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  • We born and grow up in a Melanau culture and surroundings in a small village of Mukah We are here to share about Melanau cultures, people and foods following our own lifestyle. — “Asau Bau Aruh Ngau Bau Sapau (Dog On the Road Cat On the Roof)”,
  • As traders and seafarers the Melanau people inevitably became a melting pot of other cultures and races, as intermarriages were commonplace. a traditional Melanau tall house that serves as a homestay and a centre for traditional Melanau craft and. — “The Melanau Revival - Cultural Survival in Sarawak - Wild Asia”,
  • Aspects of the topic Melanau are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Sarawak's south-central coastal wetlands between the city of Bintulu and the Rajang River are the traditional territory of the Melanau. — “Melanau (people) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Learn Melanau contains lesson about melanau language and its unique culture. Melanau is a vernicular language of a population in Sarawak, Malaysia. Its native speakers are decreasing and facing the threat of extinction.This website introduces you. — “Learn Melanau- your source of melanau culture and language”,
  • Acts of Integration, Expressions of Faith: Madness, Death and Ritual In Melanau Ontology by Ann L. Appleton (Paperback - Aug. 1, 2006) Buy new: $45.00. 3 new from $36.00 Sejarah, budaya, dan realiti baru kaum Melanau (Unknown Binding - 1998). — “: Melanau”,
  • The Melanau have no name to cover all Melanau-speaking people: they refer to themselves as "A-Liko X," meaning "the people of a river, a district, or a village," according to context. The areas of Sarawak inhabited by Melanau speakers stretch from Bintulu on the northwest coast of Borneo to. — “Orientation - Melanau”,
  • Melanau. The Melanau are a people who live on the island of Borneo, primarily in Sarawak, Malaysia, but also in Kalimantan, Indonesia. They are among the earliest settlers of Sarawak, and speak a Northwest Malayo-Polynesian language (see Melanau language). Origins. — “Melanau”,
  • Ethnologue and bibliography information on Melanau, Central. A reconstruction of proto-Melanau. This web edition of the Ethnologue contains all the content of the print edition and may be. — “Ethnologue report for language code: mel”,
  • The Melanau Tall House is a type of longhouse of the Melanau tribe. — “Melanau Tall House, Sarawak Cultural Village | Malaysia”,
  • The Melanau people are well known for their massive longhouses, some of which can reach up to 40 feet high. In their heartland of Mukah better known as the 'Cradle of Melanau civilisation', the Melanaus have abandoned living in their traditional tall houses and now favour coastal kampung-style. — “KAUL FESTIVAL @ PESTA KAUL- MELANAU HERITAGE”,
  • Melanau Total population35,000 Regions with significant populations Mukah, Sarawak Language Melanau Religion Islam & ChristianityThe Melanau are a people who live on the island of Borneo, primarily in Sarawak, Malaysia, but also in Kalimantan,. — “Melanau | ”,
  • Information about Central Melanau (Language code 'mel' Information about Central Melanau (Language code 'mel') GRN currently recognizes 11 distinct spoken languages. — “Central Melanau (Language code 'mel')”,
  • Melanau. The Melanaus, believed by many to be the oldest settlers in Sarawak, make up about nearly 6% of Sarawak's total population and are geographically concentrated in the central coastal region, between the Rajang and Baram rivers. A majority of them are either Christians or Muslims. — “Melanau - Feelinglucky's Tribal Collection”,
  • Daily updated download free music video tarian melanau YouTube videos on .Watch download free music video tarian melanau YouTube free on . Trust us, you won't waste your time here. — “Watch download free music video tarian melanau video”,
  • SELAMAT LABIK and warmest greetings to all the members of Persatuan Melanau Kuching (PMK) to our website. "Persatuan Melanau Kuching, therefore was born out of the strong desire to have an avenue for the interaction both intra and inter. — “Persatuan Melanau Kuching”,
