and mouth will come. I've drawn a simple line for his arm, and boxed in his hand, drawing the thumb seperately. Dukey has a long nose, a big mouth and a thick neck. I've done an oval guideline for his ear. I've put in the details here using a black pencil. Johnny's got spikey hair and big round blue eyes. His eyebrows stick out over his hairline. Dukey has small oval eyes, and some extra fur on his chin. I've coloured in this drawing with the paint bucket tool using mostly transparent colours. I did the red tips of Johnny's hair with pencil, and neatened the drawing with black pencil. These two are a cool pair, have fun drawing them!
  • Cat and Dog 0.2 The same animation as before but I improved it. made it properly animated. next up, neatened lines.
  • My first computer build! Edit: I neatened the cables more. :-) Computer components were bought at NewEgg, the monitor at Dell. Oh - and I'll fiddle more with the cables, but they're a hassle because some things aren't long enough. ARGH!
  • Isar and Deidara a isar and deidara tribue two of the pictures of isar i made and madeline if u noticed i neatened up some of your u can make me a video cause this is dedicated to you ^^ its not very good and thrown together in 15 minuets but oh well Deidara belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
  • My pond part 2 After the Mackay floods on 15/2/08 my pond looked an absolute disgrace - but not one of my fish escaped the pond enclosure even though it was totally submerged in a foot of water - I have a cane toad fence made of weed mat and bamboo around it.... so that not only stops the toads getting in there, it also saved every fish I have from getting out. I was so pleased about that - I did have 3 fish die after the flood though.... 2 got caught on the ground beside the pond after the water subsided, and 1 albino BN just didnt cope with the event. But its all good - better than no fish at all, or a heap of goldfish entering the water ways!! 2 days after the flood one of my Molly's had her babies!! My first ever babies for the pond. :D So this footage is just a bit of an update seeing I cleaned the whole pond out and neatened it up again.
  • How to Organize a Computer : How to Use a Cord Case Learn how to organize a computer's cords with a cord case in thisfree home organization video clip. Expert: louisnathan Bio: After serving as the project manager for "Clean Sweep" on TLC, Pete D'Alessandro began working as a professional organizer for his own clients. Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
  • Fracture (formerly Terminal 13) - Time is Running Out **remake** *LIVE* # NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED # This is a remake of our time is running out cover, muse. For this cover we have introduced bass distortion and everything has been 'neatened up'. Enjoy, rate, comment. ;)
  • final VJ example with working controls this is the visuals and sound i showed for my uni work. its rather sloppy but i can easy be neatened up for thursday
  • Moto getting a "neaten" up A short clip of moto getting neatened up by leslie owner and operator of the happy camper mobile grooming
  • New move (very short video) Hey, just a quick clip of a new climb and a new twisty/spinny thing. Both need to be neatened up! Please don't post over and over again that I am retarded. I do have dyspraxia, but I enjoy this activity, please stop telling me to stop.
  • Hellsing Kinslayer A neatened up version of a previous hellsing amv
  • "Beautiful but busy beach" Ke.gypsies's photos around Sihanoukville, Cambodia A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Sihanoukville, Cambodia by TravelPod blogger Ke.gypsies titled "Beautiful but busy beach". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Ke.gypsies's travel blog entry: "We got the bus from Phenom Pehn to Sihanoukville. This was the first time we had been to the coast for a few weeks so we were interested to see what a Cambodian beach would look like. As we pulled into town we could see the relieving sea breeze blowing through the palm trees and knew that the temperature would be a bit more comfortable here. As the bus stopped the usual tidal wave of tuk tuk and moto drivers would swamp you before you had even stepped of the bus. Each of them showing you pamphlets and cards of guest houses that they get commission from. The moto drivers convinced us that it would be cheaper to jump on the back of their motorbikes than to take a tuk tuk so with our backpacks between their legs and each of us holding on the back they took us to find some accommodation. We checked in at GST Guest House, dumped out bags and made our way to the beach. When I think about Cambodia and look back at out time in the country up to this point, I see dusty roads, large rice fields and dry dehydrated landscape. We were very surprised and excited to see yet another beautiful beach on our travels. The beginning of the beach was lined with beach lounges that belonged to the endless number of restaurants advertising their happy hours and beach BBQs. If you ...
  • Fracture (formerly Terminal 13) - Quarter To Six *LIVE* This is the second recording of this song we made ourselves. Everything has been neatened up and stuff has been changed; hopefully u think 4 the better. soz about the beginning bit and the glitch in the middle :D Enjoy, comment, rate. ;)
  • The Odyssey The Odyssey is a journey, about trying to reach a destination, trying to get home or fulfil an achievement. Odyssey is about flying, about freedom, about exploration and understanding. It is about love and friendship, about loss, lonliness and sorrow. It is about dreams and revelations. Odyssey is about change, beginnings and endings, about growing, about learning, about youth and age, about perfection and imprefections alike. The odyssey is about opposites and the distances between them. The song was created by Glen Matthew using Virtual Music Studio 6, it was the first project I undertook using the program and is my first electronic music recording / song. I have recently come back to it and neatened it up a bit. I will more than likely remaster this again in the future.
  • Emotion Face (Big Bang & Lady Gaga Remix) Heyy! This is a re-upload of an old remix, just neatened out a bit more. Hope you like ^_^! Download Link: Tumblr: Facebook: Twitter: Got a question? Ask away at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Songs Used: Emotion - Big Bang Poker Face - Lady Gaga MV Used: Gara Gara Go - Big Bang Songs and videos belong to their respective artists and record companies ~ataerublue~
  • ★DJ Toony Ft. Benjaman Howey - The Grouse (Extra Chilled UK *** Re-Edit) || HD || DJ Toony Ft. Benjaman Howey - The Grouse (Extra Chilled UK *** Re-Edit) ★★★★★★★★★★ The Remix Features Benjaman Howey On Guitar Whilst I Daniel Toon Put The Track Together And Neatened The Whole Thing Up, Please Comment And Tell Us What You Think.
  • Start From Sketch These short cartoons were all drawn by hand, scanned in to the computer, neatened up and then compiled together.
  • 42) BERNINA presser feet -- Cut-and-sew unit #80 and foot #90 In the 42ndsection of the BERNINA presser-feet online tutorial we'll present you the cut-and-sew unit no. 80 with foot no. 90. The cut-and-sew unit is a special BERNINA accessory with two knives, working in combination with presser foot no. 90. The combined attachment lets you cut and neaten edges in a single operation. It is ideal for overcast edges, and French seams in fine fabrics. The cut-and-sew unit and foot produce professionally neatened edges that come very close to results yielded with an overlocker. Check out the other sections of the presser-feet tutorials and learn more about BERNINA sewing machines at Find a handy list of dealers under http
  • The Lier Oneshot Part 1 As Miley walked into the school building she was overjoyed, for it was the second to last day. As she walked into the quiet lunch room where she eats breakfast with her friends surronding them. She had gone to the table she usally sits at. Then she saw her two friends coming. "Vanessa!! Ashley!!!" Miley shouted whiel dashing arcoss the room. "IM MAD AT YOU!" Vanessa said and quickly put her stuff down. Miley looked at Ashley. "What did I do..?" Miley said while walking back to the table quickly with Ashley following. "I have no idea but I will soon." Ashley said while throwing her stuff down and walking out of the room following Vanessa. Miley sighed then she saw Ally walk in. "Hey." Miley said. With the words her best friend Vanessa spoke to her she was pissed. Her good mood had switched over in a metter of seconds. As the breakfast contunited. Miley sat there, she has told Ally about what had happened. But Miley tired to brush it off but she just couldn't. For some reason she felt that today was goingn to be a bad last full day... As the belll rang singalling that it was time to go to first period Miley walked out of the room ingroing people on her way, to her first period class. As she walked in she sat down. Still in her pissed off modd. There Ashley came over. "SO?! Did she tell you why she's pissed at me?" MIley said quietly. "Um.." Ashley started, playing with her hair. "um I can't tell you I kinda promised." "UGH!" MIley said. While turning her back and she stared ...
  • 15 Min Session I feel i have neatened my tricks and am landing slightly better, this video isnt the best example of that as im nackered for a weekend of Karate and gym so.. yeah. Another thing, tricks that have taken me 2, 3 or more trys to land i can now land first time...
  • 3D - 3DS Max "Da Browning" v2.0 No major changes, just improved lighting and neatened up textures.
  • Oblivion of Light (Acoustic) - Layla's Lullaby Another version of this song. Not the best...but it will be neatened. It's a raw version

