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  • Who's on the guest list, which A-lister is providing the music, what are the five commandments for marriage issued by the bride - and just what's all this about Brand on a prancing white horse? Surely Russell Brand and Katy Perry's Indian wedding is the naffest nuptials of the year. — “Russell Brand and Katy Parry's wedding is surely the year's”,
  • What are the naffest features on modern cars? - Sofa Spud. We look back on things like vinyl roofs and matt-black bonnets as car fads that appear highly un-cool now. I was wondering what things that are fashionable on present-day cars will be laughed at in the future. — “What are the naffest features on modern cars? | Motoring”,
  • naffest. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 28 November 2009, at 03:05. Text is available under the. — “naffest - Wiktionary”,
  • British slang, today meaning uncool, tacky, unfashionable, worthless or as a softer expletive, in places where one might use "***" as in "naff. — “Urban Dictionary: naff”,
  • Subject: Sci-Fi alien races,. best and naffest? andyf 8/17/2004 11:46:33 AM. Best; Shadows from Babylon 5- they had cool ships, were hard as nails and had personal invisiblity devices. American Kafir RE:Sci-Fi alien races,. best and naffest? 9/8/2004 2:22:37 PM. Lots of Bab 5 talk in this. — “Sci-Fi alien races,. best and naffest?”,
  • An e-mail link to @ 99p! P.S To all those who don't know naffest = cr*p/shi*te. — “what the naffest thing you've bought on ebay? and how much?”,
  • UNICEF New Zealand is a children's charity dedicated to helping children. We rely on & leverage your donations for the maximum benefit of every child; for every $1 donated, we leverage $10 in the field. The country's 'naffest' gifts revealed. — “UNICEF NZ Children's Charity | Helping Children Survive & Thrive”, .nz
  • Is This The Naffest Music Video Ever ? Yngwie Mals*** - Making Love. Talk about wanking Is This The Naffest Music Video Ever ? The Devil Hides Behind Clouds. Elton John's Rocket. — “Sailing Away: A Failed 'Experiment' in Blogging: Is This The”,
  • naffest : Deutsch - Englisch Übersetzungen und Synonyme (BEOLINGUS Online-Dictionary, TU Chemnitz). — “naffest : Dictionary / Wörterbuch (BEOLINGUS, TU Chemnitz)”, dict.tu-
  • Autocar / Autocar Forums / What's new / The Naffest Car Ever Status: Offline. The Naffest Car Ever ! Oct 15, 2008 1:21 PM. Found this for sale on another site it's a Chrysler 300C but with. — “The Naffest Car Ever...! - Autocar”,
  • Naffest definition, unstylish; lacking taste; inferior. See more. — “Naffest | Define Naffest at ”,
  • We're not exactly fans of SOCA - the Serious Organised Crime Agency - around here. But our generally downbeat opinion of them has hit a new low now that we've You are here: Blog > Conflict and security > The naffest agency in government. — “The naffest agency in government | Conflict and security”,
  • Hoping for something special from Aunty this Christmas? Forget it, aunties and uncles are the worst Christmas gift givers, according to a survey released today by UNICEF New Zealand. The country's naffest' Christmas gifts revealed by UNICEF New Zealand. — “The country's naffest' Christmas gifts | Scoop News”,
  • They are supposed to charm, seduce and persuade us to part with our money. Linda Barker: always making annoying adverts (snip snip) The naffest adverts. Alex Benady, Evening Standard. Updated 00:00am on 08.01.04. They are supposed to charm, seduce and persuade us to part with our money. — “The naffest adverts | Showbiz”,
  • Matthew Fort: The arctic roll is back according to the Birds Eye 'Make Your Pound Go Further' campaign Saved by the credit crunch: the world's naffest pudding. — “Matthew Fort: Saved by the credit crunch: the world's naffest”,
  • Naffest Name Nemesis. For those of us who still remember the good old days when Robin ("quite obviously") Parke's Ulster tones were supplemented by the drone of Lawrence Wadey at a Wednesday night meeting at Happy Valley, nostalgia's not what it used to be. — “ulaca: Naffest Name Nemesis”, ulaca-
  • CVs CV writing cv advice cv example resume cv masterclass professional cv curriculum vitae cv template graduate cv management cv Is your name the naffest of the multitude of naffness?. — “JO "naffest name on Stepcademy" BLOGGS - Ecademy”,
  • Definition of naffest in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of naffest. Pronunciation of naffest. Translations of naffest. naffest synonyms, naffest antonyms. Information about naffest in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “naffest - definition of naffest by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • South Africa's Premier Online News Source. Discover the world of IOL, News South Africa, Sport, Business, Financial, World News, Entertainment, Technology, Motoring, Travel, Property, Calssifieds & more. — “Naffest nuptials of the year? - Back Page - IOL | Breaking”,
