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  • sitemap.module - an XML utility to generate website site maps in XML, suitable for web site management at Google & Yahoo sitemaps. Modulus provides tools and applications to consultancies and website developers. — “Modulus sitemap.module: Tools & Applications for”, .au
  • Encyclopedia article about Modulus. Information about Modulus in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. young's modulus, modulus of elasticity, elastic modulus. — “Modulus definition of Modulus in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Graphite guitars and basses (including the Flea Bass). — “Modulus Guitars”,
  • modulus furniture , based in pawtucket RI, specializes in american-made, affordable and unique furniture. — “Modulus Furniture”,
  • Modulus' track record of innovation, high touch customer service and quality standards are our hallmarks. Modulus' expertise in implantable devices is built on almost four decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of high reliability,. — “Modulus, Inc”,
  • Elastic modulus is sometimes called Young's modulus after Thomas Young who published the concept back in 1807. The modulus of elasticity for a material is basically the slope of its stress-strain plot within the elastic range (as shown in Figure 1). — “Elastic Modulus - Pavement Interactive”,
  • Buy modulus, Sporting Goods items on eBay. Find great deals on Musical Instruments, Business Industrial items and get what you want now!. — “modulus items - Get great deals on Sporting Goods, Musical”,
  • Modulus is a function object. Specifically, it is an Adaptable Binary Function. If f is an object of class modulus and x and y are objects of class T, then f(x,y) returns x%y. Example. Each element in V3 will be the modulus of the corresponding elements in V1 and V2. — “modulus”,
  • Resilient Modulus (Mr) is a fundamental material property used to characterize unbound pavement materials. It is a measure of material stiffness and provides a mean to ***yze stiffness of materials under different conditions, such as moisture,. — “Resilient Modulus”,
  • Modulus Financial Engineering - home of Stock Chart X ActiveX and the cross platform TA-SDK Technical ***ysis library. — “Technical ***ysis and Charting Products by Modulus Financial”,
  • Using the DESIGN + BUILD model for construction means that Modulus Design can deliver a project from concept to completion with a high degree of accountability. Modulus Design is a Design Firm and a Licensed General Contractor (GB98) with project managers, superintendents, a field crew and shop crew. — “Modulus Design - DESIGN.BUILD.FABRICATE - MODULUS DESIGN”,
  • Modulus definition, a coefficient pertaining to a physical property. See more. — “Modulus | Define Modulus at ”,
  • modulus is a unique and innovative architecture, design, and interiors firm that creates poetic and harmonious spaces from offices in both san jose california and richmond virginia. — “M O D U L U S”,
  • Modulus Manufacturers & Modulus Suppliers Directory - Find a Modulus Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Modulus Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Modulus-Modulus Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Modulus robot, a household robot. The modulo operator (%, mod, etc.) of various programming languages. Modulus watch brand in Switzerland. Only few project watch in Manufacture A. Reymond has been built in 1969 in this name.Now name is Auguste Reymond watches. — “Modulus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of modulus from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of modulus. Pronunciation of modulus. Definition of the word modulus. Origin of the word modulus. — “modulus - Definition of modulus at ”,
  • is informally called the modulus operator, (sometimes called mod or modulo) though mathematicians and serious computer scientists would beg to differ, it is a remainder operator not a modulus. The JLS correctly refers to it as a remainder operator. — “modulus : Java Glossary”,
  • modulus n. , pl. , -li ( ). ( Abbr. m or M ) Physics . A quantity that expresses the degree to which a substance possesses a property, such as. — “modulus: Definition from ”,
  • In solid mechanics, Young's modulus, also known as the tensile modulus, is a measure of Modulus Guitars is an American manufacturer of musical instruments, most notably bass. — “Modulus”,
  • modulus (plural moduli) (mathematics) The base with respect to which a congruence is computed. (mathematics) The absolute value of a complex number. (physics) A coefficient that expresses how much of a certain property is possessed by a certain substance. — “modulus - Wiktionary”,
  • Modulus provides premium post production services for film and music industries including: Sound Mixing, Color Correction, DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring, CD Mastering, 5.1 Surround Sound, and Disc Duplication. — “Welcome to Modulus Studios”,
  • Definition of modulus in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of modulus. Pronunciation of modulus. Translations of modulus. modulus synonyms, modulus antonyms. Information about modulus in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. young's. — “modulus - definition of modulus by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Learn about Modulus on . Find info and videos including: How to Calculate Modulus, What Is Bulk Modulus?, How to Calculate Elastic Modulus and much more. — “Modulus - ”,

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  • Adham Shaikh - Organism 01 - Modulus Published by Esoteric Music 1994 Vancouver Canada. Cryogenic Studio
  • Modulus Vintage J: A Demonstration On The Merits Of Carbon Owen O'Malley borrows his sister's Modulus Vintage J to demonstrate this high quality bass guitar's four-string prominence. Now that everybody knows, he isn't ever going to let this bass go. See more on .
