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  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. This is how the Israeli Airforce takes care of missile launchers. — “Videos tagged with Missile - Metacafe”,
  • A powered, guided munition that travels through the air or space is known as a missile (or guided missile. The first missiles to be used operationally were a series of missiles developed by *** Germany in World War II. Most famous of. — “Missile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Missile Defense Agency has fielded an initial capability to protect the U.S and our allies against limited ballistic missile attack. — “The Missile Defense Agency - U.S. Department of Defense”, mda.mil
  • A Missile Launcher fires self-propelled, guided, projectiles that usually contain explosive, chemical, or destructive energy warheads. Missiles may use a chemical rocket, jet engine, or something more esoteric, such as an anti-gravity drive. — “Missile launcher - Lexicanum”, wh40
  • Missile - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Missile”,
  • 1345 Missile stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art images. — “Missile Images and Stock Photos. 1345 missile photography and”,
  • As a result, once a missile component has been developed, it will often be reused in several applications or, looking at it from the missile-designers' perspective, a "new" missile can sometimes be assembled largely from existing This missile was also sold to Iran and there called the Shehab-2. For. — “Federation of American Scientists :: North Korea's Taepodong”,
  • Definition of missile in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of missile. Pronunciation of missile. Translations of missile. missile synonyms, missile antonyms. Information about missile in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “missile - definition of missile by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A key Pacific ally of the United States has become the first foreign nation to field a sea-based ballistic missile interception system. The technology is a modification of the Aegis air defense weapons system designed to track and destroy short- and intermediate-range missiles. — “Japan Acquires Missile Defense Shield - SIGNAL Magazine”,
  • A missile is a type of extrodinarily phallic, long-range rocket propelled projectile that never hits its intended target, thus the word "miss" in the name. When, or if, the missile accidentally and by chance hits its target, it ends up being a dud. — “Missile - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • Most ***ysts believe that the Pakistani military has achieved or is close to achieving the capability to mount nuclear warheads on its current ballistic missile fleet. Despite the ongoing peace process with India, Pakistan periodically tests its strategic missiles. — “NTI: Research Library: Country Profiles: Pakistan”,
  • Encyclopedia article about missile. Information about missile in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. intercontinental ballistic missile, king missile, ballistic missile, cruise missile, minuteman. — “missile definition of missile in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • missile ( ) n. An object or weapon that is fired, thrown, dropped, or otherwise projected at a target; a projectile. — “missile: Definition from ”,
  • Patriot missiles are designed to detect, target and then hit an incoming missile. Learn about Patriot missiles and the patriot missile launch system. — “Howstuffworks "How Patriot Missiles Work"”,
  • Iraq had also secretly loaded missile warheads with chemical and biological payloads and was even attempting to top a missile with a nuclear warhead. Iraq's missile efforts began in earnest when it imported SCUD-type missiles from the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s. — “Iraq's Missiles: a Brief History”,
  • Missile definition, an object or weapon for throwing, hurling, or shooting, as a stone, bullet, or arrow. See more. — “Missile | Define Missile at ”,
  • Missile Guidance. Can you explain the types of guidance systems used in missiles? - question from Aftab. Many questioners often seem "concerned" about how missiles are able to seek out and accurately navigate their way to the correct target without assistance from a human operator. — “ | Ask Us - Missile Guidance”,
  • guided missile, self-propelled, unmanned space or air vehicle carrying an explosive warhead. Guided missiles are powered either by rocket engines or by jet propulsion. — “guided missile — ”,
  • Missiles are self-propelled projectiles intended for dealing damage to other ships. Missiles are available in various sizes, for a range of ship classes and types, though in order to use them a ship must have at least one launcher hardpoint in order to fit the appropriate missile launcher. — “Missiles - EVElopedia - The EVE Online Wiki”,
  • A missile was a self-propelled projectile used as a weapon. — “Missile - Honorverse Wiki - David Weber, Honor Harrington”,
  • Iran says tests own model of Russian S-300 missile. 11/18/2010. More reports confirm activities at N.K. nuke missile threat. 11/18/2010. Iran claims missile defense advancements. 11/18/2010. Iran says tests own model of Russian S-300 missile. — “Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance”,
  • Shop for Missile at Target. Choose from Buzz Bee Ultimate System Missile Blast, The Cuban Missile Crisis (Hardcover) and other products. — “Missile : Target Search Results”,

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  • US Air Force Missiles A short video that I put together with scenes of various air force missiles in action. Includes the currently used air-to-air missiles which are the AIM-9 Sidewinder, the AIM-7 Sparrow, and the AIM-120 Amraam. Air-to-ground missiles include the AGM-65 Maverick and the AGM-88 Harm.
