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  • A mistimed clearance from Addicks centre-back Karen Hills subsequently fell to Danni Bird, who pounced to drive the ball wide of the target. In particular, Pietersen, who plays a slightly mistimed on-drive which rolls down the Lord's slope for four. — “Use mistimed in a sentence | mistimed sentence examples”,
  • Mistimed pregnancy. Percent of pregnancies that were mistimed (i.e., a pregnancy that the Percent distribution of mistimed pregnancies (leading to births or spontaneous loss in. — “NSFG - Listing M - Key Statistics from the National Survey of”, cdc.gov
  • Chris Riley, 43, from Bognor Regis, West Sus***, had been drinking with friends and family at the exclusive Sandbanks Hotel in Poole, Dorset, when he mistimed a two-foot jump from son Nicky's balcony to his own. — “Son watches as father plunges 40ft to death from third floor”,
  • Synonyms for mistimed. Other words for mistimed. Different words for mistimed. Antonyms of mistimed. — “mistimed - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Unintended pregnancies include unwanted pregnancies as well as those that are mistimed. A large proportion of induced abortions are due to unwanted or mistimed pregnancy.[3]. — “Unintended pregnancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Nomally used when someone attempts to do something impressive only to fail at it miserably. mistimed isn't defined yet. 1. Fliptrip. buy fliptrip mugs, tshirts and magnets. Nomally used when someone attempts to do something impressive only to fail at it miserably. — “Urban Dictionary: mistimed”,
  • Compliance with immunization recommendations goes beyond missed doses--administration of vaccines before the recommended age and/or too close together may add to suboptimal coverage, according to El Mistimed vaccines add to suboptimal protection.(Infectious Diseases). — “Mistimed vaccines add to suboptimal protection.(Infectious”,
  • this report, unintended pregnancies combine those. either mistimed or unwanted according to the last mistimed and 18% as unwanted. Contrary to myth, however, these poor women. accounted for. — “Microsoft Word - PRAMS brief.pregnancy intention.2003.3”, state.nj.us
  • The removal of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was expertly planned, but it may have been disastrously mistimed, writes the BBC's Stephen Gibbs. — “BBC NEWS | Americas | 'Mistimed coup' in Honduras?”,
  • This study relies on longitudinal prospective assessments of fertility intentions and behaviors of 1957 to 1961 birth cohorts of U.S. women to evaluate the correspondence between pregnancies explicitly reported as unwanted or mistimed and those. — “Life Course Dynamics of Unintended and Mistimed Pregnancies”,
  • Translations of mistimed. mistimed synonyms, mistimed antonyms. Information about mistimed in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. To time inaccurately or inappropriately; misjudge the timing of: The basketball team mistimed the final play and lost the game. — “mistimed - definition of mistimed by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of mistimed in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is mistimed? Meaning of mistimed as a legal term. What does mistimed mean in law?. — “mistimed legal definition of mistimed. mistimed synonyms by”, legal-
  • If by mistimed, it means that players such as Smith are slow, this is an incorrect use of the word. This notion of 'mistimed' tackles is a nonsense at Premier league level. — “Theo Walcott's quickness the root of his injuries says Wenger”,
  • Mistimed and unwanted childbearing are indicators of imperfect control over the reproductive For example, why would the level of mistimed and. unwanted fertility be low in Niger where total fertility rate (TFR) is 7.2 and only 5% of women aged. — “UN/POP/PFD/2001/5 4 June 2001 ENGLISH: ONLY”,
  • Overnight leader Kiira Korpi of Finland won the women's event, overcoming a fall and one mistimed jump in her free skate to narrowly hold off Americans Mirai Nagasu and Alissa Czisny, who Overnight leader Kiira Korpi of Finland won the women's event, overcoming a fall and one mistimed jump in. — “Kozuka and Korpi win Trophee Bompard - Connecticut Post”,
  • Viru is one of the most lethal batsmen in the world today. Ganesha, using Vedic astrology, predicts Virender Sehwag's performance in IPL-3 Ganesha foresees a mistimed 'Seh-whack' this IPL. A lethal right-handed batsman, Virender Sehwag is Team India's Robin Hood. He strikes the cricket ball with such. — “Ganesha foresees a mistimed 'Seh-whack' this IPL”,
  • My mistimed leap was declared a false start since I leaped before the gun. mistimed. Simple past tense and past participle of mistime. Retrieved. — “mistimed - Wiktionary”,
