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  • Synonyms for misinterpret. Other words for misinterpret. Different words for misinterpret. Antonyms of misinterpret. — “misinterpret - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • i didn't misinterpret. it was pretty clear that they were in Bella's old dance studio and that the mirrors were there. if blood was all around, James would be useless because his attraction to blood would consume him and he wouldn't have time to. — “Was I the only one to misinterpret Twilight? When I glanced”,
  • Definition of misinterpret in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of misinterpret. Pronunciation of misinterpret. Translations of misinterpret. misinterpret synonyms, misinterpret antonyms. Information about misinterpret in the free online English. — “misinterpret - definition of misinterpret by the Free Online”,
  • Media Misinterpret Obama's China Policy. Our guest blogger is Nina Hachigian, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. China not our Lapdog! Is this really an insight deserving of major real estate on the front page of the Sunday New York Times' Week in Review?. — “Wonk Room " Media Misinterpret Obama's China Policy”,
  • Definition of misinterpret in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is misinterpret? Meaning of misinterpret as a legal term. What does misinterpret mean in law?. — “misinterpret legal definition of misinterpret. misinterpret”, legal-
  • to misinterpret (third-person singular simple present misinterprets, present participle misinterpreted) To make an incorrect interpretation; to misunderstand. — “misinterpret - Wiktionary”,
  • Misinterpret definition, to interpret, explain, or understand incorrectly. See more. — “Misinterpret | Define Misinterpret at ”,
  • misinterpret - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. — “misinterpret - Dictionary of English”,
  • Banning Videogames — How We Misinterpret The Experience. 7 Sep. Games get banned all the consoles " Game Bans: Misinterpreting the Gaming Experience. — “Banning Videogames — How We Misinterpret The Experience”,
  • misinterpret tr.v. , -preted , -preting , -prets . To interpret inaccurately. To explain inaccurately. — “misinterpret: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Definition of misinterpret from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of misinterpret. Pronunciation of misinterpret. Definition of the word misinterpret. Origin of the word misinterpret. — “misinterpret - Definition of misinterpret at ”,
  • We found 28 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word misinterpret: misinterpret: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] misinterpret: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of misinterpret - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • SHAH ALAM, 10 March 2009: Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor today urged all parties especially his subjects not to misinterpret the state and Federal constitutions for the benefit of. — “Selangor Sultan: Don't misinterpret constitution | The Nut Graph”,
  • In fact, without specific prior knowledge about trans fat and its negative health effects, consumers, including those at risk for heart disease, may misinterpret nutrient information provided on the panel, which is required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. — “Many Consumers Misread Nutrition Panels”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. He claims that his statements have been misinterpreted by the media. — “Misinterpret - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Canine symptoms can be hard to interpret, especially because many symptoms could be indicative of more than one illness. Here are some of the most commonly misinterpreted canine symptoms. — “6 Canine Symptoms Owner's Misinterpret”,
  • misinterpret verb - definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online: to form an understanding that is not correct of something that is said or done. — “Definition of misinterpret verb from Cambridge Dictionary”,
  • A new marketing study shows that without an interpretive footnote or further information on recommended daily value, many consumers do not know how to interpret the meaning of trans-fat content on the Nutrition Facts panel. — “: Consumers Misinterpret Meaning of Trans-Fat”,
  • Religious website Perhaps the most famous text that people misinterpret to give themselves an excuse to drink is found in I Timothy 5:23 that says: "But use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine infirmities." Have you heard that before?. — “God's Word”,
  • If the Terrorists Misinterpret Islam ," by David Steinberg for If the terrorists misinterpret Islam, then so does Mohammad. The evidence concerning. — “"If the terrorists misinterpret Islam, then so does Mohammad”,
  • If the terrorists misinterpret Islam, then so does Mohammad. Moderate" misinterpret or do not follow the Islamic texts. They have no text support for their views> Islam. — “Pajamas Media " If the Terrorists Misinterpret Islam”,
  • Misinterpret: Captain Squeegee resources and information at . — “Misinterpret”,
  • To misinterpret a concept or ideology in such an inaccurate fashion as to cause grossly unnecessary dangers to the followers of the specific concep. — “Urban Dictionary: misinterpret”,

