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  • Large selection of microfiber towels and microfiber cloth including specialty micro fiber towels, waffle wowen, suade microfiber towels and applicators. — “MICROFIBER SHOP - WHOLESALE OPEN TO PUBLIC - micro fiber”,
  • Distributes microfiber towels, cloths, mops, and mitts for auto detailing and household cleaning. — “Microfiber Tech”,
  • Ultra Microfiber is HYPOALERGENIC, thus not creating problems with those suffering from allergies. Ultra Microfiber is over 4 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than ordinary cleaning towels, WILL CLEAN VIRTUALLY ANY STAIN FROM ANY SURFACE, IS MORE PLUSH AND LONGER LASTING than. — “TOWELS-, Microfiber Towels and Cloths, Low”,
  • Microfiber is fiber with very thin strands, (less than one denier) Because microfiber is durable and repels water, it it well suited to be used on furniture. — “Clean Microfiber Furniture - How To Clean Microfiber Furniture”,
  • Shop for microfiber - Blazers, Coats & Jackets like Red Kap- Women's Two Tone Microfiber Jacket, and more. — “Womens Microfiber - jackets - Find Your Style At ”,
  • Wholesale janitorial supplies for microfiber cleaning products, Microfiber Towels, Microfiber mop, Microfiber cloth, Microfiber dusters, Moonsoft Microfiber, Micro fiber, microfibre. — “Wholesale Janitorial Supplies”,
  • Microfiber commonly refers to any fiber with strand less than 1 denier. A microfiber's diameter often measures half of a silk fiber and allows producing very lightweight fabrics with excellent draping qualities, wearing comfort and luxurious appearance. — “. Microfiber research and news. Microfiber mops”,
  • Microfiber or microfibre refers to synthetic fibers (fiber) that measure less than one denier. Microfiber is used to make non-woven, woven and knitted textiles. — “Microfiber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Online Store Buy Cheap Microfiber Best Price Microfiber Sofa, Microfiber Sheets, Sectional Sofa, Microfiber Sectional, Sectionals, Microfiber Sectional Sofa, Sofa, Sectional Furniture, Furniture, Ecco Golf Street Shoes, Microfiber Red Sofa,. — “Cheap Microfiber Product Microfiber Sofa, Microfiber Sheets”, microfiberss.us
  • Microfiber definition, a very fine polyester fiber, weighing less than one denier per filament, used esp. for clothing. See more. — “Microfiber | Define Microfiber at ”,
  • offers the best prices on Kimberly Clark, Microfiber Towels & Mops, Sprayway and more. Over 700 products to choose from for your janitorial needs. — “Kimberly Clark, Microfiber, Sprayway and Rags at ”,
  • HAAN FS-20 Steam Mops, HAAN FS-30 Burgundy Steam Mops, HAAN FS-20+ Steam Mops w, HAAN FS-30+ Burgundy Steam Mops w, HAAN FS-30 Burgundy Steam Mops - Deluxe Package, FS-30 and FS-50 Steam Mop Models - Blue. — “Microfiber”,
  • Microfiber Manufacturers & Microfiber Suppliers Directory - Find a Microfiber Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Microfiber Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Microfiber-Microfiber Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters”,
  • sells microfiber towels, mops and cloths. Free shipping on orders over $100 and bulk quantity pricing available to microfiber resellers. — “Wholesale Microfiber Towels, Mops and Cloths at ”,
  • Distributor of microfiber products including Simplee Cleen Ultra-Microfiber Household Care Products and Simplee Cleen Ultra-Microfiber Automotive Care Products. — “Green Laser Pointer, Microfiber Mop, Microfiber Towel, Green”, microfiber-products-
  • Some microsuede you can clean with a steam cleaner or spot clean. You will need to do a test on the fabric to see if you can clean it. Be careful with what product you uses (neutral PH carpet cleaning solution is good from a carpet cleaner rental. — “i need help cleaning my microfiber furniture? a kid i was”,
  • Microfiber Products - Browse our huge collection of Microfiber Towels & Microfiber Detailing Tools! I'd like you all to know that I'm from the old school of detailing. My father taught me to care for our family car with a wash bucket, Dawn soap. — “Car Care Microfiber Towels, Microfiber dusters and microfiber”,
  • microfiber n. An extremely fine synthetic fiber that can be woven into textiles with the texture and drape of natural-fiber cloth but with enhanced. — “microfiber: Definition from ”,
  • Microfiber Sheets - 1,078 results like the Microfiber Sheet Set Queen, Sheet Set, Walter Drake Microfiber Sheet Set King, Microfiber Twin Size Sheet Set, Microfiber Sheet Queen Set, Mix & Match Microfiber Sheets Sets Two Pack King 2, and more. — “Microfiber Sheets - Home & Garden - Compare Prices, Reviews”,
  • The Starfiber brand of microfiber cleaning products offer an eco-friendly way of cleaning faster, easier, and cheaper. Product line includes microfiber mops and cloths. — “Starfiber Microfiber Cleaning Products”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What is Microfiber? As one of the answers of how to use petroleum waste products efficiently, the microfiber emerged as a way to take something that was useless and turn it into a product. — “What is Microfiber?”,
