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  • Definition of muggiest from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of muggiest. Pronunciation of muggiest. Definition of the word muggiest. Origin of the word muggiest. — “muggiest - Definition of muggiest at ”,
  • In July" by US poet Evaleen Stein (1863-1923) Wang Zhiyu In these hottest, muggiest In July" by US poet Evaleen Stein (1863-1923) Wang Zhiyu In these hottest, muggiest. — “Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 -- English Window to China News”,
  • Encyclopedia article about muggiest. Information about muggiest in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “muggiest definition of muggiest in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • The Bug Tamer provides comfortable no-see-um mesh protection and great camouflage for any hunting situation, a warm afternoon on the open tundra in northern Quebec or the hottest, muggiest dawn in the dank swamps of Louisiana. northern Quebec or the hottest, muggiest dawn in the dank swamps of. — “Bug Tamer Suit - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop”,
  • - A Web site for Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. Powered by Capital Gazette Communications and The Capital Newspaper. It's always held on the hottest, muggiest day of the year. — “City readies for 10-mile run • Top Stories (www”,
  • Sweating under a tent on one of the muggiest days in Dubuque's long, hot summer, Kurt Strand seemed to see Nirvana in the vacant lot around him. The McGraw-Hill Higher Education executive's voice rose with a mix of excitement and relief in. — “TH - Top News Article”,
  • Western Caribbean Mexican cruises make the perfect vacations for everyone because in addition to all the activities on board the cruise ship, you can relax and explore at each port of call. The muggiest time of year is late May through June because it's the start of the rainy season. — “Get Away Today Vacations - Official Site - Cruise Port”,
  • GRAND ISLAND, STUHR MUSEUM - Over 400 people braved one of the muggiest nights in recent memory to attend Stuhr Museum's annual "Cowboy Night" event on Friday, July 24th. Check back soon for the next Cowboy Night, scheduled for July 22, 2011!. — “Cowboy Night”,
  • Definition of muggiest in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of muggiest. Pronunciation of muggiest. Translations of muggiest. muggiest synonyms, muggiest antonyms. Information about muggiest in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “muggiest - definition of muggiest by the Free Online”,
  • All the info on the summer movies of 2009; including Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Terminator Salvation. summer movie fare to get you through even the muggiest of days. — “ 2009 Summer Movie Preview and Guide - Rumors”,
  • The Dog Days of Summer Everyone knows that the "dog days of summer" occur during the hottest and muggiest part of the season. Webster defines "dog. — “The Dog Days of Summer | Farmers' Almanac”,
  • For starters, it is waterless, hence being able to provide effective cooling in even the muggiest humidity levels. Because, as I said, it's waterless, which means the Air Cooler PLUS is able to provide "effective cooling in even the muggiest humidity". — “Air Cooler PLUS keeps you cool " Coolest Gadgets”, coolest-
  • Pinehurst NC Homes for sale. Real Estate agent Foxfire Country Club, Gated Communites, Luxury houses and condominiums. — “TheCoxConnection - Dog Days”,
  • The Bug Tamer provides comfortable no-see-um mesh protection and great camouflage for any hunting situation, a warm afternoon on the open tundra in northern Quebec or the hottest, muggiest dawn in the dank swamps of Louisiana. Three Bug Tamer. — “Shannon Outdoors Inc - 3d Bug Tamer Parka W/hood 2x - 3d”,
  • Wonderfully absorbent and still grippy even when wet, this tape lets you go gloveless on the hottest, muggiest days and allows you to maintain a strong grip even while wearing thick gloves in a cold ra. — “Gear & Bike Reviews: The Cinelli Gel Cork tape Review at”,
  • Being stuck in a police van on one of the muggiest days of the summer would be any ***ager's worst nightmare. At least, that's what one would think. But the onx ***s were all smiles, all cooped up in the vehicle last Tuesday. — “NYPD youth league championship showcases cricket's growing”,
  • even on the muggiest summer evening. Published on Fri Aug 01 10:21:42 BST 2008. The last of three Italian restaurants in Leopold Square should appeal to the younger set, says Lesley Draper. RESTAURANTS in Sheffield are becoming rather like the proverbial buses – they all come along at once. — “Popolo's cool... even on the muggiest summer evening - Food”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Muggiest - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • I lived in PR for 18 years. August is terrific beach weather-you will definetely get a lot of sun, and you will WANT to be in the water-it's the hottest, muggiest month of the year on the island, though September is a close second. Actual. — “Weather in Puerto Rico for August? I booked my tickets to”,
  • Muggiest definition, (of the atmosphere, weather, etc.) oppressively humid; damp and close. See more. — “Muggiest | Define Muggiest at ”,
  • Adjective: muggy (muggier,muggiest) mú-gee. Hot or warm and humid " steamy, sticky. Derived forms: muggier, muggiest. See also: wet. Nearest. mug file. — “muggy, muggier, muggiest- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • A hot and muggy week is wrapping up with some of the muggiest weather we've seen this summer. The steamy conditions come just when high school athletes start practice. The Xavier High School Varsity Football Team. — “High School Athletes Tackle High Temperatures | KCRG-TV9”,
  • Dog days of summer are the muggiest days of the summer and generally are considered to occur from July 2 to Aug 11. Wonder where that term came from? Ancient Egyptians. Before smog, lights and construction obscured the night sky, people. — “Dog Days of Summer”,
  • It's often used to describe the hottest and muggiest days of summer, from mid-July through mid-August. Because it is such a bright star, ancient people thought it added heat to the sun, causing the hottest and muggiest days of the summer. — “Perfection to come | Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS)”,