  • UFO Shoots Missile In 1964 at the Vandenberg Base USAF former officer Lt. Bob Jacobs PHD captures a UFO on film shooting a potential plasma beam at the warhead of a missile in test. www.stargate-
  • Brahmos cruise missile better than Babur cruise missile *Do not copy this vid* Its a fact that Brahmos is a better missile than Babur,people who dispute this FACT are idiots like Pakis and Chinks...Jai hindh!!! Babur cruise missile vs Brahmos cruise missile
  • UFO or missile trace? Mystery spiral lights over Norway Norwegian authorities are investigating strange lights seen in the arctic sky. The spiraling white light was seen for several minutes on Wednesday morning. Locals say the light appeared to be bigger than the moon. Thousands of Norwegians bombarded the Meteorological Institute to ask what the light could possibly be. Some feared it could have been a meteor, others a black hole and there were those who thought it could have been aliens. But defence experts in Olso suggest its more likely to have been a failed Russian missile launch from the area of the White Sea. They think a rocket probably got out of control and self destructed. There's been no official comment from the Russian Military.
  • Javelin Missile The Javelin Missile is worth about $80000 the Javelin Missile is a Fire-and-Forget missile that means once you fire it you don't have to worry about it, it will automatically get to its target. Produced by Raytheon & Lockheed Martin the Javelin has been in service since 1996 and being used by the US ARMY and NATO.
  • Missile Launched Off Calif. Coast A mysterious missile launch off the coast of Calif. was caught on tape. Erica Hill reports.
  • MAGIC MISSILE LARPin the night away! featured on the premiere episode of Web Soup on G4!
  • WND - STARTLING REPORT! Experts: Missile was CHINESE - President KNEW IT. Systems Failed. Cover-up! CleanTV® is your safe haven for educational and entertaining television programs. WND - ORIGINAL ARTICLE Hear Carl Gallups Live talk radio on NW FL's TALK RADIO - 1330 WEBY AM - broadcasting to a 4 state area on the Gulf Coast - every Friday afternoon - 4-6 pm CT. FREEDOM FRIDAY RADIO WEBSITE (Click the LISTEN LIVE button on Friday afternoons from 4-6 PM - Central Time - USA) PPSIMMONS FB Fan Club
  • FGM-148 Javelin Anti-Tank Missile A Javelin Missile destroys a russian tank in a test fireing.
  • Iran Missile Test Footage
  • "AR Missile" for iPhone demo www.psoft.co.jp The AR Missile app allows you to shoot missiles at anything within your camera's sights. Simply tap the screen to send missiles flying along beautiful trajectories before exploding on your targets. Shaking cameras and moving targets are no match for AR Missile's automatic target tracking, powered by our original image ***ysis technology. The feeling of sending limitless waves of missiles and seeing them all hit their target is so exhilarating, you might become addicted to it! Use AR Missile to release daily stress or take funny pictures.
  • Aliens shot down California missile The mystery missile that was fired off the coast of California has been solved according to Colleen Thomas, a Pleiadian contact. She says the US government was firing an ICBM at Iran and was intercepted by the Pleidians. Soon after President Obama ordered another missile fired at the Pleidians in order to continue Bilderberg and the Illuminati's rule.
  • Mystery missile caught on video near LA! - Pentagon/NORAD baffled CNN's Chris Lawrence reports on an odd stream of light photographed off the coast of California.
  • Stinger missile documentary This is an old video on the Stinger. It has some clips of the missile system in-action, but it's not the best quality.
  • Anti-Tank Missile Man, i'd love to shoot something w/ that beast!
