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  • Big News on Military. Includes blogs, news, and community conversations about Military We are grinding our military families into the ground with this brutal, futile war, while its backers sacrifice very little to. — “Military : Pictures, Videos, Breaking News”,
  • DFAS-Garnishment Operations processes Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy orders for all branches of the military, for both active and reserve/guard components, all Military Retirees, and all civilian government employees paid from the Defense Civilian Pay System (DCPS). — “Military”,
  • US is your source for information about jobs and careers with the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and the US Coast Guard. Have Prior US Military Experience? Click here!. — “Military careers home page for Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force”,
  • Online resource for all things military in Hampton Roads, Virginia. — “: Hampton Roads Military News: daily news”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. A small documentary about the use of snipers in the military. — “Videos tagged with Military - Metacafe”,
  • CT Military Department Website Welcome to the web presence of the Connecticut Military Department. Please use the links at the left to access information about our agency, personnel and programs. — “CT Military Department”,
  • San Antonio, Military, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Lackland, Randolph, Fort Sam Houston, Coast Guard, BAMC. — “San Antonio, Military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines | ”,
  • -- Benefiting the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Military members and retirees have more darts to dodge as second bipartisan debt-redution task force unveils more cost-cutting. — “”,
  • Military Star Card. Military MyPay. Debt Relief. MEDIA. Military Games. Military Videos. Free Military Alphabet. Enlist. Ranks. Military Time. Military Tactics. Military Discounts. Military. — “Serving the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard”,
  • Keep up with the latest military headlines, find resources regarding deployments, use our ship/base finder and read military blogs on the Hampton Roads military channel. — “Pilot Military | | ”,
  • All about the United States Military including information on joining the U.S. Military, job descriptions, the enlistment process, commissioning opportunities, assignments, promotions, military pay charts, military law and legislation, military. — “United States Military Information”,
  • Your online source for everything Military: Military News, pay, benefits, photos, videos, discussions, blogs and military discounts. — “Military News, benefits, careers, photos, discussions”,
  • is the leading source for reliable military news and military information, directed by John Pike. — “ - Reliable Military News and Military”,
  • Official site for the Discovery Military Channel. — “Military Channel”,
  • military adj. Of, relating to, or characteristic of members of the armed forces: a military bearing; military attire. — “military: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Latest news and comment on Military from . — “Military | UK news | ”,
  • Military definition, of, for, or pertaining to the army or armed forces, often as distinguished from the navy: See more. — “Military | Define Military at ”,
  • Home US – Military Jobs and Career information for Army, Navy, Marines & Air Force. The premier site for all military services providing military news, recruitment, ASVAB sample test, college benefits, GI Bill, Army game and more. — “”,
  • Explore sites about the armed forces of the world. Also find links to information about tactics, special operations, and military ranks. — “Military in the Yahoo! Directory”,
  • A military is an organization authorized by its greater society to use lethal force, usually including use of weapons, in defending its country by combating actual or perceived threats. As an adjective the term "military" is also used to refer to any property or aspect of a military. — “Military - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of military in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of military. Pronunciation of military. Translations of military. military synonyms, military antonyms. Information about military in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “military - definition of military by the Free Online”,
  • WAVY-TV 10, online source for military news, video: US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Veterans Affairs, and the Pentagon, impacting Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, Portsmouth, Suffok, and North. — “Military News for Hampton Roads, Virginia and North Carolina”,

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  • Military Tribute. "When you Come Back to Me Again" First off: WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. Music by Garth Brooks. "When I come Back to You Again" is from his "Scarecrow" album. If you enjoy his music, please purchase the CD today. I do not own the rights to his music and nor do I make any money from this video. It is a tribute to our men and women serving in harms way. I'm tired of hearing about all of the negative things about our military in the media which NEVER highlights the things we're accomplishing over there and the dedication of our soldiers. This is a tribute to their service. We should recognize their sacrifice and embrace them when they come home after the job is done. If you're going to leave negative comments, please go somewhere else. Your videos and comments will be removed. Please respect our military and their families.
  • FULL VIDEO of Military Parade in Moscow on Victory Day 2010 - Part 2 (Part 2 of 2) RT is bringing you full coverage of the Victory Day parade from Red Square, the heart of Moscow. This year's parade is the largest commemoration since 1945, when *** Germany was defeated by the USSR and the Allies. Today, for the first time ever, France, Britain and the US have sent their own soldiers to parade past the Kremlin wall. Narrator Peter Lavelle
  • PW Singer: Military robots and the future of war In this powerful talk, PW Singer shows how the widespread use of robots in war is changing the realities of combat. He shows us scenarios straight out of science fiction -- that now may not be so fictitious.TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, and "Lost" producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Watch the Top 10 TEDTalks on , at http
  • US Military Tribute - Far Away - Nickleback **WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY, IT IS EASIER TO READ** Thanks to the military
  • Iranian military video and pictures of the iranian military equipment which were made and some of them designed in Iran.
