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  • Fish Species Index johannii | Johannii, Johann's Mbuna | Cichlids Melanochromis Fish Species Index Johann's Mbuna | Cichlids Melanochromis parallelus. — “Melanochromis Parallelus”,
  • Melanochromis. Metriaclima. Nimbochromis. Pea***s. Protomelas. Pseudotropheus. Sciaenochromis Melanochromis chipokae is a mbuna cichlid from Lake Malawi in eastern Africa. — “Goliad Farms, LP - Melanochromis chipokae”,
  • ŵi genus Melanochromis included five species at its inception and was originally distinguished from proposed to classify the species in the genera Melanochromis and Pseudotropheus on the basis of their color. — “ZOOTAXA”,
  • Parallel Striped Mbuna (Melanochromis parallelus) From The Aquarium Click here, for details about uploading pictures for The Aquarium Wiki. — “Melanochromis parallelus - The Free Freshwater and Sal***er”,
  • Cichlid Press available books, posters, cd-roms and DVDs. — “Cichlid Press homepage”,
  • Melanochromis is a genus of haplochromine cichlids endemic to Lake Malawi in Eastern Africa. Melanochromis are typically small, slim but muscular fishes with lengthwise stripes of black, yellow and blue. — “Melanochromis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Above: A male Melanochromis auratus, aquarium photo © M.K. Oliver. distribution of black markings in the caudal (tail) fin, with the same features on its recently described close relative, Melanochromis dialeptos. — “Melanochromis auratus”,
  • MELANOCHROMIS AURATUS (Three months old) This is the photo of a 5 month old Melanochromis auratus born in my tank. What you see is the female coloration which the fish will keep till the age of 6 months. When adult males are present in the tank,. — “MELANOCHROMIS AURATUS”,
  • golden mbuna (Melanochromis auratus) - FactSheet According to Eccles and Trewavas (1989), the genera Melanochromis and Pseudotropheus are in particular need of revision and critical appraisal. — “golden mbuna (Melanochromis auratus) - FactSheet”,
  • The chipokae can be differentiated from the similar looking Melanochromis auratus in the following ways; auratus juveniles will have white lines, in addition to their yellow and black coloration, the chipokae also has a more pointed snout, and a larger mouth. — “Melanochromis chipokae”, cichlid-
  • Melanochromis Johanni 4cm. Double click on above image to view full picture. More Views You're reviewing: Melanochromis Johanni 4cm. How do you rate this. — “Melanochromis Johanni 4cm”, .au
  • Melanochromis wochepa is restricted to the eastern shoreline between Melanochromis wochepa is distinguished from its congeners, except M. auratus, M. — “Melanochromis wochepa : fisheries”,
  • A site dedicated to Lake Malawi cichlids. Complete with an on-line store, discussion forums, species profiles, member's tank pics, articles, books, videos and helpful links. Come check us out!. — “Malawi Cichlids, Malawi Species Profiles, African Cichlids”,
  • Melanochromis are especially aggressive with other male melanochromis, particularly if there are females present. — “Melanochromis auratus - Small | Malawi Cichlids | Freshwater”,
  • Buy beautiful Auratus (Melanochromis auratus) from Live Fish Direct. Live arrival guaranteed!. — “Buy Live Auratus Melanochromis auratus”,
  • Melanochromis vermivorus is a maternal mouthbrooding Malawian cichlid first typed by Trewavas in 1935. One common name for this Melanochromis vermivorus is the Purple Cichlid. — “Melanochromis vermivorus”,
  • Melanochromis chipokae is one of the most aggressive mbuna (rockdwelling) species. I have 3 M. chipokae, and they are easily the most aggressive mbuna along with Melanochromis sp. — “Chipokee Cichlid - Melanochromis chipokae”,
  • Info on Melanochromis auratus (Malawi golden cichlid) with picture / photo. — “Melanochromis auratus (Malawi golden cichlid) with picture”,

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