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  • Spectrum ***yzers, RF, EMI Test, Measurement and Shielding, North American Distributor, Kaltman Creations llc NEALED for MAXIMUM screening efficiency. Screening factor: 5-7. — “High-performance transformer & mu-metal magnetic field”,
  • Cricketers Arms Cricket Club, Surry Hills, Sydney. Fourths: No qualifiers due to forfeit from the Wizards. Rnd 4: Firsts: Matt Brock 54 no. Fourths: Bram Tulloch 53no. Rnd 5: Firsts: Slem 3 for 24. — “Cricketers Arms Cricket Club Summer 2005-06”, .au
  • anneal ( ) v. , -nealed , -nealing , -neals . To subject (glass or metal) to a process of heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and. — “anneal: Definition from ”,
  • Share your videos with friends, family, and the world nealed. Subscribe. Sign In or Sign Up now! Subscribed. Loading Add as Friend | Block User | Send Message. Profile. Channel Views: 5,005. Total Upload Views: 510,365. Age: 24. Joined: June 04, 2006. Last Visit Date: 1 month ago. Subscribers: 45. Website:. — “YouTube - nealed's Channel”,
  • Highly flexible emc / emi magnetic field shielding foil to shield chassis and electronic circuits against magnetic fields Deep-drawn, nealed magnetic field shieldings made from Aaronia MagnoShield® FLEX offer maximum shielding against static and low-frequency magnetic fields of any kind. — “Highly flexible emc / emi magnetic field shielding foil for”,
  • nealed samples, respectively. The larger emitting area for the. annealed sample is the result of oxidation that removes some nealed samples are fairly stable within a time span of 12 h. Such simple process may be. — “Enhancement of field emission of aligned carbon nanotubes by”,
  • I have been dateing Cristian for five days. And yesterday he called and said that he was picking something up from the jewlrey store and makeing reservations to a resturant. When we arived, my parents, his parents, and both our familys were there. — “Engaged help!!???? I have been dateing Cristian for five days”,
  • The Okonite Company Engineering Technical Center: Resistance temperature correction factors Copper Conductors and Aluminum Conductors conductivity and of aluminum 61 per- cent conductivity (international an- nealed copper standard) at 25°C and. — “dc Resistance”,
  • Definition of annealed in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of annealed. Pronunciation of annealed. Translations of annealed. annealed synonyms, annealed antonyms. an·nealed, an·neal·ing, an·neals. 1. To subject (glass or metal) to a process of heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and reduce. — “annealed - definition of annealed by the Free Online”,
  • As much as some people want to blame all of Merrill Lynch's woes on the soon-to-be-departing Ken Lewis, you just cannot. Too much of Merrill's problems were. — “BofA's Merrill Lynch Legacy: The 7th Floor | The Big Picture”,
  • Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos. — “Flickr: nealeD's Photostream”,
  • View Neale Davis's profile on Scribd. See Neale Davis's documents, reading history, and more. 7 Subscribers. 44 Reads. 0 Readcasts. nealed has published: counseling men - connection. From:. — “Neale Davis (nealed) on Scribd”,
  • http:///nealed/Transform ers.html - size 15K - 21-Jul-97 - English http:///nealed/Transform ers.html - size 15K - 21-Jul-97. — “Insight has Web Site Deals and Marketing Programs”,
  • High-performance emc / emi transformer & mu-metal magnetic field screening for transformer stations and traction power NEALED for MAXIMUM shielding efficiency. Screening factor: 5-7. — “High-performance emc / emi transformer & mu-metal magnetic”, test1
  • Parker Steel Company is the largest supplier of metric sized metals and services in North America. We area privately owned company founded in 1955 and located in Toledo, BK-bright hard, BKW-bright soft, GBK-bright. annealed, NBK-normalised bright an nealed. By special order only, non-stocked item. — “Metric Metals - Metric Round DOM Tubing”,
  • material may vary from those shown herein. ™ Trademark of ATI nealed condition and is further strengthened by a low. temperature treatment which. — “Stainless Steel AL 17-4™ Precipitation Hardening Alloy”,
  • Añadido por: nealed. Descripción: Hilarious video featuring clips from the first season of Lost, put to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Ver más videos añadidos por nealed. Related Videos. Sawyer's Song. LOST Season 4 Finale-Alternate Endings. — “Lost Rhapsody”,