  • Mistimed Camshaft ****JavaScript based drop down DHTML menu generated by NavStudio. On opening up for inspection the badly damaged piston with a hole punched through it and the remains of two valve heads were found. — “Mistimed Camshaft”,
  • We found 6 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word mistimed: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "mistimed" is defined. — “Definitions of mistimed - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • The effects a mistimed shoe-sale can have over T-20. Gents ! Assume that on the day RCB is supposed to begin its victory march by ruthlessly mauling the Cobras, a cunning businessman schedules a shoe-sale for women near Chinnaswamy Stadium. Not. — “The Solitary Innings - Royal Challengers Bangalore Fan Club”,
  • RESULTS: Fifty-five percent of mistimed pregnancies were mistimed by 24 months or less, 32% were mistimed by 25-60 months and 13% were mistimed by more than 60 months. According to multivariate ***yses, pregnancies among younger women, never. — “The Extent of Pregnancy Mistiming and Its Association With”,
  • Sporting Gijon Coach Manuel Preciado In Mistimed Joke About How To Stop Barcelona Star Lionel Messi. — “Sporting Gijon Coach Manuel Preciado In Mistimed Joke About”,
  • similar age patterns of mistimed and unwanted fertility. Secondly, An intersection between both line graphs will occur before age 50 if the values of mistimed fertility in the. — “Bowling Green State University Working Paper Series 00-18”, bgsu.edu
  • Mistimed and insensitive. In a move that some describe as bold and others as callous, the central government has substantially raised the prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene, and LPG. It has also moved to a decontrolled price regime in the case. — “The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Mistimed and insensitive”,

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  • Mis-timed Jump - Black Ops Game Clip I could have had a game winning swan dive if I had waited for just one more dude to run by but in the end he shot me to death on Summit.
  • Bad Apple!! feat. nomico PV w/ subs and character labels Please comment if you find the annotations incorrect, mistimed, or hard to read. Nothing belongs to me: all I did was add annotations to the PV. Original video: nicovideo.jp Translation: WAHa.06x36, mogura Subs: whispers/IIChan Translation Group ( Song: Alstroemeria Records remix of "Bad Apple!!" (Stage 3 theme of Lotus Land Story, the 4th game in the Touhou series)
  • Mistimed Motivation Why does my channel stagnate? Why do I get so behind? Well, here's the problem. I'm fixing it, folks, don't worry. I'm getting help with my chronic procrastination.
  • Almost Dead - Amatuer Swordplay Mistakes It's in the title
  • The Good Left Undone [with lyrics][Read Description] edit: fixed a couple transitions and added lyrics. sorry about the lyrics that are slightly mistimed -------------------------------------- well i hated the official vid which didnt seem to quite fit the song, so i drew out my own idea for it lol. sorry about the crappiness of the drawings im lazy lol XD tell me what you think about the idea for the vid though. and if anyone who can actually animate wants to take this and...animate it, go ahead. but ask me first. oh and youll need to draw it out yourself lol XD. sorry haha song: the good left undone band: rise against characters: Boy and Girl [copyright to me, theyre mine]
  • Ragesauce - lvl 70 Twink - Arena Skirm - 1v2 Ragesauce - Lightning's Blade - Horde #1 level 70 2v2 on Vindication-US PvProt Warrior having fun in skirmishes facing 2 opponents. Watch in [HD] to notice the details of the fight - instant disarm on bladestorm, deep freeze reflects, interrupt pet to prevent range nova (mistimed lol)
  • Crash Bandicoot 3 Playthrough Part 3 Medieval bonus stages hate me. Stage 6 (Gee Wiz): Ah, medieval levels. They are one of my favorite regular levels. By the way, I get EPIC INVINCIBILITY!...Okay, it's only epic with Soda Popinski's music. Stage 6 Bonus: A bit tricky, but guess what? I DIED AGAIN! Stage 6 Failures: 2 -Mistimed spin on a frog, causing me to not get the EPIC INVINCIBILITY again. -Death by Bonus Stage. I swear, if I die in the last medieval bonus, there is something wrong with me. Stage 7 (Hang 'Em High): I heard this is one of the hardest levels to get a platinum relic on. Of course, I didn't attempt that. Stage 7 Bonus: Just as easy to say as to beat the bonus stage. :3 Stage 7 Failures: 2 -Mistimed spin on genie. -Died by Nitro less than 5 seconds after I died. Damn Demoman with his sticky b---oh wait... Total Failures In Video: 4 Total Failures Overall: 13 Favorite Stages In Video: Gee Wiz Hated Stages In Video: None Oh the horror of what's coming up next. Motorcycle stages is what I hate more than jetski levels. Don't worry though, my nightmare hasn't begun yet.
