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  • The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board Mars Express has provided snapshots of the Aeolis Mensae region. This area, well known for its wind-eroded features, lies on a tectonic transition zone, characterised by incised valleys and. — “ESA Portal - Tectonic signatures at Aeolis Mensae - images”,
  • Individual mesas stand like islands in an ocean in this false-color THEMIS image that focuses on Deuteronilus Mensae. This region lies on the border between the rugged southern highlands and the flat northern lowlands and it shows features found in both. — “Rock and Ice in Deuteronilus Mensae | Mars Odyssey Mission THEMIS”,
  • Mars Odyssey THEMIS Image: Nepenthes Mensae - SpaceRef This image is located near the highland-lowland boundary scarp in a region called Nepenthes Mensae. — “Mars Odyssey THEMIS Image: Nepenthes Mensae | SpaceRef - Your”,
  • Ambient - Various Artists (Ambient) Palancar - Elysium Planitia The Best Music MP3 Download Collection. MP3 Downloads - Legal, secure mp3 service with well-ordered mp3 content. Palancar - Elysium Planitia mp3 Elysium Mons; Noctis Labyrinthus; Cydonia Mensae; Hellas Planitia; Aureum Chaos; Abalos Undae. — “Ambient - Various Artists (Ambient) Palancar - Elysium”,
  • ESA's Mars Express captured breathtaking images of the Deuteronilus Mensae region on Mars. This one was taken on March 14, 2005 during orbit number 1483. — “Image of the Day - Why So Depressed? — The Mars Society”,
  • Nilus Mensae. Feature Name. Nilus Mensae. Clean Name. Nilus Mensae. Feature ID. 4283. Target Mensa, mensae. Coordinate System. Control Network. MDIM 2.0. Northern. — “Planetary Names: Mensa, mensae: Nilus Mensae on Mars”,
  • Beta Mensae V. From BattleTechWiki. Jump to: navigation, search (References to Beta Mensae V) Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0,. — “Beta Mensae V - BattleTechWiki - Classic BattleTech”,
  • (astronomy) Genitive form of Mensa used when naming stars, such as α Mensae. This page was last modified on 20 June 2009, at 13:23. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See Terms of Use for details. — “Mensae - Wiktionary”,
  • The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board Mars Express has provided snapshots of the Aeolis Mensae region. (PressZoom) - The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board Mars Express has provided snapshots of the Aeolis Mensae region. — “ - Global News Service - News and Press Release”,
  • a Mensae. Alpha Mensae is a yellow star 33.1 light years away, very similar to our own Sun with a magnitude of 5.1. The constellation has only fifth- and sixth-magnitude stars; it's found due south of the Large Magellanic Cloud. ( In fact beta Mensae is just inside the southern edge of the LMC. — “Alpha Mensae”,
  • N.Y.L.A.'s Red Mensae Bootie - Red for $98.99 direct from , solely women's shoes. — “Mensae Bootie - Red, N.Y.L.A., $98.99, FREE 2nd Day Shipping!”,
  • Scalloped Features in Deuteronilus Mensae (ESP_016590_2265) Scalloped Features in Deuteronilus Mensae (ESP_016590_2265) (with 1 x 1 binning) so objects ~93 cm across are resolved. — “HiRISE | Scalloped Features in Deuteronilus Mensae”,
  • Will you take a serious answer from a somewhat smart Christian? The value of 19.5º is riddled throughout the world and impregnated by the Ancients into the stone caveats such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid and other sacred sites. I call it. — “Significance of 19.5 degrees in the Bible? Serious answers”,
  • This THEMIS visible image shows several "fretted" channels within Deuteronilus Mensae in the northern plains of Mars. Their floors contain knobby or "scabby" materials that have been modified to produce a pitted, knobby surface. — “Catalog Page for PIA03844”,
  • Aeolis Mensae region, page 1. Pages: ATS Members have flagged this thread 1 times. Topic Mars Express' High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) has provided snapshots of the Aeolis Mensae region on the Red Planet. — “Pyramid on Mars? Aeolis Mensae region, page 1”,
  • North Nilosyrtis Mensae. MGS MOC Release No. MOC2-133, 10 June 1999. This Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image was obtained during the first week of June 1999. It shows a portion of the Nilosyrtis Mensae region, located north of Syrtis Major and southwest of Utopia Planitia. — “Mars Global Surveyor MOC2-133 Release”,
  • eBay My World for mensae. Read mensae's Reviews & Guides, blog, and eBay profile. — “eBay My World - mensae”,
  • According to the Yale Bright Star Catalogue's notes entry for HR 2022, Pi Mensae is a member of the 61 Cygni stellar moving group. On October 15, 2000, astronomers announced the discovery of a Jupiter-like planet around this Sun-like star (press release and -- details below). — “Pi Mensae”,
  • Mensae definition, the flat stone forming the top of the altar in a Roman Catholic church. See more. — “Mensae | Define Mensae at ”,
  • Pi Mensae b, an extrasolar planet approximately 59 light-years away X Mensae, an M-type star. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. — “Mensae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Mensae (table-mountain like elevations) Note: the following are all unofficial names proposed by Danny Caes. The IAU uses different categories of feature type on different planetary bodies. At present, the IAU uses the descriptor term "Mensae" only on Mars and on Jupiter's satellite Io. — “the-moon - Mensae”, the-

