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  • Stephan Nance - Try to Try Again (original) Music and lyrics by Stephan Nance It's easier To kiss a stranger than it is to kiss a friend It's easier To say goodbye when you know that it's the end And it's hard To know just where you stand Anymore Anymore I tried so hard To give you loving that I never gave you love I tried so hard To keep you happy that I hurt you when I shoved You away In the end (chorus) When you were down I tried to pick you up When you were dry I tried to fill your cup But I could never seem to fill it high enough It was always half empty for you If you think you can stand To have me as just a friend We can try to try again When we were younger It was okay For you to like me in that way But now I can hardly bear to stay With your crazy feelings pushing me away It seems to me That maybe finally your heart has settled down But now you treat me like you hate me When you deign to come around What am I Supposed to do? I decide To keep my distance in the hope that it'll please you But you call me up Demanding why I never want to see you Anymore Anymore (chorus) If I could like you in that way You know I would But since I don't already How can you think that I should? It would be more effective If you were less selective Maybe we could be less formal If you acted normal for a change (chorus)
  • Nash Nance- QB- Class of 2010 Recruit video of Nash Nance, QB, class of 2010. Highlights are from his junior season (2008). Be sure to watch the video in "high quality" by clicking on the "watch in high quality" link on the lower right of the youtube video window.
  • Michael Jordan Posterizes Larry Nance! Michael Jordan Posterizes Larry Nance! Check my playlist for more games. Boxscore
  • Stephan Nance - The Spider Song (original) Music and lyrics by Stephan Nance /stephannance Hello spider Hello spider friend Hello spider family Crawling up my pant leg Looking for a place to lay some eggs Well, I don't mind As long as you are nice to me. Hello spider Are you doing well? Are you happy living here? If you are then nod your head And if you aren't then wave a hand And if there's anything you need just let me know. Everyone has somebody with whom to share their margaritas*; I'm allergic to tomatoes, And I don't like alcohol. Oh well. Whatever. That's life; it's like a spider crawling up your leg, You know it's gonna bite. Hello spider We really need to talk. You are nice and everything, But it's getting hard for me To do the things I need to do When every moment of my day I waste on you. Maybe with some time and distance We can see if it's really meant to be. If it is of course you can Come back again and live with me, But honestly I just don't see that happening. Everyone has somebody with whom to do their karaoke; I don't like to sing in public, And I am afraid of bars. Oh well. Whatever. That's life; it's like a spider crawling up your leg, You know it's gonna bite. Could you expect me To act any differently? If I were stupid Then maybe you could. Is it so stupid To hope that you'd change for me? If you respected me Maybe you would. * I have been informed that Bloody Marys are the tomato drinks... The lyrics have been changed slightly. This video stays, though.
  • Linny Nance Don't worry Be funky EPK
  • Ray Nance-Duke Ellington Ray Nance performing 'Just Squeeze Me' with the Duke Ellington Orch
  • Larry Nance Jr posters defender on his way to 25 points Villa Holiday Classic Cleveland Edition For more videos visit Larry Nance Jr, son of former Cavaliers star posters his defender in his 25 point performance at the 2011 Villa Holiday Classic. Nance is a 6'7 Senior at Revere High School.
  • Duke Ellington w. Ray Nance - It don't mean a thing Concertgebouw / Amsterdam / Holland 2 november 1958
  • Be Grateful - Djore Nance Djore Nance sings "Be Grateful" at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters in Dallas, TX 11/30/2007, Shaun Martin - Piano, Jason Thomas (JT) - Drums, Walter Nelson - Bass
  • Stephan Nance - Cuddlefish (original) Music and lyrics by Stephan Nance All my antics and my gibberish Put a damper on my sentences I'm a cuttlefish Trying to cover up my incompetence Maybe your fancy just isn't ticklish Maybe your heart belongs to another fish But on your part that'd be foolish Baby, I think you ought to think through this (chorus) The sea is big, big, big And it's full of scary things Like great white sharks And colossal squid And I'm worried about you I don't want you to get hurt If you love something So they say You should set it free But I disagree 'Cause I can safely say that Catching and releasing Isn't what I'd ever want for me I know I know better than you do What is best for you to do Can't you see the logic there? It's superlogical. My perspective is an outside one And that's really saying something 'Cause we don't have mirrors And since we're under the water There isn't a surface For you to see your reflection in Not that you don't look nice In fact, how wonderful you look Is exactly what the problem is (chorus) It guts me every time I hear you're frequenting Such sketchy dives It's not like it's a crime But what if you get caught by a scuba diver Just like Nemo and I can't find you? Still I'd never cease my quest for you What else would there be for me to do? Sure, there are plenty of fishes in the ocean But not one of them could ever get a hook in my devotion So my love for you supports recent scholarly publications Reporting that fish have a greater ...