  • Military Taps I made this video..first one...Please show respect to those that have fallen Thanks everyone for watching and commenting this video
  • Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. Dwight D. Eisenhower exit speech on Jan.17,1961. Warning us of the military industrial complex.
  • HMKG 04 Norwegian Military Tattoo From the Norwegian Military Tattoo 2004 His majesty the kings guard band and drill team of Norway.
  • FULL VIDEO of Military Parade in Moscow on Victory Day 2010 - Part 1 (Part 1 of 2) RT is bringing you full coverage of the Victory Day parade from the Red Square, the heart of Moscow. This year's parade is the largest commemoration since 1945, when *** Germany was defeated by the USSR and the Allies. Today, for the first time ever, France, Britain and the US have sent their own soldiers to parade past the Kremlin wall. Narrator Peter Lavelle
  • Gene Simmons Military Tribute honor our troops, honor our veterans. a handshake and a "thank you for serving" makes a world of difference. thank you for stopping by! :) gene simmons military tribute veterans disabled veterans veterans day what veterans day means to me marines navy army air force...
  • Here's to the Heroes: A Military Tribute This is dedicated to all the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms. Thank you!!!
  • United States Military Click on this link to see what I do in the Marines. Cool *** I'im a us marine, with unit HMH-366 heavy marine helicopter squadron... 2nd marine airwing as a CH-53E flightline mechanic... semper fi Thank you for your continued support for our military.
  • Military Air Drop Bloopers I didn't make this originally, but since I've not seen it here, I thought it would be great to share. This is a series of military air drops gone horribly wrong. Now, after over a year being uploaded, this video has topped over 3 quarters of a million views! Thanks guys. Guzer is also getting a ton of traffic from them, so I want to send a shout out to them too. I love that site, that's why I didn't remove the tag at the bottom left corner. Finally, a special super thanks goes out to Track One Recordings for the audio swap here. I love the song, and I think it fits perfectly with the video. If you get a moment, check out their channel!
  • Gang Bangers in the US Military Forces Gang Members in the US Military taking there skills back to the streets of America SUBSCRIBE TODAY!
  • Funny Military Sargeant A scene taken from the movie Full Metal Jacket. Sargeant rips the absolute piss out of soldiers
  • Russian Military Power Russian Military ------------------------------------------- Help your country and fight with our allies. ------ eRepublik is a massively multiplayer online game, social networking and strategy web browser game. The game is set in a mirror world (called the New World) where players, referred to as citizens, join in local and national politics, set economic policy, start businesses and wage wars with other countries. LET'S FIGHT: More Info:
  • Chinese Military Parade First of all, thank you for watching my video! umm... damn... so many hate comments... yru ppl so lifeless that u get all aggressive about a country after watching a parade video? ur makin urself look like an giantic ignorant ***. u ***aurus have been hatin on China since day one and THANKS for your hating, China just developed the worlds fastest train/fastest computer and even a stealth fighter in 2010.. and remained the fastest growing economy. ur hating is the fuel of our fire! keep on hating and watch China get stronger day by day! THANK YOU!
  • Thank Your Military An average group of Americans gathered to publicly thank their United Stated Military for the freedom they provide. If you want to thank your military, pass this video on to every person you know so it will eventually reach every present and former military person across the globe. We want the military to know we appreciate their service and sacrifice!
  • Military Wives Song Great song for military spouses called "The Rock" by Amy-Jayne McCabe... that I dedicate to any woman that has a brave individual protecting this country. .. /oorahwife Amy-Jayne McCabe's website is
  • Military Tribute, Thank You Veterans This is my way of thanking all my brothers and sisters in arms, past and present. Whether you believe in the wars we have fought or currently fighting please support our troops. They serve with Honor, Dignity, and Integrity and deserve your respect and appreciation. Please thank a Veteran. Its a small token on your part for the huge commitment they have made on theirs.