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  • The Cydo Axis The Square Complex and Cydo-Axis in Cydonia mensae on Mars is in the exact location as the Square of Washington DC on Earth 39 degrees north.(2 x 19.5 degrees) Amazing Coincidence of Two Squares under One Sun. On Two seperate Planets Mars and Earth. In the Exact Same location on Both Worlds.
  • The face on Mars (Cydonia Mensae) - Flyover and landing My PDSViewer shows HRSC PDS Files from Mars Express (Orbit 3253) (ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/G.Neukum)
  • The faces of Mars The Face on Mars and other nonsense. Music: Saltarello (anonymous) - thanks to
  • Blown Out Of The Water: "Cydonia Mensae Must be Artificial" In this video, I tackle an esoteric attempt at proving the existence of a creator. I used very little from "Mission To Mars", so it is fair use. I need it to demonstrate the point.
  • IS THERE LIFE ON MARS? ** enhanced version ** part 2 IS THERE LIFE ON MARS? ** enhanced version ** part 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Sappiamo benissimo che per la Nasa e quindi anche per la scienza ufficiale la vita su marte è impossibile se non, forse, a livello microscopico ... Ma è veramente...
  • Face on Mars Cydonia Mensae A striking appearance of a human Face on Mars in a photo taken by Viking 1 in 1976. Whilst generally believed to be an optical illusion (pareidolia), others view it as evidence of a long-lost Martian civilization. Other features are argued to have been observed, such as apparent pyramids. A popular belief is that these are part of a ruined city.
  • Original Mars Cydonia Face Science This vid was broadcast on Fox in mid 1990's. You will see the original Cydonia Face photo here along with the man who brought it to public attention. Since then NASA has altered the original picture of the Cydonia Face and has dimissed it as a "trick of light".
  • Meditations on the Martian Surface #6 (extended version featuring 54 HiRISE images) Image Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Production by LE Spry Images shown: 01. Sample Surface Texture, Roughness, and Small-Scale Morphology (PSP_001510_1690) 02. Edge of Arsia Mons Aureole (PSP_001511_1730) 03. Jointed Layered Deposits in Terra Tyrrhena (PSP_001517_1610) 04. Chasma Boreale Scarp with Possible Gypsum (PSP_001518_2650) 05. Possible Phoenix Lander Landing Site (PSP_001520_2470) 06. Survey Layering and Faulting in Layered Deposits in Candor Chasma (PSP_001522_1735) 07. Possible Phoenix Lander Landing Site (PSP_001523_2465) 08. Possible Phoenix Lander Landing Site (PSP_001525_2475) 09. Gullied Crater with Pitted Floor (PSP_001527_1400) 10. Elliptical Depression on Lower Northwest Flank of Hecates Tholus (PSP_001527_2125) 11. Layering in North Polar Layered Deposits (Upper Correlated Sequence) (PSP_001530_2670) 12. Possible Phoenix Lander Landing Site (PSP_001531_2470) 13. Chasma Boreale (PSP_001532_2650) 14. Layering in North Polar Layered Deposits (PSP_001534_2730) 15. Possible Phoenix Lander Landing Site (PSP_001535_2490) 16. Tooting Crater Interior (PSP_001538_2035) 17. Athabasca Valles Distributary Channel (PSP_001540_1890) 18. Apparent Transition in Mechanical Stratigraphy (PSP_001548_1525) 19. Gullies in the Northern Hemisphere (PSP_001548_2380) 20. Low-Latitude North Polar Layered Deposits and Basal Unit Contact (PSP_001548_2755) 21. Steepest Scarp in the North Polar Layered Deposits (PSP_001550_2640) 22. Possible Phoenix Lander Landing Site ...
  • What in The World Are They Spraying? | Reality Zone 5/8 [HD] PLAYLIST - | What would you say if you were told that airplanes were regularly spraying toxic aerosols in the skies above every major region of the world? Mauro Oliveira, the Webmaster of , was one protestor recently. He claimed that the program for Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering (SAG), AKA chemtrails, has been well under way around the world. As a matter of fact, Oliveira stated that witnesses from around the globe claim that heavy aerosol spraying is occurring almost every day over just about every city. He went on to explain the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. He stated that when a jet airplane flies at a certain altitude, a visible trail of streaks of condensed water vapor sometimes form in the wake of the aircraft. This is called a contrail. Contrails are normal and usually dissipate in a few seconds. They are very similar to when we breathe in cold weather. According to Oliveira, what occurs behind a SAG plane spraying aerosols is quite different. What can be seen is a thick white line also called a chemtrail that lingers in the sky for several hours. The SAG lines are sprayed into the upper atmosphere and then spread out forming what then appear to be clouds. The particles from these aerosols then fall to the ground where they enter our soil and water and can also be inhaled. Wake Up / Look Up!
