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  • List of all the questions and answers posted by 'Eric;Proudly Misogynist' on Yahoo! Answers. Eric;Proudly Misogynist's Activity. 7% Best Answer. Eric;Proudly Misogynist. Member since:. — “Eric;Proudly Misogynist's Activity - Yahoo! Answers”,
  • Definition of Misogynists in the Medical Dictionary. Misogynists explanation. Information about Misogynists in Free online English dictionary. What is Misogynists? Meaning of Misogynists medical term. What does Misogynists mean?. — “Misogynists - definition of Misogynists in the Medical”, medical-
  • As we gear up for Halloween festivities, I'd like to take a quick moment to reflect on three things Halloween means to me. Number one, it's a fun way to Unfortunately, the racists, bigots, and misogynists among us often feel it's a free pass to act out opinions or beliefs in ways they normally. — “Halloween Not an Excuse for Bigotry | IMAGINE 2050”, imagine2050
  • Progressive Politics from the Heart of Bluegrass Country. Wednesday, July 22, 2009. The New Misogynists but now we've got a bunch of anti-choice misogynists sneaking into our tent and stealing all the booze. — “Blue in the Bluegrass: The New Misogynists”,
  • misogynists. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 6 September 2010, at 19:21. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “misogynists - Wiktionary”,
  • The Biggest Misogynists Are Other Women. June 17, 2008 by Chateau. Think about some of the biggest misogynists are other women. Sarah didn't feel she was worthy of Josh. Without a. — “The Biggest Misogynists Are Other Women " Citizen Renegade”,
  • Chat, debate and share ideas as part of the Internet's most vibrant film community. — “RE: The Misogynist Club - Misogynists Only”,
  • Being a woman and identifying as a feminist does not mean that I am not a misogynist. Like everyone, misogynists can change. The first step is to recognize. — “updated sporadically at best: Misogynists are women, too”,
  • Narcissists abhor and dread getting emotionally intimate. The cerebral ones regard *** as a maintenance chore, something they have to do in order to keep their source of Secondary Supply. The somatic narcissist treats women as objects and *** as. — “Do Narcissists Hate Women?”,
  • Misogynists Hate The Tea Party. Catch All, posted by fdrouillard, a resident of Another You can't trust anything you read on the WSJ. It's owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns. — “TalkAbout Topic: Misogynists Hate The Tea Party”,
  • Alas, a blog - Feminist, anti-racist, pro-fat, plus whatever else we feel like talking about. Margaret Cho: attack of the stupid racist misogynists. — “Margaret Cho: attack of the stupid racist misogynists | Alas”,
  • A clearer example of the sense, also from the same era but using the noun misogynist, is provided by Thackeray. not fully determine a misogynist's attitude towards each individual. — “misogyny: Definition from ”,
  • MeMe Roth is on a one-woman campaign against obesity. Gaby Wood meets the bold purveyor of uncomfortable truths. — “MeMe Roth is on a one-woman campaign against obesity. Gaby”,
  • Where on Earth do these people come from? Is there another planet they're from, and could they maybe return there as soon as possible, please? Until they permanently relocate to Planet A-hole, we wanted to give you this trusty little guide of. — “The Lemondrop Hit List -- the Worst Misogynists Out There”,
  • George Sodini killed three women and injured at least ten others at a Pittsburgh-area gym before shooting himself yesterday. His online diary reveals an obsession with "hoes" who refused to date him — and a connection to more "mainstream". — “Gunman Murders Gym-Going Women; Misogynists Approve”,
  • Sister Paula Anne was a misogynist. But I too struggle greatly with twenties misogynists? Are feminists raising their sons to be misogynists? Non***ist. — “Are Feminists Raising Their Sons to Be Misogynists”,
  • Misogynists are not born, they are made. Once, a long time ago when the world was young, I loved women with all my heart and soul. I grew up among strong competent women who understood that all living things need. — “Hate Bounces: How man-hating and man-bashing harms women”, the-
  • "Two types of people will tell you Mad Men is excellent: socially conscious people, and misogynists. of people will tell you Mad Men is excellent: socially conscious people, and misogynists. — “Buzz by Teri Solow from Teri's Digs”,
  • Misogyny definition, hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women. See more. misogynist. misogynistic. misogynous. misogyny. misologist. misology. misone'istic. misoneism. misoneist. misoneistic. misopaedia. misopedia. misopedist. misoperation. misophobia. misopinion. misoprostol. misorder. misordination. misorganize. — “Misogyny | Define Misogyny at ”,
  • Comrade Physioprof calls out some misogynists. Posted by Paul Gowder on March 25th, 2009 filed in ***ism. 3 Huzzah! 3 Responses to "Comrade Physioprof calls out some misogynists". — “Uncommon Priors " Comrade Physioprof calls out some misogynists”, uncommon-
  • A clearer example of the sense, also from the same era but using the noun misogynist, is provided by Thackeray. not fully determine a misogynist's attitude towards each individual. — “Misogyny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Obama Supporters Trash the New Girl on the Block, What Do The Democrats Have Against Women, Democrats look like a bunch of misogynists, Gloria Steinem, Sarah Palin. — “What Do The Democrats Have Against Women?”,
  • Definition of Misogynists in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Misogynists. Pronunciation of Misogynists. Translations of Misogynists. Misogynists synonyms, Misogynists antonyms. Information about Misogynists in the free online English. — “Misogynists - definition of Misogynists by the Free Online”,
  • She's more of a bigot, but yeah I agree with you -- men couldn't have said what she said without being called misogynists. — “Are women like Carrie Lukas misogynists? Women like Carrie”,