  • Let's Play | TLoDERP Twilight :B | 77 - Lots of MESS UP... Well, more like lots of MISTIMED things... Next Video: Prev Video:
  • Aszahar Mistimed Tackle_mpeg1video.mpg
  • Brazilian scores diving backheel wondergoal Cleiton Ribeiro Xavier of Metalist Kharkiv scored an incredible diving backheeled goal that lit up the Ukrainian league at the weekend. The Brazilian star had already pulled his side back into the Premier League clash against Dnipro, scoring a 73rd minute effort to give them hope after they had fallen 2-0 behind. Then, with nine minutes left, the midfielder made it two. He dived headlong to meet a cross, but appeared to have mistimed his leap as the ball was passing behind him - yet he flicked at it with his trailing heel and somehow managed to guide the ball into the net. The astonishing goal ensured the match ended 2-2 and kept Metalist firmly in the frame to earn a Europa League spot for next season.
  • Mistimed Jump
  • MvC3 - Amaterasu VS Zero Infinite Combo Do any combo that keeps Zero on the ground and can end with Power Slash M. After Power Slash M, repeat the following: Standing Forward H H H H H Power Slash M Combos shown in this video: Damage X-Factor 0 - 118 Hits - 1.187,200 X-Factor 3 - 156 Hits - 4183400 These types of combos appear to be able to go on indefinitely. You must be quick after initiating the fourth H to perform Power Slash M. I'm not sure if it was too much jamming on H and/or mistimed Power Slash M, but I did run into a problem more than once where the game accepted that I performed Power Slash H instead of Power Slash M as seen in the first half of this video.
  • Let's Play Pharaoh's Tomb (Ep. 2) #02 - Mistimed Freeze The block was going up. UP!!! Not to add to the fact it was frozen in place. Did Nevada get impaled with the block's corner? Sometimes I'll never understand game logic, no matter how hard I try. Game published by Apogee Software.
  • mistimed SAT, coconut spin me on my ARTIK in June over a lake near Lucerne (Switzerland) trying to fly a SAT. I tried to enter too soon and too hard. Thats why the wing begun to spin. I lost much height before I flew strait again ;-)
  • Mis-timed Jump Roper Jumps in at the wrong time, gets yelled at
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (06) playthrough [Silver] [Part 12] Oh lord, what have we gotten ourselves into?! Join NTom64, and Fastest Thing Alive (from ) as they attempt to comment on perhaps the most poorly recieved 3D Sonic game of all time! Part 12 stats: Level: Aquatic Base (Silver) Deaths: 1) Lazered off rolling ball into pit. 2) Just missed the tip of the edge whilst hovering over a pit. 3) Mistimed a jump. 4) See death 2... Events: N/A Boss fight: N/A Challenges: N/A
  • SFIII: 3rd Strike - AC-Slayer's Yun Tutorial [Preview] A preview of a two part Yun Tutorial from AC-Slayer from the 15th November 2008. 1st part details the technique on how to perform one of Yun's most demanding Genei Jin juggle combos, the Kara-Palms. Easily one of the best tutorials around with clear and readable text, perfectly pitched timing and generously including the results of mistimed attempts for the viewer to see where they're own technique may be faltering. The yet to be released 2nd part will cover the notoriously damaging but difficult Keeper-Jin technique. The method is named after the Japanese Ken player Keeper (キーパー), who I believe originally developed this Genei Jin ground combo. Hopefully AC-Slayer will continue to produce such fine calibre tutorials and also complete the 2nd part. Uploaded with permission from AC-Slayer. Visit AC-Slayer's channels: Originally from Keeper's Homepage: www015.upp.so-net.ne.jp
  • G-Darius - Lambda (Stage 5 - 2.4mil + End Bonus) Final stage in the topmost zones route, clearing the game for a final score of 21.8mil. This stage play could be greatly improved, as I had mistimed Alpha Beams in key scoring positions. Also, the death in the section before Lightning Coronatus cost me 1mil in end-game bonus points, so a likely target for an ALL Clear is around 24 to 25mil. (The world record is 31mil on this route.) An updated video of a better scoring stage will be uploaded at a later date.