  • Rush Freewill Bass, Modulus FB4, Ampeg SVT, Sansamp I messed up the middle a bit, but in a band, this is how I play it.. drums get rushed live.. I will upload a better version possibly some other day. I generally nail this song end to end. Love the middle part. Love Rush as players and as songwriters. I can play this song better, and have numerous times. I will upload another version some other time.
  • understanding modulus of elasticity.MP4 this video gives the concept of the modulus of elasticity.
  • Modulus Eigenvalue - Illusion Of Relative Sanity MOdulus Eigenvalue - Illusion of Relative Sanity
  • IDP TV - Ben Wilmore - The Modulus System Inside Digital Photo TV - Ben Willmore Explains Think Tank's Modulus System See Photographer, Photoshop Author, Trainer and Guru of Digital Mastery's Ben Willmore explain the elements and how to use Think Tank Photo's unique Modulus Belt System. Ben shows how this unique and flexible camera gear helps him access and change to the the right lens for each image in seconds ensuring that he never misses the opportunity to capture that perfect shot! Learn more about the Modulus System at: . Find out more about Ben's books, courses and whereabouts at http or
  • Modulus profile Company profile
  • MODULUS™ Security System 1010S & 1018S Bracket Mounting locations on a MODULUS™ 1010S & 1018S Security System bracket mounting locations. This is a visual guide video that will show 3 examples for each system were you can mount the lock and secure the cable(s). Note:On the 1010S system attachments, the last image will show both cables wrapped together for a single point of attachment.
  • Complex Numbers: Graphing and Finding the Modulus, Ex 1 Complex Numbers: Graphing and Finding the Modulus, Ex 1. In this video, I show how to graph a complex number and how to find the modulus of a complex number.
  • Lecture 26_ Elasticity - Young's Modulus.mp4
  • Bulk Modulus Free Science Help at Brightstorm! How substances behave when their volume is compressed.
  • Young Modulus The Young Modulus Revision for AS Mechanics
  • Rush Natural Science Bass, Modulus FB4, Ampeg, Sansamp Modulus FB 4, Sansamp. I don't know this note for note, but used to... I also play the 2nd parts differently than Geddy, but use the same notes. I find it easier to hop around lower down the neck. This song is always challenging, but above all, is simply a great song. I had everything up too loud, a bit distorted for the camera.
  • Modulus T Conveyor System The revolutionary Modulus-T conveyor System is a versatile solution to your production line troubles which can be tailored to suit most applications. The Modulus-T conveyor system is easy to erect, maintain and keep clean. Various standard sizes ensure you can order the correct size for your application. Fast delivery is available for easy self assembly or it can be supplied fully built, ready to run. Food Grade PU belt, Stainless Steel Construction, Motors and panels are sealed to IP65, easy to clean, fully removable belt, true modular design, true tracking belt, choice of incline, end drive or mid drive designs.
  • Lec-5 Track Modulus, Stresses in Track Lecture Series on Transportation Engineering - II by Dr.Rajat Rastogi, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • The Police Secret Journey Bass, Ampeg, Modulus FB4, Sansamp Secret Journey Bass Police. Amazing song. Sting uses his bassline to sound like an incoming spaceship (if you ask me). Sting can make the complex sound simple in terms of writing. And the guitarist (Andy Summers) has influenced Alex Lifeson, my fav, in so many different ways it's not funny. This is a bit distorted because everything was turned up a bit loud.. and the video is compressed. Some other time I will re-play this and re-upload. I learned this song because it's one of my fav Police songs. I just love this band and this song.