  • The Alpha Mensae - Sonic Jam One of our many improvisations.
  • Creation Astronomy Propaganda Debunked 06 Seriously, Red Planet was just awful. A few clarifications: Liquid water on the surface of Mars is an issue, because the low atmospheric pressure allows it to boil away within a few hours. The features at Cydonia Mensae are absolutely *NOT* artificial. They are perfectly consistent with well documented geological processes. The smiley crater is called Galle crater (named for JG Galle.) Yes, I'm aware of the controversy over whether or not water or dry landslides are responsible for Martian gullies - the point I'm making is that in attempting to study these features, scientists have produced numerical models proving that liquid water could have been involved (and is not impossible, as Spike stated.) Mars lost its magnetic field because a Giant, Magnetic Field-Eating Space Duck popped by for a snack in May, 1337. The inhabitants at the time were single-celled, and thus hadn't really developed the necessary military strategy to combat gargantuan space-faring birds. In response to a couple more questions: The "Great Galactic Ghoul" is a NASA in-joke dreamt up to explain why so many Mars missions fail. I couldn't balance water on mars bars; I had to photoshop it because water is impossible on mars. I jest. The picture was actually released as NASA's astronomy picture of the day in 2005 (on April 1st, of course.) Please check out the website for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory: Various media in this video is property of Planetside, NASA, JPL, Caltech ...
  • MARTIAN LOST CITY?? ***ysis... WEIRD!!!!! Another ancient alien city like Cydonia, was found in another area of red planet, called Aeolis Mensae. This new complex of pyramids and other giant face takes down any explanation of scients that Cydonia would be result of wind action on the relief. Cydonia is REAL and have a clone. See to believe!!!
  • Mars Biogeological Chronicle Part 2 Aeolis Mensae Area of Mars with music from The Gumpa Brothers
  • The Alpha Mensae - I Wanna Be Your Dog Cover Part I Inspired by Sonic Youth's cover. Sorry for the lack of vocals, we're working on getting some mics hooked up. As well as my saxophone.
  • UFO'S Moon Buildings Google Moon Take a closer look at google moon here are just some of the anomalies I found. UFO'S, Moon Buildings, Machinery and possibly an Alien standing next to a building. Please watch to the end I saved the best finds till last.
  • ANUNNAKI FACE ON MARS!!! ENHANCED FINAL VERSION!!! Answering some claims and requests, I post this enhanced version of the video that disclosed the giant humanoid face built on relief of the NILOSYRTIS MENSAE region. Original pic available in:
  • More Views of Mars Deuteronilus Mensae And Candor Chasma regions of Mars with my own favourites. Music By Beethoven.
  • Unsolved Mysteries - Face on Mars Visit: for Paranormal News and Information. Face On Mars - Photographs beamed to earth from the voyager space probe seem to depict 3 faces and a series of pyramid like formations on the surface of Mars. One of the faces is a match for the face on the Sphinx in Egypt. Is this a natural phenomena or the work of an intelligent life form? Cydonia is a region of Mars containing several hills which has attracted attention because one of the hills resembles a face, while others resemble pyramids. The phenomena have attracted both scientific and popular interest. The name originally referred to an albedo feature (distinctively coloured area) that was visible from earthbound telescopes. Today, the name covers three named regions on Mars: "Cydonia Mensae", an area of flat-topped mesa-like features, "Cydonia Colles", a region of small hills or knobs, and "Cydonia Labyrinthus", a complex of intersecting valleys. As with other albedo features on Mars, the name Cydonia was drawn from classical antiquity, in this case from Kydonia, a historic polis (or "city-state") on the island of Crete. Cydonia lies in the planet's northern hemisphere in a transitional zone between the heavily cratered regions to the South, and relatively smooth plains to the North. Some planetologists believe that the northern plains may once have been ocean beds and that Cydonia may have been a coastal zone. In one of the images taken by Viking 1 on July 25th, 1976, a 2 km (1.2 miles) long Cydonian ...