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  • Way Back Into Love Episode 4 Misinterpret/Mitchley Scene Part 2 Episode 4 Part 2 is here! Hope you like it! :D Continuing... Joe, Demi, Selena, Nick, Kevin and Mitchel: M-miley? Miley: Demi? Selena? Demi and Selena: Miley? Demi, Selena and Miley: *squeals; hugs each other* Miley: I miss you guys so much! *smiles wide* Demi and Selena: we miss you so much too! *looks at each other* Joe: Hey MI-LEY! Remember me? Handsome Joe? Demi and Selena: you were never handsome *looks at each other* Jinx, Joe owes us two cappuccinos! Joe: what? I don't owe you guys anything *pauses* Nick does! Nick: huh, I heard my name Kevin: aw man, I didn't hear my name *crosses his arms; pretends to be angry* Miley: *giggles* Guys! Stop it, okay? Ill buy you all cappuccinos, hows that? Demi: yes! But Joe still owes us cappuccinos Joe: what? Mitchel: Miley, is that you? I thought you still look UGLY! Miley: well, people change *smiles* and don't worry, I don't have this creepy crush on you anymore *winks at him* Sterling: uh, excuse me? Hi, I'm Sterling and I was just wondering if I'm part of this cappuccino fest? *smiles* Miley: sure. I'm Miley, BTW! *smiles* Come on Guys, lets go! ~They all run inside the limo and they to go the coffee shop (aka Starbucks)~ LOCATION: Coffee Shop Miley: so..uh..Sterkling, is it? Sterling: no...uh...its Sterling *smiles* Miley: oh *pauses* so, Sterling, when did you meet them? Sterling: in 4th Grade Miley: ooh... *takes a sip of her coffee* Nick: *takes a sip of his coffee* WAIT! Joe, Demi, Selena, Kevin, Sterling, Mitchel and ...
  • Simple example how so called black H israelites misinterpret scripture I show how some so called black hebrew israelites misinterpret scripture they do this with alot of scripture misinterpreting it making it mean something it don't i well show more im not finsh this is only a simple example but you can see how they misinterpret scripture. make up lies make thing mean what they want it to only a idiot or the devil would do this with the bible seriously
  • Misinterpret Our Friendship
  • Leap from Bashan - For Heaven's Sake! Dan wants to share with you his favorite BIble verse... but for some reason I think his interpretation of it is a little off.. which could be a little devastating for Dan.
  • God has to come in human form in every generation God has to come in human form in every generation because as soon as God exits, selfish people misinterpret His message constantly. The misinterpretation satisfies the majority of the people, which is incapable of practicing in the right path. For example God decides that 70% is the distinction. When God exits, the majority of the students, which is incapable of getting the distinction like to bring down the percentage so that they can also have the satisfaction of the distinction. A student who gets 7% wants to have distinction. Now the misinterpretation is given like this. In the number 70 there are two numbers. One is 7 and the other is 0. Since 0 has no value, 70 must mean 7. Therefore, the student getting 7% can get distinction. Such misinterpretation by a mischievous teacher is admired by a large majority of students. Now he is the greatest teacher with large majority of followers! This is the present situation of false preachers misleading the vast majority. The distinction can be neither given by the teacher nor by the students. The board of interview selecting the students of distinction for service has the acknowledge of the distinction for which only there is real fruit. Hence, God gives the divine fruit only to the real distinction since He is well aware of the marks of distinction, which were prescribed by Him only. Therefore, God had to come again and again and also everywhere simultaneously (especially when there was no electronic communications in the ...
  • Dr. Cynthia Boaz - How the Media Misinterpret Nonviolent Struggle Dr. Cynthia Boaz, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Sonoma State University, looks at how mainstream media coverage of nonviolent struggles is often distorted and inaccurate. She also makes suggestions for ways in which conscious citizens, activists, and media audiences can help counter these misconceptions.
  • Homicidle - Don't F**k Up Our Beats - Funk Volume (White Eyes Part: Please don't misinterpret, I meant like a zombie, it in no way was negative towards Hopsin, love that guy) Contest held by Funk Volume, the label of Hopsin, SwizZZ, & Cryptic Wisdom. Please people show me love and you will recieve some back, I need 50 votes to be eigible. Prizes, $500, I can get my studio game up to produce goodies for y'all and join FV, that's a dream!