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  • Response to Jessica Valenti's "YouTube Misogynists" Rant Pt1 This is a response to Jessica Valenti's "Youtube Misogynists" rant. This is also a protest against all of the feminist hate that comes out of on a daily basis. This is also to protest Samhita who claims that everybody is racist when in reality she is the most racist because she tries to inject race into every issue even where it has no place.
  • In The Company of Men In the Company of Men-Two misogynists conspire to date and dump a deaf girl, then both fall for her. I cant tell which fate is worse. 6 (out of 10) For more reviews, visit or follow me at
  • Dark Angel - "No One Answers" Song: No One Answers Band: Dark Angel Album: Leave Scars Year: 1989 Lyrics: As you enter your realm of incorruption, The values of morality in their pristine state. The walls that surround you in a gentle caress, Protect you from a world of hate. And the Earth is full of lurid madmen, Misogynists abound waiting to produce your fall. But the being you should most fear when you turn out the lights, Is in no way human at all. A puritan soul, distanced from sin, A libertine's ways never for you. But now you've no choice in this carnival game, A toy to be done with what I choose. As you struggle to break this invisible grip, Your consternation growing into fright. Awake but entranced by a force that's unknown, But very real on this night. No one answers! To the cries in the middle of your dreams. No one answers! To the cries rapidly becoming screams. No one answers! Though you're forced to perform against your will. No one answers! So shut up and accept your fate!!! You recoil in revulsion, but that will soon pass, As you rebel to my sensual skill. Non-compliance won't do, you will truly serve me well, Or I'll have no choice but to kill. It's the way that I work, it's the way that I am, I'm selfish, my needs are quite great. Exhibiting my power over the weaker, fairer ***, My leviathan desires to satiate. Aha what is this? you're beginning to relent? As I have said, none resist my charm. Your confession of faith is far behind you now, And to think at the start you were alarmed ...
  • Divinity, Scream All You Want. You Aren't a Feminist. Misandry: The Aboriginal Women's Position on Decrim: Until you start thinking about ALL women you're NOT a feminist in my book. Maybe other women think it's ok you use the term misandry, which was invented by misogynists, but I don't.
  • feminist misogynists ? again how does one miss the point that by saying you can only be a feminist by being X they are doing exactly the same thing they complain about, they are treating that individual as if they are not able to make conscience decisions therefore they are child like and need to be a nannied? ( sweary video deal with it)... bite me I am capable of making informed decisions that are contrary to your opinion
  • mylovelydame21 false flagged mirror IDK if there's much point in me mirroring since I have no atheist subscribers(well I'd think most of my subscribers are atheist but I doubt any watch YT atheists) but I thought I'd show my support anyway. I also dislike the TFL people so yeah. Hope you get unflagged soon. EMZ=]
  • Alien Anunnaki Genetic DNA of Man The Anunnaki are flesh-and-blood, biological beings with abounding pride, arrogance, uncontrollable urges for adult and child *** partners (whether they be willing or forced participants), and they have a great appetite for conquest and control. This warlike race has an insatiable thirst for control of other beings and dominion over other races, and the less privileged classes of the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki developed and imposed complex, oppressive cast and gender systems. They are misogynists.
  • Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect - Part 5 (22) Part 5 Helen Mirren Prime Suspect 1991
  • My Gang Stalkers My Gang Stalkers and their Psycho-***ual Perversions Men In Love by Nancy Friday
  • Bulldozer - "Misogynists" Misogynists by Italian band Bulldozer 1987 - IX: 1. IX 2. Desert ! 3. Ilona the Very Best 4. Misogynists 5. Heaven's Jail 6. Rob "Klister" 7. The Derby 8. No-way 9. The Vision Never Fades women: why do them exist? god created that blight then saved the priests god damned: another mistake! you've gotta pay a lot of money then you get ***ed masturbation! you won't get aids just move your hand save your money! only five minutes and you feel so great ***es: they want to destroy you they take your soul and try to rot your brain ***s: daughters of god they swear they love you then you feel the pain masturbation! you won't get aids just move your hand save your money! only five minutes and you feel so great red lights: a good way to be safe get the ideas then get ready to erupt fast hand: that's what you need don't risk to be a father you'd better spread off your seeds
  • TFL and the Wider Problem What do we do about ticking human time bombs? Does it make any sense to provoke and needle them any closer toward going off? They might be lost to themselves, but there are others to think of - namely, their potential victims.