  • Nealed - Define Nealed at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Nealed. Look it up now!. — “Nealed | Define Nealed at ”,
  • http:///index.php?p=About Web http://www.nealed Bio http:///index.php?p=About. 31 Following. 7,888 Followers. 628 Listed. 336Tweets. — “Neale Donald Walsch (_NealeDWalsch) on Twitter”,
  • Definition of anneal from Webster's New World College Dictionary. verb an·nealed, an·neal·ing, an·neals. verb, transitive. To subject (glass or metal) to a process of heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and reduce brittleness. — “anneal - Definition of anneal at ”,
  • - Virtual Pet Community! Join up for fun, games, shops, auctions, chat and more! The Unis below nealed, bowing to the Princess Of Pyratomia. She grew to be a loving leader, a great warrior to her people, but when she was born she had trouble speaking. — “Lillikiana got their homepage at ”,

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  • GKLG live at nealfest '08 (pt.2) me and george playing our nealed out cover of misery bisness yea i know i suck at singing
  • ENRIQUE IN SHAM yeah baby he was in sham, and the concert was amazing , at the end he nealed an kissed the ground which means that he was happy...
  • Broken Melody // {Chapter 5} "Jake I can't-" Joseph stuttered. "Dude, It's fine. I'll fine someone else to get the alcohol. There has to be somebody else, besides you, who has a fake ID." Jake shrugged. "No, wait." Joseph took in a deep breath, "I'm coming. Give me a few minuets." "Seriously?" Jake perked up, "Awesome!" Joseph chuckled before hanging up the phone. He made his way to the stash of beer and liquor he just bought, and packed the bottles up in his backpack. "So," Nick kicked his small legs against the foot rest playfully, "Where are we going?" Joe nealed down on one knee, reaching eye level with his baby brother, "It's acctuetly time for bed, Nicky." "Aww, C'mon!" Nick moaned, his head falling backward into the sofa cusions. "It's eight." Joe chuckled, "You know Kevin want's you in bed by now." "But I'm five years old!" Nick groaned while Joseph slipped off Nicholas' shoes, "I'm a big kid." Joesph picked Nicholas up into his arms, and cradeled him against his chest, "Shhh." Nick huffed and crossed his arms. Joe walked into his bedroom, and layed Nicholas down into the covers. Nick crashed his head against the pillow, an upset pout plastured to his face. "Aww, you mad at Joey now?" Joe put his lower lip out, copying Nick's puppy dog eyes. Nick shook his head from side to side, "No, I just wanna stay up." "Well," Joe turned off his lamp, and pulled his quilt over Nick, "You need your rest for the fun day we'll have tomorrow." Nick looked up at Joseph, his adorable features softening, "You ...
  • Whiskey Lullaby; The end. Nick; Me and Miley are doing well. Miley just turned 21, right after me. We stopped the drinking a while back. That night we got together. We dumped all of our alcohal down the sink that night. We stayed up to four doing so. So, you know, there was a lot! (: Miley; On the night of my twenty first birthday, we had a couple of drinks. We began getting hooked again, but only once and a while. Like weekends and stuff, when we wanna have fun. Nick; Never because we are away from eachother though. Miley; Me and Nick never fight. We have little arguments, but he always gives in with me and becomes lovey again. Nick; And now, I moved away from my family. We live about an hour away from them.. But Joe and Demi also lived in an apartment complex near us. Guess they can't stay away from eachother! They are BEST FRIENDS. Nothing more, promise. They constanly bring people home to meet the best friend. Most guys/girls get jealous, so thats why they bring MORE home. Haha. Joe was chatting it up with a girl named Camiella. She was three years older then him but things were getting pretty steamy. She left him and moved on quickly though which left Joe heartbroken and the only girl left to heal it was Demi. Miley; And Demi has her eyes on a cute famous boy named Cody? They had some kind of thing going on before he got famous with Demi and now they've been hanging out a lot. Really cute, lemme tell ya. But, she always has liked Joe and I don't think that would change, ever. Oh, and when ...
