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  • Night myopia is believed to be caused by pupils dilating to let more light in, which adds aberrations resulting in becoming more nearsighted. Prismatic color distortion shown with a camera set for nearsighted focus, and using −9.5 diopter eyeglasses to correct the. — “Myopia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • If one or both parents are nearsighted, it is more likely their children will also be nearsighted. I've been near sighted all my life but I don't like wearing glasses and only wear them when necessary. — “What is Nearsightedness?”,
  • Nearsighted definition, seeing distinctly at a short distance only; myopic. See more. — “Nearsighted | Define Nearsighted at ”,
  • Nearsightedness, or myopia, as it is medically termed, is a vision condition in which close objects are seen clearly, but objects farther away appear blurred. If one or both parents are nearsighted, there is an increased chance their children will be nearsighted. — “Myopia (Nearsightedness) | American Optometric Association”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of NEARSIGHTED : able to see near things more clearly than distant ones : myopic. — near·sight·ed·ly adverb. — “Nearsighted - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • People who are nearsighted or farsighted have abnormally-shaped eyeballs, meaning their eyes don't refract, or bend, light properly. People who are nearsighted have a condition called myopia, meaning the eye is longer than normal or the. — “Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and How to Correct Them”,
  • A nearsighted person sees close up objects clearly, but objects in the distance are blurred. Squinting will tend to make far away objects seem A nearsighted person can easily read the Jaeger eye chart (the chart. — “Nearsightedness”,
  • Near Sighted. If you can see objects nearby with no problem, but reading road signs or making out the writing on the board at school is more difficult, you may be near- or shortsighted. This condition is known as myopia, a term that comes from a Greek word meaning "closed eyes. — “Near Sighted”,
  • Definition of nearsighted in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of nearsighted. Pronunciation of nearsighted. Translations of nearsighted. nearsighted synonyms, nearsighted antonyms. Information about nearsighted in the free online English. — “nearsighted - definition of nearsighted by the Free Online”,
  • Near Sighted. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Near Sighted. Eye Squint in Children, How to Read an Eyeglass Prescription, Common Eye Sight Problems, Eye Exercises That Improve Eyesight. — “Near Sighted | ”,
  • Nearsightedness is when the eyes focus incorrectly, making distant objects appear blurred. A nearsighted person sees near objects clearly, while objects in the distance are blurred. — “Nearsightedness Information on Healthline”,
  • Definition of Near sighted in the Medical Dictionary. Near sighted explanation. Information about Near sighted in Free online English dictionary. What is Near sighted? Meaning of Near sighted medical term. What does Near sighted mean?. — “Near sighted - definition of Near sighted in the Medical”, medical-
  • Top questions and answers about Nearsighted. Find 3974 questions and answers about Nearsighted at Read more. — “Nearsighted - ”,
  • Definition of Nearsighted. If you squint often, hold books close to your face while reading or sit close to the television screen, you may be nearsighted. Nearsightedness can develop and progress at varying rates and may. — “Definition of Nearsighted | ”,
  • Nearsighted people have difficulty reading highway signs and seeing other objects at a Nearsighted people often have headaches or eye strain and might squint or feel fatigued. — “Myopia (Nearsightedness) Treatment - ”,
  • A nearsighted eye sees near objects within a certain range very clearly while distance vision appears blurry at all times. i am nearsighted inborn,i suffer with this problem,what must i do?. — “Near-Sighted”,
  • In nearsighted people, the eyeball is too long or the cornea has too much curvature, so the light entering the eye is not focused correctly. People who are nearsighted often complain of headaches, eyestrain, squinting, or fatigue. — “Myopia or Nearsightedness”,
  • I am near-sighted, you say, and another reader of this book is far-sighted. Still another may suffer from astigmatism or presbyopia. We all have different difficulties. Are we all to do the same drills?. — “Near-Sighted Eyes Troubles”,
  • Definition of nearsighted from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of nearsighted. Pronunciation of nearsighted. Definition of the word nearsighted. Origin of the word nearsighted. — “nearsighted - Definition of nearsighted at ”,
