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  • Unconscious Mutterings. A quick bit of free association, it lists a word/phrase and you are supposed to list the first thing that pops into your head. I enjoyed your mutterings~especially weapons and hostile-lol!. — “Unconscious Mutterings #2 " Mercedes' World”,
  • Binaural Mutterings By: Michael McGrath About the Author. — “Binaural Mutterings”,
  • A complete listing of Mountain Bike (MTB) and Mountain Biking information posted in our Mutterings category. — “Muddymoles : Mutterings : Articles about Mountain Bikes (MTB”,
  • Just a few subliminal mutterings. This site is composed of an eclectic mixture of topics ranging from hiking and cycling to network and internet security. Enjoy your time at my little slice of the Internet. Now For a Little Humor. A South Carolina couple, both bona fide rednecks, had 9 children. — “subliminal mutterings @ weselyweb”,
  • Offers movie reviews, discussion, top 10 lists, and more. — “Joe's Movie Mutterings”,
  • The condition of Writer's block, in its originality, doesn't apply to blogging, at least to Rambling Mutterings, but then I need something to mutter and scribble to break this spell of inactivity, and what is a better way of overcoming the Blogger's block by blogging about the Blogger's block. — “Rambling Mutterings”,
  • The final round of the 2010 Formula One World Championship got underway with McLaren's Guardian attempts to mislead illustrate poor journ I was very disappointed to read. — “Mutterings of a Liberal | Just another WordPress site”,
  • Owlish Mutterings. Yeah, I'm alive. Silly Quiz. DM of the Rings. Horrible things to do to Just A Little Too True. The Love Guru. Stairway to Heaven, as Sung by the Beatles. — “Owlish Mutterings”,
  • The God of the Hive (2010) The Language of Bees (2009) The Art of Detection (A Kate Mutterings. Mary Russell's Blog. Virtual Book Club. Virtual Book Club. — “Blogs : Laurie R. King: Mystery Writer”,
  • Minor Mutterings. Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium Instead of stopping at 180 degrees he continued until he had completed a full 360. — “Minor Mutterings”,
  • Posted in Fashion Files, Mutterings | Comments Off. FRENCH BULLDOGS TAKE OVER VANCOUVER Posted in Dog Events, Dog News, Health & Wellness, Mutterings, Training | Comments Off. — “Mutterings " Dog Blog”,
  • Mutterings. mutterings and musings from the mcbrides. Home. About. Household Hints & More. February 4th, 2010. Heather found this site yesterday, check it out for various hints on ways to stretch out the household Posted in Mutterings With Pics, Homelife | No Comments ". — “Mutterings”,
  • It's a big fat holiday-sized serving of Unconscious Mutterings, because I forgot to do them when I was home. Tags: memes, unconscious mutterings. Trackback Pings. TrackBack URL for. — “srah blah blah: Unconscious Mutterings”,
  • The Maugus Club - Badminton, Squash and more October 2010 Mutterings. September 2010 Mutterings. January 2010 Mutterings. June 2010 Mutterings. May 2010 Mutterings. Copyright © 2010 . All Rights Reserved. — “Welcome To The Maugus Club - Badminton, Squash And More”,
  • Published by Scott under News of Note, Random Mutterings. It's been raining here in Oregon, lots and lots of I also assume since you're reading this that you might have some interest in what's going on here at Mutterings Central. — “Scott William Carter " News / Mutterings”,
  • Happy New Year 2006 Mutterings. Alexander claims victory 500, reaches ridiculous milestone Christmas Mutterings, ending with a special hero report and salutes. — “LDN - Sports - Mutterings”,
  • Mutterings (Oh, stats, my old friend) Sunday, October 10th, 2010. A day in the library, making sense of my data, I can and will get this all done. It may not wind up all purrty, but that's okay. It will still be good, make sense Tags: Amanda Palmer, Election 2010, Lily Allen, mutterings. — “Mutterings | the little lioness”,
  • Mutterings. I. n folklore T'Owd Man is a spirit that inhabits mines and caves. T'Owd Man of Bonsall is a carved figure of a miner Items for sale and wanted are free to villagers and can be submitted to. mutterings@ or hand-written to 19 High St. — “Mutterings”,
  • Older 2008 "Mutterings" from Mitch "Final day at Big Rock" - Northeast US sst° vs. Ocean Color - Our View: The Ocean's SOS 2008 White Marlin Open - 2008 Mid-Atlantic $500,000 First Day - 2008 Mid-Atlantic $500,000 Last Day. — “ROFFS™ Mutterings from Mitch”,
  • October 31st, 2010 | mutterings, xmpp | Tags: news, xmpp | View Comments. social media ecosystems. A number of times in the recent past I've read either in a blog post or on Buzz/Twitter or via an aggregation site like Digg, that this social site has failed or that social site is dead. — “Bear's Journal " mutterings”, code-