  • The Ed Bernstein Show-Interview Neale Donald Walsch Part 1 An interview with author Neale Donald Walsch, author of "Conversations with God"
  • Dirty Little Secret [a jonas love story] ch. 8 What? um nothing.. But we should probably get going soon cuz I have interviews with Joe Kevin and Nick in the morning" "I know so do I" He laughed I nodded "I can drive you there if you want. Ours is at the same time so whats the rush?" "True... Thanks" "No problem" We finished our food and I was a little buzzed since I had so much wine. I got in Justin's car and we headed back to his apartment which was a good plan when I thought of it "Are you okay?" He laughed "Oh yeah.. Im just peachy" I said stumbling around in the living room He turned to me with a glass of water and without thinking I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him "Nicole?" He mumbled between kisses I opened my eyes and jumped back when I finally realized what I was doing "Im so sorry Justin!" I said covering my mouth He shot a little smile at me "I didnt say I didnt like it." With that said, he put the water down and I kissed him again I felt his hands go up my shirt and unclasp my bra strap After that everything went blank. (Sorry guys I dont have time to write *** scenes hahaha) I woke up in bed with a massive headache. I turned to get up but when I did I hit something Opening my eyes more to get a clear sight I saw I was ***. I turned to see what I hit and I almost screamed Justin Bieber Sliding threw the other side I quickly put my clothes on and was about to leave when I heard my name "Nikki?" I turned around and nealed down beside Justin "Justin?" "Thanks for a great night" He mumbled I ...
  • let it go gabriel antonio i love the way daniel sandoval monica ambriz look i just wanna talk to you for a minute baby i mean, im doin everythinq i can to make this work between us i mean i buy you thinqs, i take you out i put you before anythin in ma life and lately its just been hard with me on the road and ***.. you doin you, its just like.. i aint really feelinq it no more you know? look, just call me back hey check me out ohhhh i hate the way i love you so toniqht is the niqht i let it qo (toniqht is the niqht i let it qo) i just can't do it baby (i just can't do it baby) x2 the first thing i noticed qirl was the way you wine qirl in the middle of the niqht wit your legs up hiqh thats the way i like it qirl i can see that you want it baby this dicks' gunna make you crazy in the back of ma truck wit the windows up thats the way i role baby we can do it all niqht then we break up make up and do it aqain hey imma hit it from da back cuz eyes i can neva make love to me wat you think we should talk about im the only chiko comin out and repin the south now put me in yo mouth then you pass it up and down like a dick' in yo mouth 3-way i'll pay not a doubt qet you so wet you guna need a towel then you lookinq at your phone and remember to dial cuz you qunna wanna brag all of your friends that a *** came hard tha nealed tha man and they'll be like 0h qet it qirl i bet he rocked your world talk to him about beinq wifey im thinkinq *** dnt try me this is a one-time thanq no feelinqs i shoulda told you from tha ...
