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  • Methane is a chemical compound with the molecular formula CH4. Methane's bond angles are 109.5 degrees. Burning one molecule of methane in the presence of oxygen releases one molecule of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and two molecules of H2O:. — “Methane”, schools-
  • The accelerated global warming described in article 1 could lead to a runaway methane global warming effect due to the release of methane currently trapped in unstable methane hydrate deposits in the arctic that could be destabilised by accelerated global warming effects. — “Runaway Methane Global Warming”,
  • ( If you intend to collect multiple syringefuls of methane, replace the Waste syringe with another clean, dry syringe while you are waiting for the gas to accumulate during this step.) Step 3. Switch the pinch clamp back to the tubing connected to the CH4-syringe and remove the heat source. — “Methane Microscale Gas Chemistry Experiments”,
  • Methane is a chemical compound with the chemical formula CH4. However, because it is a gas at normal temperature and pressure, methane is difficult to transport from its source. — “Methane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Most recently, there were panicked warnings that Arctic seabed methane stores were being destabilized. Citing some recent examples of over heated methane reporting, Kerr offered this to cool down the rhetoric:. — “Arctic Armageddon or Methane Madness? | The Resilient Earth”,
  • Methane (CH4) is responsible for about a fifth of the enhanced greenhouse effect. There is much more carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth's atmosphere than methane. — “The problem with methane gas - Print version”, .au
  • Measurements of methane from Greenland and Antarctic ice cores indicate atmospheric Since methane is chemically as well as radiatively active,. — “GISS ICP: Global Methane Inventory”,
  • Methane is also a greenhouse gas, meaning that its presence in the atmosphere affects the Earth's temperature and climate system. Due to its relatively short life time in the atmosphere (9-15 years) and its global warming potency Human-influenced sources of methane include landfills, natural gas. — “CCSP Research Highlight 1:Methane as a Greenhouse Gas”,
  • Definition of methane in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of methane. Pronunciation of methane. Translations of methane. methane synonyms, methane antonyms. Information about methane in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. methane. — “methane - definition of methane by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • EPA's Methane Energy Programs promote profitable opportunities for reducing emissions of methane, an important greenhouse gas. — “Sources and Emissions | Methane | Climate Change | U.S. EPA”,
  • Methane - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Methane”,
  • The Methane to Markets Partnership is an international initiative that advances cost-effective, near-term methane recovery and use as a clean energy source. The goal of the Partnership is to reduce global methane emissions in order to enhance. — “Methane to Markets”,
  • methane ( ) n. An odorless, colorless, flammable gas, CH 4 , the major constituent of natural gas, that is used as a fuel and is an important source. — “methane: Definition from ”,
  • Methane definition, a colorless, odorless, flammable gas, CH4, the main constituent of marsh gas and the firedamp of coal mines, obtained commercially from natu See more. — “Methane | Define Methane at ”,
  • Methane's bond angles are 109.5 degrees. Burning methane in the presence of oxygen produces carbon dioxide and water. The relative abundance of methane makes it an attractive fuel. However, because it is a gas at normal temperature and pressure, methane is difficult to transport from its source. — “Methane - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News, Shopping”,
  • Methane (CH4) is a principal component of natural gas. It is also formed and released to the atmosphere by biological processes occurring in anaerobic environments. Once in the atmosphere, methane absorbs terrestrial infrared radiation that would otherwise escape to space. — “Methane”,
  • The simplest hydrocarbon, methane, is a gas with a chemical formula of C H 4. Methane can be created and used industrially, and perhaps in nature, by chemical reactions such as the Sabatier process, Fischer-Tropsch process, and steam reforming. — “Methane - Definition”,
  • The simplest hydrocarbon , methane is a gas with a chemical formula of CH4. The strength of the carbon hydrogen covalent bond in the methane molecule is among the strongest in all hydrocarbons, and thus its use as a chemical feedstock is limited. — “Methane Molecule”,
  • Methane is the simplest hydrocarbon, with the chemical formula CH4. Large quantities of methane have been found in sediments on the ocean floor, where it is trapped in cage-like ice crystals known as methane clathrates. Methane is widely used as a fuel, but it is also a. — “Methane - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Methane: A Scientific Journey from Obscurity to Climate Super-Stardom. By Gavin Schmidt, September 2004 New hypotheses such as the "clathrate gun hypothesis" (more below) place methane variability at the centre of the debate on rapid climate change. — “NASA GISS: Research Features: Methane: A Scientific Journey”,
  • Methane is a chemical compound found throughout the earth. Though it is very valuable for producing energy, methane is also. — “What is Methane?”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Methane. Information about Methane in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. methane gas, coal bed methane. — “Methane definition of Methane in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Methane is a colorless, odorless gas with a wide distribution in nature. Methane is not toxic when inhaled, but it can produce suffocation by reducing the concentration of oxygen inhaled. — “Chemical of the Week -- Methane”,
  • This page was written by Linda Lennon, Montana State University, as part of the DLESE Community Services Project: Integrating Research in Education. Coalbed methane: economic boon or environmental boondoggle?. — “Coalbed Methane”,