  • Buy microfiber, Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay. Find great deals on Home Garden, Sporting Goods items and get what you want now!. — “microfiber items - Get great deals on Clothing, Shoes”,

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  • OPSGEAR® Product Overview: McNett Travel Microfiber Towel This Microfiber Towel is made with specially engineered, high density knit fabric that is highly compactable and super absorbent. The ultra-fine .2 denier microfiber weave dries quickly - 90% of water is removed with hand wringing. Microfiber Towels provide full size towel performance in an ultra small package. The super soft fabric can absorb up to 5 times its weight while still drying quickly. Great for removing oil and dirt - with the unique microfiber weave the towel removes oil, dirt and perspiration from hands, face and body. Also gentle enough to clear dust and lint from eyewear, binoculars, scopes and optical lenses. Ideal for travel, outdoor and sports. Includes handy carrying bag with mesh front and waterproof backing.FEATURES Ultra-fine .2 denier microfiber weave Ideal for travel, outdoor and sports Super absorbent - holds up to 5 times its weight in water Fast and easy drying Convienent compact size No special laundering required Clears dust and lint from optical lenses Removes oil and dirt from hands and face Includes carrying bag Size: 35" x 62"
  • What is Microfiber? - A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Microfiber Towel - Chemical Guys Car Care Microfiber Towels and Microfiber accessories are revolutionary in every way. There are many types and styles of Microfiber to choose from so spend some time and decide what Microfiber towel is best for you. Microfiber towels are no longer just for your car, Chemical Guys towels range from Microfiber home towels to our premium Pure White Microfiber shower towel giving you the ability to bring home the Microfiber you love for car care and enjoy it at home. Chemical Guys Extensive selection of Microfiber towels enables you to choose from a vast selection of Miracle Dryer Towels, Microfiber Detailing Towels, Premium Microfiber Cloths, Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth, Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towels, Microfiber Wax Applicators, Microfiber wash pads, Microfiber Wash Sponges, Microfiber mitts and and a wide array of great Microfiber products. Our products are blended from the finest raw chemical known to us with a goal of providing the community, businesses, business professionals, clients, and auto enthusiasts with the highest quality car care products at any price. Browse our extensive collection of Microfiber Towels of the finest grade, thickest, most absorbent, softest and best Microfiber towel selection. The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes microfiber as the safest, most cost effective way of removing dirt and dust. The unique design of microfiber allows dirt and debris to be captured and removed safely from any surface using zero ...
  • Microfiber Pads Optical Polishing System -Buffing + Polishing Systems Chemical Guys In this all new Chemical Guys video we will be working with Chemical guys Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing Pads! Welcome to the next generation of polishing precision. The Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing Pads utilize the highest quality microfiber to remove swirls, scratches, and holograms quickly and easily. The thick microfiber is able to flex to the curves and contours of any vehicle making the polishing process even easier. The Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing Pads are equipped with an advanced micro-core foam cushion, which is designed to evenly distribute the heat developed in the polishing process. The unique micro-core foam cushion also creates the perfect base to distribute the pressure of the polishing machine to ensure quality results on any painted surface. F1 PAD- Polishing + Finishing Pad is engineered to eliminate light imperfections delivering a perfect optical grade finish. F1 PAD can and be used with a polish, finishing polish, glaze or wax. Microfiber Polishing + Finishing Pads utilize a premium custom designed microfiber blend combined with Chemical Guys specializing foam backing enabling the pad to adjust accordingly to variable surface curves and contours of an auto delivering perfect results and ease of use. F2 PAD- Cut & Compounding Pad is engineered to eliminate light to medium swirls when used in conjunction with a premium compound or polish. F2 Pad easily removes swirls, scratches, and defects faster and easier than conventional foam ...
