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  • Rock midi files free music downloads karaoke songs MIDI Database Rock Pop Themes Rap Dance Punk Blues Country MIDI Search. Copyright ©2000-2010 by MIDI Database. — “Free Rock MIDI File Database”,
  • Details for file extension: MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI-sequention Sound To view technical data on file-extension MIDI click this link to expand/hide the additional area. — “File Extension .MIDI Details”,
  • the midi request pages are now known to be working. if you subscribe to get updates of comments or d midi. if you request a midi file, should you automatically get email notifications of the. — “Free Midi Songs - Download free midi songs”,
  • A MIDI programmers resource for Mac OS X developers. Here is my open plea to MIDI Manufacturers requesting bluetooth support for MIDI devices. — “xmidi - MIDI Programmer's Resources for Mac OSX”,
  • MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface - The Revolution That Democatized Music Creation. — “MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface - The Revolution”,
  • MIDI is a communications protocol that allows electronic musical instruments to interact Explaining to customers that they cannot just get a MIDI becomes frustrating to the salesman. Fortunately, the average consumer is learning more about the concept of MIDI through articles such as this one. — “MIDIWorld”,
  • MIDI composition and arrangement takes advantage of MIDI 1.0 and General MIDI (GM) technology to allow musical data files to be shared among many different devices due to some incompatibility with various electronic instruments by using a standard, portable set of commands and parameters. — “Musical Instrument Digital Interface - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • MIDI. Pudar. Rossa. MIDI. Free download MP3 & Videoclip of top hit songs, MIDI file attached here is only in short demo version. The full version will be sent direclty to you personal email. — “ - Free MIDI file - MIDI Indonesia gratis - MP3”,
  • Shop for midi at Target. Find products like midi cable, keyboard and more. Choose from Eddie Bauer Midi Hobo Diaper Bag with Zip Top - Green, The MIDI Manual (Paperback) and other products. — “midi : Target Search Results”,
  • Yahoo! reviewed these sites and found them related to Computer Generated Music > MIDI www2.iicm.edu/Cpub. . Offers a link directory of MIDI files, software, theme songs, hardware, and more. — “MIDI < Computer Generated Music in the Yahoo! Directory”,
  • MIDI files for music lovers from a wide variety of musical genres. Download Free MID Files (midi music) Free midi music files for download. If you love music you'll find this site usefully. All mid files are here for people to learn and enjoy their hobby. — “Groovy Mid”,
  • MIDI files search engine, search for free midi files. — “MIDI Explorer”,
  • The MIDI King has pro quality midi files at cheaper prices. Not just MIDIFiles or MIDIS but MP3 Audio CDs and midi sound gear. — “ | standard midi files karaoke songs | Home”,
  • Buy Midi foot from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. Use bizrate's latest online shopping features to compare prices for Midi foot. — “Midi foot Keyboards/Midi at Bizrate - Black Friday 2010”,
  • Shop for Keyboards & MIDI, MIDI. This product assortment includes MIDI Controllers, and MIDI Interfaces. Featured brands include Akai, Cakewalk, CME, Korg, Livid, M-Audio, MIDI Solutions, Novation, Studiologic, Yamaha, and more. Products. — “Shop Keyboards & MIDI, MIDI | Musician's Friend”, keyboards-
  • MIDI-OX is the world's greatest all-purpose MIDI Utility. Welcome to MIDI-OX, the world's greatest all-purpose MIDI Utility! For those with time on their hands, you can read a brief history of MIDI-OX and how it came by its. — “MIDIOX”,
  • musical instrument digital interface ( ′myüzikəl ¦instrəmənt ′dijədəl ′intər′fās ) ( computer science ) The digital standard for connecting MIDI composition and arrangement takes advantage of MIDI 1.0 and General MIDI (GM) technology to allow musical data files to be shared among many. — “Musical Instrument Digital Interface: Definition from ”,
  • The place to find the top entertainment and information sites on the internet. Extensive webmaster and member sections. Midi-MP3.org - FREE MIDI MUSIC. FREE MIDI Files: Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Dr.Dre, Eminem, Evanescence, Frank Sinatra, Gareth Gates, Justin Timberlake,. — “Top-25.com: MIDI Sites”, midi.top-25.com
  • Offers links, soundcard info, and MIDI files. — “”,
  • midi, music, sound, software, files, page, site, search, ultimate, guitar, rock, electronic, dance, ska, jazz, classical, download, free, christian. — “Midi Archive, Rock Pop, Soul, Rap, Hip Hop, More”, midiarchive.50
  • Learn about MIDI technology and how it makes creating, playing, and learning about music easier and more rewarding. — “MIDI Manufacturers Association - The official source of”,
  • Free MIDI Mole File Browser Software for Windows. Easy and direct access to downloaded MIDI files. Access files by category, artist and title - just like on the site but without internet time lag. Use built in Windows Media player to play files, or select your own MIDI player application. — “Free MIDI Files from MIDI Mole”,
  • Free midi files free music downloads karaoke songs. — “MIDI Databse”,

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  • Driver's License as Ableton Live MIDI Controller Using the magnetic strip on the back of my driver's license to make a ribbon controller which then controls Autofilter in Live 6 via MIDI.