  • Melanau was given by one of the Sultans of Brunei. to the inhabitants of the coastal swamp some Melanau. have thrived in politics, business, and public life. The Melanau are. — “ELANAU”,
  • Saguk merupakan makanan tradisi kaum Melanau yang sangat popular. Demi memertabatkan bahasa Melanau, mempersilakan penulis dari kalangan ahli untuk menyumbangkan cerita pendek (cerpen) dalam bahasa Melanau dalam blog ini. — “ - Info Sharing & Community Hub”,
  • The Melanau were in the 19th Century, settled in scattered communities along the main tributaries of the Melanau or problematic Kajang [1] speaking tribes such as the Sekapan, the Rajang, the Tanjung and the Kanowits gradually moved and assimilated into Dayak migrations settling in the Rajang. — “Melanau - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • tag:melanau Video on AOL Video. — “tag:melanau - Video Search Results - AOL Video”,
  • Its population are mainly Melanau where they are know as the sago-eating tribe. It is at this event that you get to witness the many facets of the Melanau community. — “Kaul Festival in Mukah Sarawak”,
  • The Melanau people make up 5.8% of Sarawak 's population, mostly living in the central coastal region. The process of making sago flour can be seen at the Melanau tallhouse at the cultural centre. — “The Melanau Tallhouse | Sarawak, Malaysia : ”,

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  • 10 Interesting Facts about Melanau (You Should Know) This 10 Interesting Facts about Melanau that you Should Know :) Lets Learn Melanau learn- Like my Learn Melanau Facebook Fanpage: Join Learn Melanau Facebook Group :) Credits Song: Sarawak Cultural Village Photos: Most photos are from flickr and goolges .
  • Melanau traditional dance There's the same bamboo game there.
  • Pisak Lukan (Timang Bubu )- Melanau funeral game To learn more about Pisak Bubu and its lyrics please read here: learn- Pisak Lukan is a melanau funeral game song. The game aims to entertain the soul of the newly deceased, who still hesitates to leave the house. The soul will be invited to play by allowing it to possess a dressed Fishtrap resulting in the Fishtrap "dances" own its own. Original video at Likou Medong @ Facebook Visit our Facebook Fanpage:
  • Melanau Tudan dance Culture of mlanau dancer.
  • Melanau People I love this ethnic because they seem interesting and they use bamboo a lot.
  • Melanau funeral dance This dance is performed for entertaining the guests who come to attend the departed's funeral and wake.
  • CULTURAL VILLAGE - Melanau Dance
  • Melanau Dance Sarawak ethnics dance.
  • The Pondan Melanau Dance A dance performed by my schoolmate.
  • UMA SAMBOP MELANAU DANCER 2010 present melanau dance at world tatoo january 2010 at BCCK.
  • Kg Klai land grab-3.mpg `Sarawak's Liar' is a short film on land grab in Pulau Bruit. While the interviewer was doing his job to investigate land encroachment by oil palm plantations in Kg Klai in Pulau Bruit he was accused and arrested by the police for involvement in an anti-logging blockade in Sebuyau, which is some 300+ km away, on the same dates. This film thus accidentally become an alibi for Nicholas Mujah of SADIA. The film will also stand as a good testimany of the good work done by land rights activists in Sarawak's untold land grabs. The arrest of Nicholas may produce a backlash against the incumbent party seeking re-election by July next year( 2011).
  • Melanau welcoming dance at Sarawak Cultural Village
  • Caynie De - The Show Goes On (Melanau Version) CAYNIE DE Facebook - Twitter - Email - [email protected] Lyrics by: Caynie De Vocals by: Caynie De Recorded & Mixed by: RDZ Courtesy of: Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (2010) Jonathan Keith Brown (2010) Kane Beatz (2010) Modest Mouse - "Float On" (2004) *This song is copyrighted by it's rightful owner and artist (Caynie De) merely uses it to display lyrical artistry*
  • Melanau dancing A great performance by the dancers from the Sarawak Cultural Village near Kuching.
  • Lawak Senaman Jemelai Kentut Melanau Real Version_mpeg4 Aerobic dance by Bangang TRS and TTM...Melanau Matu daro dicated to HUS and MSK shuffle team...