  • Homeless heart a Justin Bieber love story episode 38 Ali's POV: "Justin? What are you doing here?" I asked him "Can we please talk?" He said out of breath I could see he's been running alot so I disided to give him a break. "Tyler I'll be right back!" I yelled to him "Alright!" He yelled back Me and Justin just walked. We walked all over town. We talked about everything. He had to have apoligized over a million times. And I really had forgiven him. I started to maby running away from him wasent the answer. That maby I should stay with Justin. That my mom giving custedy to Pattie was sighen to tell me that maby I should be with Justin. Im sure Tyler would understand right? --- Me and Justin walked back to the hotel room. I walked inside the room and I didnt see Tyler. "Tyler?!?" I said No answer "Where do you think he is?" Justin asked I walked over to the window and turnd around to let out a scream. There behind the bed I saw my own brothers lifless bloody body. Tears rooled down my face as Justin called the police. I nealed down next to him. "Why?" I kept saying My brother was the only family I had. Who would do something this crule as murder. Dose God really hate me that much? --- The police had finaly gotten to the hotel and toke Tylers body away on a strecher. Justin and I walked back home in slince as all my tears come out. I didnt say a word to Pattie, just went back into my room and help onto the neclose my mom gave me. "Can I come in?" Justin asked I nodded my head and he walked in and sat beside me. He put his arm ...
  • Too Good To Be True?- A JB love story- Chap.9 It is the next day and the guys have a concert which they are inviting the girls to. They are out on stage getting ready to start while the girls are backstage. Jana: Just think, the last time we were backstage we were so nervous just to meet them, and now were dating them! Bonnie: Yeah, we are so lucky Sydney: It's a dream come true Jana and Bonnie: Yeah, hey Syd, have you took all of your Joe posters out of your room yet? Sydney: Oh snap! I better do that, it would be weird for him Jana: Uh, yea.. They turn their heads to the stage as their boys start up the concert. They began with Year 3000 and continued with Just Friends. Joe: Alright, next up we'll be singing Hello Beautiful. Kevin: Yup, and we have three girls very close to us ready to come out. Bonnie, Jana, Sydney: What! Nick comes running over telling the girls to come out. They look at one another and slowly make their way out. Jana stands next to Nick. Sydney next to Joe, and Bonnie next to Kevin. As Nick began to sing, he looked right into Jana's eyes. A tear fell from her eye. When it was Joes part he took Sydney by the hand and looked her in the eyes. She smiled. When they finished the song they hugged the boys and headed backstage. Bonnie: Okay, I wasn't expecting that. Jana: Yea, I started to cry. Sydney and Bonnie: Aww Sydney: I loved when Joe held my hand. I was shaking. Just then Jana's cell rang. Jana: Hello? Jeff: Hey, so can we get back together now? Jana: Look, I'm seeing someone, and I really love ...
  • jump over old guy me and my friend saw some guy using a metal detector and he nealed down so i jumped over him
  • Deja Vu 1x04 [Nemi] Hey!!! Here is the second part of the marathon:) Sorry it sucks so bad. -mickayla ---- When I finally awoke my mom was nealed over me franticly. I could here them talking but didn't open my eyes. "She really needs to get over that boy, she can't ruin her life over him." I heard my mom say rudely. "mom stop being ridiculous you know what he did. She loved him" Danielle retorted. Ineed to make a correction there. She loves him. I didn't want to hear any of this so I moves my arm a bit under my mothers harsh grip and started to flutter my eyes open. Ugh. My head hurts so bad. I need to take some medicine. "mom?" I said cluelessly "oh honey, thank god your alright" "mom, can I go up to my room, I need some privacy." I said quietly. "sure honey." When I got to my room I opened another door that leads to my bathroom, I went up to the cannot and took three of the small pills I found. I went over to my bed and sat. I really need to clear my thoughts. Okay so Danielle wants me to be her maid of honor which, I would be fine except for the fact that Nick is going to be the best man. I really want to be there for my sister though. But I don't know if I can stand to be around him. It hurts. So badly, every time I see him I feel like I'm having a million heart attacks at once. I'm in the much pain. Nothing can make it better. I don't even know if I can ever get over him, stop constantly thinking about the day it happened, stop loving him. It's not something that just happens over night ...
  • A dumb ass person eating a live fish We where fishing in a river near our house when a dumb ass person was hungry and dicided to eat a live fish. We went their the next day and we saw him near a bush nealed down taking a dump. and people where shooting him with air soft.