  • Stephan Nance - Atrophy (original) Music and lyrics by Stephan Nance You drove by me in your warm new car I was walking down the street You looked so comfortable with your backs Against your heat-controlled seats I slipped on some frozen mud And started sliding And the records that the world was spinning Started skipping. (chorus) And it felt like the muscle Had all turned to fat. So we got what we got And we lack what we lack. And the things that we lose We can never get back So hold on to them tight When they're under attack. The world is so cold and frozen. Checking out at the market You came in all cold and soakin' It made me think of all the time gone by Since the two of us had spoken. My heart went dumb, my hands went numb And my grocery bags went falling To see you stalking down the aisles While right beside you he was walking. (chorus) Since you gone I can't seem to manage to lift myself up Or pick myself up. (chorus)
  • Dean Cynthia Nance Speaks on Faith and the Law at Pepperdine University School of Law In celebration of African American History month, Pepperdine University School of Law hosted Cynthia E. Nance, dean of the University of Arkansas School of Law at Fayetteville, Arkansas. Nance gave a speech titled, "Reflections on Faith and the Law," on Feb. 19, 2009.
  • 2009-10-18 WAS at ASU Penalties Interception Great Nance Run This was a pretty wild series. One minute in to the clip, you get a close up of Vontaze unleashing the fury, quite possibly forewarning his next target. Here is the summary: WAS Series Overview Play 1 - WAS Offsides - not on video Play 2 - Penalty - Vontaze Burfict Play 3 - Penalty - Pass Interference, Pierre Singfield Play 4 - WAS 7 yd Rush Play 5 - False Start - WAS Play 6 - INT burfict - Penalty - Facemask Corey Adams Play 7 - INT mcfoy ASU Series Play 1 - Nance with a 24 yd Run
  • Lord I'm Available To You - Djore Nance Djore Nance sings Lord I'm Available To You at Marble Collegiate Church Wednesday Night Worship 6/4/2008
  • Rev. Theresa Nance - Anniversary of the Newark, NJ Riots Rev. Theresa Nance - Anniversary of the Newark, NJ Riots in 1967
  • Anthony and Shaunte Nance-Johnson Story University of Montana juniors Anthony and Shaunte Nance Johnson are doing their parts to help the Griz and Lady Griz basketball teams try to reach the NCAA tournament this season. But without a couple "I Do's" they may have never found their way to Missoula. Here's a look at the first married couple in Griz history to play the same sport at the same time.