  • KH2FM - Roxas Data No Damage (LV1 CM) This fight is far from fun at LV1. People have trouble with this fight at LV99. You can die in an instant from a mistimed attack or Reflega at LV1. Unfortunately, the only reasonable way to do this is with the Reflega combo. You CAN try to lure him into the combo attack the entire time, but from my experience, he breaks out of it eventually, and you don't want to get caught off guard with that. This took a lot of tries to get down. The light pillars are very annoying. Also note that after half or more of his HP is gone his keyblade spinning attack will do more than two hits, so be prepared to use Trinity Limit. Also be aware at this point that a light pillar will come at you before every move he does now. Difficulty for normal LV1 win: ******** Difficulty for LV1 no damage: ********* And yes, you DO need Rumbling Rose if you're doing the Reflegas at LV1. You need the 3 finishers to loop him. ---- Q: How do you stay Level 1? A: In Critical Mode in KH2FM, you are given an EXP 0 ability at the beginning of the game. Equipping it makes it so you don't gain experience. Drive Forms aren't affected by it, so you can still level those up. Q: What's Critical Mode (CM)? A: Critical Mode is the new difficulty mode in KH2FM. It's basically slightly harder than a low level Proud Mode challenge. Q: Hey how come you have (Insert ability here) at level 1 when you get (insert same ability here) at (insert KH2 required level here). A: In KH2FM, they switched some abilities ...
  • CAVALO EM CAMPO QUEBROU A PERNA DE JOGADOR - ACIDENTE FATAL Foul Ever BRUTAL Horrible Broken Leg 2 Bundesliga Union Berlin Those of a squeamish disposition need to look away now. Monday night in Germany saw Bochum win 1-nil at Union Berlin in the second tier. But the victory was scarred by a horrific leg break to the visitors' Matias Concha, who had his leg snapped by Macchambes Younga-Mouhani in a shocking incident. Just after the halftime break the pair challenged for a loose ball near the halfway line. Concha's approach was to hit the deck and slide for the ball while Younga-Mouhani opted for the high road as he stayed upright on his feet. Sadly for Younga-Mouhani, though, his attempt aa tackle was awfully mistimed. Rather than coming down on the ball, the Berlin number eight stomped down on Concha leg and, like stomping on a twig in winter, the Swede's bone simply snapped. Ouch! Macchambes Younga-Mouhani snaps Matias Concha's leg (Union Berlin -- Bochum) Monday night in Germany saw Bochum win 1-0 at Union Berlin in the second tier. But the victory was marred by a horrific leg break to the visitors' Matias Concha, who had his leg snapped by Macchambes Younga-Mouhani in a shocking incident. Just after the half-time break the pair challenged for a loose ball near the halfway line. Concha's approach was to hit the deck and slide for the ball while Younga-Mouhani opted for the high road as he stayed upright on his feet. Sadly for Younga-Mouhani though, his attempted tackle was awfully mistimed. Rather than coming down on the ball ...
  • KYMA Long Break Mistimed election segment from KYMA TV results in over two minutes of theme song (that has to restart) leaving anchors Bruce Kirk and Elissa Rivas looking uncomfortable.
  • Mis-Timed Artillary Strike Thought I could send an artillary strike to just kill David but seems it backfired...
  • Rodriguezjr Replays Super Castlevania IV (Mistimed Jumps Pt. 3) Rodriguezjr makes his way through the caves of Castlevania and discovers a submerged city.
  • S-2 mis-timed launch(Dramatic,you won't believe it) S-2 gets launched,off the now scrapped USS Ticonderoga and flies through a wave and keeps on flying!