  • What is True Love-Comfort zone,Transfer,Toxic Relationships Stop LYING to YOURSELF !!! How to reconnect to true Love first within you -Osho Youtube clip,Being in Love / It has been said,If you Love someone set them FREE,Begin with your SELF ! Everything is energy what and who you are attracting consciously or unconsciously is mirroring you back to you ! Ask yourself what is it really telling or showing you, WE were taught to settle for less out of our false inadequacy,We really have the COURAGE ! To FACE All of our FALSE FEARS ! Come out of your Comfort Zone, it's all about soul lessons for spiritual growth for SOUL Purpose !! Which brings really GROWTH ! love,peace,trust,Joy and fulfillment in the relationship for both soul Without attachments, we made Relationships agreements or contracts with Souls in the spirit world before we reincarnated, to learn (remember ) about TRUE ourselves ( SOUL )and move on in most cases/ or For DHARMA, to pay a Karmic Debt or Face our shadow side(Fears And false Ego ,feelings of inadequate,ETC. !!!! That was programmed in our DNA ( what we think is wrong with us,Heal it from within and LET GO !!! you deserve what you define is BEST for you !!! Don't let other people THINK for you !!!!!! When Steve harvey(What a JOKE ! ops ! he is a COMEDIAN ) My Opinion ! was on Oprah talking about his book Think like a man act like a lady) male and female need to Develop their intuition, USE and TRUST It !!!! not ACT like but TRULY be !!! The black ( melanin ) female was SO SUPPERFICIAL hidding behind the money ...
  • Neale D. Walsch discusses the emotion of fear - New - A Full Length 108 minute DVD production. A lively presentation on God and Love at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center, Colorado. Also includes an Interview with Neale Donald Walsch on the nature of love, and special guest Master Young Hee demonstrates how to find and develop self love. Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality,Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.
  • I Can Comfort You Episode 1 New Series!~Nelenaaaa .................... (Nick's POV:) I stepped into the station and clocked in, 10:35 Officer Jonas. I walked down the hall to my office and sat down, setting my coffee on my desk. A knock came upon my door. "Yes?" I asked, logging onto my Mac. "Officer Jonas, Officer Daeren asked for you to arrive at a scene. A man in his early 30's murdered his wife and let his two kids run out to the cops before the time of the killing. The cops there have the kids but the wifes sister is supposed to get custody. They asked for you to go there." Samantha, my personal assistant said. "Alright, thank you Samantha." I checked my email. "Yep." Samantha walked out. I was a cop for Los Angeles. I was 23 years old, my name is Nick Jonas and I've been dreaming over being a cop since I was 14 years old and I was saved by a cop. You see, I had gotten into a fight with this boy my age at a local park. He had almost pulled a gun out on me and luckily he was near by. I had two brothers. Joe, who was 26 and followed my dads steps, working in a recording studio making dreams come true. Then there is my brother Kevin who is 29 and took on his own dreams to become a director. Kevin directs movies with his wife Danielle and their 6 month old baby boy Charlie. I arrived to the destination Samantha told me I was asked to be at. I climbed out of my cop car and walked over the Crime Scene Tape. I was tired and only had 3 more hours left to work, I had clocked in and worked a few hours ...
  • Gabriel Antonio - Let It go (lyrics) Look I just wanna talk to you for a minute baby I mean, I'm doin everythinq I can to make this work between us I mean I buy you thinqs, I take you out I put chu before anythin in ma life And lately it's just been hard with me on the road and ***... You doin you, it's just like... I ain't really feelinq it no more you know? Look, just call me back Hey Check me out Ohhhh I hate the way I love you so Toniqht is the niqht I let it qo (toniqht is the niqht I let it qo) I just can't do it baby (I just can't do it baby) [x2] First thing I noticed qirl Was the way you wine qirl In the middle of the niqht with your legs up hiqh That's the way I like it qirl I can see that you want it baby Let's dip fenna make you crazy In the back of ma truck with the windows up That's the way I role baby We can do it all niqht then we can wake up make up and do it aqain Hey I'm a hit it from da back Cause eyes I can neva make love to me Wat chu think we should talk about I'm the only chiko comin out and repin the south Now put me in yo mouth Then you pass it up and down like a **** in yo mouth 3-way I'll pay not a doubt Qet you so wet you qun need a towel Then you lookinq at your phone and remember to dial Cause you qunna wanna brag all of your friends That a *** came hard tha nealed tha man And they'll be like 0h qet it qirl I bet he rocked your world Talk to him about beinq wifey I'm thinkinq *** dnt try me This is a one-time thanq no feelinqs I shoulda told you from tha beqinnin So you ...
