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  • Beautiful pictures of more than twenty different species of monkeys, apes and other primates from around the world including Baboons, Chimpanzees, Gibbons, Gorillas, Lemurs, Marmosets, Macaques, and Orangutans. — “Pictures of Monkeys, Monkey Facts”,
  • Monkeys are divided into two geographically separate groups - the New World monkeys of South America and the Old World monkeys, found in Africa and Asia. The Old World monkeys include some terrestrial species such as the baboons, while New World monkeys are exclusively arboreal. — “Monkey facts and trivia”,
  • Educational, Zoological, Classification Information on Monkeys with Pictures, Desktop Wallpaper and Backgrounds. — “Information on Monkey Species”,
  • Agile and acrobatic monkeys easily leap through the forest but are often difficult to see and study. Monkeys belong to a larger group of mammals called primates. — “Monkeys”,
  • Monkeys how to articles and videos including How Can I Be a Foster Parent for Baby Monkeys?, The Mangabey Diet, Information on Baboons and much more!. — “Monkeys - How To Information | ”,
  • Infinite Monkeys & Company designs, develops, and markets an eclectic mix of software development tools, software testing tools, and network security Infinite Monkeys & Company also provides contract software development and testing services to the commercial. — “Infinite Monkeys & Company”,
  • Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent and, unlike apes, monkeys usually have The New World monkeys are classified within the parvorder Platyrrhini, whereas the Old World monkeys (superfamily Cercopithecoidea) form part of the parvorder Catarrhini, which also includes the apes. — “Monkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • monkey n. , pl. , -keys . Any of various long-tailed, medium-sized members of the order Primates, including the macaques, baboons, guenons, Monkeys are hard to characterize as a group because of their great diversity, and because much of the discussion reflects a comparison with the apes. — “monkey: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • All about monkeys. Includes info on monkey facts, types of monkeys, smallest monkey, marmoset monkeys, endangered monkeys, monkey habitat, tamarin monkey, what do monkeys eat, african monkey, and more. — “Monkey Facts - Your Online Source for Facts About Monkeys”,
  • Get pictures of spider monkeys, baboons, macaques, and more in this monkeys photo gallery from National Geographic. — “Monkey Photos -- National Geographic”,
  • Monkeys Questions including "Where can you buy a pet pygmy marmoset in the United States" and "I need unlock codes for petz monkey house and i need all of them". — “ - Monkeys Questions including "Where can you buy”,
  • There are several differences between monkeys and apes, but the most obvious difference Monkeys and apes have thumbs that are higher up on the palm than the rest of the fingers. — “Watching Howler Monkeys at the Zoo - National Zoo| FONZ”,
  • They are the Platyrrhini (New World monkeys) and the Catarrhini (Old World monkeys, apes, and humans). These two diverse groups of species can be distinguished from each other most easily based on the form of their noses and by the number of specific types of teeth. — “The Primates: Monkeys”,
  • Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, live in the mountains of Japan and survive cold winters. Monkey societies and social interactions have been studied carefully and for extended periods of time. — “Monkeys”,
  • Interesting monkeys facts, including their social and moral qualities and their unique physical and mental capacities. — “40 Random Facts about Monkeys”,
  • Sue Boinski, a professor of anthropology and comparative medicine at the University of Florida, has spent the past 20 years observing squirrel monkeys in Central and South America. The second-growth forest that squirrel monkeys prefer for the plentiful soft fruits and insects is rapidly disappearing. — “Costa Rica Hotels, Manuel Antonio Hotels, Beach Hotels”,
  • Monkeys today are a member of two of the three groups of simian primates, the New World monkeys and the Old World monkeys, of which there are 264 known species. The facial features of each group of monkeys also differ substantially; however, there are a number of shared features as well. — “Monkey, Monkeys, Monkey Pictures at ”,
  • Monkeys are primates; there are over 200 species of monkeys. Learn more about monkeys at HowStuffWorks. — “HowStuffWorks "Monkeys"”,
  • A monkey is a member of either of two of the three groupings of simian primates. These three groupings are the New World monkeys, the Old World monkeys, and the apes. The New World monkeys are classified within the parvorder Platyrrhini, whereas. — “Monkeys - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Encyclopedia article about monkeys. Information about monkeys in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “monkeys definition of monkeys in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Get fun and interesting monkey facts in an easy-to-read style from the San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes. Buy tickets online and plan a visit to the Zoo or Wild Animal Park. Enjoy games, animal cams and videos, and online shopping. — “San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Monkey”,
  • Monkeys are mammals with long tails and are classified into Old World Primates and New World Primates. We find gibbons for sale in pet stores, however, what are gibbon monkeys?. — “Monkeys | ”,
  • Monkeys in Costa Rica four species of monkeys in Costa Rica. The list includes: howler, spider, white-faced (capuchin) and squirrel. Monkeys in Costa Rica — Appearance. The smallest and most endangered monkey in Costa Rica is the squirrel monkey. — “Monkeys in Costa Rica”, itravel-

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  • Irish dancing monkeys Monkeys can also dance. And the music they prefer is Irish Step! Brought to you by
  • Jonathan Coulton performs Code Monkey Unplugged Singer & songwriter Jonathan Coulton performs "Code Monkey."