  • Israeli Military Shoot Gaza Farmer Israeli Military Shoot Gaza Farmer - 18th February 2009 Israeli forces shot a twenty year-old Palestinian farmer as he worked his land in the village of Al-Faraheen, east of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. International Human Rights Activists were accompanying the group of farmers at the time as they worked approximately 500m from the Green Line. Mohammad al - Breem, 20, was shot in the right leg as the farmers, together with the international Human Rights Activists, attempted to leave the area having worked on their land for 2 hours in full view of the Israeli forces situated along the Green Line. As the farmers were loading up the parsley and spinach from the agricultural lands shots were fired from Israeli forces on the border. Mohammad was shot in the right leg and evacuated, while still under fire, to hospital. International Human Rights Activists have repeatedly witnessed Palestinian farmers being shot at by Israeli forces as they attempt to work on agricultural land situated within 700m of the Green Line. On Tuesday 27th January 2009, in Al Faraheen, Israeli forces shot at several farmers, killing a 27 year old farmer.
  • Six*** Military Wives - The Decemberists Video for Six*** Military Wives by The Decemberists. Directed by Aaron Stewart.
  • Military Tribute: Hank Jr.; Country Boy Can Survive God bless our troops.
  • Russian military The song is called "FIRE" by Collection of videos of Russian military equipment in use.
  • Weapons of mass distraction FUNNY MILITARY TRAINING I BET THEY WERN'T EXPECTING THIS! Music: Artist: Tubthumper Title: Chumbawamba Please try to keep the slating/swearing/racism to a minimum on the comments guys, kids can see this video ya know! Cheers
  • Inside Story - Modernising China's military On this episode of Inside Story, we ask if China is attempting to become a major global military power and whether following the example of the US military would help it to achieve this.
  • Military Discipline - Funny This video is awesome - Terry Tate meets the military. CPT Wedley - BN Disciplinator goes around enforcing the standard and tackling all offenders.
  • Military Reunion This video was posted to facebook by Goobig Qp, downloaded and uploaded to youtube for reddit... Update (Song Info): Thanks to @hvarga 'Praan' composed by Garry Schyman and sung by Palbasha Siddique
  • MILITARY HUMOR very funny pictures of what happens when our troops get bored.... song is seven nation army by the white stripes i believe 99k views.... wow, never thought i would get that many =D 3-3-10 =110k video views! WOW! if u would like me to make more, just message me your idea and ill see what i can do =]
  • DUMBs Deep Underground Military Bases The pictures contained in this video are a collection from a collaborated group of anonymous hackers and personal researchers, I therefore cannot confirm the legitimacy of ALL of the pictures within... however, MANY of the pictures are legitimate photo's of actual DUMB's and the diggers...
  • Basic Exercise Plans : How to Do Military Push-Ups Military push-ups strengthen the muscles of the arm and help to create a straight core. Do military push-ups with tips from a fitness director in this free video on exercise programs. Expert: Les Whitley Contact: /coolsprings Bio: Les Whitley is director of Velocity Sports Performance in Franklin, Tennessee. He has a degree in exercise science. Filmmaker: Tim Brown
  • Military mistakes accidents and crashes I got the music from here: If you liked the old song better, you can get it yourself from audioswap - search for "With A Spirit" by 009 Sound System
  • Military Bloopers A few Military Bloopers!!! This is a Compilation from Vids I found on the net ;) just put together...I dont want to take all the credits...the Credits should go to the people how put them on the net and to the soldiers who filmed all that... Songs: Creedence Clearwater Revival Bad Moon Rising Chumbawamba I get knocked Down Glen Miller & Orchestra Pennsylvania 6-5000 Caesars Jerk it out Enjoy the Compilation
  • Chinese Military Shovel WJQ-308 (HQ + Full length) An awesome little tool. It's the new Swiss Army Knife! the other videos on youtube is either incomplete or low-quality so I reuploaded it to youtube from their official website tinyurl/2bh2wp7 Don't ask me where to buy it, I don't know either. They are out of stock everywhere. Their official website is
  • DTV Shredder ~ Clip for Military Show We shot this video for the IDGA Ground Vehicle convention in Detroit. It was the first time we'd brought the Shredder to an actual military show and were just trying to gauge people's reactions to it.
  • XM25, military super weapon Glad it's ours
  • Top Secret Drum Corps Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2006 2009 Tattoo: I've had numerous requests for this video. You can download it here (83Mb): The outstanding Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps recorded at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August 2006.
  • Russian Military Weapons Army russian military. if u want to see one of the dumbest idiot alive read corvinos comments. Also welcome our newest addition Tomooseisinthehoose u make all idiots around the world proud!!!
  • North Korea's Military parade in Slow Motion The Hermit Kingdom allowed international media to watch its largest ever military parade - part of the campaign to establish Kim Jong-il's youngest son as the leader-in-waiting. Video by Dan Chung and Tania Branigan.
  • Top Secret Drum Corps Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009 The outstanding Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps recorded at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August 2009. Check 2006:

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