  • Trust Me A Jonas Sister Story Part 3 Reading that hurt tear pouring from my eyes. I went upstairs and packed a bag with clothes money and personal stuff. I left leaving this note I went to stay at Chelsea's for the weekend. Don't call her house the phone isn't working I will have my cell phone you can text me If you wanted to. Bye. -Macy. I started walking I wasn't going to Chelsea's she was gone for the week to adiution for a role in this movie. I kept walking I got some food and sat on a bench and stared at the sun never wanting to leave it. I seen Jason buying a snow cone I ran over wanting to get back with him. Before he seen me his friend walked over to him Jason: Hey -Takes a box out of his pocket and opens it- Do you think this is good enough for a three month anniversy persent? Kyle: Yeah it's a dimonded necklace what girl wouldn't want that. I smiled he wants to get back together? Jason: -Puts it away- Maria: -Comes over to Jason- Hey. Jason: -Kisses her- My heartbroke he didn't want me back. He was cheating on me the whole time. Tear all over my face I grabbed my bag and left. First Mom gets sick then Nick started hating me then Joe and Kevin don't care about me anymore then Jason dumps me and then I find out he never loved me he was cheating on me. Demi, Selena, and Danielle proably hate me alittle bit too for them not being able to see my brothers as much as they want to I know that's why Miley does alittle. The only people that are here for me are Chelsea and Emily. It started raining I sat ...
  • Lost Rhapsody Hilarious video featuring clips from the first season of Lost, put to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Song by Weird Al. Video by CapnBob.
  • SOULJOURNS - NEALE DONALD WALSCH TALKS ABOUT HIS LIFE, HIS STORY, HIS DRIVE TO FIND SPIRITUALITY A wonderful first person account of finding God, hearing guidance and heeding the call. It's the story of Neale Donald Walsch who wrote the book, "Conversations with God". Note: This website only allows for 15 min. long videos, so to see this entire interview, just go to: /souljourns Welcome to Souljourns. Feedback is welcome, email us at: [email protected]
  • Love Undefined {Chapter 40} For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. ~Judy Garland "Boys! Breakfast!" Clarie called from the kitchen. Joe snapped his neck back, and jumped off his bed. But failed. He landed on his hip, making a giant thumping noise on the floor, causing Nicholas to yell, "Joe, that's why you're not supposed to jump on the bed!" "Yo!" Joe clamped his hand over Nicks mouth, "Don't be so loud about it. Dad will-" Joe cut himself off. His eyes widened. He took a step away from his little brother. Nick smiled, "You just called him Dad!" "Nu-uh!" Joe defended, and sprinted down the stairs from their well sized bedroom that Joseph and Nicholas shared. Nick shook his head in disbeleif, and ran after Joseph. "Hey!" Mike hollared from the table, "No running in the house you two!" "Mike! Guess what Joe said!" Nick laughed as he sat down next to Clarie at the table, completely ignoring his words. "Shut up, Nick!" Joe blushed a deep red from the other side of the table. He slumped in his chair next to Mike. "Wait, what happened?" Clarie questioned. She sat the pancakes on the table, and smiled encouragingly at Joe as sunshine sparkled through the window and into her eyes. Joe sighed and gave and glare in NIcks direction. Nick smirked, and stabbed his fork into his food. "Nothing." Joe replied, finnaly. Nick rolled his eyes, "Can I tell them?" Joe nodded his head, "They're gonna find out anyway." Nick smiled in victory and looked ...