  • Devil May Cry, DMD 100% Challenge, Mission 12 S-Rank requirements: Time: 4:00 Red orbs: 700 Only a couple of minor errors in this one, but nothing I'm gonna worry horrendously about :p I didn't need to slash the orb fountain, but I did - because I'm just like that :p The fight with the two Frosts went fine, except for one minor mistake which made no difference, anyway: I meant to DT-cancel the Auto-Combo on the 1st Frost to get back most of my DT, but I forgot to do it - however, I still had more than enough DT leftover for the 2nd Frost, anyway. The Death Scythe fight didn't go as well as in the last mission, and I mis-timed one slash which I probably should have gotten. This particular Death Scythe on Mission 12 has a tendency to be a son-of-a-*** and mess you about - as it did with me this time, but luckily I still defeated it fairly quickly. The fight with Griffon 2 went great XD ... If you're interested, I have another Griffon 2 fight, showing me using Meteor 2 against him. I thought I would use the old "extra-damage-with-E&I-from-the-mast" trick this time around, however.
  • U2 in Vancouver: Amazing Grace and Where The Streets Have No Name U2 performs Amazing Grace and Where The Streets Have No Name live at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday October 28, 2009. Audio provided by planman from Apologies for the slate graphic between Amazing Grace and the beginning of Where the Streets Have No Name. I completely mis-timed when to change the battery on my little Canon TX-1 camera. It was either sacrifice a little bit of the beginning or have the video cut out somewhere in the middle.
  • Law of Thinking - Bob Proctor's Manifestation Mastery Video Course - The 11 Forgotten Laws - The surprisingly simple nature-inspired activity to quickly develop organized, discipline thought. Master this and manifest every single one of your heart's desire with lightning speed. PLUS: Also do this to erase unhelpful anxious thoughts like white-out. - The Sins of the Fathers. Did you know that 98% of your "stinkin' thinking" is rooted in a mistimed word from our parents? Add this secret ingredient to your thought patterns and be finally set free to be the great person you're destined to be. - Scientists have proven that your thoughts travels 930000 times faster than the speed of our voice. The implications? No other force or power in the Universe yet known is as great or quick. Here's how to properly harness the full potential and put it to work for you. - PLUS: Why a brilliant educated ethical person like you can be broke. The single most crucial action to break those soul-crushing dead end patterns. The 11 FORGOTTEN LAWS: Master Teacher of the Secret and the World's Most Acclaimed Experts on the Law of Attraction Bob Proctor and colleague Mary Morrissey share their 65 plus years of experience and insight which has been distilled into timeless jewels of wisdom and easy to apply techniques that will assist you in working with the laws of the Universe! Join us on Facebook here:
  • Jeff "US" Maehl Miracle Catch 45 yd TD, USC v Oregon 2010 Oregon football: Jeff Maehl's career night was well-timed - even if his jump was not LOS ANGELES - It was the No. 1 play on ESPN's "SportsCenter'' on Saturday night, and it is arguably the No. 1 play so far in Oregon's 8-0 start to the season. But Jeff Maehl wasn't too impressed with his 45-yard touchdown catch Saturday night at USC - a lunging, diving, juggling catch in the end zone that formed one-half of a massive momentum swing in the Ducks' 53-32 win. The score gave the Ducks a 22-17 lead in the second quarter and came one play after a botched snap halted USC's drive as the Trojans appeared headed toward building a lead in an energized LA Coliseum. Maehl said he mistimed his jump "badly'' and probably shouldn't have even jumped in the first place. "I mean, on tape it probably looks like a pretty good catch,'' Maehl said, "but I probably could have made it a lot easier on myself. I mistimed the jump and it hit my hands and it kind of just fell right into my lap.'' For Maehl, the catch was the highlight - ill-timed or perfectly timed, depending on your perspective - of another very productive game for the senior from Paradise, Calif. Maehl caught eight passes from Darron Thomas for a career-high 145 yards and three touchdowns, also a career best. That gives Maehl 26 catches for 371 yards in the past three games. In the days leading up to Oregon's 53-32 win over USC, Ducks coach Chip Kelly talked repeatedly about the Trojans' talent edge, even counting up the recruiting ...