  • Help Stephan Nance (#3)! New song intro + ridiculous rendition Song for Losers A TROUBLED PIECE OF FRUIT - Stephan Nance's 1st album!! Pledge $5 or more: Access to video updates on the project. You can bet they'll be interesting, insightful, and endearing. $10 or more: Download of a special bonus track not included on the album! Plus the video updates! $20 or more: Digital download of the album before it is released! Plus everything above! $35 or more: Signed physical copy of the album, plus everything above! $50 or more: Stephan Nance T-shirt, plus everything above! $60 or more: Exclusive, one-of-a-kind moleskine-style notebook painted (in some way that relates to me, my music, and fruit) by friend/artist Rebecca DeMoss! Plus everything above! $80 or more: A short comic about you and me (and fruit?), drawn by friend/artist/musician Angelica Sather Hodgetts! Plus everything above! $100 or more: Your very own fruit cozy, hand-knitted (how else?) by me (who else?)! Plus rewards 1 through 5, and your choice of 6 (notebook) or 7 (comic)! $200 or more: A webcast concert, setlist created by you! Plus everything above! $500 or more: We can make popcorn on the stove and watch X-Men parts 1, 2, and/or 3! Plus everything above! (must live in the contiguous United States; subject to background check of some sort for my safety)
  • Todd Nance (Panic) sings "Blight" by Vic Chesnutt with Romper Stompers at the 40 Watt" The Romper Stompers perform "Blight" by Vic Chesnutt at the Vic Chesnutt Memorial Shows at the 40 Watt Club. Todd Nance Daniel Hutchens Domingo Ortiz John Mills William Tonks John Neff
  • Larry Nance Slam Dunk 1984 NBA Slam Dunk Competition,cradle dunk,reverse dunk,windmill Dunk
  • John Nance at Medline's Prevention Above All 2010 PART 1 of 7 John Nance, JD: Why Hospitals Should Fly: The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care at Medline's Prevention Above All conference, August 16-17, 2010. Earn FREE CEs from videos like this and course material online at Go to http and create an account now!
  • Stephan Nance - Song for Losers (original) Help me make my first album! Music and lyrics by Stephan Nance I'm a pretty good guy I scrub behind my ears each morning And I floss every night I care about the environment Nowadays people seem to admire that And yet It's so hard to find a friend (chorus) If you don't drink If you don't smoke If you don't wanna poke Everything with a pulse You're a loser A disaster They're perpetually telling you to grow up faster If that's what it takes to be cool Someone needs to change the rules I'm impossibly kind I'll never ever forget your birthday And I'll always care what's on your mind I'll go with you to the fair And maybe if we're lucky I can win you a bear So where Is someone when I need someone there? (chorus) I'm a vegetarian And I ride my bicycle whenever I can I've got a feeling I could save the world If I had someone to help me Outside on every street I pass a multitude of people That I'd never wanna meet As they stagger to a place where they'll carouse all night I just wanna cry and yell at them with all my might I just wanna stop and tell them that it's not okay For them to fritter every moment of their lives away like that I wanna say, hey! Why can't you see? You don't know what a party is Till you've hung out with me We can dance through the puddles in the empty streets We can warm up and cuddle in between the sheets We can make popcorn on the stove We can watch X-men Parts one, two, and/or three (chorus) Send me back to elementary school ...
  • Stephan Nance - The Penny Song (original) Music and lyrics by Stephan Nance When we went out to the store, I got mad at you But I'm not mad anymore. If it's meaningful to you, It's important to me too. Don't you know that I love you? Don't you know that I adore you? (chorus) In the dark of the night when I hear you snore I couldn't love you more. If you were a penny glued down to the floor I couldn't want you more. When you went and cut your hair, You looked ridiculous But I tried hard not to stare. If it really pleases you, I guess I can like it too. Don't you know that I love you? Don't you know that I adore you No matter what you do? (chorus) If you were a sweater, I'd wash you by hand, And if you were a beach, I would sink my toes in your sand. If you were a pineapple, I wouldn't care if you were Fresh, or frozen, or canned. Don't you know that I love you? Don't you know that I adore you? (chorus)
  • Stephan Nance - Resurrection, or Why We Need the Rain (original) This song goes out to my dear friend Allison. The video is far from perfect (and by the video I mean my performance in it), but it's been so many many months since I posted anything new that I figured I'd just go with it. Thanks for watching! :D Music and lyrics by Stephan Nance Rain falls down, And the rain compresses all the sounds into the ground. When the clutter goes away like this, The silence can be found. A silent color guard routine Flows forth from the flowers as they sing. Do you see? The stamina are heavy, But the filaments are glistening. And this is why we need the rain. The raindrops falling on my head must remain, Because the leaves and debris are clogging up the drain to my brain — But a creek can carve a canyon, So I'm counting on a clean cut to christen me. I need the rain. Do you ever wonder why the rain was invented? Was it to put puddles where the roads have been dented, So we'll have a place to play When we've had a lousy day? Nah, it was probably to melt the snow. Nah, it was probably to help the rivers flow. Nah, it was probably to soak the seeds we sow. Nah, it was probably to make the wild things grow. Nah, it was probably to give us all a show. Nah, it was probably to sooth the winds that blow. Nah, it was probably to let us know There's someone out there even when were all alone And if we listen really close We can maybe hear the tapping of their toes I had lost myself, but I came back around. And I memorized the map ...