  • nearsighted unable to see distant objects clearly. — “nearsighted: Information from ”,
  • Nearsighted. Learn about Nearsighted on . Get information and videos on Nearsighted including articles on child glasses, eyestrain, adjusting eyeglasses and more!. — “Nearsighted | Answerbag”,
  • Multi-Version Concordance. Nearsighted (1 Occurrence) 2 Peter 1:9 For the man who has not of how he was made clean from his old sins. (See NIV). — “Bible Concordance: Nearsighted”,

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  • Rupert Holmes - Nearsighted Rupert Holmes is an American-British composer, singer-songwriter, musician and author of plays, novels and stories. He is best known for his number one pop hit "Escape" (subtitled "The Piña Colada Song") in 1979, his Tony Award winning musical Drood (originally The Mystery of Edwin Drood) and his more recent Broadway musical Curtains. This song, Nearsighted, can be found in his album of 1979 Partners in Crime. I fall in love with this song hearing this clever words... for me is just the most unusually, and unexpectedly, romantic song I ever heard. (lyric in the bottom of the page) Rupert Holmes es un canta-autor Americano de origen Inglés, autor de obras de teatro, novelas e historias cortas. Es más conocido por su hit "Escape" (subtitulada " la canción de la piña colada") en 1979, Su premio Tony por el musical Drood (originalmente "El misterio de Edwin Drood") y su más reciente trabajo en Broadway Curtains (cortinas). Esta canción, Nearsighted (miope), puede ser encontrada en su álbum de 1979 Partners in Crime (Compañeros de Crimen). Me enamoré de la letra de esta canción apenas escuché el primer verso. Es la canción más insólitamente romántica que he escuchado. Tienen los subtítulos para entender la letra si no sabe inglés Rupert Holmes - Nearsighted If you take these glasses from my face Think that you would find I'm undeniably, certifiably just a shade of blind I don't envy those of you With 20/20 vision Who've seen the world for all its worth With crystal clear ...
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  • Nearsighted This is a short that we shot, what 5 or so years ago, and I edited it as the first thing that I did on my new Premier 6.5, I have since upgraded, but I was able to try out all my cool special effects on it. It does lose a bit in the compression, but it looks great when not. It is a bit Tarkovskyesqe but enjoy, and comment.
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  • Near sighted Man Clip featuring my two original characters, Near-sighted Man (Dude with glasses) and Darryl Lict (The freaky tongue-thing).
  • Daniel Amos - Horrendous Disc - Near Sighted Girl (Near Sighted Girl With Approaching) Tidal Wave 1981
  • Nearsightedness LASIK is a laser eye surgery that can permanently reshape the cornea of your eye to correct your vision. This eMedTV video discusses the eye condition nearsightedness that the surgery can fix and offers details on the expected results and possible complications. For more information go to .
  • Cataract Surgery and ReSTOR Piggyback for Nearsightedness by Dr. Andrew Shatz Cataract surgery for very nearsighted individuals can offer freedom from both driving and reading glasses. This patient had two lens implants placed - one to correct astigmatism, and the other, a ReSTOR multifocal, to provide distance and near vision. For more information about cataract surgery visit SightTrust Eye Institute's website:
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  • Rupert Holmes - Nearsighted - Karaoke - Original Version Mellow music from the 80's.
  • Rupert Holmes Cover - Nearsighted by PCSongman Here's one of my rare recordings accompanying myself on piano. I offer this as an homage to two of my friends here on YouTube. The first, Podline66 is one of most skilled and versatile musicians you will ever find. The second, Makzimia is a wonderful singer-songwriter who recently lamented to me, "Sometimes I hear your backing tracks and think to myself, I work way too hard." Please check out both their channels, you'll be glad you did. Another of my favorite singer-songwriters, Rupert Holmes, composed, recorded and released "Nearsighted" on his 1979 LP "Partners In Crime." This LP extended his reputation as a presenter of highly romantic, lushly orchestrated "story songs" that tell a witty narrative punctuated by clever rhymes and a hint of comedy. But that was only the beginning. Today he's known for his hit broadway shows such as The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Curtains and for novels that have been turned in films such as Where The Truth Lies. He may well be the most multi-dimensional artist of his generation.
