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  • There are essentially two types of midwife, each with a different title and different requirements for practice. Direct-Entry Midwives (CPM) Direct-entry midwives, as their name implies, enter directly into a midwifery program without the. — “How do I become a midwife? Right now I am a freshman in”,
  • A grass-roots citizens' organization promoting midwife-attended births at home, in birth centers, and in hospitals throughout Minnesota The Midwives Model of Care is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. — “Minnesota Families for Midwifery”,
  • Learn about Midwife on . Find info and videos including: How to Find a Midwife, How to Interview a Midwife, How to Choose a Midwife and much more. — “Midwife - ”,
  • Choosing a health care provider to care for you and your baby during your pregnancy is a big decision. For some women with low-risk, uncomplicated pregnancies, midwives are an increasingly popular option. — “Midwives”,
  • Midwifery 101 Differences Between Nurse-Midwives, Other Midwives and Doulas Choose A Midwife Up Close and Personal: Midwives Offer Personalized Care Questions for your midwife Testimonials from women A history of midwifery in the U.S. Become a Midwife About ACNM. Everyday Health. — “My Midwife”,
  • Citizens for Midwifery is the ultimate resource for finding a midwife and general midwifery information. — “Citizens for Midwifery”,
  • Kirsten Gerrish is a direct-entry midwife, certified by the State of Alaska. "Before starting as a midwife, I worked both as a doula () and as a Bradley Natural Childbirth. — “Pioneer Midwifery”,
  • At Midwife USA learn top quality information on pregnancy, home birth, natural birth, how to become a midwife, and midwife and doula training schools. Connecting women for life. — “MidwifeUSA | Pregnancy, Homebirth, and Midwife Information”,
  • midwifery n. The techniques and practice of a midwife. In the 1960s, the natural childbirth movement, feminism, and other factors renewed interest in the personal care given by midwives. — “midwifery: Definition from ”,
  • The Midwife Center for Birth & Women's Health is southwestern Pennsylvania's only licensed and accredited freestanding birth center offering well woman gynecological care, prenatal care and childbirth in a warm and supportive birth center. Our. — “Midwife Center for Birth and Women's Health”,
  • Historically, women have attended childbirths, providing support during labor and delivery and supervising the general care of both women and children directly after birth. This is the practice of a midwife. — “What Is a Midwife? - What Is a Midwife? - Women's Health Channel”,
  • Definition of midwife from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of midwife. Pronunciation of midwife. Definition of the word midwife. Origin of the word midwife. — “midwife - Definition of midwife at ”,
  • A midwife is a person trained to assist woman in the labor and delivery of their babies. Today, a midwife is usually at least a registered nurse, commonly referred to as a certified nurse midwife. — “What is a Midwife?”,
  • If you care about women and babies, and want to be able to provide medical support during pregnancy and birth in a caring supportive way, then midwifery may be for you. Read on to learn how to become a midwife. State laws requiring how and where. — “How to Become a Midwife”,
  • Learn more about Midwife. Find the Web's best health guides, medical reports, news, videos and tools for Midwife. Share Midwife experiences and get advice from experts. — “Midwife Overview - RightHealth”,
  • A midwife measures the height of the mother's fundus at about 26 weeks to determine the probable gestational age of the fetus. Midwives are autonomous practitioners who are specialists in low-risk pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. — “Midwifery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Midwife definition, a person trained to assist women in childbirth. See more. — “Midwife | Define Midwife at ”,
  • Includes information on how to find a nurse-midwife, education and certification, and important questions to ask your doctor or midwife. — “American College of Nurse-Midwives”,
  • Read the second midwife response to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology report that questions the safety of planned homebirths. This handy spiral bound book lets you record 15 months of appointments and is perfect for midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and lactation consultants. — “Midwifery Today Magazine”,
  • Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) is an organization of midwives and midwifery advocates. — “Midwives Alliance of North America”,
  • A midwife usually offers a variety of options and seeks to eliminate or minimize unnecessary interventions.This philosophy of care is represented by the Midwives Model of Care: The midwives model of care is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. — “Midwives : American Pregnancy Association”,

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  • Midwife Burnout This video is intended for midwives, student midwives and those curious about the realities of life as a midwife.