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  • Image Copyright c 2006 Tim Warris Here is a Before and After compliation Image Copyright c 2006 Tim Warris Fortunately we were blessed with the hottest and muggiest weather we have ever had here and that made the entire job that much more sliming Starting
  • and I have to say that that was the hottest muggiest most uncomfortable Faire I have ever been to Usually this faire is pretty nice as far as that goes because it is in a woods but it had rained all week and though it was sunny on Saturday the entire place had been turned into a mud bog swamp I think they would have to come up with a new scale to describe the
  • fan to help stir the air on the muggiest of days like today I m sure to take a rest from gardening and get a glass of sweet tea Some days I bring my laptop out and chit chat from the swing All the cushions come off easily for washing I don t like to sit on dirty or mildewed cushions Mildew hasn t been a problem the last two years cause of the drought but this year is a whole
  • If there is such a thing as tornado season in this part of the country we re in the thick of it now In Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey and Maryland July is the month with the most reported tornadoes This isn t surprising because on average July is our hottest and muggiest month That means
  • Not much of a choice but return to camp at just about the hottest and muggiest time of the day late afternoon Paul s bike was running rough so after he removed his panels I checked the
  • humidity A time many people refer to as the dog days the hottest and muggiest days of the year What is the origin of this expression and why is it associated with weather Click on image to enlarge Actually the expression dog days of summer has more of a celestial connection The ancients imagined many animal constellations