  • Grad missile hits Beersheba A Grad missile fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza landed in a residential neighborhood in Beersheba Wednesday night, causing severe damage but no injuries. Four people were treated for shock, paramedics said. It was the first rocket to land in the city since the army concluded Operation Cast Lead, a three week offensive in Gaza to rout out terror groups that began in December 2008 and ended in January 2009. A total of five mortar shells were fired at the western Negev in southern Israel on Wednesday the army said. No one was injured in any of the incidents, the shells reportedly fell inside one of the kibbutzim near the Gaza Strip and open areas in the region. During the day Palestinian terrorists detonated an explosive device and fired a mortar shell at troops patrolling the Gaza border fence. No one was injured in the attacks. In response, the army fired tank shells towards the perpetrators. Palestinian media in Gaza reported eleven Palestinians were injured, two seriously.
  • BGM-109 Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) is a long-range, all-weather, subsonic cruise missile. Introduced by General Dynamics in the 1970s, it was designed as a medium- to long-range, low-altitude missile that could be launched from a submerged submarine. It has been improved several times and, by way of corporate divestitures and acquisitions, is now made by Raytheon. Some Tomahawks were also manufactured by McDonnell Douglas. There have been several variants of the BGM-109 Tomahawk employing various types of warheads. The operational versions include the unitary conventional land attack TLAM-C, the bomblet-dispensing land attack TLAM-D, the nuclear land attack TLAM-A and TLAM-N, and the Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missile (TASM). Ground Launch Cruise Missiles (GLCM) and their truck-like launch vehicles were destroyed to comply with the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The Block III TLAMs that entered service in 1993 can fly farther and use Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to strike more precisely. Block IV TLAMs have a better Digital Scene Matching Area Correlator (DSMAC) system as well as improved turbojet engines. The WR-402 engine provided the new BLK III with a throttle control, allowing in-flight speed changes. This engine also provided better fuel economy. The Block IV Phase II TLAMs have better deep-strike capabilities and are equipped with a real-time targeting system for striking moving targets.
  • missile silo for sale an abandoned ICBM missile silo has been put up for sale in America
  • Missile Launch Gone Wrong ERIX Missile Gone Wrong What do you say when your tripod-mounted anti-tank missile fires on cue, but doesn't quite go the intended distance?
  • ICBM Russian Missiles Launch ICBM Launch 1) РС-20 SS-18 Satan 2) PC-22 SS-24 Scalpel 3) PC-12M SS-25 Sickle Topol 4) РС-18 SS-19 Stiletto 5) PC-12M2 SS-27 Topol-M
  • Mysterious Missile Launches over Southern California
  • IAMX - "Missile" The "in bath" version. Taken from the album "Kiss And Swallow". Available on mp3 downloads :
  • Angels and Airwaves- Valkyrie Missile It is a mix of all the angels and airwaves movies into one ausome viedo. It also has pictures of war. I did it for a class project in college. Not only because I love the song but to spread the word about this band.
  • Weird NJ Nike Missile Bases Abandoned Cold War relics found right in our own suburban backyards. Missile bases with nuclear capabilites! Excerpt from our History Channel series produced by KPI.
  • US Air Force - Bomb and Missile Demonstrations Demonstrations of infrared, laser guided, free-fall, air-to-air, heat seaking, radar guided, Deltas, Atlas, Sidewinder, Sparrows, cluster bombs, Cruise missiles, air launched, and joint-attack munitions.
  • Mentos e Coca EXPLOSION LIKE MISSILE to Pincio (Rome) Mentos e coca light reaction
  • Minuteman III Missile Launch - California to Kwajalein Atoll This Minuteman III video chronicles the Follow-on Test and Evaluation of a Minuteman III missile. It tells the story of what was perhaps the most photogenic missile launch in Vandenberg AFB history by focusing on the task force that prepared and conducted the launch. The story unfolds to include the science, history and geography of a 6000 nautical mile, 28 minute journey across the Western Test Range from Central California to the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Take particular note of the skills of the helicopter-based videographer: at 2 seconds after lauch the missile is moving at 3 times the speed of sound -- yet is perfectly captured going through a hole in the clouds.
  • Raw Video: Mystery Missile Appears over Southern California. Helicopter CAM "no audio" video shot by a KCBS/KCAL Cameraman Gil Leyvas News helicopter in Los Angeles that shows an object shooting across the sky and leaving a large contrail, or vapor trail, over the Pacific Ocean. Pentagon Can't Explain 'Missile' Off California Coast. "Whatever it was, it was spinning up into the sky kind of like a spiral," and was easy to distinguish from condensation trails from jets, he said. "It was quite a sight to see. It was spectacular" said the cameraman.