  • Guerrilla Midwife - Trailer
  • Pregnancy Tips : How to Become a Nurse Midwife In order to become a nurse midwife, a person must go to school for about two years, and then they must take part in a year-long apprenticeship. Learn about the American College of Nurse Midwifes board exam with help from a labor and delivery nurse in this free video on nursing and midwifery.
  • Aiming Higher - Midwifery For more information on careers in health and social care visit our website. speakers: Lyndsay Durkin, Carole Sadler, Promotional video by University of Wolverhampton in conjunction with NHS West Midlands
  • The Big Push for Midwives Campaign 2009 The Big Push for Midwives Campaign empowers midwife advocates and moms/dads groups as they promote increased access to out-of-hospital maternity care and the Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) who are specially trained to provide it. Our dedicated campaigners, or "Pushers" as they are affectionately known, help to educate the people in power (at the insurance companies, in the hospital associations, in the Statehouses, and on Capitol Hill) about the reduced costs and improved outcomes associated with using out-of-hospital maternity care and Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs), who are specially trained to provide it. The Big Push campaign works to widely share the stories of US citizens who choose CPMs as their maternity care providers and the multiple benefits to society that come from fully integrating out-of-hospital birth and Certified Professional Midwives into the health care systems of our states.
  • Alabama Mothers Deserve Midwives Information about the state of midwifery care in Alabama, and what you can do to help change it. Information on births with midwives: and here:
  • Midwife Ina May Gaskin Talks about Natural Childbirth - 1 Midwife Ina May Gaskin talks about natural childbirth — and "sphincter law." Filmed at The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee USA, September 7, 2007. Part 1 of 3
  • Focus On Health: Midwives Connie Carmical interviews midwife Jackie Pierce and her patient Kimberly Van Sistine about the modern midwife and the benefits of having a midwife deliver your baby.
  • The Midwife Despite the agony of the flight and the loss of her own children she continued to help mothers deliver babies. Camera and Direction: Johan Eriksson Editing: Abed Zahran Research: Maysa Gayyusi and Abdullah Qudsi Translation: Michael Neuwirth Running time: 8:30
  • Urban Midwifery Visual ethnography exploring issues associated with out-of-hospital birth choices in the San Fransico Bay area. Director Laura Garland 2006 San Fransico State University.
  • Becoming a Midwife Midwife Dr. Molly Ferguson explains what led her to study midwifery. She goes over the training she needed to do to become a licensed midwife. Twitter Facebook: Myspace:
  • Pregnancy Tips : What Is a Nurse Midwife? A nurse midwife is someone who is already licensed as an RN, and who has experience in labor and delivery before going to school for two to three years to become a nurse midwife. Learn about the exam that a nurse midwife must pass with help from a labor and delivery nurse in this free video on nursing and midwifery.
  • The Midwifery-led Birthing Centre at Singleton Hospital, Swansea A tour of the facilities at Singleton Hospital's midwife-led birthing unit.
  • Midwife 411 When faced with having a baby, many women turn to midwives and doulas to assistant them. Parents TV's Anne Ebeling covers you all you need to know when looking for some hands-on help.