  • Near Sighted A collection of macro clips created with the Lumix GH1 and a Sigma 105mm f2.8 Music by Clint Mansell
  • ScienceMan Digital Lesson - Eye Optics - Nearsightedness provides free digital lessons and technology integration help for teachers and students. In this digital lesson, the optics of the eye are discussed. ScienceMan™ and ScienceMan Digital Lessons are protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
  • Two Near-Sighted Lovers This is an original song about love and myopia.
  • Nearsightedness (Myopia) Nearsightedness (myopia) explained by Elizabeth Davis, MD of Minnesota Eye Consultants ().
  • Interview with a Nearsighted American Vampire The true confessions of a real American Vampire. It's not the life you may think it is.
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  • Nearsighted Rare song of Rupert Holmes. I love this since i was a kid. Early 80's. Fortunately, i got a copy recently. Not for copyright infringement, for entertainment purposes only.
  • Nearsighted / Farsighted Nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) are vision problems that affect millions of people. People who are nearsighted see objects clearly when they are close to the eye, while distant objects appear blurred or fuzzy. Symptoms of hyperopia can vary from no visual problems at all, to clear distance vision combined with blurry near vision, to blurry distance and near vision. To learn more visit .
  • Anna Marie Ritter - Near Sighted Doctor Anna Marie Ritter - The Morning Show of Mix 92.9 - Nashville, TN. 1st Official Recording of her and her boyfriends song - Near Sighted Doctor - Live from the Hermitage Lighting Gallery in Nashville November 2008.
  • Does wearing contact lenses prevent worsening of nearsighted LASER surgery has transformed the lives of many nearsighted and farsighted people by freeing them from the burden of dealing with their contact lenses daily.
  • How To Prevent Nearsightedness Nearsightedness which is often caused by too much "near work" (computer, reading, school work, fine handiwork etc), can be prevented or reduced using reading glasses. In the last 30 years, prevalence of nearsightedness have increased by around 60% and most of that results from poor viewing habits during computer use and schooling. Even the science series "NOVA" recognize that environment also plays a role in our health. I have designed a fold-able reading stand to improve your posture and help maintain a good reading distance. Find the free PDF file here: Bifocal lenses and reading glasses (aka. plus lenses) are highly effective in preventing or at least slowing the development of nearsightedness. Bifocal lenses work by having reading lenses built into the lower half of regular perscription lenses. Independent verification: American Optometic Association (pg 31-35) Please comment and favorite! Post a video response with one of your video to make this video more visible! Incidences of nearsightedness or myopia, has increased dramatically in recent decades. This increase is caused primarily by excessive amounts of near tasks such as reading and computer use. This animation provides information on how to reduce and prevent nearsightedness. Together, we can make a difference! We would like to design an effective petition to further this cause. I welcome your ideas and request that you post them as video comments. Thank you
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  • Are you near sighted or far sighted? Both, that's why I invented the bifocal. Watch in HD or it looks like ***. © NBC Universal, Inc.
  • Wes Holcomb - Nearsighted Fool raymondglenn- Please support my friends on this by adding it to your Facebook, Myspace and other social networking sites, embedding is enabled for this video, This is aa Honky-Tonk Two-Steppin song performed and arranged by Wes Holcomb, Co-written by Eileen Sisk and Wes Holcomb Eileen Sisk is the Author of Buck Owens:The Biography Available at all major Bookstores and on Wes Holcomb is a multi talented singer, songwriter, musician, please give both these people the airplay they richly deserve by spreading this video among your friends and lets keep country music COUNTRY
  • GRIEVANCE Intro & Nearsighted (Leymone, PA @TheChampionship) FIRST SHOW WITH NEW LINEUP! W/ Waking The Cadaver/REVENANCE/WITHOUT REMORSE/AMONGST THE DECAY 10-28-07
  • Dr. Dello Dusso talks about laser surgury for fixing nearsightedness Dr. Dello Russo talks about the benefits of laser surgery instead of the traditional blade when performing an eye surgury. Laser reduces side effects normally caused by the use of the blade. Dr. Dello Russo explains that nearsightedness is a progressive process. The average person whos DNA determines that they are destined to become nearsighted will start to need them at around 8-9 years old. As the child grows so does the myopia which gets worse and hence the increasing need for ever-stronger glasses. This will continue until about the age of 20 when the prescription settles and becomes stable. So, it is not the wearing of the glasses that makes ones eyesight worse, but getting stronger glasses is just keeping up with the normal worsening of their myopic condition.