  • T&F Episode 14: A Small Misinterpretation Part 1 Hey evrybody. I'm back and better than ever. Here is episode 14. I know i said TOMY T&F was gonna be ep 14, but that's more of a movie to me. So here you go, a very special episode of T&F for all of you to enjoy. Special T&F Intro Courtesy of Avocet908. Artwork Courtesy of RayTheTrainEngine & CatalanoArts Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING
  • Does Water Baptism Save? (1 Peter 3) John MacArthur Certain theological traditions misinterpret Peter's statement baptism now saves you to refer to spiritual salvation by water baptism (ie, baptismal regeneration). But baptism (from baptizo) simply means "to immerse," and not just in water. Peter here uses baptism to refer to a figurative immersion into Christ as the ark of safety that will sail over the holocaust of judgment on the wicked. Noah and his family were immersed not just in water, but in the world under divine judgment. All the while they were protected by being in the ark. God preserved Noah and his family in the midst of His judgment, which is what He also does for all those who trust in Christ. God's final judgment will bring fire and fury on the world, destroying the entire universe (cf. 2 Peter 3 but the people of God will be protected and taken into the eternal new heavens and new earth (v. 13)...
  • Misinterpreting Hints and Body Language Misinterpreting Hints and Body Language How a nerd on a date blows it by not reading the signs. In the end, he gets ditched hard.
  • Niggas Always Misinterpret Videos Moral of the story: One who views the mirror in a negative light will always get a bad reflection.
  • Misinterpret live @ Reno's Chop Shop 1.11.08 Nine Month Fall performing "Misinterpret" @ Reno's Chop Shop January 11th 2008. Performed by NMF, filmed by Amberlee Sterling, video edited by Shane Keeling, audio mastered by Sean Hedrick.
  • Priyanka misinterpret Salman - God Tussi Great Ho Bollywood.. Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Rapn Frizzy- Dont misinterpret I almost didnt make this one cus hhonastly its really deep and personal. not my best but really strong lyrics.
  • misinterpret (stop-motion puppet film, nine inch nails film festival) stop-motion puppet film
  • Stephen Hawking Explains the Universe Huge respect for Steven Hawking. Don't misinterpret!
  • Misconception (Halo 3 Machinima) HALO 3 : by EuphoriaFilms. please do not misinterpret this video. This is nothing more than a dramatic film. Euphoria Films does not condone or emulate the opinions herein portrayed in "Misconception". William Slayer is a young high school student accredited for being one of the finest pupils in the entire school's history. But young William thinks differently from that of his peers... very differently. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:
  • How to misinterpret Modest Mouse lyrics right wing, left wing, chicken wing.
  • Paul Bezzo vs Zac Rinaldo Owen Sound Attack at London Knights Oct 2, 2009
  • Campus Corridor Your Say - How Women Misinterpret Men
  • Why StasieDark is wrong pt 1 This video is a response to StasieDark's video of her favorite bible verses. This video explains how easily someone can misinterpret the Bible if they make a conclusion based on one scripture. In this video I take a step by step look at Stasie's claims and what the Bible actually says about her claims. Christianity Christian Christ Bible Scripture Interpretation Atheist Atheism God Stasie blasphemy Church Jesus *** Testament Law Jews Gentiles Heaven Earth Hell Israel abomination homo***uality gay shellfish Women authority beating spanking discipline children rod correction stoned dashed Doctrine stoning killing Justice Idolatry Marriage Misinterpretation Light Hebrew Greek Middle East Sun Time Out Adultery Favorite Scriptures
  • His Clancyness - Misinterpret my words You can order it from Mirror Universe Tapes
  • AFV Girl misinterprets brother fight team
  • Misinterpret Takuma Ishikawa: Misinterpret(2010)
  • Why Do SDA Leaders Misinterpret Daniel 8:14 SDA scholars have been fired and ran off because they have shown the SDA leaders misinterpret Daniel 8:14. This is their own scholars showing them they are wrong but yet they still misinterpet Daniel 8:14 after over 100 years. WHY?
  • The way I communicate. I have High-Functioning Autism. I am a very literal thinker and my speech may sometimes be a little blunt. I don't usually use symbolism or hidden meanings in my words. I have a very different sense of humor than most folks. And my body language varies in reliability. Often the subject matter I am interested in is very boring to NTs, and what NTs are interested in is very boring to me. When I hold a conversation with an NT, misunderstandings pop up very frequently because both parties involved are misinterpreting each others words-- NTs try to put extra meaning into my words that isn't there, and I don't pick up on the hidden meaning that exists in their words. Body language plays an integral part in NT communication. My own body language is often misinterpreted by NTs, whereas I misinterpret or forget to interpret NT body language. How frustrating!