  • How to Clean With Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Most of you probably already clean with microfiber cloths. But HOW you clean with them can make a big difference on how quickly your microfiber cloths need to be replaced. It also makes a big difference on how efficiently you and your employees are cleaning.
  • How to shave and brush ultra-microfiber plush in your car? Very few people know what these materials are, what are they made of and how do they work, how to clean and maintain them. Most of them mistake them for natural leather because they mimic it so well. Because of this, they tend to frequently deteriorate them. See more here
  • DA Microfiber Correction System -- Description and Demo Process LIKE Meguiar's on Facebook: The system was created to offer unique paint defect removal capabilities while using a safer dual action polisher instead of the more common and risky rotary polisher. The system removes paint scratches that would otherwise require a more aggressive rotary tool. The DA Microfiber Correction System uses specially formulated liquids, unique-purpose engineered microfiber discs, and the non-rotary action of a dual action random orbital polisher to create a clear defect-free brilliant paint finish... no ugly buffer swirls, guaranteed. System Components: 1. DA Correction Compound (D30001, D30032, D30016) 2. DA Microfiber Cutting Disc (DMC3, DMC5, DMC6) 3. DA Finishing Wax (D30101, D30132, D30116) 4. DA Microfiber Finishing Disc (DMF3, DMF5, DMF6) 5. Dual Action Polisher (G110v2) Process: 1. Remove loose dirt and contaminants from the vehicle using a spray detailer. 2. Remove bonded contaminants using detailing clay and a spray detailer. 3. Apply DA Correction Compound using the DA Microfiber Cutting Disc and Dual Action Polisher to remove paint defects. 4. Remove residue with a microfiber towel. 5. Apply DA Finishing Wax using the DA Microfiber Finishing Disc and Dual Action Polisher to enhance paint clarity while laying down long lasting polymer protection. 6. Remove residue with a microfiber towel.
  • How To: Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing System - Chemical Guys Chemical Guys' New Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing System is fastest and easiest way to remove swirls and scratches from any vehicle's painted surface. The new Microfiber polishing system utilizes the highest quality microfiber fabric to achieve the smooth, flawless finish that professionals around the world have been able to achieve for years. The Ultra smooth polishing power of the Microfiber Polishing System works perfect on any style clearcoat, even ceramic clearcoat. Precision Microfiber Polishing Technology - Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing Pads utilize a unique microfiber polishing material that will redefine the way you polish your vehicle forever. Professionals have trusted microfiber technology for years to achieve the highest quality results possible. he premium microfiber material built into the Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing Pads allow the system to easily remove swirls, scratches, and defects faster and easier than conventional foam polishing pads. Microfiber polishing technology also allows the material to flex to the contours and curves on any vehicle for more accurate polishing. The Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing Pads allow for faster polishing results that finish to extreme clarity. Our Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing Pads are guaranteed to revolutionize precision paintwork polishing forever. The Optical Finish Microfiber Polishing Pads utilize the highest quality microfiber to remove swirls, scratches, and ...
  • How To Clean Microfibers This is a video that demonstrates how to clean furniture that has been upholstered in microfiber
  • MIONIX SARGAS 900 Microfiber Desktop Gaming Mouse Pad Review ** Update 12/17/12 From Mionix *** We are arranging for the next batch with stitched edges to remove this issue. Unfortunately i don't have an ETA on that delivery now. Making sure that this batch have better quality, production and shipping takes quite a while. Meanwhile customers can contact our support and we can arrange a replacement pad for them, so they have something that works until the new batch arrives. Regards, Anders ** Update ** After using the pad for a few weeks the edge is starting to fray like everyone has been saying. This product is obviously flawed. I am going to contact Mionix and get this looked into. The Mionix Sargas 900 is made of a durable microfiber cloth material with slightly more friction than coated mousepads. The special microfiber surface counteracts data loss and improves the sensor tracking performance. The Sargas 900 was built with our in-house SQAT technology which tests the data loss of the surface, many months of testing has been carried out to ensure that this cloth pad has an extremely low data loss. The underside is made of a natural rubber offering a firm grip irrespective of the surface under the mousepad or extensive movements. The wide tracking area ensures for long sweeping movements without interruption. Specifications Material: Durable, smooth and flexible microfiber SQAT value: 8 Surface: Uncoated / semi rigid Dimensions: 900mm x 320mm Thickness: 2mm Back: Rubber based backside for a steady grip Compatibilty: LED-optical ...