  • Unconscious Mutterings. Free association is described as a "psychon***ytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content. — “LunaNiñ | Unconscious Mutterings”,

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  • to scrap with Sandra s latest kit Blushing Baby a photo of little Jordaan when she conked out in her Mummy s arms on Saturday morning she was just too tired out from all the visiting  papers and elements from Sandra s Blushing Baby kit black stitching from Riya s Blessing kit font is Susie s Hand posted by Deb on 06 26 06 11 04 pm |
  • on the hard drive does a photo and title on a blank canvas count as an unfinished layout LOL Ta da lots of inked edges but no stitching staples my second favourite fastener papers from Ashley Olson s Comforting Quilt staple from Ash s Funky Stuff kit inked edges with Atomic Cupcake action font is LDJ zoo script So it feels good to have scrapped Good timing
  • We re at Camp Marymount Campfire Ice Cream
  • and practical support I am aware of being coccooned with love and care and it really does make a huge difference hug your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you every day layout from May 2005 the years have changed us in so many ways who could have seen where our journey would lead us and who can know what tomorrow will bring words are so inadequate to
  • a speed scrapper And I m pretty pleased with it This photo was in the discard box pre digital camera but I scanned it and played with it some and I m pretty pleased with the result  papers and elements from the happiness kit given in the SBB chat paper tears by Steph730 font is FB Sprinkles And then I got back to this layout sitting unfinished on the hard drive
  • snow9 jpg
  • love2 jpg
  • Â credits Sandra Boddington s Sweet Bunny kit paper tear by Steph730 font is American Writer journalling and Dream Orphans title a week before easter you announced to me that you
  • into a small space terminal burrowing a mechanism that often makes it harder for rescue parties to find severe hypothermia victims This is not the finest hour of your survival instincts 28°C and below You re down but not necessarily out Your skin may be blue and cold your pulse indetectable and your heart may be beating too slow to keep you alive under normal
  • Agrandir l image ISBN 978 2 7381 1674 1 octobre 2005 108 x 178
  • previous Springboard Bee
  • Or if you click on Subscribe Itunes will download episodes for you automatically The latest episode will start downloading right away You can play any downloaded episode in Itunes just by clicking on it
  • The following photo of shirts the Everly Brothers wore brings new meaning to the term twin set These are on display in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville Everly Brothers sweaters Tags Everly Brothers
  • I used Michelle Pearson s Lighten action for PSE to adjust the exposure then ran one of Holly McCaig s Purty Pics actions to slightly pop the colours very cool huh paper ribbons and flowers from TracyAnn Robinson s Streetwear Chill Bloom word from TracyAnn s Random Hearts photo edge is from Katie Pertiet s SnapFrames date stamp from Meredith
  • NR12L 20080803SM jpg
  • You can play any downloaded episode in Itunes just by clicking on it
  • for a few days as a gift here on my blog before it goes into the store Please play nice and don t share the alpha or send the link to others send them here to get it for themselves with thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the action used to make the textured white surface letters for this alpha the alpha is no longer available as a gift it s in the store now
  • Once you have Itunes installed just click one of the Itunes links in the above post Itunes should automatically open its own Muttering s page You can click on Get Episode if you just want to download an individual episode
  • bettyliz2 jpg
  • Skeltons for an absolute blinder of a pork apple slice
  • faults at 30 potty mouthed decibels and having them reply in kind That s excruciatingly different Remember nothing breaks the ice faster than a public tantrum Games People Play Over here son on me ead Camping is the perfect time to spark up impromptu sporting bouts cricket softball tennis football running around aimlessly like the clappers keep the
  • HNsst72DPILG jpg
  • bettyliz4 jpg
  • Campfire Ice Cream I m Excited
  • 5am Friday morning in Saskatchewan just cos I had to type that name out love it This is the little pack I ve put together I ve decided this will be the posting bonus for the crop included are 1 kraft paper 12 inch torn cardboard photo corner set 2 white buttons staple binder clip 3 torn notepapers 3 12×12 borders not shown full size in preview and some new
  • Ice Cream I m Excited
  • 28Aug08CHLlat+ copy jpg
  • North Area SelecChl72DPILG jpg
  • 21 years ago we promised til death do us part It just wasn t supposed to be so soon posted by Deb on 12 06 07 10 05 pm |