  • Near Sighted this is like a mixture of videos
  • nearsighted - maddie shuler maddie and robert performing "nearsighted" at second presbyterian church in spartanburg, sc. march 7, 2009.
  • Vincent Victoria's Near Sighted Peeping Tom ! A near sighted Peeping Tom is offered some help to his problem. With comic Vincent Victoria
  • Free from Chain Gang / Nearsighted Cowboy - Tommy Hartland Tom Hartland I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now: Words & Music Louis Herscher; Saul Klein Nearsighted Cowboy: Words & Music: Tom Hartland
  • Rupert Holmes - Nearsighted - Brandon's version One of the best songs of Rupert Holmes.
  • Nearsightedness Sufferer Improves Her Game with Visian ICLs After a lifetime of severe nearsightedness, a softball player dramatically improves her hitting by having corrective eye surgery with Visian implantable contact lenses (ICLs). Her results were so remarkable that her friends cancelled their LASIK appointments and scheduled ICL procedures instead. Now nearsightedness doesn't stand in the way of their softball success. STAAR Surgical Company 1911 Walker Avenue Monrovia, California 91016 Phone 1-800-352-7842 For more information please visit:
  • Visian ICL Gives New Hope to Severe Nearsightedness sufferer For someone whose vision was so poor she couldn't even see across a room, severe nearsightedness was nearly a debilitating problem. After her surgery for Visian ICL implantable lenses, however, her vision quality is so improved, she describes the sensation as "surreal." Now, severe nearsightedness doesn't interfere with her ability to enjoy life. STAAR Surgical Company 1911 Walker Avenue Monrovia, California 91016 Phone 1-800-352-7842 For more information please visit:
  • Are You Nearsighted? Hilarious video that will test your vision!
  • scaring my very near sighted friend! A few of my friends and i hid a blinking camera in the closet, my very near sighted friend tries to figure out what it is she sees blinking, and than we jump out and scare her... very funny.
  • Myopia, nearsightedness This is a little low tech demonstration of what nearsightedness is.
  • Greedy, Biased & Nearsighted CNN Inc Turns Al Qaeda Style Suicide Bomber Into Hero CNN ODDLY CELEBRATES HERO - LIBYAN SUICIDE BOMBER. So I like to think it's pretty tough to disgust me. But a piece last night on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on CNN managed to come pretty close. The piece in question, was a human interest segment on a suicide bomber who attacked government instilations during so-called "peaceful protests" in Libya. The weird thing, it was done in the same way Western media approaches stories on American troops who jump on grenades to save the rest of their platoon or a the normal guy who loses his life rescuing a kid from a burning building. Except, as I've said, this was a suicide bomber. What made him courageous rather than despicably zealous, as suicide bombers are customarily portrayed in the West, was that this guy, Ahmed Al Mehdi, a 49-year-old oil worker, packed his car full of explosives and drove it as fast as he can into a guard barrier for the interests that Americans are rooting for — namely freedom or namely oil. The reporter interviewed the man's children, his wife, and sat with them. They caught up with his best friend, who carried what was left of Al Mehdi from the site of his martyrdom. In the piece, he was called a number of times a "hero." I think there are probably at least 80 different ways to be affected by the piece. For me, the piece was abhorrent because it represented such a hypocritical betrayal of how the Western media has thus far viewed suicide bombing. Heretofore they have been the undisputed ...
  • Near-Sighted Biker Gets Closer Look At Sign Look Ma, no hands.....and no teeth. Moms still proud of you though, loser.

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  • “LASIK Blog, Laser Eye Surgery Blog In the nearsighted (myopic) eye, objects appear out of focus because the focal point of the eye is located in front of the retina”
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  • “If someone is nearsighted, it doesn't mean that they can't see objects very near to them. A nearsighted person is able to see things close to them very clearly, however they are”
    — EyeBuyDirect's Blog " April,

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