  • MIDI Drum Trigger System by Akira Jimbo MIDI Drum Trigger System by Akira Jimbo, Oct. 6 '07
  • Understanding MIDI / Understanding Samplers and Sampling This is anexcerpt from a full length DVD available at . Host David Wills has toured with major artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Chicago and Diana Ross and provides you with a professional's perspective but always demonstrated in an informal, easy to understand way. Here's a complete listing of the subjects that are covered... (Understanding MIDI) 01 Introduction 02:30 What is MIDI? 04:30 Connections 07:10 Components of a MIDI Keyboard 09:10 Conecting up a MIDI Studio 11:50 MIDI Channels 14:50 Sequencing 33:15 Types of MIDI Information 34:00 ...Note On 37:45 ...Pitch Bend 38:35 ...Channel Pressure 39:45 ...Continuous Controllers 41:15 ...Program Change 41:55 ...Channel Message Review 44:15 System Messages 44:45 Synchronization 49:30 MIDI info examples 51:50 Review (Understanding Samplers and Sampling) 01:40 Introduction 02:20 What is a Sampler? 03:50 Resolution/Sampling Rates 10:05 Recording your first Sample 10:40 Setting up 12:55 Multisampling 14:30 Looping 16:50 Techniques to conserve memory 16:55 Truncating 18:00 Changing the sample rate 18:45 Velocity Cross Fading/Switching 20:35 Patch/Program Editing Examples 22:50 Storage 24:10 Inside Your Sampler 25:15 Editing using Filters/Amps 27:15 Destructive Edits 27:30 Normalization 27:45 Splicing 28:00 Sample Rate Convert 28:20 Time Stretching 28:40 Recording Phrases 29:35 Looping a Phrase 31:15 Syncing Loop Tempos 33:50 Production Applications 39:50 Graduation
  • The Flashbulb - Improvised MIDI Guitar Music: Booking While attempting to write up an accurate description of my live performances to various promoters, my booking agency and myself thought it'd be fun to simply make a demonstration video. After converting my rehearsal room into a poor-man's film studio, I decided that I might as well use some sleek cameras and make a psuedo-music video for a song that hasn't been recorded yet. I hope you enjoy the results! **Note: I do not endorse the gear, brands, or products used in this video. Some of them even suck. :) **
  • Vegas Lights - Introducing Midi Mafia "Vegas Lights" available on iTunes Now! Official 2 Piece Music video will debut on Tuesday June 8th! Phamous Music video coming soon! End slate song: "Lucky Tonight" featuring Davedays available on the Vegas Lights album now. Get Connected! Subscribe to Midi Mafia We're excited to introduce Bruce and Swift of Midi Mafi, the newest members of TheStation and Maker Studios. A behind the scenes look at the creation of The MIDI Mafia's "Vegas Lights" EP, the shooting of the "2 Piece" and "PHamous" videos, interviews and more exclusive footage! "Vegas Lights" available now! The MIDI Mafia BIOGRAPHY Theyʼve been the soundtrack to countless parties, clubs, car stereos and headphones. They have written and produced chart topping songs for the likes of 50 Cent, JLo, Fantasia and Justin Bieber. Always known for evolving and reinvention, The MIDI Mafia have transcended from hip hop producers into Grammy nominated songwriters. Now the dynamic duo of Dirty Swift and Bruce Waynne have taken their love of music and returned to their roots as artists with their debut EP titled "Vegas Lights". The #1 Billboard smash "21 Questions" by 50 Cent first put the name MIDI Mafia into the minds of music lovers worldwide. Followed by their Grammy nominated single "When I See U" by Fantasia and "Hold It Donʼt Drop It" by Jennifer Lopez, they quickly became A-list producers with over 20 million albums sold featuring their writing and production. Having both started ...