  • my Not Just Dirt kit date stamp by me too font is KGD Flowergirl title bittersweet sketch why do they have to grow up so fast while I am so blessed to be able to watch my dd grow into a beautiful young woman childhood passes too fast thanks to Carole at Digi Scrap Shak for the
  • I m Excited Wilderness
  • her birthday a week ago LOL and will get these made and printed up so his Dad can take the gift home later to her later this week and hopefully I can get the acrylic photo stand in town these will be available at Pickleberry Pop later this week usually Friday posted by Deb on 08 27 06 11 22 pm |
  • Mat s Mutterings Saturday 10th November 1990 Merstham v Ramsgate FA Vase 1st Round Replay
  • problems papers from Kylie Clark s Pink Cotton kit font is pea jenny script title Girlfriends date July 6 credits I can t believe this clean and simple scrapper is freestylin it my Kate and Kara last school holidays kraft paper by me Funky Flower doodles by Fee Jardine here at
  • Cupcake action fonts are pea jenny script and LD string bean title Sleeping dream Jessica date July 2 journalling first glimpse of our new family member first child of my little sister precious neice and new cousin for my children first cuddles of a sleeping dream
  • 31st October 2006 Fevered Mutterings v 2 Swiping out of work at 5 45pm can t seem to shake off the habit of surfing the Net for quarter of an hour institutionalised by my lack of access at home until recently It s the Big
  • to overwhelm your hypothalamus s capacity to keep your core temperature stable But once it s achieved the effects are rapidly catastrophic So let s chill out a little and see what happens 37°C subzero temperature air exposure There s a dark little truth about your hypothalamus it doesn t care if you re feeling cold on the surface All that matters is what s going on
  • North Area SelecSST72DPILG jpg
  • You can easily tell Itunes how and when it should check for new episodes from your Preferences
  • Please click HERE to see a larger picture of this image

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  • 17 December Martin's Money Mutterings Martin's muttering to go with this week's email tip. Highlights this week include: Free calls to landlines in 120 countries on C
  • Daily Mutterings: Disgaea is Addictive! Me muttering about the wonderfulness which is Disgaea for the PSP.
  • Yuasa- Mutterings Joji Yuasa's "Mutterings" for Orchestra.
  • Daily Mutterings: Spectactular Disneyland Trip! Rather than the usual blog, I've decided to upload some footage from my most recent Disneyland trip. There's still plenty of me muttering, so I hope you guys enjoy!
  • Daily Mutterings: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Just the daily practically unedited ramblings of a deranged nerdy mind. Should have recorded this right after having seen it, but alas, I had not. Not one of my better mutterings. I repeat myself about a billion times, but eh, that's the process.
  • Daily Mutterings: Tron Legacy Final Impressions Just the daily practically unedited ramblings of a deranged nerdy mind. This just hasn't been my Winter when it comes to the movies.
  • Daily Mutterings: *** (No), Mindless Killing (Hell yeah!) Just the everyday mumblings and observations of a completely incoherent blogger. When you think about it, isn't it a lot less harmful to show willing *** between two adults rather than representing graphic depections of death? Huhhh... makes me think.
  • Daily Mutterings: Internet Buddies Just the daily practically unedited ramblings of a deranged nerdy mind. Since I'm going on vacation and won't be back for several days, I figured you guys could have an entry earlier than planned. Today I talk about the Internet buddies and how they have changed me over the years.
  • Daily Mutterings: The Struggles of the Agnostic Just the everyday mumblings and observations of a completely incoherent blogger. I talk about how it's not that easy being agnostic.
  • Cheryl Cole - Behind The Scenes of Elle Magazine shoot Check out the behind the scenes video of Cheryl's Elle February cover shoot, Cheryl also talks about her style and her style advices, oh Chez, why you so beautiful? I love seeing a photoshoot in motion behind the scenes.
  • Gremlins 2 - Scene with Angel of Death Cool...
  • Apocalypse Now Redux - Conex & The Hollowmen Scenes from Apocalypse Now Redux. The scene where Willard is kept in a 'Conex' container and read to by Col Kurtz and the scene where Col Kurtz reads the poem, 'The Hollowmen.' Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
  • Daily Mutterings: New Camera = Back to Webcamming! I'm not sure if this is going to be the preferred format from now on, but I do like it quite a bit. Especially with this camera. Maybe I'm just in adoration of Canon.