  • Medical Careers : How to Become a Midwife Becoming a midwife begins with a nursing degree at a four-year university to become a registered nurse, experience working on an obstetrics floor in a hospital and completion of an advanced practice nursing program in midwifery. Learn to become a midwife with tips from a practice administrator in this free video on career information. Expert: Mark MacBayne Bio: Mark MacBayne, with a Master of Public Health degree, is a practice manager at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. Filmmaker: Bing Hu
  • Pregnancy Week 28 PART 6 *Doppler/Midwife* Doppler/Heartbeat/Midwife This video is done at the Gentle Beginnings Birth Center in Hurst. It's where our midwife works. You can go to: and view pictures of the birth center. For those of you who are unaware of what your L&D options are you can give birth at the hospital, a birth center, or even at home *like we're choosing to do* REGISTRY INFORMATION AS REQUESTED: BABIES R US: Registry #: 45022324 TARGET: Registry ID#: 014399700112901
  • 3 Spirit Talk 15 Witch Witchcraft Midwives Midwife Women UMS Spirit Talk TV is produced by University Of Metaphysical Sciences http and Universal Church Of Metaphysics 501(c)3 and directed by Christine Breese http Starlight Journal is a metaphysical ezine Spirit Talk TV is a Metaphysical Talk Show featuring 4 guests, surrounded by a beautiful garden of flowers, discussing spiritual topics in the metaphysics and metaphysical genre. Each guest contributes something unique and there are many varying perspectives and views. University Of Metaphysical Sciences, the producer of Spirit Talk TV, offers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate DD and PhD degrees in metaphysics and metaphysical subjects. University Of Metaphysical Sciences is a distance learning school where students learn about a vast array of concepts and methods for assisting self and others on the spiritual path. University of Metaphysical Sciences offers courses through Postal Mail Delivery or through Internet Downloads (MP3 meditations and PDF written materials) for the convenience of distance learning online. UMS offers low monthly tuition fees of $50-60 per month and studies are self paced. University Of Metaphysical Science has students all around the world and gives people everywhere the opportunity to attain credentials in the ever-growing field of spiritual teaching, healing and leading others in a spiritual search. University of Metaphysical Sciences brings a new level of professionalism to the field of ...
  • Natural Childbirth Tips From Midwives : Options for the Placenta Options for the placenta after birth include it being discarded as medical waste, taking the placenta home or having it be used in beauty products. Learn about options and cultural influences on placenta usage with help from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on options for the placenta. Expert: Michelle Collins Contact: Bio: Michelle Collins has more than 20 years of experience in the field of maternal-child health, first as a labor, delivery and pediatric nurse, and currently as a certified nurse-midwife. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Nurse Midwife A nurse midwife has her hands full with a complicated delivery as a couple gives birth to their second child.
  • Midwife Ina May Gaskin Talks about Natural Childbirth - 3 Midwife Ina May Gaskin talks about natural childbirth — and "sphincter law." Filmed at The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee USA, September 7, 2007. Part 3 of 3.
  • Tehran Diary: The Midwife-- 5/22/09: Haleh Khorram studied to be a midwife in France, then returned to Tehran to practice and be near her family (Video: Maziar Bahari, Mehdi Ganji)
  • UNICEF: SOWC: Midwife training in Afghanistan This year, UNICEFs flagship report, The State of the Worlds Children to be launched on 15 January addresses the need to close one of the greatest health divides between industrialized and developing countries: maternal mortality. Here is one in a series of related stories. PANJSHIR PROVINCE, Afghanistan, 13 January 2009 Dr. Forough Malalai is the only female maternal health doctor in Panjshir province, a mountainous region in central Afghanistan. With vast valleys and harsh winters, many of Panjshirs 600000 residents live in villages that are inaccessible by road and often blocked by floods and avalanches. Some women have to walk for hours, even days, to reach the clinic, says Dr. Malalai. It is quite difficult to transport emergency cases to the clinic. At present, Dr. Malalai can provide her patients with basic services at the clinic, but she hopes that one day the clinic can be replaced by a hospital. For now, she must manage to use the limited resources to provide the regions women with good obstetrical care. To read the full story, visit:
  • International Day of the Midwife May 5th 2009 Midwives and motherhood seen through the lens: images from Flickr under Creative Commons license. This video is Creative Commons BY // created at Please feel free to leave any comments about the video, or how you feel about being a midwife - the joys and challenges.