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  • anaerobic methane digester thanks to LordVaader for the idea of the pipe in the top..
  • Market Four Corners' methane says enviro grp. Environmentalists in the Four Corners area want oil and gas companies to turn methane leaks from natural gas wells into something proactive. Typically when methane leaks from the wells it is burned off or slowly released into the air. Mike Eisenfeld is with San Juan Citizens Alliance and told us capturing the methane and using it for resale would have numerous benefits. "I think it would help the economy. It would create more jobs, it would allow them to have a more marketable product that right now is just being released into the atmosphere," he said. Eisenfeld said gas companies in Wyoming have already started to capture methane from their own natural gas wells and sell it.
  • BP Probe: Methane Bubble Triggered Rig Blast Survivors of the oil rig explosion have reportedly told BP that the deadly blowout was triggered by a bubble of methane gas. (May 8)
  • Methane Hydrates: Natural Hazard or Natural Resource? Explore naturally occurring frozen methane deposits under the sea with renowned geochemist Miriam Kastner and discover whether or not they are a hazard to climate change. Series: Perspectives on Ocean Science [8/2008] [Science] [Show ID: 14350]
  • Mythbusters - Soapy water + methane Pretty cool experiment with soapy water + methane builiding a tower of flammable foam.
  • Methane Movie hot chicks love it!! What Obama and the Government don't want you to know about renewable resources. Methane is not only free but you could be PAID to produce free energy and reduce greenhouse gasses and polution by 90%.
  • Mr. Methane Fart Frenzy Showreel Mr. Methane Fart Frenzy Showreel - Various hosts from around the World including Kelsey Grammer, Robert Aschberg, Mark Thomas, Chris Evans and Howard Stern, greet, introduce and experience Mr. Methane. Look out for a very young Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat) in stripey orange top.
  • Bruce Dickinson and the Methane Explosion! Bruce Dickinson, vocalist for Iron Maiden, investigates the possible causes behind spontaneous human combustion.
  • DIY Methane Plant Bio-gas/methane producing anerobic digester
  • Methane Expert Says Sea Water Flammable Dr. David Valentine, PhD., Methane expert, explains what he learned while on a research ship in the Gulf this past month. The water can be coaxed to flame and methane levels 10000 to 100000 times the natural concentrations! 5%-35% Reduction of dissolved oxygen. 100-200 foot, six to seven mile-long clouds of methane in the ocean. Natural gas content - methane, propane - elevated 10000-100000 fold over background levels. Floating, dead pyrosomes. A MUST WATCH! Project Gulf Impact Ask Questions. Seek the Truth. Project Gulf Impact team members Heather Rally, Matt Smith, Gavin Garrison
  • Mr Methane - Britain's Got Talent - Show 5 Britain's Got Talent: Perforing Flatualist Mr Methane is putting the art into fart with his talented, but purely disgusting act!
  • Methane in Gulf Spill: 'Dangerous, Deadly' Vast amounts of natural gas contained in crude escaping from the blown Gulf of Mexico oil well could pose a serious threat to marine life by creating 'dead zones' where oxygen is so depleted that nothing lives. (June 18)
  • Mr Methane The classy act of Mr Methane!
  • Simple Methane Digester A simple methane digester I made with very little work and money. Oh by the way you should put some weights on the barrel to put pressure on the gas.. Watch part two: Simple Methane Digester Setup,
  • Mr. Methane Fart Interview Mr. Methane Fart Interview - Here Mr. Methane introduces himself and explains the finer points of his 'Art.
  • Exploding methane gas bubbles - Earth: The Power of the Planet - BBC In an explosive clip from the BBC's landmark series, scientists drill into a frozen lake to ignite methane gas that is trapped in bubbles beneath the surface. Do greenhouse gases pose a signficant threat to our planet? Dr Iain Stewart assesses the dangers. Watch more high quality videos on the Explore YouTube channel from BBC Worldwide here:
  • History Channel Mega Disasters - Methane Explosion History Channel "Mega Disasters" series. This explores the controversial paper published by Northwestern University's Gregory Ryskin. His thesis: the oceans periodically produce massive eruptions of explosive methane gas... enough to cause global catastrophe on a regular basis!
  • Farting ice Methane from melting perma-frost
  • Fire and Ice: Permafrost Melt Spews Combustible Methane Complete video at: Environmentalist Dan Miller discusses a possible environmental threat from methane gas contained within melting permafrost. Miller claims the melting permafrost contains twice as much CO2 as Earth's entire atmosphere. ----- Dan Miller's presentation focuses on why the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports are actually best case scenarios. For example, IPCC climate models do not include the effect of melting permafrost releasing greenhouse gases, even though the permafrost is melting now and it holds more greenhouse gases than all that mankind has ever released. Another example is that IPCC predictions of sea level rise only take into account thermal expansion of the oceans and melting of glaciers; the largest factor, disintegration of glaciers, was not included because it is hard to model. The result is that sea level rise will likely be substantially higher this century than the IPCC predicts. Miller discusses several other potential catastrophes that are not included in IPCC predictions and also discusses tipping points that could put climate change solutions out of our reach in years or decades, the psychology of climate change, and why it is difficult for people to respond to the threat posed by a warming earth. His talk concludes with a discussion of ways to address climate change and the risks and opportunities that companies face due to the climate crisis. - Berkeley Cybersalon Dan Miller is Managing Director of the ...