  • What's the Naffest gift for the Antiquarian in you. Jun 20, 2008, 17:31. Just for a bit of fun and to brighten up a soggy solstice * who can come up with a really naff antiquarian themed gift? Re: What's the Naffest gift for the Antiquarian in you (nigelswift). — “Julian Cope presents Head Heritage | The Modern Antiquarian”,
  • Adjective: naff (naffer,naffest) naf. Usage: Brit. In bad taste; vulgar; out of fashion; poor quality "by the time London's Comedy Store opened in 1979, impressions had become so naff that most alternative comics steered well clear of them". — “naff, naffest, naffer- WordWeb dictionary definition”,

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  • THE RITZ - DANCE UNTIL U DROP (Live & Filthy) PUTTIN ON THE RITZ with Kofi Misah, Ruby and thing on possibly the naffest ever show to grace UK TV...."Roadshow Disco" - the show that was the final nail in the coffin of 70s style disco
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  • LoseWomen│Are We The Naffest Dressed Nation In Europe?│19th March 2010 Britain was voted as the worst dressed nation in Europe in a website poll. Almost half of those questioned identified the British as having the worst fashion sense. The research from Microsoft's price comparison site Ciao suggests the British love of a bargain could be to blame for our lack of style. So do you agree? When you travel what nation impresses you most with their style?
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  • Loose Women│What Would Your Friends Say Your Failings Are?│19th March 2010 Loose ladies Andrea McLean, Claire Sweeney, Carol McGiffin & Sherrie Hewson. Internet service site Failings has found a unique way of having you face the criticism of your friends. You sign up to the site then send your page for all your friends to join. They then anonymously post the things that drive them mad about you. This way, you can start self improving and become the best pal your friends could ever want. Do you think you would have the guts to go online with Failings? What do you think your friends would say about you?
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  • And Britain's naffest man is - BBC The Prime Minister finally wins a poll! Only its for being the naffest man in Britain! Great clip from the BBC sitcom My Dad's the Prime Minister. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:
  • The Naffest Art Ever? The Last Supper - Pimped Version Leonardo da Vinci's iconic painting "The Last Supper" has a frenetic LED makeover in this so-bad-it's-priceless piece of "art" seen above a shop doorway in Coin, Andalucia, Spain.
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  • Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song (drum cover) Do not adjust your set! yes that's right I've discovered the naffest video effects Microsoft can offer... Here's yet another drum cover video, again sometimes it goes out of sync but overall it's the best I can do with WIndows movie maker! enjoy!
  • CleckFest07-ABandinurHead-08-Buffs Bar Blues Cleckheaton NAF Fest 2007 ABandin urHead - 08 - Buffs Bar Blues
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  • Bridlington Sea The sea at Bridlington being a bit rough all set to the naffest possible music. Oh what was I thinking?
  • CleckFest07-Siva-02-Track2 Cleckheaton NAF Fest 2007 Siva - 02 - Track2
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  • laura wins video camera This is the clip of me winning a video camera on kiss 100 for their shift a gift competition! woohoo. All I had to do was send in a picture of my rubbish xmas present and as it was the naffest gift of the day I was upgraded to an underwater digital video camera! nice!
  • CleckFest07-ABandinurHead-09-You Dont need Wings Cleckheaton NAF Fest 2007 ABandin urHead - 09 - You Don't need Wings (To Get You High)
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  • CleckFest07-ABandinurHead-02-Cocaine Cleckheaton NAF Fest 2007 ABandin urHead - 02 - Cocaine
  • The naffest video in history These guys are dorks, and to think they used to be so rad!
  • CleckFest07-Siva-08-Track8 Cleckheaton NAF Fest 2007 Siva - 08 - Track8
  • CleckFest07-Siva-09-Track9 Cleckheaton NAF Fest 2007 Siva - 09 - Track9
  • CleckFest07-Siva-07-Equilibrium Cleckheaton NAF Fest 2007 Siva - 07 - Equilibrium
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