  • Pyramids_Pyramids_on_Mars.flv Cydonia is a region on the planet Mars, and has attracted both scientific[1] and popular interest.[2][3] The name originally referred to the albedo feature (distinctively coloured area) that was visible from Earthbound telescopes. The area borders plains of Acidalia Planitia and the Arabia Terra highlands.[4] The area includes the Mars regions: "Cydonia Mensae", an area of flat-topped mesa-like features, "Cydonia Colles", a region of small hills or knobs, and "Cydonia Labyrinthus", a complex of intersecting valleys.[5][6] As with other albedo features on Mars, the name Cydonia was drawn from classical antiquity, in this case from Kydonia, a historic polis (or "city-state") on the island of Crete.[7] Cydonia contains the "face on Mars" feature — located about half-way between Arandas Crater and Bamberg Crater[4] The ESA "skull" formation is a few kilometres south of the "face".[4]
  • Face On Mars - The *** Truth Visit link to source The Cydonia Temple on Mars Cydonia Mensae displays gigantic tablets with different motifs. Most of them shine from within. Every tablet describes a deity. There are more than 40 tablets (up to 6 kilometers in length). Most of the tablets are unhallowed, except for the face on mars which represents the union of the humans and the gods. A god on the left hand side suckles from a feminine breast. On the right the feminine beauty is represented, glowing permanently. Every tablet has an inscription at the bottom. Image source: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Thanks to UMG , for gently allowing the reproduction of the music from one of his artists, Tangerine Dream
  • Meditations on the Martian Surface #2 (extended version featuring 54 HiRISE images) Image Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Production by LE Spry Images shown: 01. Nothern Plains Sample (PSP_001448_2470) 02. Layered Terrain Near Mawrth Valles Phyllosilicates (PSP_001454_2030) 03. Floor of Noctus Labyrinthus (PSP_001457_1725) 04. Unconformable Deposits in Electric (PSP_001460_1425) 05. Cratered Cones Near Hephaestus Fossae (PSP_001462_2015) 06. Fresh Crater in North Polar Layered Deposit (PSP_001462_2630) 07. Nothern Plains Sample (PSP_001464_2460) 08. Nothern Plains Sample (PSP_001467_2490) 09. Bouncing Boulders (PSP_001385_1985) 10. HiRISE Images Mars Pathfinder Site (PSP_001890_1995) 11. Stereo Anaglyphs of Ada Crater (PSP_001678_1770) 12. Dark Sand and Bright Bedrock in Terra Meridiani (PSP_001493_1815) 13. Anaglyph of the Basal Scarp of Olympus Mons Volcano (PSP_001630_2015) 14. Anaglyph of East Mareotis Tholus (PSP_001760_2160) 15. Gullies on the Exterior Wall of a Crater (PSP_001908_1405) 16. Knobs and Mounds on the Northern Plains (PSP_001916_2220) 17. Volcanic Vent in the Tharsis Region (PSP_001695_2080) 18. Frost-Covered Dunes in the North Polar Region (PSP_001660_2570) 19. Radial Ridge in Deposit Near Pavonis Mons (PSP_001682_1845) 20. Frost Patch and Dunes in a Northern Hemisphere Crater (PSP_001700_2505) 21. Mojave Crater Floor and Central Uplift (PSP_002101_1875) 22. Exhumed Layers Near the Nili Fossae (PSP_002176_2025) 23. Slope Streaks in Terra Sabaea (PSP_001808_1875) 24. Sinuous Ridges in Argyre Basin (PSP_001508_1245) 25. Eroding ...
  • moon picture HD 2010 moon picture 2010
  • The Alpha Mensae - Farewell To Ben's Cymbal Part one of our latest jam.
  • Re: Possible evidence of civilization on Mars Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Mensae - New Air A little jam. Ben has some funky beats. Enjoy.
  • Meditations on the Martian Surface #1 (extended version featuring 54 HiRISE images) Image Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Production by LE Spry Images shown: 01. Victoria Crater at Meridiani Planum (TRA_873_1780) 02. Mars Exploration Rover Landing Site at Gusev Crater (PSP_001513_1655) 03. Bright Gully Deposit and Landslide in Terra Sirenum (PSP_003596_1435) 04. Bright Gully Flows in Hale Crater (PSP_003209_1445) 05. Bright Gully Deposit and Fresh Gullies in Terra Sirenum (PSP_003674_1425) 06. Viking Lander 1 (Thomas Mutch Memorial Station) (PSP_001521_2025) 07. Viking Lander 2 (Gerald Soffen Memorial Station) (PSP_001501_2280) 08. Impact Crater Filled with Layered Deposits (PSP_001410_2210) 09. Valles Marineris Wall Rock (PSP_001337_1675) 10. Wall Rock and Light-Toned Layering in Candor Chasma (PSP_001390_1735) 11. Martian Dichotomy Boundary (PSP_001414_2165) 12. Winter View of Dunes (PSP_001558_1325) 13. Lobate Debris Apron in Tempe Terra and Mareotis Fossae (PSP_001390_2290) 14. Flows in Athabasca Valles Source Region (PSP_001408_1900) 15. Floor of Kasei Valles (PSP_001456_2010) 16. Dusty Top of Alba Patera Volcano (PSP_001510_2195) 17. Light Layered Deposits in Valles Marineris (PSP_001456_1695) 18. Faulting in Amazonis Planitia (PSP_001578_2) 19. Alluvial Fans in Mojave Crater - Did It Rain on Mars (PSP_001415_1875) 20. Holden Crater Megabreccia - A Telltale Sign of a Sudden and Violent Event (PSP_001666_1530) 21. North Polar Layered Deposits in Head Scarp of Chasma Boreale (PSP_001334_2645) 22. Faults and Pits in the North Polar Residual Ice ...
  • New Mars Face 2011 found near deuteronilus mensae