  • Suffragette City David Bowie Bass Ampeg SVT, Modulus FB4, Sansamp Playing bass with Suffragette City. No matter what I do, I have trouble getting the perfect mix of music and bass. The mix is so distorted and raw (which is good) that I had to turn the treble down on the playback, then upped the bass. I love this song. David Bowie has had much influence on people's playing.
  • Journey Don't Stop Believin' Bass, Ampeg, Modulus FB4, Sansamp Journey's bass player, Ross Valory, is incredibly underrated. The distortion in this clip occurred because I had everything up far too loud for the camera's microphone intake. I don't always play this song note for note, but it's a great song. The bass line during the piano is often skipped by bass players playing this live.. it almost sounds better without the bass behind the piano.. Amazing song.
  • Modulus as Ernald Modulus Eigenvalue as Ernald Davis at Pooprock 2006
  • Physics IV D1 Mechanical Transducers: Young's Modulus
  • Shear Modulus
  • Java Tutorial 7 : Switch, Else If, Modulus Covering more conditional expressions - the Switch statement, else if statements and a new arithmetic operator, the modulus (%) operator
  • Shag noodles Modulus at Fearless Guitars Just an afternoon on one of many fine basses at FEARLESSS GUITARS
  • Elastic Modulus Free Science Help at Brightstorm! How elastic substances behave and return to their original states.
  • Modulus VJ - Solo Bass II Some more solo doodlings on my Modulus VJ bass (strung with Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Rounds), recorded direct this time.
  • ANULAB Bridge Bearing Testing - Shear Modulus of Elastomeric Bearing Pads as per IRC 83 Third party acceptance test of elastomeric bearing pad of size 500x400x96 mm for Shear Modulus test as per IRC 83 Part 2 & MORTH Clause 2005. The dimensions of specimen are 200x200 mm. ANULAB AGRA is the only lab in the counrty to have this test facility. About Elastomeric Bearing Pads:- A bridge basically consists of bridge deck supported by piers. In order to avoid damage by movements of thermal expansion, vehicular movement, loading to piers,bridge bearings are used to accommodate these movements so as to reduce reaction forces and bending movement to within safety limits of structure. Neoprene as well as Natural Rubber is an ideal engineering material for bridge bearings as it is highly elastic and sufficiently soft to accommodate these movements without transmitting harmful stress and also it absorbs and isolates energy from impacts and vibrations. Bridge bearings are devices for transferring loads and movements from deck to piers.
  • Modulus VJ - Solo Bass Some solo doodlings on my Modulus VJ bass (strung with Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Rounds), through a Phil Jones Briefcase on battery power. Threw in the shorter video at the beginning because it shows off the tone a little better. This bass has some serious punch and sustain!
  • quick test on pink modulus Flea bass Wah come over to my shop for a pickup replace, and i did that snap record of his slap move
  • Complex Numbers: Graphing and Finding the Modulus, Ex 2 Complex Numbers: Graphing and Finding the Modulus, Ex 2. In this video, I show how to graph another complex number and how to find its modulus.
  • The Cure Like ***atoos Bass, Modulus FB4, Ampeg SVT 3, Sansamp Like ***atoos The Cure Bass. I had not played this since.. when the record came out. I love this song and band. It's about the song for me.. not the technical side. I love this SONG.. above all, the Cure are OUTSTANDING songwriters.
  • Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson's Ratio of Concrete in Compression - ASTM C469 This test shows a concrete compression test performed according to ASTM C469 - Standard Test Method for Static Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson's Ratio of Concrete in Compression To read more please visit: More test videos and how to's:
  • MODULUS™ 1010S Security System In-Use Noose MODULUS™ 1010S Security System front & rear lock-up of a bicycle to a fixed object.