  • Soundgarden - An Unkind from Down on the Upside album
  • Canon Misinterpreted (Nexon Audition) real lyrics here: A misinterpretation of the song 'Canon' from Nexons game, Audition. Funny lyrics! :) Credit goes to hoony for selected audition dance bits!
  • Misinterpretation of NahjulBlagha to proove Mola Ali as Khaliq Moulana Taqi Naqvi explains how Nusehries misinterpret a saying of Mola Ali in NahjulBlagha to proove their point that Mola Ali is Khaliq and Allah gave him the powers of Takhleeq. This is all Shirk and Kufar. According to Quran only Allah is Khaliq, only he is Rab and only he is Raziq
  • Halo 3 Special Olympics Funny special olympics video using halo 3
  • Hillary Supporters Misinterpret Her Message to "Keep Going" It looks like some Hillary supporters weren't really paying attention last night.
  • Anhedonia - film project version June 8.wmv Anhedonia as I followed affection's due torment, with a heart that stirred languished and still, how I'd long for the chance just to take it away how I long for the courage and will when I think of the day that i met you when I think of the feelings involved how you captivate affect and action before you leave language and reason appalled I was taken from innocence, taken from influence taken by beauty, afar You misinterpret music as I misinterpret poems with a misinterpretation each regard the personification of sorrow with anthropomorphic defeat my head disappears into shadows before every time that we meet You slow education you spin information you're shifting the tangible known you hurt me you hold me, your presence controls me when I'm with you, I'm truly alone come dance with me, fair Anhedonia as you slowly and poignantly do and I'll leave things alone, like I left them before but I'll always (come back to you...)
  • Muslims Read and Misinterpret the Bible Bishop Robert E Smith Sr with Word of Outreach Christian Center in Little Rock, AR. Go to for more info.
  • 'Misinterpret' by Lucy Fisher
  • for those who misinterpret the ones that are true
  • Primordial Ooze vs Misinterpret - Reunion =)
  • Alex Jones continues to lie about and misinterpret Zeitgeist Alex obviously has some agenda by lying about Zeitgeist. His established worldview probably feels threatened. Sources:
  • misinterpret
  • UNESCO Achieves Another Agenda 21 'Victory' Please don't misinterpret my feelings on protecting the environment. Pollution is bad, but so is creating World Heritage sites under false pretenses. Education and Sustainable Development: UNESCO's Contribution to Agenda 21 TOWARDS AN AGENDA 21 FOR HIGHER EDUCATION (aka they're dumbing people down) Agenda 21 - Introduction + 'activities' ********************************************************** Hiraizumi, Ogasawara recommeded for Heritage sites UNESCO advisory bodies have recommended 2 places in Japan for inclusion on its World Heritage list. The decision follows the Japanese government's proposal of the Hiraizumi district in the northern prefecture of Iwate as a cultural site and the Pacific islands of Ogasawara as a natural heritage site. Hiraizumi features Buddhist temples and gardens built by the 12th-century Oshu Fujiwara clan. The International Council on Monuments and Sites conducted a field study of Hiraizumi. The council concluded that it qualifies to be registered as a World Heritage site, on condition that some ruins are excluded. The Ogasawara Islands are about 1000 kilometers south of Tokyo. They have never been connected to any landmass, and are known for their abundance of rare plants and animals. The scores of unique species include a butterfly called "Ogasawara-shijimi" or Celastrina ogasawaraensis. The islands were recommended as a natural heritage site by another UNESCO advisory body, the International ...
  • Misinterpreting VTE 09/10 *Watch in HD* This is a film for a school project... My friend Julia and I made it... A special thanks to our fantastic actors: Rikke-Turkis DP Nadia Mark It's made in Sony vegas pro 9.0 I don't own the music.. Instrumental scary hiphop Made by redhooknoodles (Go check out more of his songs.) Charlie Clouser - Don't forget the rules (Saw theme) It's called Misinterpreting, because everybody keeps misinterpret the film.. Take a guess, what do you think the film is about? Can you find the signs? Please comment and review :D VTE 09/10