  • Gundam 00 Danjo - 「男女」が素敵なのでダブルオーでも (with subtitles) Original here: www.nicovideo.jp I noticed that the other uploads on Youtube were mistimed/had missing frames, so here's a (hopefully) complete version. Crappy subtitles added in WMM, I couldn't translate the written gags so you'll have to make them out yourself :) Lyric translations adapted from nicodances: Enjoy o/
  • Zziplex M427su, Mistimed 200g A mistimed hit on the 200g. See how the rod bites back at the end. Not good
  • Let's Play Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul #02 - Mistimed Summon All I needed to do was wait one extra turn, and I would have had a safeguard against that Trap Hole. But no matter, you don't get penalized for losing simple duels, other than missing out on getting new cards. Granted you can get cards with passwords anyway, though not every card, it's just a minor setback. Game published by Konami.
  • the one with the mistimed countdown no thanks to someone's *excellent* countdown, we all got caught by surprise. Which was quite good actually. Ever felt the floor drop beneath you suddenly?
  • Mistimed SAT Bad SAT entry, spin, stall, cravate, spiral, reserve, water landing. Discussion:
  • Mistimed tackle Slightly mistimed tackle - but good diving! Willie Young would be proud!
  • FFXI Jailer of Fortitude Solo RDM/NIN solo of Jailer of Fortitude, straight tanked. First time trying this mob, but I thought I'd go with a straight tanking method rather than kite. I popped and ran to the zone to lose the adds, then fought it mostly straight up. I did have to kite for a few minutes when I mistimed a Slow II cast and had it cast back on me.
  • Outdated Zelda Run Segment 38 P.2 Zant battle went fine, I'll put in the descriptions for each phase. Forest Phase: Went perfectly, no problem here. Goron Mines Phase: Went fine until he decided to be a butt at the end, in which he moved two more times than usual, which lost me about 5 seconds. Lakebed Phase: Went very nicely, no problems. Forest Phase 2: Went perfectly, 2 jumps for each cycle. Snowpeak Phase: Went perfectly as well, I barely hit him at the end which was cool. Hyrule Phase: Was going good until I foolishly mis-timed my spin attack to stop his on the second cycle. Loosing me four seconds. It was still a pretty good fight. And this beats Jiano's segment by 6 seconds, which isn't too bad considering his was pretty much perfect.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (06) playthrough [Silver] [Part 3] Oh lord, what have we gotten ourselves into?! Join NTom64, and Fastest Thing Alive (from ) as they attempt to comment on perhaps the most poorly recieved 3D Sonic game of all time! Part 3 stats: Level: Tropical Jungle (Silver) Deaths: 1) Mistimed a hover jump Events: Silver travels through Tropical Jungle, whilst Blaze searches for him in Wave Ocean. Boss fight: N/A Challenges: N/A
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (06) playthrough [Sonic] [Part 6] Oh lord, what have we gotten ourselves into?! Join NTom64, and Fastest Thing Alive (from ) as they attempt to comment on perhaps the most poorly recieved 3D Sonic game of all time! - - - Part 6 stats: Level: White Acropolis Deaths: 1) Flew off a cliff after a mistimed jump. 2)Jump did not activate over the "jump o' death". Events: N/A Challenges: "Open the cave gate" - destroy all the robots to open the way to White Acropolis.
  • Sonic Unleashed Walkthrough Part 16- Speeding through the Dragon Road Ready? GO!!! Deaths: 4 #1- Suicide for the moon medal (2:12) #2- Mistimed jump (3:23) #3- ANOTHER mistimed jump, this time into spikes (6:07) #4- Miniboss death by bomb (7:00) Events: Received first D of the playthrough Notes: Don't suck as much as I did
  • mistimed fall GRAPHIC.mp4 They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll "that those who forget God are made to forget their own selves" REPENT TODAY.
  • ATC 125gm mistimed!!! 7/11/2010
  • Mirror's Edge Chapter 2 Speed Run Jacknife 10min41sec READ ME....... Speedrun done by myself DeAdHoMiE on PS3. I made quit a few mistakes on this run, nothing big, but a few mis-timed jumps. Id fix it but this run is 10minutes and I cant tell you how hard it is to perfect 10mins of gameplay. Because something is bound to screw you A part Id like to be better at is 5:30, there's gotta be a faster way then that. Sliding and jumping off something. I dont know. Your supposed to creep along the wall but that takes forever, and the wallrun is just weird. Also getting around the guards at 7:35 I had to take the long way because I would end up getting shot to death if I ever got close to them. Maybe there is a shorter way. I know you can jump off the trucks but that takes even longer to get to. So If anyone knows any short cuts let me hear em please

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