  • Rush Spirit of Radio Bass, Modulus FB4, Ampeg, SVT Pro, Sansamp Spirit of Radio, Rush, Bass, Modulus, love this song and its feel. One of the best drum vs bass songs I have ever heard... locked together incredibly well. I can play this far better than what resulted here. I also skip the higher E-note (octave) because I never liked it live when I played this in a band. I just forget, nowadays, to add it in. I generally get the ending far smoother than here.. also I used to use a compressor (EBS) live to really make the end perfect. I don't use a compressor anymore. I was asked to play this live and instead of driving all the way to an audition, I wanted to put this up first, see what the people thought, then decide. Thank you for watching (it went well and we are playing).
  • Rush Tom Sawyer Bass, Modulus FB4, Ampeg, Sansamp Modulus, treble down, Sansamp, Ampeg SVT3, FB4, Lane Poor pickup. Love Rush. One day, I will upload a more energetic version of this. I was a bit nervous during this and almost tripped over a dog toy right before the guitar solo.. I think I covered that pretty well. It was a dog bone, actually.
  • James Ross @ Modulus 4 Jazz - Practicing Dynamics, Tone Practicing for the attributes of dynamics, tone and precision, down in the Bass-ment. 4 String Modulus Jazz Bass as well as 4 String Fender Jazz Marcus Miller Signature Series.
  • Elastic Modulus, Young's Modulus Elastic Modulus, Young's Modulus
  • Elastic Modulus, Young's Modulus
  • MAGNUS MODULUS The Magnus Modulus is an echo, tremolo, chorus, and boost pedal for electric guitar and other electric instruments. It is based on the PT2399 IC.
  • Modulus Q5 Electric Bass (Sunburst Sienna) SPECIFICATIONS: Model: Q5 Color: Sunburst Sienna Body:Alder Body with 5A Flame Maple Top Neck: Quantum 5 Neck, 19mm Spacing w/ Phenolic Fingerboard Hardware Color: Black Jumbo 6155 Frets Hipshot Bridge Electronics: Bartolini M45C Pickups w/Aguilar OBP-3 3 Band Preamp INCLUDES HARDSHELL CASE
  • Modulus Vertex 4 Electric Bass Designed with the marriage of reliability and affordability in mind, the brand new Vertex4 is turning heads everywhere! Versatile enough for any gig, the Vertex4 offers a modern update to the classic carbon-fiber neck made famous by Modulus over 30 years ago. The Vertex4 is built around our world-famous carbon fiber neck, which provides the sonic clarity and day-to-day reliability professional musicians have come to expect from Modulus. Coupled with a lightweight alder body, the shape and balance of this bass make it an excellent choice for the player who wants more from their gear. At a special introductory price, some may wonder whether the Vertex4 is an import model made "elsewhere" with components that lack inspiration and quality. But make no mistake - this bass is pure Modulus from the bottom strap button to the tip of the headstock! Made by hand at our California factory alongside the world-renowned Quantum, Vintage J and Funk Unlimited models, the Vertex4 is produced with the same precision and attention to detail that helped to define Modulus' reputation for quality. Yet the balance of striking modern looks with classic design, and crystal-clear tone at an amazingly low price, the Vertex4 will be glad to speak for itself. FEATURES: Double cutaway alder body 22 fret, 34" scale carbon fiber bolt-on neck Composite fingerboard Chrome hardware Bartolini Soapbar pickup with passive volume & tone controls .56" wide @ the nut, 2.45" wide at the 22nd ...
  • Measuring Young's modulus by the deflection of a cantilever Measuring Young's modulus by the deflection of a cantilever, From TLP: Thermal expansion and the bi-material strip, Courtesy of DoITPoMS, The University of Cambridge. Released under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike licence
  • Physics of Life - Fun with Youngs Modulus

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  • “Official Blog. Deflection of a Beam – Young's Modulus. by bpearson on its length, and to determine Young's modulus by the method of flexure”
    — Deflection of a Beam – Young's Modulus — Cenco Physics,

  • “modulus blog. Modulus provides tools and applications to consultancies and website developers; including Business Process Management e-books. modulus blog is powered by WordPress. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Copyright © 2008 Modulus Pty. Ltd”
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  • “Forum Question: Flexural modulus? In this case, it is the Young's modulus (E) that we are tring to find. For most metals, since the stress-strain curves are roughly straight all the way to failure, only one number E is need to describe the the material's stress/strain relationship”
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