  • Japanese Missile Defense Divert & Attitude Control System by Technical Research and Development Institute Japan Defense Agency
  • Future Weapons: THAAD Missile This defender destroys targets with a high-velocity hammer blow.
  • Missile defense multiple kill vehicle hover test US Missile Defense Agency video of the 2 December 2008 free-flight hover test of Lockheed Martin's Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV-L). The MKV is designed to allow a single interceptor to destroy a ballistic missile equipped with multiple warheads or countermeasures. In Lockheed's design, a seeker-equipped carrier vehicle maneuvers into the path of the ballistic missile then dispenses and guides small kill vehicles to their targets. In its first test, the MKV-L hovered for 20 seconds in a special facility at Edwards AFB, California, while recognizing and tracking a simulated target.
  • Mystery missile over California A mystery missile was caught on video flying off the coast of Los Angeles, but the Pentagon says they have no clue who launched it.
  • Tomahawk Missile Variants Various test firings and modes of the TLAM Tomahawk Land Attack Missile. I found this video looking for comparisons be*** the Pentagon impact on 9/11 and a missile impact, only to find the explotion on 9/11 was many times bigger then what a TLAM (Our best cruise missile) can do.
  • Defcon 2 - Cuban Missile Crisis Part 1 of 6 Produced by The Discovery Channel, a historical documentary commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis hosted by internationally acclaimed writer Tom Clancy.
  • BC2 Tactics Guide #3 Heli Hellfire Missiles [HD] Bad Company 2 Detailed guide on using the heli hellfire missiles Our servers Our website
  • Russian Missile Forces Russian missile systems are widly hailed as the most sophisticated weapons on the modern battle field, Russia employees missiles that cover every threat including but not limited to; radar evasion, decoys, ABM penitration capabilities, and super long-range anti-air. weapons featured in this video include: SS-27, SS-24, SS-18, Tunguska-M1, Tor-M1, Buk-M1, SA-8, Strela-10, S-300, S-400, BM-21 "Grad", BM-30 "Smerch", and the Iskander-M recent combat history: Recent combat history of Russian missile systems can be seen in Georgia; where BM-30's, BM-21's, and Iskander-M missiles were confirmed used against Georgian military targets. anti-air missiles used include the Strela-10, and the Buk-M1. Which are reported to have been responsible for a number of Georgian warplanes shot down.
  • IAMX - Missile Music video
  • Patriot vs. SCUD Missile Engagement Patriot vs. SCUD Missile Engagement Who knows the source of this video ?
  • Mystery missile launch off California coast: Comes from submarine? A mysterious missile was spotted off the coast of Los Angeles and the US military claims it has no idea where it came from. A helicopter from the Los Angeles CBS News affiliate captured images of what appears to be some sort of rocket or missile with a large contrail behind it.It appears to have been launched about 35 miles (56 km) off the coast of Los Angeles, California. There are several military bases in Southern California, but so far none have said there were any launches at that time. The US Navy has said they are not responsible and the Pentagon is still investigating where the mystery missile came from. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:

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  • “In response to escalating tensions with North Korea the Department of Defense (DOD) has deployed missile defense assets to Hawaii. head of the DOD’s Missile Defense Agency, recently said it was “likely” that the US could intercept an”
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  • “I mean, while this may explain why some Tehran IP addresses have been, ah, oh, rather avid consumers of my home-blog, , I really wonder what is going on here. What an odd story .If this missile launched from the Saudi's sandy seas,”
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  • “Welcome to Chinese Military News Blog! Posts Tagged Missile ' J-8II Series Fighter Aircraft: Old Sword Still Sharp. HZ Posted on 12 pictures show close views of HQ-16 mid-range anti-air missile VLS on Type-054A frigates”
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  • “[Home] [Blog] [Russia tested a new missile] Russia tested a new missile. Strategic Rocket Forces conducted a successful test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, which was declared a missile of a new what does the forum guess the status of a Russian ABM defense for”
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  • “QuoteThe Iranian-made underwater missile has a speed of 223 miles per hour, said Gen. Ali Fadavi, deputy head of the Revolutionary Guards' Navy”
    — Iran makes/fires world's fastest underwater missile! - Forum, bia2.com

  • “screens last night. But the Pentagon said it had "no clue" who fired it. http:///blogs/pundits-blog/international-affairs/128615-is-mystery-missile-the-new-sputnik”
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