  • Martin's Money Mutterings 27 November 2007 Martin Lewis presents his weekly mutterings to with his MoneySaving Email. This week highlights include: Switch to cheapest energy & get a crate of wine, Free ID fraud prevention & help, High st. voucher bonanza, And much, much more MoneySaving...
  • Daily Mutterings: Public Service Announcements are Annoying Am I the only one who kind of finds PSAs irritating?
  • Daily Mutterings: IMVU Weirdos Just the daily practically unedited ramblings of a deranged nerdy mind. Many rantings and ravings about IMVU. And honestly, I think I might have jumped the shark at more than one point in this rant. In truth, my feelings about 'cybering' in general are not so black and white, and it would be wrong of me to say that it is 'completely wrong'. Just like everything else, it's all about perspective. I just feel a little saddening when random people try to engage in such activites with me almost completely at random. Also, I'm sure there are plenty of great and nice and wonderful people that use IMVU. I just haven't chatted with many of them yet... and at this point I don't think I ever will.
  • Life Mutterings: Times I Have Been a Dick Tonight I just wanted to talk about all of the times that I have been a dick. Which is sort of strange, and to be honest it really isn't all that long of a list. This is sort of continuing with the 'therapy introspection' sort of philosophy I'm taking with the life mutterings. Hopefully you folks find it as amusing to listen to as it was for me to record. And for the record, I do not think that I am going to be doing anymore 'dick' related videos. It would just repetitive.
  • Moe's Mutterings: Alan Grayson. Separated at birth? Also:
  • Hard Words Part 1 ~ An Evening of Poetry ~ mutterings, murmerings & short sharp shocks Video #1 of 2... an evening of poetry at Art Center Sarasota, featuring Hashim Todd Pease, Tim Anderson, Cristy Carrington Lewis, Piero Rivolta, Su Byron, Doug Knowlton, and emcee Marty Fugate. Courtesy of
  • Daily Mutterings: The Death of the Comic Book Store? Just the daily practically unedited ramblings of a deranged nerdy mind. I discuss how much of a bummer that your typical comic or anime store just isn't all that easy to come by anymore.
  • Daily Mutterings: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Just the daily practically unedited ramblings of a deranged nerdy mind. Some general first impressions. A review of sorts, I suppose... mostly ranting and raving.
  • Further mutterings from Rob re: Neothink Another discourse in the mind of robdelre's via webcam video June 28, 2010, 06:26 PM
  • Daily Mutterings: Astro Boy Review Just the daily practically unedited ramblings of a deranged nerdy mind. An American remake of a foriegn entity. Didn't see that one coming.
  • Unintelligible Mutterings I have no idea what that strange noise in the background is, but I find it to be quite interesting. I also can't even understand a good portion of what I'm saying in this video, so good luck to all of you.
  • Martin's Money Mutterings; commentary from Martin Lewis Video Commentary to go with this week's "MartinsMoneyTips" email. Highlights include, cheap booze bonanza, cheap car insurance, buy goods cheaper buying from America and much more MoneySaving /tips
  • Xanthax's Spontaneus Mutterings #22 : WWRP Desert Combat Bertie Little bit of crappy editing at the end, but oh well. As promised, here is what the box says about this guy: "War gets mobile Bertie Mk1 has become a common sight in the battlefield, the unit a major success for the Rothchild Corporation. Even so reports of mobility problems on soft surfaces have plagued it's reputation, loss of traction, toppling and partial loss of movement have been noted. MK2 was not offered as a replacement for the MK1 but as a new addition to the Rothchild war-robot catalog. Smaller, lighter, quicker, and able to traverse most terrains, the MK2 is becoming the Bertie of choice as the war continues. Bertie MK2 is commonly teamed with the new Bertie MK3 in hunting packs linked by the new MCS (maternal combat software), that has the MK3 protecting the MK2 vigorously to say the least. Martian forces have also been deploying strike forces consisting of Bertie MK2 and Dropcloth with devastating results against the Earth Coalition since its introduction that the MK2 is an adaptable unit. Even though the form factor of the MK2 has changed considerably, one of the most important changes is V.4 of the AI, giving unprecedented freedom in Bertie MK2's decision making. Though some unfortunate "incidents" have occurred, the battle-field has not looked back! Rothchild Corporation does not rest on its laurels, the MK2 just confirms this." Check out my blog that gets updated every so often with pictures of my Ashley Wood stuff as I am able to take them here ...