  • Natural Childbirth Tips From Midwives : Placenta Delivery Delivery of the placenta is the last stage of labor, and the placenta is the organ that sustains the baby's life inside the uterus, or womb. Learn about patient delivery of the placenta with help from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on placenta delivery. Expert: Michelle Collins Contact: Bio: Michelle Collins has more than 20 years of experience in the field of maternal-child health, first as a labor, delivery and pediatric nurse, and currently as a certified nurse-midwife. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Midwife Ina May Gaskin Talks about Natural Childbirth - 2 Midwife Ina May Gaskin talks about natural childbirth — and "sphincter law." Filmed at The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee USA, September 7, 2007. Part 2 of 3
  • Dharma & Greg 4x05 Midwife Crisis Clip1 Season 4, Ep 5: Midwife Crisis - Abby's labor is a real pain for Dharma when she must share midwife duty with a celebrated author well-versed in childbirth. Meanwhile, Larry's also acting like a brat, after Kitty and Edward present the expectant parents with a new van. Aired: 11/21/2000
  • Using a Midwife for Your Pregnancy (Pregnancy Health Guru) Many pregnant women choose to have a midwife assist them with their labor and delivery. Check out more at
  • *** midwives in Afghanistan bit.ly Behind the scenes with World Vision's John Schenk who escorted an MSNBC crew in Afghanistan to film this story on life-saving midwives. Help support maternal health in Afghanistan and midwife training programs like this one: bit.ly
  • A Midwife's Tale A home remedy from the PBS educational movie A Midwife's Tale.
  • Shoulder Dystocia II - Tricks of the Trade - Midwifery Today Birth Essentials Learn tricks and more at our conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany: 19--23 October, 2011. Teachers and attendees at Midwifery Today's Denmark conference share tricks of the trade about shoulder dystocia. Part II includes managing should dystocia by having mother move around, a demonstration with a model of the pelvis, and tips on identifying true shoulder dystocia. Music by Mandy Walker-LaFollette /mandy Photos by Wanda Walker /WWalker
  • My Pregnant visit & Midwife! my personal blog: my regular blog Here's a trip with me, pregnant kandee, to get my ultrasound...and meet my midwife!
  • ***, birth and parking - the life of a male midwife A home visit is delayed, giving Mike the chance to reflect on the nature of his job.
  • Why Choose a Midwife? Why choose a midwife? This short video prepared for Massachusetts Friends of Midwives and Our Bodies Ourselves explores some of the benefits.
  • Midwifery @ UQ A careers video about being a midwife andstudying at the University of Queensland. If you are interested in studying Health don't forget to check out our facebook page \uqhealth where you can get the latest on programs and scholarships, interact with others also interested in studying health and if you "like us" by the 1st of November, you can go in the draw to win an iPad!
  • Midwifery at City University Midwives take the lead professional role in over 75 per cent of births in the UK. Yet there is much more to midwifery than delivery wards. Watch our video to learn more about the course and what City University can offer you.
  • Midwifery and Health Care, Part 2 On June 6, 2009 a group of people gathered in San Francisco for Obama's "Organizing for America". Watch as a Certified Professional Midwife and some families share their personal stories and suggestions for health care reform.
  • Pregnancy Week 28 PART 7 *Midwife Update* I switched prenatals to a prescription one: Foltabs Prenatal PLUS DHA/Citranatal DHA The new medicine I am on: 1. Nature's Sunshine-Chlorophyll For 60 Capsules it was roughly $24 bucks. For swamp mouth take this but in the liquid form. I take 2 a day for now, which we'll up to 3 a day, through pregnancy and postpartum. This for PREVENTION of hemorrhaging 2. Probiotics His HR 156 Head Down Over 2 lbs Fundal Measurement=26.5 My BP 128/68 My Weight 133 My HR 80 Glucose test was done on Friday morning. I ate a non-sugary breakfast, and drank 16 oz of Apple Juice from the grocery store in 15 minutes, and exactly 1 hr later she drew my blood. We go every 2 weeks now. Our birthing classes start April 28th. Had my back adjusted/aligned today-feels great. My chiropractor also did a stretch for the round ligament pain and it helps, but I still have some pain. Sarah, my midwife, said at our Week 36 appointment, it will be done here at out home, so she can get a tour of the place and know where everything is before we go into labor so she'll be prepared for when it happens. We'll also do our week 36 prenatal here at home, and go over our birth plan with her, EVERY SINGLE TINY LITTLE DETAIL OF IT! Which I have been waiting for this whole time. For those of you who heard my complaints about Baylor Medical, she said we won't have to use them if I don't want to, it's just the place she prefers, but should a true emergency arise we'll go to the place that is closest in time of need which ...