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  • “Susan Barrett Price my in-box, neatened up my index card system, and Continue reading. Posted in Journal | Tagged GTD, orgianization, procrastination | Comments Off. Subscribe in a reader. Or get your new blog notices by email”
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  • “Welcome to MyFonts, the #1 place to download great fonts for print and the web: classics (Helvetica, Gill Sans, Garamond) alongside hot new fonts (Monroe, Yana, Horst)”
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  • “I converted some of the standard VBS scripts in AutoIT format and put them together in an AU library. Haven't neatened up the names of the functi”
    — Active Directory Scripts - AutoIt Forums,

  • “Anime, manga & comic influenced artwork by Ben Krefta. Blog, Diary, Journal To check out some of my previous doodles and speed paints (as well as other people's stuff) look in this forum Thread”

  • “Machine worked, but before I got a chance to note the specs, somebody "neatened up" and now the power pack's gone. 0 registered and 0 anonymous users are browsing this forum”
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  • “A post in which I refer to Metacrock's Blog and his discussion of the utilitarian assumptions of many modern atheists. I wish that his posts were spell checked and neatened up before being published, but if you are willing to”
    — Philosophical Assumptions | General Blog,

  • “Page 4 - Right today I cut my hair, well I just neatened it up with the old clippers, as I can't see the point in going to the hairdressers Forum rules. Topic. New topic. Hair cuts. lukehenderson Posted: 28th October 2010 at 21:31. Right today I cut my hair, well I just neatened it up with”
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  • “Welcome Guest ( Log In | Register ) UK-MicroRC > Off-Road Micro's > FTX Blaze > Blaze Gallery. Outline · [ Standard ] · Linear+ Latest pics of the Blaze all neatened up Subscribe to this forum. Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board”
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  • “You know, this doesn t really mean anything, but I found it interesting when I reread Castafiore Emerald nevertheless. When Castafiore is fussing over Haddock in the gardens her two complaints are that his jersey isn t fit for a man his age, and”
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