  • The Claudia Nance Rollins Building: Past, Present and Future In 2010, the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, opens the Claudia Nance Rollins Building, funded by a $50 million gift from the O. Wayne Rollins Foundation and Grace Crum Rollins. Since its founding in 1990, the school has rapidly become a world leader in public health education and research. The gift enables the school to more than double its physical space and renovate the Grace Crum Rollins building. Related Links Article - "1518 Clifton Road" Article - "From the Ground Up" Article - "Public Health 24/7" Video - "Public Health at Emory" Video - "Public Health 24/7" "Rollins Family Gives $50 Million Gift to Emory's Rollins School of Public Health" (Press Release, 2007)
  • Larry Nance - The High-Ayatolla of Slamola Larry Donnell Nance (born February 12, 1959 in Anderson, South Carolina) is a retired American professional basketball player. A 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m) power forward/center from Clemson University, Nance played thir*** seasons (1981--1994) in the NBA as a member of the Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers. Nance scored 15687 career points and grabbed 7352 career rebounds, but he is perhaps best known as the first winner of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1984. Nance was a model of consistency throughout his NBA career. He averaged over 16 points and 8 rebounds per game for all eleven seasons as a starter. His best scoring average year was in the 1986--1987 NBA season, where he averaged 22.5 points per game. Always among the highest in field goal percentage, Nance was an excellent mid-range shooter as well as a talented inside player. Larry Nance was a 3-time NBA All-Star 1985, 1989, and 1993, and the NBA All-Defensive Team First Team member in 1989, and the Second Team Member in 1992 and 1993. He was also consistently one of the league's better shot blockers, averaging 2.2 blocks per game during his career. Upon his retirement, he held the league record for most blocked shots by any player other than a center.
  • Angélique Tégé's story on Linny Nance This is media personality and broadcast producer Angélique Tégé's story on Linny, Network and "Don't Worry Be Funky"
  • Nance WASTED (Music Video) This is the promotional video for Nance Wasted freestyle off his New Mix tape Needle In The Haystack is dropping Jan or Feb hit up for more info
  • Nance Coolen - If You Wanna Dance A short information video with music and lots of pics about Nancy Anna Francina Coolen, also knwon as the singer and former member of Twenty 4 seven, Nance. The song If You Wanna Dance was one of Nance her last songs released before she retired from the music business. All copyrights to their respective owners. No copyright infrigement intended.
  • Be the Centre - Julie Nance The title is self explanatory. The picture is the album artwork in case you want to by the song.
  • Stephan Nance - Hit and Run (original) Music and lyrics by Stephan Nance Too many times have I trembled with terror Entertaining the thought that I soon would be dead So many instances seeing a vision Of an SUV rolling right over my head It's not unusual nowadays It's not a strange situation to dread It seems inevitable that someday soon I'm gonna find myself smashed to the road just like a soggy slice of bread Even though I got the right-of-way Looks like you're just gonna keep right on coming anyway You're gonna run me over When I was younger, I was helplessly anxious About crossing the road sans a comforting hand Now I am older and I'm on medication But my life hasn't changed in the way that I'd planned Cause all the cars grew up with me Hummers and Range Rovers cover the land My future self in my head looks like a mushy pile of Pumpkin puree that's just waiting to be canned Even though you've seen me plain as day Looks like you're just gonna go on and kill me anyway (chorus) I see no surefire solution; No possibility catches my eye; People don't care about death or pollution When it's so much easier to never bother trying And to just ignore the butterflies frying on their grills. Maybe you'd tell me I'm melodramatic But I much prefer that to your lack of concern Maybe if you had a lifestyle less static And less high on the smell from the rubber you burn You could slow down for a second, Sample the simple sensation of being; Sweep out the shadows and soak up the sun, And you might find ...