  • Amazing video of exploding under-ice methane gas in Siberia Methane gas locked inside Siberia's frozen soil and under its lakes is currently being released at a dangerous rate. Scientists believe it can pose threat to the world's climate. However the lack of data over a long period of time casts uncertainty over the extent of the threat. More than 50 billion tons of methane could be unleashed from Siberian lakes alone. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Fartman. This is Mr Methane. :-) Enjoy this video of Mr. Methane. Believe's not fake. :-) Big thanks to Mr. Methane for the Christmas-CD. ;-)
  • Hieroglyphics - Dune Methane Lyrics: Chorus: Rappers sellin out for the money and fame But I just keep on dune methane Dee dee da da dee dee dane I just keep on dune methane [Casual] They only know colonial ways Anything that my homie okays is all right these days Display recklessness whose tek is this Pointed in the window of ya coupe Lexuses Follow me on my Exo dust My poetics will earn the respect of thus An individual crushing hypocritical nothings Like aluminum cans Put me on the mic and I'm doomin em Operation: MC Intimidation Occupation: rock the place then leave relieved The masta John, large like a mastodon In charge of the class Cas is on Some whole new *** than you ***s on Bitten my old style while smash was gone My infallible flows will swallow you wholes Rappin bout cars and clotes you need to kill it [Chorus 2X] [Opio] I'm voices in your subconscious, knots in your intestines Crescent moon attack stance if you glance at the mic I'm unlike all types Can't master breakin necks cause they need more gigabytes I hit em twice...iced em, cold like liquid nitrogen They need vitamins and ginseng If you fencing with these you get stabbed in the heart Me, I'm like the Highlander Tapping the soul of my enemies, capturing their energies Disappear from the stage like the vanisher Grabbin the mic and drive a spike right through the center For these niggaz all sequenced up like the spinners I get the crowd high like paint thinners And watch me cruise, crackle and splinter They can't tackle the ...
  • CLEAREST sea floor bursts yet - METHANE Clouds? - Stationary ROV near BP 'Oil Spill' Live feed from Ocean Intervention III - ROV2, August 2, 2010 at 1:30 am EDT: VIEWING TIP: Try standing up and viewing from above if having difficulty seeing bursts. May also want to temporarily increase the contrast on your monitor. Largest bursts: 1:15, 2:25, 2:50, 5:35, 7:00
  • CNN confirms methane "bubbling" from surface at unknown distance from well Don Van Nieuwenhuise interview, CNN, July 19, 2010 at 1:20p.m.: Rush Transcript Excerpts CNN: The other concern... is the buildup of methane over the oil well... Starts at 2:53 in CNN: Why do we think there is seepage? tell me about this and what the implications are? Don Van Nieuwenhuise, director of Professional Geosciences Programs at the University of Houston: They've seen a little bit of a spike in the methane content around the well... but not bubbles. So as far as BP is concerned there is no leak there. But some distance -- and I still haven't heard what that distance is -- away from that, they actually can see some methane escaping at the surface and is essentially bubbling through the strata. And in that case it's possible that some of the sands below the surface have been charged with oil and gas... The gas will leak out first, and then later on the oil will start to leak out. CNN: You mentioned they are seeing methane... what are the implications of methane? Why do we now have to be concerned with methane?... Nieuwenhuise: If a well is completely sealed-in you do not want to see an increase in methane... One of the most serious situations would be is that if you have a leak very close to the well head and you could have a potential erosion of the substrate or the rocks around that well head that could cause it to collapse if the flow increased enough... You can learn more about the oil spill by visiting: Or find Florida Oil Spill Law on ...
  • Methane Rocket Test firing of a 7500 pound-thrust LOX/methane engine. Video credit: Mike Massee/XCOR Aerospace
  • Methane Bubble Monster Best version of the Christmas video is posted on my website; Visit: Methane Bubble Monster