  • RE: Rapists and Racist Misogynists: Rant on Hollywood Male Privilege BUT...THEY ARE ARTISTS!!!! Hollywood: Mel Gibson Can Beat All The Women He Wants The Mel Gibson/Christian Bale Freakout Mashup YESSSS!
  • Like a Funky Great Horned Owl The Misogynists make it funky.
  • A response to the misogynists, "Dear Woman" I am a conscious man.
  • KICK-ASS BABE If you've ever suspected that sadomasochists are misogynists, this video should give you some much needed reassurance. In truth, we freaks are, without parallel, veritable champions of ***ual equality.
  • Bulldozer-Misogynists Bulldozer
  • ***="yourenotthatgood": My Opinion Regarding Your Threats One again "yourenotthatgood" is biting at my ankles. This impotent loser is proving to be a great source of amusement.
  • Narcissists Hate Women, Are Misogynists Narcissists are misogynists. They team up with women who serve as Sources of SNS (Secondary Narcissistic Supply). The woman's chores are to accumulate past Narcissistic Supply (by witnessing the narcissist's "moments of glory") and release it in an orderly manner to regulate the fluctuating flow of primary supply and compensate in times of deficient supply. Otherwise, cerebral narcissists are not interested in women. Most of them are a***ual (desire *** very rarely, if at all). They hold women in contempt and abhor the thought of being really intimate with them. Usually, they choose for partners submissive women whom they disdain for being well below their intellectual level. This leads to a vicious cycle of neediness and self-contempt ("How come I am dependent on this inferior woman"). Hence the abuse. When Primary NS is available, the woman is hardly tolerated, as one would reluctantly pay the premium of an insurance policy. Narcissists of all stripes do regard the "subjugation" of an attractive woman to be a Source of Narcissistic Supply, though. (From the book "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited" by Sam Vaknin - Click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 2 DVDs with 12 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: www.narcissistic-
  • Deaf Euro Issues & Misogynists This vlog reveals the truth behind the cancellation of 17th Winter Deaflympics in Slovakia! A big-time scandal out of Europe Deaf Communities. Plus, Barry Sewage & Filthy Pig Boy's tendencies to attack women = misogynists? Cheers, R-
  • In Your Face with Mark Lewis [EXPLICIT Version] In this episode of In Your Face (IYF), Mark and Chris offer critical ***ysis of Representative Karen Thomas while she appears to cry PMS-laden tears of irrationality and tries to pass herself off as a serious candidate for US Senate. Meanwhile, In Your Face commentator Jane Brestow subliminally urges viewers to visit to help hold misogynists like Mark and Chris accountable for their ***ist behavior. The content of the "In Your Face" video and the views expressed in it are solely the creative property of WCF Foundation and Women's Media Center, and in no way represents the views of our funders, partners, or affiliates.
  • Message to TFL members "How to Get Laid 101" (Mirror vid) Open message to TFL members: Give up the misogyny. Cast aside your ***ual frustration and bitterness towards women. Open your mind, because DesertLaser is gonna hook YOU up. Yes, my upcoming original uploads were to discuss the fundamentalist theism and it's bigotry. However, upon discovering TFL, and other creepy misogynist channels on YouTube, I've decided to focus my attention to exposing misogynists , and possibly educating them and helping them "come in from the cold" and to take the initial steps away from a life of bigotry, bitterness, and loneliness. TFL, you are beginning to idolize KassieDill2. That is sad. No need to settle. As I said, DesertLaser will hook you the frak up. When men, even bigots, begin to develop a following for kassiedill, I must act. All great voyages begin with an idea, and small, initial steps. TFL virgins: This is "How to Get Laid 101" Yes, TFL guys, I know you are grateful, but no need to thank me. Just renounce bigotry, and we'll call it even. No need to beg KassieDill for her attention. TFL, renounce bigotry and misogyny. Reach out! People will help. Women are GREAT! (Original vid by TheKaraokemanFTW1369)
  • All Alone by Irving Berlin on my ukulele I bought my $20 uke and a book of Irving Berlin songs about a month ago, but grad studenting has kept me from practicing as much as I ought. Silly vicious comments on my videos compelled me to make this one. Here is Jessica Valenti of feministing brilliantly summing up and telling off youtube misogynists.
  • Closet cases: misogynists just be gay and keep it "real".
  • Re: TFL. In their own words as EXTREME MISOGYNISTS!!! Video Cam Direct Upload
  • TFL IV In their own words. Topic: Human Trafficking and ***ual Slavery. Higher Quality Duh. I uploaded the first version in an incorrect format. Thanks to my subscribers for enduring my journey up the learning curve of video production. In episode IV, we examine one twisted punk's opinions on human trafficking and ***ual slavery. This fracking piece of crap may or may not be a card carrying member of TFL, but many TFL members post favorable comments to his videos. TFL, or "true forced loneliness" has some sick, twisted individuals that post chilling comments and make horrible statements about women.
