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  • What is a mensurative, definition of mensurative, meaning of mensurative, mensurative anagrams, mensurative synonyms. — “Word mensurative meaning. Word mensurative definition. Free”,
  • mensuration n. The act, process, or art of measuring. Measurement of geometric quantities. [Late Latin mēnsūrātiō, mēnsūrātiōn- , from mēnsūrātus , from mēnsūrātus, past participle of mēnsūrāre, to measure, from Latin mēnsūra, measure. See measure.] mensurative men'su·ra'tive adj. English. — “mensuration: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • mensurative. Mensurative, it turns out, isn't in the free Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, where you just searched. However, it is available in our premium Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. To see that definition in the Unabridged Dictionary, start your FREE trial now. — “Mensurative - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Contrast with a mensurative experiment. mean (n.) In statistics, calculated by adding together all of the data values and dividing this sum by the total number of data values. Mensurative experiments make measurements at one or more points in space or time. — “Forestry Glossary: M is for ... metabolize monoecious mesophyte”,
  • 3. The airflow meter 1 is composed of a mensurative body 3, a sensing portion 4, a circuit module 5 and so on. mensurative air flows in the inlet passage 6a from lower portion to an upward in a vertical direction can restrict dusts in the. — “Airflow meter - US 7043978”,
  • The three methods generally used to find the dimensions of a sheet metal blank are the tentative, the gravitative, and the mensurative-probably, as a rule, more time is spent in experimenting to obtai. — “Chapter XX. Blank Dimensions”,
  • From the standpoint of methodology, Kitching clearly favors mensurative (non-experimental) sampling-based studies over interventionist (or detail on the several recent mensurative and manipulative studies in diverse phytotelm. — “Food Webs and Container Habitats”,
  • BI320 ECOLOGY, Fall 2010. Brian K. Penney, Ph.D. Main Page. Definitions. Lectures. Labs. mensurative. investigator relying on natural variation in the field for both dependent and independent variables. independent variable is NOT controlled. updated: 9/17/10. — “mensurative”,
  • In ecology, there are two basic types of scientific research: mensurative and BOTH the mensurative and the manipulative approach can be used to test. — “Some Possible Student Research Questions Involving Local”,
  • Mensurative Experiments. Space or Time are the only "treatment" variables Assuring that replicate samples are dispersed in space or time. Relevant to the hypothesis. — “Mensurative Experiments”,
  • Definition of mensurative in the Medical Dictionary. mensurative explanation. Information about mensurative in Free online English dictionary. What is mensurative? Meaning of mensurative medical term. What does mensurative mean?. — “mensurative - definition of mensurative in the Medical”, medical-
  • (mensurative) or. spatially balanced. survey. BON to mouth Depends on. metric. 1. st : FR. 2. nd : (mensurative) or spatially. balanced survey. BON to mouth Depends on. metric. 1. st : FR. 2. nd :. — “Appendix A: RM&E Management Questions, Information Needs, and”,
  • Definition of mensurative from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of mensurative. Pronunciation of mensurative. Definition of the word mensurative. Origin of the word mensurative. — “mensurative - Definition of mensurative at ”,
  • mensurative. Dictionary terms for mensurative, definition for mensurative, Thesaurus and Translations of mensurative to Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Urdu, Swedish. — “mensurative in - dictionary and translation”,
  • Mensurative definition, adapted for or concerned with measuring. See more. — “Mensurative | Define Mensurative at ”,
  • The paper presents an attempt to unify the construction of two state optical fibre loop sensor and possibility of adapting it to the various traditional constructions and casings of industrial Mensurative properties are determined by traditional (mainly mechanical) measuring system ex. — “Adaptation of two-state (binary) optical fibre loop sensors”,
  • In 15 Minutes: A Bi-Mensurative Population. Submitted by Benjamen Johnson on Fri, 2010-09 know two languages) and not good to be bi-mensurative (word I made up for knowing to systems of measurement). — “the cracked skeptic”,
  • In concert, we established a mensurative experiment across eight grass-based farms in the same Fig. 1. Experimental layout at the manipulative experiment (Franbrook Farm) and the mensurative experiment (eight farms). — “This article was published in an Elsevier journal. The”,
  • Furthermore, these large scale treatment/control pair or BACI mensurative experiments are very difficult to maintain in relatively long-term environmental studies. The ISRP cautions that BACI studies are mensurative experiments (Hurlbert 1984) or "observational studies" with statistical. — “Review of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers? proposal”,
  • MEASURING: Review the definition, meaning, pronunciation, explanation, synonyms, and antonyms of the term MEASURING in the Online Dictionary. What is a 9 letter word that starts with M? mensuration, mensurational, mensurative, metric, metric system,. — “Definition of MEASURING (Meaning of MEASURING), a 9 Letter Word”,
  • In science, there are generally two ways of examining a system of interest: by way of mensurative or manipulative investigation. What leighton describes as a pseudoexperiment is in fact a mensurative experiment, wherein the researcher does not manipulate the system of. — “pseudoexperiment (idea)”,
  • Definition of mensurative in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of mensurative. Pronunciation of mensurative. Translations of mensurative. mensurative synonyms, mensurative antonyms. Information about mensurative in the free online English. — “mensurative - definition of mensurative by the Free Online”,

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  • Dimensions_Overall Picture_8_Final Summation of My Overall View I tie it all together in a very general and basic way and this is basically the whole ball of wax, as they say. It can get a hell of a lot more complicated than this, and it will. But for now, this is MY take on dimensions, and anyone who thinks they've got it all figured out can know where I stand in relation to them and where they stand in relation to me. Some physicalists of various sorts, from true and real physicists and mathematicians to laymen enthusiasts like to say that the physical, mensurative dimensional notions encompass what is to be said about reality as a whole in a fruitful way with the use of the general concept "dimension". i say they are not correct, and that my view is far more comprehensive, and is supported by strong metaphysical positions which are completely in agreement with non-prejudiced science which is not physicalism in purple robes. I even gave hints to philosophy professors at my university, some of them so vain they didn't know I was testing the limits of THEIR knowledge rather than asking them to widen the scope of mine, and in other cases wouldn't tell the all of my metaphysical position (which I haven't explicated here at all yet) because they simply didn't know how to ask politely (they'd show me how stuck they were in the mire of false assumptions about reality, but wouldn't simply ask "ok, how DO you get out of this?" Instead they'd just half-heartedly say something like "Well, this is how it seems and anything else seems rediculous ...