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  • “ ARTIST INFO ART GALLERY ART SALE LIBRARY NEWS BLOG SEARCH. You are currently browsing the a naturally formed mesa in a region of Mars (Cydonia Mensae) in which mesas are common”
    — Mars " Artsnova Digital Art and Space,

  • “() -- Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory rover that will be on Mars two years from now, has been flexing the robotic arm that spacecraft workers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory attached to the rover body in August 2010”
    — Next Mars rover stretches robotic arm,

  • “Table Mountain, other than being just plain fabulous in its own right, is the only terrestrial feature in the world to have a constellation named after it. The southern constellation Mensa was first introduced to Western astronomy in 1754 by”
    — Mensa: A star attraction – Blog – Table Mountain Aerial Cableway,

  • “Engolismensis: Sacrae nobis quaesumus Domine mensae libatio et piae conuersationis augmentum et tuae propitiationis continuum RSS feed for blog posts. Really Useful and Timely Books. Ratzinger's Faith: The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI by Tracey Rowland”
    — WDTPRS: Tuesday 2nd Week of Lent – Post communionem (2002MR,

  • “Science discussion forum: Striking Anomalies in Cydonia Menase, Mars I looked carefully at your pictures of Cydonia Mensae Mars, and I'm sorry to say there isn't the slightest bit of geometric order in those pictures, and there is no symmetry around your arbitrarily placed lines. But keep trying”
    — Striking Anomalies in Cydonia Menase, Mars - science,

  • “Please donate to support our blog, website, and podcast. Weblog Archive. I thought it would be fun to start the week by taking in Aeolis Mensae, sinuous channels dissecting the rim of an unnamed crater in Terra Cimmeria, and a rampart-edged landslide deposit on the”
    — What's up in the solar system for the week of April 28 - The,

  • “Aeolis Mensae region, page 1. Pages: ATS Members have flagged this thread 1 times. Topic YouTube Videos in the A/UFO Forum and the Skeptics. Posted 2 days ago with 150 member”
    — Pyramid on Mars? Aeolis Mensae region, page 1,

  • “ESA Mars Express Visual Monitoring Camera Blog: The Mars Webcam Blog The triangle shaped region at upper right is Olympia Mensae. Interestingly, while the August 8th image generally seems to have more ice overall, the region just poleward”
    — Mars Express VMC - the Mars Webcam | August 2010,

  • “ PlanetSide Star Wars Galaxies Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade Untold Legends Founder Tholus Mensae Lao'Jin Knight. Profile. Blog. Media. Factions. Stats. Blog Home | My”
    — Vanguard Players - Blog for Tholus,

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