  • Misogynists against racism Player programmed by Paul Slocum Song programmed by HiP.P Recorded from an Atari 2600 emulator called z26
  • Misogynists of Philadelphia! Wilder! More clips from our improv comedy show, 4/28/07, at Rififi in New York City.
  • Metroid Fusion Lets Play 1: I Remember Why I Suck At This This was going to be a review series but it turned into a Let's Play, Metroid Fusion heats up with Ripper Swarm wannabes who look like they're from Warhammer 40k, and zombies which don't know about Samus's right to personal space (Mowing down misogynists is fun).
  • Mirror: LeicaHolt Responds to BigBossCalvin's Misogynistic Crap Her channel: A nice lady in Australia responds to BigBossCalvin's misogynistic crap. Please subscribe to her channel. Thanks
  • My challenge to Jessica Valenti Prove me wrong Jessica. www.true-
  • Billie Jean performed by misogynists
  • MAD MEN - "Maybe you need me to lay on your couch?" 1.10 *BONUS* No Joan & Peggy for the past few weeks, so I got bored... Episode 1.10: Peggy confronts Pete about his mercurial attitude. Since direct interaction between J&P can be rare, and I want to keep this channel fresh, let me know if you have a favorite Joan or Peggy scene you wish to see! From the producer of "The Sopranos", AMC's excellent original series "Mad Men" airs Sunday nights at 10pm:
  • Nicholas Eriksen, you're not a nerdfighter. Certain things infuriate me. Inconsiderate idiotic misogynists with a scary amount of power abusing their freedom of speech are one of those things. Sorry for all the swearing, but I really am angry.
  • The Au Pairs - it´s obvious.flv Not for profit. This is one message that it seems neither ***fems nor misogynists understand. Nowadays it's nice It's paradise Equal time Equal spending Yes it's nice It's paradise Nowadays you cook eggs Equal breakfast And again and Bed it's nice You're equal but different It's obvious Spending time nowadays By my side That's oh so nice And again with you It's equal nice It's paradise Nowadays you wash sheets Send a buck Scrub my back for me That's paradise You're equal but different It's obvious Spending time nowadays By my side That's oh so nice And again with you It's equal nice It's paradise Nowadays you wash sheets Send a buck Scrub my back for me That's paradise You're equal But different You're equal but different It's obvious So obvious
  • Misogynists For Jesus Praise manly Jesus! For MOAR Chick Tract readings see
  • Women's Rights in Jordan and the Developing World
  • Sheryl Crow -Joe Walsh/James Gang "Walk Away" ***, a lot of misogynists out there; I don't know, Sheryl just seems to be such an irresistible combination of beauty and brains, that I question the critics' opinions of women in general...
  • Beautiful & Tough Libya Woman Soldier Sings for Gaddafi & the Green Revolution! Rebel Rats Watch Out! This female Gaddafi Soldier will kick the crap out of you women hating backward Al Qaeda Islamists.. Unlike many other Arab Nations, in Libya Women have been in the army since the 1970's, primarily due to a constant and difficult struggle led by Gaddafi against a conservative culture to force equality of the ***es in Libya. This is one of the reasons Al Qaeda and the Islamist radicals and Saudi Arabia hate him so much. In this Music Video a Beautiful and Tough Female Libya Singer singing for Gaddafi and for the Green Revolution ! The Libyan Rebels are a bunch of backward Misogynists who hate women and are against Womens Rights. The rebels would institute extreme Sharia Law and take away the many equal rights provisions that women have in the Modern Libya under Gaddafi. Broadcast on Libya State Television - April 10 Music Video For Gaddafi - Loved by Millions of Libya Citizens. Libya is united to crush the Benghazi Terror Gangs and to defeat and humiliate the CIA, Mi6, NATO, Al Qaeda, Qatar and all the other parasites and predators who have descended upon Libya hoping to foment chaos. Gaddafi is the Lion of Africa and is showing himself to be no "easy pickings" for the Imperialists and Islamist radicals. Libya State Television April 10 The website: - is an excellent site to visit for more background material on the Imperialist attempt to re-colonize Libya.
  • Death threat guy will not go way aka bannedchristinepeace Mirror A very intelligent and charming woman is being harassed by a pathetic loser. Subscribers, please show her your support.
  • Mitchell and Webb: Love a Bit of Hot Oil - BBC Comedy Extra "Hear your potatoey flesh sizzle in complete safety...safety not guaranteed." Take a trip to Hot Oil Towers and have some fabulous fiery fun or feel the pain at Lincoln's cutting edge theme park - Razor World in this animated sketch from their Radio 4 show "That Mitchell and Webb Sound".
  • TFL 9.1 (re-edited) TFL Sympathizer "yourrenotthatgood" aka "angrydude79" Original TFL IX video was FALSE DMCAed by "yourenotthatgood" (who's mom is not that tight) His channel: His other channel: A counter notice has been file thanks to help of a GREAT YouTuber.
  • Carolyn Jessop: Power Not Polygamy Bullies and abusers use "God" to support and sustain their reigns of terror. Power, ego and abuse are the de facto core values of these bogus religions. Carolyn Jessop escaped from one such cult.