  • KP3 as a MIDI Controller Ableton Live with KORG KAOSS PAD KP3. Stage6 version: stage6 In "EXT CTRL" mode, KP3 acts as a MIDI controller. It has eight virtual sliders, four*** keys, one slider and volume. These controllers are assignable to any MIDI notes or CCs using KP3-Editor (PC software). KP3 is not just a multi effector; It is also a MIDI controller with nice LED illumination :) I think KP3 is one of most cost-effective gears in the current market.
  • Hybrid Midi Turntablism UK DMC Champion JFB tests out Denon DJ's new Hybrid Midi Mode with Serato Scratch LIve 2.1 and the Denon DN-S3700 CD decks without timecode media. JFB = Hybrid midi mode is a free firwmare download for the DN-S3700 & DN-S1200 players from the Denon DJ website. It supplies a constant clean timecode signal to Scratch Live in Hybrid Mode eliminating the need for timecode media. Download and install Hybrid Midi Mode from these links... Hybrid Midi Mode Denon DN-S3700 www.dm- Hybrid Midi Mode Denon DN-S1200 www.dm-
  • monome 40h usb midi device a grid of internally lit tactile push buttons. each button has an internal light. two models exist: 40h - an 8 by 8 grid for a total of 64 elements. 100h - a 16 by 16 grid for a total of 256 elements. a short audio/video sample of the 40h. the light and button systems interface to the computer independently: the light feedback does not necessarily follow the button input. this means that a button press doesn't always toggle its corresponding light, which would be completely limiting. by splitting the systems, the computer can display different information on the grid of lights continually while collecting button presses. the interaction between the buttons, lights, and computer software is all configurable by the user. of course we provide several preset configurations which feature our favorite uses. we've designed an easy to use routing system, so that programming skills are by no means required to integrate the box with a preexisting computer software setup. for those interested in making more complicated control applications we provide direct software access to button and light activity.
  • multitouch general midi multitouch surface as a MIDI controller
  • FUNK General midi My favorite song from general midi, I've added some silly pics to the video as well.
  • Monkey Island 1 Intro (mt32 midi music)
  • Ean Golden - The Midi-Fighter Mix For the other 10 minutes, and a chance to win these controllers visit: In this Video Ean Golden uses 2 Midi-Figher Controllers, Rane Mixer and Traktor Pro to demonstrate what his live dj sets sound like. For the mapping used in this video please visit this page: To purchase the controllers: Cinematography by Vizibelle
  • MIDI to USB cable Music Keyboard Ubuntu Studio Linux 10.04 32bit ZynAddSubFX Jack How-to Tutorial Review style Screencast Tutorial on How-to setup and get working a MIDI to USB cable + Midi Musical Keyboard + Ubuntu Studio Linux 10.04 32bit + ZynAddSubFX + Jack Audio Connection Kit to build a cheap Home Studio for creating digital electronic Music in Linux with free and open source software. ZynAddSubFX is a open source software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments, from some common heard from expensive hardware to interesting sounds that you'll boost to an amazing universe of sounds. I also show Hydrogen working with the Midi device. JACK Audio Connection Kit is a professional sound server daemon that provides real-time, low latency connections for both audio and MIDI data between applications that implement its API. I play my MELIDI Mc37 Musical Keyboard instrument which is connected to a AMD Sempron 3000+ PC running UbuntuStudio 10.04 Lucid Lynx to make music while recording the video with my Canon FS200 Digital Camera. Original video production by the Tech Show.
