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  • Already being compared with acts as varied as MGMT and Belle and Sebastian, Cloud Control's naffly named but brilliant debut Bliss Release explores several different genres across the album, without Media The Block - who paid top price on yours? .au. Instant property value estimate. Get. — “Cloud Control Alternative Indie Albums - Entertainment - smh”, .au
  • London restaurant, pub and bar listings, reviews and ratings from the Evening Standard. Restaurant booking and menus. chandeliers do little to pierce the gloom; there's the occasional naffly ornate sofa that looks like it belongs in the home of. — “Behind the doors at No.5 | Restaurants”,
  • Marcel Berlins: "Naming and shaming" is one of those naffly clever slogans adopted as part of the government's plan to beat crime, antisocial behaviour and disrespect. — “Marcel Berlins: Naming and shaming is a con | UK news | The”,
  • How About 6394 Words? * na * naam * naams * naan * naans * naartje * naartjes * nab * nabbed * nabber * nabbers * nabbing * nabe * nabes * nabis * nabk * nabks * nabla. — “I need a lot of words that start with the letter N someone help?”,
  • Considering that Glen Murphy usually works within a few hundred feet of me, this isn't exactly useful. Glen Murphy - Yeah, I received alerts for both you and Brian Rakowski which was naffly disappointing.Nov 11 DeleteUndo deleteReport spamNot spam. — “Buzz by Dan Pupius”,
  • went through some old drawings of mine has now led me on a journey through drawn over the years and the trouble I'd had finding anything not naffly. — “| The home of the coolest wall stickers for the coolest kids”,
  • Surely those proven audience pleasers, Ant and Dec, should conduct the mooted big TV debate at the General Election. Michael Mansfield QC, 67, says in his rather naffly-titled book, Memoirs of a Radical Lawyer, that, in his 1950s youth, growing. — “EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Let Ant and Dec quiz Brown, Clegg and”,
  • The naffly named Music Go Music are an LA trio comprising the faintly Blake's 7-sounding Gala, Kamer and Torg, and whose pre-hype is filled with talk of 1970s softrock and 1960s psychpop. In reality, MGM - ah,see what they did there?. — “Album: Music Go Music, Expressions (Secretly Canadian”,
  • Storecupboard ingredients have a starring role in this tasty family supper recipe which we just know you'll make again and again. drained weight 180g, each containing six small Frankfurters) or the rather naffly named Ye Olde Oak (you'll need one jar of these, drained weight. — “German frankfurters and hot potato salad with mustard”,
  • Already being compared with acts as varied as MGMT and Belle and Sebastian, Cloud Control's naffly named but brilliant debut Bliss Release explores several different genres across the album, without Media TypeExpand. All Media ANZ is sharing the love - get 6.25% on your savings! Compare Saving. — “Cloud Control Music - Entertainment - .au”, .au
  • Definition of Naffs with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. naffly. naffness. naffs (current term) Naffziger. Naffziger operation. — “Naffs: Definition with Naffs Pictures and Photos”,
  • Biographical and contemplative site about the life of Wyatt Earp In 1985 Blake Edward's release his naffly titled Sunset which featured Tom Mix and Wyatt Earp in a fictional Hollywood. — “Wyatt Earp : Timeline - Articles : Tom Mix”,
  • Despite it being made in 1996, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the rather naffly named "Omega Doom" was a product of ten years earlier with its post-apocalyptic cyber-gothic feel. But despite that, and a few cheesy lines here and there, I think it's a small piece of genius. — “: Green Man Music "gree...'s review of Omega Doom”,
  • In December, pre-production was underway on their likely second film – the naffly named bluebird odyssey Jack and Ben's Animated Adventure – and ten others were in various stages of development (Here Be Monsters and The Wall and the Wing being. — “Laika | /Film”,
  • Six weeks and 10 games to achieve greatness. That's the challenge facing the 2009 Lions as they set off for South Africa on Sunday evening in a British Airways Boeing 747 rather naffly named Air Force Scrum. — “Lions 2009: Lions tour is the last of rugby's greatest”,
  • Webzine content: CD & DVD Reviews, Interviews, Live reports, Articles, Links, Band information and more. — “Album Review - Brother Firetribe - Breakout - RevelationZ”,
  • Am gonna be making a few after work trips into town with the camera now that I'm working in the city centre. To be fair as a hardened night photographer, I have always avoided town due too horendous light pollution and the fact that stuff gets clichéd and naffly shot to death. — “City Living | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Car news from Car Enthusiast - Fiat has gone to the trouble of employing the services of Prodrive to develop a special edition Stilo. Cashing in on this success is the naffly named, but actually quite appealing Fiat Stilo Schumacher limited edition. A Schumacher edition Stilo was. — “Car news | Fiat Stilo Schumacher | A piece of motorsport”,
  • naff adj. Chiefly British Slang Unstylish, clichéd, or outmoded. [Possibly of dialectal origin.] naff intr.v slang worthless, useless; tacky, tasteless, unfashionable; hence, naffly : in a naff manner. — “naff: Definition from ”,
  • Her debut movie is about a woman who rents ***a at 4pm every day. John Patterson meets Marianna Palka, young British director who's taking film world by storm Push Button. The news network was featuring her - "the youngest director at Sundance" - in their naffly titled "Young People Who Rock". — “Push the Button”,

