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  • Ashgabat, 19 May 2008—As part of the joint UNDP – Mejlis of Turkmenistan project on improvement of local self-governance, the was prepared jointly by the Mejlis of Turkmenistan and the United. — “United Nations in Turkmenistan - UNDP Brings International”,
  • Geography and maps of Turkmenistan.: natural gas reserves president niyazov cia factbook petroleum transportation turkmenistan government election results: Mejlis - DPT 100%; seats by party - DPT 50; note - all 50 elected officials are members of the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan. — “Geography and Map of Turkmenistan”,
  • Majlis (also spelled Majalis or Mejlis , Arabic: مجلس), is an Arabic term meaning "a place of sitting" used Majlis (also spelled Majalis or Mejlis , Arabic: مجلس), is an Arabic term meaning "a place of sitting" used to describe various types of special gatherings among common. — “Mejlis - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News, Shopping”,
  • Several key steps were taken in efforts to disperse power between the President and the Mejlis, (Turkmenistan's parliament) The number of deputies serving in the Mejlis nearly doubled, increasing from 65 to 125; elected for five-year terms in single-mandate districts. — “IFES - Prospects for Change in Turkmenistan”,
  • News from Mejlis. On August 9, the chairman of Crimean Tatar people's Mejlis, M.Dzhemilev visited the President of Ukraine, L.Kuchma who was on his vacation in Yalta, which was devoted to his 62nd birthday anniversary. which is implemented by mejlis members, is "transferred into. — “Crimean news 71”,
  • Akja Nurberdieva, the speaker of the Mejlis, articulated the desires of "the people" to the commission. Niyazov and his administration regarded the Mejlis with suspicion because the constitution gave it the power. — “Turkmenistan: President Orders Major Changes To Constitution”,
  • Earlier on August 3, Yanukovych had arranged a meeting for Crimean Tatar organizations, including the opponents of the Mejlis. invitation to the meeting of some Crimean Tatars, whom the Mejlis considers provocateurs or Russian agents, was seen by the Mejlis as a an insult and a move to split the. — “International Committee for Crimea (ICC)”,
  • The Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People or parliament (Crimean Tatar: The Mejlis was founded in 1991, to act as a representative body for the Crimean Tatars which could address grievances to the Ukrainian central government, the Crimean. — “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • This library is a gift of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) to the Milli Mejlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The parliament library serves a management of the Milli Mejlis, deputies, employees of the device. — “Milli Məclis”,
  • Mejlis of Turkmenistan. Executing Agency: Mejlis of Turkmenistan. Project Contact Deputy Chair of Mejlis, Deputy Chair of National Revival Movement. — “UNDP Turkmenistan - Parliamentary Development Support Programme”,
  • Nevertheless, the Tatar political organization, the Mejlis, is encouraging Tatars to put politics before economics, and vote against the Communists. Remzi Ablaev, deputy head of the Mejlis, says the collective memory of Communist persecution has led the Mejlis to campaign actively for Kuchma. — “Ukraine: Crimean Tatars Campaign For Kuchma - Radio Free”,
  • IPU PARLINE database on national parliaments: TURKMENISTAN (Mejlis), General information. — “IPU PARLINE database: TURKMENISTAN (Mejlis), General information”,
  • In 1991, they formed an informal but influential representative body, the Mejlis, and a handful of Crimean Tatar representatives serve in the local and national the deputy leader of the Mejlis who once served in the Ukrainian. — “Inside the Crimean Cold War. (3) - By Joshua Kucera - Slate”,
  • Members of the Mejlis, the parliament of the Crimean Tatars, who were appointed to the Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatars of the president of Ukraine, will not participate in its work, Chairman of the Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev has said. — “Buzz by ACE Electoral Knowledge Network from ACE Project RSS”,
  • The Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijan Republic shall consist of 125 Deputies. Deputies of Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijan Republic shall be elected on the basis of majority and. — “Constitution of Azerbaijan”, travel-
  • Ukraine and Crimean Tatars (official documents and informational materials) International law and Ukrainian legislation in area of indigenous people, national minority rights protection and human rights. Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people. — “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people”, .ua
  • The president appoints and removes cabinet ministers (the Milli Mejlis consents to his choice of prime minister), submits budgetary and other In practice, the Milli Mejlis too exercises little legislative initiative, with most of its legislation and. — “Government - Azerbaijan - issues”,
  • Members of the Mejlis, the parliament of the Crimean Tatars, who were appointed to the Council of representatives of the Crimean Tatars of the president of Ukraine, will not participate in its work, Chairman of the Mejlis Mustafa Dzhemilev has. — “Ukraine: Mejlis leaders want Yanukovych to change format for”,
  • CDL(2001)077 Draft Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Ombudsman (Approved by the Milli Mejlis in Second Reading) CDL(2001)057 Draft Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Ombudsman (adopted by the Milli Mejlis in first reading). — “CDL(2001)041 - Draft Law on the Ombudsman of the Republic of”,
  • Over 1,000 Crimean Tatars were elected to local councils at various levels in Crimea - from the Supreme Council of Crimea to village councils - as a result of the October 31 local election, according to the data of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars. — “Kyiv Post. Independence. Community. Trust - Politics - Over 1”,