  • Microfiber cloth demonstration In this video Bev shows you how to use a couple of microfiber cloths.
  • Meguiars Microfiber DA Correction System Mike Phillips welcomes Jason Rose and Mike Pennington to Autogeek's Show Car Garage to share the new Meguiar's DA Microfiber Correction System to remove swirls, scratches, oxidation and water spots in two easy steps. Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System is a two-step process designed to correct paint without leaving any swirls- guaranteed! Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System consists of microfiber pads, DA Microfiber Correction Compound, and DA Microfiber Finishing Wax. Meguiars Microfiber Correction Compound is expertly formulated to remove light to moderate flaws while creating a high gloss. It gets it polishing power from Super-micro abrasives. These tiny abrasives level swirls and scratches without creating new ones. Meguiars Microfiber Correction Compound performs without dusting or slinging, and cleanup is easy.
  • Review: Microfiber cloths for facial cleansing ;)
  • Skin Care Updates: Microdermabrasion & Microfiber Cloths! Hi guys! Here are additional items I have incorporated into my skincare routine. I still use most of the products mentioned in my last skincare video: except I use the witch hazel and the Neutrogena treatment less often now :) To enter the giveaway hosted by BellaSugarTV go here: youtu.be -- SECOND CHANNEL: Feel free to chat and ask any questions on my TWITTER! Stay posted with all of my uploads from both channels, see additional pictures, as well as a heads up for giveaways, etc on my FACEBOOK page! I also have an INSTAGRAM now where I post pictures from my daily life :D @xteeener -- Products mentioned: -PMD (Personal Microderm) - Still going to continue to use to see if it does much to improve my skin texture and if it fades hyperpigmentation and dark spots. -Microfiber cloths - Amazing for gentle exfoliation! This alone does a great job at removing dead skin cells and just overall cleaning away dirt/debris from the face. On nails: China Glaze in Flip Flop Fantasy If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :) xoxo~ Christine
  • Ultimate Cloth: Streak Free Microfiber Cloth The Ultimate Cloth is unlike any cloth you've ever used. The exclusive and patented MiraFiber technology allows you to clean almost any surface without ever leaving behind streaks, spots, lint or dust. The Ultimate Cloth can be reused hundreds of times because it's machine washable and bleachable. The Ultimate Cloth virtually eliminates the need for wasteful paper towels. The Ultimate Cloth is perfect on windows, mirrors, glass, crystal, TV & computer screens, floors, walls, vinyl, windshields, stainless steel, granite, marble, tile, porcelain, and more. If you would like to purchase the Ultimate Cloth, please visit us at: www.vat19.com
  • Using a microfiber towel as a diaper insert How to use a microfiber towel from the auto department to double the absorbency of your diaper. This is a great concept for heavy wetters and for overnight, travel, and long car rides.
  • Norwex microfiber cloth with silver bacteria test I wanted to do my own little experiment to see if and how well a Norwex microfiber cloth is able to remove something like bacteria from a surface as compared to a cotton cloth and household cleaner. Many of their videos claim, after rubbing raw chicken on a countertop and wiping with a wet microfiber cloth, that the surface is clean after swabbing for protein. Protein doesn't get you sick.
  • Dusting And Cleaning With Microfiber Cloths Learn how easy and simple it is to dust and clean with microfiber cloths. These microfiber towels will make cleaning your home easy and fast. Find these products, and many more, at Don Aslett's Cleaning Center.
  • Microfiber Magic Sponge Review Microfiber Magic Sponge Review at StarReviews
  • Live Broadcast - Meguiar's Microfiber DA Class at Autogeek's 6th Annual DetailFest Jason Rose joins Mike Phillips at Autogeek's6th Annual DetailFest to showcase Meguiar's Microfiber DA Correction System. Mike's guests, Renny Doyle and Joe Fernandez are also on hand to demonstrate and answer questions.
  • HGTV:Sprucing up Your Microfiber Couch How to spruce up an old couch couch.