  • 2030 Report! Methane Gas Nuclear Blast Ocean! BP oil drilling! H&C Chemtrails Link! Peru & India Oil Driller Breaches Salt Mine Under Louisana Lake Oil Rig starts New River on Ocean Floor land lifts 13 feet a day AUSTRALIA & Poss. Gulf of Mexico DianeDi TY. Geo-Engineering report Link. 2030 Report Link and Climate Security Link below Mega Quake: Scott from Believers Underground | TJA Podcast | Episode #15 Q: Can nuclear explosions cause earthquakes? A: On January 19, 1968, a thermonuclear test, codenamed Faultless, took place in the Central Nevada Supplemental Test Area. The codename turned out to be a poor choice of words because a fresh fault rupture some 1200 meters long was produced. Seismographic records showed that the seismic waves produced by the fault movement were much less energetic than those produced directly by the nuclear explosion. ***ysis of local seismic recordings (within a couple of miles) of nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site shows that some tectonic stress is released simultaneously with the explosion. ***ysis of the seismic wavefield generated by the blast shows the source can be characterized as 70-80 percent dilational (explosive-like) and 20-30 percent deviatoric (earthquake-like). The rock in the vicinity of the thermonuclear device is shattered by the passage of the explosions shock wave. This releases the elastic strain energy that was stored in the rock and adds an earthquake-like component to the seismic ...
  • Mr. Methane - Farting Man - Britains Got Talent 2009 Ep 5 [Best HQ] 43 year old - "Mr. Methane" auditions for the judges on Britains Got Talent 2009. [ Press HQ For Best Audio Video ]
  • Methane - Periodic Table of Videos We look at the molecule methane (CH4). More videos about molecules and elements at
  • Simple Setup for Methane Digester Here I am setting up the digester to produce methane gas.
  • Life around deep sea methane seeps Organisms at a site on the Hikurangi Margin off the east coast of New Zealand at a depth of about 1000 metres. The footage was captured by researchers from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, US.Read more about the expedition on
  • NASA | The Mystery of Martian Methane Want more? Subscribe to NASA on iTunes! Mike Mumma and his team of researchers at Goddard Space Flight Center have made the first definitive observations of methane in the atmosphere of Mars. The evidence of methane plumes only during certain seasons and the chemical processes that could lead to its possible sources both raise intriguing questions for future study. For more info:
  • Climate Watch - Methane: The Other Greenhouse Gas Visit a California dairy with KQED Climate Watch's Craig Miller and learn about how one farmer is turning methane gas produced by his cows into energy for powering the farm. Learn more about methane in our two-part series, Methane: The Other Greenhouse Gas at
  • Methane Hydrate Explosion - Wars for Oil - BP Oil Spill Doomsday Scenario from History Channel The Horizon rig's mechanic stated the well had problems for months, the drill repeatedly kicked due to methane gas pressure, the levels of gas were twice as high as he'd ever seen in his career. According to interviews with platform workers conducted during BP's internal investigation, a bubble of methane gas escaped from the well and shot up the drill column, expanding quickly as it burst through several seals and barriers before exploding. As my other videos point out, the upper mile of seafloor is cemented by methane hydrate which is much like permafrost and is stratified in layers. It melts and changes phases instantly back into gas at about 60F or 17C degrees. We have every reason to believe the hot pressurized oil and gas is eroding layers of formations from large leaks 1000 feet below the well head, probably more leaks below. There seems to be no way to stop this well and the processes will likely continue like opening cracks in a dam. At some point the well head pipe will blow off leaving an open hole ... the substrate rock is fractured below the previously impermeable hydrate layers above. These are geologically young rocks made of sandstone and salt domes, often interconnected vaults and pores. In 2006 we had a 6.2 quake on the seafloor 6 miles below sea level between NO and FL, very unusual and from a formation and shift plate little understood. Some theorize that drawing significant oil out can reduce uplift of rock layers, and so initiate faults dropping like ...
  • Hidden Climate Threat (and Opportunity) Methane, the main ingredient in natural gas, is escaping in vast volumes from oil and gas fields in the United States, Russia and other countries. Some companies have found that investments in capturing the emissions quickly pay off in sales of the fuel. More at: http
  • Coalbed methane drilling technology has advanced Here we can see how coalbed methane is drilled and recovered from the coal seams. This video answers a lot of questions and helps in the understanding of this process. Cheers.
  • Why? Tell Me Why!: Methane on Mars Discovery-: Methane seems to be the new buzz word when it comes to finding Martian life. Discovery Channel's Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out why that's the case. For more space news stories, visit
  • Planar Methane - Periodic Table of Videos How can you create traditional methane-style carbon bonds which are planar (flat) rather than the traditional tetrahedral shape. Dr Stephen Liddle explains. His work (and our molecular video series) are supported by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council). See more of our chemistry videos at
  • Burning Methane from Frozen Lake This video, recorded in November of 2007, on a lake near Fairbanks, shows Katey Walter from University of Alaska at Fairbanks and a research team drilling a hole through lake ice, then lighting the escaping methane. This video was shot by Carla Browning of University Relations at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. More at:
  • Methane hydrates The bubbles of gas sufficiently lower the density of the water for the boat to sink.