  • The Monkees - I'm a Believer [official music video] The Monkees - I'm a Believer 31 december, 1966. Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society
  • 12 Monkeys Trailer Trailer for the movie 12 Monkeys.
  • Monkey taunts tigers cheeky gibbon taunts cubs (better than other versions - higher-res, less graphics)
  • Monkey Newest "Silly Song" from Big Idea, the makers of VeggieTales. This song can be seen on newest DVD entitled, "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's" -- in stores 10.9.07. For more details visit /wwoh
  • 12 Monkeys In the year 2035, convict James Cole (Bruce Willis) volunteers reluctantly to be sent back in time by scientists to discover the origin of a deadly virus that wiped out nearly all of the earth's population decades earlier. But when Cole is sent mistakenly to 1990 instead of 1996, he's arrested and locked up in a mental hospital, where he meets a psychiatrist (Madeleine Stowe) and the son (Brad Pitt) of a famous virus expert (Christopher Plummer).
  • Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm (2007) Video for the single 'Brianstorm'. First single to be released from forthcoming album Favourite Worst Nightmare, out April 2007.
  • Super chill monkey does Hollywood Super chill monkey does Hollywood in style.
  • Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) - Parry Gripp On iTunes: You can see the original video here:
  • 5 Monkeys Start with a cage containing 5 monkeys.... this story illustrates how human society keeps doing the same things over and over again because - "that's the way things have always been done around here". Artwork and Music Produced by Peter Zaza Special thanks to David Dees for the use of his poster in this video
  • Monkey cooperation and fairness A pair of capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) show very compelling signs of cooperation and a sense of fairness, by working together to solve a problem using tools, and then sharing the reward. They also seem to understand fairness: when unequal rewards are given to one monkey and not another, the monkey receiving the lesser treat would rather go hungry than accept anything less than an equal reward. The token exchange from the latter half of the video is interesting in and of itself; I'm sure it took a lot of training. There is another example of its usage by the same experimenter here: From the BBC documentary "Capuchins: The Monkey Puzzle", narrated by the ever brilliant Sir David Attenborough. More Information:
  • Arctic Monkeys - A view from the afternoon
  • Trunk Monkey Compilation Compilation of Trunk Monkeys - a Suburban Auto Group Ad
  • Five Little Monkeys! Original music for a classic children's rhyme. Visit for lyrics, gesture ideas, and more 5LM videos! Join us on Facebook: Song = Five Little Monkeys Album = Super Simple Songs Five little monkeys jumping on the bed One fell off and bumped his head Momma called the doctor and the doctor said "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" W"Where Can I Get Super Simple Learning materials?" International Shop (All Countries): 日本 (Japan): 대한민국 (South Korea): 中華民國 (Taiwan): Polska (Poland): España (Spain): České Republice (Czech Republic): Deutschland (Germany): Chile:
  • Arctic Monkeys - 'Cornerstone' (Official Video) (2009) Arctic Monkeys release Cornerstone, the second single from their recent, number 1 album Humbug on Monday the 16th of November 2009.
  • kissing monkeys(very funny) watch this video, it is really funny. recommended
  • monkey
  • Arctic Monkeys -- Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair 'Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair' available from iTunes now 7"/10" and Mp3 Digital Bundle Available from 30th May - www.arcticmonkeys-
  • Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning (official video) (2009) Crying Lightning, the first single from Arctic Monkeys new album, Humbug
  • Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker (2007) Director Roman Coppola headed into the studio with Arctic Monkeys to capture the spirit of new single, Teddy Picker performed live
  • Code Monkey This was an animation that was done in about 2 1/2 weeks. My friend Tom Weiser and I wanted to put together a short for a free ASIFA event. We are both fans of Jonathan Coulton so we figured a music video would be fun. I know Code Monkey already has a lot of videos made of it, but having worked as a web design/developer for the government...well how could I not?! I hope everyone enjoys it.
  • Arctic Monkeys - 'Fluorescent Adolescent' (2007) Great new video from Sheffield's finest! Enjoy the clowns!