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  • “A couple of days ago, when I was writing the address of my dojo's website onto the pavement with chalk (with the aim of drawing attention to martial arts, especially to aikido), a little kid was coming by with his mother. As he saw what I was”
    — Martial arts and their misinterpretation | Connor & Zolley's,

  • “One common criticism lodged by constructionist judges against some of their judicial brethren is that, in their quest for "fair" results, they often misinterpret or outright ignore the plain text of a statute. About this Blog. Contributors to this blog include a diverse group of lawyers, law”
    — Feeding the Hand that Bites: Statutory Misinterpretation in,

  • “'Answers: Why do people misinterpret and misunderstand me ?' • Spiritual Path • Free Energy Plans Home • Forum • Blog • Photos • Directory • Article Library • Connection. • Spiritual and Metaphysical Forum --> Read New Messages • Post New Message • Forum Tips • • FAQ”
    — Answers: Why do people misinterpret and misunderstand me,

  • “Home " Blog. Politico's Molly Ball and The Times's Nate Silver once again misinterpret early voting statistics Professor Paul Gronke and his team conduct research on early voting and election reform, predominantly in the United States”
    — Politico's Molly Ball and The Times's Nate Silver once again,

  • “misinterpret. September 27th, 2008. Author Kevin Melrose. I'm as guilty as the next blogger misinterpret" Nat Gertler Says: September 27th, 2008 at 10:59 am. Are you saying that if”
    [email protected] " Blog Archive " When Stan Lee talks, people,

  • “Follow N5R's blog to get the latest news about real estate, automotive and social media marketing trends”
    — Blog, n5

  • “Attig Law Firm MSPB and Federal Employee Attorney Blog Hi! You can put anything here, be sure not exceed the limit. Federal Disability Retirement. Federal Disability Retirement: What medical conditions can the MSPB consider if you are denied?”
    — Grossly Misinterpret | MSPB and Federal Employee Attorney Blog,

  • “Since the time when my hubby and I married at a very young age (18 years old). We got lots of precious moment together. As for me, I love to copycat my hubby”
    — Public Misinterpret | ,

  • “Please let us know if you would like some specific topics covered, want to share your experience as a parent dealing with ***s, or just have general feedback on the By Parents For Parents Blog. Wednesday, May 31, 2006. Bipolar ***s Misinterpret Expressions As Hostile”
    — By Parents For Parents, byparents-

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