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  • Welcomes people from every walk of life whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population, with the objective of enjoying each other's company and participating in a wide range of social and cultural activities. — “Mensa International”,
  • mensas. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search accusative plural of mēnsa [edit] Spanish [edit] Adjective. mensas f. pl. Feminine plural. — “mensas - Wiktionary”,
  • American Mensa's holiday gift guide is once again brought to you by the good folks at GEICO, who know a thing or two about saving time and money through your homeowner, vehicle and rental insurance — and who offer special discounts to American Mensa members. — “American Mensa”,
  • The modest title is a holdover, reflecting Mensa's British origins. Mensa® and the Mensa logo (as depicted for example in U.S. TM Reg. No. 1,405,381) are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by American Mensa, Ltd., and are registered in other countries by Mensa International. — “Metropolitan Washington Mensa's Executive Committee”,
  • Mensa's flagship publication is the Mensa Bulletin, published 10 times per year, which At the other extreme, American Mensa's oldest member is 107,[23] and British Mensa had a member aged 103.[24] According to American Mensa, 41 percent of its members are baby boomers between the ages of 47 and. — “Mensa International - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It has shown that a person who takes the iq test for Mensa entrance twice often has a better result at the second time. Up to 20 Iq test similar to Mensa's IQ test. Improve your Mensa test result by solving similar problems. It has shown that a person who. — “Bergmans IQ tests - The only iq tests with problems similar”,
  • When you can calculated an IQ based on a given test score, the test is said to be correlated with IQ. Unfortunately, ASVAB is not correlated, and as of 1989, the ACT isn't either. So from these 2 scores, there isn't really a way to get your IQ. — “ASVAB or ACT compared to IQ? Took those online mensa tests”,
  • American Mensa Home : CareerLink Home : Job Seeker Section. American Mensa's CareerLink! These are the search criteria you are currently using. You are currently viewing all available jobs. If you would like to filter. — “Jobs - American MENSA's CareerLink”,
  • View mensas Pictures, mensas Images, mensas Photos on Photobucket. Share them with your friends on MySpace or upload your own!. — “Photobucket | mensas Pictures, mensas Images, mensas Photos”,
  • A three-year-old boy has become the youngest member of Mensa. Mikhail Ali, of Bramley, Leeds, learned to read and write in English at the age of two and has also mastered the Arabic alphabet. Fast learner aged three is Mensa's youngest member. — “Fast learner aged three is Mensa's youngest member - Telegraph”,
  • High Mountain Mensa is a local group of American Mensa. H.M.M. members live in the western half of Colorado. High Mountain Mensa's local newsletter, April 2010 issue, is now. — “High Mountain Mensa (HighMtnMensa) on Twitter”,
  • Bergmans IQ test 2.0 Download: Iq test similar to Mensa's IQ test. Improve your Mensa test result by solving similar problems. — “Bergmans IQ test 2.0 - Iq test similar to Mensa's IQ test”,
  • London, Feb 17 (ANI): A British boy has become one of the youngest members of Mensa at the age of three. RSS feed for comments on Meet Mensa's youngest member, Brit boy aged three. Thaindian News - All Copyrights reserved 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 - Company Limited. — “Meet Mensa's youngest member, Brit boy aged three”,
  • In a darkened living room in an anonymous suburb on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, a fan whirs. Outside, the west London streets are broiling. On matching red velvet sofas, four Mensa members pore over their game, Trial Pyramid of Phobos. — “Mensa's melee: the brains behind the backbiting - Life”,
  • Reprinted from the American Mensa, Ltd Website. American Mensa is often considered an "expert" source of information on intelligence and IQ testing. Dr. Abbie Salny, Mensa's supervisory psychologist, is the organization's spokesperson on these matters. — “The Question of "Genius"”,
  • Members of Mensa share their passion for art on this website. There is art for expression, art for investment, and art for art's sake. — “The Official Home Page of Mensa's Art Lovers SIG”,
  • San Diego Mensa's Creative uRGe contest was offered to more than 100,000 mensa members worldwide. San Diego Mensa's Creative uRGe Annual Literary Awards are granted in books, essay writing, short stories,. — “Artificial Imagination, Autobiography of a Former ”,
  • One of Mensa's core aims is to 'identify and foster human intelligence' Mensa Gifted and Talented News > Aim Higher - Support for Gifted Children. Teacher support packs have been developed by Mensa's Gifted Child Consultant, Lyn All***, who was appointed to the voluntary Mensa post in June 2004 and. — “Gifted and talented support - British Mensa”,
  • Benefit Spotlight: American Mensa's CareerLink, November 1, 2010. American Mensa's CareerLink is a Web-based career center that connects job seekers with prospective employers — and its job placement and career counseling services Mensa® and the Mensa logo (as depicted for example in U.S. TM Reg. No. — “Inside AML | Home”,
  • Mensas' definition, the flat stone forming the top of the altar in a Roman Catholic church. See more. — “Mensas' | Define Mensas' at ”,
  • Brain teasers, puzzles, online games, optical illusions and jigsaws. Used with permission - taken from Mensa's EnigmaSig. Hint: How can we post something that costs 1 dinari?. — “BrainBashers : Brain Teasers and Puzzles”,

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  • Mensa Testing Day 2010 American Mensa's Chair invites you to join us for Mensa Testing Day 2010. The event will take place on Saturday, Oct. 16. To learn more about the test, visit
  • The mensas adventures in: How to be cool These are some tips for all you nerds out there on how to be cool starred by lil yose n Delyy :)
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  • TSOOL - Mensa's Marauders (Rockbjörnen prize award) The Soundtrack of Our Lives doing another new one, captured live from Rockbjörnen. 2009.01.22
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  • Zenvikings Murphy's Mensa Sweater Party 2010 The genius Christmas sweater get together at Murphy's.....132 or higher... one rocket scientist could not make it ...where were you Pat ? Mensa is the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world. It is a non-profit organization open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test. Mensa is formally composed of national groups and the umbrella organization Mensa International, with a registered office in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire. Mensa (pronounced /ˈmɛnsə/, /ˈmensa/ in Latin) means "table" in Latin as is symbolized in the organization's logo. Roland Berrill, an Australian barrister, and Dr Lancelot Ware, a British scientist and lawyer, founded Mensa at Lincoln College, in Oxford, England, in 1946. They had the idea of forming a society for bright people, the only qualification for membership being a high IQ. It was to be free from all social distinctions (racial, religious, etc.), represented by the name of the organization, which comprises two Latin words: mens, which means "mind"; and mensa, which means "table", indicating that it is a round-table society of minds. Mensa was also to be a non-political organization, reflected in its constitution: "Mensa encompasses members representing many points of view. Consequently, Mensa as an organization shall not express an opinion as being that of Mensa, take any political action other than the publication of the results of its investigations, or have ...