  • CME UF8 USB 88 Key MIDI Controller Review CME UF8 USB 88 Key MIDI Controller 88 Key USB Keyboard Controller review by chris brackenbury CME UF8 USB CONTROLLER FUNCTION: The CME UF8 USB keyboard Provides 8 Knobs, 9 Sliders, Pitchbend and Modulation Wheels.These Features Allow You To Easily Control Your Music In Realtime, and The Control Buttons Such As REC, & REW, Can Remotely Control Your Sequencer Software In Your Computer Directly From The Keyboard: CME UF8 USB PERFORMANCE FEATURES: Professional Aftertouch Design: USB Midi Port iInterface For MIDI Data Transfer: (Power Supplied By USB) Breath Control Interface Great For Playing Orchestral Sounds; Firewire Audio Extension: CME UF8 USB VIRTUAL FIREWIRE SYNTHESIZER: Firewire Or MIDI Plug Board Slot On Their Rear Panel, You Get A Powerful and Multi-Function Synthesizer. Professional Digital Audio Functions and The UF Keyboard Becoming A Mini Digital Recorder Are A Just A Few Of The Benefits When Your Keyboard Is Connected To Your Computer. CME UF8 USB 88 NOTE HAMMER ACTION USB KEYBOARD CONTROLLER: CME UF8 USB FEATURES: 88 Key Hammer Action Weighted Keyboard With Aftertouch: Pitch Bend & Modulation Wheels: USB MIDI PORT, Powered VIA USB: 8 Assignable Control Knobs, Preset Functions Including Cutoff/ Resonance/ Attack/ Release/ PAN/ Reverb/ Chorus/ andTempo: 9 Assignable Control Faders, Preset Functions Including Volume For 1-16 Channels Along With Master Volume and Drawbar For Organ Sounds: Breath Control Jack: 1 Midi Out Port: WIN2000 / XP ...
  • Mini MIDI Keyboard Review: M-Audio Oxygen8 v2 takes a look at the 25 key MIDI usb keyboard. There's nifty a Logic Pro tip too
  • Debussy: L'après-midi d'un faune (Stokowski) part 1/2 A celebrated performance conducted by Leopold Stokowski with the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Festival Hall, London, 14 June 1972. Part 2 here: "Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune" by Claude Debussy. Performed on the double occassion of Stokowski's 90th birthday, and 60th anniversary of his LSO debut. Though he conducted the entire program from that 1912 concert, it was this Debussy performance folks recall most memorably. "Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune" was a specialty of Stokowski over the years, but he and his soloists surpassed themselves on this night, as you will see! Christopher Palmer wrote in "The Musical Times" that "My most treasured memory of the evening is undoubtedly 'Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune', which received a reading of exceptional refinement with all the tensions and relaxations effortlessly and beautifully graded, and unerringly poetic solo work from all the woodwind. A flawless performance." in "The Daily Telegraph" Peter Stadlen wrote "Stokowski's legendary hands, though batonless, are put to the strictest functional use. His angular, almost ungainly movements are the simple tools for some of he most masterly conducting the century has witnessed....by what seemingly incongruous flicks of the wrist did he promote the fabulously sensitve solos in 'Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune'? Never has lifelong global fame rested on more solid foundations." adapted from the liner notes by Edward Johnson Debussy: Prelude to "The ...
  • ArcAttack's Lightning Proof MIDI Guitar ArcAttack testing out the world's first lighting-proof MIDI guitar in their warehouse in Austin, Texas. Visit their home page at: The MIDI signal from the guitar is routed through a fiber optic cable to control the Tesla coils. See ArcAttack perform the Star Spangled Banner at the 2010 VEX Robotics World Championship:
  • STANTON SCS.3M.... What is a midi controller? midi controller STANTON SCS.3M.... What is a midi controller? ------------------- The SCS.3M can be used in conjunction with a PC program like Traktor to manipulate the music off your PC. This unit has no moving parts so it's life span theoretically should be longer than a unit with some moving parts... but at the end of the day a lot is down to the end user and how he/ she looks after the item. ------------ toon is by Enzyme Black " Take it" Danny J Lewis This unit has no moving parts so it's life span
  • Midi Guitar Fun for free video lessons
  • How to sync a MIDI device to audio GroovinDJ demonstrates how a MIDI music device may be synchronized to an audio signal from CD, vinyl or MP3. Featuring the SoundBite Micro from Red Sound. Song used is "Little Bit" by Lykke Li.