  • Martin Lewis, Money Mutterings 08/08/2007 Cheapest hotel prices worldwide, Free £3 USB key Free £1000 Dental Accident insurance, Switch energy provider before you're locked in, And much, much more MoneySaving...
  • Martin Lewis Money Mutterings 11/04/07 Consumer Revenge! The average person in the UK could give themselves the equivalent of a 25% pay rise by being a better, savvier consumer. Teeth gnashing, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis' ad-free, free to get, weekly Money Tips e-mail goes to over 1.000,000 people to help them do just that. This is a video commentary to accompany the email, as 'somethings are easier to understand when they're said!' This week: Free £10, switch gas & elec, new ISA year, free Ben & Jerry's, sub-£100 sat navs and much, much more MoneySaving
  • Daily Mutterings: Trip to Oregon (Day 1) Just the daily practically unedited ramblings of a deranged nerdy mind. I talk about how the road trip is going so far, and also detail some PSP games I've been playing on the road.
  • Daily Mutterings: "Thoughts on 3D" Just me muttering on and on about my thoughts on the whole '3D craze'. All footage and pics were taken very poorly from CamStudio. I don't own any of this stuff except for my own voice, and it's all used for educational purposes only. You'll have to forgive the poor frame rates on some of the clips. I'm still getting used to what CamStudio is and is not capable of.
  • Martin's Money Mutterings 4 December 2007
  • Martin's Money Mutterings 12 June 2007 Martin's Weekly Mutterings to go with his email tip. this week's highlights include, free £60 Sony MP3 player, last chance cheap home insurance & much more moneysaving
  • Daily Mutterings: Wannabe Writer Just the everyday mumblings and observations of a completely incoherent blogger. Me talking about writing and... you know... stuff about writing.
  • Martin Lewis, Money Mutterings 12/09/2007 £5 champagne at some Woolies, New Minimum Repayments Calculator, £69 4GB Ipod Nano, 2 for 1 days out vouchers And much, much more MoneySaving...
  • Keith Sets Record Straight-McCain's Mad Mutterings on Iraq On Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Keith corrects the record on John McCain's mad ravings about the war in Iraq. 4/7/08
  • The Insightful Mutterings of Marshall McLuhan This film contains the quotes of the infamous Marshall McLuhan. It came to you courtesy of Megan Weatherly.
  • Daily Mutterings: "Back From Break... and Saying Nothing" Basically me muttering on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on... but you're all used to that by now.
  • Daily Mutterings: Alice in Wonderland Rant Just the everyday mumblings and observations of a completely incoherent blogger. Tonight I give my thoughts on Alice in Wonderland. Ranting ensues.
  • "Mutterings" Kirilei's photos around Aurangabad, India (travel india blogs) Preview of Kirilei's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: aurangabad, India Entry Title: "Mutterings" Entry: "so i'm on an internal flight right now, from Delhi to Aurangabad - sorry for the lack of entries for a few days, jet lag still is hitting me at night and instead of internetting I've generally been dying, face down, on a hotel bed by about 8:00. I'm starting to really have fun. Delhi is a really big, ugly, dirty city - much like Crapablanca last year (ref: last year's first blog entries) without as much CHARM. Apart from that, it has the prerequesite amount of chaos and color that I love. It's a few weeks post-Diwali and is an "auspicious time" to get married so there are raucous multicolored parades quite often, and even an occasional firework display. The indian men are for some reason quite taken with me, and I am having my picture taken quite often by the men here - bothered me until I realized Im taking pictures of THEM so it's all fair. Now when they step in front of me to take a picture, i pull out my camera and take one back. That throws them all and we all laugh. The little kids are adorable; we were in the national museum yesterday and it was the monthly school outing, so there were literally thousands of kids of all ages visiting at the same time as us, all in school uniforms, with the boys above age 10 gawking and trying to ...
  • Daily Mutterings: "Thoughts on Showtime Programming" Me talking about how much I love some of Showtime's programming. Figured I would show some devotion and alliance towards something that didn't involve moe or superheroes for once.
  • Daily Mutterings: Live Action Bleach? Just the everyday mumblings and observations of a completely incoherent blogger. Really? Bleach? Why?
  • Daily Mutterings: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Just the daily practically unedited ramblings of a deranged nerdy mind. This is one insanely weird anime.

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