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  • “blog: Why Misogynists Make Great Informants. Jul 19th. Posted by jenna blog and would love to share it with LOVE readers and collective members and, well, every”
    — from the INCITE! blog: Why Misogynists Make Great Informants,

  • “Tcoleman28I stumbled across this forum when looking up frightening things in my own life. I was very shocked I guess, that so many people are dealing with bad relationships in one way or another. I was trying to learn about my husband and wound”
    — My experience with a Misogynists 29 [relationships.blog-], relationships.blog-

  • “Election and Political news covering all the major figures: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and updates on what's happening in our government and Congress. Check here for the latest Political News”
    — ,

  • “Activism discussion forum: Sarah Palin's Critics Are Misogynists”
    — Sarah Palin's Critics Are Misogynists - activism Discussion Forum,

  • “On Faith Panelists Blog: Give us your misogynists and bigots - Richard Dawkins Give us your misogynists and bigots. What major institution most deserves the title of”
    — Nuts and Reasons: On Faith Panelists Blog: Give us your,

  • “Chat, debate and share ideas as part of the Internet's most vibrant film community. Empire Blog | Movie Reviews | Future Films | Features | Video Interviews | Image Gallery | Competitions | Forum | Magazine”
    — RE: The Misogynist Club - Misogynists Only,

  • “Infidelity Testimonials | Forum for Women | Online Dating Infidelity Book | Privacy Womens Award | WomanSavers Blog | Live *** | Womens Charities | Womens Chat | Womens”
    — There Be Misogynists On This Site,

  • “In the pop-cultural realm feminists are kept busy uncovering the co-opting of our own "empowering" rhetoric to perpetrate potent ***ism, looking out for so-called Nice Guys and women who claim to be liberated but sell an old-school lifestyle”
    — How to Approach the Mega-Misogynists Among Us,

  • “Alas, a blog - Feminist, anti-racist, pro-fat, plus whatever else we feel like talking about. Men's Rights Activists, Anti-Feminists, And Other Misogynists Comment On George Sodini”
    — Men's Rights Activists, Anti-Feminists, And Other Misogynists,

  • “Feministe is one of the oldest feminist blogs online designed by and run by women from the ground up. It's standard knowledge on a feminist blog that rape isn't about ***; it's about power, entitlement and violence”
    — Feministe — In defense of the sanctimonious women's studies set, feministe.us

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