  • Starcraft Terran Theme (midi + guitars) one of the in-game songs from the popular pc-game 'Starcraft' (btw i suck at the game) it took me 3 weeks 3 hours a day just to transcribe the song by ear to midi :)
  • axiom midi controller keyboard demo review demo of m-audios axiom 25 software controller keyboard
  • Mini MIDI Keyboard Review: M-Audio Axiom The next in the series from . M-Audio's feature rich Axiom 25 key MIDI keyboard with 8 drum pads reviewed
  • MIDI Animation "Final Fantsy Ⅳ" 【MIDIアニメ】劣化FF4メドレー executor: jinja- (the fifth work) software: The Music Animation Machine reprint from NicoNicoDouga http *Stereo
  • YouRock MIDI Electric Guitar from ThinkGeek With the YouRock Guitar, not only can you play Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you can also connect up to any MIDI capable bit of software and play the instrument of your choice like a guitar! Not ONLY that, but you can plug into any amp and just rock away!
  • How to set-up Audio & MIDI Recording on a PC How to plug-in cables, and set up audio and MIDI for optimized recording and playback on a PC. This video shows the process in SONAR Home Studio 6, but the concepts can be applied to most Cakewalk software.
  • Sequencer and Synthesizer MIDI Tutorial This is a short tutorial on how to hook up a MIDI handshake. MPC MIDI OUT to the Synth MIDI IN Synth MIDI OUT to the MPC MIDI IN' Also, when I said "polyphonic" what I meant to say was "multi-timbral".
  • Station MIDI controller by Ander I designed and constructed this MIDI-Controller myself, based on the hardware platform. I use it for live techno performances with Ableton Live. It's not for sale. Do you want to know more? Go to ander.fm
  • Comptine d'un autre ete : L'apres midi (Planet Earth Video) This footage is from the Discovery Channel special, Planet Earth. The song is from the soundtrack from Amélie and called Comptine D'un Autre EteL'apres Midi by Yann Tiersen who is a brilliant musician. The song is I love this song and whenever I listen to it this is kind of what I picture. :) Enjoy download this video here:
  • Drums & Percussion : What Is MIDI Used For? MIDI stands for musical instrument digital interface, and it is used by different musical devices that need to communicate, such as sound cards, electronic keyboards or electronic drums. Discover how MIDI can be used to make an acoustic instrument an electronic instrument with help from an experienced drummer in this free video on musical instrument digital interfaces. Expert: David Pakman Contact: Bio: David Pakman is a longtime drummer trained in rock, funk, jazz, blues and music theory, and is also a casual piano/keyboard player. Filmmaker: David Pakman
  • [Official Video[Midi Mafia- 2 Piece + Lyrics [HQ] 2 Piece- So Cosmo Midi Mafia LYRICS: Hot girls in bikinis were you at? Bikini bash full top where you at? Hot girls in bikinis were you at? Bikini bash full top where you at?Beach chair, palm tree you look good in a 2 piece. Beach chair, palm tree you look good in a 2 piece. You look like a model off the cover of cosmo Beach chair, palm tree you look good in a 2 piece. You all look like models off the cover off cosmo Belvedere,cointreau here sip on this cosmo I love how that 2 piece emphasize your physique Work that divin' board like it's a runway on fashion week Who who who's your trainer cuz' damn girl you look good You use nivea?(don't know) Cuz damn girl you look good(you better be single) Cuz damn girl you look good! Were you been all my life? Cuz damn girl you look good! Beach chair, palm tree you look good in a 2 piece. Beach chair, palm tree you look good in a 2 piece. You look like a model off the cover of cosmo. Beach chair, palm tree you look good in a 2 piece. You look good in a 2 piece.x4 You look like a model off the cover of cosmo Beach chair palm tree you look good in a 2 piece Yeah, from Miami to Vegas all the girls are gorgeous Fun, fearless, skin tone flawless You own it? Flaunt it Swift pick up the base Everybody reach for the sky I want them to see us from space. Whos your trainer cuz damn girl you look good. You use nivea? Cuz damn girl you look good. You better be single. Cuz damn girl you look good Were you been all my life? Cuz damn girl you look ...