  • Spin Mop Cleaning System with Bucket and Microfiber Mop For More Info or to Buy Now: SpinMop Cleaning System with Bucket and Microfiber MopMopping up messes has never been easier! This ultra-absorbent microfiber mop head sucks up spills and traps liquids fast, elminating drippy... Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price. HSN Item #960338
  • Microfiber Cleaning for Healthcare Facilities UniFirst microfiber cleaning for healthcare video. Microfiber cleaning technology for infection control in healthcare organizations. More info at
  • smart microfiber 3x1mop.mp4 Instructional Film 3x1 microfiber mop Eco-LabelledFor effective cleaning of floors, walls and ceilings Patented scrub and squeegee system Microfiber pad works when wet or dry. Telescopic handle 75-150 cm Read more at www.smartmicrofiber.se
  • Lake Country Ultra Microfiber Pads & Gtechniq EXO In this short video Mike Phillips demonstrates how to prep the paint for application of Gtechniq EXO. Before applying it however he first machine polishes the paint using the brand new Lake Country Ultra Microfiber Pads on both the Flex PE14 Rotary Buffer and the Porter Cable 7424XP
  • #5 | Goody QUIKSTYLE Microfiber Brush on Natural Hair | Influenster Holiday VoxBox | Nappylicious This brush was complimentary in my Holiday VoxBox from influenster. Goody's claim about the brush Go from wet to beautifully styled hair faster than ever! Super absorbent microfiber bristles remove 30% of water as you style*. It's like a towel and a brush in one. PRODUCT FEATURES: • Absorbent microfiber bristles remove 30% of water for faster styling • Antimicrobial microfiber keeps the brush fresh • Side Vents for maximum air flow • Lightweight design to reduce hand fatigue while drying • Ergonomic handle is textured for extra grip How To Use The Goody QUIKSTYLE Brush: Use the paddle brush as you would use your usual brush. To help speed your styling routine, the brush is designed for detangling wet hair, quick removal of excess water and styling with or without a hair dryer. How To Dry The Goody QUIKSTYLE Brush: The brush will air dry following use. A blast of hot air from your hair dryer will speed the drying of the microfiber bristles. How To Clean The Goody QUIKSTYLE Brush: Gently run a wide tooth comb through the bristles to remove excess hair, then wash the bristles with warm water and shampoo. To refresh the microfiber bristles, turn the brush over and tap the back with the palm of your hand. Curious about what else was in my voxbox? UNBOXING THE VOXBOX! The Goody QUIKSTYLE Paddle Brush was received complimentary in the Holiday VoxBox from While the product ...
  • Using Microfiber mops Video made by Canadian Microfiber Cleaning Products showing proper use of microfiber mops
  • Scrubbee Doo Microfiber Mop, Floor Cleaning Made Easy Cleaning hard floors on your hands & knees is hard and tiring. try using a Scrubbeee Doo Microfiber Mop from Don Aslett's Cleaning Center. You will be surprised how easy and fast this cleaning tool works.
  • Microfiber Swivel Mop- As seen on TV We do not own As seen on TV or its products nor are we the creators of this video. Microfiber Swivel Mop Cleans Dirt, Scuff Marks, Grease, Pet Hair, Spills and More! Microfiber Swivel Mop's reusable mop pad is made of special looped microfiber to quickly & easily loosen, lift and trap dirt and grime like magic while effortlessly gliding on floors. The 16" wide swivel head conveniently maneuvers around furniture and into tight areas. Its low profile design goes under furniture with ease. Microfiber Swivel Mop works great wet or dry! Great for hardwood, tiles vinyl floors! Special looped microfiber really grabs on to loose dirt cleaning surfaces more efficiently. Use wet or dry! Works on: Hardwood Tile Vinyl And more Save money on expensive disposable pads and reduce the use of harsh chemical cleansers in your home. Eco Friendly! Microfiber pads are machine washable. As Seen On TV items, check out . Here at you will be able to find some of the latest and most popular items, such as the AS SEEN ON TV products, ELECTRONICS, designer CLOTHING, HEALTH AND BEAUTY and much more! MOMOS MARKET is the newest online shopping experience for AS SEEN ON TV products. We are your AS SEEN ON TV superstore! We offer fast, reliable shipping, and superior customer service. How do we do it? Good question. Momo's Market is able to offer such great prices because we buy our AS SEEN ON TV items in bulk. Since we buy in such large quantity we ...