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  • Declaration of Independence of Tatarstan Tatarstan is Russian colony. Russians after their conquering of Tatar Khanate in 1556 commited genocide of Tatar People. They deprived Tatar their elementary human rights. The same time Russian Empire recognized independence of the Georgian Republiks keeping Tatar People in their slavery. Milli Mejlis of Tatar People declared in December 20 2008 Independence of Tatarstan and asked all governments of the World and United Nations to recognize this Independence.
  • Tat-veteran Veteran against power and mejlis
  • Ashoura Detriot, MI Behind the scenes in Jame Alrasol
  • Milli Mejlis xebere Milli Mejlis Tatarstana soobchaet o novostjax vokrug ego dejatelnosti. Milli Mejlis uzenen eshe buencha jana xeberler bire.
  • MH
  • Аppeal of Milli Mejlis of Tatarstan Milli Mejlis of Tatrstan is asking presidents, parliaments of all state of the world and the United Nations to recognize independence of Tatarstan. In the boundaries of Russian Empire with Putin as a dictator Tatar People definetely not survive. Russian colonial administration already prohibited to Tatar people to have their own alphabet, Tatar language is displaced from buisness, managment and offices. Right now Russians are eliminating all Tatar speaking schools. We are asking for the Independence of Tatarstan on the base of International agreements and UN resolutions for Self-Determination. If Abkhazia, South Ossethia and Kosovo received this Independence Tatar People also deserved it by their suffering as a captured nation during 456 yaers of Russian slavery.
  • mejlis hussaini sayed miali's lecture
  • POLICE USE PRESSURE AGAINST JOURNALISTS AND PICKET PARTICIPANTS Today, 30 June, the journalists and NGO representatives faced harassment during a protest action held by the Civil Society Defense Committee (CSDC) in front of Milli Mejlis in connection with proposed changes and amendments to Law on Non-governmental Organizations (Public Unions and Funds) and Mass Media. Civil clothed people approached action participants who were gathered by former Azizbayov monument to conduct a march and told them to disperse. They did not introduce themselves. These civil clothed people who were later identified as police wanted to prevent media representatives from taking photos and filming, and used physical pressure against several people, including Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety Chairman Emin Huseynov to prevent the action participants and journalists from moving towards Parliament. As a result of physical pressure, Emin Huseynovs handbag was torn. Besides, police attempted to hinder the accredited employee of Radio Liberty from going towards Milli Mejlis. However, Radio Liberty employee was able to move on after Yasamal District police Department Chief Mohubbet Huseynov interfered. The police took the slogans that read No to Antidemocratic Laws!!! and Recognize Our Right to Unite from the participants forcefully. Yasamal DPD Chief permitted three people from CSDCs Three Working Groups to go to the Parliament, and they submitted the resolution to Milli Mejlis. Photo: Video:
  • Mustafa Dzhemilev Statement, 8 December 2010 Borys Wrzesnewskyj, MP, introducing Mustafa Dzhemilev to the House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada, 8 December 2010. - 200000 Crimean Tatars ethnically cleasned from Crimea to central Asia by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin 0:15 - 40% (80000) of Crimean Tatars died 0:29 - Mustafa Dzhemilev spent eigh*** (18) brutal years in the Soviet gulag 0:32 - 1990s return of Crimean Tatars to Crimea, Ukraine 0:45 - Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People 0:48 - Triumph of human spirit over evil 0:53 Mustafa Abdülcemil Qırımoğlu Borys Wrzesnewskyj, MP
  • samawah last night In Samawah, we had Mejlis IMAM HUSSAIN just before leaving
  • Turkmenistan / Türkmenistan / Туркмения The Republic of Turkmenistan / Türkmenistan Respublikasy, also known as Turkmenia / Туркмения is a country in Central Asia. Until 1991, it was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union, the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic (Turkmen SSR). It is bordered by Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the south and southwest, Uzbekistan to the east and northeast, Kazakhstan to the north and northwest and the Caspian Sea to the west. Turkmenistan's GDP growth rate of 11.5% (IMF estimate for 2007) ranks 11th in the world, but official government statistics on which this estimate is based are widely regarded as unreliable.Although it is wealthy in natural resources in certain areas, most of the country is covered by the Karakum (Black Sand) Desert. Until recently it was a single-party system; this system was considered to not meet even the most basic standards of democracy.Turkmenistan was ruled by President for Life Saparmurat Niyazov (called "Türkmenbaşy" — "leader of the Turkmens") until his sudden death on December 21, 2006. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow was elected the new president on February 11, 2007.After 69 years as part of the Soviet Union (including 67 years as a union republic), Turkmenistan declared its independence on 27 October 1991. President for Life Saparmurat Niyazov, a former bureaucrat of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and described as an "eccentric autocrat", ruled Turkmenistan from 1985, when he became head of the Communist Party of the Turkmen SSR ...
  • UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA Country Programme Action Plans (CPAP) for 2010-2015 signing ceremony in Ashgabat CPAPs were signed by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Mr. Rashid Meredov, UNDP Resident Representative, UNFPA Representative Mr. Lenni Montiel and UNICEF Representative Mr. Samphe Lhalungpa at a ceremony at "President" hotel in Ashgabat. The signing ceremony was also attended by high-level Government officials, representatives of the Mejlis, ministries and departments as well as heads and staff of UN agencies in Turkmenistan. Ashgabat, 29 November 2010 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The video was aired on the national TV Channel "Altyn Asyr"
  • Pashto Program Da Derey Mejlis This Musical Program arranged by Ikram (from Bishgram Maidan Dir Lower) in his Residence in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
  • Alérgico - Marian Mejlis Zona Kids TRV
  • Milli Mejlis Azatliq Deklaratsijasi Tatar Mlli Mejlise 20 dekabrda Azatliq deklaratsijasin kabul itte. Bez Rus imperijasinnan aerilabiz, dip.
  • Armenian Genocide Resolution adopted US House Committee on Foreign Affairs has 50 members. Each member's vote had a decisive role. Armenian Genocide Resolution N106 has been after all adopted with a vote of 27 "for", 21 "against" and 2 abstentions . This means a victory and at the same time caution for the Armenians as Turkey's influence will become much bigger. Turkey's pressure by means of letters was already evident several days before the discussions. The authorities of Turkish Government had personally sent letters and called the congressmen. The discussion process was very interesting as each congressman was expressing his/her own distinct opinion on the Resolution irrespective of his/her position. The ones who were against the Armenian Genocide Resolution were emphasizing the US interests in the Middle East, specifically in Iraq and Afghanistan. The ones who were supporting the Resolution were bringing up facts, were showing pictures of the Armenian Genocide victims, as well as survivors who were present at the hall. They emphasized the fact that the adoption of this resolution will stop the repetition of such massacres in future. There were a lot of Armenian and Turkish guests in the hall .Mejlis Delegation, which arrived to Washington DC on October 8, was also present during the Resolution discussion. Armenians were wearing badges with a note saying "YES to Resolution and NO to continuousness", while Turks were wearing badges with only one note: "NO to Resolution". The authors of the Armenian ...
  • UNDP's Parliamentary Development Policy Adviser supports strengthening capacity of Turkmen MPs Kevin Deveaux, UNDP's Parliamentary Development Policy Adviser, visited Turkmenistan to support efforts of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan to strengthen the capacity of MPs. Ashgabat, 2 December 2010. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The video was aired on the national TV Channel "Turkmenistan"