  • DJmag M-Audio Torq Xponent Midi DJ Controller Review This DJ Midi controller comes with software to DJ with and the hardware has a soundcard built in. It's a the final word in DJ control.
  • Complete Axiom 25, 49, 61 Midi Setup For FL Studio Basic and intermediate setup for your Axiom MIDI Controller for FL Studio. Including how to link 3rd party software, vst instruments, etc. MIDI setup, transport buttons, enigma software, MIDI learn, vst linking controller. Here are the links to the various sites: M-Audio Enigma editor: www.m- M-Audio_Enigma Yahoo group: (NO LONGER VALID) !!!!!The GROUP HAS MOVED!!!! This is the link to the Axiom FL Studio presets. You will have to register. forums.m- Just wanted to get the word out to you all. oh and a shout out to jimmyrcom for showing me how to make and record this vid in a professional matter.
  • Axis 64 Midi Controller Designer Peter Davies threw out preconceptions of what a music keyboard should be and designed a layout based on the Harmonic Table. According to C-Thru Musiic, the arrangement of notes helps you understand note relationships and create as you never have before.
  • HOW TO OPEN AND PLAY MIDI FILES IN FL FAST AND EASY easiest way to open and play midi files
  • 1987 Apple Computer Reseller Training Video - Apple MIDI Interface - First Half Clip 5 of 6 clips from a 1987 Apple training Video for resellers. Parts 1-4 are titled "Training for the Laserwriter II Family of Printers." 1. Extending the Lead 2. The Print Controller 3. Imaging 4. Xerography Part 5 on the tape is "An Introduction to the Apple MIDI Interface" which I have split into clips 5 and 6.
  • Tip #16 - External MIDI - part 1 of 3 - Logic Studio Tips External Midi Stuff Go to my public idisk folder: Go to your finder, and choose the 'Go' menu Go to 'idisk' Go to 'other user's public folder' Get da folder that's there.
  • USB MIDI on the iPad A demonstration of using the Pianist Pro with the Apple Camera Connection Kit as a USB MIDI interface. Plug in a MIDI sound module and control it from your iPad. Alternatively plug in a MIDI keyboard and use Pianist Pro as a simple MIDI recording studio. Note that although the iPad will not recognise some unpowered USB devices, bus-powered keyboards can be used with a dual-input USB cable and a powered USB hub.
  • Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ Bach's most famous organ piece, with a bar-graph score. FAQ Q: Can I download a version to play on my computer/iPod/iPad/iPhone/etc.? A: Yes, you can get that here: Q: Where can I get free sheet music for this piece? A: Sheet music for this can be found here: Q: Who wrote Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor? Q: Isn't that like asking who's buried in Grant's Tomb? A: Heh-heh. A theory has recently (1981) been put forth that JS Bach did not write this piece. A brief summary of the supporting evidence for this theory can be read here: Q: What's wrong with synchronization? A: I don't know, but it appears that if you use this URL, it works better: Q: Where can I get the mp3 of this? A: You can download it here: Q: What does the piece look like as a whole? A: There are versions you can print out here The 'scroll' version is for cutting out and taping together to form a long strip. Q: Where can I get the MIDI file that this was made from? A: I'm not sure it's exactly the same, but the closest I could find was this: Q: Hey, what happened to my question/comment? A: Questions answered in the FAQ, and comments with nothing to do with the video ("spam"), are removed. If you posted a comment and don't know why it's gone, email me (stephen at musanim dot com) with "YouTube comment" in the subject line. Q: How did you make this video? A: You can read about it here: www ...
  • Live Looping w/MIDI (Kid Beyond style) Gives an example of how to set up Live for live looping.
  • Debussy: L'après-midi d'un faune (Stokowski) part 2/2 A celebrated performance conducted by Leopold Stokowski with the London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Festival Hall, London, 14 June 1972. "Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune" by Claude Debussy. Yes, Stokowski without a baton. He used one on and off for years, but finally gave it up entirely in the 1920s. "Instead of one baton, I now have ten!" adapted from the liner notes by Edward Johnson Debussy: Prelude to "The Afternoon of a Faun"
  • Claude Debussy - Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun Painting - On the Hudson Artist - Thomas Doughty

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