  • Nance - If you wanna dance Nance - If you wanna dance videoclip, full version with break
  • Ali Nance 1st Overall High Scoring Solo Denise Wall's Dance Energy Alison Nance Choreographed by Travis Wall Showbiz 2008. This girl is from the same studio that brought you Danny Tidwell, Travis Wall, and Jaimie Goodwin from So You Think You Can Dance!!! Maybe this girl will be the next contestant on SYTYCD?
  • Larry Nance - Rock The Base Larry Nance was the first NBA bigman to put down sick dunks, he brought finnesse and grace to dunking off 1 foot, check it out!
  • Nance Coolen - Kiss It The popular song Kiss It, which the Dutch former member of Twenty 4 Seven, Nance Coolen, sang in 1996. No copyright infrigement intended, all copyrights to their respective owners. You can kiss it You don't own me You can kiss it I'm not you *** You can kiss it You don't own me You can kiss it Oh, you can kiss it... No one tell's me what to do, No one and no one tell's me what to say, No I don't live my life for you, You've better get not on my way, The sacrificial all alone, I wanna live my life on my own, And if you don't like this or that, Than you can kiss it! No one tell's me how to dress, No one and no one tell's me how to live, No I don't want you to confess, About the girls you've sleepin' with, The sacrificial all alone, I wanna live my life on my own, And if you don't like this or that, Than you can kiss it! No one tell's me what to do, No one and no one tell's me what to say, No one tell's me what to do, No one and no one tell's me what to say... Oh, you can kiss it... Oh, Oh, you can kiss it! Oh, Oh, you can kiss it!
  • Brian Nance Highlights Junior highlights of Brian Nance -- linebacker from Trinity HS.
  • Stephan Nance - Immunodeficiency (original) My hair was in my eye... but there was nothing I could do until the end. Music and lyrics by Stephan Nance Trouble is, Nowadays, We go walking through the rain Protected by our plastic parasols. From the mists To the waves, We don't think we ever will implode again: The mighty leaden rollers rushing in to kill us all. But the ships are swiftly sinking, And the submarine in which I am Sequestering myself Is failing to produce a proper answer. I'm thinking to myself, I'm telling me that deftly I'll be Giving my advice to all the world. The cells we're in are splitting So it's looking like It's likely that it's cancer. You looked sweet Standing there, Smiling at me sleepily Suspiciously like someone who is dead. Shake the sheets, Let 'em air, We'll go down in history Conspicuously grinning like the cat who's in the story life we've led. And the ships are softly sighing As the sedimental seafloor says A prayer to bring them home And sings a sullen cradle song of death. I'm thinking to myself, I'm telling me that certainly we Haven't got the heart to tell the world: The tumors are malignant So the time is coming When we'll breathe our last breath. From the start, Where was I? I was not the kind of guy To look a fading flower in the eye. Cross your heart, Hope to die, Hope to soon be sailing smoothly heaven-high, Surrounded by the seabirds as they skim the starless sky.
  • Phoenix Suns: Larry Nance Wins First Slam Dunk Contest Suns forward Larry Nance won the first-ever NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1984. Log onto to view more video features:
  • Nance Liedje
  • Nancy Pelosi Supporters Heckled and Threw Trash at Her During Town Hall June 8th 2010, Nancy Pelosi Town Hall on Health Care/Tax. Feed your brain @ FAIR USE NOTICE: These videos may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
  • Malcolm Nance Former counter-terrorism adviser to the US government talks to Amnesty International.
  • Nance - Love Is Nance was the lead singe of the eurodance group Twenty 4 Seven. She had a short solo career in the late 90s. Her singles were all great! This is a typical eurodance song with nice beat and good vocals. IMO The inflatable green jacket is the funniest on the video, haha LOL =) =)

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