  • Baile de mensas Baile
  • niñas mensas
  • Mensa performs "When it rains it pours" Mensa Performs "when it rains it pours" of the forthcoming Richy Pitch LP "Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch" and Mensa's forthcoming EP "The Weather Report"
  • mensas!!! :D
  • Mensas StePh n Yuri.
  • C/BR Mensa 1996 July 4th BBQ
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  • C/BR Mensa's 1988 Christmas Party Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa's 1988 Christmas Party
  • Mr. Mensa's Marvelous Mishaps Not really anything special. Just a video about a clone.
  • M3NSA ADJUMA (WORK!! HUSTLE!) First music video off MENSA'S No.1 Mango Street Album, due out in the new year 2010!! ADJUMA captures the very essense of what the hustle is, for the average Ghanaian! Enjoyable to watch and inspiring...
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  • ma 2 favorite mensa melissa and abbey !express# !metadata#!version#v1.0.r291!/version#!format#1.001!/format#!totalTime#10162!/totalTime#!width#400!/width#!height#300!/height#!maxSceneSize#256204!/maxSceneSize#!clientPublishTime#Mon Aug 27 21:29:36 GMT-0700 2007!/clientPublishTime# !/metadata# !scenes#!scene# !asset path=" type="CaptionContent"#!stamp time="0"# !color#255!/color# !text#MY 2 FAVORITE MENSAs!/text# !face#Mesquite!/face# !render#!tx#228.3!/tx#!c#0!/c#!a#1!/a#!d#1!/d#!ty#2.85!/ty#!b#0!/b# !/render# !display#true!/display# !z#2!/z#!/stamp#!stamp time="10162"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset#!/scene# !/scenes# !asset path="finished/636B92B85644FBEC-5A8BD8921F9507D2.flv" type="VideoContent" desc=""#!stamp time="0"# !mute#false!/mute# !height#300!/height# !display#true!/display# !position#0!/position# !width#400!/width# !volume#0.75!/volume#!/stamp#!stamp time="10162"# !display#false!/display#!/stamp# !/asset#!/express#
  • mensas nicee:)
  • Meet the 2010 Mensa AG Committee! Come meet the 2010 AG Committee! The American Mensas 2010 Annual Gathering will be held in Dearborn, MI and is a joint gathering of American Mensa and Mensa Canada.
  • Mista Mensa's Junglistic Weatherman Rollcall This was after Apothecary Friday Night, waiting for the weather report for the next day's event, "Down To The Last Roach" May 6th 2006 - Toronto. Dont mind the drunken slurring ;) what can i say, i appreciate a good time too.
  • mensas en accion!
  • mensas karla i clau bailando
  • las mensas de topo *las sonsas lockas*
  • C/BR Mensa's 1990 Halloween Party Charlotte/Blue Ridge's 1990 Halloween Party
  • qee mensas jaja inxe alee stamOz bn weiess ahah
  • komo asustar a mensas XD!!!
  • mensas nacas MIrqa, Pedalys, Ana. Ablando Nacadas.
  • Mensa Sonora at IBD Musical part of Mensa's IBD 2009. Video by Cinthia Reyes
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  • “You are here: Home Opinions Ghana Blogs The Buzz DJ Mensa's All Black Everything' party DJ Mensa's All Black Everything' party. Articles. Share This. Share This Page. Facebook”
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  • “Mensa's Newest Member This genius, also known as Charles Ray Fuller, of Fort Worth, Texas was arrested yesterday after going Mail (will not be published) (required) Website. Chief Blog is proudly powered by WordPress. Entries (RSS) and”
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  • “Mensa's group and Earthworks, a predominantly white urban farming group, combined what Mensa's group had gone from tilling a quarter-acre lot four years ago to inking a ten”
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  • “or - alternatively - what's one of the forum topics today on the American Mensa's forum main page? Am I going to amass some immovable property like Land, House, Farmland by trying to seek attention in this forum?”
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  • “This morning a friend in England told me AbeBooks is included on Mensa's list of the top 50 websites for 2010. I clicked on the link and was thrilled to see”
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  • “Posted on October 3, 2010 by Gadfly. My attention was recently brought to The Tobacco Files, a fearless expose of how the tobacco 20 years a popular and controversial philosophy writer for Australian Mensa's national magazine, TableAus”
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