  • Code Monkey AMV This AMV features the song Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton, using footage from the anime Black Heaven. It was a finalist at Anime Expo 2007 AMV Contest. At Animazement 2007 it won Best in Show. I've heard it did well at Dragoncon 2007 A lot of people ask where the song is available, you can buy it at Jonathan Coulton's website for 0.99 or from itunes for the same price. Its released under the Creative Commons license, which grants use for projects like this. Thanks Jonathan! Others have asked about the anime, Legend of Black Heaven. This anime is about a man who was in a rock band in his younger days, but they broke up as the members grew up and got married. Years later, in a dead end job and dull marriage, he's approached by aliens who want him to play his music to save them...
  • Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys! - Weird Nature - BBC animals In the Caribbean, Vervet Monkeys have developed a taste for alcohol and can regularly be spotted stealing ***tails from humans on the beach. Brilliant wildlife video from BBC animal show 'Weird Nature'.
  • Trunk Monkey Compilation See video responses for the newer trunk monkey commercials. Updated to current videos as of 10/14/2007. New compilation coming sometime soon.
  • Monkey babysitter A monkey in Dhenk*** protects and takes care of a twenty-four day old human baby when his mother is engaged in household chores. The monkey comes to the house in the morning and spends the whole day taking care of the baby and at times even sleeps in the house with the little one. This incidence has become the talk of the town and the locals are also surprised, though pleasantly protects and takes care of a twenty-four day old human baby when his mother is engaged in household chores. The monkey comes to the house in the morning and spends the whole day taking care of the baby and at times even sleeps in the house with the little one. This incidence has become the talk of the town and the locals are also surprised, though pleasantly
  • Arctic Monkeys - Fake Tales Of San Francisco (2006) Video for the Arctic Monkeys single "Fake Tales Of San Francisco".
  • Baboons wading through water - Planet Earth - BBC animals & wildlife Sir David Attenborough and the natural history team behind BBC natural world epic 'Planet Earth' examine life on the Great Plains in this animal video. Watch as the African plains move from a desert wasteland to a world of feast and plenty with so much water flowing onto the barren ground that the baboons are forced to wade uncomfortably through the water.
  • Career Builder Ads, Monkeys
  • What we are Dance Monkeys Dance by Ernest Cline -
  • Monkey Love. Baboons on a car humping, Jonnyethco belongs on Adult Swim, and Miranda still can't sing. Plus, if you could kick anybody's ass, who would it be? ******************* Jonnyethco's channel: Miranda's channel: Full video of the baboons humping on the car: The Equals Three theme song "Fasho" was written and performed by Traphik aka Timothy DelaGhetto. Download the song from iTunes here: The song is used WITH the written consent of the artist. Also, check out Traphik's Youtube channel here:
  • Howler Monkeys Don't tell these howler monkeys to pipe down. They won't unless there sleeping, which is about 15 hours a day. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Code Monkey This is a music video about the life of the common lowlands code monkey. Jonathan Coulton is a singer/songwriter who releases his songs via the Creative Commons license, which enables projects such as this video. Through his "Thing A Week" podcast, Jonathan has put out a clever, creative song like this one every week for a year. Mike Spiff Booth is a Program Manager at Adobe who though this great song really deserved a video. Before you ask, since apes, goblins, and night elf receptionists don't tend to interact much in the wild, I couldn't only use captured game footage to make this video. Every frame of this video was composited together by hand using images captured from the WoW Model Viewer, WoW Map Viewer, and the World of Warcraft game itself. No monkeys were harmed in the making of this film. Please visit for more information about my videos, including info about how I make them. The song at the end of the video is "Big Bad World One", another great Jonathan Coulton song.
  • Monkey See Monkey Do™ - Pilot Episode This ain't your Great Grand-Pop's Passive TV. Monkey See Monkey Do will have the tykes at home wagging their tails and flapping their wings all over the TV room. Animated animals and live-action children groove together in this boogying jungle game. Each episode features our monkey host who invites kids to discover, imitate and then dance along with the animal guest of the day. Then everyone sings and dances like a partying jungle kingdom. Warning: Grown-ups are not immune to these highly infectious rhythms. Visit Monkey's Facebook page: Be the first of your friends to like this!
  • Monkey waiters A Japanese restaruant has two new employees and they pay them peanuts.
  • Monkeys
  • Waterskiing Monkeys Meet Momoko and Lilly, the waterskiing Japanese macaques. Why don't you come and join us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our videos and other animal stories!! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Tumblr: More strange animal stories:
  • Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench Music video by Foo Fighters performing Monkey Wrench. (C) 1995 Roswell Records, Inc
  • Arctic Monkeys- Leave Before The Lights Come On (2006) Video for Arctic Monkeys single 'Leave Before The Lights Come On'
  • Arctic Monkeys - My Propeller (2010) Official video for Arctic Monkeys 'My Propeller' from 'Humbug' out now on Domino. Directed by Thirty Two.
  • Drunk Monkeys Monkeys steal food, drink homemade liquor, and cause all sorts of mayhem.

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