  • Natural Childbirth Tips From Midwives : Helping With Hard Labor A hard labor may mean different things to different women, as it may signify pain, length of labor or something else entirely. Discover the importance of support in a hard labor with help from a certified nurse-midwife in this free video on dealing with a difficult labor. Expert: Michelle Collins Contact: Bio: Michelle Collins has more than 20 years of experience in the field of maternal-child health, first as a labor, delivery and pediatric nurse, and currently as a certified nurse-midwife. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Motorbikes and midwives: Delivering better care for Kenya's mums Having a baby in rural north-western Kenya is a risky business for the expectant mums who live there. The likelihood of a woman dying in childbirth here is frighteningly high. Across the country, 560 mums die for every 100000 children - in parts of northwestern Kenya that figure can double. In Britain, the rate is around eight per 100000. But there are many ways that aid money is making a big difference. As part of DFID's wider £50m country programme in Kenya, we are working with the Kenyan government to help improve maternal and newborn health services. We are putting in place newly-trained community health workers, a civic education programme, a new maternity unit, and a new motorbike ambulance service. To find out more about our work on maternal health in Kenya, please visit: /news/files/kenya-mothers-day.asp
  • Whelping Puppies: How to Midwife Dog Whelping www.Miniature-Schnauzer- A guide to whelping puppies - dog whelping for beginners. This video of a Miniature Schnauzer dog giving birth demonstrates how to manage puppy whelping and midwife puppies being born. A comprehensive DVD on how to midwife a dog birth is available at www.Miniature-Schnauzer-. Produced by Veterinarian Dr Meg Howe as part of our Dog Breeding series. Background music provided royalty-free by Danosongs
  • Midwives reaching out to women Film by ICM and UNFPA advocating the need for midwives to prevent maternal and neonatal death
  • Midwives Diner The first in a series of short films from the WMM? team, to promote midwives and the amazing care they provide.

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  • “Blog. Contact Us. PMS Changing Name? By Kathleen. Friday, October 1st, 2010. We are seriously considering changing the bname of our It is time to find a Certified Nurse Midwife to be with you when you have your baby come to Pacific”
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  • “Blog and a Movie. Apprentice Midwife Material? Newborn Spanish Mishaps " WHO's Midwife. Midwifery Education (Lite) Hungry Blog. Do NBA Downplay”
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  • “Mothers Naturally Blog It is the role of a midwife to help each dream come true, within the parameters set by the baby's unique journey into the world”
    — Natural Pregnancy & Natural Childbirth Blog,

  • “This will be the main blog page. Austin Midwife Forum. Find Answers About Natural Childbirth and Midwife Assisted Births. General Discussion Topics. This is your forum; ask any questions or suggest any topics you'd like to hear more about”
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  • “Texas Midwife, Gentle Beginnings in Corpus Christi, TX - Midwives serving all of the Coastal Bend in South Texas. Contact us for excellent midwifery care”
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  • “West Seattle Blog - West Seattle news, information, and discussion, updated multiple times daily, 24/7/365 WSB Forum " WSB Reader Recommendations (8 posts) Midwife. Started 6 months ago by westcoastdeb. Latest reply from teacup. westcoastdeb. Member. Hey guys. I am looking to have a baby sometime”
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  • “”
    — The mutterings of a midwife,

  • “The American College of Nurse-Midwives promotes the health of women and babies through the development and support of the profession of midwifery as practiced by certified nurse-midwives, and certified midwives”
    — blog_code_of_conduct,

  • “You are here: Home / Arts / The Midwife Delivers. The Midwife Delivers. March 24, 2010 by Erica Shultz · 4 Comments. If you've Lion's Heart is the memoir of a New Hampshire midwife so embittered by her own birthing experience that she”
    — The Midwife Delivers : Ms Magazine Blog,

  • “(4.30pm, 15 July, 2008) People are talking about it, articles are being written about it, blogs are discussing it, and YouTube has clips of it, but did you see it? I'm talking about the channel five TV programme entitled 'Extraordinary people:”
    — No midwife? No thanks - Royal College of Midwives,

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