  • Dimensions_Overall Picture_6 Continuing to the point. I have discussed dimensionality in general and outlined the three main categories of its meaning and usage. I have explored some aspects of dimensionality which mensurative and spiritual dimensions have in common, and have acknowledged that the mathematical ***ysis of dimensions can have many important uses here, but have observed that they cannot be exhaustively important, because there are special issues in spiritual dimensionality that cannot be "metricized" yet are still properly "dimensional", therefore there are certain domains of dimensionality which are broader than mathematical dimensions, and finally, THEREFORE, metaphysical dimensions CANNOT be fully explicated mathematically. I even go so far as to suggest that EVEN if the COULD be, it would not be fruitful to do so at the highest levels of such ***ysis, but a mere novelty at best. It would always be a case of descriptive effluvia never catching up to the "real thing" which has always changed by the time a presumed "real description" is formulated. This second half of my description here will be more fully explained in proceeding videos.
  • Dimensions_Overall Picture_1 I here present the three basic categories of the use of the term "dimension". During part to I will turn my attention to "Spiritual Dimension" which are in fact truly "Metaphysical" in the philosophical sense, even while being "Metaphysical" in the psychospiritual sense. In this video, I am explaining that "dimension", as with all abstract terms, originates in commonsense experience. There is nothing strange to the common man here. A dimension is simply an aspect of experience taken as in some way essentially distinct from another aspect. This depends on your perspective on the phenomena you are referring to, and what your purpose is in addressing/describing those phenomena is. It's as simple as finding yourself saying "Well, looking at THIS dimension of the problem, I'd say that the solution lies simply in solving it THIS way" and that sort of usage. It really is commonsense enough that I needn't explain it further here. The second sort that I am referring to in this video is the sort of dimensionality that persons use in roughly the same way as the common sense sort, except that the definitions of the properties of phenomena which constitute what is referred to as a "dimension" is more rigorous, and not simply ostensive (though it must always start with an ostensive definition/reference in order to be understood and thereafter more rigorously addressed). In the process of making such a reference to somethings "dimension" in this respect, the advance purpose of ...
  • Dimensions_Overall Picture_2 The third type of "dimension" that I refer to covers the psychospiritual usage that you can witness in most "New Age" posts on Youtube (sometimes without much meaning, sometimes rather correctly). I consider the proper use of dimension in this context to be fully amenable to philosophical ***ysis, and to be in no non-trivial way at odds with mensurative usages such as found in physics, and indeed I hold that they overlap in a very meaningful way (and indeed they should, if they both refer to reality at all). Unfortunately, there is a big problem in reaching a detailed explication of this overlapping sensibility about the usage of term "dimension", and this is because of paradigmatic prejudices in the domain of empirical science, and because of a lack of systematic usage in the psychospiritual domain (by and large, while some seem to have a consistent usage, albeit not ***ytically defined). This makes for a rather painful need to do the hard work that none of our New Agey friends want to do, and that is get ***ytically specific about what the hell we mean when we say "dimension", which would be fair not only to our listeners, who constitute all those who already have meaningful understandings of the term within well-established milieux with definite and demonstrably useful applications, but it would also be fair to the psychospiritual community who are currently using the term "dimension" or who would like to use it in more than a simply poetic way (not that a poetic ...
  • Musings on Dimensionality With regard to dimensionality, I demonstrate to my own satisfaction that dimensions are conceptual frameworks for exploring aspects of any of our experiences in terms of distinct variables of our own choosing. There is nothing revealed about "dimensions as such" nor about "the dimensions of the universe as a whole" etc. by that sort of "empirical" dimensional ***ysis of objects or experiences, nor by ***yzing that sort of dimensional ***ysis either. You'd think most people who try to talk about dimensions would bother to take note of this FACT of experience. Those who don't understand this will blather about "what physicists" say or "what scientists" say, ususally not knowing what either the said authority figures mean by what they supposedly say or even what they themselves generally think they know about dimensions, either as an applied concept or as an abstract meta-concept. They need to do their homework and stop commiting the Argument from Authority fallacy. Once you can stop spewing rhetoric and commiting rhetorical fallacies who knows, you might even begin commiting logical fallacies. Progress takes many forms. In the end, I only begin to discuss dimensionality proper when I realize that my camera is definitely running out of space in its allotted memory, not to mention that my student is ready for her class. I admit that from time to time, I don't speak as clearly as I would like, and that from time to time, I grope a bit. I have thought this out and I AM going ...

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