  • Miele Touchtronic W3033 - Quick Rinse Microfiber Towels I bought a new pack of microfiber towels and I always wash them before I use them. There is a lot of little excess fibers which tend to cling on certain fabrics. I did a Quick Rinse cycle and filmed the entire cycle as I have not done one before. After the quick rinse cycle was done, I ran them through a regular cycle.
  • Microfiber Mops with Julie In this video Julie shows us all of the many uses of a microfiber mop.Since 1995, Sargent Steam has been providing innovative cleaning machines that use steam vapor technology to clean your whole home without harsh chemicals. A Sargent Steam machine cleans your kitchen, bathroom, fridge, greasy pots and pans, oven and more with only steam. We even kill nasty bed bugs! We can teach you how to clean green without using ANY chemicals - call today 1-800-SGT-STEAM -- or visit our website at
  • Meguiars 2011 Microfiber system preview.wmv
  • Miele Touchtronic W3033 - Microfiber Cloth Wash Washing a large load of microfiber cloths and mits in my Miele Touchtronic W3033. Some of the cloths were heavily soiled as they were used for detailing the cars and also some spring cleaning inside (sliding door tracks etc). Enjoy!
  • How to Use a Microfiber Mop for House Cleaning - Learn how to quickly mop with microfiber. In this video we show you how to properly use a microfiber dust mop and microfiber wet mop. Microfiber mops are great for cleaning hardwood floors, tile floors, concrete floors, laminate floors and any other hard surface floor. They do a great job of cleaning up dust and dirt as well as dog hair and car hair. Our mops are machine washable so you can eliminate disposable mops. Go to to choose from a huge selection of microfiber mops at wholesale prices.
  • Microfiber cleaning - heathcare This video illustrates the CPI process for cleaning a hospital with microfiber products.
  • Janilink Microfiber Wax Basin Set, Microfiber flat mop, Microfiber rags, and Microfiber mops MICROFIBER MOPS We stock all size Microfiber Mop kits, Microfiber Mop Pad. Washing rubber made buckets/Mop Tub/Tubs/Washing Basin. Washing Tub/Mop Tub/Tubs/Washing Basin wax mop,car washing tool, floor washing brush,cleaning. Microfiber wax system, and wax basin and sieve rubber made bucket!!...
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Review Check out the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth at StarREVIEWS.
  • Meguiars DA Microfiber Paint Correction System Mel Craig from The Detailing Pros and Chris Jankowski from Detail2U try out Meguiar's brand new DA Microfiber Paint Correction System.
  • Revamping my Microfiber Couch My couch was looking nasty, but after some TLC is better then ever! This is the link that helped me: youtu.be
  • Sikai Microfiber Case for Asus Transformer Review Quick review of the Sikai Microfiber Case for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tf101. Great case, very light weight, and matte finish. Similar to the OEM Asus case. Purchased on eBay. Item #190542804640 "This video is fair use under US copyright law because it is (1) noncommercial (2) transformative in nature, and (3) does not compete with the original work or have any negative effect on its market."
  • Handmade Cloth Diaper Inserts: Microfiber These inserts measure about 4" by 13" and are constructed with 3 layers of microfiber with a cotton outer (cloth diaper flat).

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  • “Blog Home " Plush Living " Shopping Tips " The Many Benefits of Microfiber Robes In addition to microfiber robes being used at home, this is a common”
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  • “When it comes to As Seen on TV products we here at StarReviews have seen a lot, but a sponge? That was our thought when we picked up the Microfiber Magic Sponge to test it out”
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  • “But really, microfiber is pretty fantastic stuff. We have microfiber all the new and different microfiber products hitting stores of late,”
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  • “High Quality All Purpose Microfiber Towel. Soaks up 9 times its weight in water.Can be used on around the Detail Shop, House, and Office”
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  • “Learn about microfiber, its composition, history and how it is made. What is Microfiber? Blog Home > What is Microfiber? Cleaning With Microfiber " A piece of cloth made from microfiber can feel as soft as cashmere. Remember those little pieces of cloth that used to come with compact discs with”
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  • “Microfiber. Wheel & Tire. Glass. Exterior Trim. Interior Care. Leather Detailed Image News Blog. Categories: Announcements | Sales & Specials | New Products”
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