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  • “Instead of collecting thousands of pounds of cow manure in open holding ponds, Joseph Gallo Farms uses it in a renewable energy technology known as a methane digester. Methane gas is a natural byproduct of cow digestion. It's produced as bacteria inside their stomach break down food”
    Methane | QUEST Community Science Blog - KQED,

  • “BP continues to lie about the extent of the damage being caused by the oil spill. First they lied about the oil plumes which stopped scientists from monitoring their location and now they are lying about the massive amounts of methane being found”
    — BP's Lies About Methane And Oil Plumes Exposed | Alexander,

  • “Methane fog hovering above Saturn's moon Titan has cleared away any doubt that the hydrocarbon cycles between the moon's surface and its atmosphere,”
    — Defogging Titan's methane mystery | microsoft office 2007,

  • “We are a focused group of transformational activists who intend to build a platform that enables individuals to make an impact in the world. Our mission is to provide the tools to educate, collaborate and initiate positive change that will”
    — JustGetThere - Entries tagged as methane,

  • “St. Louis area toxic tort lawyer Ted Gianaris reviews the reports of elevated methane gas levels from a Maryland Heights landfill”
    Methane Gas Exposure from Maryland Heights Landfill Raises,

  • “ Blog. The latest news on air pollution, clean energy and emissions control technology. 7.12.07. Up to $7 Million in Grants Adds Fuel to the Methane to the Methane to Markets Partnership Expo: A Forum for Projects,”
    — The AirZone Blog,

  • “Editor's Note: A team of researchers led by John Kessler , Texas A&M College of Geosciences chief scientist and assistant oceanography professor, has traveled to the Deepwater Horizon disaster site to study the methane leaking into the Gulf The guest blog is a forum for such opinions”
    — Expeditions: Deepwater spill survey: Scientists embark on,

  • “Huge amounts of methane are being found on the ocean floor, trapped within cages of water carbon dioxide can penetrate the layer of ice, at which point it displaces the methane”
    Methane ice | Science Buzz,

  • “You are at: Oilgae Blog. That started JCU nutritionist Dr Tony Parker and marine scientist Professor Rocky de Nys thinking about the potential of seaweed as a low-methane fodder sourceā€”in particular the fast-growing "green tide" Blog?; How about joining the Oilgae mailing list?; and our forum to”
    — Anti-methane Feed for Cattle: Marine Algae - Oilgae Blog,

  • “The Reef Tank - Community of reef and salt water aquarists be a software developer specializing in Artificial Intelligence application, but we love him for his interesting science blog A Few Things Ill Considered that includes posts on topics like climate change and other news. Bookmark”
    — Arctic Seabed Methane Stores Destabilizing, Venting,

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