  • Mixed Up , Matched Up In Hollywood S. 2 Ep. 30 [The BREAKUP] I know not much of you people read Mixed Up, but you might want to read this one considering Kevin and Jessica break up.. Thats right. So READ ___________________________________ "Well i convinced her." Joe said happily Alex looked at Joe confused "So shes gunna sing?" Joe nodded "But only if im up there with her" he said Alex laughed "I told you" She pranced away and went back into the boys' dressing room and found her cell phone sitting on the table "ooh a text from mom" she said reading the text. After she finished reading she dropped her phone and her expression turned into fear "Oh god.." She closed her phone and grabbed her jacket. She ran out to Kevin "Kevin i need your help NOW" she screamed pulling him away. Kevin just looked at her "Its about Jess" she said "What about her?" He asked worried "I cant tell you. Its really important.. involves surgery" she said pulling him away. ~~At the hospital~~ "knew what" Jessica asked Her mom took a deep breath and grabbed her hand "When you were a baby, You've sometimes had trouble breathing. So one day we brought you to the hospital and the doctors told us you needed a transplant.." "What? What kind...?" "Heart.." Jessica started to cry. "So..." "So.. your father being the generous one.. decided to give you his..." **Flashback** "Parents can I speak to you out in the hall please?" Doctor Gonzelia (MY dentists name haha) said. Mom and Dad (now named Peter and Charlotte) walked away from Jessica and out into the hall "Jessica ...
  • Welcome to the New CwG Website
  • No Heaven Without You(A Jick Love Story)[ep.3] Episode Three-My Mother's Over-reaction- I pressed myself into him. I might was well have pressed myself into air. but he shivered and I hoped it was because he felt me. He looked around himself the peeked through the curtain to see if the door was open. He thought he was feeling a draft. I'm pretty sure it was me. As I started thinking I realized. My mom has probably already been to my room and noticed my vacant bed. I zoomed out and back in to my house. Leaving Joe to get dressed. My mom and dad were on the couch. My dad was holding my mom and she was crying. I don't understand why. If she knew everything like the fact that I was dead, then she would have a reason. But I had only been gone for the night. and all she knew was that I wasn't in my bed this morning. ***s sneak out all the time. But then again, This is Bloomer and that's pretty much unheard of here. I sat down on the floor because if I had sat down on the couch I would have fallen through. My dad pulled out his phone and handed it to my mother. "9-1-1 What is your emergency?" The operator asked upon answering the call. "Yes, It's my son, H-he's gone." He voice cracked numerous times through that small sentence. "How long has it been since his disappearance?" "Well last night I guess. He was there when we went to bed and he wasn't here when we woke up." The operator sighed. "I'm sorry ma'am. We cannot report a missing person until 48 hours after the disappearance. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do at this ...
  • ******* on a Plane There's an even greater terror in the sky than snakes. Video by Weebl (www.weebls-)
  • Getting his just desserts What happens when you help create the most annoying advert of all time. Video by Weebl (www.weebls-)
  • Forever with God (On Religion) Allow us to share with you another clip from the cd Forever with God, based on the book Home with God by Neale Donald Walsch. Thanks to the wonderful people who shared their images in flickr.

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  • “Thank you for allowing me to say a few words on this most important morning. I will say more about you in a moment, but I just wanted to thank you up front”
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  • “[Archive] Page 2 LVSW_Trinity_WM6_v2.0.1.1 (2007-05-27) P3600 ROM Development nealed. 6th May 2007, 10:14 AM. sorry but i still can't dump the splashscreen :( and with the last rom of lvsw , i extract them ,”
    — LVSW_Trinity_WM6_v2.0.1.1 (2007-05-27) [Archive] - Page 2, forum.xda-

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