  • Melanau Presentation This is group presentation from BST16, from Malaysian Institute of Baking. They are demonstrating a traditional dance of Melanau....
  • lagu melanau
  • KOMEN UNTUK THE TEAM MAGICIAN(melanau version) SHUFFLE JEMORENG haha..just for fun...dont be angry TTM...
  • Melanau Silver Jubilee.MP4 23 November 2008
  • pangako sayo sing by melanau boy try to learn philipine song..:)
  • Pengurus manchester berjakap melanau.mp4
  • Weaving, Rajang Village, Melanau tribe Rajiang River, Sarawak, Borneo
  • UPSI (Tarian Melanau)
  • ASK & The Gang - Du'ak (melanau)
  • Melanau traditional game I have seen this game at Eden Restaurant, Penang but it was considered an Iban traditional game. Video taken at Sarawak cultural village.
  • melanau.haziq....... miak aziq miak....
  • 7 things you didn't know about the melanau 7 things you didn't know about the melanau. Visit learn-melanau.blogspot for more infos about the melanau cultures and people.
  • Sarawak Cultural Village Tour - 2.Melanau Tall House The Melanau people make up 5.8% of Sarawak's population and live mostly in the central coastal region. Their tall houses are built 40 feet above the ground using the tree trunk as foundations.
  • Melanau style - victim 001 Starring mr turkeyman and nicholas chu
  • Melanau bamboo dance Si fu showing Yy how to play :D
  • Melanau boy with Autism singing Filipino song - Pangako Sa Iyo My eldest son, Nicholas singing during his uncle wedding reception in Miri, Sarawak.
  • ASK & The Gang - Metid Jepak (Melanau)
  • Tarian Melanau - Seladai
  • Ulat Sagu - Se'et in Melanau Buy and eat... fresh and no cooking needed...
  • melanau culture this video i create to promote melanau culture and to show the unique of melanau people, enjoy watching this video.
  • upin ipin versi melanau
  • upin & ipin melanau.3gp
  • Melanau Bamboo Dance The unique and highly entertaining bamboo dance at Sarawak Cultural Village
  • melanau.cute2
  • ASK & The Gang - Tepad Baie Azeng (Melanau)

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  • “homestay info anda infra melanau perkahwinan. View More Recent Posts About: Culture, tourism, mukah, melanau lifestyle, melanau sarawak, melanau food”
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  • “kampung sesok mukah, gambar mukah, gambar melanau, adat melanau, kebudayaan mukah, kebudayaan melanau, pakaian melanau, makanan melanau, permainan melanau, semua berkaitan melanau, mukah dan sarawak ada di sini”
    — Kampung Sesok, Mukah, SARAWAK: Majlis Perkahwinan, kampung-


  • “Takan semua a ta'au pebak telabau jegem menulih dagen melanau kawak bak beluyar jegem petekunan Akou baruk tau bei forum dagen bahasa melanau.bak telabau nda pandai angai tapi nulih boleh la jumik2 sebab janek akou pengan telabau melay”
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  • “ > Forum > Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah > PPD Kapit > Berita Am > Belajar Bahasa Sarawak kamey bak pulik ih-melanau oya. didik pulik ek-bahasa mana ni. kalau melanau daro.. kamik bak mulik seng. Logged. Jaafar Bin Bol. PKKK”
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  • “The morning before we left Mukah for Sibu which was a 3 hour ride and 250km away, we had visited Lamin Dana Melanau Cultural Centre. and luckily for us, Miss Saw was there to point out to us a traditional resting place for a Melanau chieftain”
    — Travel Pangs: Borneo Break: At a Melanau Traditional House,

  • “Blog Ruai bala Iban bejuraika penemu, chat, bekunsi ka video enggau gambar serta bekelala enggau pangan diri. Aram sama berumah di Rumah Panjai. randau kitai empu, nama enggai enda pegai bengsa bukai,,baka melayu, melanau, bedayuh,,,entik kitai berati ke sebelah pejabat daerah menua kitai Iban,,orang”
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