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  • Mamod SP5 and home-made meccano attachment thingy My Mamod SP5 running with a naffly constructed attachment thing

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  • “From gutter grub to gourmet tables. Noodlepie is all about scoff & swill in Saigon, Vietnam. to the gills, ever hungry FatMan Seoul blog got the better of me and I finally chased down a Saigon kimchi connection. The naffly named 'VIP' at 68-70 Dong Du Street”
    — noodlepie: Korean restaurants,

  • “The news that Nissan is to call its new electric car the Leaf is likely to elicit groans from anyone interested in cars. The attempt to connect the Japanese new”
    — What's in a name? Lots, if it's a car name | MT Blog,

  • “The Great Escape Day 2 - Best Coast, Warpaint, Egyptian Hip Hop - Get music news, reviews, charts, tickets, newsletters, NME magazine, info on festivals, tours, clubs, concerts, rock, indie, rap and hip-hop - see photos, music videos - listen to”
    — The Great Escape Day 2 - Best Coast, Warpaint, Egyptian Hip,

  • “Chat, debate and share ideas as part of the Internet's most vibrant film community. Empire Blog | Movie Reviews | Future Films | Features | Video Interviews | Image Gallery | Competitions | Forum | Magazine”
    — RE: Cloverfield,

  • “Eurogamer's computer and video game discussion forum Top of the range is the naffly named 'Litening'! I don't think anyone uses em in the Peleton yet, and a mate has the Lightning and it's a nice bike”
    — The cycling thread - Page 60 - Travel - Forum | ,

  • “News item on london se1 homepage. London SE1 website team :: 12 September 2003 Property developer Irvine Sellar, who plans to build Europe's tallest building, has bought a Sixties”
    — New London Bridge House to be demolished for skyscraper, london-se1

  • “Such posts are only allowed in our LINKS forum which has been created expressly for this purpose. But naffly-titled forum posts like "What's this?" don't draw people as effectively as "”
    — Forum - GENERAL DISCUSSIONS : Music Recording Technology,

  • “Ha ha ha classic stuff http:///watch?v=lVmmYMwFj1I hahaha, that's epically awesome and far too naffly on the nail. Always loved the checkered slip on shoes with a faggy sweater and tight pipe legged”
    — Being a dickhead`s cool forum topic,

  • “used to be Creative Ingenious Technology Requiring Outstanding Engineering Nerve Engineering Novelties. Honda: Highly Organised Naffly Designed Automobile. BMW: In Sarf”
    — Acronyms for car names | Motoring discussion | Back Room,

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