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  • “Home News ***ytics Political files Letters Gallery Blog Forum About us Archive Service Search In my thinking such revolting statements of current leaders of the Mejlis have good grounds for judicial settlement, haven't they?”
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  • “(Sorry for the slight hiccup earlier in the week with the blog! http:///forumdisplay.php?f=33. As always, please feel free to stop by the Official Forum to post and discuss”
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  • “two more members of the same Mejlis applied to the authorities for secure. Personalize your forum posts with your photo and hometown. Apply to become an editor of the news! Sign up”
    — Drivers will experience delays as generator heads to TVA - Topix,

  • “Mejlis Calls Not to Politicize Murder of 5-year-old Boy by Tatar Man The press service of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars called not to politicize the murder”
    — Code for Blog, .ua

  • “June 11, 2010 by mejlis. Hey Pet Society fans! The game has just been updated, so sign on to Pet Society via Facebook now to check http:/// Can you hear the wedding bells? June 4, 2010 by mejlis. Hi Pet”
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  • “Pirnazar Hudainazarov, Chair of the Mejlis (Parliament) Committee on the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms, confirmed to Forum 18 that the new Law on Military Obligation and Military Service approved by the Mejlis in late September includes no provision for alternative service”
    — Jehovah's Witnesses News " Forum 18,

  • “Welcome to Qirim Tatar Cultural Association of Canada. We have various information about Qirim Tatars from all over the world. Please join our forum and stay in contact with every Qirim Tatar member”
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  • “Discussions on AG in Mejlis with Turkish-Armenians: AZG 7/4/2005 Forum Richtlijnen. View New Content. Page 1 of 1. You cannot start a new topic. You cannot reply to this topic”
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  • “CARI Malay Forums sakit mata tgk baju noraaawat pendek sgt skirt ituhh.pakat pakat dok tayang kaki masing masing expressed on the forum or the related pages are of the owner alone, and are not endorsed by CARI, nor is CARI responsible for”
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