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  • Understanding the process of melanization is important because melanization is believed to protect against various stresses in the environment, including UV radiation, and pigment production is associated with virulence. HGA melanization was laccase dependent and repressed by high. — “Cryptococcus neoformans Can Utilize the Bacterial Melanin”,
  • No obvious change in melanization was observed for the H99 sit1 mutants compared to that for the wt (Fig. 5a) been a factor in the melanization difference between the B3501A sit1. — “The iron- and cAMP-regulated gene SIT1 influences”,
  • ( B) Demonstration of melanization by M. sympodialis CBS8741 tested by the modified method The intensity of fungal wall pigmentation was proportional to the intensity of melanization displayed in the medium (Table 1). — “Novel Application of the Masson-Fontana Stain for”,
  • PROTEINS IN MELANIZATION. PROTEINS IN MELANIZATION. Pmel. Pmel. 17. 17. Melanofilament SUPPRESS MELANIZATION. Physiological Agents. Melanization Proliferation. — “MELANOCYTES & MELANIZATION”,
  • EFFECT OF INFECTION BY PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM ON THE MELANIZATION IMMUNE RESPONSE OF ANOPHELES GAMBIAE Rather than being immuno-suppressed, infected mosquitoes tended to have a stronger melanization response than mosquitoes in which the infection failed and than control mosquitoes, possibly. — “EFFECT OF INFECTION BY PLASMODIUM FALCIPARUM ON THE”,
  • Effects of melanization in the juvenile stages of the European map butterfly (Araschnia levana) and the pea*** butterfly (Inachis io) on the life history traits, larval and pupal development time and size at maturity, and on adult melanization were investigated. — “Heredity - Abstract of article: Trade-offs between”,
  • Mosquito phenoloxidase and defensin colocalize in melanization innate immune responses. Identification and molecular characterization of a prophenoloxidase involved in Aedes aegypti chorion melanization 14: 185-194. [PMID: 15796752]. — “Publications from the Laboratory of Dr. Bruce Christensen”,
  • Is the same regulatory gene responsible for the induction of cuticular melanization in all the melanic Daphnia? I am taking two different approaches in the study of cuticular melanization in Daphnia. To determine the spatial and temporal expression patterns of. — “Student Web Page”,
  • We were interested in the relationships between copper transport, capsule, melanization and phagocytosis inhibition. Melanization-defective, copper starvation-sensitive mutants produce less capsule. As in the strain 1F8, capsule synthesis was reduced in rim20, rim101, and vps25 strains but was still. — “PLoS ONE: Ctr2 Links Copper Homeostasis to Polysaccharide”,
  • Recent studies indicate that melanization can severely reduce the susceptibility of certain antifungal drugs, but there is no information as to whether voriconazole is vulnerable to this neoformans examined, and its efficacy was not diminished by melanization. — “David van Duin 2004 2014”,
  • In a typical melanization reaction, biological targets are killed and sequestered within a layer of melanin. The discovery that melanization and encapsulation were involved in the resistance of H. zea to fatal infection by AcMNPV was especially exciting since it suggested that. — “Central Role of Hemocytes in Autographa californica M”,
  • The preliminary results were intriguing and revealed that different CLIPA proteins have opposing functions in Plasmodium melanization. Work is in progress to investigate the potential interactions between CTL4, CTLMA2 and the CLIPA proteins that inhibit melanization. — “Kafatos:Research - OpenWetWare”,
  • A Serpin that Regulates Immune Melanization in the Respiratory System of Drosophila Here, we describe that the melanization reaction implicated in host defense is activated in the respiratory system, the trachea, of Drosophila. — “Cell - Antibodies against chromosomal HMG proteins stain the”,
  • Melanization interfered. with phagocytosis in vivo for encapsulated C. strong evidence that cryptococcal melanization can influence the immune response to. — “Melanization of Cryptococcus neoformans Affects Lung”,
  • Crawling the Web: Science news - Scientist Live turns its eyes to the Web around it and highlights science news and research across the Internet. Today's installment looks at a signaling protease required for melanization in Drosophila. — “Crawling The Web: Science News - Opinion - an eLab Article at”,
  • Using crystal cell rupture and melanization as readouts to screen mutants in signal Melanization is mostly restricted to cell fragments (asterisks) and. — “Crystal cell rupture after injury in Drosophila requires the”,
  • A possible link between melanization and desiccation resistance can be inferred if within population differences in melanization find significant correlations with desiccation resistance Data on percent melanization were calculated as ( observed weighted melanization scores of six abdominal. — “Journal of Insect Science: Vol. 9 | Article 49”,
  • It follows that melanizing intermediates are cross-linking reagents; melanization stabilizes the external cell wall against hydrolysis and is melanizing enzyme (apart from melanization) is the oxidation of Fe. — “Pathogenic Roles for Fungal Melanins -- Jacobson 13 (4): 708”,
  • The resistance of the mosquito Armigeres subalbatus to the filarial worm Brugia malayi is underpinned by a complex transcriptomic response involving not only blood cell-mediated melanization but also stress- and immune-response genes in other. — “BioMed Central | Full text | Mosquito transcriptome changes”,
  • For females, melanization had no effect on flight activity. ples of alpine melanization, as they show elevational. clines in melanization levels both within and between. — “Functional ecological implications of intraspecific”,
  • melanization and the presence of a soluble toxin-binding glycoprotein in the hemolymph and gut lumen of the resistant strain. strain, we measured the melanization reaction in cell- free hemolymph (plasma) as a first approximation of an. — “Is the mature endotoxin Cry1Ac from Bacillus thuringiensis”,
  • Voriconazole Inhibits Melanization in Cryptococcus neoformans Hence, voriconazole affects melanization in C. neoformans by interacting directly with. — “Voriconazole Inhibits Melanization in Cryptococcus neoformans”,
  • melanization (plural melanizations) (biochemistry) To convert into melanin, or to of melanin within (a tissue or organism) the melanization of larvae [edit] Related terms. demelanization. remelanization. Retrieved. — “melanization - Wiktionary”,

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