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  • High Humidity Retro Hairstyles~ Option One~ Structured Ponytail Great option for high humidity days...I wore this on one of the hottest and muggiest... it didnt budge! See my blog for product info etc.: Music: Oh What a Beautiful Morning-Gordon McCray from 'Oklahoma' Give Me Back My Wig-The Domestic Bumblebees Mad At You-Gizelle
  • "Egging out at Eighty Mile Beach" Darren_annette's photos around Eighty Mile Beach, Australia Preview of Darren_annette's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Eighty Mile Beach, Australia Entry Title: "Egging out at Eighty Mile Beach" Entry: "We weren't sure what to expect from Eighty Mile Beach. On the map, it looked like an ordinary beach in the middle of nowhere, but we'd seen it on some travel show and it sounded awesome -- your typical beach getaway with not much else to do besides swim, sleep, relax, fish and walk on the beach. Bring it on! On the other hand, we heard a cyclone had gone right over the top of it last December and it had received a bit of damage, so we weren't sure what the grounds of the caravan park itself would be like. I'm happy to say, we really enjoyed it. We arrived late one afternoon on the muggiest day we'd had yet. Getting the tent organised left us practically swimming in our own sweat but by the time that was done, the breeze was in, and things were looking ok. Our dinner was interrupted by a lone fruit bat circling our campsite. He was very cool and didn't seem to mind having a couple of pictures taken. We think he was attracted by a pineapple that had gotten a bit hot in the back of the ute while we were travelling so the smell was really strong (and incidentally bought in a heap of moths too). After dinner, we noticed all these hermit crabs were coming out their hiding spots to do their thing. They were ...
  • Electric Ladyland Hooping on the Deck We hit the deck on the hottest, muggiest day in NYC with no audible music... all things considered, we had an absoulte blast!!
  • Rain Delay We have fired up the grill on the muggiest summer evenings, and the snowiest winter days. But with a monster storm like this, approaching from the west, we decided it would be in our best interest to hold off on another "night Q". Sorry 'bout that!
  • Winslow, Steve, and Dakota Make A Fire - Shirtless Edition On the muggiest, hottest damn day of the year, we tripped down to the sewers and mixed up a bunch of nonsense.
  • David Nugent scores for England Nugent opens his account for England the first PNE player to score for England since ..... many years!
  • L0lWut Bank lewwwwwttttt After getting hacked for 70m, and my bank twice. I made it back thanks to some froob@@@@@@@@ Amenti is da bawssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • The Adventures of The World's Muggiest Open Auditions I'm creating a new stop motion series with my spare time and I'm having open auditions for characters. For auditioning information go here: For more info. on the series go here:

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  • “Each time I travel, I am reminded how vast America is and how incredibly varied the climates are. My new project has me in the South, where the food and weather couldn't be more different. I have gone from the coldest winter of my life (13”
    — Going to Extremes: August 16, 2010,

  • “The Dog Days of Summer Everyone knows that the "dog days of summer" occur during the hottest and muggiest part of the season. Webster defines "dog by Farmers' Almanac Staff | Friday, July 8th, 2005 | From: Farmers' Almanac Blog”
    — The Dog Days of Summer | Farmers' Almanac,

  • “Mosquito saliva is responsible for the itchiness caused by their bites. like," and I could stand outside in the muggiest weather at sunset without a problem while everyone around”
    — Itchiness from Mosquito Bites is an Allergy,

  • “Promotional products blog, news, articles, press releases, ask a marketing guru, and marketing ideas in the Promopeddler Blog! The first shirt is made by Page and Tuttle and the fine featherweight pique feels soooo good and will hold up even in the muggiest conditions of the deep South”
    — Promotional Blog - Promotional Products - Promotional Blog,

  • “Blog story. PermalLink URL for this story: http://www.shanghaidaily. In July" by US poet Evaleen Stein (1863-1923) Wang Zhiyu In these hottest, muggiest”
    — Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 -- English Window to China News,

  • “Her email raises an important question that I thought was worth raising in this forum: It was the muggiest day of the week in Tel-Aviv and Noa's car was a sauna”
    — Americans for Peace Now: Blog Archives,

  • “If you chose not to have the Clipmarks logo and link in this blog post, select "Don't include" here. css rules yourself, select this option and copy this stylesheet into your blog template”
    — Clipmarks | Share This Clip,

  • “Perfect timing - as today was one of the hottest (and muggiest) days of the Summer (Huge thanks to The guys at Open House A Heelarious Blog. A blog about extremely funny, completely soft shoes for babies 0-6 months designed to look”
    — A Heelarious Experience - Heelarious Blog " Pink,

  • “Collectors' Quest is interactive community and marketplace for the collectible community. Showcase your collections, meet other collectors and buy, sell or trade with others. Find out the latest happenings in your own collectible community”
    — Renegade Craft Fair 2008 : Brooklyn | Collectors' Quest,

  • “WGN Weather Center Blog. WGN-TV Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling and the WGN Weather Center staff provide daily coverage of Muggiest air in weeks to spawn clusters of storms. By. wgnweather. on”
    Muggiest air in weeks to spawn clusters of storms - WGN,

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